Semi-weekly news-herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1895-1909, October 18, 1898, Image 3

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(Tl' AM) COL NT V.
Tliin ni"i ninf' " Uu.o'i D.'jio1. ('n.
bi'lNin t lull' L' f ' the UMti) i !'!
which vil! In limit it Omit li i.
Mr I'uiily .mil Ijfi- iii i ". Mi a
Wilkin-mi. a tl M. V iiU n mi, r:
Onwihu visitors Imliiy.
C A!. rtr au(i fiiiuliv
Ortu. Ii n ii d a v. tJiim iuv cm
but h- cuti '.' nli llnj lit-i.
Mrs. M. C Swi i,hv, of V. k lVuit,
S. D., who h is l--n viiiin, w'lh Mrs.
McCi nkoy, d parlei! yi-HM.Tihiy Icr
hor homu.
I'Yud IJ.-itc amo rinnv t: ot 1 1 11 r killed
by a f ill out nl M i .. Wiles' m-vv Jkhiho
Weil no-day, 'fid ii in ln-d mi ninj !.i-i
bruise, no b i:c b:;iii' tipuki-n.
( H'ick,ubM-j- xvi nt l Omaliii
to spiind Sunday. Ilot'i'jiv inner li 1 1
in;,' of ku n.-tantiiils in :i j.' i. Kvi
dently ho don't intind to sta- vo.
About ten o'eiuck thit fui i-noou
Judyre Kparlnck united John M. Me
Cullouyh and lis Kati.- Oa --u li a n
hoii in inn i riar.'. Tho i-1 -s iv'o
about four miU-s -outh of t.ixvi.
Mini Kulm- n a"d Mr. I'.. f I of
Stuari, N b: sk -., a o tin vi-i 1 1.
their , MifH M r Mulm n. i Ii v
took in tho t Xp' i-ii ion today
J ib. -rnfo . wlio wit cm- ti X io
man on thy 1$. & M Iiim-o -t-vo i turn
ao, hut who is now located at Hi m
boidt, is in tuo etiv visiting with It J.
Iti'y noldrt.
Ernest nnd M ii-s IJi rn U'iy enlio.n,
aft'.ir t-pi-1: ii i n the bniiiini-r in Kukhh-,
stopped iivi r in re with b G Fi ck
and fami-y on tlieir nv home, Tn. y
hud !i del in h i lul rip bu' wtveg-la- to
pet ack liome iiii.
Cla cn' Po i y iiini iwo .-.i.-ter-, -f
Onnawa, Iowa, p wse-t ' riMiuh li iu
tod y for I'ai fio Junction to visii
mint fi ieiidri a:, ih-it p...ce. lie will
bo temt'inlibt'eJ as .i form r csidt-'nl
of this city where ho was
I'.attrtmouih la i)"VDr biv n infi eied
to itiy eat ext -nt by pcity ihi-ve-i.
bit several small thefts h vn been
mentioned lately. h- olh er ev- iiini'
Pnil Tnetr-cli lost a b anke a d whip
irom his wiyon ne ir at rm i i s
lumher ollire.
Harry N r-h"nt c imo U'i i"uesday
evening1 from Neb a-ka City to remain
over Sunday in ihi- city, wtiieh ho
says is trie h.althie-t town in the
United States. Harry woms to enjoy
l'lattr-nu utl) sofiet a iid we should not.
be Hurprised to have him I: ke up hi.
DOimaneat abode here.
V. F. Piimley, 'i musici'ii in the
Third Nehraska rifjinieni, s in the
city for a sho t visit wit fri i ds. II s
home is at Stuart, Nehrask , ;-imi is
considered to be one of the most i x
pert cornet players the state i-JT- rd-.
As ho was lonjr associated in tht m ws
paper 1 usinets, ho natuially enough
oronnod in (or a few minut- s chat wiih
with his old ii iend. Will L. Wilhcrow,
and the rest of the News force.
Uiu-le ll. G. Suencerwho was strick
en with paralysis 3 enterday, as rioted
in the Nkws, is still in a critical con
dition, and little hope is entertained
for his recovery", though about one
o'clock today he seemed unu-uilly
strong considering his advanced :h.
The paralysis seems compieie as to
his right sid-i and ho lays in a semi
conscious state not i econ i his
friends, liis son, l,awin, who i
soldier at Ft. Omaha, of the t- i-concl
Nebraska, eol pei mission to c ur.t
down and see him and is now at his
father's bedside. We hope the old
gentlemen may s ,on recover.
t hat ' r, ice : n ' In i I Ve r t h . t ; '
tie c u il osrt on 1 he ice, A. i
M. ioini i I I i ! . it -. r the M,.-iirr n i-i-it .vm-.ii i i ui( ii- n Mi
ii r-t low -.ijii 1 v. s on J.'t oiiif 2', so ; hrlilne In 'm;tlit Imli'lil iy,
t .ii lie sine., f I. ot today while n.-t , , ,m i,.,i., s I j.i ' .
lh W :u st. is .ii , I M.c en rl !- I . J E'l;r-i,c Wi. i hroi v a Vuul,,' man of
Too i d i ' or of the .'l.V. iiitl tin; ! n iri'jlo n e.iiv, who live ..eross tie
p! i-ni e i.f ui etiii;,' 1 y. u I : i n a t ,.'-lt-' li lie i n O' oe i-ou i ty. i i- t-a.i'1 , h eo:ti
oi I )f;-ni wo-il , w h- w is a e. em her of i -e of in 1 1 i ia e i coiapii.i tci tht; ruin
Col. Grijf-by'n roiijfh riuer-. He wuh of .M i t'ti wL r. .-.- d -? iu the
e in : in the city i --- Su( '. Ha-.vk-wo?-tl.
li iHf.- j lie m y- 1 hu hiiii un .e.i of Inf Hw ;v
spoken of in the ye!iov 'o-.-!-io. - did
not ( i n;o miliar ol.s- rc - lion,
I li 1 1 1 1 henid see p'er.tV of f i-i. nri!
tint the lioy- did not know how to
properly cook what wa- )f i v i n them.
