Semi-weekly news-herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1895-1909, November 01, 1898, Image 3

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John Croup nnd wli, from near
Louiavillc, wair in town trading to
Charley Clifford, of Louisville, and
T. E. William, of (fiendale, woro in
tod ay .
'I'h' pr aiduut has proclaimed No
Ti-niher 24 in a day of national Thanks
iwniy dollars to oik; m tuo way
they lift on Mcrenr u;uiiiftt Ilitahoock
in Omaha.
Aaron Lodr and wife have pono to
Colfiix, Springs, In., to ho treated for
rbeum ; lisin.
Dr. (jilmoro, of Murray, was in town
todiynbakino- with a fow of hid
many friends.
A. Criimtsr, ouo of the solid
farmers of South MlijiI pr'cinct, was
In tne eity today.
Col. Champion S. Chaso is lyinp
very low at his heme in Omaha, wiih
uo hope for liis i -co very.
H ..if. 1 inner and family have moved
in from V ob-tcr county nnd will ro-iJ-
ilciwn near Kook HlulT.
J oil n .Sutton has the foundation un
der way f r his new farm remdoiico,
that 1 1 in inr.- to ho a nice one.
C . lirjian was repor! -d muen better
jcbicron.s, Ilia ailmmit is pronounced
a liyir fo in of 1$ phoid fi-vor.
'1 he ulili r trust may have to cume
down f.niu i- h h perch as another
rubber : ru-L hi ii.;.' fo mod to fitful
lloleom' no A. en will p ak in
L uipvill -xt i t ii, b'it :iio- wili
in ik-1 i;o eon i p : ii: '. i : i t k n
people of tloi 1 . v t.n j ;;' j
Clarence I1 .el . -1 , utnl
Mis- K'li:.. Tim, a'-ai ritfr.toe-., I- ill
of tnis eity, lb . o h;- ler;'..t! Pay-,
Were in:, r ml i- O -cili . en 1'liursiiay.
The po-.tolliC- s f at. Vaiptaiso w b
blown c ji.m, oy jiiiv'.i! List niyht, but
the inner ;ors t r . v i : d a robbery
The only lo.-s v.-a i;i tlio to the
Joseph Wildiaud wife was at Omaha
attending the ex position during the
last two days and stopped over in
I'lattsmouth List niyht on his way
home to Cedar Creek.
Gooriro Sheldon, tho Vermont
capitalist, and Soabury L. Sears, of
Ashland, and Mr. Z tar, of South Bend,
arc here today for tho purpose of
buying the Holbrooke farm.
Wilt S. Smith, after a pleasant visit
horo for a fjw days, departed this
morning for his homo at Ong in Clay
county. II is wife will remain a few
days longer with her parents, Mr. and
Mru. Arehio Ilolmos.
Lawrence, a son of M. Ii. C. True, of
Tecamneh, was murdered for hi3
money at Cincinnati tho first of the
wflek, where ho was working as proof
reader on the Commercial.
District court, Judo Ramsey in
forms us, will not open for business
November 7 as advertised, but will
convene on November 10th, as no one
could transact any lejral business tho
day, or day before election.
The steel and iron trade is reported
booming as tint ther indication of the
realization of MeKinley times. The
orders already in are for work that
mont hs will be required to complete,
and orders aro still rolling: iu.
L. J. Hall has purchased the M. G.
McQuin farm over east of Union. Mr.
McQuin will move up near Sioux City
in tho spring-, if lie is successful in
purchasing the farm that ho has been
expecting to secure. Nehawka Regis
Lieut. Al Doirington, late of com
pany H, Second Nobra-ka volunteers,
hailing from Chadron, has receivedta
commission as first lieutenant in the
Secoi d Uuited States volunteers dow
stationeo i t Santiago, and will report
at that point as soon as lie is ordered
to the front.
The Jou na1 oITil-c printed the posters
for the Meikiej'ihn m.-eting to be held
here Novcuib 'f 4. Just why a demo
cratic rewsp 'p'- should do republican
campaign worl may i.oi be clear to
outsiders, atid it r fl. c s i o credit on
the managers cf t he camp i." :, unless
they li.ivv: b' en im;ce-i upoc.
