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Republicans Nominate a Very
tronr Ticket.
A llitrnioiilotiit and KiitliunlHllc iiiv-ii-tlon
P. M. Itl h-y for Mityitr- Ile
iilllcii Will Show Tlirin
H "Hot. Foot," Ntir
Tho ropublicatu of 1 'lattHinouth mot
in delegate convention in Waterman's
hull in this city hint night and woro
called to order by Chairman FranK
It. 11. Windham was tnarlo tempo
rary chairman and F. A. Murphy
temporary secretary.
After tho list of delegates had been
road and adopted, tho temporary or
ganization on motion of F. II. Wilson
wan made permanent. Windham was
called upon for a speech. Ho made a
rousing addrcs- that was loudly ap
plauded. F. M, Richoy wns nominated for
mayor hy acclamation, Geo. Spurlock
placing him in nomination with a
.ood speech.
U. U. Kerr was nominated in tho
tame en thusiastic mannor for city
c crK.
On motion of F. II. Wil-on, Dr. K
v . Cook wts nominated for treasurer
hy acclamation.
For po.ico judge Osw.ld Guthmann
and J. 11. DensDii were named and a
ballot being taken resulted in
Guthinami 37
Den son :
Oswald (Juthmann was thereupon
ileelired tho nominee of tho conven
For school board tho following were
named and balloting resulted as fol
II. H. Windham.., 51
J. L. I loot 4!)
C A. Rawls (
Julius l'opperborg 2
Windham and Root were declared
tho nominees of the convention.
Tho city central committee) was then
announced as follows:
First ward George Jn genhagen.
Second ward Frank Buttery.
Third ward David Miliar.
.Fourth ward Phil Wertemburger.
Fifth ward James Iligb y.
On motion of George Spurlock W.
II. Newell was elected chairman of the
city central committe.
Tho best of feeling prevailed and
every delegate seemed enthusiastic in
the splendid outlook for tho election
of the ticket. After names of council
men had been announced tho conven
tion adjourned.
The following is tho list of tho dele
gates: KIKST WARD.
J. I. Unruh, John Claus, O. Guth
man, Joe Klein, II. Holloway, Geo.
Spurlock, C. S. Polk, R. B. Windham,
B. A. McLlwain, II. N. Dovey.
W. J. Streight, Sara Archer, Chas.
Beeson, L. D. Bennett, W. J. Bristey,
Tom Fry, A Fry, V. Mnllis, L. Ot
nott, G. Ronnie, F. Wilson, Fred
Robinson, W. Manchester, Allen
Stultz, Frank Buttery, Ed Martin.
R. W. Uveas, F. II. Steimker, F. A.
Murphy, F. P. Brown, H. E. Snyder.
E. S. Barstow, J. N. Cummins, F.
Boyd, A. E. Holmberg, Phil Sauter,
Jno. Seaburj?, Frank Richey, Walter
Ede, David Miller, E. P. Lutz, John
Nejdley, Chas. Forbes, Chas. Sullivan.
Wm. Ballance, Chas. Anderson,
Phil Wortenberger, H. S. Barthold,
Joe Lake, A. Carlson, Robert Troop,
S. F. Anthony, Sam Hackenburg,
Louis Egenberger, J. A. Murray.
Jas. Iligley, R. II. Patton, D. S.
Livingston, Val Burkel, J. S. Phebus,
M. M. Beal, Sam Carrigan, B. J. Rey
nolds, J. M. Young.
Fall of a Preacher.
Milan, Mo., March 20. Deputy
United States Marshal Samuel Potts
of Kansas City It ft here today for St,
Joseph with Kir. aid, thecounterfeiter
arrested here ytterday.
His brother, D. L. Kincaid, a Camp
bellite preacher, was arrested and
placed in jail this afternoon on the
charge of attempting to circulate a
fraudulentiand counterfeit bank note,
purporting to have been issued by the
National bank of Kirksville. lie will
be taken to St. Joseph for trial next
Sunday. When he was arrested in
the jail yard today hundreds of peo
ple crowded into the streets and on
the sidewalks and the greatest excite
ment prevailed.
One of the letters found in the pos
session of Kincaid was from a man
named Andrews at Kearney, Neb.,
who was about to buy $20,000 of the
queer. Another from a woman school
teacher named Westgate at Decatur,
III. , indicated he was trying to make
a deal with her. Many other letters
were of a similar character. The
officers think they a clear case
against both men.
Nebraska City Candidates.
The republicans of Nebraska City
held their convention Saturday and
nominated the following city ticket:
Mayor, O.N. Nelson; treasurer, R. W.
Kelley; clerk, Chas. Johnson; police
judge, S. II. Morrison; councilman
first ward, Wm. McLennan; second
ward, Chris. Johnson; third ward, F.
Rottman; fourth ward, II. H. Bartling.
Two Well Known Statesmen
talked for months, from a front porch
and a rear end of a car. Porhaps the
use of Foley's Honey and Tar will ex
plain why they could do this, without
injury to their vocal organs. It is
largely used by speakers and 6ingers.
