Semi-weekly news-herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1895-1909, August 09, 1898, Image 3

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SA I i: KIlA V.
Tlio poMilinii visitirn from 1'iutttv
Illlilltll W.'l'll iMt.'lt'CO tOlljtV.
'I'lio Kpwni tli I ..niiiiM ii.-Mi'in hly ;t
Jjin on i-i 11 lnr :ill;iir, wh cli llio K
w. l llll u n hn-iii to tin (ill j ty I li.'.
fiMti .1 . Ilm-n, a n!,iI,- ullii'iiil in
llm Irat. mill ninun, In in tlinrlly look-
ii.y j i f t. r tin; jiiI-i i bti il thiil t i ij .
A i. other in 1 1 1 i')ii li:iHr rain f-ll in
this city una i-iiiiLily lal iiitflit lh it
umui-i'i th-i cumi crop ever
iiisi'il iii thii ; mtity.
M rs. '1 hix.(iir- ll-riiu if Louisville
W us in lh city lo l iy, taking advan
tat.') of tin; rari) li.-u-j.-tirin olTeretl hy
our hum rh -iiiti who ai v. rliio in tins
i I'. w.
TIhj heavy rain I ait n i hi caved in
thi: utoa way in front of tlio alir
liinn hlui'k on tlio w. it r i i 1 :oii
Miluraljln ilaiua.'!-. Thn i tvriin-n t win
not ni li lit hut what thu witlur loitki.-d
lli i mi" h.
ThiM ii Kan-as ("ity day at llio ex
position. Thi: M. I', hrouht ii an
I in ni' n in train al liaM Ihi.i iiiorm n
and llin K. ' '. cari ii:d r-ovi-rat extra
eoai-ln-s. Tim mayor and Iiih Muitoof
ollieer.i oi enpied a eoacli on the Jv.
and were a nice, looking party.
The onimillet; on ntr"etH, alleys
and liriil'es havo done kiiiim joikI
work this week, especially on the n's, and on repairs of pavement.
Tin- com in i 1 .ten has heen forced to ive
lots of t i me to which hrliis
not a dollar of income to the m niiiurs.
Tlio Weeping Water
raided a tempi-ranee hil.iatd null in
that town the other day, hut uvury
t.'iin", wan as dry as a M illi county
rer-id. nt when the ollicer madt) his
hi-arch. Tliu ollicer may h.-ivo tipped
the proprietor a wink. Such things
have heen done hefore.
Mrs. I ;.wi n i ii i; left Monday for St.
Joe, M i-sinii i, aial will at llrown
villeiind other places hefort? roiiirn
i f i She will he ahrieiit till ahout the
Hot ol S. ptemher. Her daughter,
Stella, left on the name train it ml will
vi.-it at .'ehra-ka City and Urownville
for a mouth. N--li.i w kit ltutintwr.
The rain last nighl soaked up the
dry heltin line, style. Tiireo inches
toll at W'ahoo, whore jjroul sulTe intr
has heen cnu.ied hy tho drouth, ilnd
corn will ho a half crop. Noarly two
inches fell at Ashland, and ovoi" an
inch fell here. This county has not
sulf'-reii, except a dry strip down
through Greenwood.
The Nehawka Ketrist;;r inakos its
farewell how this week. Wo rejjret
to see Mr. ("arlyle leave tho county.
He was an honor lo the profer-sion, en
tirely devoid of tho petty jealousies
one so often meets in the profession.
He irons to a jrood county seat town in
this staU!, and this paper wishes him
:ill thi! success lie aspires to.
John K. Cox, the old hardware
dealer, has opened out a fine lino of
.stove, tinware, hardware and tools in
rhe room formerly occupied hy Sny-dor'sii.ue-
t,ioro, next to Bennett &
Tutt. He has come to 1 Mattsmouth to
stay, am his well known int'-prity
ii mi kn owledyo ot his business insures
him a jrond and profitahle trade.
! N DAY.
The chief of police- says !. is having
city prisoners mow weeilr and earn
their hoard.
Steve Hu..ell is working fo the
Iowa Teh-phono comp.ny now. with
huadiiiiarl- rs at Iavcun.irt.
't he I i itie river ler:y . -od
cio.iin i.ow, wall no lie ay. .-;r
Nual is always there. 1 1 iTcr-s ei.i.s u.
Fdily lif'.y ; op!e
:i.t to C'!iiaha
today to attend the exposition, al
though w.- tiiou.j h' every bo ly went up
last week from this city.
Coortre K. (.Juilil. John Coleman,
Leo At wood and Thomtts Kempster
were out in a boat yesterday and re
port says they had a good time.
Miss Anna FornholT, who used to re
side here, died at her homo in Ce'iar
Creek yesterday at tho a'e ef 21.
Tho funeral will take place at - p. m.
L. W. Sells, one of tho great circus
men, died iHst week. Ho would have
been knocked out anyway hy Mat Ger
iriir's three fins' circus, which exhibits
hero next Tnurr-day.
An unfortunate altercation on lower
Moin street tins morning between a
man and his wife resulted in the arrest
of the husband, who was lined $'2o. IK)
for assault, which ho says he will lay
out in jail.
Ulvsses G rant I 'owellof company Ii
writes lieu Lleiupel, under tl.ite of
Aif. 4, that the boys re getting aiong
tirst rate, except Llebnie, who is in the
hospita., ih.'uh nothing sermur seem.
to uo the mutter.
Two Kansas City bieyciists rede to
Olil.ili i on the.r w h-el-, spon t a week
at tiie exposl'iOt), and stopped in town
this mo ning I r breakfast on their
way hom-i. 1 1 ey appeared to he h.iV
l ii i good t i m -.