V. I. Walker-, of Cm ha, wno has a
large cattle tneh on th.- Winnebago
reservation, tw 1-. mias north of
Bancroft, lost, l h rty-t wo lics.d of cattle
in the stoi m of Monday and Tuesday.
At the beginning of the storm the herd
numbering pome GO head, was driven
with the storm to the south until a
creek was encountered, where by a
jam thirty-two head were crowded into
the stream nnd trodden under foot,
Torminga bridge for the remander of
the herd to cross on. Mr. Walker
estimates his loss at upwards of 31,000.
Burris was down from Omahi
is attending probate
Phil Hueer
court today.
August Reins went to the exposition
this morning.
John Bauer of Eimwood precinct
was in town today.
Jim Holmes and J. C. Marten were
exposition visitors today.
V. II. Stout of the Saline county
Independent made the News a pleas
ant call this mornin-r.
John Murray has sent bis son, Alva,
t school down at Osborn, Kansas,
where his grand parents reside.
Mrs. W. II. Dearing after a pleasant
Trisit here returned to Norfolk today.
Mrs. Hasse accompanied her as far as
O jaaha.
The funeral of Miss Pitz, who died
of diphtheria, occurred yesterday nnd
lru largely attended. Such Utile
precaution is taken that it's a wonder
this malady has not been more preva
lent than it is.
W. II. Stout, editor of the Saline
county Independent, nnd wifo Sun
dayed with their brother-in-law
George K. Staats.
I'ennett Chriswoiser took another
look at tho ex posi lion today. Ho may
bring no mo of tho midway attraction
home with him.
Tho fusion managers aro said to
have declarod a dividend last Satur
evening, and business was lively iu
certain quarter.
Mohers. l'ollard. Hoot and Spurlock
had a fine meeting at Cedar Creek
Saturday ovening, a good crowd being
out to hear them.
Ton coaches would not have carried
tho i'lattmnouth crowd which went to
Omaha today to bid faiewc:! to tho
beautiful exposition,
Tom Whitehead, well known in this
city, is reported to have married au
Omaha girl and taken up a permanent
residence in the metropolis. I
Manahan has be n sued n thj fed
eral court. It seems ho not only swal
lowed '.ho pops, but war, caught in the
act of swallowing tho Fi'.gorald estate.
I). S. Guild chief of the R. & M.
bupply department arrived home 3'c
terday from 1'ittt.bu gh i'a. nnd other
ca&tcm points where he had been i n
company business.
This is a Queer couutr. According
to the Journal W. H. N wel. was t o
clean and nioial a man t bo roelectett
Mayor, hut be is I- bad a in;:?' 1.
Sen .tor. 'i he Jotirn I is Iu I - l
George l)ove
d iv. a.! ter a i
iric- .ii I Mi e e
O'le. i. i o; mi i r-. .
f.v.i w - It ii. i .1) ;j .
1 he. Ii rst u r 1
before US. I: r: k- - e i; i-.
apiiOarariCe a re
propriotors u.v.
lure. It vviil !
( li'rlt hijcI Jul(ri uf i;i- tln.
The following is a Hal of the clerks
and judges of election, as appointed
by the co inty judge, for Plattsmouth
city and precinct:
Judges Kd., Harvey Hollo
wny, Baxter Smith, Fred Black, C. W.
Sherman. Clerks Kernard Wurl,
Wm. Solimi ltmann.
Judge J. V. Johnson, Rob't Don
nelly, J. N. Wise, Adam Kurt. R.
Kinkead. Gierke J. C. Jtfansen, Y.
L. Street.
Judges Chas. McKnteo, J. V. Kgou-
bergcr, A. B. Todd, Geo. Hawkins,
I'hil Sauter. Clerks John Moisinger,
John I. Kobbitis.
roL'KTI! WAhD.
Judges Louis Dojo, V. C. Bonfer,
I'eii v llanralian, Wm. I tail an ce, F. A.
Bates. Cierks W. N. Uaird, Goo. Ii.
