Semi-weekly news-herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1895-1909, April 02, 1898, Image 3

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    Heirs of Ray Allison Ask His
JCstate Probated.
Mk Illm Legally Drud Judge Spiirlwrk
l'rt llioncd to Divide IIU I'roprrty
Iteet Culture In Cknm County M r.
Ilrown Agreeably Hiirprlhol.
In 1875 Win. Hay, con ot John Alli
Hon, a well known farmer and early
Bottler in thin county disappeared and
nothing was heard of him for Homo
time, i'rior to 18H.1 lie visited here
and noon nftor went hack to Texas
and no trace of him has been had
bince, and it in thought ho is dead.
He inherited a nice farm from his
fathers eatato, and vigorous elTorts
have heen raado to find him but with
out avail. Today the heirs nppeared
in county court and asked to have tho
estate probated and distributed.
The heirs are: Jas. Allison, Leroy
Allison, Itobt. Kendall, Mary Kendall,
Mary Swan Davis, Winfield Swan,
Clara, James and Ada Swan, (Clark.)
The court took the matter under
advisement for a few days, when the
estate will doubtless bo divided up as
prayed for.
NuKr IteetH fur Stin k
A. II. Week bach & Co. today ro
ciovod an invoice of sugar boet soed
from Germany. They aro eDtloavor
ing to sell it to the farmers to raise
sugar beets for etock food. Several
farmers in this vicinity have exper
imented on this scheme and found it
a profitable experiment. The seed is
of a prolific variety and wo would
urge our farmer friends to try it and
test the productiveness of Cass county
soil as regards the sugar boot. Ther e
is no question as to the succulency and
fattening qualities of the sugar beet
for feeding purposes and if it can be
demonstrated that the vegetable is
adapted to our soil it is not at all im
probable that in the near future
Plattsmouth may be the homo of a
great sugar p ant. It will cost our
farmers very little to experiment along
this line and it may be a forerunner of
a great amount of good.
Surprlne on Mr. Jtrown.
The cosy home of Mr. and Mrs.
Logan Brown on North Fourth street
was the scene of a delightful and well
planned surprise, in honor of Mr.
Brown's thirtieth birthday. The even
ing was spent playing progressive
high five until late. Mrs. Harvey
Holloway assisted Mrs, Brown in
caring for her guests. The honors
wore won bv Mrs. Will Coolidge and
Mrs. John Schulhoff. Those present
were Mr. and Mrs. Henry Tartsch,
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Barker, Mr. and Mrs.
John Schulhoff, Mr. and Mrs. Will
Coolidge, Mr. and Mrs. Will Tippens,
Mr. and Mrs. Will Schmidtmann, Mr.
and Mrs. Harvey Holloway, Mr. and
Mrs. Harry Green, Mr. and Mrs. Will
Clements, Mr. and Mrs. August Rein
hackle, Mrs. O'Brien and MissMarie
A Pleasing Concert.
The concert given by Mr. Tucker at
the Presbyterian church last evening
was very good indeed, the room was
well filled and the audience appreci
ative. Mr. Butler's organ solos were
extremely fine, and he is deservedly
popular wherever he appears. Mr.
Tucker, though a young man, has al
ready developed much originality and
strength both as a pianist and vocalist.
His best number was the "Toreador
Song" Mrs. Cook has a lovely voice
of great depth and purity and her ren
dering of Vannah's "Cradle Song"
was a beautiful example of vocal ex
pression. Miss Eugenia Getnerhasa
sympathetic voice and ber singing is
characterized by a delicacy which was
especially noticed in "Violets," a
charming English song. Mr. Butler
and Mr. Tucker are both brilliant ac
companists aDd added much to the
vocal numbers of the program.
Malignant Diphtheria.
The number of deaths at Murray
and vicinity has created much com
ment and no little alarm. Several
people say the disease is none other
than malignant diptheria. People
cn not be too careful, as a spread of
this dangerous disease means many
deaths. Two cases with similar sym
ptoms to the Murray cases have proven
fatal here.
A Sensational Damage Snit.
W. Li. Craxton and wife of Omaha
have begun suit in the district court
against Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Minor of
North Platte, in which the plaintiffs
seek to recover $5,000 damnges for
defamation of character. MattGering,
the Plattsmouth attorney, is dragged
into the case in the petition filed by
the plaintiffs. Craxton is an Omaha
train dispatcher and his wife has been
in North Platte at intervals receiving
treatment from a local physician.
Fremont Tribune.
Sending: In Gold.
New Yokk, March 29. The Pro
duce Exchange bank has taken $200,
000 in gold for import. Additional
gold engagements have been an
nounced by L. von Hoffman & Co., of
$250,000 by the Bank of British North
America, $500,000;. by Kuhn, Loeb &
Co., $500,000; L. Freres, $1,125,000, and
by Heidelbach, Ickelheimer & Co.,
Two Well Known Statesmen
talked for months, from a front porch
and a rear end of a car. Perhaps the
use of Foley's Honey and Tar will ex
plain why they could do this, without
injury to their vocal organs. It is
largely used by speakers and singers.
Smith & Parmele.
W KDN l.sli Y
MrH. N. II. Iblnjll i.- quite sirk.
Jomjph TlL'ho of Oiualut is in town.
Wm. Holly was in tlo: n:. I mm .1 i -.
C. S. I'olK ni'ide a living I ri p to Oai i
ha thin a. in.
Miss Cora Alexander w:ss t.ra ns-iet-ing
businoHS in Omiihu today.
r.dwuru 1 n bornky, ol i I a vo too c , w :t s j
in tho city on business tod.-.y. j
Fred Clark and wife of Union took
dinner at Hotel do (Juthman today. !
Dar Johnson returned from a bus
iness visit at Vetiiig Water tod ay.
E. C. Strode, an attorney of Lincoln,
is in l'latUmouth today on bu-ine-H.
Eil Fitzgerald is driving a handsome
pal' of blacks to his hack to d iv, a
recent purchase.
Fricko &, Co's store i o:u is urnler-
going a nuinder of repairs and be-ino; '
nicoley decorated. j
Uisti ict court held a short s v-inn j
this afternoon to hear an argum-jiit in I
tho case, of Otto vs Stull. j
Mr.). Durkeo, wife f tho as-istant
general auditor of the, 15. A: M. i t
Omaha, is in tho city today the eu;-t
of Mrs. D. S. Guild.
A few Hash iiglit pictures were
taken of tho people in attendance at
tho surprise party on Jake liei .-oa at
Mr. Isboll's Saturday night.
Mrs. W. II. Hearing, Mrs. Myron
Clark, and Mrs. Ston'oi borough were
visitors at Weeping Water ye-'e; day
and dined at Mrs. Dr. Hiiii'ra'.e's.
