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    The Semi-Weekly News-Herald
... BY THE . . .
Oim V!ir, in advance W 00
Six Months 2 50
On Week 10
fcinglo Copies, 5
One Year, in advance II 00
Six Months, 50
or any Cass County Paper.
Commencing with Decemher 1 Mr.
John E Marshall rnnewa his business
relation with TllK NkWS. Having
previously been in the employ of The
News for several yeara ho needa
no introduotion to the business men of
Plattamouth. Mr. Marshall will call
upon you and is authorized to contract
advertising and represent TllK News
and any courtesies shown him will be
appreciated by the publishers.
Asa cattle feeding country Nebraska
is the banner state. There are more
cittle being fed this winter than ever
Now thiit thoyhiiipo ne islands ae
oura, despite the efforts of Editor
Green of the Jcu- nrtl to the contrary,
This News would ai-k our neighbors
whether they would accept a lucrative
otlice in the new possessions.
Tilt: crus ido agHinst the . 1890 fake
exposition is growing rapidly and
now includes nearly every town in the
state. Nino out of every ten men op
pose it. If tho thing can succeed
under such strong opposition it de
serves to do so. But it can't.
Now we find llichmond, Virginia,
full of aspirations to become a ship
building center. President Trigg, of
the llichmond Locomotive works, se
cured contracts for a million dollar's
worth of torpedo boats and torpedo
boat destroyer,", lie has already or
ganized a $300,000 stock company to
equip a shipbuilding plant in which
to build these vessels, and it is hoped
that it will become the nucleus of, a
great shipbuilding plant capable of
constructing the largest and most
powei ful ships of war and of commerce.
Editor Kosewatkh of The Bee
has been in Washington this week in
the interest of the 1890 Omaha expo
sition fake, and the Washington dis
patches today state that the scheme is
looked upon with favor by the official
at the national capital. The Bee be
ing one of the leading newspapers of
the state aud getting its patronage
largely from the smaller towns it ap
pears to The News that Mr. Rosewa-
ter is making a grave mistake by
booming a project that will take all
the money from the legitimate chan
nels of trade.
The merchants of every town and
city outside of Omaha look with die
favo" on the project for an exposition
at Om ha next year. Now, THE
News will watch with interest the
contest between Dive Mercer and his
hve coheague9 over an appropria
tion that a government exhibit may
be maintained at the secoi d exposi-
ti on. Dave is a good rounder and
stands close to Tom Peed, but the
money proposed to be squandered from
the pockets of Uncle Sam for the bene
fit of Pete Her and bis saloons will bt-
dragon's teeth whose progeny will
arise to curse the man who helped to
send them forth on their mission.
The News trusts the iicoming leg
islature will organize quickly, repeal
a number of obnoxius pop laws, appro
priate sufficient funds to maintain the
st ite institutions properly the coming
two years, pass resolutions requestiug
Smythe to recover funds lost to the
state by defalcations of pop officials,
and especially to require Messrs. Beal
and Mutz to disgorge the thous
sands of state money drawn by them
under the sanction of Holcomb but in
defiance of the constitution, and then
adjourn within sixty days from the
opening day. The people of Nebraska
want a business-like management of
their affairs in contrast to the hypo
critical, hysterical dress parade of Hol
comb, Smythe, Jake Wolf and others.
The people in the interior of the
country are beginning to realize that
their interest is just as great, their
employment just as extensive, and
their prosperity es greatly promoted,
in tho construction of our own ships
with which to do our carrying, as are
the the seaboard cities and people.
Shipbuilding is a national industry,
the benefit accrues to the people in
the. agricultural and mining sections
of the countr3r, as much as they do in
the manufacturing and sea-washed
sections of the nation. And in no na
tional industry is this more easily
demonstrable than in shipbuilding.