Smith & Parmele.
Frank Wheeler went to Waco tod i
uti businei-H.
C. S. Wortmen, '.of Ashland, w;ih in j
tho city today.
Charley Pattoison made a trip to
Omaha this a. in .
Jus. Read, of Nebraska City, wm on
oiy streets today.
Willie;Baird and mother woro Om
aha visitors todiy.
Charles ' 1. Grimes was a Lincoln
visitor this afternoon.
Harvey Holloway was taking in the
sights, at, tho i-taio capital todny.
Smith A, Parmele report an im
mense wal!paor sale Saturday.
Win. Lellor, of Murdock, was inter
viewing our business men today.
L. It. Egenberger was attending to
business in the metropolis to-lay.
Frank Morgan is visiting in Lincoln
with friends and feliow politicians.
Mrs. J. II. Thrasher left this morn
ing for llill.-dale, la., for a weeks
Charles E. Cliassot and Charles
Duke were Omaha pa-songors this at
ternoon .
Wescott V Son tody received
large invoice of latest style? Manha
I a n
Geo. Tourtelot, proprietor of ih
department stoic, spent Su'.d.i.v ii
Will imuuiit iwiu wnu iiiiveeiie
Omaha, after spending Sunday v. ithj
ht:ii i : .1 i : .. .1 r . i . .... ... ...
friends here.
Dr. G. II. Oil more and Col .-,) en k i ns
of Murray picked their ti-et'i at the
l'erkins tjday.
Miss Bello Marshall .leparted this
afternoon for a low days' visit :.l
South Omaha.
J. II. Thrasher's ollhe will he
treatod to a new coat of lath, plaster,
paint nd paper.
Night Yardmaster Johiison, and
wife paid a visit to tho big c.ty up
tho Muddy today.
W. Li. l'ickett, after a siege of
rheumatism, was able to be out to lav,
though ho looks far from well.
I. W. Teagarden and A. L. Timblin
are in town from Weeping Water to
day looking after court matters.
Fred Archerd of Lincoln, chief ex
a.uiner of county treasurers, is in town
interviewing tho county treasurer.
Mrs. Ambrose Patterson and daugh
ter, Mrs. F. A. Murphy, were passen
gers for Omaha this morning on the
The Salvation army has put in its
appearance and will try to renovate
Platts rnouih and relieve it of its load
of sin.
A new brick side walk will be put
down in front of the Parmele build
ing, occupied by Fetzor, McLlwain
and Mrs. Street.
Joe Kelly, the genial representative
of W. V. Morse Shoe Co., Omaha, is in
the city interviewing Messrs. Sher
wood and Fetzer.
It is said that a citizen..,' movement
is on foot to place a fourth ticket in
the field or endorse one of the tickets
already nominated.
Streight & Sattier sent a large bill
of furniture to Elm wood Saturday.
Plattsmouth's big stocks draw trade
from all directions.
The Sunday Morning Nmvs pub
lished a full and complete repoitof
the city convent ions thirty-six hours
ahead of all competitors.
J. M. Gilch;i-ft, who nas been going
over the county treasurer's books,
spent Sunday with his wife in Ne
braska Citj' and returned here today.
By a change in the B. & M. time
card which apj v.a -s in another column
the Schuyler iriiu arrives he: cat
10:15 instead t f 1 !:, as heretofore.
Two bel ig 1 rents had a "hot time"
Saturday nignt at Turner hall. Con
siderable gore was spilled but both
partiesj.vere able to go to work today as
Mike Cavey, the irrcpressiolo war
rior from Wab ish, is in town today.
Mike is engaged in tho stock business,
and spends part of his time in Soutt;
Omaha each. week.
Prosperity struck Moses Hiatt a
swat today that caused him to wear u
4x8 smile as hs drove down the street
with a nice new team, and a set of
new harness to match.
There is no reason why every repub
lican councilman should not be elected.
They are clean, capable men without
exception and the city s interests
could not fall into better hands.
Tom Hicks, thj old time proprietor
of tho Pacific House here, was down
from Lincoln today shaking hands
with his Plattsmouth friends. lie is
still in the emplov of tho E. & M.
Col. Evans, of Topeka, assistant
general attorney of the Rock Island
railway is in the city with C. S. Mont"
gomery of Omaha to try the Hennings
damage suit against that company.
Ham Lloyd, from near Union, was in
town today. He is engaged in putting
up a new style of wire fence and hopes
to be able to contract with the com
missioners to put a fence around the
county poor farm.
Harry A. Clark vs. Carrie E. Clark.
is the title of a divorce suit filed in
the district court. Harry charges
bis fife with cruel treatment and
with desertion, sue being at the pres
ent time a resident of Scotts BlufTs
Lewis Grant Plyborn, 33, and Miss
Alice Sophronia August, 124, both
residents of this county, near No
hawku, took out a wedding permit to
day. J. T. Lambert, an early resident cf
this county, was in the city today and
rn ;!e T;n: Nkv.'.s a, plcarant vl-it. lie
is tnw .1 r si.K-nt ofiJr tnd Island, bo
ing In tho train .crvi:j of the Union
Pact he railway.