Judges J. T. Lloyd, James Iligley,
S. I). Hill, Hurry Johnson, Frank
Mai ler. Clerk I). T. Sampson, J. W.
1 Jar wick .
Ju i.' reo WehrSein, m. Gil-
moui-, I! ti 'lo in.r C!ti:s T. Frank
Wiies, Kn 'l II nek
During the Battle of
Oui I tic Vol.
ikTlie tield it. wl,i . f
.rve.-t' i i I i x Co !
yi.'.-'i l ti ay "It on'y
1 ull t', I. - i O gH ' U'. t'l
the ill'- ' ' i lid IK 'W I . t- p
i-i y.! r.
,,.). f ; V.
vol .-.! ' '
d i o i) j , t
i r i o -
ctr i-
t c
K n't
: I I
a republican
-.-man H ain- r
" ins for re
r v-.t.j. 'i'hat's
oi(.t are
A I the
i hero
'. s- iii . iieir in .
e Hide pen den I i n
ties and asks .o odds of any pa. t .
A. L. Timbiin who has buia up .
onviaole reputation as a lawyer i i .
this county has concluded to rumov
f -ion
i l:
il s
. n v c; n
: is M'or.i
v;.r '.lie
'j tJ-ey
Tim I'luirn at tlo Uattle uf aanllag-o 1
Cubit witchII HrroM, Their Hvrola Kt
fort Iu Octtliifc AniBiunltlon and Kutloim
to the Front Vavrd the Day.
P. K. Butler, of pack-train No. 3,
writing from Santiago do Cuba, on
July L'J, says: "Wo all had diarrhoea
in more less violent form, and when
we landed wo had no time tw see a
doctor, for it wan a case of rush and
rush night and day to keep tho troops
supplied with amunition nnd rations,
but thanks to Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, we
were able to keep at work and keep
our health; in fact, I sincerly believe
that at one critical time this medicine
was tbe indirect Bavior of our army,
for if tho packers had been unable to
work there would have been no way
of getting supplies to the front. There
were no roads that a wagon train
could use. My comrade and myself
Imd t he good fortune to lay in h sup-
i ,y et trns medicine lor our pack-train
b fore vo 'eft Tampa, and I know in
four cases it absolutely saved life."
The ahoy tetter was written to the
manufacturers of this medicine, the
Ci.ambcrluin Medicine Co., Des
M.-i.iS, Iow-i. Fornalo by all druggists.
Thai ! in (Mth tic Alerting.
The f"s ist-i failed to get out much
of crov (1 t heir meeting Saturday
ii v jiiini, . th.u n Oeih nn, the Kear
ii. v jo:cr, 10. . svi.i'h, th'- high-roller.
A IK "Mt'CtiliK ol the Wjtcris 1
As I walked through tlip, lici;oft 1 had
Hut now. without my love, I wun.lcrril unsn-ti.
FoiKet-nic-noti for mo he lnol. I toiiM see.
For 1 know that 1 love my love, ami I kmr.v he
loves inc.
As I walked through the ha'.is ol the j;rcat nnd
the Kay,
Fair belles all around me had sonu-thi:in to say:
Hat I hedej theui nut. and in v luve'K Willi me.
For I know that 1 love my !u, and I know lie
loves ins.
Wherever I travel, they all seoui to say:
"ihe appears quite happy, contented ar I ihj."
Hut they know not how happy with my lovci I L
Fur I know that I lovo my love, and I know l.
loves me.
V are now happily joined, with the pioud mar
ried crowd.
And we Imp to remain so till the day of our
I know I feel huppy, and he so with me.
For I know that I love my love, and I know ho
loves me.
The A.ncm .i r.
a noorj to iri a rj : : i
Card of l litinkx.
Wo desire to express our h in cure
thanks to tho neighbors and friends
who so kindly assisted us during the
sickness and death of our son and
brother. Wo wish especially to thank
the firemen and momb rs of tho C. M
Society of tho Christian church who
showed such thoughtful attention and
A Ncv Discovery for Xz Certain Cure of INTERNAL and
Tubes, by Mail, 75 Cents; Dottlizs, CO Cents.
imz F. BALLARD, Sole Proprietor, - - 3!3 Berth Main Street, ST. LOUIS, KO.