The Norsemen who swept all before
them in their conquering and uncon
quered command of the sea, whose
blood still flows through the veins of
the hardy followers of the sea, in all
of the countries that border on the
North Bea and tho Baltic, left their
impress more marked and their chief
characteristic moro pronounced,
among the British Islanders, than
elsewhere, and to this may be attrib
uted the great qualities which have
made Great Britain supreme in the
arena of the world for centuries. Let
us dwell upon these thoughts, while
preparing to in vdo the sea, and to
take our pr per rank am ag the na
tions of the world, as a maritime
Numerous election contests have
been instituted by republican candi
dates defeated in the recent election
by narrow margins in which the va
lidity of tho pictorial ballot is qucs
tioned, says the Omaba Bee. In these
contests it is urged that the ballot law
in force in Nebraska was designed to
give and does give undue advantage
to the candidate who has his nomina
tion certified in the name of two or
more parties.
Tho official ballot for 1898, while os
tensibly presenting the candidates of
six different parties, in reality con
tained only four tickets, one of them
printed three different times under
three different headings and the bal
lots marked for three pn ties have all
been counted as one. Worse than
this, ballot marked for three tickets
at tho same time have been counted
for the fusion candidates even where,
as in some it stances, one or two of the
columns did not contain all the names
in the other.
That this is emphatically unfair to
the candidate put in nomination by
one political patty is manifest to ev
eryone, but the injustice is inht rent in
the ballot law. VVhi ebuchan odious
s y stent should unquestionably be abol
ished by the legislature, it-t d f cts
a e so giaring that any court would be
fully justified in declaring it invalid
on the grouud thai it denies the right
of every candid te for office to seek
the suffrages of the electors on a
plane of equality with every othercan
didate. Admitting that the present
ballot is essential to tho continuance
of the fusion agreement, the fusion
scheme is such a palpable fraud upon
the voters that it can find no legal
grounds for its defense.
The question whether the present
pictorial ballot is a legal ballot in
volves therefore more than a legal
technicality. It goes to the very root
of popular self-government. It calls
for the most careful investigation in
the light, of all the constitutional
guaranties of untrammelled voting and
government by majorities and an au
thoritative interpretation by the
court of last resort, whose decision
may oe recognized as final on the
A MAl has just been printed by the
state board of labor and industrial
statistics which is one of the most
comprehensive tabulations ever turned
out by the labor bureau. It contains
figures showing the value of commod
ities marketed by each county during
the year 1897. The total value ef the
surplus is shown to be $140,772,494.42.
This report is evidently very distaste
ful to the calamity howlers who have
always contended thai farming did
not pay in Nebraska. The report is a
great advertisement for Nebraska's
Of ALL the republican aspirants for
speaker of the house and president, of
the senate there is not one but would
m ike able and efficient officers. How
ever, our man Pollard is the choice of
Cass county republicans for speaker
and his chances for securing the cov
eted position are good.
It is the duty of every citizen to
stand up for their home town. The
way to do his is to patronize iho home
merchants. Platismouth is one of the
nest towns in the state and if her peo
ple will oull together it can be made
still better.
It is said that the loss of life in the
New Eoylaud coast blizzard exceed
the number of Americans killed in the
war with Spun. But then the honor
was not so great to the New Engl nd
The Omaha newspapers seem to
have the Iock jaw in relation to the
1899 exposition. They are between
two fires, as it were.
Boards of education in a number of
cities have taken a stand against the
plan of raising money among the
school children for building monu
ments or for other philanthropic pur
poses. The schemes presented be
came so numerous and caused so much
disatisfaction that the authorities fael
they must take this position. No
doubt the pupils and parents will
haartily endorse the 6tand. Aside
from the impropriety of making the
school a contributor to the various ob
jects the taking up of collections is
known to have caused much uneasiness
of mind and even heartburns among
parents and pupils who were not able
to give as liberally as others. It is
time to quit. Beatrice Express.
There was a big cleaning up oi rab
bits in the neighborhood of Glenwood,
la., last Tuesday, there being a con
test between the gun club of that place
and a picked up crowd. Two hundred
bunnies were slain, the picked crowd
getting 125 and gun club seventy-five.
A big supper was given at the expense
of the latter the following evening.
Colonel William J. Bryan has re
turned to his regiment at Savannah,
after visiting at his home in Lincoln
s-inee election day. He has entirely
recovered from hia recent attack of
fever and is in good spirits.