A crazy man e-caped from the poor
hotirj.' Sunday and came to town. Ho
was taken pi charge by tho otii'.:-fs
and .- corlcd to t he county jail. When
lirst seen upon the streets ho was
ouiet and made i.o disturbance, but
when the . Hirers got him into tho
a il he. Ik i. a me u, ly.
Charles Sahl, who was in the bakery
bu-iiu-sr hero a short 1 1 mo ago, is
now in bi-on"-.s at Colorado Springs,
iiiui had his ho'isohold goods shipped
to that place t'day. Mrs. Sahl who
ha.- I ce n visiting at Perry, la., will
leave for Color . c! o to joi i; her h us hand
toiiior n i w.
Bert (Vi.-m-in, who has been in tho
em ploy of Paticisoi & Kim-man for
some tini", res giie.i las jxsition Sat
urday and depute 1 yesterday on tho
fast mail for- Celumlus, Neb., where
he has accepted a positioa in a meal
inaikf 't 1 1 i s many friends hope that
he will iia ve soece s.
M. laVvan of Nebraska City and
fo: iiiorly of I.". lion, was in tovn toil iy
look i ng far a house, Le ha vi ng decided
to move, to tills city. It some one
WO'il i build -omo i i at cottages they
cool i lie ' i--i.'i in ,nlv nice ;it a good
!iguie. A realty L, o 1 hou-o f !' rent.
can ii .1.
! II. I).
i lam:: y h
I ' a -1 i '
I'aiiinl in ill' town.
Yra . i-' -') hi U-hcl up llie
a i , y to lake. ;i il ri Ve.
th" animal I). -came,
a .- way. 1 e did rot
un t i ! ho rn n i n to a
.o Ic.iggy and tore
n.e .ii
1 a -,d i
ir - ii-i.vevei
t ,i
-f loo-
fr.-iii t he V'
oc.enrr-e ).
. 1 1 e i o .
j ot!
i c r n a ma:
DI5AI) BUKim).
Victim i Saturday's
Ivaiil to Rest
Occurs Thin A ft eriiomi :lt SI. .John's Cut !i
olic t Inn ah li t loil;irs l'or -'ii;ht-iiis-
U;l' Smooth Yrk
lli-aili of i:l. .Jfilinson.
The remains of John Bauhaus tho
man w ho shot himself Saturday while
out hunting, and who died at the
Perkins house about, '.(o'clock Satur
day night, laid at. .si i eight & SaUiers
undertaking rooms until 4 o'clock this
afioinoon, when f. moral services were
held at the Catholic church and the
remains interred in the Catholic ceme
te ry .
Father Cai ney received a letter
today from the man's aunt, at Leaven
worth instructing what disposition
should be made cf the leiiaains. The
lady said, al-o, that she had about
$101) beneficiary funds belonging to
the deceased in her possession and
that ho i. ad about on deposit in
an Omah;i Lank.
FranK Marshall, the fisherman who
attended Bauhaus so faithfully in his
misfortune, was in town today. lie
informed us that Bauhaus on his wa;
down to the Platte stopped at the home
of Fritz Bloom, about six miles north
of l'hittsmou' h and left with Mrs Blootn
between $40 and $50 to keep for him
until ho had completed his hunting
expedition. From all these facts it
would appear Bauhaus was a
very frugal and industrious man.
A delegation of Omaha carpenters
from Union No. 427 camo down this
afternoon to attend the funeral and
act as i all bearers.
A Sinooi Ii i).
Saturday niirht between 1) and 11
o'clock as train No. 77 was running
from I.c lie Junction to this city a
gang of hobos robbed a box car in
the latest and most approved manner.
They secured, a large in u hook from
a ref rigei-at r ear and hooked it to the
run board on the top of the car. To
tho hook th-y attached a rope of
severai feet in le- gth, forming K ops
in the ropo in which to put tha ir f-ret.
One of the gang climbed down th
side of the car, broke open the tide
door, stole wliat fcoods they wanted
ard go', i if the tr ;iu bcl'o-o it reached
the b:idge. The rope was barging
uo.'-n tho car ar-d tlie car door open
wb .n i he irain reached this city.
Th train men had no means of know
it:g Low much goods was stolen, but it
is s-. fo to say the' secured all the
booty they wanted. These profes
sional hobos are very proficient, in
cussedness and when tiiej" rat 't per
petrate a neat, first ( lass job of this
kind there is no use for others to try.
live aixl Costs.
Mike Prcis and Chris IJouk got, into
a light Sunday evening near the Odd
Fellows buLding" on south Third street
which attracted no little attention,
spilled considerable blood and landed
one of the c--mb-itants in the county
bastiie. P; eis, it seems was standing
on the sinew. Ik talking to another
man when Ilouk came up and entered
into the conversation. He was invited
to keep (-nt, but refused and culled
Preis ha.-'d nam s. One word brought
on another and finally brought Hows.
