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    The Semi-Weekly toyPr d
PUBLIC. .CD ON - V . NL) rM , .
. . . It' rti. . . .
Ono Yoar, In alvauro, ? J
Six Months i 50
Ono Week 10
single Copios 1
One Year, in advance SI 00
Six Months, 60
Of any Cass County Paper.
ItKl'l Itl ltAN TIC'KKT.
For (inventor,
l"or lieut.-'iovernor.
For Secretary of State,
For Auditor,
For Treasurer.
For State Superintendent,
J. F. SAY I. OR.
For Attorney General,
F'or Com. Public Lands and Buildings
For Udinressman, First district
For Senator
For Representatives
For Float Representative
F'or County Attorney
For Commissioner, Third district
The Plattsmouth Weekly Tribune
will make its initial appearance next
week. It will bo Independent in poli
tics anil starts out with plenty of capi
tal behind it to make it a stayer. The
oflico is in one of the roar rooms of the
Sherwood block, opposite the Hunk of
Cass county.
G. Fweu Williams was one of the
Hitchcock brand of patriots who kept
carefully to the rear and jelled for
war, and then as soon as it is over he
has nothing but scandalous criticisms
for those who were loyal to the Hag
and tried to uphold it. Such citizen,
are worth nothing to the country, and
their political opinions should be
looked upon as trasu.
Nevici: in the history of Cass county
has a populist held a county oHice and
as long as the- tie up with democra
cy thoy can count on it that democracy
will take the lion's share of tho spoils.
Old democracy has played her cards
well but tho game is becoming old
and some of the more intelligent pops
are opening their eyes and will refuse
to be made cat's paws to rnke demo
cratic chestnuts from the lite. Louis
ville Courier.
John Bull, seems to be getting his
fighting clothes on. A recent order
to begin no work on the ships of the
reserve squadron that would detain
them over lorty-eight hours, looks
as though he wanted to run a
big bluff on his French neighbor, or
else he wanted to be ready to fight on
short notice. The order is a porten
tious one in any event, and will be
read all over Europe today with un
feigned interest.
In those days of sudden friendship
and ovcrbounding love for the old
soldier it might be well for them to
reflect that candidates on the repub
lican ticket never havo to make spe
cial personal professions of a "liberal
pension policy." The traditions of
the republican party make such un
necessary. Ft-ienlines and liberality
toward the men men who saved the
UDion is instinct in a republican, oth
ers of coure may acquire it, and some
times do so, but it is e unusual and so
unexpected that they have to speak
about it, lest it be overlooke J.
The speeches made by President
McKinley at Omaha, St. Louis,
Springfield, Chicago, aud intermedi
ate points, are a new revelation of the
greatness of this simple-minded, un
pretentious, conscientious man who
occupies the post of chief executive. In
all that he has said there has been no
bombast and no rant. He h is spokea
plainly, feelingly and unreservedly of
the problems that confront tho admin
istration and the country. He has
not glorified himself nor I'm republi
can party. He ha pointed to certain
results and indicated the line of poli
cy that would be pursued in the fu
ture. Kearney Hub.
It may be said, in parenthesis, that
we are now making in this country
nearly all the tin plate we are using.
In 1890, the year we put the justly
celebrated McKinley law on the broks,
we bought 31S,00) tons from Wales,
whereas last year we bought 83,517
tons and the amount has bsoa growing
rapidly and beautifully less every min
ute since. And it will be remembered
that Mr. Bryan and the rest stood up
and everlastingly howled at the tax on
tiD, just as he and the rest six years
later howled at tho "iniquitous gold
standard" and tin plate is cheaper
now than then. Stand up for Ameri
can tin and the gold standard. Ex.
Hon. J. P. Dollivek: It rests with
the American people now to say
wdelher the business world is to be
allowed to go on in security or whether
we are to give a new commission to
the defeated leaders of 1890 to organ
ize anothor raid upon the credit and
. uLvrity of tho community. I do not .