Jidinny Wh l -.n has a cow that
g.Ves i ich miik, hut re pot l si.ys she it
making lets ofi oub.e in the ne;gh
bo h. tl. John i o: ey and several
I '!
f h-- in ioh hois, are certain that the
, i- a i t markab e one.
It i-c airn d hai het ite li-h com
tin s on is M-ii.i it Lti,. L i l'iatte lakes
tinia. Its a pity the lakes are not in
Cas-" county. Ii they worn, the man
who put a s due in them would toon
get behind l:-o bars as u law breaker.
John A Cornell, a bia.-k-eyed, thin
faced S oy residing at Auburn, lo yea:s
of age, has run away, and is grieving
his parents sorely. He was last seen
in Lincoln at the pop state. conv n
tion. A rewnrd o' $3U is otTered for
tiis apprehension.
David West, one vt Nehawk 's live
citizens, hr.s leased the Xeha.vha Reg
ister for a year, and will show some of
the tenderfoot how lo run a Ui-ivap iper.
As Dive has a b.uik behind him he is
bet' er eci u; p-e J ta-u most of us. Tne
Ni;ws wishes hi in success.
O -."-" half tho voters in Nermha
cout'ty signed a petition asking the
commissioners of that county to call
an election to vote court houo bonds
for the ejection of a new an J much
needed temple of justice, but the board
refused to call au election.
John Marshall had a little experi
ence at the exposition worth relating,
though it happened several days ago.
It seems that John did not happen to
havo his watch with him, and as the
shades of twilight were gathering he
wished to know what time it was.
'1 he only man in sight was a young
fellow from tho country. John step
ped up and in polite tones asked him
for the time. The fellow had been
reading the Bee about hold ups. He
gave John a frightened look, grabbed
hold of his watch and rushed for the
door of the building they were in a
if pluto himself whs after him. John
did not much like tho idea of beintr
taken for a pick pocket, but the joke
was too good to keep. From the tracks
the fellow made getting out John
thinks he is probably running yet. Wnr Ni-tvn
MADItlI, Au'. H. Tli" I, ih ral tiii
moi iiinir says: " I'tn' jhvi rum nt a
ceits tho Unil' d Stat' i'i con iit i.ns
ad referendum, heiievin that, it i
not ant hori.ed tor.. -de I' -r : i ' V '.vil.'i-
lo'lt the vote of th" i-'ifli--. If I're I
j den t M ' K i n ley ohji "'1 1 theci rl' - v. i i I
he convoked tliii monlh. A tre-h i
from l'reiid"iit McKinlev, r.-piy I n j to
Siain's rop'.y is expected du in;,' the
cuuriij of a week.'
Continuing the Liberal epe--,;i
the opinion that "certain t;i -.-ei ee if
, Spain's reply may lead to an exchaiiL'"
of eah'o mesiajjo-l of a critical nature,
possl hly creat i nj.r freh d : llieu 1 1 ies.
I'AKIS, A ug. S Sp ii ii'- r - pi y to th'
peace terms of the I'nited Stil.M hi s
hjen trithietl to Wii- h i n ;,' ' on.
H;i:-. unit
1 .1
sn:ii'l Sinnl.iy.
Mil. I Ij; tie Ul.'I ll.: me :n I'.v.n 1 1 .:n ' Hi
Iirt-(.iiii t tu'l.iy.
Will a ii' I May 'nli n, "I . np t ;.n . an- I.ih-, tin
Kiit-sts ol tlic CJial.ilU.
V. I). Jtavt h.r I. tin- .::.:i.i ! -nlci. v. . i.t t.
l.mi oin t' S.i-inl .luii lay.
K:t. Jdbcpii M;iirs mi I w :ti- ;oi- :A::-.', ir!.i
ties ovrr in Iowa for j It.w days.
' .ii y John on and John M .ji k eulia': it v:ru- I p
lAoitii a.-cniljly v;Mitors at I.iin:oln th: altei
'I lie- M Ivy ami t ' i : a Cook an iv.;. from
NTilwmiki-i.. this iitoiiii!i for a v:-.1 w:t!i M . .a
Matilda Vallny and ntlicr n-Utives.
Mr and Mis. Ii. Spuiloik irtm.ii- l I t f . . -1 j
liome at Vnik this atti-rnoon, havaij,' i iijoyid a
lilcas.m t visit vwtli old timi- h.i-ods In.-n-.
Cliarltry I low left tins alt.inoon mi a tl.r.-i"
wrekt' varatioii at New Yoik Minmo-i n-soits.
and will viit tiis old fioine m . onin-i til i:t. lh
vviIlKodnii to 'onoy lilaiul and t.'.ko a l.nli
during liis aljscin.i'.
Mi iN PA V.
J. V. lrenhcrLT and son wvir t:t,.i.': . i-. ,.o ,
J . K . Pollock is home f on t the h ! a i I i i 1- !"i
a few weeks.
Doc. Kaneii, of Lincoln, : ;n"it Sund.o Lis
parents here.
Mrs. Spies and Mrs. K iiitliiiian o-ie c;. -sition
visitois today.
M i-s Geneva Garlo-.v of South Omaha ;s lhe
Ijuest of Miss Gertrude heeoii.
Miss Nellie O'Kouke came down from Omaha
this morning to attend to some lcai Ijiisaie-s,
Mrs. Henry lluckolis left today I n llav.! -ville,
Iowa, where she expe- t.-. to res: !e lor a
M iss Main ie i hynasoii d,-p:u to I l.u l.ei hon.e
at Utica this morning, after a !eaim! i-it li.-ie
with her brother, Casper.
Judge Archer went to Line. In Situ: lay a'.!
took two more baths at the Sanitarium. IL
Dr. Cook wtio is Kettiii;; h'hiik first rate.