Tho Plattsihout h Driving P.-. rk as
sociation .has pold its rial est;ito to
Sain'l Patterson. Tho conVnlorniion
named in the transfer being -l, (':.
The street ('leaning brigade did
some good work with the lire hi;.-;-; on
the lower Main street pavement today
which has been out of siyht, for a
Monte Streight is on tho si.'.'; list.
today though on duty at t tie g.'i.e .'.I
delivery window. From tho appear
ance of his upper lip wo might infer
he has had a bite.
Now subscribers to the ICvoning
NEWS continue to come in which
shows that the public appi eoini. s a
legitimate newspaper which prints j
the ne vs every day in the weeli.
Judge Ramsey discharged th,; ju: y j
again this morning until topion c .v.
The jur' will not be. di.-ehared ti,i
week but will be held over a p r'. ion
of next week for the trial of the stale
vs. Chas. Good.
John Rennie telegraphed his folks
here hist night from his home in Min
nesota, that iio had undergone an
operation for appendicitis and was
getting along nicely, feeling certain
of an early and complete recovery.
Ihe funeral of J. Leborsohl's litt.e
daughter, who died Mot day morning
of malignant sore throat, eccurred this
morning at the Bohemian Cathoiie
church in this city. There was u
large attendance of friends of the
Joe Gray, foreman in the rouid
house received a bid cut on the tight
side of the face this afternoon from a
side rod of an engine. He was patched
up by a physician and will not be
seriously discommoded from the bump.
A ccording to the court house records
Theodore lieim, a Louisville farmer,
loaned $9,000 on Cass countv real estnto
last week. Mr. IJeim is one of the
farmers who has made his money on
the farm, every dollar of it, and not
by speculation.
H. C. Dondore, representing Geo.
C. Murphy & Co., of E st Liverpool,
Ohio, was in tho city today looking
for a building in which to open an
exclusive glass and queersware stove.
He went to Omaha by the afternoon
train but will return in a few days.
Frank Davis, a popular salesm-n
with Herold & Sons, has resigned his
position, to take effect tomorrow, and
has accepted a posit'on at Denver
Colorado. Many friends will rcgr.-t
to see Mr. Davis leave Plattsmouth,
hut wish him well in his new fields.
Wm. Edgerton is in Omali a.
Look out for tho fool man tomorrow,
Geo. Hansen of Nehawka is in town.
Mrs. D. S. Guild is spending the dty
in Omaha.
Mrs. C. E. Wescott wns an Omaha
visitor today.
Mrs. Loss Graves is quite ill at her
home near Morse HlulY.
W.J. Hesser was trai. sating busi
ness in the metropolis today.
Attorney A. L. Timblin returned to
Weeping Water this afternoon.
John Boetel and family departed
today for Sumner county Kansas.
H. R. Lessel, of U nion, visited tins,
the best town in Nebraska today.
Mrs. S. P. Holloway is in Omaha
visiting her nephew for a few days.
Wechbach & Co. had the first straw
berries of the season on sale today.
F. E. White and wife and daughter
were visiting in the metropolis today.
The river is said to bo lower than it
has been for years at this time of year.
Attorney Russell of Weeping Water
was here today looking after legal af
fai'i. S. G. Coglizer and J. A. Hayes, two
Weeping Water citizens are in town
on biz.
Miss Helen Tolliff who has been
quite ill from tonsilitis is very much
improved today.
D. S. Guild came home frem his
Chicago trip. He looks smiling and
pleasant as ever.
Miss Dora Moore and cousin, Miss
Jessie Oldham, are in Omaha seeing
what they can see.
'iv b ,.t- in
s ilii tl.e
,a : '
i r . ' :
of iny
(f tl,..
. ,i : !!
i ! c 1 1 1 r t n i i i t
llrl v - to i -
; do . V. !, V..- t.
da v. r. .'. a : i i .. ;;
-; i.i Oo
:'.-!. !.!! I.
: "
y -s
o ..!;, n.'. r-1
l.oi D
U .- i-iiv 1
1 :
s la
O it, - f; ; I lU
by the M. 1".
C. .1. II .oii.l'M-
o'ping V;ttr
w;- in thv -i;y toil.-:y l"o'v,ti"; after
i ciii't mi-!! - in v. hie'i ho. i J 5 !;' -
( Th ,..,..,. ,;( ,J(i th T(m Hick-
, j t-1 y ' tolay to Oliver (Jilson.
I'latt-niouth i-o.-.l e.-la'o U no longer a
drug on tho market.
Mi-is iihe-da, the magician ho s pen t
two y'-ars in India, is with Manager
Mo.Mui'en ad vej-t.i-ing a novelty in
ha: dk iv hief.s '-l Morgan's.
'j ho 1 dies Aid society f the Chris
tian church ne i't at the home f
Mis. Aiu.a t,V rrigan, Frid ty, Aprii 1.
A good at '. end a e : i -. d'-i i c 1.
M '.-4 Vi.d.i S; i. e:, departed thi-
li,or,. i.;g ft)' I.e. ho.' I. KaS., for a V'.rdt
Willi her piare,'-:. Tne Semi- Weekly
.Ni.'.VS 1 i l-'.KA 1. 1) v id f'd
Ull! !! 1-
g a n e:To'-t to became
! s' r'n tl v in , tr t)oi
n .
Tiiey arc pre-
! p iring to or n.'. ; ;. bra-. band a nd a
! a'.l !ub. Now if tliey would g-t
out a hv-i; ball t -:iin tlieir g'ory would
ho oom)!'j?'
John S. her;', who i i quite an ariist
wi:h Ihe i;ii t. o'U-!i, is decorating
th"; loh I'.'.u
Si or. . in ii n 3
the !ri:uo;e
F. (.:.
1 1
1 1 w i i! bv; one ot
nio in town v, hen
t and nti.rl-'in-
e i .
is. !;lo d:
g il'i ,l n
::.: o; i":
1 1
: , - C
r. n en le ! ta i u li.en t
.) . .Mofg.iii'j siiow
e' iiwd of cil v. o.s on
; the p O'io: o'.i ne'e.
i II
I t o ; t
i V la:
. 1 I i H
1 :
' i ;
a :
ill! t
v i- d thai the
t all, ! u'. that
i rr.-' a re 1 go
; ri --ill-" ;:iid
e :.r
h, s
i . v. w
es ..u it ably i f
ii id n ol h i'i. ':
i i y
t i ; e
' ;tanuii;rm "
ii ; p i' n
. -t
to th
port ' d r
i nigs.
L. J".
y ' . W (hi
il r i- ht v.
