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The Semi-Weekly ftcws-Hcrald
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M. I). I'OI.K., F.IITOk.
One Year, in advance, $r
Six Months 2 f0
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Six Months CO
Of any Cass County Paper.
Sknatoii'h hoh was made an
oflioor Dy Gov. Ilolcomb but tho job
was so much too larfro for tho boy and
ho whs bo unpopular with tho men
that ho had to resign.
I low AIJOUT that awful contraction
of tho currency, which was going to
ruin overbody if tho sound money
thoory provuilod? That's what the
popocrats told us, but it seems they
Now, THAT Ccrvcra seems to bo
fastened up in tho harbor of Santiago,
tho next quory arises, what is Samp
son going to do about it. Wo know
what Dowoy would do but things move
dilTorontly on tho Atlantic.
It certainly looks as if Corvera was
bottled up at Santiago. Tho govern
ment at Washington won't say that he
is but says that is tho indication. It
would bo a flno piece of strategy if he
turned up with his warBhips somo
vvhoro on tho Atlantic coast.
Tim little Journal scrivenil grows
rod in tho faco in an effort to twist our
criticism of Ilryan, and place it on a
Plattsmoulh lad. Tho views of tho
penny liner are of no interest to us
and less still to his handful of readers.
Fumo on whilo wo print tho news.
TllK president's call for soventy-five
thousand inoro troops is said to bo a
sort of reserve force, to be kept for an
emorgoncy. According to the appor
tionment Nebraska would bo entitled
to about fourteen hundred. Tho third
regiment is now a certainty, and Com
pany li, of this county, ought to be
organized up to the limit without
Up to date, tho excess for the "fiscal
year of imports of gold over exports
is $90,000,000. Another month re
mains and tho financiers expect that
by the close of the year, June SO, the
figures will reach $100,000,000. This
amount, added to tho gold product of
the United States, which is still with
u3, will increase our store of the yel
low metal and add to our currency
circulation a very handsome sum.
State Journal.
The Nebraska City papers aro urg
ing tho council to buy a mower to cut
the weeds and grass which flourish in
tho streets of that burg.
Tho Cadiz iloct has started for Ha
vana. Of "course, it is not tho same
tloot that started for the Philippines
a few days ago, or tho floet that
started for St. Johns, Now Foundland,
for coal, or tho fleet that sailed out to
bombard Boston and Newport. The
Cadiz fleets now vox overy known sea
on the globo but tho way they havo of
mysteriously disappearing never to
turn up again must bo discouraging to
the Cadiz floet industry.
Tho rag-chowing about tho exposi
tion management goos merrily on, and
in tho mean timo the greatest show
ever held in this country with tho ex
ception of the Worlds Fair is nearing
completion. All tho ollices in the
Paxton block will move out to the
grounds Sunday which is now a regu
lar beehive of industry. Exhibitors
from all quarters of tho globo are at
work installing their oxlnbke, many
of which can not possibly bo in place
by opening day, Juno lt.
Senator Thurston is said to be de
sirous of resigning his seat in tho sen
ate. It is claimed that his ambition
is to go into law partnership with
Judgo Dillon with-- whom he becamo
intimately acquainted during his ser
vices with tho Union Pacific, and sot
tlodown in New York city. This in
formation is attributed to railroad of
ficials who aro cognizant of tho sen
ator's desires. It is claimed that if
tho next legislature is republican on
joint ballot Senator Thurston will at
onco laj' his resignation before it.
During his last visit to Omaha he is
reported to havo called attention to
the inadequacy of his senatorial sal
ary to moot tho demands mado upon
him, and to have said that he had been
offered a partnership with Judge Dil
lon which would yeild him several
times his salary ns sonator. Ex.
Tho Key West liar has been cor
nered again. This time he reported
tho Oregon at Key West and a dis
patch from Para, Brazil, says tho Ore
gon was in that port Monday, May 23.