Conti n u d nn-cu-t can c mi alone
from imvi', !r. Sawyer's Wi d
Choriy and Tar h -ladiiy i i crea-.i i t
in Miles heerti.-e i: i tiio b l conyh
reixi'-dv on the inarKol. A.
At wood.
.m -1 1 r.i 1 1 1 t'.iniiiitr Honi".
London', Oi-t l- li. Darwin
Mellwralth and Mrs. Mtl wraith, tl e
( hicajjo h eye'ists u ho r-ei-iitly eoni
;eled a tour f the worl ', cove-in
:!H.)i (I tiiie s. embark) d fo In mo today
on hoard ' he steamer Pen n Ian d, alter
a ahsi: O of I In-. an-l a h ilf yi ars.
' Tle-y ar -lni'h in the best of health
and s f i l i 1 s a mi a . . : p a I en Liy n ne the
win-.-'.1 fo ihe ha-iiships which they
endured. T; o a tier :i c ud . T)i. Mi
1 1 w rai t h "s n in pti 1 ton in j t - wife's loi'S,
which wre f osUut'en .vhi o cros-injr
Pei sia .
It is b;i:(! that t!n entire d,xii t' e;r
tr p wa- $:;d,()(ii), and il. is claimed that
they rode through ut. on the ni'iel-ines
which the.v had wnen they left, Cni
cair , i ml I'm II v, it i hssi i tcl, they
u ed niv three set- f ti c-.
fMiii;LiH Slaiim lietiirnu.
Douglas Sninn and (i. W Linden
who wor-- m: ven up .s d-j nl, liave re-
turne.i t lif.- a.- il wit-. Srinn ar-
rived p. loAuSiiurd y ev- nii and j
iepo is Liniion v.-ry sick vtith malar
ial fever, t Si L.uis, and that, i.o is
just reci vifitie- from lo'ij,' siogo of
it. His wife is at Neb-ask. i City,
fully lul .ovintr th-.t her huriomd is
dt ad, he not ha.via"; widtten hor The
boys have in en on the riwr sineo they
left I 'lattsinouth until l'he.v wer-j tak'en
down Wllh the f VV . It Was sitpp..-;,ed
ny many thai their atiiiJim; pi :ce was
a secret of the isiisouri rice;- tii-h j
would not he iolded u p, hut Seirw.'s
appear ance disorjls a.ny sueh :.i!'.eion. j
ij e i h leu 1 1 1 1. 1 of .s'ehawka. i'o i hi i
Lims..;if of i ny reponsibiii;y r.-j tn- j
li-te.l With the Second Nebraska ami j
w enl to Jii h kalJia u'li. On his n-lui n
inU Imu-'j with his company he w.i
vvaiu-d oi by friemis oi tiie jotin; lady
and refused to marry Ler. A Com
plaint was li.ed in Jedj.'c Archer's
court and a warrant was issued for
Walhi arrest, but he yotafu--hiii-h
and skipjied out. ShcnlT
W heeli r mat.' numerous t-:ps to his
home and to Omaha in fco.ucli of the
fugitive hut with no nu'-i-cm. liu
linaily viaitod a si-terin -North Umaha
thinking the fellow mirht btheie
but ho did no t. find him, and the sist' r
said that he was in J iiis s and would
bo in Oin-iha on trie haih. The sherilY
iheu c une home and o:i Salui-tl-iy ii
went to Om lia and found his man ju-i
closing up hi- all' iirs with the govo; n
ment preparatory to skippilijr out
aain ai.d he Very ijirekly luiinti him
a prisoner. He was ni ought here and
land, d in j iil wh -ro ho will probably
remain, unie-w hi-.i brother seeul'es a
bo iid for hi- a p; "arnnce at the next
tea in of c(-u t. He w -nt down to Union
today to try to get a bond. As Mi.--Pitman's
hah is e -s than a we ko!d
she is not ah. o to coino here now. so
the preliminary hearin-a will not b.
had for u l?w day-.
Tins afternoon Wnlbridge was ar
raigi.ed si d Judge Atelier fixed his
haul at i l'U )l i and set the pre in! iini n a. y
h" fo- i.ext Sa.'Uiiiay morsiing.
fa EIVIZPi? supplied except In
beaieci Uottlos, bearing proprie
tors firm nem Slgneturo thu3
t-1. !.
t', Matin,
i p. M urn
October Up t i tho tun
to nr. r s no ho - u s l ad f
aid ': 1 b -1 I a-. va-, i
K"' 'ig
ii-eii furnisheii
-.-..".ndp'l to jail .
M :t! ri nio.i in I.
A qti'ct we-.l-.iiiig w.i-. s iii?;i;tiiv. "d it;
this cily Sunday afte'-noon at f(iur
o'cloclc at tiio home tf Mr. at'5 Mrs.
D. C, ilui-aii, coi ner of Soventh and
(ira u i to sa-t ls, where Mi.-s (ieorei-
anna Oil v. r was married to .ir.
ehr.-'cii. laii- ot Ctii.ihn Aoln ;::
A !s(nrl Siol Sinry.
A Cold.
Negi. ct
Pneuiiion hi.
Or ief.
Had Foley's Hom-y and Tar I n
us.-d, tni- sio y wo-ild ii iv h: -.1 a 'nap
pier eiidinj- F (1. p.- ('-- A C
s'li r O'.'. ntieu (ley hy t i.o .el.tive- -f
the family, iueindiiig a -ister, ?.Ii-s.
Ay i -.vo. th (! K.ansas City, Missouii,
and M r. Mu--el while i f Lincuin, N?.-;ia-k:i.
llt;v. J)r. JJairJ of t ho Pre
nyterian clin en perforrainjr the cere
moi;v in his inip;a ssive ni.-'iitier.
'i lie bride
I-.tif. ; iver,
k ii.).-. nil: t hi
here for a liUlileti" o'
a !aon Lr the ;-o iei v i!
a d-i tighter of Mi-,
d ;s well and f a. vv a 1 1 i v
ciiy. ha ine- resided
yea? S and wns
ii-g .V"U!-g j?eo-
C'iikh County f or iturfc-tt.