'J"no hose is )'e
1 i i. o eo'.o.'-
f I.l-u o!n, the
i ra vei iog
oi for i h t it i-1 h liter Pane r
town today ami bought a.
m c'ti'.i.o o- v his w ! for
j Co., was in
.'. . - - h ;.:
j '.vo'. i: h - p
i l! e e-.l-.-rp
to . ! r
t.f tie
Stia O' ,
' com ,j. n v .
An bnaoa jury
verdieL of guiity
Utn t a . at.-, s a.
e i. a ' go,: w i i h the
p. audi n money b
Tuesd.iy .''iv ir ok d a
i'i t.;e c,ie of Ike
ai O. II. Fiicn,
t-mb. v:. lu oil of t he
'in giog 'o .loon ii.
v h a 111 il'i. Id 1 sol oil- V
for whom
Fitch vv.-.s grua rii ia n.
M,- -.. ,ldu Murray, livit g n ar Eight
Mile Gro e. i- sto ii.u iy id, si.nd fears
aro e .to-t-iifi'd that siie cannot re
cover. Dr. j i i mo e is in atti-ndanee
with D". (hoirim.ns of this city in cor.
su'tation. V,',-ti.'t aiav she was in con
vulsions a:,d siiti'eteil inteu.-eiy.
Z T. Drown, who some time ago
visited Colorado. Wyoming and Utah
in scaro-h of a loenti.-ri where 'no e u'.d
imptaue Ids health, is back in Platts
mouth again. He lias not yet decided
as to whether he will move west or
not. Mr. Drown is still sutlering from
a very sore hand caused fr- m lead
Ed. Fickler, of TTay Springs, was in
town today and mado a pleasant call
on tiio 1- V i 1-e. still traveling
for tho Grinnell G'ovo company and
makes no secret t.-f the- fact that pros
perity is abroad in tho land and that
business is better than it has been
for four years, if ho did vole f' r
Bryan. As further evidence of all
rou; d pros-net ity Ed. says he has a
new boy at his housj that's a clippor.
The NkWs. st ited that Theodore
lieim, our neighbor farm-'. r at Coiiege
Hill, ha-.. i'Oaaed . ' 0 or. Cas- eounty
fai ra land, whieii ir-oney Mr. Ileim
ma le whio li ir.g on a fat in. Yes,
Mr. He i in is well-to-do, ho cold his
horro la. in iateiy for the above amount,
but Mr. Ueiiu itad the w here with when
he la' de;i in Cas Couniy years ago lo
buy and stoc.i his farm with money
ho brought with htm f-.oai xViseoasin.
It was dilTereot with iao.-t of the far
mers then, they bought their land on
times and everything eiso the same
way and had a hard struggle to keep
tee shos ill' awav. C. S.
Anotlu-r lis at.'i At. Murray
Nerval tho 1 1-year-e-ld son of Mr.
and Mrs. V. A. Koanedy, died at tho
parents homo ia Mm rav last evening
at o:4o. It will he remembered that
several U ys a:ro t'ie News contained
an item to the effect that an operation
had been performed upon tho throat
of the little fe'l-.v while suffering from
membraneous croup. n incision was
made in the f rachao and a silver tube
inserted tov.tford the sufferer tempor-
r.ry relief anl ' prevent the child
struggling fi'-'in the croup. The oper
ation in itself was suecesful but the
boy was later seiz-.d with lung fever
faira wtiich he was a sufferer but a few
days. The funeral will oeeir tomorrow-
at 11 o'cioik from tho Presbyter
ian church ia .MuiT iv.
I desire to attest to trie mrits of
Chamberlain's Cough Rjmedy as one
of ill.- mo-'i valuable and efficient
prepat at son on th- market. It broke
an exceed ngly dangerous e ugh for
me in 24 hours, and i n gr a titudu t h et e
f or. I desire to inform you that I will
never- be without ittand you sHeu'd feci
proud of the high esteem in which
your Remedies are held ay people in
general. It is. the one. rein -dy among
ten ttou-and. Success to it. O. R.
Downey, Editor Democrat, Albion,
Iud. For sale by all dru-jgists.
You should know that Foley's noney
ami Tar is absolutely the best remedy
for all diseases of the Threat, Chest or
Lungs. Dealers are authorized to
guarantee it to give satisfaction in all
cases, Smith & I'armele.
v , an
Destitute AlUitipl-, to n Ik-iK-iaeN'r.
coiii.Dx i siAXD i;;.(oi'L!:nv
Ami lKi-rt l A Mmlit Itii n a
ouil Ifimit'tii ill ill Slr;niK' l'mllii
f !l I.H hll It H ,H- h Itun
Hivny Tf:im l(OOi'l
Tu';si!ay evening a hoy about fifteen
yoars of age called at the home of If
' ). Day, a shop liviig in t tit
southern part of Hi city and put up a
f or row fill tale. He A'as somewhat
deformed in body, though seemingly
all right in mind, shabbily dresseo
and bore unmistakable evidence of
having bumped up against adversity
in no limited degree. He gave his
name as I'i tze'e raid, claiming th it lo
A-asa relative of Ed Fitzgerald, (whieii
was ialse) the livoryma'i, and said that
he had called upon llu for assistance,
but. ia ci. ived no f t)cuun:;'im jnt and no
aid. Mr. and Mrs. Hay's li i arts were
touched by too pinched face, the
shrunken (oi in, the Littered garment
and the well-lormed story ol the boy
a::d dei id, 1 to take him in for a lime,
at least, and, if tin-re v-ais any thl a g in
him, wou.d exert their iniluenco and
their mi tins to help on in the
lie was accordingly taken into the
boaom of tho family, given a good,
.varm tupiiur, a comfortable bed and
dressed in a bran new suit of eiothe.-,
which Mr. Bay purchased for him.
Yesterday morning Mrs. Jiiy to d the
boy to put on seinu O.d ciolhes at.d do
some work about the heuse. Ho uid
so. and uorkt d well until aftor dinr.ei .
i;ien,woen the lady's back was turned
fi-r a t-r of spell, tho young charity
object gatliered up the new suit and train; s as speedily as possible for
tho bridge. Mrs. Lay wen I. to tuo
shops and informed her husband that
their young protege had lied and with
lorn the new suit of clothes, which
was intended for a mother of Mrs.
Hay in ca-e toe hoy proved uav rthy
their conlidenee and aiu. Mr. Bay
crossed the bridge last overling- arm
found the boy carrying wa:er for the
fill gang at the east, end. He sac
c eded in recover i . g ihe clolhes and
U ft the young in grate to shift for
It would have hi en it any. many
days befo: e this- bit ad c. st uji-'ii thi:
wat.irs would iiavo retLotied, il b ft
to its e in se.
An I.'inisintl I'l-iM't-t-iiini.