Preis had a grain sack in his hand in
which was a jug. With this he struck
Houk over the head, cuttir g a bad
gash along" the right side above the
ear, knocking him "silly" for a mo
ment and al.-o cutting a bad gash ever
the riirht eye. Preis broke anv run
and Houk was taken to jail Dy Deputy
Sheriff McB-ide. Chief Fitzpatrick
and Officer Murray followed 1'reis and
found him near his home on Winter
steen hill. Upon nis promise to ap
pear in police court this morning he
was not taker, to jail.
Houk came down from South Omata
Saturday night representing that he
came to look after tho remains of
Bauhaus, the man who died at the I
Perkins House from a gunshot wound.
Ho got so much whisky n board that
ho was unable to look after himself
and tho above accident happened to
him. Prcis claims that 1 Ionic called
him a very hard nam-) and struck him
in tho fi'co before he struck lieu;:.
Judge Archer gave Honk $ and costs
for being drunk and lighting, to stand
committed until paid.
Prcis put in appearance this morn
ing but l.o informatL n having bt en
tiled no fino was Imposed. An infor
mation w:ii tiled about 10 o'clock today,
however and he had a hearing
this morning. For dt f a ul t, Iloukwas
pent to jail to lay out his tine.
Ill'iltll f I ll .IllllllSllll.
lad J oh ii son, fcuii of Richard John-
sou, now residing tua" Blair and who!
has been a resident of this e-'Unty for
thirty years, died in Omaha ye.-terday
where ho was going to school. '1 he
boy was about eighteen yeaisof ae
and would have graduated in a few
months. The funeial will lake place
from the Christian church in this city
it t 11 a. in. tomorrow and the inter
ment will h i male in tlie familv lot at
tho laikonbiry cemetery south of
town. The boy was well known here
as bright and studioi-, the future
seemed to have much in .-to e f r llim
and it is with sincere i-"iet
nol'co of his death is received.
til. l
Ii it in I ir IT In, Oi
ial.M wool) N'-b. . M area - i t . h n :es
Ki vett , a i'.rolher ofjame- Itivett, of
Lincoln, yesterday roi
from Ihoia .'outainin
ived a letter
in aoioii'-t of
the deatii of his son Albert, who was
engaged in the war in India. Tie ho
tel" reads ;.s fol low.-:
K. O. Yorkshire Lijjit Infantry.
C'.iinp Manianai. Fourth U. igad', Sec
ond Divi-ion, India, Feb., b. lSlis.
l)jir Sir: It i, with extreme, regret,
that I have to inform you of the death
of your son Albert Kivctt of this regi
ment. He was in my con; piny and I
can only speak of his dcatti with re
gret, as lie was a good soldier in every
way. On the itli ol January last wo
had a very sharp engagement with tho
enemy. Your hoy was wounded and
left, to the rear with two men. On tho
way back both men were kilied. Alter
this he was brought still further back
by one of the officers, but as he
thought your boy was dead he was,
owing the rapid ad vance of the enemy,
compelled to leave hiin where he was.
It appeais your son, although very
badly wounded, was unconscious. In
this condition he was found by some
friendly natives who treated him well
for two days and dressed his wounds,
when he was brought in. Since that
time lie has been in the hospital here,
and received all that medical skill
could do for him; but he died this
morning, February 10,at3a. m. I went
to see him daily iu tlie hospital, but
was afraid from the lirst that he had
little chance of recovery. I have here
in my possession three letters belong
ing to him, which T am forwarding to
you by this mail. All his "kit" is of
course at the field depot at Nusserabad
and I cannot tell you whit things he
may have in it. You will be commun
icated with in dua course by tho war
oTice, London, and nything you wish
to know as regards any money due to
him, etc., learn by applying to tho un
der secretary of war, Horse Guards,
London. With my sympathy for you
in the loss you have sustained, beiieve
me, very truly.
F. T. Thouold,
Commander F Company.
Albert Rivett was born at Woliaston
North Hampshire, England, on June
16 1373; came to America in 1S74 and
settled with his parents in Nebraska
City, Neb., July 5, 1S74, soon removing
to this place, where his father has
since resided. A few years ago ho
stnrtid on a trip around the wo-ld
with the above results, lie now lies
in western India, 12,000 miles from
home. He leaves a father, two sisters
and two brothers to mourn the loss,
his mother having preceded him to the
better land.
The ICock Island Case.
The case of the administrator vs.
the Ivock Island railway, is on ttial
today in district court. This is a suit
for damages in the sum cf "),0 i0, the
tesult of the killing 'of Henry Hen
nings by "a Hock Island train in IS'Jo
at a dangerous crossing ue ir Mu. dock
in this county. Mo-srs Evans of
Topeka and Mc-ntgomet
of Omaha
appear for the railway company, and
.Messrs II. I). Travis and J. L Ho t
appear for the plaintiff. The trial is
the most important civil suit to be
heard this term, and will be closely
A Winning Ticket.