Miss Catharine t't .irtotio Cutsche
and Theodore liu i Uob.-ris i re to ii"
married at the lom if .hob.ido in
this city Novem" I!
to Nebraska City in a few weeks and
enter tho practice of law thero. We
regret very much to loso Mr. Timbiin
from this county, as ho is an Al citizen.
Will., who almost died
with typhoid fever is homo looking
more like a ghost than his former
self. The govern ment sent, a nurse all
the way from tho hospital in Florida
to looii after him. He will return to
his company as soon as he is well
enough .
Judge llayward is making the clean
est, clearest set of campaign speeches
ever heard in this state. These who
listened to him at Superior during the
reunion know just what they are.
Ilis campaigu is as clean as Crounse's
term as governor was. Hardy Herald.
Uncle Herman Hester is in town to
day. Ho hns entirely recovered from
his fright over the awful things that
would happen when the gold standard
was adopted. The McCreary bill since
George Fred Williams was here, how
ever, is causing him much worry, and
he again sees the country on a tobag-
gan slide headed toward perdition.
If he will keep cool until after the
election everything will pan out all
Thorn pkins, the fledgeling lawyer
who is running for float representative
on the fusion ticket, seems to bo in hot
water. He is reported to have written
letters to several ministers in this
county, telling them what a good tem
perance man he wis, and the letters
leaked out and he then had to go to
the Nebraska City saloons and get a
certificate that he w.'s r.ot a prohibi
tionist. He only gets out cf one bole
to 6tumble into a worse one, nr.d by
election day he will find he is badly
done up.
If John Hart mumbles his words a
little bit mysteriously this week ju-t
accept it as a temporary imptdemenr.
He will get over it. L ist Monday be
was taking honey fr.m ibe hives,
and having a sweet t'-oth he tio a
bite of honey, but did'.'t nt'ce the
little bee cu ud up in u. I di .'t.
take him long, how. ve . to r
iastic t ly aptri-ed f p
the way Unco Jonn e.p
'lawed for that be-, win h
business '?nd : t w . k iu i e e
his mouth, out-rival- it t!i- g,;s
a political barktr. K ni'.vood
V.. 1). Jones' p-'ll baarer wagon hud
a rr.t. ol xpenenee Sun lay that was
now. at to that sort of vehicle
Otto Met.ka, Joe Oshenbringer, Frank
Burion with a woman and iivo child
ren occupied the wagon, and the men
being hilarious from too much beer,
th-'y went down Main street yelling
like Indians, and the team was going
a 2:1) clip. The outlook for a serious
siru'.shup wrs imminent, and Police
man .vlurray got into a spring wagon
with Young Mirspeaker, and away
thev went aiter them, Uiey over
hauled tbe lively crowd out near
ISach'e store, and a battle royal en
sued. Link Huffer came, along just in
time to save the oflieers from getting
hurt, and the men wore landed in jail
after raucli d! tTbjulfj".
Todny tlu.y ji;jpe--ired before Judge
Archer, who assessed tho following
linos, .toe Oshenhringer, $2.60; Otto
Metki, 'J.-:0; FranK Burion, $1.00; all
of which were either paid or secured.
War on the lluils.
From Saturday :s Daily.
E. M. Barilctte, an Omaha attorney,
with his Chicago client swooped down
on Julius Pepoerherg yesterday and
demanded that he turn over 400 worth
of lithograped Bu i labels that he had
purchased. They claimed that he had
bought Ihem of a houo which had in
fringed oa thoir copyright. Julius re
fueu to be biuife.d and they then got
out a writ f replevin, but the sheriff
couid not find xKc- coveted property,
and the Oiu.;h-.i -iwye.- returned home
in company w lii his e ient, prom's: ng
t ) renew the b-..tti r.ext week or get
tho I i l Ii -gr i phi's. Mr. Pepperberg
St-c jred i-.n at;o;-no- a-: l proposes to
give, th"? ' f Jtr'ne.-a'' a 1 tho light they
want an.' more too.
nt- u-
ve, and
oraetl nd
h d s
What do the Children Drink?
