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    The Semi-Weekly News-Herald
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Of any Cass County Paper.
KeeI' jour eye on company M., 1st
regiment Nebraska volunteers.
IK Bryan would organizo a company
but aye thero'b the rub, ho won't.
IF Sampson over got in hailing dis
tanco of the Armada the Maine would
bo remomborod aain.
TitY a new Wheeler & Wilson. Tho
greatest machine on earth for tho
manufacture of shrouds.
WllKitK was Bryan when wheat went
to $1.75 enquires an impious exchange,
lie was probably gathering gate re
ceipts in monoy which McKinley has
helped to keep on a parity with go!d.
It is now very evident that another
call for troops will bo made and the
companies that are organize! aro well
drilled and ' ready to go will bo tho
ones that will get in on tho next call.
The Bplendid work of the Ameri
can sailors at Manila will bo a favorite
theme for the naval historian. Asono
fleet was wholly tho start
ling featurs must have been innumer
able. ONE result of Dewey's victory is
that our commerce on tho Pac'Oo is
safe from Spanish attack. The Span
ish fleet, if it had escaped, would have
been a constant ineanco to our oriental
As WE go to press Windy V. Allen,
the Nebraska senator, was still in
Washington and Gov. Ilolcomb had
not accepted his resignation. Soldiers
who want gallery applause seldom go
to war.
A Mr. Salisbury, who gives his
postomce address as London England,
it is reported, suggested to ono Polo
Bemabe that the Canadian climate
was unhealthy for him and tho ex
Spanish minister is going to Madrid
without delay.
YOUNG Loiter only needs to do bus
iness a few years moro anil tie will be
a billionaire. If Nebraska farmers
were able to hold wheat for a raise
along with their neighbors they could
wear diamond?, too. Leiter is the
luckiest man who ever dealt on the
board of trade. War, pestilence and
famine have come to his rescue and
turned a few million of yellow dollars
into his bursting coffers.
If Spain continues her idiotic war
and causes this country loss of life and
expenditure of largo sums of money,
the fight should be pushed until the
parliament buildings at Madrid are
laid in a&hes. They see that they can
not possibly retain Cuba, and the idea
of continuing the war is only an evi
dence of the barbarous brutality of
the Spanish people whose punishment
should not end until the Spanish na
tion is only a blot on the ?pages of
On sweet to the taste is the promise
of the democratic politician his words
float out on the air like the symphonies
of a celestial choir, but when the de
luded pop or silver republican pre
sents the promise to pay at the demo
cratic counter, it is promptiy marked.
"no funds" and handed back. If the
holder ventures a protest he is
promptly kicked out into the alley
with the admonition to get into line
and work for the democratic or fusion
ticket steen years more.
J. H. EDMISTEN, the state oil in
spector with gubernatorial aspirations,
seems to be "fixing" some of the boys
in the ranks who formerly had the
knife out for him. Some of the faith
ful old pops who have been after Ed
mis ten's scalp ever since he bobbed his
head up are now very busily engaged
in telling what a good man ho is, what
a noble patriot and true reformer.
Harley, old boy is pretty foxy and
will give some of the would bo gov
ernors the heart ache before the con
vention ends. But he would be a fine
specimen to decorate tho governor's
ONE of the syndicate editors of the
Journal having absorbed some inform
ation from the sugar trust sheets which
have been opposing the annexation of
the Hawaiian group of Islands,
thinks the News is inconsistent
In advocating annexing a coaling sta
tion with a few inhabitants and oppos
ing tho annexation of the Philippine
Islands, with a population of 9,000,000
and located over 6,000 miles from our
nearest port. Hawaii is clamoring to
become a part of tho United States
its leading people being Americans.
The Philippines have been part or tho
Spanish government for over 300 years
are as unAmerican in principle as a
people could possibly bo. Tho man
who could see no difference in the sit-
uation has too many wnecis in nis
head to be able to comprehend much
of anything, and a discussion of tho
problem with such an individual would
only result in a waste of time.
Tho determination on tho part of
tho pro-blent nrid cabinet to push tho
war to as m' cly n termination as
possible ia In every way commendable
and an action tho people have been
praying for for months. Thorocan bp
no occasion foi delay. When tho mat
ter was hanging fire, no to spcik, and
the pc pto were impatiently clamor- J
ing for speedy action on the part of
the government, wo worn lold to wait
till wo got ready to shoot and then our
government would go to businct-s. Ko
cont developments have proven that
everything is in readiness to do quick
work and end the war in short order.