Iii..MU()i), N b., Oct. 14 Hon. H
1. IJ'iikett, republic in nominee for
congiess from the First distiict, ad
dressed one of tho largest political
meetings ever held at tho Hobos opera
hou-o list night. Every seat was
lilioil and many people stood up, over
four hundred being present. Bo-ides
Mr. Bui kett there were on the stage
T. T. Younjr and H. M. Pollard, can
didates for slates representatives, 11.
A. Di tt Ji n r, nominee for lloat repre
sentative, and Turner Zink, nominee
for con n ty com mi.-sioru r. Mr. Pollard
spoke for haif an hour in an laterest
ing a id convincing- manner. Chuii man
N. Iv. Hobbs. amid the rousing cheers
of hundreds, then introduced Mr.
llurkett, who held tho rapt attention
of tho entire audience for an hojr and
: bfif, and wiion lie was thrtue'
sj.u iking no (ne had any doubt as to
wh.-re he stood. Enthusiasm was at a
hih pitch and Mr. Bui kett was con
tinually interrupted by applause.
Tin; n eeting was a great contrast to
the ne that was to have been held at
thi- p'.nee one wcok ago last night by
Mr. M..nahan, when not a person could
he got out to hear him speak, and tho
lights were put out a ! out ! o'cloek,
after -.v iit ng in vain for a crowd. Mr.
Burnett will receive a spiendid vote in
tliis n:;rt of his district, one that he
need not he ashamed ot when he goes
to Vi!sliitiLrio!i.
Ltv.ol TIaticr.
I a el"i ! i a . . so :;. Mi . ).,!,
Stall, t:...ii..- . -.' - i 'ti.a .
la nil 11. ."!i.ii..'i, Mm. I ,i t e - i ;t
.. i - -. !',!.: ii. m; y
' .-l..a ! -ill-l ll n M.iiec 1...U 4 ,a .i
i- I -a iii'!U :-ll.!t. ft id:
"ii I 1 -o-'h a I ii..i i.i.- In-n-in ti-etit-. t!iHl
.a il.t- I o. n.iv at A. i . Aii- i-I-
11'' ' .- ael h . linn. .- J ;il :ii I mil il) tiiu ch ira 1
..ii-ii .a , ,i k c . i -1 1 1 1 , .Ni-ln ,. k.i. ii ua in-. I mi , I .!
iilj .in.i j i a i a ui M'iia. Ii mic l ),.n.. le-e a iri
l:i ;a a .a h! i'.-. uu-.l -ri , iicliiii-l t i-Ln iiai .
. 1 . I - - .. i. Imiii 1'. -u e. in.uci .j.c uwaic ,.l '
i J i". 'ac, tt:iJ oa l':si.ii.lfJt.'i qtitei tl it... !
lieu t ,o i - i, i.'iri 1 1.0 11 a I a n.iii ui li)e SOUthwcit I
pi an r ul --c ii ni tiu tlie west I'.-ol nt
1 111- 11. ! . lU.ib. II I i r "i - .-I i ...ii l VI U I ' I. Mtlii Lie !
1 ihi .ii ii.i.i oi li u ii" i ! niaa, n.--. ei tuc ...utlj-
. . ..e.i-i 11 s... ui. ii i .). -, a: I IU ta-.MI.Ii'j)
na.ic n., : . ,e . u.c.l 1 . 1, in O.l- . .. jiii i
.c. a. . ...a. -.e-; iii ui.i iicai In hi.
JH . men . el a i.e c i -n ''. : e u .ic on
i-c.ii.i.iiv La. l.-!-.i. iiiM , -.r; la jcr Lent, ai
IciulI ii, .hi as J, lutic I-. i. uo on said ii,)lu .In.- '
mi n ui i ..i : i ... ri p. . I . ii. i.-v.. iimi it I
.ii.ilii'C ili-.ciiu.i.ii i.uci i.. a: said laud in- I
litl :..i .old H.l la -;.nl ninit ;.r;c
anil I ,i 'a 1'n.i mi.'I mi .. .i i. liic j.aiiiu. 'I'ln; i.e. ii.;i. iniii r.i e m ii.i.i pel i . i'n im Ii
Iiii;- I "se ii n li.nd t'onu ao. il eiile Anul I.
1 :.. ui a!, ,n, a p. i i,l a-i iiauiH int iiiiinui.-n.-.
uii.c .., ui M l.ii.ii . r, ,ni, i.i ui'.. ai: Inn
li-l. r.ini; ii-i-'i 1 ! I, u t':i s coun.y. Ni-lu.a.-.k.i.
I, aie -, ,, lic i .. It v,,lN ,j i,u. j
?1. i in! ii. ad, in-, i i i,. it li I ol . a nt hi mi
I tie i-.i-t .-ulc oi . ,-i iii ii ; i i n v... ly inj; n n ill west
id tlic- ' u I vci t mi .in; in n- iit hi in Mr llie :..iu,i
'dial hi I, an, i.oiiiiinly uc:tin)".l.i
1 1 ol.' Il i:
a 'in nrc.n:-.: .a ,i- ,o" pii I en s . 1 1 1 J l.i.l.! In
d.iv l he Man o. " .. jnni ,',,eil hnul is ,iki:d to In:
;illlia. .ii.- ne. I'l.en, in tl.ini.s to own :i II
llie ril,i ', I'Hi'i y rci I and iiersntial ol
t lo:oioie '.i!'.t..'. y i'd lu :e culilleil to loie- oiui 1 - i ,i-e,l lliiii u.ii Ii
laii iiii ol inei. I ii s i.i iittiou iit- ad-jiui-el
lo i.avi- i o ' icie-t in any jiail ol said i,i in M.'a, jtt iu s;i.J .norliixe and toii-
tra- '.
on aie n-'i'i-r n ,n ..! ,.,er . ; ci n: i . io'i nil or
ic-i.a c- .l.'i..i., . Im ' . iiv ul i iiloec . A . 1 ).
l.'-"..oi yoiii iii i, in. . '. iie i-ii.cacl ami liul--
''- .1 cntL-n d ,il im,'";,1 ii;;.i!iisi oil iina .inl
I. '' Anm vo 1. Sm. i e.
iv ii - it! in nevs.