Hay. is selling at $25 per ton in Cali
fornia owing to tho unparalelled
drouth suffered in that state. Prunes
aro cheaper than hay and horses
should bo taught the prune die.
As a Sunday school superintendent
John Wanamaker is showing a great
example for his fellow citizons by or
ganizing a regiment to go to tho war,
paying all expenses and then insuring
Iho lives of his men fur? 1,0(0 npb'co
In cas-i of death on duty. John ln-art
in in tho rijjht piure.
Six thoiM'iri'l dollars w-i-i t le
grnphed t rvui K- uncigen Tuo-day
to puy oT the NVbraika roylino'it be
fore it starts to Manila. The boys who
had no 6 pending money niut have
been in hard lines In tho city.
The University Cadets are out in an
upon letter to (Jov. Ilolcomb on ac
count ot his turning them down to
take up wheezy oopocratic politic
ians. Tho governors course as shown
by tho eiiticism of three-fourths of tho
newspapers in tho state is indefensible.
What tho Nkws has said was mild in
comparison with tho opinions of others.
James Long, who has been working
for the city at the light plant, has re
signed his position and will loavo
for Kansas City, where he has se
cured a position at advanced wages.
James John-, another employe of tho
light plant has tendered his resigna
tion and tho city is thus called upon
to placo the light plant into new
hands, all bosauso of an economical
spasm on tho part of somo council men
who wanted to savo tho city $1.50.
Fallen AMotp
Ilhoda A. Calkins, wifo of Henry
Calkins, was born in Essex county, N.
Y., Nov. 12, IS S and died athcr homo
throe miles north east of Murray,
Neb., May 22, WIS, aged M years, 0
months and ten days. She and her
husband unitod with tho Christian
church something like twenty years
ago and wore devoted members of tho
same church at Murray at the timo of
her death.
Sister Calkins was a noble christian
woman and wiil ho missed 'in her homo
and by all who knew her host. She
had been a great sufferer for twelvo
years. She leaves husband, ono son
and other near rolatives to whom sho
was very dear, to mourn their loss.
Funeral services wero held at tho res
idence, conducted by tho writer.
Tho remains were inlered in Young
We tende: ly condole with tho family
of our di ceased sister in their hour of
trial oiid ulllietion and devoutly com
mend them to the keeping of Him
who looks with pitying eyo upon tho
sorrowing family.
In our Iobs of a faithful and bolovod
sister wo find consolation in the belief
that it is well with her for whom we
mourn. .
Sho rests from her labors. For the
members of tho family wo say to tho
public that they are vory thankful for
all sympathy shown in tho hour of
bereavement. J. W. II A LI.,
Murray, Nt-b.
War Kquiiiage.
The largest guns in tho navy are 49
feet long, big enough for a man to
crawl into; four feet in diametnr at
their largest part and weigh 13-5,000
pounds or theieabouts. Some of tho
guns can fire a shot twelve miles, far
ther than a man can see, for tho guns
are aimed nnd fired by machinery.
The powder is brown and in chunks
tho size of a caramel. A charge of
the biggest gun weighs 500 pounds
and is hoisted by a dorrick, the pow
der being sewed up in burley bags.
A battle ship has an electric plant
capaplo of lighting a town of 6,000 in
habitants. The fastest vessels in the
navy are torpedo boats Porter and Du
pont, each of which will travel 27.5
knots an hour. The Iowa weighs near
ly 12,000 tons, and as twenty tons is
tho average load for a freight car and
twelve cars make a good load for a
locomotive engine, it would take fifty
locomotives to haul the structure. A
captain in tho navy ranks with a colo
nel in tho army. Tho oldest iron ves
sel is the Michigan, built in 1S55. Wo
havo one ram, the Katahdin. Ex.
News From the Front.