The republicans nominated a sin
gularly strong ticket Saturday even
ing which we predict will be a Winner
from top to bottom. Democrats who
talk of republican disaffection are
mistaken as they will find when the
votes are counted. The be-t of feel
ing prevails and F. M. Itichey is as
certain of election as day" follows
liurlingttii Konte California KxrursioiiM
Cheap, quick, comfortable. Leave
Plattsmouth 3:43 p. m., every Thurs
day in clean, modern, not crowded
tourist, sleepers. No transfers; cars
run right through to San Francisco
and Los Angeles over tho Scenic
iioute through Denver and Salt Lake
City. Cars are carpeted; upholstered
in rattan; have spr ng seats and backs
and are provided with curtains, bed
ding, towels, soap, etc. Uniformed
porters and experienced excursion
conductors accompany each excursion,
relieving passengers of all bother
about baggage, pointing out objects
of intereet and in rnany other ways
helping to make the overland trip a
delightful experience. Second class
tickets are honored. Berths So.
For folder giving fnll information,
call at nearest Burlington Iioute
ticket oflice, or write to J. Francis
Gen. Passenger Agent, Omaha, Neb,
Omaha Hunter Accidentally
Shoots Himself.
1M- Kitrrelled Shot (inn Horn I lit'
Work-'1 "lie I)-liio ril lc 1'rlmxrli'H -.M(
(ml I oiiikI Oillty.
John Bauhau-i, a carpenter from
Omatia, nocidently shot himself this
morning about 11 o'clock while duck
hunting at tho mouth of tho Platte
a unit two milos north of the city.
Frank Marshall, a fisherman, who
lives in that vicinity was near Bauh
aus at the time of the accident. They
had been talking" together for a tew
moments regaiding the hunting and
fishing in that vicinity. B auhaus w is
ahout to pull out in his boat for
other quarters in search of game and
Mai-shall turned and walked away.
I llefore ho had gone more than half a
block he heard a gun shot and turned
about, just in time to sets Bauhaus fall.
Mar-Lall hastened to Bauhaus side
and finding him u noonsciou- sti pposed
he was dead for a moment. Bauhaus
soo'i revived, however, and Marshall
discovered that he had received the
ntire contents of the charge in the
right arm ju-t above the ellov and
i perhaps i ri his side. Marshall toon a
largo bandana hand kerchief from his
pocket, toio it in two and tied on--portion
tightly above tho wound and
the other below, lie then dragged
tho woundi d m in into his boat und
started for this city with him as fast
as he could to secure mod ical attend
ance. Bauhaus was taken to the
Pel-kit s house where l)rs. Hall, Cook
and SchildU nccht, gave him the most
careful attention.
When the clothing was removed it
was found that the entire Ueshy part
of the arm from the elbow to tho
shoulder was torn away, but the bone
was not injured. It is the opinion of
the physicians ai this lime that it will
be neces ary to amputate the arm
At any rate there is no doubt but that
ho has lost all use of tho arm, as the
muscles and chords are destroyed.
Bauhaus is a carpenter of Omaha,
a member of Catpenters Union No
427. He is a single man and boarded
at No. 4 north Fifteenth sti eet. He
came down yesterday for a few days
recreation and tho sad accident will
make him a cripple for life. Marshall
says it is his opinion that Bauhaus
was putting his gun into the boat with
tho muzzle pointing toward him and
the hammer struck upon tho seat or
side of the boat, which caused it to
explode. Bauhaus bled freely, and
w hen he was taken to the hotel was
very weak though entii ely conscious
and gave the reporter part of the
f.icts as above reported. He has an
uncle living at Leavenworth, Kas.,
who w-bs telegraphed of the affair and
it is likely he will arrive here tooioi
row. Bauhaus is a German about
twenty-eight years old and is said to
be ;t very industrious man. He is
resting" as well as could bj expected at
this writing.
;U-I to lnth.
John B iuhaus, tho unfortunate man
who received a charge of snot in the
lleshy pi ft of his arm yesterday
forenoon sank rapidly toward evening
and at nine o'clock last night his life
went out. Loss of bloo.l was the chief
cause of hij death. The folks at the
Perkins House gave him every atten
tion; Mr. Guild did not leave his bed
after supper and others were equally
cartful of tho stranger's . needs.
Father Carney left his own couch to
administer the last sacrament and
help him to go peacefully to the other
The poor fellovv was conscious up to
S o'clock and fully realized that he
mu-t die without the minisiering
hands or kindly wo ds of any rela
tives. His parents live at Kansas
City and his uncle at Leavenworth.
They were notilieJ by wire and Un
dertaker Sattier took the body in
charge and removed it to his under
taking rooms, where instructions
from relatives will be awaited.
Clcipm iu Kt vers-1 Again
Gib.-on vs. Hood. Error from Cass
county. Il versed. Commissioner
1. In a suit upon an injunction
bond given to procure an order re
straining plaintill trom enlorcirig
the collection of a judgment, his
measure of damages is all damages
which he has sustained by reason of
such injunction.