"-..!!' vo ought to bo duu; It is hard i
ou.'yb '.( make a llvirg even in good
line , it, is mo easy to ecaro and drlvo
into ' -ling capital booking invest
ru. h! t it aipcars to mo little
bo", ..; ,l ir5, 10, now that tho troub-.c-
i u'.' e -jt aro so nearly over, to
ca&t t lie nliauow of new doubts and
uneertuutiea upon tho pathway of
bustoeja and commerce.
The fiople of tho First congress
ional district of Nebraska cannot af
ford to send to congress a man whose
political associations will In any way
hinder his best and heartiest support
to Major McKinley in the closing up
of the Spanish war. A free silver
congress could not enact a free silver
law, nor a free trade congress displace
the Dingley law, for McKinley with
his veto could defeat an3' such legisla
tion, but either could, and undoubtedly
would, absolutely defeat Mr. McKin
ley 's plan9 for settling the Spanish
oinbroglio by attaching to administra
tion me;.t.urt:d free silver and free
trade ride s. Tho next two years in
congress will be taken up iu adjusting
this war, and if tho people havo confi
dence in McKinley's honesty and
ability to conclude thete war matters
as successfully as ho has prosecuted
them, then they should surround him
with men who at all time.-, and upon
all occasions will be unembarrassed
by political prejudices. Vote for E. J.
Burkott and mi p port the administra
tion. JL'Ic;h C KITES f Cnadron expresses
himself on the fusion situation in the
following terse letter which is worth
perusal: "Affairs in the state, in the
congressional districts, in the legisla
tive districts and elsewhere, have
been so conducted as to leave demo
crats nothing worth striving for. In
difference and apathy, not to say dis
gust, prevails among them all over
the state, and the best reasons exist
therofor. The democratic party can
not contin ue to bo a mere loiterer at
the tables of the populist Dives, ac
cepting crumbs and kicks with equal
equanimity. I am not opposed to
fusion, but lam opposed to absorption.
Fairness and justice are quito as ap
plicable to politics as well as to other
affairs and had these principles pre
vailed during the last four years' you
would now behoid a much different
sentiment among democrats all over
the state. To quiet them and hold
them in line, it is now said that all
opposed to republicanism will, in an
othor year, classify themselves and
act as democrats, but such an expec
tation seems to me to be as baseless
as the rainbow." The withdrawal of
Judge Crites from the race for county
attorney insures the election of W. H.
Fauning, the republican nominee, as
it is believed that tho entire de
mocratic support will be thrown to
Because Senator Thurston captured
and controlled Senator Allen's vote in
the senate on numerous occosions, it
has been claimed that Thurston is
now supporting Ailen for re-election,
which is without the slightest founda
tion in truth. Thurston's loyalty
should not be questioned.
E- J. Burkett, the republican nomi
nee for congress in the First district,
as a man whom every voter can take
pride in supporting. He came to
Lincoln a j'oung man without an ac
quaintance. He devoted himself stud
iously to the legal profession. He
was an indefatigable worker and at
tended to the business entrusted to
him with such care and energy that
he grew into a fine practice in a com
paratively short time. He is a man
of excellent character, and good
judgment. He will support President
McKinley in carrying out republican
principles and a republican policy.
State Journal.
Oa tho suif .ee of things Franco
may need a war to prc-serv.s the
government by diverting attention
from domes-tic scandals, and yet it is
scarcely possible tht a test of
strength witn England would do more
for the government th in the Franco
Prussian war did for the dynasty of
Louis Napoleon. France needs, more
than anything else, a big importation
of Anglo-Saxon st-nse and pa'.ience.
Until the pe ple learn to look upon
public affairs more calmly and phil
osophically the material welfare of
the nation is bound to be seriously
impaired by political discord, if not
actual revolution. Ex.
Tho Nebraska exponent of yellow
journalism is uouing its be$t to divert
attention from the state house ring by
wildy beating the air in the direction
of a modest scientific gentleman in
Philadelphia. The ruse will not work.
Nobody knows that the Philadelphian
ever did anything wrong, but the
whole state knows that the states house
people have sent out false campaign
material, have broken every pledge
they made to get into office, and have
involved nearly every state institution
they control in scandal and misman
agement. The republicans are per
fectly willing to discuss state as well
as QHlional itsues in this campaign.
but they refuse to enter into a debate
over Dr. H uidekoper just because the
Wourld-IIerald can find nothing else
that it dares to descuss. State Jour
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund the money if it
fails to cure. 25c. The genuine has
Li. B. Q. on each tablet.