We mako tho following extracts
from a letter from Frank Johnson to
his father:
Arrived in San Francisco Friday
evening. Third batallion was delayed
at Reno twelve hours on account of
wreck. Geo. O'Neil was tho ongineer
pulling their train in Nevada. Great
numbers of people were at every sta
tion with flowers and fruit. At Sacra
mento two brass bands wore at the
depot and people passed through the
train with coffee, fiuit and tobacco
for tho boys. At San Francisco the
Red Cross ladies had a fine dinner
prepared. Wo marched through the
streets four miles to camp and the
etroets wore thronged with people
cheering for Nebraska. Wo camped
near Golden Gate park, the finest park
in tho world, one-half milo fiora the
Pacific ocean. Farmers are harvest
ing in California. Oranges aro in
great abundance and wagon loads
aro brought to camp and given to
tho men.
The Nebraska boj-s are all well.
On the morning of Feb. 20, 1895, I
was sick with rheumatism, and lay In
bed until May 21st, when I got a bottle
of ChmberlainTs Pain Balm. The
first application of it relieved me al
most entiroly from tho pain and the
second affordod corxplete relief. In a
short time I was able to be up and about
again. A. T. MoitEAUX, Luverno,
Minn. Sold by all druggists.
Tho Weeping Water High 9chool
commencement exerelses will be held
Wednesday evening Juno 1, at the
opera houso in that town. Several
Plattsmouth people will bo in attend
ance. A Warm Friend.
Foley's Colic Cure is very hot, but
when diluted it is a warm friend in
deed to those suffering from bowel
complaints. It never fails. 25e nnd
50c. Smith & Parmele and F. G.
Fricke & Co.
First Dody of Troops to Gtart on
an Expedition of In-
I.rTi Ran Inn-l-o for th Philippine
Isl:ltil to Itr-inir-o Iovr-y nnd Capluro
Manila l"lflri Coatt Mrtropoll Jlvrs
Them a Hoimlng OnndIly Seventh
Illirioin Infantry ita It Marching: Or
dT; Aim the, I'lrxt Ca vnlry lo va'n
Second Call.
ues Moines, la.. May ZG. (overnor
Bhaw Issued a call today for Iowa's
Quota of troops under tho president's
call for an additional 75,000 men made
public yesterday.
Fan Francisco, May 25. The start
was made fur Manila late yesterday
afternoon and tho first American army
to sail for forclpn shores Is now on the
broad Pacific. At 4 o'clock In tho after
noon Brigadier General Anderson
plsrnalod from the Australia for the
City of Peking and the City of Sydney
to get under way. Tho signal was seen
from tho Bhore, and the waiting: crowds
commenced to cheer wildly. In a short
time the anchors were up and tho ves
Fels were under way. ...Then the 2,500
soldiers who had been Impatiently
awaltinj? Wie signal to start let them
selves loose. They climbed to the rlsf
Rln'j? ami swarmed all over the big
tihli'S, shouting and cheering like mad.
I'atrlotlo Citizou Mudo a NoIhc
The bay was alive with small craft
of every description, and ferry boats
were pressed Into service to accommo
date the caper crowds and carry them
to the head of the Golden, Gate that a
last farewell might be said. The noise
made by patriotic citizens on sea and
Fhore was something terrible. Every
steam whistle in tho city appeared to
be blowing, cannon were firod, nnd the
din lasted for fully an hour. As the
Australia pa.psod Alatraz island the bat
tery of United States artillery stationed
there fired a salute to General Ander
son. Final View of Their Nntlvo Land.
It was phortly after C o'clock when
the vessels entered the ocean, and the
sun glinting over the sea gave tho do
parting sailors a vast view of the coun
try to fight for the honor of which they
were sailing over 6, COO miles. When
last seen the transport fleet was steam
ing slowly to the southwest. After the
pilots were dropped the vessels went
ahead at full speed and in six days, if
all goes well, they will enter Honolulu
harlor and Join the Charleston.
About 2,5 OO In tlip Foroo.
The three transports carried close on
to B.WK) men. Tho expedition Is under
command of Brigadier General Ander
son. The fleet is loaded with supplies
to last a year, and carries a big cargo
of ammunition and naval stores for
Admiral Dewey's fleet. It Is not prob
able any more troops will be dispatched
before another werk.