The Falls City Journal has on its
regular staff a wood engraver who
illustrates articles and advertisements
in the paper to good advantage. The
J virnal enjoys the distinction of being
the only country pa'per in Nebraska
which employs an artist in this line.
Gaillard Hunt is collecting mate
rials for an exhaustive life of General
Garfield. He has been cordially fur
thered In hia purpose by the widow
and children of General Garfield, and
hi book will illume much that has
been shadowy and mysterious in Gar
field's career after he was nominated
to tho presidency and up to tho day of
his death.
A number of democrats of Augusta,
Ga., have organized a Roosevelt club,
os one of them explained it, "because
we admire the man because he wen
to the front and fought like a patriot
for his flag and for hia country. We
admire his bravery, his devotion and
his ability."
Senator Harris, of tfnneas, attributes
the defeat of the popjlist, party in tbHt
state to good crop, good prices, pood
times generally, nnd a good nntional
administration. A p rty that depend.
for perpetuity uion the reverse of
th-8 conditions is certain y not en
titled to ci me t lif- very often.
The Japanese census gives 45.000 000
peop!e. The e art- 220 iowi s with v r
11 0,000 people. Tokyo has a p opula
tion of 1,300 OnO Y-'hohama ai d Kobe
have 18 ,000 and 185,000.
All the Nebraska people sincerely
sympathize with the blizzai d-hwept
and snow-blockaded citizens of New
England, New York and Pennslvania.
Nebraska ocrafionally has a heavy
snowfall and considerable drifting
snow, but this state has never had
anything approaching this week's ter
rible 6torms on the north Atlantic
coast. Nebraska has had ten days of
sleighing and about the best winter
weather any people have ever known,
but the people of the east have been
compelled to suffer terrible hardships
and loss of life. Nebraska occupies
tho right and the best place on the
map of the world.
C. L. Graves' Union Ledger is one
of the best local newspapers of the
county. Besides running a newspaper
Charley practices law on the side.
About one-half of the $100,000 need
ed for the Waring memoriai has been
subscribed in New York. The fund is
a fitting tribute to the late Colonel
Waring, whose life was devoted to
sanitary science. The income of the
fund is to be paid to Mrs. Waring and
daughter during their lifetime; after
that it will be devoted to ''instruction
in municipal affairs" in such manner
as Columbia college may determine.
The ladies of the Presbyterian
church aro working actively to make
their "Christmas Market" to be held
on the 12 and 13 of December a suc
cess. A program will be given each
evening in connection with the "Mar
ket." Teachers Meeting:.
The next regular teachers' meeting
of the Platismouth district will be
held Saturday afternoon, December
10. The following subjects wilt be
Language work in the various grades Mabel
Uses and peculiarities of the "participle" and
the ' infinitive" Claud Palmer.
Discussion- Mrs. E. L. Hartman.
What is being done in your district in the in
terest ot the Pupils Reading Circles?
Minute report from teachers prisent.
No Humbug.
Foley'- H n--y and i'nr does no
elaim to perform mi-Hcles. It d-es
not claim to cure all cass f c nsump
tion or asthma, but P does. ol nm to
give contort and relief in dvneed
stages of th'-se . disea.-i s and to usually
cure ea:lv stages. It is certa nly
worth trying by those afflicted t r
threatened with these dread diseases.
Notice to Taxpayers.
The county commissioners will be
in session after November 10 until all
delinquent taxes in this county are
disposed of, Everyone who is back is
requested to call at once and make
arrangements for a settlement or else
the same will be sold. By order oi
County Commissioners.
A Valuable Prescription.
Editor Morrison of Worthingtonv
Indiana, Sun, writes: "You have a
valuable prescription in electric bit
ters, and I can cheerfully recommend
it for constipation and sick headache
and as a general system tonic it has
no equal." Mrs. Annie Stehle, 2025
Cottaee Grove Avenue. Chicago, was
all run down, could not eat nor digest
food, had a backache which never left
her and felt tired and weary, but six
bottles of electric bitters restored her
health and renewed her strength.