Tnirty-four spring ehoats for sale.
Enquire of Mrs. Elizabeth Goodwin
west of Plattsmouth.
During the Battle of
I'lie furkeM nt the Battle of untlago tie
Cuba Wreall llernen, Th-lr Heroic Ef
fort In Uettlng Ammunition and Itatloris
to the Front Saved ttie Day.
P. E. Butler, of pack-train No. 3,
writing from Santiago de Cuba, on
July 23, says: "We all had diarrhoea
in more less violent form, and when
we landed wo had no time to see a
doctor, for it was a case of rush and
rush night and day to keep the troops
supplied with amunition and rations,
but thanks to Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, wo
were able to keep at work and keep
our health; in fact, I sincerly believe
that at one critical time this medicine
was tbo indirect savior of our army,
for if the packers had been unable to
work there would have been no way
of getting supplies to the front. There
were no roads that a wagon train
oold use. My comrade and myself
:i.-id the good fortune to lay in a sup
oly of tnis medicine for our pack-train
before we left Tampa, and 1 know in
'our cases it absolutely saved lift;."
The above letter was written to the
manufacturers of this medicine, the
Chamberlain Mei.icine Co., Des
Moins, Iowa. For sale by all druggists.
List of Letters.
Remaining uncalled for at the post-
otiice at Plattsmouth. O.-i 20, 1898:
Ahrens. Fro linker, J K
Ellis, J M Forspth, Miss Fhebc
Goll, Albert Moslems, Alice
Hoagland, J H Ingrain, M-ss Minnie
Johnson, L C Kyner, James II
Lansun, Miss Ftlie! McClosson, Frank
McEntire. Chris Nelson, H E (-)
I'olen, Jas V Palmer, E F
Reed, Geo Keoder, Miss Gusie
Tompson. Much Lymaiif-tull. Miss Mollie
Stoner, MrsA'oisia Yolk.
Winters, Henry
When calling for any of the above
letters please say "advertised."
S-fiitnls at the liend.
Aug J. Bogel, the leading druggist
of Shreveoort, La., says: "Dr. King's
New Discovery is the only thing that
cures my cough, and it is the best sel
ler I have. J. F. Cambell, merchant
of Safford, Ariz., writes: "Dr. King's
New Discovery is all that is claimed
for it; it never fails, and is a sure cure
for Consumption, Coughs and Colds.
I cannot say enough for its merits."
Dr. King's New Discovery for Con
sumption, Coughs and Colds is not an
experiment. It has been tried for a
quarter of a century, and today stands
at the head. It never disappoints.
Free trial bottles at F. J. Fricke's
drugstore. 1
Wood wanted on subscription at the
News office.
Mrs. D. A. Campbell returned on
Thursday from St. Louis, where she
attended the director's meeting of the
national federation of women's mu
sical clubs. Mrs. Campbell is a sec
ond vice president of the federation,
and was also at this meeting made the
national librarian. State Journal.
Furnished or unfurnfshed rooms for
rent. Enquire at 1006 Main street.
Head the advertisements in the
News and trade only with those peo
ple who solicit your patronage. These
are the live merchants that do busi
ness on the principle of quick sales
and small profits.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund the money if it
fails to cure. 25o. The genuine has
L. B. Q. on e.ifh tablet
Notice of .Settlement
All parties indebted to the firm of
W. W. Coates & Co. are requested to
call and settle with their successors,
t he Ebbinger Hard wan; Company.
Touriat: I'm m j h lets.
Descriptive of Yellow etou National
Park and the summer resorts of Colo
rado and containing, besides maps and
illustrations, a groat dertl of informa
tion of interest to s!ght-seers and
tourists, be had by iuldrcssing J.
Francis, General IVisscnger Atrent,
Burlington Route, OmaiiH, Neb.
A diseased liver declares itself bv
morostjness, mental depression, lack
of energy, restlessness, melancholy
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store the liver to a h altby condition.