To land our t-oldiurs in Cuba now be
fore the hottest weather, tho rainy
seahon or the yellow jack season comes
let-sens tho danger to our troops to a
great extent. In tho interest of peace
and for tho benefit of commerce the
world will applaud our government
for their determination to end tho
slrl'e as quickly as possible. Now let
them put their determination into
action as quickly as possible at d all
people, save tho Spaniards, will ro
joico. What about the Philippine islands?
Well, the News says, drop them as
soon as- this bloody war is over. The
inhabitants are not fit for self govern
ment. We have no moral right to
hold them that money may be squeezed
from the unfortunates c aiming those
islands as a home. It will bo a sorry
day when this nation, forgetting the
fundamental principles underlying Its
existence and urged on by the lust of
conquest, shall turn this war from one
in the interests of humanity into one
of conquest. The voice of America
will bo all powerful in the future, but
tenfold so must it be when the lessons
of this war will teach the world that
tho United Slates mean what they say
when the voice of the nation finds
expression in tho solemn declaration
of its congress and president.
The populists and silver republi
cans of Cass county, one by one, find
the promises of thoir democratic
musters dead sea fruit.
The Manilla rope boutonniere is the
proper thing just now in memory of
Dewey's victory..
Seoor Polo Bemabe declined to par
ticipate in any social functions at Mon
treal on account of the loss of friends
at Manilla. He sails for Madrid on
Saturday of this week.
Walter Wellman is showing a vast
deal of tenacity of purpose in carrying
out his plans for an arctic expedition
just at a time when everybody wants
to hear of tho war and many influen
tial journals would be pleased to se
cure his services to report it. He can
hardly be recused of undertaking the
work for advertising purposes, when
he slips off so unostentatiously at this
time of universal war preocupation
Mr. Wellman is an accomplished jour
nalist and an experienced arctic trav
eller. Something ought to como from
his sacrifice in going to the north jut
now. when most men of his nerve and
talents are moving toward the south
There is no question but what Dewey
will be rolicved at a very early date,
as t he Charleston will sail at once with
arms and ammunition, and the City of
Pekin and other transports will leave
San Francisco by Sunday, with several
thousand troops, supplied with a mil
lion rations.
Kev West is suffering from a water
famine. The people have to rely on
cisterns for pure water, and the sold
iers and warships have about exhaust
ed the supply. The government is
putting in a condenser that will furn
ish 20,000 galons of pure water per day
Spain was once an aggressive nation.
She gloried in the warlike spirit of
her men, and her black flag of piracy
was the terror of the high seas She
waxed fat upon plunder, and her pride
was greater than tho limitations of
her unhallowed conquests. The former
is about all she has left. Her ignor
ance is deplorable and her arrogance
unjustified by any public act since she
discovered America. Rent by internal
dissensions and ripped up the back
abroad she has but one thing to look
forward to as tho- fitting finale of a
career of infamy, and that is oblivion
State Journal.
Major General Merritt, command
ing tho department of the east is said
to have been selected lohead the Phil
lipine expedition and to act as gov
ernor general of the islands. It is re
ported from London that 40,000 Span
ish soldiers aro being made ready to
go to the Phillipines with war ships,
so that trouble in the Asiatic region
may bo looked for.
Our fleet on the Pacific coast consists
of tho protected cruiser Charleston;
the monitors Monadnock and Monte
rey; tho gunboats Bennington, Alba
tross, Grant, Corwin, Rush, and Perry,
of the second class; tho Alert, an iron
cruiser, the Iroquois, Vigilant and
Active, purchased 6teamers. This is
tho only force which could roach Ma
nila ahead of the Spaniards if it be
true that their fleet is on its way to
the Philippines.
Tho Kansas republicans have nom
inated a man for congress bv the name
of Boworsock. An exchange thinks
this is done to offset the advertise
ment of SocKless Simpson, the pop
Weyler has offored tho Spanish
cortcs to lend a victorious army of
50,000 men across this country if
ordered to do so. The polico force in
oantern cities might have something
to do if Weyler ever landed, but ho
values his hide at too high a figure to
think seriously of tho proposition.
Litiio Dewey care what becomes of
tho Armnda after Sampson gets in
sight of it
Tho St. Louis Globo Democrat calls
Dewey a Manila rapper. General MUcb
will bo tho Ilavanna filler later on.