-iJ i ST i T lr7- 5i3"4il.
5s5T, S h f "e rS'fj-J w v.' n ' ?r t Fil E JIJ B3
Z!"tti A N2W Discovery for the Curiam Cure ot ii -JTHRNAL and
Tubes, by Mail, 75 cents; Boi ti-lo, lo Cents.
JAMES F. BALURO, Sole Proprietor, - - 313 VsM Ufa Sirctt, ST. LOUIS, MO.
-v'lii ui.M.:fiO''U as :
"'ii u'cn: h iluc mi - a:i con 1 1 n t
D.i'.td tl.
A i i i v I.i . i ami le ): I.. Ki
ll ill day oi f-cim-iiiijei , A. 1 I ": ,
i'fi iu in in. ion t-r.1 tro'cf 'iit;.
Pl.AJ'T.-MUL-TH, Neb., Oft. 4,
l!o ;:-(l moL -uftu tt.t to adjoui nment,
iVtit nt, J. C llayo-), (leo V. Yuuny ,1. 1'. J ailier, eounly eomniissiion
er.j, .James Hobcr idou, county clerk
Minutes of i.'i-evious se.-sion i e n! arid
ai)pi'ove(, wlieii the following hui-
ne-;s was tran-iiCteJ in regular fo.-tn.
l1 .ihjtbiy I e iat'e o-t. )-. ;u:'i .
in Mills curt tv is th-it owned !
.". i ;i -d
v J. C
1 hi
O r.i is
IP, U-
!):. yo-j n ir
, ;i-ul Las
of Ua-li Wi Oh llj is eifl el.: hl!.s:'i-t. 1
and has uiiw inl of 2.1)t() tree.-, ail i
seed Line-;; ai.ij eeiPP' lt'.'I seidL' ter I
varieties. be'n;r m- sli.y th:e : and h ill
yea-.s old. Mr. D.tviutui hei iev: s iu
plutitinir cio-a tt'eth'-r at,d liis trees
are set on ati ave'-ayn
oi ; a li b ijii1 ill-
j 111 1 1) o! e o;id l!i e
j hi en fo:- soe'O ime ja.-t, v m ployed on
. th-- 0,.i;:.a 1 P oiii -"I u liiit-otvpe.
. i;c j nun? i-ii.ji!" exp el lo mru-re
i, i. i.. .... v, i i . . ...
1 iiieir i.i.' iie ill uiii-.i..! un i ue n fM.ii i
a:.d will bo i rd with tho bi-iuc'b aicth
ler ut 131 Stuitli I'olli street.
Tb.cir tea-en for bavlnsr the core
Mnony jiorlufini d Ii-',.:-. tluit they
feet a part-ma kino live or six hundred j w,; a m.uriea htih" pf
to the acre. i i;u.- ins entire p-'ju'h j
mijjiit las rairnerl t.y tho minister
tie; b .-idu's
orchivi d oc uo'Ci a space i.f between
!r-. I). Moi ran and M.-s.
four and liv
into fil'i he,
ae:es and when il come?
t ea s.
I). Kade wrio rosi
in if as 1 Wl;i s;l:
I J-II' 7. !:.. 1.1 V."IU l.HHI I. Illl II". LS 1.1
it.y. l-i ! friends ia thiseiiv extends coi. -i a " u
In thi. rn.tsl. i ii'i id ne: i -e. idt-'.. nf im-iinil ' . .
1 ' . 1: t lo::3 a nu host.
IP the slate ol joua. Mr Davi isoa
Tl. II. Keitzei and brothei
oi As u I'
ll IS liO peaches this
an o!T yeir with hi in.
: isnes.
...... .II It l,. .1 ...
die, .voci o-ii, - A CRITICAL T I M E
It Mny Suva- Your lafw
A iki-e ii- two of Foley'- Honey and
T.-.r will prevent a t ii'iaik of pneit-
Durinf? the Battle of
mo'iia, ri ti)or .-evere cold if taken in
time. Cures cO't;; h, e.eld-, eroun-, ;
Li .G i ppe, hoata-ene-s, I'iiMc .It bmith- I
iu0;. whooiiinjr eotiyli. incipient con-)
u motion, a-tlnna m hr.
hiti. .
(.1 V.r
positive re:k-f in nuva-'c;"! s r:
n s- h 1 1 :t or nrnai-iiill -It.
1? leko !v Lu.
iiiin rnijf.ia:
Gu -. r.. ntei ii.
Th:- Minmiui 1'ai'iU)'
lias U 1-Oi.lftl t.r'p i.'tt of SIX'V live
cents to ' jnaha, ee.od t ve y d ay uu.
insr the exp t-itioii i-xoeoi when a low
er i-:.!'.; is llKide. A!' trains .-top t t.
tho exposition ;:at ivine e:;eeoi!Oi -:l
iaci lilies for the. i-ci; . e. - jnce f
O.ttl'oiis win) save i .re ai d unpleas
ut ti-iin-fers. Take the o'd re'iible
a!, i'. train ior Orieaha.
-it I I1 .
oid tho
J,,,'r', were able to keep at work and keep
Manv desue-to ca--es f kidne , -, , c . T i i -
v our health; m fact, I since-r!y beiieva
M'ares protiouaird ineurnble have ,,,, , , - ,, ... - ' ..
b en t ur. a by Foiey
Many phy sici . ns u
Frick e lV Co.
Jl dl.ev
dock, were in the city over Sunday.
VVvanabor is down In m Alliance,
today visiting fi. C Me M 'ikon and
The snow sto: m is f - r f cm pleasant
today, ! ut then its the triakin- of the
fall whe it.
Will Keithley, wife and f unity 1 aim
Kansas City, sn-nt Su Klay with rela
tive's in this ciy.
George Fred Vv', the free sil
ver apostle, will tpt ak in this city
Thursday nitrht.