Seventh Illinois nnd Young's Cavnlry Start
Tomorrow State Camp News.
Springfield, Ills., May 20. Yesterday
evening orders were received from tho
war department by Colonel Young,
commanding the First Illinois cavalry,
to proceed to Chlckamauga, and by
Colonel Kavannugh, commanding the
Seventh Illinois infantry, to proceed to
Dunlorlng, Va. The news was re
ceived with delight by the men of both
commands. The cavalrymen cheered
for half an hour inHide tha biff dome
building at the fair grounds. ' The t-vo
regiments will probably leave tomor
row. In on Interview last nlgh't Governor
Tanner stated that the colored regi
ment of Chicago (known as the Ninth
battalion) would be accepted first when
the second call for volunteers Is re
ceived. Major Bluford Wilson's regi
ment of the Seventeenth (Springfield)
district, will bo the second; Repre
sentative James It. Campbell's, of the
Twentieth district, the third; Judge
Joseph T. Robards, of the Twenty-second
district, the fourth; Judge Charles
E. Fuller's, of the Ninth district, the
fifth j and In case more regiments should
be needed, which, Is not likely. Colonel
J. O. Anderson's, of the Thirteenth dis
trict, slxtht and Colonel Charles 8. E.
Koch's regiment, of the Fifteenth dis
trict. Chicago, seventh. Governor Tan
ner also stated that he could not say
vhat steps would be taken In mobilizing
the troops under the second call.
Milwaukee, May 26. Adjutant General
Boardman has left for the south, to visit
the camps of the Wisconsin troops, and
will remain there about two weeks.
Governor Scofield had Intended to go,
also, but has been prevented by pres
sure ot state business, and will proba
bly go next month. General Boardman
took with him the parchment commis
sions of the officers, to replace the pa
per ones given them a few days before
their departure. He will first visit
Jacksonville, where the First Wisconsin
Infantry Is encamped, and on the way
north he will visit the Wisconsin boys
at Chickamauga. A number of citizens
met in Mayer Rose's office and con
sidered tho question of relief for the
families of Milwaukee volunteers A
relief organization was perfected, and
$250 was subscribed at the meeting.
Camp Eaton, Mich.. May 0. Chief
Quartermaster Jones, department of the
lakes, Chicago, communicates to Major
Winana that the Ann Arbor road's bid
to carry the Thlrty-thir3 regiment
to Falls Church, Vs., has been ac
cepted. The rate is $8.35 per capita, $3.50
for berth in a standard sleeper, and $3
per section in a second class sleeper.
To move the regiment three standard
sleepers, 880 sections In the second
class sleepers, ono palace horso car,
three baggage, and three freight care
will bo. needed. The Ann Arbor road
hae not y-at notified the Quartermaster
here as to when tho oars will bo roody
at Camp Eaton.
Des Moines, la.. May 2ft. At an elec
tion for major In the Forty-ninth (old
First) regiment General James Rush
Lincoln allowed his name to bo voted
upon. While he has assurances from
the Iowa congressmen that he will be
appointed brigadier general, he is sc
determined to go thsU he will accept
any offloa wnlch he can resign tf the
expocteJ appointment comes. Ho was
defeated, hoipevcr, and Captain Fisher
Fargo, K. IX, May W. There woe a
large crowd at tho station yesterday
afternoon to bid tho cavalry a godspeed
on their way to Chickamauga. Tha
troops were escorted to the train by ail
the uniformed civil bodies and both bat
talions of tho Infantry. Tho men were
cheered to tho echo. There were nine
carloads of horses, enough for both
companies. The infantry companies left
this morning for the Philippines.
What the Army Wilt Aggrregate.