Editor Sam Carlyle was in the city to lay net
ting ready to leave for Kia.bal county
where he will run the Kimba! oI si'imc. 1
wishes han mi overfh-.via me imiio i f
Mr. and Mrs. II sia MomN .:u 1 . !o' ' ,! Smi
Autonia, 1 e.xas. cana- ::i Sat-.i.j u t. i ;.
Mrs H. I'.lson a:.,l lain . .!, " i - - r i : i .-!ti;: I, el
sister. They went to ; '..i thS n. . : n:;: to at
tend the expoi:tioii.
In . . .. '!. .
tramp . 1. ' :m'o,vii v.u.ii'y of tri- i"; ' i arl 't-y iii his
w ri i . and w : : : -vj k
iie juiii :..-. !.' . i . v-. i:..eid
i;.g lo dro. ii h : . :'his occu.-ivd
yes'erday ev ; '-or the
oridge. '- h- :. !.- . io-v u ' into
deep water i.. I i,li ioioo and
hovvlod i u .-: J S f ae m-. :i
who were cam p- i:v..i i. . coin- to hi
rescue a fd leva: a '; : ;;
flrn:a. lie mis :ie n eo . :":' .
and some cry clothes whicn made him
conclude that this world was a safer
one than the next, and he will r inain
hero is long as nissihle. He Slid his
name wtis lit njamin but refused to
give any further information. Tie
looked like a man that had s tired in
the face of advo-sity in all its shades.
Laier The fellow that was found,
referred to above, was found to be in
bad shape from losof blood, where he
cut his wrist, :ind the otlieers were
railed unon, and lie was taken to jail.
Tie gives his name as llenj unine
Tlollingshead, Ontnrir, Canada. lie
look? to ho 45 years of age. He has
i wo brothers reported well to do in
Illinois, and they have been te'e
gaphed to. If nothinir is heard from
them h will he taken to the poor
farm until h :s able to trav-1.
Aeoidciit on the al I.
As tho i:o;n passenger train oa the
Allssourl l'acilie w as going tio.' t ti
.south of Mynacd today hi th of the
side i ous on the engine hroKe and to. e
up the earth at a teirib:e rat., aim
mounded the engine upiis if it had
been in a wreck. Tho cab wa-
and the cgme n- tt-d tir ui 'f:
would no doubt, have heen killed hah
they not havo jumped. They were
iiut slightly injured tihd no one . 1-e
was hurt. Tho train was ruuni:i:r
rapidly and it. seems r: Tiarlcahl-- that
it did not leave the track on ih curve,
if it had many would have 'neon killed
n doubt. An engine w.-.s i era pi e 1
for. and one was sent from Neha'.vk:-.
which brought th.- trait: in 1 " e ;;h
two hours late. 0'tn'ni.--i''" e" Young
and II. I). Travis of ti.U c:;y w.-.-o ; .
the train and felt very th-n'-.f
have e-caped so luckiiy w it ho-i
jury, after looking at the oni" e
seeing what a close rail i .-y h.i-i
! t O
Kid .
Will Itefune to J'.ty.
A NEWS reporter iirervie .vi d the
chairman .f tiie beat u o! wyri'v com
missioners last evening and 've ; te
tibie to eiliifhtcn our no -v spa per bret'i
ren, who havo been w rough. t up over
the $7d'i county fair fa'.e. thaltiey
need not enjoin or lose s eet over the
matter, as the board ha- l'ul.y de:.-;--mined
NOT To l'AY t 1 1 K i I. a i M a : :
if that is net Satisfactory, the fairer
Driving I 'ark association c ii. int..
court and try to collect it in that way.
Tho legislature this winter will un
doubtedly repeal the donation c a-;-.-of
the law. so that h--reaf;er driving
park speculations will havo to eland
on their own bottoms.
No Koucl.
The much-discussed road down in
Liberty precinct, near Union, wliic
would have cost over SJ,tKH) in d-. tri
ages, has, tifter numerous heiringi y
the comuaissioners. b en disallowed.
The board seemed t think that th-re
was some need of tho road, but the
cost of it far outweighed the need ana
the petition will therefore be dis
missed, while tho road subject takes
a rest down in old Libert v.
The Court House ( luck.
The court house clock stop; eel at
thirteen minutes past three a few days
ago, but was fixed and started ag.iin.
It has stopped again at tne same point,
but this time a spring is broken which
can only bo replaced by send ng to th--factory.
This will require several
days, and the voice of the monitor
will be greatly missed.
I ruin tin- Klondike.
Dau su:, Cii v, June iv.t.S.
Ml Sl.-ll.i:, ,l.l.l.V:-l have just
coin in from .-.l i. Icing. I found I)aw
Cilv full o! pi-ople, and tho streets
.'.ii.- . o crowded t ha t one. e i u scarcely
.'i i t :i i o";.' h , -11111 t hey a re. ,-d i i I coming
hoc. ii ii.'- rjv -r. I i hint uliii.v what
I . ,' i e j -I n g to d i here as Hie e. el n -lr'.
1 - ;. i I s ' a i, i d out and tiler-' is I:o
v. mi 1 ! 1 1 . - ri in I i 1 1 - - r ' - A r at
ii.ativ an- -el : l r,g lli""' o'iMiis and coi
il.g it- a ii I tie I . i r t- ."- ' . .". ! i c le a 1 1 on
ih.-ir w. ay home. Ii 1 1 the b- it il.ev
cm .lo as tlo-jc- I j le I umn Iielo lor
n u ii - I'.itton v. h-1 -o - rte.l with n.c
L" 1 1 in h ei est e ' d ay . He has a good
out lit. ami i n le: d s to -t iy a1. 1 winter.