It is said tho Second Net rasua regi
ment will be mu-dered out nil i n d olf
Thursday of this wet k.
Snow fe I in t hie go and Northern
Indiana for over an hour, on October
13, the earliest snow laii in thirty
The G'.euwool Canainy C . has
erected a bi anple evapi rutor wtiich
has made a good market ov r there
for windf alls and cutis
Contractor Harvey Hollow ay has
the piling in and l- ie:.dy to bc'in
work ou the A. O U. W. hall across
the street boulhwe&t f KicLey's lum
ber office.
The veneraoie Susan li. Anthony
nd her co lahorer, Mr-. Carrie C.'t,
will be in Council Bluffs, Tbuisd.y
and F id ay of 1 1 - i wetk to tak- part
in a big suffrage
L. C. Gibberson of Wee pi -i;.' Water,
one of the earliest resi -ents of this
count, died at his homo Friday of old
age. He leaves an aged wife and
many friend to mourn his demise.
Hon. 'John F. l'oik of Greenwood
will accompany his nephews. J.eph
"Woods and wife, m il Jotiu Hudson
and wife, back to Indian . tomorrow,
where he intends to sj e' d the winter
with relatives.
.Viss Minnie W stfall, eldest daugh
ter of Mr. and Mis. W. H. .ll,
of Weeping Water, died at her home
last Saturday of quick e.i Lmption.
The funeral Wris held from the M. E.
church at that place yesterday.
Thirlv-six vears hsro the iMt'i dav of feubscrite for The Nkws the best
w r- -r I
October, a b.izztra struck Nebraska i FPr in h wiiy
j iliv f.u k.e.-s at ih- Hattl; nf &!i.-.ti.s;o tie
j Culm wereull H-roes, Tl-.c ir Id-rum I-.f-
fort- in i?-!fw:K A'il inn and Katioiin
j to tt:t i riint San-ii the Day.
j l 11., of pack-train No. 3,
'.vri ling f i om Saiitii'eo de Culia, on
i . . . ... ... - . .
uiy o, says: aic nil u.:a ui-ii-rtiucn
in more less violent form, and when
we lauded ve had no titue to see a
doctor, for it 't is a c ise of rush and
rush night and day io keep tue trcops
supplied with amunitiou and nations,
but, thanks to Chamberlain's Coiic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, we
l Sub-t-ribi r.
We a. e carry ing over a tbcu-and
accounts on our bowks, m :iiy of them
small but in the agt rt jjale it i inount
to a in at sum which -ouid ue' j lis cut
if pai-.! ie. If ou can't pay you
owe -end us a dollar and we will send
11 hat at one critical time this medicine
V n. t . j 'Lrie i , direct savior of our army.
VJ if. ,,. :-..-. u ..a i. .... ..
lui i. i:ij .;xf.ui r 11,14 ihmjii Ulir". Uit: to
work thtre ucjld have been no way
of getting supoiits to the front. There
were no roaJs a -watrou train
c.iid u.-e. My c and myself
h.-.d i be go-id fortune to 1 .y in a sup
! ly of i;. i ii: -dicine for our pack-train
bcfiiro we left Tainps, and I know ir.
receipt by retu.ii ma'ii witi
thanks t h ro w n in.
a card of
Take Laxative Uri-mo Qu eine '1 ablets.
All druggists refund toe money if it
fails to curt;. iic. The gcr.uino ha?
L. B. Q. on
h tablet.
Chet Mancue-l-r ii. s ;.n interestinr
photograph of tim B. it M. wreck at
Indianui:. S-.e;i c trs and two en
gines which woind ordinarily occupy
over 30 feet t.f Pp..u- on the track are
piled up in a ie- th m To feet in
length. Eignteeu bundrtd he .d of
sh. ep were loaoeu in ihv. sevtn double
deck cars am: Wt of" tiiem were k.l cd
in the wrick. George Freer, the ex
pressman, ht.d a f.o-i. cit.l but esc iued
injury by from his car.
As an external liuiu-eni. of mot won
derful ,euelr eve i.d lU.-.aive power
B..ll d. o. L.:..,ni-n. i- not
equalled Ly any tub r .u t n- orid.
Price '2 .ui.i 60 cents. F. G. Frice.
J C Haves, sal and exp . 4'J HO
fjeo W Vniiy, same ;. lia
J I' I iiiti.-r, siin.e
J.s Knbi-i tson s,i! ana pt pay cntax list... :!.'!! fx)
lie) 1. I-arloy, sal clc ln2 O'l
ii I I h:tr,i el. sat ."0 (U
I. To-Iii. snine ao Hi
K I' Iii. ton. plaiting : etc 1'i 4D
Mreislit Streitiht. cnllius far paupers 25 Mi
Vv I licelcr, sriKi.-.l l.n! 1- (KJ
J II Mciii ; ie, boiiid prisoners il -J.i
I ):;ial!.a I'i anting I'd, records la 00
Carpenter Paper Co, incise to ca , H 50
S A Davis, nil to co 1 :.M
rCbIne,er Hardware Co, niJse to poor t:n... ." 7"
C " Hay, envelopes Is CO
C II s-mith, same 41 on
Davis & t'auajill, rtprs on ct house 21 !7
J C Smith, care of poor Ill lid
Mss K Voder, same. C ;
S F (iiraidet, nide to poor 10 W
R I-' Dean, c n to poor farm Vo (10
Jos SUera, liu'.ie to poor a 00
O J Axtel, same :; Ca
Eseu'acrsr & l roap, wouJ to co 2 00
s H Siiamaker. reprs at poor farm -I ()
I-, I) Cummin . M I), mud ser l!i) O'J
Jacob Iluechler. wood to poor farm HO 00
I" i Hoitabuum, sawing word '. 1 -J.