Don't g: ve t hem UaorcotFeu. Have
you tried ih nt w fool d ink called
CllAlN-oV It i- d lie;ous and m urish
in j and t.i e- tne .' ; ee ' f c- if . he
mo e (iriiin t ou tve tht- chilare-i
the vi v iualth you dis ibute
t ! u h lijir Mstem-. G ain-o is
ir g a i.s, and hn rirop-.-!:
-.i ast. - like t"e choice
f i- if-.- but co-t- abou one-
i ' u . Ai g oi-e s Si-il it.
'i'reasurer !'. e re were thedraw
c;ids. .-5 tilh mr.d.j his usual
- v Hp ect;, ai'.l reiterated his
s oris about the Ebrighi proso
o , which have boi n proven ab:0-
V f"i-f.
O '!ri".i is a U.lko;- from t.-ilkville
an 1 .Iways has something to say. If
M.-s-erve is no hotter oflicer than he is
a M)eiike.-, he couldn't be elected con
stable down in Hock Bluffs. The
meeting was a flat affair.
Trescribe them becausa they never vary
from one itandard of medicinal quality
the highest and doctors are careful folks.
You trust your family doctor of
Course. Ak bint.
la seto! bttle
Jt UrugjiiU.
vTar- J
Hero ie one of thoao
who &lT9 oithor so prej
udiced against all ad
vrtisod remodios, or
hav becomo discour
aged at tho failure of
other medicines to help
them, and who will
succumb to tho grim
doatroyer without
knowing of tho won
derful value of Foley's
Honey and Tar for all
Throat and Lung troubles.
G. Fricke & Co.
w m mm t r-
lie win Vote. Sheriff's Sale.
CAXTON, O.. Oct. 28. An affidavit I By virtue of an execution issueJ l;y George I
or registration has been receive from Cass county Nebraska, and to me lii reeled. I wi
President MeKinley by the city board " i1"bt" day N"vem'),'rr 'V V; at, V"u
j j v "J I o'clock n. in. of nan! dav at the south door of tne
Ol elections. I court house in the city ot I'lattsmoiitli, m saiu
, . t . . . . . ., , I county, sell at public auction, to the highest bid
Tho president swears It 19 impossible Jer tar cash, the following real eriate to-wit:
1 he northwest quarter (nw'-.l ) ot section nine
teen ( 1 i township eleven (11) range nine (9i and
the west half (wis) of the northeast quarter ine'.i )
of section nineteen ( 19 township eleven (111 raiijre
nine (9) east of P. M. all 111 Uass county
Nebraska, together witli tlie pmuefjes ami ap
for him to bo iu Canton on any regis
tration day.
I.icfimc Notice.
Notice is hereby given that I will
apply at the next regular meeting of taken as the property of C. Anderson, defendant
the board of county commissioners, in
Durtenances tnereunto belonging or in anywise
appertaining. The same being levied upon and
and for Cass county for a license to
sell vinous malt and spirituous liquors
in the village cf Cedar Creek, Cass
county, Nebraska, for tbe period of
Dated this 18th day of October, 1898.
to satisfy a judgment of said court recovered by
iooeri ouiiiou, planum, aiiinsi shiu ucienoaiu
Plattsmouth, Nebraska, Oct. St, A- I).. IKik.
W. II. Wlll l.LKH,
Sheriff, Cass county, Nebraska.
O. S. Polk, att'y fur Robert Gullion.
Sheriff's Sale.
Something to Know.
It may be worth something to know-
that tho very best me icine for res-
By virtue of an execution issued by George K
Houseworth, clerk of district court, within and for
Cass county. Nebraska, and to me directed
will on the iltith day of November A. ll.lxW at
one o clock p. 111. ot said day at the south d'ior of
the court house in the city of IMattsniouth, in said
county, sell at public auction, to the highest bid
der for cash, the following real estate to-wit:
'm. .1 . i ... .: .
ling IDO lireu OUI nervous system to t. en (19 town eleven 11) range nine -it) and the
a ViaaltVur i rrrwr. ia T71..;,. west halt (w',4) ot the northeast quarter (ne-i)
..X ..MO. east of j M a jn Cass COURty Ne.