Ilamm -r vs Cogliz r. suit against a
constable for not levying an execution
had a funny ending in di-trict c. urt
today. Tile ca-e was set for ttial this
me.i-t;iag at (J o'cioci-; and A. L. Tim
b in attorney lor the defendant was on
hand piomptly with his witnesses who
ha I come in the. night before from
Weeping Water. After waiting for a
time for the piaintili and his attoi ney,
A. M. Ru-seli, to app -ar, a jury was
impanneled. Mr. Timblin read plain
tiffs petition, then read his own ans
wer which was a general denial, that
placed the burden of proof ail on the
plaint iff. Tiwe re being no witnesses to
testify, defendant's attorney asked the
court for instructions to the jury to
bring in a verdict for the defendant.
The court so instructed, and while
the verdict was being arranged, in
came Attorney Russell with his client.
He looked on until the verdict was
handed up and read, then he tiied to
stop tho proceedings, but Judge Ram
sey indicated that Cass county could
not pay jurors to sit and wait for
lawyers, and he prtinptly entered up
judgment for the defendant. After
Mr. Timblin had won his case the
members of the tar had a good 'augh
over the unusual proceedings, and
each attorney died up and congratu
lated the attorney with a hand-hake.
Col. Russell was not in a very amiable
frame of mind and f. tiled to see any
thing funny in the proceedings. He
will know next time that when a case
is set by the court for 0 o'eioek-that
t) o'clock is what is meant.
l!air!n-Hilt ii Kscaiie,
"YfT.ere duty cal's or danger be
never wa nting there'" is a motto long
since ad p'e l by Milo If ; iggs and he
never allows an opportunity io pa Sis
without showing h:s faith by hrs works.
His latest daring deed was performed
this morning in front of his lonsorial
parlors in stopping a runaway team
which started to move ell' down Main
street at a lively gait, having been
left untied. Mr. Briggs was standing
on the sidewalk soliloquising on the
vicissitudes i f being a middle of the
roader when he saw the frightened
steei's coming down the middle ef the
road toward him. Yf ith a valorous,
and daring heroism surprising in one
so youcg, Milo threw oil" his coat, spit
upon his h'inds and with one agile
hound he soring to the re.-cue and
stopped the half-frightened, ha. -moving
animals thus siving perhaps a
number of broken "'felloes," a para
lyzed "'longue." a broken neck-yoke
and possibly considerable other dam
age to man and beast. His acrobatic
girations were so neatly ana quickly
performed as to call out the admira
tion and the phaudiTs of the bystanders.
Mi'o gracefully acknowledged the
compliments and retired to the shop
to quiet his nerves and get the hair to
ie down on the top of his head. Can
didly it was a neat and daring per
formance but Mr. Bviggsis too modest
to ; d mi t it.
I!arl nnl Soft Coal.
John Waterman is sole agent for
the famous Mendota soft coal. Also
carries the best grades of hard coal,
woof, lumber, laths, shingles, lime,
cement, etc. If you are going to
build, it will pay you to see Water
man. Office at the rear of Water
man block on Fifth street.
1 he Ciiiinly Imtltlltr.
.- pi'i f 's! i iv J" "idi-in e.
W i : i : i i'u Watf.u, Net., Murtb,
."it. If th) first day of thu county insti
tute was a success, t he second was even
more so. .Vr. Skinner's work in tho
Spoor method in arithmetic, having a
cirss of primary pupils with which to
work. In reading-, ho used tho
little folks to illustrate his work of
interpreting "hinti," or fleets.
Dr. King's work in tho forenoon
was confined to tone culture to bring
out the sounds of tho various vowels
and consonants.
Tho afternoon was given to Dr. King
and Captain Eli. Tho Dr. kept his
audience in good humor mid yet made
some very telling points. He dwelt
upon the tones of oice used io expres--ing
mere knowledge, b cling and will
Captain E'l is a jolly M,d tar, having
spent many years in tho whale fish
eries. Ho told about tho capture of
t he great sperm whale. This lecture
was something unique and yet very in
s! rue live.
Instead of tho regular evening lec
ture, tho teachers had p. reception rind
social last evening. Music, refresh
ments and recitals by Dr. King were
the principal features.
Last evening tho teachers were
given a reception at the Congrega
tional church. Music, refreshments,
fun and frolic were tho order of tho
This afternoon Mrs. Stoutenborough
of I'latismouth will talk to tho teach
ers on the subject of Ethics. This
evening thero is to be a lecture by
I'rof Barbour of the stato university.
Superintendent V. R. Jackson, of
Lincoln, was here last evening. He
says the educational exhibit at Omaha
this summer is to bo grand.
llii;h lliiiiileil Jtohhery.
B. L. Ktrkham, the Jouneral man,
always a hustler, is getting a double
action on himself today to buy the
baby a dro-s, himself a new bhirt and
suuury and divers other articles cf
wearing apparel, too numerous to
mention, but in nowise too numerous
for the average newspaper man's pock
et took, thank you. List evening
while Iho family washing was waving
in the even iug breezes from the saiu
famiiy clothes line, some fiend in
carnate, without the tear ot man or
l .ve of other people's babiua in his de
generate heart, stealthily and willi
mauce aforethought, entered the
fami.y dooryard and appropriated the
eoveted family washing to his own uso
in our code, robbing tho newepaper
man of his last snirt is high treason
while robbing tne newspaper man'b
babies is an unpardonable sin. Mr.
ivirkham pretends to have the laugh
on tho robber, to somo extent, how
ever, by contending that ho has another
iiit, but we ate from Missouri.
'1 lie lif liff Work.
Funds for tho Cuban sufferers are
coming in daily and the total contii
Dution by Saturday wiil amount to at
least a car load not a small car, but
a 4o,000 pounder. The committee has
now 2S.00U pounds and the fund will
easily be swelled to the amount stated
above. It is always easy to touch the
generosity and loosen the purse
strings of Plattsmouth people, and tho
present laudable cause is no exception.
Wi.ile neighboring towns are making
vigorous efforts to raise a car load of
provisions and apparently not meeting
with the best of success, Plattsmouth
will win out in her undertaking with
h inds down. The contributions con
sist of flour, bacon, corn meal, oat
meal, beans, etc. If you have not do
nated to the cause you should do so at
Veterans to Man Interior I'osts
Utica, N. Y., March 2S. A letter
from the department commander of
the Crjmd Army of the Republic,
Colonel A. D. Shaw, to Secretary of
War Alger, suggests that in casa ol
need the veterans he could put into
the field could be used to man stations
vhere fedei al troops are now located
that all regulars might be free for use
at the front in case of war. This
would obviate the necessity of holding
regulars rt such places as Buffalo,
Sr.cketts Harbor, Plattsburg, etc.
Secretary Alger thanks Colonel Shaw
for his offer and says he is much inter
ested in the suggestions, but hopee
the future turn of events may make it
unnecessary to adopt it.