I u;isl.eil a lay on my cla in. No. 7,
I -1 -1 . vt 1 loo i u ' - r a 1 1 g last winter but did
Illlt eel til I 1 1 ' 1 1 Ollt of it, SO I WOfell fllT
wages part of the time. M v health
I I. . 1....-M ir.i,.il oil I', illti't- I h d tho
mi-fo: lane to have my grub stolt n in
1 e -mbi-r and it ha- co.-t tno so much
to livens every tiling a person has to
hay i-. cash, aad tie- price is awful. I
hive paid from .fl.tlo to ffl.od p.-i-piuud
for every tiling 1 have eaten
since I) ceinher. 1 gii'-si I eat a groat
ii al, f .r 1 have paid nearly I ((.(III for
g--i-, bit I 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 wi:i he all right
after this, as prices of mo-l things
ii . e come down. r'lotil' now is only
ssi lib per .sack of fifty pound-; sugar,
:; c n:s p r pound; canned milk, 1.0u
p r e . ii , and so oa . I am out of sugar
and Mime tim ago I had o pay .-lo.OO
or-ioil pounds a person can't live
here u ili out sugar. Meals nt tho
r. -st a ti r a n t have got cheaper. They
-.a-fo :;.."). ail last winter, but now
meals are only -tli.oo. Tin-y fire nnout
like you una d gel in a ( him so res
taurant at I-i crii! - cm the. outside.
1 worked t he most. oT t ho w i nter w it h
lien d-'son, Ii i is going to start
tno rive-- toaiglit at 1" u'c'in-k p. in.
I will send you -lo'l wort n of gold dust
veil ou' iit to get s Mi .o'- ounce for it
a- ii i-- wnt i li -"r 1 7 Here, and w ill send
on some more i .y tho next boat. 1
Pave to u -e ij iile a sum to get me an
oi fit for next r and linish my
cab'ii. I v!i. s.-nd you a liugg' t for
evi-rv letter y.-u -end tne, mi i have
only leeelvid one letter fn m you yet.
1 iii li. iv you have not Will ten very
oi'loo, ) have not got them. I have
written pii(.o a number, but have only
received one from father ami one from
l-'o.-tor, and .loim Jeesiey but could
not answer them as there was no one
going n'li i f In re this winter.
Tins is a. curious oountiy. It is day
light her.- all the tittle now titid mo.-t
n! the people wo: k at Highland ke- p
in in the lay time. 'I he only way
vou can tell .'ilgiiL In in day is to look
at your waU:u, and if it is clou ly you
cai.'i t-.-li noon from m ' -.1 u t g !i t-
." few make s one .non.-y and som-
irr: ke )a 1 1 tiers, but the 1 1 1 j . i-i I y will
go home worse o!V th in when they
si r:d i h-ivo peeu v.otking tl.e
t we-ity-li ve i"plo.-i c'ti-s. I saw teem
pack l.i'-b) p ujiids of gold dust on
horses the o'her liiyhl and stiirt to
town. I thi-al-; they will cieanupat
least a ton thi-. sea on, ;i:r' the claim
is pot one-half worod out cither. I
mils' eioe as Ht-n is in a hurry to go.
Will '..rile again when the next boat
goes out. tiood bv and :ove to all.
V. L Hamsox
S. Y.-u may know how we value
a letter ',. a tiewspati' r here, when
pnpers in-'- worth from iive toeigtt
dollars each, and seaicoat tlpit. The
mtiil carrier won't carry them; they
are too hu'.kv and heavy.
t tia-cd hy i;i.ioihoniiils.
CJ a jail morning when Mr.
l'Yaiiiv S. (joicl went to his store he
found that a p.iuo of gia-a in one of tiio
oocw wind-iw- haa been broken and
the. window raised. Tiie s'oro had
!e -mi roti bud au.i he i mtiie -i hit eiy s. t
ahou'. to see tvnat ' h'j lo-s was. i'iie
money iii the money drawers, nickels
ami pennies to the aiiiotint of !. 7-i,
.'.':! s j on-besides a few dollars' win th
of cheap j.weiry.
Mr. John rfay ies ;ook the matter in
hand and seal for the Li: coin blo- d
iiounhs, wniv-'n a-rlvud tit H.3. After
bre .kf-st the- !u:iti in charge of them
-tar ted. oa a hunt f-'f the guilty parly,
ile tools- tin in to the store and they
soon got the -cent. They iinaily wound
nt) near the depot in Alve, where the
thi- f ha 1 taken a train oast at, .about
.:-. i'he chase was quite an exciting
an niiislial followed on
his wheel, while Yoii Smash drove a
tor. m. They returned tired and hun
gry -i d the l.'iri had How::. Green
wood ISecord.
Yi 'hen- iln y t'a;ii ' Mm.
Spi:i:v : e-iiii" from l'-d'sia.
The Ii h?rt is a n a f i ve of xreeee.
Tttrmrs caiie: 'rain it mio.
l'eas 'r.- , citerran an coa
h'.'-i na:
to b
in I'er
i d : gen -
- i a
( ;.
t.o c
ii- i'-'i rie a i
: eat i iri'tnn.
S .o-o ca:n-.- fi"oTi the 'io-itij (f Kurope
v :t i oc- s are ! ia t i ves of G recce.
The KoiP-.ns found V u-sin the F.:'.-t
itni improved th--m.
l?--a:is are from llgvp"; and so tire
Melons 1: -ivo iong hi."1 it Ice own in
both Asia ;'! Af-ie t. g owing v.-i a
in Fi"-e "o:-' irn- of hoih grand divi
sions, but they a e not the "Gawgy"'
D-ftisors t.v. k
I) .ma-eus.