1111S meuicine 13 purely vegetable, I uraska. together with the privileges and appur-
"v-la "j e1" luud lijc uoi o i,cu- I pertaining. ihe same being levied upon and
ters in the stomach, gently stimulates ake"a(5 the. PJ"Pr'y at c, Andersen defend.-. m
' I tn afi;fv a nirtr-mi'i-.f rif s.nil court rfrftvrnrl hv
the Liver and Kidneys, and aids the36 I Nebraska Moline i'low Co. plaintiff against said
organs in throwing off impurities in
tbe blood. Electric Bitters aids di.
gestion, and is pronounced by those
who have tried it as the very best
blood purifier and nerve tonic. Try
it. Sold for 50c or SI. 00 per bottle at
F. G. Fricke's drug store. 2
l'lattsmouth, Nebraska, Oct. iS, A. D.. lb!3.
Sheriff, Cass county, Nebraska,
C S. Polk,
Att'y for Nebraska Moline Plow Co.
Probate Notice.
For Sale Cheap A set of double
harness. Call at News office.
Uurliugtou I tin
Six blocks from exposition.
In the County Court. Cass county. Nebraska.
In the matter of the estate of A.
Pankonin, deceased.
All persons interested in said matter are hereby-
notified that on the 2oth day of October, lf-9o.
Herman rankomn, administrator ol saiu es
tate, til-d a petition in said court, praying that
his final administration account be settled and
allowed and that he be discharged from his
trust. If vou fail to appear before said court on
the lttth of November A. D- lti'JH at one o'clock
ir 1 u. in., iu (.uumi SdlU LrCtllllfll, IIIC tUUIl Hid V
mwupj, 1 grant tne prayer 01 saia petition ana maice
A. D.
Touzalin, manager; E. 13.
clerk. Rooms $1.00 per dav special other and further orders, allowances and decrees
I as to mis court may seem proper, 10 me ena mac
rates by week or month. Everything j all matters pertaing to this estate may be finally
scmeu auu ucicnuiucu.
Witness mv hand and the seal of said court at
Plattsmouth, Nebraska, thi ., the 'l day of
SEAL County Judge
fi-st class. Take Dodge Btreet car.
from Union depot to 20th and Burdette
troets. Write u3 for particulars.
A Short Sad Story.
A Cold.
in d c
e 1...
v . I
1 1
Legal Notice.
In che District Court of Cass County Nebraska,
Luella E. Polk. Plaintiff.
T.J. Tatroe, Maggie A.Tatroe
and Al. .McUlintic, delendauts.
The defendants T. J. Tatroe, Maggie A. Tatroe
rr. A T.-I,. ' . IT J rr . I li
n..ucues uouey sdu iar oeen and Al McClmtic wii ,ake u,Jticc lhat oll tht; 7l!l
u.d, tui-i t-toy would have had a hap
pier ending. F G. Fr eke & Co.
u re
1 1 vi
Wtlllanift-II j th.
From Tuesday's Daily.
I.N. Wiiliams of Sherman, Ilnri,.n
county, Nebraska., was married to
Mi-s Rose Hyers at hr home in this
citv at nine o'clock this morning by
Rev. J. T. Baird, and at9:4J the bride
and groom departed for Kansas City,
in company with Mr. and Mrs. Joy
who stood up with them. The groom
travels with Mr. Joy for a collection
agency, and is highly spoken of -.? a
man of ability and good habits. Mrs
Williams will travel with her husband
for a time when thov expect to settle
in Colorado. The wedding was inform
al, and only relatives and immediate
friend were present.
The New Telephone.
The Plattsmouth company received
a car load of poles today and will put
a force of men to work at once erect
ing 200 of them to carry their lines. In
a few days the new company expects
to be ready for business. Tho central
olice has been fixed up and the cable
put in to connect with the outside
Died of Diphtheria.