Dr. .Marshall, Graduate Dentist.
Dr. Marshall, fine gold work.
Dr. Marshall, gold and porcelain
Dr. Marshall, crown and bridge wot k
Dr. Marshall, teeth without plates.
Dr. Marshall, all kinds of fiilings.
Dr. Marshall, all kinds of plates.
Dr. Marshall, perfeot fitting plates.
Dr. Marshall, all work warranted.
All the latest appliances for first
class dental work.
A man stands on chance of being
eb cted to tne mayorship of a city unless
he enjoys the confidence and esteem of
his neighbors. Geo. V. Humphrey is
the popular mayor of Swanton, Ohio,
and under Oate of jan. 17, 1896, he
writes as follows: "This is to certify
to our appreciation of Chamberlain's
Cough Semedy, My family and
neighbors hive tested it, and ew
know it is an excellent remedy for
coughs and colds. GEORGE W.
Humphrey," Sold by all druggists.
On the morning of Feb. 20, 1895, I
was sic e with rheumatism, and lay in
bed until May 21st, when I got a bottle
of Chamberlain's Pain Balm. The
first application of it relieved me al
most entirely from the pain and the
second afforded complete relief. In a
short time I was able to be up and about
again. A. T. Mokeaux, Luverne,
Minn. Sold by all druggists.
Seed 1'otatoes.
For sale fine early rose, early'Ohio
and other choice seed potatoes at
A. H. WECKItACn & Co's.
Notice of Sialc.
I a tlio .list t ii t emu I el '.i i i .null , N, I a ik.i.
I It-iiry v. ft til,
'1 tic latiri-n I'.. ink .f
I'i.ittMiiimilli.Ni-b.. i t al.
N.itiif i i lictcliv nive ii uu, I. a ne I hv mi
tne el tin- ili Of i.l On: IP,i. .t ii-a I. eil -liiiii-.L-v.
lmli;i- ol tlicUi lo t i ,,.ii t . in re i.- oi
luiaiaiy L'wili, A. I, in ,i s,m , i, I i i: in
the district taunt . :i luiiulv. ,rl a a. .i,
w lien-in I Iftuy I-ikriiliHi v ft al, i - .1 a i m i It . .a in J
1 lie I Itifiis i.l f'l.tttMiinutli. .Ncl't.t k.i,
ft a I. ilf Ie in lunt .. a in I lin Ii ili-i i if unified and
directed tlio incivcr i f the -aid i,.iiik. innl.-r
if: tied, to pubic h I'U Unity ,la .in, I tlnn-ili
tin; real c s; a to lei dc-" i iticl 1 l,.i I m t
suant tn said ui-li-r ttif n n,!t-i -ii'm-'t n-i i i v i uiii
till the 'Jlsl day id M.iitli. A. I at In n !., k
a. in. at the smith dom id the i mil t Ii ,u f In Un
fit y cl Plat t sin i u tli. t a-,-, i u id v . .N in a s -i ulli-i
loi sale the InlliiwitiK di-si i il,i-,l land, w: I in
nuitliWfst iiaittr .'iil --ft I mil i inliti-i-ii
I H j, the MiuthwfSt iiiailii ',l id fit
.seven T. the west liaitlW',1 n tin- suiil tn-.i-I
tiiartci l 1'. J ul st i mi t-ii i I. the in uiii
f.ivt quarter (Nl-.'il "t t'ie smiOn-a I i,i.,u,i
I l-o i set tn. n seven , I in- nnilOM-d iti.ulia
I .NW4 ul the southwest quailt I SU 'i ul m -t
inn f iht H ) nil in tovMi-lui eitVfiill limit,
iiiiikc Imiitet n ll. m t a-,s county. Ne
braska, heme; a pait ol the as els ul
said Citizen liank, s,bjrit. In hi,
liens and iniamihi am e. At said sat- Inds will be
tect'lved e llhf r lor t ash. in nut less than 1 .'. "
tonditiullcii that the pin, hase i n e shall be a
plied upon the. pi nil ol t la mis unit entitled In
dividends, the hleOiest ol whlili bids on e.u h
class ill be reported tn the roui I lui duet lunis.
v. hi, h nf said bid - will be ai t e pit d.
Dated this luih day of 1'ebiu iiy. IK'.
Cmaki l.s t;. I akmi a i .
As Receiver of 'I he l Uie:is Hank ul l'laits
niouth, Nebraska.
liyion Clark, Attorney.
.Notice of I'lililiialiuii.
John M. Kiser, l'laintlil I
vs. ,
John Kiser. John .
Amick and l.auia A. (
Amide, his wile, and j
l'.sther h. I teller, tie-
tendants. J
I he ilelendaiits, Julni Riser. John W . innk
and I. aura A. Amick, his wile, and l-.siln i
Heller, will take liulue that on the aid iia ol
1-ebiuaiy, lM's, Juiiu M. Kiser. planilill. lued lir
pet il ion in the ilisli act cum t ol lass email . Ne
braska, against John Kisei , J ului . A in n a. and
I .aura A. Amick, his wile, and liei r. i ei .t i ,
the object and prayer ol winch aie to have. i
certain quit claim need which was made l J,,l,n
Kiser, deleiidan tin this sun, who bad no line,
rinht or aulhm ity w halsoevei , and iicr.iaed i i her -Si. I letter delendant in tins siul.oiilh.
follow Injf descrilied leal est.ile, to wit.
lieK'niiuin at a puna -.i t .-.ent y-th 1 1 -e
feet west ol the south - east ' c'oinei
of lot nuinbc-r c-iKhl btoi k nuiiibei six! v Ice
l')-l in the city ot Weeping Watei, a ., tuiiiii),
Netnaska, and running thence noilti sisly live
Ilia) feet, thence w est Ivv ent j one I -1 ; h et.t neni i
south sixty live I'M) leet, and thence as I I ii cut ) -one
(l)leei. to the point ol l,c4iiuu, set as.,K
and declared null and void, ami the elm., I upon
the title ol plaiulilt, caused theieby icin-'Vc -a, an.,
fur iudioucul lor costs in this suit, and lm . ni l,
other leliel as jus I ice and equ it y iua t epu o e.
I ou are required lo ansuci this pei,i,ou on oi
belore the day ol Maich, I sum.
Dated i'c-biuary 7, I mi.-., John M. 'i i.k,
liy M. r), lingK-Si lil attorney.
Probate Notice.
In tlie County com t u Cass count y, Nebraska.
In the niaitc-i ul the .hi, ,a .U;ie,l.
dinilli, an inc'onipeleiil pc-isou. low hoiu a in,,)
Concc-in: Nonce is hereoy given lo lne sal .