Mahv eot-n v
A rne: ie-i . '''
th -i to.mes from
as found in South
spi-ial Aii
tl i first t i
c i n h; t he, r
us: m i In- ll'i.d; 11 ills.
lot Snrii-gs. There you
.le d, cycle, climb !ii')UU-
Iain-, dan-.'e pi ay tennis to your
'e.-i-t's coitteat. If your limbs are
-till', your kidneys out of oi de. or if
you ;ne troubled with exzema or any
other harm of di-ease, a month at
Hot Springs will make a now man of
y cu.
Sylvip. Lake and Snr.irfidi are with
in a comparatively shi rt distance of
H--t Springs and everyone who visits
h-? Ulack Ililis shou d see thorn.
vivnn Like is the pn-ttie-t and cool
est --nraiuer resort in the u est . Spear- j
;ish is re .chea after a railroad ride i
: iiat ranks among the ex perieec- s of a I
of-M ime. The: e is nothing like it any
'chore eiso on the glo' e.
During Aegu-t. the IJu'-iincton
r-oatc- wt tl rue v.-o l-.w . ate excursions:
i.:- on the hth, the otic- op the lltith
of 'h t month. Tiekols will be sebi at 1
on far- for tie? reiiv-d Irii h".lf
rr.t- --ami wv't be ;t.(' to return at'
a v titpe within th'rty days. j
( Vganie a nartv. Arrange, about j
y to ho-el a--commod:it:ns at IJot '
nvin2s. Get y.-u:- tickets from the
llu lifgt"a "tigent, and pass the most j
d?lightful rr.orithsin tiie yc" in the
tllOs, delightful suminerincd on the
Toihiy's iMiirkots.
t UK AGO, Allnis S. j
Wli-Tit pin-' il rifiuly twii cents: tit .$ for S -pt "in1 i..p. (.'urn :
c-'o-' tl ' 'tmr. o- ?.t ir,. Pork S S7 and j
oat. rJl i-i'-ls. j
"I thi;::. !)..-Witts Wiich Hazel 1
o:i:V'' i the Imp. t nrotinriition on the
ni trUet fo-' ni'.i's " So 7rit-r? John C.
Dm p.. :f V. hc-.a, V;i. Try it tn.l
vou w'lli think tin' sat :nr. It ah ocutes
fox.ema and all s-kin diseKses. F
F. G.
I Fricko.
Ionaril C'itfmplf i- tlio oiit-nt mt m
lenk l)rawr.
Tho desk drawer, oth-ih -I, exhaled an
odor of fad'-d flowers.
"Let us plunge into th", at luosj.heio
cf rWt i t lin ni' t ies, " said Leetait d.
Wife absent. Leopard, addi'i i ti g
Ilayard, l;is ino.-t i:.l in.. if i ri :id, i;.n
cated v.'itliiieil blossoms. l aded and
grown musty ia the Jap
years, tiny
I reposed at the hi.tiotu of tiie d si:
I druwi-r.
"This lily," fcaid Leonatd, highing,
"was the llow. r given me hy Illam he,
i my lir.-t love, w in n I took from In r
litis u timid kiss. She was as white in
its impeccable pitils, fragrant us it.i
I I'Uro corolla, graceful as its drooping
b' in, and who knows what might have
: happened had fchoimtilud in the bloom
cf youth?"
"And the rose?" asked Hayard.
"Ah, that was later!" h.iid Leonard,
with a burst of laughter. " Kosette gave
mo that when she liist I m.-hed my lips
with her own. The i-ttals ware on o
rosy as her warm being, and the flower's
beauty was radiant and amorous as her
young womanhood. If she had not Leen
Ik'klc, hhe might now Lo my wile."
"And the orchid." queried Layard.
"I'ippolyta j;naiit' il me with that."
gaid Leonard, thotightl'ully, "when s!io
saw mo trembling in adoration at her
feet. Time was when it had the mystic,
charm of her own pcrvi rse personality,
and if a ilu-.'hiii nol li-man had not
eloped with her I s-Loi.ld Mill Le horde
voted slave. "
Layard uLscovercd a Lunch of faded
"And these?" lie iisterrognL.-d.
"They were tho flowers, " murmured
Leonard Kidly, "which Ltiiiiitto nut
mo when 1 had treated her brutally, be
lieving that f-he had deceived Uie. f-'he
Was demure and tender as tho blooms,
and. after tho storm cf my jm-sioLi.s, tho
came like u jjeactful prit'j to jk ur
betiuty and Juve into my life. Had t-he
furgiven me, it might have been"
At this point Leonard interrupted
himself, seizing anerily a dcud curna
tiou. "Why is this flower here?" he cried.
"It has no place among tho precious
memories. Away with it at once!"
In a moment tlio unresisting carna
tion was reduced to du.-it under his piti
less foot.
"Why do you destroy it?" question' d
"Lecauso it is tho carnation Km ilia
gave me when kI.o h.iid she would Le
my wil'e, " said Leonard, cynically,
"and I married Lev." Philadelphia
Ilnr-.l to i;-it a Ihiy.
A cigar dealer in tho west nd fcuid
to a reporter fur tho Cincinnati Com
mercial Tribune : "It takes a mighty
sharp man to get ahead of a boy, for a
fact. One ef them camo in hero not
long ago, and he was old enough to buy
cigarettes and wanted a package. I sold
them and get tho money. In a minute
a neighbor camo in wanted to know
what the Ley bought. I told him.
"'Well,' said "lie, 'that beats the
devil! Do you knew what that boy did?