Miss A'ma, the fifteen - year - old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gut Pitz,
died last Saturday cf diphtheria. The
funeral took p:ace from the fam
ily residence, south of town, at three
o'clock Sunday afternoon.
1 c -m "Uiiil" . ijjur.
h vv i-k n i;Hie"' cigar, man
uf e u u by J; iu - l'eppero--rg, o iug
10 . '. g to u'-out h-j label, will be
-o.d u ti r "Ihe Uos." label until
fm th- v tietiei. Ti e .toek is of the
same h .-b g; ado t'nd-'T the new name,
as it is the. genuit.e "Cuds," sold from
another box.
White Croam Vermifuge is perfect
ly hariiie.-.-i and will remove every
worm. Itisaisoa tooic, and by its
strengthening properties will restore
to p:ile cheeks the rosy hue of health.
Price 2o eei.ts. F. G. Fi-b-ke.
J. I. Unruh hus j :st made a pur
chas i of lf:0 iron bedsteads with wo
ven wire pprintr mattresses, mttresses
and ;i!:owi which he will effer at the
low price of $0 00 each. The entire
outfit for tiie price hi-.s never before
been offered at such a low price. A
complete bed can be seen in his store
window. All who are needing any
thing in this line can save money by
seeing these barca'ns before you buy.
You may bridle the appetite, tut
you ean"ot bribj the liver to do its
work w.-!l. You mu.-t be honest with
it, help it alon a little now and then
with ad ise of llerhine, the best liver
Tourist Pnmphletfl,
De.-eriptive of Yellowrton National
l 1 k ;.nd tlie summer resorts of Colo
rs ti :nd containing, besides maps and
illustrations, a great deal of informa
tion of interest to eight-seers and
day of July. lfeW-, Lueila E, I'oik. the plainiitf
meet her petition in tne District tot:rt ot L.ass
county, Nebraska, against T.J. 1 a;roc, Maggie
A. Tatroe and Al. McClintic, first and real names
unknown, the object and piau r ol w Inch are to
forec ose a certain mortgage executed ir.y the de
fendants. i.J. i atroe, Maggie A, Tatroe to Ed
win Jeary, and by him assigned to the plaintiii
upon lots tweniy-one ili and twenty-two
village of .reeuwiiod. Cass county. . braska, to
secure the Davnient of two proiniss-ir notes lor
fio.OU and $(6.-J5. dated Uecerr.ber 1 t. ls;i:j. and
due January 1st lMo. and ttpieinber 1st Ihyo:
that there is now due and t.npaiu on said notes
Prepared nft)
. I In Cjr.RfiUlf.
l!-t In Qunlltf.
s?j ail mm Hens&cs. aujuws
X3 It UOCIM'X'ia.
------ AKE - -
"TH carry the birge.-t and most complete lino in Ca.!j county. I'very
4 tiling fresh and new. They pay cash for our goods and give their cu-ito
r.ors the fid-.-antage of special discounts. A complete line t i ca.inod goods
d ways in sloe!:. The only p!ac2 in the city where you can jft nl! kinds of
'i-sh Oheesc. CJa.ll and see us.
V 4
H &
Waterman Blk.
TOU-istS. C:in be had by addressing J. I and mortgage the ;uni of j-71 z p.nd intei est from
:.- j 1 13 . . I the first day of JJecemDer. 1XJ,. at the rare ol
i'urlington Koute, Omaha, Neb.
Never Say Die. desperate ca-es of kidney
disr,-5Ee3 pronounced incurable have
been ured by Foley's Kidney Cure.
Many physicians use "it. F. G,
Fricke & (.'0.
1 ,it;en0er Aeni, I ejght per cent per annum. I r which sum and in
terest tne piaintm prays lor a uecree ot loreclos
ure and sale of sail premises. Vou are reo ui red
to answer said petition on or before the l-ltii day
of November, l-i.-i.
Dated this 4th uay of October IS .
I.l klla E. Polk.
By C. S. Polk, i:er attorney.
Sheriff's Sale.
The advertising columns of the
News show who the live merchants
By virtue of an order of sale issued by Geo. F.