Price 50 cents and $1.00 Get a bottle
at P. G. Fricke's drug store, ft
Dean Guessing Contest.
A. Clark, the grocer, hua a jar of
beans in his show window and the per
son t.Uissing nearest the number of
beans contained in the jar will receive
as a prize a fine lamp. The contest
will close January 1, 1899.
. Morning's bread hereafter may be
obtained at Zuckweiler & Lutz, Jona
than Hatt's, Dovey's and Fair store.
There are few ailmeots so uncom
fortable as Diles, but they can easily
be cured by using Tabler's Buckeye
Pile Ointment. Relief follows its use,
and any one suffering from pi es can
not afford to neglect to give it a trial.
Price, 50 cents in bottles, tubes 75 cts.
F. F. Fricke & Co.
The advertising columns of the
News show who the live merchants
are, and where to e to get bargains
in everything1 needed for the family. It
will pay you to read them and trade
at home.
For broken limbs, chilblains, burns.
scalds, bruised shins, sore throat, and
sores of every kind, apply Dillard's
Snow Liniment. It will give immedi
ate relief and heal any wound. Price
25 cts and SO cts. F. G. Pricks fc Co.
1 1 1 J II xui irj iliuiiw iiiuiiiii
Samuel J. Kraynbuhl Goes After
the Burlington Once Alore.
Wants lay Kor Ills Hoy's Services irntll
lie Is of Asrt The Case of A. It. Smllh
vs. The I'iallsiuoath Water Compa
to Be Submitted In Supreme Court
Other News of Interest.
From Monday's Daily.
M. O'Donohoe went out to Central
City this morning where he is at'orney
for plaintiff gaiust the Burlington
railroad It is Samuel J. Kraynbuhl
vs. Tho Burlington & Missou i River
ra'.lroid, arid it will be remem lured
that Matthew Gei ing and M. O'Dono
hoe got a judgment to $ j.i 0J g iii st
toe company in this cae at Central
City last May. The iaint;ffi son
lost a foot in the turn-table belong u-r
to the Burlington at P.jlmer ana ti e
above judgment was for dainag s.
K' ayiiliub! now brings suit '-v tli
he of the b-'y 's mm v ces r m i h- ti in
o' the accident un it ho is twenty one
years of aye, whicti w 1 eoe a period
of sixteen year-, he being five years,
od wtien lht accident happened.
M itth. w Gerinf will assist Mr
O D.mohoe in the case.
Smlih v. the Water Company.
Attorney Allen Beeton went to Lin
coln this moining and tomorrow will
submit the f m us t-aud bar cat-e in
the supreme court. Tnis case will he
remembered as a very hotly contested
one and was tried in the district court
here in 1S95, the title of which was A.
B. Smith vs. The Plattsmoutb Water
Smith sought to enjoin the water
company from getting its t-upply of
water by running pipes through his
land and changing the course of a
stream, but after an exciting contest
resulted in a victory for the company.
The case was taken to the supreme
court and the decision in the latter
tribunal will be awaited with interest.
Church Rededicated. ,
There werequite interesting services
held at the German Presbyterian
chuich Sunday, the occasion being
the reded ication of thechurch and whut
is known as missionary fe ist. The
dedication services were held in the ;
morning and the missionary services
in the afternoon iind evening, the lal- j
ter beiug devoted to home and foreign ,
missions and earnest end interesting
talks were given on them. j
Rev. Ratz was 'assisted by Rev. j
Daniel Grieder of Omiha, Rev. J. !
Bantley of Hick d Rev. A. C.
Stark of Habtings. Rev. Grieder will j
be remembered hy Platt&mon: h peo- j
pie, having served the chuich here j
one year, ine services were aivenaea
by large congregations.