He was in my store about live minutes
ago and asked inn to buy a pamphlet
that is issued Ly tho Anticigarette
league, whatever that is. Ho told me
that the boys in the public Ft-hcols wore
trying to sill them everywhere to do
away with tho had habit cf cigarette
smoking among tho schoolboys. I
thought it was a good thing, and I
bought one l'rcni him. Ho sold some
othtrs in the same neigh bcrhcod. 2n"ow
that little rascal comes in hero and
spends my money for cigarettes, itud
I'll Let a dollar that you'll find him
around hero somewhere near smoking
for all that's out. I'm going to look
him up.'
"Tho next day I asked him if he had
caught the kid, and ho said:
" 'I did. lie and somo chums were
having a good timo of it, and, more
than that, all of theni were in tho sumo
busiuess. They thought it was a good
joko, and I suppose it was on mo but
if they come around my storo again
they'll get booted out.'
"Lut," said the cigar dealer, "they
are too sharp to get caught. They enly
work one man at a time, and none of
the gang ever ;oeK Lack ag.tiu. They keep
a list, and I expect v.u examination will
show that they have L.i n to every store
iu thai whole lscighbcihotd. Where
they get the pamj.hli.ts i do not know,
but I imagine s.air.e of the good people
of the league hud them printed for gra
tuitous circulation, and tho boys con
cluded to sell them. They're pretrv
Felt A-ti.a;ntj:d.
A Eostou lady cf the most reserved
and exclusive typo was waiting f i. r Lur
change at the glove counter in ono of
tho large stores when she was ap
proached by a very large, gaudily dressed
and loud lookixig woman, who held out
a I'Udgy hand in a bright green kid
glove and said:
"Why, how do you do, iMrs. Blank?"
ilrs. Blank ignored the proffered
hand and, drawing herself up stiilly,
said frigidly:
"I do net thiuk that I know you,
madam. "
"No, I s-'pose not," replied the wom
an, in nowise embarrassed by the cold
ness of ber reception, "but I've kuowed
you by sight for a long time, and now
I've got a hired girl who worked at your
bouse once a year or two ago, and she's
told me so much about you that I feel
real well acquainted with you. Picas
ant day, ain't it? Well, if she ain't po
lite to sail off without 6o much as a
wordl Shows her raisin, anyhow!"
Harper's Bazar.
Modern Method!).
Dipgs I just finiibed reading an ac
count of bow they burned heretics; at
the stake in ancient times. Such bar
barism would not be tolerated in this
enlightened age.
Biggs No, indeed! The modern'
heretic is let off with a roast in the re
ligious journals. -Chicago News.
It is, or rrihouhi be, ll.e hiobost '
of every njorebaut Ut piotr-e his cu---tortier?';
und that the wu'e-a v ; ke druir
firm of Meyerr cv K.-hlem i;;. CStc-rlintr.
I'll., is doitio: so, is proven by the fnl
lowiDij, from Mr. Eshlemtin: "'It ray
sixteen yeiiv, exporienee in the drug'
businer-s I h ave never seen or sold or
tried a medicine that as crood ?:it
lsfaction as Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoe-.i Uemedy."
Sold bv all drup-g-ist
Mornititr's bread heretifter may be ;
obtained at Zuckweiler &. Lutz, Jona-j
thanHatt'd and Dovey's. '
K lonil j-ke.
What does it cost t.o get ttiero?
When and bow should one go ' What
should mi.' take? Where are the
mines? llow much have they pro
duced . li work plentiful Y What
wage- are paid V Is living expensive? ai e one's c h a noes of "'making a
i'rii.1-:' t'omple'e and satisfactory
- -piles to the above will be
o'l! in lie- I ! i r i i n g t on rou t e's" l loii -
I 1 ' i 'older," now ready for dist ribn
iion. .-.vieeu pages of pr itlcal infor
mation and an up-to-date map of
Mn-ka and the Klondyke. free at
I'.ur lington route ticket office 3 or pent
on leroipt of four cents in stumps by
.1. l'ripeis, (Jell. I'llS. Ayt. 1 J U rl I ri gtOI)
I'm it -, iii a ha , Neb.
1 or Suit".
i Tie- I've acres with res'dence, east
ai d adjoining 15. A: M lumber yards.
'.1! aces in alfalf i. Ib rries. '2 Wells.
( "ist. i ti ( 'ellar.
Sheriff's Sale.
I'.', ate c "I an -r. lit imi, issued hy (h-n. f.
II a , .'.-.. . l I 1 1 . let k i.t tin- i ! 1 s 1 1 1 1 t ( nil 1 1, VM th I ll
an I t a .iss i Iv. Ncl.ois k .1 , an. I to inc ili-
1 1 . ted . I will "ii th.- :t I il.iy ul N-.lniilii'r, A. ).
1-a-, al :.' -.'i !.n k i.. in. i.t r..i:.i ila at tin- south
do 1 1 "t tin- i ..a 1 1 li.iiir.- iii I In-1 it 1.1 I'lattsinoutli
i.i -a: I 1'oiiily. -t i! al piil'hc aiutnui. to the
I. a; l.i- -t hid.U-i ta i a- Ii, the IoIIowiiik leal estate
l i '.al.
I ."i I (Ii in l'lia k twenty uiic- I'Jll in the
!.:. "t I i o o .- i, :a ('ass cuiity, Nehraska.
! iln-i with tin- i-i i i Iciji-s ami appurtenant t-s
l!.--i. iaa . 1 1.-!. ai: 1 1 ..i in anywise ajipartalniii; .
I la- em- In ni); le-. se. upon and taken as the
pi .pel tv of A. A. I l.u is ilelenilant. Pi satisfy a
I i I.' a cut . - I a i-1 i "ia t i y ei ed hy t he I- ai in
i i liank "1 Mui'l.M k. pi.iaititl. against said lie
tel. l.illt.
hi. i 1 ai.aith. Nciiiaska, Ala;. LM. A. I )., 1WH.