Allies K. riiiillll, lincolupeleni, lo l.n ,n. .smith.
guardian, ami to ail oiher peisous lnicac.-.u o,
mat Oeoi ge. .In lines tiled lie em 1 eli. 1 1, le.i-s, ,,
pelluuii aneeinu among ollici nungs mat he i .
Muretyon Ihe u,,nd ol the s.uo M. riu.l,,, unit
nei liter the said I'.il M . tan uh nm an ol ni , pie
decessoiu, as guardian ul said incompetent, nave
ever made a sci I lenient with the emu I oi pi una e,
lhat Oy reason ol alleged negligence, tneie
is danger ol liaoiiiiy lo lne waiu on said I,., no.
1 eluiuiier plays that Al. mioii iua i,,
cited to appear in county court ami u inl, i a lu.i
account in said premises: i hai pei.inmei he
discharged liiini lialniily upon said nmnl; i Inn
the saia ,M. stmilii be letiunetl lo luinisua
new bona, or. in deiaull llieieol s.tnl - mill,
be removed from his irusl a.? guai.lian and mat
tuother be apponile.l in his p,a, e; U, I the ac
counts on lne he settled and approved ana lot
other equitable and proper icljcl in the pteinise .
V oil are hereby nuldied that a liciu,ir vv,l he
had on said petition March JJnd, lsiis, ,,i ;.' o cio k
p. in., and Unit il you bin m appear upon s.uo
date and contest said petition, me conn may
grant the prayer ol said petition and n.awe such
other and further orders, allow antes and de: i . cs
as to thiscourl may seem iioei in Ihe piemises.
ltness my hand and Ihe seal ol said court.
at i'latismouth, .ebraska, mis, the 1st day ,d
March, A. D. ls'.ii.
GiiiiKi.i: M. ti-i m.oi k,
(Seal) County Judge.
Lliuttfl ilortg;.igf Siil.
Notice is tiereljy triven that bv virtue of a
chattel mortgage, dated on tho Mud day ul June,
itoi, and duly lileu in the olhce ol the
clerk ol Cass county. Nebraska, on ihe .lid day oi
June, ls'J7, ami executed by J. .-5. Cuod to i . .
Davis, to secure the pay men l d si- v en I y 11 v e dol
lars, with interest thereon from the 1st day ol
June, ls!y7, at the rate ol ten per cent per annul, ,
from said day, and upon whidi there is now urns
Jnd day ol February, lslii due the sum ol in lo.
lOclauil having been made 111 the payment ol
said sum, and no suit or other proceeding al law
having been instituteu 10 recover said debt, or
any part thereol, lln-retoie, 1 will sen the
property therein described lo wit: J h tec Ii I tlis
interest in twenty-live acres ot corn on tiie west
hall ol the northwest quarter ol section Hi 111
town 1 1, range 13, Cass county, Nebraska, winch
corn is divided, picked and cribbed 011 tne south
west quarter ol section la, in town 11, range l.i,
Cass county, Nebraska, and amounts to about
i'-io bushels, at the crib and hi ihe crib at said
place 111 Rock binds precinct, in Cass county, on
the -1st day ot March. 1:'. at the hour ol lu
o'clock a. 111., to satisfy said debt, with the cosls
of advertising, caring lor and soiling said prop
erty. 1, v'. i)A as.
luesday, .March J, 1K8
Legal Notice.
In the district court of Cass county, Nebraska.
In the matter ol the estate of John b. liolmes,
This cause came on for hearinir udou the neti-
tion of f-rank M. Voting, as adm.nistrator ot tht-
estateoIJoan b. Holmes, deceased, and the re
turn ol said administrator to the lornier license
issued herein, and application ot said adminis
trator for an alias license to sed the southwest
quarter of the southwest quarter ol section l.i, 111
town 2. range si-, in 1-urnas county, Nebraska, to
pay the debts of said estate in the sum ol &J,:.
and the costs of administrating said estate, there
not being sulhcient personal property to pay
said deb;s and costs ol administration.
it is, therefore, ordered that a.i uersons inter
ested in said estate appear before me at the olhce
of the clerk of the district court 111 the court
hou-e in Fiattsmouth on the J'ilh day of April,
lsW, at 2. o'ciock p. in., to show cause why an
alias license siiouid not be granted to said ad
ministrator to sell so much ol the above des
cribed real estate of said deceased as shau be
necessary to pay said debts and expenses.
It is further ordered tiiat notice ol sai 1 appli
cation and of the making of tins order be ;. iv en
ail parties interested in said estate by puo.i.-hing
a copy of tins order for lour successive v.eeKs be
lore the day ot hearing in the emi-VvceK.y
Dated thisfcth day of March. 1KH.
b.AsiL Kamsky,
Judge of the District Court, second Judicia, Dis
trict. Sheriff's Sale.
By virtue of an order of sale issued by Geo. F.
House rtorth, clerk of tiie district court, within
and for Cass county, Nebraska, and to 11, e di
rected, I will on the ;th day of Aprii. A. I, 1 o'clock p.m. of said day at tiie south d ,or
of the court house in tt.e city of I'.att.-.moiaii, .11
said county, sell at public auction, to the high
est bidder for cash, the follow in;; real estate, to
wit: The no; tiieast quarter n e 1 1 j of the south
west quarter s w U J and the norm half fn 1 2 ',1
the southeast quarter s e U ) of section thirty
I Iklj township twelve -LiJ range thirteen b;j
east of the tith p. m. in Cass county, Nebraska.
Together with the privileges and appurtenances
thereunto belonging or in anywise appertaining.
'Ihe same being levied upon and taken as tne
property of Leonard C. W. Murray and Ke Mecca
A. Murray, defendants, to satisfy a judgment
and decree of said court recovered by K. (j.
Dovey & bon, cross petitioners against said de
fendants in the case of May N. Martin vs. Leon
ardo. V. Murray et al togetiier with tne privil
eges and appurtenances thereunto belonging or
in anywise appertaining, i he same being levied
upon and taken as the property of Leonard C.
W. Murray and Rebecca A. Murray, defendants
to satisfy a judgment of said court recovered by
the said li. ij. Dovey & son as afuresa.d, against
said detendaneS.
Flattsmoutn, Nebraska, March 26. A. D. 1'.'S.
Sheriff, Cass County, Nebraska.
By J. D. McBnde, Deputy,
K. b. Windham Attorney for K. G. Dovey i: Son.
Notice to L'rf'ilitors.