Mrs Dora l-'iesliman, care of poor Is On
(' C hucknell, mdse to poor fi 00
L !i EgenbergiT, sain1; ".'t 00
Aslier Clark, same.., J M
Zuckwcilcr & Lutz, same Pi 00
M'S 1J I McUonald. same !) 00
Win Herold & Sou, same 2 00
Aug Iiach, same ,S 00
Week bach ATVo. same l'J
I J hwohuda, same 6 00
Vurl ec Coiiey, same 8 00
Frank Kauble. same 2 (KJ
A I Graves, sal llrd cir ."! 9j
State Journal Co, supplies 24 W
L Neitzel. mdse dist 23 $ 2 50
Ridley & Dickson, him dist 62....' 17 50
same dist 22.. ..; 25 00
' same dist 5) 30 10
' " same dist ! 12 55
Frank Fetzer, reprs dist 10 3 (io
E Stulfzeiiesvier, nails dist 9 '. 55
Frank it Kidjreway, 'urn and til dist 40 39 Co
60.... 12 50
D Smith & Co, mdse dist 5;i 2 2S
" same dist 5J .. 1 25
Jno Bcrgmarm, piling etc dist I I 3 00
NVeepkig Water Lbr Co, mdse dist 45 19 70
same dist 35 13 10
F G Kendall, work dist 40 15 (X)
Frank & Kitlgeway. lumber .f 17 t7
J K Shecley & Co. Lids bridges !S23 28
l -tn d adjourned to meet Octobi;r
is, ib'.'H. James Robektsox,
Couutv Clerk.
Executor's Siilc.
In tin- I :-tr! 1 I'otirt ol 'a ,s count v Ni ln a..V
in llie inallia nl Hie tsiaie ol .--ainiiel A. Hoi
la nok. deceased
t ndi.-r and hy a Oa: nf an ea h-r nl l:cen-e lo
.1 t . e re. u c:,late I'ei mailer nes aal.e.l m.i.Ji-
the nlinv! -i.t't!-d '-ins.: l lem. ll.i'ilS N'nin
ml a.-, en llie :; d.-v.-! iei I-: -. J -,.,11 on I I
-"In aai i.. ',)ci. a. i ). - ,,c Ml n a im k A
lt en; -.ol-lii (J.). I ! I .. l. .Mi In 11 - l: ill I'laits
iiiom1- t..i coiimv. .Nei.ia-,;.i. laier I' r salelli
no-. ira a i .;.i n o: m- :i,:i i a u ii ; y ill :ee, an
oil- no. oi,-. -i (i.iain-i o! -i-.aa.n l.veniv- lio-e
;'i-il -n: e."- -1 1 1 a - a I in- !.- n I n -a - ( ipiai le, Mini the
s.o,i , .i ,iL-si ijj.ima i,l Ine no.tln..1 naaiter of
.a: .on e. e n i v-i .. ah -'t'lfded hi ownsliip
iieie. i.eij.e leu c.i i r. 1 . .n. in L;i-s county
ieoiasK.a. . i ana ai nig mini:! -illl acres. J lies
l.a- .-. nl land wiM le oi eied separately, in til
oiui-i nii-n.i.aieil siiujeci in a lease winch expires
.!.M. n i -i. i: ii. i !ii.-u: ins oi saul -.ale are cash
or one nalt ca li, payable at the time of sale and
ihe remainder in tlm.-c aniiinii iiavmeuts in
nae, two and thii-.; ears with imerest at not le.-s
iliau six per cent at the option ol the executor o
a; au es an-ol .-ainuel A. Hoibrook, de. eased. If
H s-ioiilu he t..i:r.d for llie b::st iut-.-ri'.-1 uf the es
.a.e me esecuior, mav on ihe day ot sale vary the
ici-us ni ieni set l.n it. s . laras lie may be war
liei-cu undi r Ihe aindnaais ot the order n
ami, on nle in ;ii s proceeding. A good and
ai!ii .ic-ut dee 1 xv II iie made to the puieh.-eer on
i -e pax iinni oi liiepin iiasennce ,.nd Conln ma
i ca nl sale. 1'he i ;lil is reserved lo refuse any
..laii oil-. v. II.I.I AM l.. I.OXVKI.I.,
E -ecuior ot the esla.e ot .Samuel A. Hoibrook, de
F'.vK H. W'imiham, his attorney.
Dated this ith (iyy of October 1
T. J. 'l'a.i..e. M ,r
and A I. Mc i:n.
I p;il .oticc.
In die Distiict ( oait of Ca--Citii.ty Nebraska
I. nulla E . l'oik. l'la an :i ,
' . I a! i oe
1 iie di te::dauib 1 . J . Fat roe, Maggie A. latroe
mi A!. MclJiii.tic xiii! take notice that oa tin: ith
day nl Itnv, IKi-. I.M.'ii.i K. i'o'k. the nlainoll
iia-u ne; pernio:! m l.,e iistiict l.oint nt I. ass
County, .eaia.-k i. ai'.nust J . i. iatioe, Mauuie
A. J atroe ;-.nd .VI. io. lintic, hrst and real names
unxnown, the ouject and prayer ol winch are to
e a Ceit.eii niong.igc e.-iecuted i,v the ili-
lendants, i . J. i all oe, .XI ai!j;ie A . J'tt to Ed
xxin Jeary, and i haa asr-igned to ihe piaintill
0 p :i lots tx.eiity-i a.e '21; and tv.ei:; v-t'.xo 12-).
al:.igeol ireenwoo I, ( ,' county. jN.inaska. to
ecui e t he ta y men i i I two niomisson- notes lot
ami i!j.-.'... l.;ted i lecelilber 1-t. !:::!. and
due January I.-t 1 -;... and .'September ist Ii.i.i:
that there is now tine and unpaid on said notes
nd mortgnco 'he ii mi nf 71.2a and interest r,,in
the Inst day ol December. IH-Jit. at the rate nl
eight per cent per aiiiiuin, tor which sum and in
terest the nlahitnl pray.- lor a decree ol foreclos
ure and sale of sai i i. remises. You are ri-nuired
to answer said p.-ti:t:ii on or before the 1 ith dsv
ol .Novciiilu r,
Dated this ith-day u! October liis.
I .n i.i.A K. I'oi.K.
liy C. S. 1'olk, her attorney.
Siicriil's Sale.
Uy viriue of rri nr-!;-- f sale issued by Ceo. F.
d t ae district com t, w ltfiin
four ct; ses it absolutely sived life."