M. I ) Win i.i.i- k.
sn iilt. Ca-s canity, Nehr.iska.
hy . 1 1. Mi hii le. Deputy.
(' .'- 1'i ! k, attorney I. a plaiutill.
rrnhalc Not ice.
hi tin- ' - aait v ( ai 1 1 nl ( "ass county. Nehi ask a
In tin 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 -1 ..I the est. ile nt John I'. Ilollties,
l.i.a el. Al i i.-i s. ni . mtei isle I in saul mattei
.in- l:Oi'l' ii'io'iel 1 1 1 .t I on the :JTt Ii .lay ol JulT.
l-'.is. I M. .,i;ue; 1 1 1 1 1 a petition in s.,i I
' a t . 1 a .'- an; that his tinal ft Iniinistiation ai -'
..'it. i. h. -ii-in. In- seMle-i ami allowcil, ami
tii -t he i-e 'I.-- !i.iii;i': loin h;s toisl as a.hiiinis-
I I .t a . an 1 I l a: il vai hill to appear before said i
i owl t on hi.- I -I.e. ol .uj;u-t. 1-ys, at it o'clin k j
a. in , ami i "litest said petition, the court may
::i aiit tin- pi.iyer of - ai l petition, ami in. ike su h
"ili.-i -el l luittii-i onleis, allowances ami decrees
a.s ,i tie - . i mi I inav - r.-ln pi ope r. to the end that
iii : i . i -s pi a lain iiiK to saul estate may he I mal
ls. :,. -tiled and detei in i ned. Witness my hand
. a-. 1 tin- --cil of said Coint. this -Jd day of Au-
l! -I. I!'s (jl.oKI.K M Ml RI.OtK,
I -l.A I I County Jude.
Legal Notice.
In the ! M.-tiict t'ourt of Cass County, Nebraska.
1 1: t hi- mal t.a ol i he e -tate
of ( hai Ies hatiei, de- -
.cased. S
A ; pie at : n of M ;iu;a i et S. I lu t lei . admin iw t rat rix
ot saul e tale tor In ense to .sell real estate to
pay debts.
'I has cause ami; on lor hearing upon the
pet a on ot Mataiel S. Itutler admintratrix ot
the i I. tie ot 1'liin ies liatlei, deceased, praying
foi ii i.e. -a i: to ei: the southwest ipiaiter isw1.!.!
ol ' t ; ni cu; lit H) township (lt ranije nine iUi,
i';i- - niiiiiH, .Nebia-ka. or a raillu lent amount
ot ti e same to j-av the sum of i '.'x'.l.Wl in payment
ot debt -,'es and expanses ol administration
.1 - iial estate and it appearing to the uiidersiiied
pi tit - ot the distriit limit that there is not sutli
::, t p.-1 son a I propel t y i n the hands ol said adm 111-i-oatiiN
to pay said debts, halves and expense
ard llhiitiiet apiieaiin; that it is necessaiv to
-'! the o iii estate desi i ibrd in said petition
it.e-l heieiii hn the payment of said debts, chary cs
ai d i s pen a- -.
h i ; lie letoie red that all persons inter-'-ti-!
in -aide tate appear befoie me at the otlice
oi ti.etleikof the disti let coui t in I'latt.sinouth
c,i i .a; ii i , N.-i ., i .iska on t he JTth day of August,
A . 1 '. 1 s-.js ai :l o'clock I'. M . of said day and show
'ai:-'- v. ir, a license should not lie granted as
l-invi' i I i .-;aid adiiiin ist r;P rix to sell the above
lea ta bed t ei: 1 est ate or so anil h the I eol as may be
iio.'-aay lo pay sa:d tlebts, charges and ex
pel' es.
II is further oidered that a ropy of this notice
oe published 1 a lour successive weeks prior to
;!:: time n."l h.r said heal nil, in the ".Senii
v eekiv 1 1 1 kai.ii. " a leal new spaper pub
bsind :n t.'as i i n nt v. Nebraska.
I hited tiii.s J.'jlh day ol July A I). 1KIS.
I'.asii. S. Kamsi:y. Judife.
Probate Notice.
In County (aunt, Cass County. Nebraska.
1 1, tin: m.ittel ul the estate oi A. Jul. aeLte Wright,
Chaiiotie Amelia Morrison. Juiiet Amanda
Ilia.-;;. Mary bairn (ialiaher, I-'rances Kvelyn
A ii'', ini'l all other persons interested in said
:u itn-r, aie hereby untitled that on the hith day
il I'l'V, 1 -:i, l-rances K. Wise tiled a petition in
s .id l oan. ai!ei;iiiej am jiii; other things, that A.
la, ;a. -tie V. n-ht died on the rth day of Jiny. lstis.
'e ivii, a last will and testament, and possessed
i leal aial personal estale, and thai the above
i;a : a;- 1 o nisi it u te al i the persons interested in the
estate of sai I deceased, and praying for the pro
.ate ol said v.iil and for administration of said
-late . ou re hereby not i tied that if you fai 1 to
appear at said court on the lith day ot August, A.
1) hi-, at ten o'clock a. lu. to contest tne pro
bate ol said will, the court may allow and probate
said u iii. and grant administration of said estate
1,1 James M I'.uleison and Robert 15. Windham,
,r s ime o'her suitab.e person, and procee 1 to a
setticiiieiit tiiereof.
V-. :tner-s ;::y hand and seal of said court at
l'iau.-ir.'iut.'i, .clii.i kn, this, l-'th day of July
a. i). .
(i KC1KI IH M. Sl'l'RPICK,
(-::-.V County Judge.
Legal Notice.