Coramodoro Dewey's victory seems
to have put new life into tho govern
ment at Washington, and orders are
flying thick and fast to push matters
all along tho line.
Wednesday afternoon Wilham Rose,
of Fairmont, an old hunter, bethought
him that he would go out and get afow
ducks. Re borrowed a horse and
buggy and got about four miles. He
went to take the gun out and it was
accidentally discharged. The charge
lodged in the horse's rump. He put
the next charge in the horse'd head
and walked home. It is said the owner
of tho horso wishes to spoak with him.
Tho error in the translated cipher
dispatch from Dewey in tho figures
stating the number of Spanish killed
in the battle arose from the omission
of the word, "alone" by the translator.
Tho dispatch was that lo0 were killed
together with the captain on the Reina
Christiana alone." It was the mor
tility of one Spanish warship that
was given and not that of the entire
fleet. It seems likely that the slaugh
ter was dreadful amounting as is
claimed now to something like two
thousand, which was a number equal
to the entire force on the American
fleet. It was certainly the most re
markable battle in history, consider
ing tho small number engaged in it.
Miss Helen Gould, who recently do
nated $100,000 of her father's accumu
lations to the government, to aid in
carrying on the present war, possibly
got the inspiration from the Platts
mouth man who had previously do
nated $200. Did you notice Platts
mouth is always at tho head of the
The report that the Spanish had
taken the American ship Montgomery
with a kodak lacks confirmation.
Since they are too cowardly to get
near enough to reach our ships with a
long range gun it is safe to nay they
could accomplish nothing with the
Tho ladies are always enterprising
and have an eye -single to the glory of
their home town. In their move to
beautify the B. & M. park and clean
up the city to make it presentable to
Trans-Mississippi visitors this summe
they have 6et an example for the men
of the town which is highly commend
able on their part but it ought to make
the men blush a little with shame to
think they have been so negligent of
such an important work. We take
our hat off to the Woman's club and
would urge them to proceed with their
good work until the most satisfactory
results are achieved.
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Ralph, son of the late Anderson
Boot, spent the winter here and re-
tnrnod to his home in Arizona a month
ago. He is eogaered with his brother
in fai ming near Phoenix, and spoke in
high terms of that country.
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Time at Manilla.
There has been considerable discus
sion as to what tirno and what day
Dewoy fought his marine battery at
Manila, whether it recurred Sunday
or Saturday morning. A well known
gentleman, who is well posted In such
matters, s'tys: "While in theory a
man might figure either way around
the earth ns to time, still it is neces
sary in actual practice to have a fixed
starting point in oidcr that all may
figuro on the same basis and all maps,
charts, etc., may have their longitude
and latitude numbered to correspond
with each other.
"These two points have been arbi
trarily selected and aro the equator
tor latitude and the meridian of Green
wich for longitude. Most time calcu
lations, thereforo, begin at Greenwich,
and the almanacs which determine
the astronomical calendar days use
this as a starting point. If tho battle
of Manila was "fought at 5 o'clock a. m.
Sunday morning tho corresponding
mean time at Plattsmouth was three
hours, live minutes thirty seconds
Saturday afternoon, becauso the sun
did not pass over Chicago until thir
teen hours, fifty-nine minutes and
thirty seconds after it passed Manila."
TentlerH Ills Serviced.
Dr. Edward T, Ilayward, son of
Judge M. L. Ilayward, who is ono of
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three weeks will b; surprised t learn
of his lieing nrro-ted on tho charge of
c-mbey..lMiien t. Mr. Campbell, the
proprietor of the journal telephoned
tho Sheriff hero yesterday that Brin
ton w;is wanted on tho charge of em
bezzlement and ho thought ho wa in
hiding at tho Hotel Riley. Sheriff
Wheeler called at tho Riley and soon
learned that Brinton had net been in
town for several days. Lincoln was
communicated with later on and it
was learned that Brinton and his wife
who is ejuite a handsome young lady,
bad been at tho Hotel Ideal a few
days ago. Sheriff Wheeler notified
Mr. Campbell of tho facts by telephone
last night and learned that tho much
wanted man had been located at Coun
cil Bluffs and would toon be under ar
rest. Biinton is charged with having
stolen $15,000 of his employers money
and if the claim bo true ho will no
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