Tho nivn-o letter was written to the
manufacturers of this medicine, the
Cntiinb-rhiia Meiicine Co., Des
M'-itiS. Ioxv-i. -r '': hy o 1 1 drusrg'ists.
Th- r
i- no ri-afr-r
"it. Ask .
-. iy oe ' ' '
.;;:;.-- I I ' t; .
i::ir IK HOC
'" lll;.i:Uf:iC
1 -.-roi;. . I
1"-! alii
or it,
i -:(-I'l
'C:-Vi'.t r"s liucke ve IMe Ointuii-nt l e
liev s i no ii.t- ii c itchir-2". It soo.Les,
iie;t'.s ai.d cur -s chronic c i-- where
suraeou- f ii. It i-- no exp ritnent;
its .-nle- incre-.i-e throiijrh Us cures.
Ev ry bottlo jrua ran t- e 1. I, ice
Touribt I'iniipllt,
D.-'scri pti ve of Yeliow-ton National
Pc rk t-no t':f -urnmer re.-ors of Colo-r."-do
a-'.l ;i : :i t .j ' i . g1, besides tn tpsand
il; !i.-t' iLL.or.rii H yredt dunl r f informa
tion t.f interact io s: .mi-seers and
lu: i-i.s, e.,n le bad by add i c.-f-ing J.
Fr.itiei-i, (ier.e-al Pnsseng'er As'ent,
L'urlinton Route, Omaha. Neb.
Jtest Line of Stoves ou Kartli.
iiou id Oak, and Rjuieut Homy base
burners, Ouicli "xieal and Puck Steel
ra: 2'.'-, :;t:' Cu e's nir tipht stoves at
Ilouseworth, clei k
anil lor Cabs ciaiutv.
rected. I v. iii on t .',. . a
l"-'.'-, at 11 o'cio k a. a:
door of the court h . ,
in said county. a
highest bidder'-. i e. i
The west !..ef .. .
of Section ui. . .
half Cj) of the icr
twenty-Seven '.' ; a i
nine !i east nt ', i'. i i
together xxith the in. v i
thereunto belouin- or
The same bemjj levied
.lenrasKa. and to mi; di
iav of November, A. I).
of said da. at the south
a I he city of Plattsm-iutli
public auction, to the
: lolloxviug real estate
Continue to do a leading business in Fancy
and Staple Groceries. Recnw: Ihey carry
an immense stock, buy for carJi and sell at
low prices. Everything ood to eat of Best
Quality. Call and try us.
Corner of Sixth and Pesrl Streets. - - - Pi ftlsiiiniifh. Neb
" Vii Ji. ivffS-J.yr. ,
h"Oi'EY and
F. G. Fricke &, Co.
Ihf '. In ti.aii''x-.
)! I In yimllly.
For 20 Years Has Led all Worm RmhiWlSiW
0 0130 jLS TC AIiIj C '.. U CV C-1 H T" M .
Prepared, l.y .!AWE'-. ft A I I A tif Cf
F. G. FRICKrrTcor
li e nortlixvest quarter
i i : CM. and tiie east
a t qa rier ('.il of section
i To-,.. .:.-h,p tweivc llj; ran"
i : ' a - county. Nebraska
x-i.. ai d ;:c purtenai ces
a anxx'-ise appertainiii
upon .iiel taken as t
property of J homas Ki ecc et a! n-.-teudants to
satisty a j'.idKcir.ent ol sa-. J court r- cvrred by
I.t.lii I t..r:..,- !.:,;n ;. . I .! t .. i .-11,11111, pirtilllill clUl.l.-l. SilIU Uei'JIKl
J'lattsmouth, Nebraska, S..-pt. HO. A. D., lfiK.
V. ::. I). Whi-.klkk.
Sheriff. Cass county, Nebraska.
C. S. Folk, attorney for piainti!!.
A iiusinibf Tutor's SuJe.
In the matter of the Kstste of Charles Uutier.
Notice is hereov iiiven that in mirsnance of an
order oi isasn Kamsev. ludcre ol the Uistrict
Court of Cass county, Nebraska, made on ihe aay ot August, lv tor the sale of the real
estate hereinafter described, there wiii be sold at
the south door ot the Court House, in the city of
I'lsttsmouth. in said countv. on the fcih rtav ol
xciooer, isi-c, at it o ciocK. A. -.1 , at public ven
,i... .... i. i. ...i-,i . . .. , ..
line iu me iniinesi uiciuer ior casn. t.'ie loiiowmo-
-t . . . .... . .... . n
uescnueu leai esiaie, io-xv;t: l.'ie southwest
quarter (s w- '.j) of section eight (b;, township
tun iiu;, muc uuii: im, uis county, .eurasKa.
aia saie to remain open one hour.
JJated this llith day ot September, 1:.'8.
M.r;arkt 5 Ultlfr.
Administratrix of the estate of Charles butler,
C S. Polk, Attorney for Estate
Cot: Sai.k A g-iu.ii bdioniii
Ce.l ;-t tins t liiCc.
Ailininistratcr's sap.
In the matter of the Estate of John Cusacfc. de-
Notice is hereby "iven that in pursuance of an
order of JJasil S. Ramsey. Judtje of the District
Court of C ss countv. Nebraska, made oa tiie iird
day of September. Is!'", fur the saie of the real
e tale hereinafte r described, theie wail be sold
at tlie south door of t he Com t House, in the citv
of Piattsinouth, in said countv. on the th day of
O tober. h:'. at 11 o'clock. A M.. at uubiic ven
due, to the highest bidder for cash, the following
described real estate. to-vu: The half (.xxlji.
of the soiuhxxest (s w e i, of section six ), town
ship e'evea ill), range nine ('.:, Ca.;.s countv, Nebraska.
Said sale to remain open one hour.
JJated this lUtii day ol September, ISOS.
N. H. MttKF-K.
Administrator, with will annexed, of the estate
of John C'usack. doc -ae i.
C, S, i'OLK, Attorney lor litate.
.... r .