Houseworth, cleric of the district court, vvuhin
and for Cass county, Nebraska, and t j me di
rected, I will on the Llh day of November, A. I).
189N, at 11 o'clock a. m. of said day at the south
door of the court house ia the city of Plattsmouth
are anrl where to crn tn o-ot Viaro-nina m saia county, sen at puDiic auction, to tne
are. ana wnere to SO to get Dargains highest bidder for cash, the following real estate
in everything needed for the f.tmilv. It to-w-t:
... , Ihe west half ( 4) of the northwest quarter
vwii pu jou in n.-au mem anu trauo (141 of section twenty-six 1U and the eat
nt homo 1 na" 01 lne "ortneasr quarter c.ii 01 section
Foh Kent Fruit firm
acres; apples, grape
This Space
Belongs to the
Firm of
Jewelers and Opticians,
Boeck Block.
r. ... -r- . . vj''..JTii.'
The S;iznwn- W::.uams C
of eight
twenty-seven - lan m townsnip twelve (J.; range
nine (U.i east o! o f. .M. in Lass county, Nebraska,
together with the privileges and appurtenances
raspberries, I thereunto belonging or in anywise appertaining.
b.,,. . 1 lie adiue ucmtj icvieu upuu diiu uncu as n.e
ackberries, etc. Also Other tracts property of Thomas Reece et al defendants to
saiisiy a juagement 01 sa:a court recoverea d
Lydia C. Sterling, plaintiff against said defend
ants. Plattsmouth, Nebraska, Sept. 30, A. D.. 18&8.
Wm. I). Wheeler,
Sheriff, Cass county, Nebraska.
C. S. Polk, attorney for plaintiif.
R. B. Windham.
of land near town
Dr. Sawyer's Arnica and Witch
Hazel Salve naturally stands in such
esteem with the public in the curiDg
of skin dUeases, eczema, piles, burns.
scales, cuts or flesh wounds, that argu
ment 10 prove lcs wortn seems quite
unnecessary. A. W. At wood.
Legal Notice.
H. M.Bricker. first and real name unknown
and Francis C. Faulkner assignee of the Con
necticut River Savings Bank will take notice that
the plaintiff, p'rancis N. Gib-on, has begun an
action ia the District court of Cass county.
Nebraska, entitled, rrancis N. Gibson vs. lacob !
Hursh et al. defendants, in which th. iove '
named parties are made defendants and tht the
Coal! Coal!
Hard coal delivered to any part of
the city for 87.50 per tOT, and the un- I object of prayor in said petition, is to foreclose a
. j ir j . , , . . , , 1 mortgage on tne west iiai 01 tne nortnv.t
rivaled Mendota coal de.ivered lor wnfrtmnin t,mn iu i.,if
regulator. friCe 00 eerils. t . C I i4.25 per ton JOHV WaTZPMa lp. m- aid mortgng-e having been given by
i m
J-''i-- v-v5v ft I
To. low r.', bnt liihest gra
rv- ::trt i ' -; s-v tr.e'
Calk Tubs,
Farra Tcsl:, Etc.
A fecial paint for each pur
pose, net on; slap-dash mix
ture for
T'i V
.. " 11')
:.r i'.v
fair, honer :
Wood wanted on subscription at the
Nkws cttco.
ilyi-ters! Ojgterh!
By the the can, or served in any ber. i?9s
style at biappacasga's.
said Jacob Hursh to lier.jimu A. Gibson aii'l
for general reue; and vou ate requ:re 1 to answer
said petition on or before the 7th day ol Novem-
1-rancis N. Gibson, Flaintirf.
E. H. Wooley, Attorney.
mm Jl. kN.
13 I
en by the : ' 'ii wii i r iar i f riiiir iTnr.i
Permanently cured by using DR. WHITEHALL'S RHEUMATIC CURE. Tha
purest and the best. Sold by druggists on a positive guarantee. Price 50 cents
ir box. Sample sent free on mentioo of this publication. i
TU WIUTBHALL ILvIKlutNil CO . South Bond, I4ia