2. All leasonable ard necessary
counsel fees, expenses and cos's, which
plaintiff has paid or for which he has
become liable by reason of the injunc
tion, and the depreciation in value of
the judgment debtor's property on
which the judgment was a lien dur
ing the time the injunction was in
force, are proper elements for consid
eration in determining what damages
plaintiff has su-tained.
3. An order dissolving an injunction
and dismissing the proceeding is gen
erally an adjudication that the in
junction ought not to have been
4. The signers of an injunction bond
are estopped in a suit thereon from
asserting as a defense that the in
junction order was broider than the
auplication thereof.
Hacklen's Arnica Salve.
The best salvo in the world for cuts,
burns, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fe
ver sores, tetter, chappep, hands, chil
blains, corns, and all skin eruptions,
and positively cures piles, or no Daj"
required. It is guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction or money refunded.
Pyice 2-5 cents per box. For sale b
F. G. Fricke.
Notice of Sale.
I ll tlie (list i ii t t un 1 1 til '.i-.n 1 1 mill v, Ni ! a ii - k n.
I Ictiry I-.ikiaiti.n v. rt nl. j
Tin? dli.-iis lianU i,l f
I'irtllSllliMllli.Nl lj . i t III. J
Notice ii licrt-liv K!V!"ii t!,:it iiin! r m l i,y 1 1 -tue
"I tin- il.-i r-i" ul On- 1 1, ai . i .oar l..i il s.
li iiim-v, Jui l;;i; ol t tic li 1 1 a t 1 1 no I, iilhI,- 11 i 111
lauum v !ih, A. I. IK'h, 111 a .ml im-ii I.iii: in
the (JiMtiit 111111I il I itss oiiiuty, iNi-la.i- i.ii,
lien-Hi i I1111 I-akiiil'iii v et ill. 1- I'l.i ' a I . !l , ,1 1,, I
tin- ( lliili- P. ink i, PI. ito 111, nilli, ,-i i.rk.i,
el III. ileleinl.iiit-. mill wlm h Ur( lie 1,1 li-n I I
ililecleil tin- IneiMl ul tl,e-.i:! I'.ilik. ninlei
M'ieil. tu jmliii: Ii (ul t.'eilv 'l.o a ,ni'l ihi 11 'i ll
the i-slate. Iiei 1-111.1 1 til !.- 1 ilu I. I I1.1t n, 1 -Sllllllt
t , 1 ai,l 01 lei the 1111, trl -a j.' llcl I e. 1-1 v , I wilt
on the Jlsi iU) ,, M.,n h, A. I i..s'.!- .0 In u 1 k
il. in. at t he Si in til id h 1 r ul tlie 1 mi 1 1 In m r 111 t lit
i it y 1 I I'i.n t Mm m t li.t 'as 1 (. 11 nt y . .Ni l, 1 .1 k .1. 1 ,!!-i
lui sale the Inline 1111; ili'-i 1 it'i-'l lainl, : I he
llulthwrst ijllaltel N'ii, seitmll e: lit -e 11
H,t,e KimlliMcst naili-i " 'i turn
seven 7. tlie west hail V ' , i, iho M.iilhiaM
(iiaitei sl-.'., nl seitiun s ven the tnnlli
fast in, liter .Nl.'i nl the -nulliea t iu.iili-i
( I' 1 1 j sei t Inn seven i , the imi I Invest (iiaitei
. A I nl the mil th we--1 inn til I s 1 , I nl :n -turn
eiKlit I all in Iiiuii- Ii!, cli veil I 1 1 I nmih
laiiKu Iniiitecii 1 1 1, in las muni). Ne
braska, bruin a iii I nl the a els nl
sail t.'it ii lis li.nik, deli 11, 1. int. ul.)r. t In all
liens ami 1111 null n ante. At s.n.l -.1 e l.nls will be
1 e 11 veil ei I her I, ir 1 ash. 1 ir mil l-'.t.m
Cnmlit n nii-il t lint the pin, ha- e i a e -In, II be a 1 1
J licit muni the 1 a mi 1 pal nl ( hums mm ml it Ir, I in
(liv nb'll'ls. the llll'.lirsl nl vvhlill bul--. nil r.u h
1 lass will be re pin l nl In the ci m 1 1 b ,1 liin ; mil -.
v. In, 1 1 nl sai,l bul will In- ai rpti il.
I lateil this bull day nl -r I 1 11,11 y . I s s.
'11 M I I s '. I '. 1; m I 1 1 .
As Kei eivrr n( 1 lie t 111eits 1 I I I. ill -
Iniiulli, Nebia-ka.
liymn Attorney.
.Notice of l'lihlicatinii.
John M. Kiscr, 1'iainti.i
vs. I
J i lni K iser. Jnli 11 . j
A 11111k ami I .111 1 a A . ,
A 111 it K , Ins vv ilc, .-ml j
l-slher .S. Henri, ile- ,
leinlaie-. I
'J he ib-lt-mlanl -, Jnlui Ki-ei. J1I111 iii. k
ami l.aui.i A. A 111 a k , Ii is wile, ami l.-'ln-i .-.