' J .' ; ''"'iA
til;'-: H V?it 4J .
sue. 'jr,f!'('ir-
fa 1 .. .
Cupboards, Shelves
Bath Tubs
Farm Tool, Etc.
A special paint for each pur
pose, not one -lap rlash mi.
ture for a;l.
:-:)? 7uv priced, but highest grade at fair, honest f,ri -. Von know
our repurntion. We say these are the best paint.-; v. c K , . i.i. You'll
:-o too after you used them.
f They banish pain
J i i : r ; ?
uiiu nruiuii" inc.
1 t.'
Legal Notice.
Ia County Court.
h'?a! .Notice.
state of Ncbrasa.
diss Couiity, j
In the m.ittt-r of the a j -ption of Frank
lin a minor ci.iid of James If. and Mat
tie C . Pahner.
To Imiie i Palmer aad all other persons in
terested, notice is hereby given that MattieC.
50 Pannnr has tiled in said court lier reiinquishnier.t
i nl i;:ii! irerior. to t;-.-' :i--l tlit hi- mav t-.f
I'i'tits ill lv.lUeg, lul":a 75 Cent . V. G. j by Kdv. in A. and Mary li. f-hiitii. 'Von are fur-
i.. ., I tner n ir.ed that Ed xv in A . and Mary E. Smith,
ri vkt"' j on the Jntij day ot September. 1 !-&. hied in said
"""" r....r r i)-.;iriiiQ iiir the adontloli nl said ml-
) ii... r. a. a laat if you fail to appear in said couri
,v r ' on the 1st day of November, A. 1)., l9.i. at nine
cii .-.p. ,"ci jcl: a. r.i., to contest tiie prayer ol said peti
tion, the court- mav grant the prayer of said pe
To Lama Ann Mills. John F. C. Mills. Wesley
M. Wi i ams ana wi!e. Mis. Wesley M. Will
iams, xjuve A . x -iiianis ana Sidney i. Will
iams, ii' n-re: ider.l c!eia vlvai":
ou, and ech ' yon. are horcby noe.:ed il-at
on the Kh dav ot reoe.-anr.r. 1 ". !' ... i:oi:i."i
Lod.;e No. Ancient Order of La.-.-ti Voiuniea,
c.':;:nenced an acou a ;ain . yoi .ne d s, .. t
coai t of C'as c aiiiii y. Neora-La, . ie oois'i and
prayer oi which ate lo tjjiei i'.'ic in n'a'aert and
akraiii't sai l ae:cn. lanes iu ane ia ijt one ( . in
bick two (), iu ti-. city of f'!a.. jou;l. Cass
caat.ty. Net'raska. ard lo ar t enjer'n w'd de
fendants from having oi scriuitr fy .'..'e lo or
Ciaiai in said n;t or a ny nari ne: eo,'. ?du lor
equitable rencf. Von s-.e rm ii-ec' . xver aij
Ip titiou on or ".loiiuy, v ie :'.l. l clav of
October. 1-S.
OnliilR OI-' I'NIlKIl ffotKXIlN,
Hy their attorney, Jese I.. Koot.
.- 4S-ncri- fruit farm vctj
ELiiuirc :it Nkws idfie.-.
Legal Noiice.
II. M . Ilricker. rir.-t and real name unknown
and 1 rancis C. FauP-ner asjni:ee 0f the Con
necticut Kiver savn gs iianK. xxi.i take notice that
the piaiutin. FraucU N. (jib-on, lias begun an
actii u in the District court of Cass countv,
Nebraska, entitled, Francis N. ti.bson v. lacob
Ilur.h et al, deiend.-.nts. iu xih'.ch tf. wve
named parties are ma ie defendant.-, and that the
object ol prayer in sau! petitiou. is t a foreclose a
m f?Z$Pk f&M&S& z'sJ- -' s?9?.
mm m mw A
h?M tet-fj hA I
6&rii ZjU Z Z 51 d.
No matter what the matter is, one will do you
good, and you .can get ten for five cents.
A new rtrl Mdrel onijin new fi:rivjF:i.- in . , ... .
at Bomedruir iw.-o:t .vc . 7'S h . l .n- V t .VTiiti- , a w , T"
cd. uu rfoen. f thc-ll.e-.-w.t --.r...r. ( .1-, tihil: ?c.-m i, i Jii ty i V ,,--
to tho Kin .Hiai..-i. (X.n-nir. s,. uTi7r 2. iH.'-Mi-"l HJ.-1 f .'-Vht f eft
UBCUJI Hill Ik lull (,T Itvn n i.ti tirf ii " 'V!-""'." ' ' I ,r Ciiuu (IU
Vve I-, v. m ei - ti; nr, uud at
teu i i' on j'liy to roofi p. h-.-u all
kin cla ot tin w.ak
Ehinoeu Hahdware Co.
IliurTr-re en tit:- '.Vi--I 1 ui tii ntisr.
Lienii txiiA nirtAc nuui vj.uci txLiKi luiiner uiui.15 xer oi section I'1, toxin ia, ran ii east ol the bin
and decrees as to tlie court may teem proper, to P M. aid nmrtgae hriv.r.u been pneu by the
the end that snid nnuor maybe adopted by the said Jacob liur-h to A. liibsou and
said Kdxvia A. and Mary E rmith. . for general reiiel and vo-.i are required to answer
Witness raj hand and the seal of said court at said p a.dioa on or bet .re the Tin day of Novem
Plattsraouth. Nebra-ka. this Ilth dav cf Octo- ber. t- k a.ncIs N. CliisoN. i'laintin.
ber A L). 1 !. dWRds M Splrlqcv, j V.. H. Woolly. Attorney.
LSAt uty Jug. i Uaud September 7, UVs.
f?, xS n h iA w fl k At'
f ermanently cured by using DR. WHITEHALL'S RHEUMATIC CUKE. The
'jurcst aud the best. Sold by drut?pn5t3 on a positive guarantee, Price 50 cents
',?r box. Sample sent free on mention of this publication. -
THE OIL WHITE -ULL M.tfiRIMLNE CO . South Bend. Indiana