Price 30 cents. F. G. Frioke.
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To t he Far mers.
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class oyster stew on Saturday and
Sundiy for 15 cents pi- dih first
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ly harmless and will remove every
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ComI! Coal!
Hard coal delivered to any part of
the city for $7.50 per ton, and the un
rivaled Mendota coal deliveied for
$4.25 per ton. JOHN Watkf.Man.
Dr. Sawyer's Arnica and Witch
Hazel Salve naturally stands in such
esteem with the public iu the curing
of skin diseases, eczema, piles, burns,
6cales, cuts or flesh wouuds, that argu
ment to prove its worth seems quite
unnecessary. A. W. Atwood.
Never Say Oie.
Many desperate cases of kidney
diseases pronounced incurable have
been cured by Foley's Kidney Cure.
Many physicians use it. F. G.
Fricke & Co.
0 ae
ft fnr Thtnn xnrl XI nntllOll
UII0 1II1IIU dllU IlllUMIbl
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Continued succons can c.une alone
from merit. Dr. Sawyer's Wild
Cherry and Tar is steadily increasing
in sales because it is tho host cough
remedy on the market. A. W
Take tha Miwuri faoilio train if
you wish to go to th exposition, as
thoy have tho only depot on the
grounds. You can save Btreet car fare
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As an external liniment of most won
derful penetrative and curative power
Ballard's Snow Lineament is not
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ICvery bottle guaranteed. Price 50
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Chas. Taylor who recently returned
from Oklahoma, says that crops are
not so good this year as last, but the
quality of nil cereals are the best.
Klectrlc Hitters.
Electric Bitters is a medicine suited
for any season, but perhaps more gen
erally needed when the languid, ex
hausted feeling prevails, when the
liver is torpid and sluggish and the
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A prompt use of this medicine has
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ing the eystem from the malarial
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Bitters. Fifty cents and $1 bottles at
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Has a round trip rate of sixty-five
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sition. A Short Sad Story.
A Cold.
Had Foley's Honey aad Tar been
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pier ending. F. G. Fricke & Co.
Free Homes in Western Florida.
There are about 1,000,000 acres of
government land in Northwest Flor
ida subject to homestead entry, and
about half as much again of railroad
lands for sale at very low rates. These
lands are on or near the line of the
Louisville & Nashville railroad, and
Mr. II. J. Wemyss, General Land
Crmmissioner, Pensecola, will be giad
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wish to go down and and look at them
the Louisville & Nashville railroad
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1 o Subscribers.
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c-onsurnption, asthma or bronchitis.
Guaranteed. F. G. Fricke & Co.
The Kight Train.
The 8:5.8 morning train on the Mis
souri Pacific is the only train that
ought to suit everybody who wishes
to attend the ex position. It stops at
the north g ite of the exposition and
you c;;n return home at 7.00 or 10:43
in tho eveninsr. For further particu
lar s inauire of
C. F. Stouten borough, AgL
Mornine's bread hereafter may be
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than H itt's, Dovey's and Fair store.
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ey and Tar.
ness will be at
a warm grate
healing of the
once relieved.
ful feeline and
parts affected
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It feels so good. IT hits the sroT."
It is guaranteed. Fricke & Co.
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Union block, under Miss Tucker's
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fstl t call.
Iturlluif ton Itoute California Kirurnlona
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Plattsmouth 8:43 p. tn., every Thurs
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tourist sleepers. No transfers; cars
run right through to' San Francisco
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Ilouto through Denvor and Salt L'iko
City. Cars aro carpeted; upholstered
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N. V.
&&&ji$4 mask" balsam
fc'' j'roi..u- a '.! -m r-'ij-
Hv&iy. , pSftNeve Falla to K5fto-e. Ory
lii'i '-. and ! " -';
to housekeepers-
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telling now to p.-epare many deli
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Ufc EVER Vt J PA"- M
L 'rw.
etter T
w Vv m
J If
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lie Larries
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F l . 1? BT7 D
17 JLB n U
- Than Ever
-A fW
w r ' n
7 N Mrtr" i
1 Lii filLr anil i v
: kki:J