Heller, vvnl take mil in I hat mi the Ili.l day nl
I'ebi inn . is'.is, Jnlin M . k 1 11. pl.unlil!. Iiml bis
pel 1 tl, ill 111 I he di 1 1 t mini "I as - 1 , .nut , ,N,
biasKii, against J,,hn Uist 1, ,iiii v Amu k .ind
1 mi 1 a A . A mu k. Ins wile, ami r. I In 1 s,. 11,1,1 1 ,
the nl, tret and hi,iu-i nl wlmli .ne Inh.n
eel tain iu it i i.i 1 111 deed was made b J . 1 1 1 1
Kiser, deb-miali till tins .-nit, ulm I, .id mi idn
nubt nr an I In ,1 it y vvhalsiu-vi 1, and nr neir I 1
1st her . I lelln di lriidaiit 111 iln- suit, 1 .11 lit
fnllnwliiK drseiilie I leal estate, t.i wil.
PeKiiininri at a pmnl t',j I Aent y-1 ii 1 r
left west nl the smith - e.i I n,n,i-i
nl bit number eie. lit (S , 1,1m k 11 1,111 lna . I
('.! in the 1 aty nl Uiuiin Wain. 1 a s i,,m,i.
Ai-tjiaska. and iiinnin lln-me 11, nth rit In
(ii.i I lret, t hence v rs I t w e..t y - , an- I I 1 I, el a 1.1 in
snut ti sixty-live il,-n tert , an 1 I lien, e ,ra I i-nl -
one ( '1 1 1 leet, to I he pnint nl lna;i..iii. -,i ..-i,
ami declined null and vnul, .11.11 the ,,,1. i up.,:
the tllic nl pia nil lit. 1 .lll-i-il I hen In n 11 1 . r I ,,m 1
br judgment In it mis 111 this s-.nt, ami ha sin 1
other reliel as jtistirij and eipnt mas 1 rpune.
011 are rrqiined to answer lias pi liimn mi m
bc-tore the-. st day ol, isas.
Dated l-ebiiiaiy 7. Imis, Juiin M. Klsi u.
liy M. , Uriel's, Ins attorney.
Mioriirs Sale.
Uy virtue ol an order nl saie issued by (i.-,n;e
b". 1 bill sew 01 lb, Clel k ol the d 1 r-1 1 1 1. 1 1 1 m 1 1, w i 1 Ii 1 11
ami lor l ass county, .Nclnaska, and to me di
rected, 1 will 011 tlie l:'tb day ol, A. I.
ls'.iH, at 10 o'clock a. 111. ol said day at the south
door ol the court bouse 111 the city ol I'latt -mouth,
in said county, sell at public audi,, n, to the Inh
est bidder lor cash, t he lobow iny 1 eal est ate to -vv it :
Lots til teen 1 and twenty (Jn, in sei lion seven
(7), tow nship twelve ( I . burn th ul iiuilic Kan teen
(.1 ll, in Cass county. Nebi aska, tn nether wain liie
privileges and apperteiiain:es theieiuiln be.0111;
ing or 111 anywise apuu tinning. I he same be
ini? levied upon and taken as thepiopeity nl
lolm Keiiland and w lie, Lena Keulainl, .11, ,1 tallies
Bl. Patterson, deleiidaiits. to satislv a jmlejiieiit
ol said coin t recovei ed L y li.nles L. 1'ainirle,
as receiver ol tbe Citiens bank ol I'lat isinuii t h,
N, braska, plaintitt ai;a!ii;,t said dclen lants.
I'lattsinoutti, Nebraska, 1'eb. I. A. I).
W. 1). III. I 1.1 K,
Slierilf, Cass County. Nebiaska.
Probate Notice.
In the county court ol Cass count y, Nebraska.
In the matter ol the guardianship nl Miles K.
Smith, an incompetent persnn. i u whom it may
concern: Notice is lieieby tjiveii to the said
Miles K. Smitli, iinconipeleiil, to Lli .M. mitti,
guardian, and to all other persons intcic-ted,
that ( jeurue.W'.Ciriines tiled beiein I eb.'.iSja
petition ailegiiij; among other things tliat lie is
surety un the bond ol tbe said Lli Nl. .-smith; Unit
neither tbe said Lli M. Smith nor any nl In pie
decessors, as guardian ol said incompetent, have
ever made a settlement witb tlie coui lot piona e;
that by reason ol alleged ncy.igciice. time
is danger ol liability to the warn on said bond.
Petitioner prays that Lli M. Munli may be
cited to appear in county court and reinb 1 a lull
account Jn said premises: J bat petit inner be
discharged Iroin liability upon said bond: i hat
the said Lli M. Smith be required to liirnisti a
new bond, or. in default tbeieol that said .-small
be removed Iroin bis trust as guardian and that
another be appointed in bis place; tb t the ac
counts on tile be settled and approved and lm
other equitable and proper rellei 111 the premise-.