. Washington, May 26. Adjutant Gen
eral Cor hi ii iikH prepared a uf 'fti::t
ehowlnc the fcirenyth of tin- triMtniy
f ore s of tho T'nlted S-'tn.tes whi n orgun
Jzed In ue-i rda.n-e with th- plan mw
under way: R--.ular army. B'-'.OW) men;
volunteer frr.m pt;:te (firt call), 12", -CIH)
men; thr- avuliy r' Klni' nt at
large, 8,000 nun. ten iufantry r gl
ments. United '-tnt-8 vobmt'-rn (Im
mune?), lO.eiiii; enrlrifei5-:it-'nr ;e, 3, '.'JO;
volunteers e;illed f..r yesterd y. 73.00.
This makes a grand total of 21S.ZW
Simpnon Would lie n Colonel.
Topeka, Kan., May 20. Representa
tive Jerry Slxipson wants t y.i to war
ns colonel of a Kansm reclment. Im
mediately after the publication yes
terday of President M Kinley's call for
additional volunteers Simpson tele
graphed to Governor Ieedy for au
thority to raise a reRlmenl, and asking
for a commission as it n eolonel. Slmp
Fon was renominated for congress last
week by the Populists of his district.
Itututell Ii. IlarriHon (loc with I.-e.
Washington. May 2G. Major Russell
B. Harrison, Insjvector general of the
volunteer army, Fon of ex-President
Harrison, who .has expressed a great
desire for active military service at the
front, was yesterday assigned to duty
on the staff of Major General Fltzhugh
Leo, commanding the Seventh army
corps at Tampa, Fla.
The Commencement Kxerclses.
Tickots aro now on salo at Lchn
holT's for the commencement exercises
which will take placo next Thursday,
Juno 2, at the I'rosbj-torian church.
Dr. S. Wright Butler, pastor of tho
St. Mary's Avenue Congregational
church of Omaha, will dolivcr tho
main address. Ho is a speaker of ex
ceptional ability, and is woll known
throughout tho state as a most enter
taining locturer. An excollcnt pro
gram has been prepared, including
somo fino musical numbers. Tho fame
of tho speaker and tho largo number
of graduates, all of whoso friends will
endeavor to bo present, will probably
create an unusual demand for seats,
and thoso intending to be present
should secuio tickets and reserve them
as early as possitlo, as tho seating ca
pacity of tho l'rer?by terian church is
limited, and for the comfort of thoso
prosont it is doMrod that no "standing
room" tickets bo sold, nnd that the
sale of tickets be 6topped when the
actual seating capacity is reached
This will avoid tho ovor-crowding that
has boon the case in tho past, nnd will
make the evening much moro enjoya
ble- for all present. All intonding to
bo prosent, thcreforo, should socuro
their seats immediately. Hon. 11 15
Windham will present tho diplomas
on bohalf of tho board of education.
lve the Children a Drink
calloi Grain-O. It is a delicious, ap
petizing, nourishing food drink to
tako the placo of coffee. Sold by all
grocers ana liked by all who have used
it because when properly prepared it
tastes like the fines coffee but is froo
from all its injurious properties.
Grain-Oaids digestion and strengthens
tho nerves. It is not a stimulant but a
hoalth builder, and children, as well
as adults, can drink it with great
benefit. Cotts about one-fourth as
much as coffee. 15 and l!5c.
Light ISrahmaH,
And fancy Game Bantams for s de; also
eggs for setting. Enquire of William
Gilmour, or loavo orders at Egenber
ger & Troop's, where somo of the
chickens mav bo seen.
Try Allen's Font-Kane.
A powder to bo shaken into the
6hoes. At this season your feet feel
swollen, nervous and hot, and get
tired oasily. If you havo smarting
feet or tight shoe?, try Allen's Foot
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A Map of the United States.
Send me 15c in stamps and I will
mail you a map of tho United States,
threo loot four inches wide and five
feet throo inches long. Printed in
six colors. Mounted on rollers. Shows
every state, county, important town
and railroad in tho United States.