State of Nebraska,
County of Cass. J
In the matter of the estate of Henry Stoll, de
ceased. Notice is hereby given that the claims and de
mands of all persons against Heory .toil.
deceased, late of said county and state. wiiiLe
received, examined and aljusted by tiie county
court at the court house in Fiattsaiouth, on the
itnh day of September A. D., lH's at y o'clock in
the forenoon. And that sx months from and
alter the llith day "of March, A D.. Is:, is
time limited for creditors of sai a deceased to
present their claims for examination and allow
ance. Given under my hand and seal this jilst
day of February A. D-. lstis.
rsea- Gkorge M. Spurlock.
J County J u,Jte.
.SlierifTs hale.
By virtue of an order of sale issued by George
F, Houseworth, clerk of the district court, w ithin
and for Cass county, Nebraska, and to nie di
rected, I will on the 2'Sth dav of April, A. D.
I-'.', tit "I o'i lo k p, in. nf rntlil ly Ml II outh
I I , ot th,- oti 1 1 I, -ai r m the 1 it y of I'M It mouth,
III 1 ....1.: . ,-I at p 11 bin: hiii t lull, to I hn lnr h -
I 1 bid h i I ., , 1, 1 In-(,, on mi! n nl -l ma lo-w it :
Ihe 1 10 1 1 1, w 1 -., 1 , iri 1 tl w 1 , I and t he nortli
e t j 11 .1 1 1 -r in.. ,1 o- il w,utlifl qumtrr
t s w ', I n s, 1 lion I,., 1 1 I .1 I t 1 a 1.1 hip twrlva
II I 1 atige I till lei'li I Hi I f asl ol I i,u 1,1 Ii p. ill . Cam
r, ,unl v. Nel.iaxka together Willi lh privlifr
and ,ii.iiiti ii.ini i-n tlieiriiiitu boinuuiiiK or In
anvwi e ap en ainin . J ho namr being It; v Li d
up. n and taken a the plope.ty id I fnnard
I V Miin.iy and Kt beiiii ;. Miin.iy, th tend
ant to ,.,i 1 1- y .1 ,,. I., iii.-n t , ,1 aa id ( out t rn'.nvcrcil
k,v an. ne, U !,,; , as i-ii-i idol id the lant will ami
ti I . 1 1 1 ul i,l ) ,l,n IIimi k, di-i HKfd plail lill, kmi
a )u,lguieiit h i nvc led by the Hunk ulCmi county
tin s pi 1 1 1 lot it-1 ag a i lint km id tic fendunta.
I'latl anouih. .Ni-tii.i-k. Man h A. l. liH.
VV. D. Whhiuk,
Mn-iiil. I'mi County. Nebraska.
Ity I I . Mi 111 ide I if put v.
I ii. mdham. Attorney lor I'lalntifT.
bheriffi Sale.
I ', V vi 1 1 ue ul an onlel ol hhIu llitied by (itnrn
-, 1 1 on sewn t Ii. link ol the di ,ti it t couit, witkln
an I I a I ass loiinty, N-l,iHikM, and to m dl
ii i te l. I will mi the luili day ul Match, A.
I , I, at II n't l.n k a. in. ol Haul day at th
.null, d ,. a ol the i out I house In t lie til V fl I'latta
nioii t h. in s. id i oiint y, ne II at public mil tliill, l
the highest bidder tut cash, tlio lolluWtug tA
eslalt. to- vt II :
l.otsont. and two I and U), In Mock
1 1 . in l ai tei s addition In the city ol Weep
ing atei , I ass count y, Nf branka, together with
the privileges and appui tcnani :c theiciiutu b
loiieuig ui in atiyvv i-.e appui talniiik'. ihe tame
n nig lev n d iipnn and taken the pil-prrtl
ty ol
Iy a
A I a e . ran i i V. f I al. delcudanti. to tll
Jiidgineut ol s.nd Limit lelovt-lfd by I'lillCliN.
I n,-, ,ii . plaint ill, againsl said del end an ta.
i lallstnouth. Neb., 1'eb. IO, A. D.
W. D. Witkkt.ia,
Hieiill, (Jass County, WcLiaika.
By I. I. Mcbri.le. Deputy.
1.. 11. uoley. Attorney for Francis N. Glbeon.
Id'K'ill .Notlci.
In the ihsliit l cnnit of Cass county, Nebraska,
John John on, Jr., by his guar, 1 .iijah V.. i'liilnps,
nil. i M. M, inner ami hus
band, tjeoige J. skinner.
1 h lend,, n Is will take not it c that epon the 14 1 a
day ol 1 1, i t-iubei, A. D. sli,', the plaintiff hied
ins petition in Ihe district couit of Dill CUUIilfi
.., ,,i,i- k.i, the obji-t t and player of which r to
el a-iOe a deed liiim plaintill to deleativat,
i iiia M . s k 1 1 1 1 1 1 i . vv 1 1 it 1 1 pieleudetl to convey lo
iuo 1,1 two Ui in block sixty llueo ft la
ciiy ol Wtepihrf Watei, Cass county, Rebraeiita,
and to :tt aside and annul Haul (feed an4
ie, old II,. or,, I, as il appeals in book ill, page
i ui 1 1 ot in, need icl old ol l a , county, Nebraska,
an I lm an a, t ,,uii ting ot lenls collected by saia
di 1 1 1 i . t . 1 1 and to icvest tlio title ot saul lot la
And I n fmtlier equitable relief you are re
quited to ansvvel said betitioil on or before tha
:.-ili day ol .Man h, A. D. iM.
John Johnson, It.
I',y In s uuatdiaii, l.lijuli 1'.. l'hillips.
Ity Ins al tin ney s, iiy inn Clai k and C. A. Kawls.
Dated 1, In, A. D. 1U7.
Mit rill'M Sule.
by v ii I ue nf an older of sale, issued by Geo. V.
1 1 ni -a-vv oi i h, cleikol tiie distiicl court, within
anil lm i ., couniy, Nebiaska, and to me dl
leite l, 1 wni uu the l.'nili tiay of March, A. D.
is. .-, .it 11 u clock a. in. td said day at Ihe south
tin ,,i ol ll, e t out t house III liiecity ol I'lalli.inouth
In. aid couniy, sell at public an, Hon, to the
hinesl biddei lor cash, the lollowing leal estate
lo -w ll.
Lot loui 1 1 1 in block one I J in -Stiles' addltlea
to Ihe t ity ol riailsliioiilh.l.ass county, Nt biask a,
i,,,,, uu i with me piivneges and apper tenaacea
liieieiinto beioiigtng oi in anywise appertaiaiag;
the same being levied upon anil taken as the f ro
, , il ol John -swob, ul. i. delendant, to hatialf a
judgment ol said cum t lecuveied by Charles C.
laiiueie as leieivi.r nl ihe Ctiicmi bank of
i iaii nioiitii, -ass county, Nebiaska, plaintiff,
again a sanl deleudaiit ami John Keller.
i'lailsiuouih, .Nebiaska, I ebiuaiy ltf A,D.,1HH.