A critical"time
During the Battle of
riir l'arkf th Mr t h- ICmiiI- of Sh 1. 1 in go le
Cuba were nil II-r-n. Ttfir H nnc Kf
fitrt In Getting Ammunition and Ital Iim
to the Front Saved Ihf Day
P. E. Rutler. of pac t ain No. 3,
writing f om S-inti.-'Uo de ('ua. on
Jui -3, sny-- "We all h d hoea
in more l-!s violent form, nnd when
we landed we hal no time to see a
doctor, for it ws a c ise of rush nnd
rush night and day to keep ttie troops
supplied with amunition and rations,
but. thanks to Chamberlain's Colic,
Ch 'leia mid Diarrhoea R -medv, we
were able to keep at, work and keep
our health; in fact, I sineerly believe
that at owe critical time this medicine
was the indirect savior of our army,
for if the packers had been unable to
work there would hive been no way
of getting supplies to the front. There
were no roads that a wagon train
could use. My comrade and myself
hud the good fortune to lay in a sup
ply of tnis medicine for our pMck-train
before we left Tampa, and I know in
four cases it absolutely saved life."
The above letter was written to the
manufacturers of this medicine, the
Chamberlain Medicine Co., De
Moins, Iowa. For sale by all druggists.
Conflagration Narrowly Averted.
Early this morning Fred Muster,
who acts as bar tender in F. G. Ezen
berger's saloon, attempted to light
the gasoline burner which is used 1o
heat a water tank, when the fluid
caught fire in tome manner and the
flames shot up the wall Betting fire to
everything hanging on the wall,
among which was his license. The
flames were extinguished by throwing
an. overcoat around the burner, but
the coat was bndly used up.
Insure in the German American.
Fred Ebinjrer, Auent.
N&W : ftDVkRTlS&M&iHTS.
riTi;WivT fails to Restore Graj
te,jV5 lilt? to iti Youthful Color.
Leading Liveryman.
r tc be3t of rigs furnished at alt hour 'and liis
prices are always reasonable. Themost
convenient boarding stable for far
mers In tha cltv.
o you
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pave the way whereby you can fjain a portion of it. lYal the
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Silver Thimble to every lady making a cash purchase of $1.00
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Goods to be found in the county. We are prepared to offer
you articles ranin in price from 25c to SHM.OM, all of which
"would make suitable Christmas (lifts. Take advantage of
our prices and befriend your pocket-book.
Jno. T. Coleman, t'lf
Go to tho Drug Store of
(Successor to Smith & Parniule)
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Stationery and Cigars,
Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Dyes,
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Toilet Articles, l'ei fumery. Soaps,
Sponges, ;uid all Varieties of
Druggists' Sundries.
Window Glass and Wall Paper,
Humphrey's, Lu tie's and Munion's
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Pure California Wices and Liquors
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Id fr.ct, everything usually kept for
Sale in first-clas! Drug Stores.
Carefully Compounded.
South Side Main Street,
Platismouth, Neb.
. Nn A)v-fm ti.
Purify of Material and V j i I I JU. J jjl
Celicioasness "flarerl'nwcelled.
vv V.'
AND BY NxV"- W . S-
Wliselef & Wilson
Sewing Machine
Rotary Motion acd
Ball Bearings
Offers the very best facilities lor the
' prompt transaction, of
Legitini3te Banking Business.
TOCKS, boads, irold. government :md lot a',
securities oouzht and soM. Deuosits re
ceived and interest allowed on the certti
ctttes. Drafts ttrawn, available Id any
part of the U. S. ani all the principle
towns of Europe. Collection made and
promptly remitted Highest market
price paid for county warrants, state
and county bonds.
H. N. Dovey, D. Hawksworth. S. Waugh,
F. E. White. G. E. Dovey.
Geo. E. Dovey, Pres., S. Waugh, Cashier.
H. N. Dovev. Csfur.
The NEWS i3ch is U e bo-t equipped
iob oCS. e n Cascoutnv. First ciass
! work dona on short nouoe.
vt- -..a j.-
. s -i '
Al Sc BEST frlWN
Warn, tiis Earth?
Special Announcement
The Larger Stock in the City.
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Pi. A TTS MOUTH, N l.U It A K A.
father Stocking rfffix
0 XWti
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)OoOO ' I
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kinds of Stoves and
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