I ;i tie J list: ict Court of ( ,'ass County, Nebraska.
n tne mailer ot the es- j
late of loim Cu-ack, ,
: ,a el )
A i 'I .i ic ai: ni of N'athaiiiei H. Meeker, adminis
1 1 .i t i . with .s ill annexed :jf the e-tate of John
t. usac.-:. 'icce ee 1. lor license to s-i! real estate
t , ; a . dcats, legacies aud cxjicustts of admin-:-'.
i at i-ai.
'1 l.i - c ii: .- can on for hearing upon the peti
. .a: oi Nathaniel It. M c-eKi-r miiii aiistrator ol the
c - ;i ' e "f b ,iiii i u-;tck. de-ceased, v. ith wiil au-
1 ;a.e.M l .i a i.ccnse t- seo t..e .'.est one
i.a.f -.. -io, nt h .-.c- - t i.piarier (s'.v! of sec-
:.' a i'1' t'j.' n-liip e.even 111' range nine (Ul
';. s c itinty, Nebra- ka or a sanicic-iit amount of
; a a - a. nej to pay the ciets of administration, debts
.:. i ic',.ij:c- oi saiei e tate ai.d its appearing to
-.he -igiied ju Ige of the district court that
:::it -.- :- nut ':rik eat personal property in the
.an i.- ot -aid adannisti '.tor to pay the debts,
'V'l'.c. ch .lges and eiieii:ses of the adminis
: r -t : j:i "' s.e .1 estate, and it appearing to the
i : :.;e ol tin- court that it is nece-sarv to sell the
t ea c- t..lo dc-i no a :n said petition, hied herein
!' the pa;, tnei.t f sai ! lebls, leg.acie ;, charges
,:!!! e- l ea-es ol a i.i.:iii.-irat:oii.
it is ;ii..reJ-.e ordered that aii per-i;:iS in-le.-te
I in -ai I cslate a. ear before me al tfie
.1 ihj cuik ot tin: i..-tnct court of ' ass
aiitv. Nc: p. ii.e 1 'iat t-mou t h . on
ti.- I.Ida;, oi pic'n'.ai'. l-'.'s, at t a i o'f loc ii p
ai. 1 :-ai.l day to stuivv caiire why a license
h n-.d 'i 't in: gr.-iiited as prave l. to sai 1 ad
:..:.: ti. it n" i- -eil tae aij-ive described real es
t... j ...r s . n; t l.ei e- f as may be necessary to
j,-i.v a.d de:.. legacies, charges and expenses,
i ; is t .i tie. r ordcrc 1 that a c- py of this notice
;;-.:. .:-!:'-' t -r !ot;r successiye weeks, prior to
t:... t::i:e taxed for sa:.l hearing, iu the Semi
V" ..-.-. .'. Mia Hi.KAl.lJ. a legal new-paper, pub
;s.e 1 -.j C.:-s county, NebrasKa.
!).:t-.-d this -i!,t day of Juiy.
I'jAsIL. -S. Kamsky, Judge.
Probate Notice.
hi county court, Cass county, Nebraska.
In the m.a-tcr of the estate of Henry Martens,
Auu ta Martens, Mria Martens, Herman
Malleus, hied Martens. Kmiiie Martens, Henri
etta Maiicns. and aii other persons interested in
i-a.d matt-'i. are hereby notmed that on the 4th
d'.v "f Aujjust 1m, Augusta Martens tiled a pe
t.tiot: :ji said court, ali.-g'ing among other things
that. Henry Martens died on the liitii day of June
iea ing a iast u;ii and testament, and pos-s-j-sc-
iot rc-ai and personal estale in said county,
;ai1 that ahoye named constitute ah the persons
::.tei c-tc I iii s.r i mailer, and pray :ng for the pro
!.;e said will and lor administration of said
er a e.
Y.-:: are hereby notitie-i that if you fail to ap
pear ;i: -a. i c -i.rt on the ai.-t uay of August, A.
i '. at : o'clock a. :n. . to contest the probate
.. ! -a. J v. '. i. the t jttr t may a..ow and probate
-:.;,; ,-'.'. an ! giait.t ad:i.i:iir t ration of sa-d estate
t .'vi ga-'.i Mai tens, ,.r sotne other suitable per
s a. ai. l i r- ceed t a a settic-meiit thereof.
''. .pies- n-.y nand a,.J the seal of r-aid Court at
i ' i . -1 r s : i i , -. ; 1 1 1 Nc bra-i.a. thi-. the Mh day of
a t A. 1 J. h:-.
, "i- -i i
Oi.cia.i-. M. M'lRl.utK,
County Judge.
Notice to Creditors.
: i: ii' Ni h'.'.Aska
( ..-s Co'.illtV. (
In County Court.
In t:
N sa.i
e t.a
e matter of the c-t .te cf Jolin Johnson, de-
-.-c .1.
t'i.e is her- by given that the cred tors cf
deoea-ed ''iii meet the administrator of said
te. be!- r-- n. e. C'.untv judge of Cass county,
i as' a. at -.he County court room m hiatts--.:,
:n s .fai c lunty, on the third day of March,
l-'.-.i. at n:i:e o'ciocic a. m . tor the purpose
A. i'
ot I
t r
tesentitia their ciattns tor examination, ad-r.i'.-nt
an 1 a'.io.v i:.ce. :x months are allowed
the said deceased to present their
ii',s and -lie ear t -r the administrator to set
a. i er tate. from the thii d dy of September.
ittiess niv hand and the seal of said county
C ourt at I'.attsmouth. iNebrar-ka, ttus
At. i Mi day of August. 1 !-.
IjhCiKCit 11. .r. i. .LOCK,
Coiii..y Judge.
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