New edition, just vocoivod, contains
ton handsome half-tono pictures of
principal buildings of tho Trans-Mississippi
General Passenger Agent, Burlington
Route, Omaha, Neb.
A man stands no chance of being
elected to the mayorship of a city unless
ho on joys the confidence and esteem of
his neighbors. Geo. W. Humphrey ie
the popular mayor of Swanton, Ohio,
and under date, of Jan. 17, 1800, he
writes as follows: "This Is to certify
to our appreciation of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. My family and
neighbors have tested it, and we
know it Is an excellent remedy for
coughs and colds. Geokge W.
Humphrey," Sold by all druggists.
To Consumptives.
As an honost romody, Foley's Honey
and Tar doos not hold out false hopes
in advance stages, but truthfully
claims to give comfort and relief in
tho very worst casos, and in the early
stages to effoct a euro. Smith &
Parmele and F. G. Fricko & Co.
Vfe Kirk's White Cloud Soap
For toilot and laundry, and give the
blue wrappors to the Woman's ex
change. They wish t-evcral thousand
of those wrappers, and you can help
in this way to raise money on their
church debt.
Thirty-five years make a generation.
That is how long Adolph Fisher, of
Zanesvillo, O., suffered from piles.
He was cured by using threo boxes of
DeWitt's Witch Hazel Sa've. F. G.
Fricko & Co.
M. Davis has secured a position with
the Piano people and will set up har
vesters in Jefferson, Gnge and Lan
caster counties. I
rHasiBeeri Maintained for
Nearly a Quarter of a Century.
tin future there will be no departure from the plan to supply the pubhe
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IlouHt'hold Ood.
Tho ancient Greeks helinved that
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tended to the welfare and prosperity
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ped as household gods. Tho house
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l'ustunige for Sloek.
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dersigned, at Cii'lom, or address,
Gkoiigk Hicks,
Cedar Creek, Neb.
I desire to attest to the merits of
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me in 24 hours, gratitude thorc
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j'our Remedies are held dy pooplo in
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ten thousand. Success to it. O. It.
Downhy, Editor Domocrat, Albion,
Ind. For salo by all druggists.
Coon Ileisel's new barn ii rnisod
and miikos a good improvement to his
mill property whicli bids fair to be
coverod with buildings if ho keeps on.
Liilortuiiate IVopIe
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Eph Turpin has lesignod his posi
tion in tho shops and goes to Mound
City, Mo., to work on his father's farm
this summer.
h.jMitifi,! tha hair.
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to housekeepers
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The Leading Clothier.
You can hardly afford to miss this chance.
If you have never bought anything from
MORGAN, now is a very good time to get
You do not have to buy that amount at
one time. We furnish you a ticket and when
that is punched full, you get the case.
We have a very strong line of Clothing
and Furnishings.
No Cheap Goods
No shoddy wares, which wo are!!n;j
"Special Low Prices." We havo boon in the irnTcant.ilo busino.-fc in
Plattsmouth for the past twenty-eiht year and have e-t.-tb! i.-h-d a
reputation for
The Best Goods at the..
..Lowest Possible Prices.
7'his is our motto, our invariable
rule, ftnd wo do not -propose to
depart from it now. Our Sprinir
stock is larger and more eom
plete this year than ovor.
Wo are golo apeots in Platts
mouth for the. celebrated "Iliack
Cat" brand Triple Knee Stock
i ii gs. . in and see u-; ai.d wo
will treat you rirht.
Zbt Snritb premier 'Cypcwritcr,
! Zhc
Oinalia Branch Ofllr p, cor.
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for tm
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Triple Knk
Make HdO&
Rtat Value OlrlHng rl.cbin.
Ttzs all the Latest Improvements,
popular Because of Nertt.
Jost Durable "Typewriter fdadc
premier Buyers do JVot experiment.
drftc for fTrw 3rt Catalogue fret.
Smith premier CypcwHtcr Co.,
Syracuse, Jt. ., O. 8. 3.
Seventeenth andFarnam et.