Miei ill, Cass county, Nebiaska.
by J. D. Mi binle, Ucpuly.
llyioii i l.n k , oltoiney lor 1'laintiH .
N alec ir I ikIc bi-iliicna.
1 he I'lallsmouth Water Company, a corpora
1 1-n ot g.iiu.ed under tiie laws ol the state ol Bf e-
,11.1: K.l.
i ne 1'latts iiiotitli S ater (Jornpany hereby
;,ive noiiee ii, ai tne billowing is the bat anal
.onor nl ol all. the existing debts of Maid corpora
lion on the lust day ol i'ebruary, A. I). lHtW,
nau.ej y :
1-iisi mortgage per cent bontls of tlio
vVab i tu., nileiesl payable semi
annually , Oct. 1st and April 1st, 12ri,0UO.0O
Ai , H..1 inieiesi in the same J4,ia.
1 a ... 1.7M.G
i ial 4H0.Vbl.2S
I Ins luiiii i- is given in toinpliance with .Ike
prov isioris ol thajiier I'l ol the compiled slatutM
ol tlie stale ol Nebraska.
Chas. P.. FdJijY, I'resident,
Ili-.NRy M. 1 ia;Miik, 1 reanurer,
1. 11. l'oi.i.oi.K, Secretary.,
l-.dwanl 11. Martin,
i.Ovvaid I'. Alien,
Majoiity oldioard of Directors.
Probate Notice.
In county court, Cass. county, Nebraska.
in inc. matter ol the estate ot Nets C. Aagard,
deceased. Johamic U. Dean, formerly Aagard,
.se.s Cbllonj Aagard, minor, and all other per
sons inieiested in said matter are hereby notified
thai on the U.h clay ol March, lhtiM, J. C Fetersen
me I a petition in said county court, praying that
ins linai adminisiralion accounts hied nereia be
settled and allowed, and that he be discharged
li om Ins ir usl as administrator, and that
lail lo appeal beloie said court on the lath day of
a pi ii, A. ll. Is'ji, at W o c tot It a. in., and contest
said petition, the court may grant, the prayer of
said petition, and make such other and further
oi ders, allow auces and.deciees, as to this court
may scc-m pioper, to the end, that all matters
peitaining to said estate may be finally settled
ami ueleimmcd. Witness my hand and the
seal ol said court at Fiattsmouth, Nebraska,
kins tlie Ist day ol Marcli A. D., WM.
County Judge.
Legal Notice.
In the dissret court of Cass county. Nebraska.
In the mailer ol the estate, ol Nelboa Me
Reynolds, deceased.
j m.s cause came on for hearing upon the pe
tition ot Andrew i'litinan, administrator of the
estate ol Nelson McKeynolds, deceased, praying
lor a license lo seal the southeast quarter (S. k..
) ol section thirteen (lj, township twenty-six
ui) not in, lange forty-nine) ; tiie northeaut Quar
ter (N. L. Jij ot section nineteen (iWj township
twenty-six ian north, raiige.lorty-eightCitj; lu
iiox Uulte county, Nebraska, and tlie west half
i vV ',2i ot the east iiail (L 'f)ol the southeast
quailc-r l.-i. L. ii) ol section eight (8) lu township
urn do, noi ih, range thirteen IliiJ Cass coanty,
Nebraska. 1 lie land, above, described in Cass
county, Nebraska, being subject to a life interest
ol A lniam McKeynolds, or asulflcicnt amount of
the same to bring the sum of, $7 5 for
ineiit ot .debts anowed against said estate, and
tiie costs ol administration, there not being
sulhcient personal property to pay said debts
and expenses.
li is lui tiier ordered that all persons interested
in said estate appear before me at the oftice of
tiie cieik ol the nislnct court ol Cass county, NV
bra ka, on tne th day ot May, A. D. jfcWa, at 2
o Cock p. m. oi said day, and to show cause why
a bcu-e siiouid not be granted to . said adminis
trator to sed so much ol tlie above describedreal
estate oi a.d deceased, as shall .be necessary to
pay a.d debts and expenses.
Service of this order shad be by publication in
the M-.Mi-Vv i-lkly N i-.w s-llfcRALU lor at least
lour succes-ive w.eks i nor to date of hearing.
Dated tins atii day ot March A. D. 1XV5.
bAsL S Kamsky,
Judge ol the District Court.
Byron Clark and C A. Kawls, Attorneys lor Es
tate. Legal Notice.
In tlie matter of the estate of James Gtove, de
ceased. 1 Ins cau-e came on for hearing upon the petl-
t.ou nf Arthur L. Munger as administrator of
the er !ate ol James Grove, deceased, for a license
to -e.i real estate as follows: 1 he west half I w V4 1
of the southeast quarter (se!4j of section two
j-J t jwaish.p ten loj north, range nine (SJ Cass
ounty. Ncora-ka, or a surticient amount ol the
ame to br,n'' the sum of 40 tor payment of
debts a. lowed against said estate, and the costs
ol administration, there not being sufficient per
sonal property to pay tlie said debts and expen
ses. it is further ordered that all persons interested
in tlie said estate appear before me at the office
oi tne c.ei k of the district court of Cass county,
.eoraska. on the 7th day of May A. D. 18 at 2
o'clock p. in. to show cause why a license should
not be granted to said administrator to sell so
much of tiie above described real estate of the
sari estate as shail be necessary to pay said
debts and expenses.
It is further ordered that this order be pub
lished in the S-emi-VS, c-ekly N'kws-H ek Al.o for a
period of four weeks prior to the date of the said
i-Kted this lth day of March, A. D. 18i3.
Uasii. s. Ramsey. Judge of tlie District Court,
by ron Ciark and C. A. Kawls, att ys for estate
Legal Notice.
In district court of Cass county. Nebraska.
Clara t.x vs. James K Cox.
James R. Cox, defendant, will take notice that
on the 10th dav ot March, A. D. lr-MH, C'ara Cox,
piaint.rt, herein tiled her petition in the district
rourt cf Cass county. Nebraska, against the said
James K. Cox. defendant, tiie object and prayer
of winch is to obtain a divorce from the defend
ant. James K. Cox, and to procure a decree
granting to plaintiti the custody and control of
tiip minor child "Gracie Oox." daughter of plain
utt and defendant. Said relief is asked because
the delendant, without just cause or provocation,
cruelly and wantonly deserted plaintiff upon or
about September Huh. A. D. 114, and has con
tinuously remained away for more than two
years prior to tiling of his suit.
Vou are required to answer said petition onor
before the Uith day of May. A. D.
Dated this t'.uh day of March, A. D. 1891
Clara Cox,
By her Attorneys, Byron Oiarlc and O A. Kawls.