Vou are hereby notilied that a hearing wail be
had on said petition March l''nd, ls'.is, ai Z o'clock
p. 111., and that it you tail to appear upon said
date and contest said petition, the Cnint may
grant the prayer of said petition and make such
other and iurther orders, allowances and decrees
as to this court may stem proper in the pi causes.
W itness 111 y hand and the seal ol said court,
at I'lattsinotith, Nebraska, this, the 1st day ol
March, A. U. ls'JS.
Ueorgk M. Si'i;ri.o:k,
(Seal) County Judge.
Cliiitlt-1 iHortfrajf SiaUe.
Notice is hereby given that bv virtue of a
chattel mortgage, dated on tho -nd day ol June,
Isi'i. and duly hied 111 the ollice ol the county
clerk ol Cass county, Nebraska, on the :ird day oi
June, 1SK7, and executed by J. .-. Good to 1. V.
uavis, to secure the payment ol smenty-hve dol
lars, with interest thereon trom the 1st day ol
June, ls'.7, at the rate ol ten per cent per annum
Iroin said day, and upon which there is now tins
-Jud day ol l-'ebruary, ls',7 due the sum ol ss i. in.
IJel-ault having been made 111 the payment ol
said sum, and no suit or other proceeding at law
having been instituted to recover sai l cleat, or
any part thereol, th, relore, 1 wnl sell the
property therein described to wat: J hree -tilths
interest in twenty-five acres ol corn 011 the west
halt of the northwest quarter of section l'.f in
town 11. range l'.i. Cass count v. Nebraska, w ii ich
corn is divided, picked and cribbed 011 the south
west quarter ul section is, in tow 11 1 1, range Pi,
Cass county, Nebraska, and amounts to aoout
W bushels, at the crib and in the crib at said
place in Kock Llnlts precinct, in Cass coum y, on
the lst day ol Aiarcti. Is. s. at tlie hour ol In
o'clock a. in., to sati.-f y said debt, with the costs
ol advertising, caring fwr and selling said prop
erty. 1 , V . iMVls.
luesday, -March I, 1MIK
Legal Notice.
In the district court ol Cass county, Nebraska.
In the matter ol the estate ol John L. lioniies.
deceased .
This cause came on for hearing upon the refi-
tion of Frank M. Voung. as adm.ii.strator oi tue
estate ol Joan II. Holmes, decease I, and the le-
turn ol said administrator to the toi iner 1. cense
sued herein, and application ol .-aid adminis
trator for an anas license to sed the - ,u:hv'.est
quarter of the southwest quarter of section Pi, in
town-, range in Furnas counfy, NenrasKa. to
pay the debt-of said estate in the su in ol ;,:.oa
and the costs of administrating said e-tate. time
not being sullicient personal prcpcriy to pay
said debts and costs ol adm in .sti anon
It is, therefore, ordered that aa pea -mis inter
ested 111 said estate appear oelore 11. e at the . e
of the clerk of the district court in the court
hou e in Plattsmouth on toe PV.ii day of Apia,
fs. at - o Cock u. 111.. to show cau.-e whvan
alias license shou.d not be granted to said ad
liniii.iiiiiwi ,iv,n i 11 1 Liv,ii ji ijjr; dl;(ive ut'S "
cribed real estate of said deceased as shall be
necessary to pay said debts and expenses.
It is iurther ordered that notice ol said antj 1-
cation and of the making of this order be Mven
all parties interested in said estate bv puoii-hiag
a copy of this order for four successive weeks be
fore the day ol hearing 111 the Semi-u eek.y
Dated this sth day of March, if'.i". L S. KAMSl Y,
udgeof the District Court, second Jud.ciai Lls
trict. SherilTs Sale.
Bv virtue of an order of sale isued bv Geo. F.
Housen'orth. cleric ol the district court, within
and for Cass county, Nebraska, and to me di
rected, 1 wall on the 'J'ith day ol .March. A. 1). 1 o'clock p.m. of sai l day ai the south door
of the court house in the city of I'lattsmouth, in
said county, sell at public auction, to the high
est bidder lor cash, the lollow ing reaf estate, to-
-;t: Lot lJ. m block LI J. in M.les add. lion to
the city of i'lattsmouth. Cass county. Neoraska.
together with the privileges and appurtenances
thereunto belonging or in anywise appertaining.
The same being levied upon and taken as the
property of John Swoboda, defendant, to satisfy
a judgment of said court recovered by Charles C.
Parmele, as receiver of the Citizens bank of
Plattsmouth, Nebraska, plaintirt against said di
fendant. Plattsmouth, Nebraska, Feb. 12. A. D. 198.
V. U. VllEK.tH,
Sheriff, Cass County, Neoraska.
Bv I. D. McBride. DeDutv.
Byron Clark, Attorney for Receiver.
Notice to Creditors.
State of Nebraska, )
County of Cass.
In the matter of the estate of Henry Stoil, de
Notice is hereby iriven that the claims and de
mands of all persons aeainst lienrv Stoll.
deceased, late of said county and state, will be
received, examined and aijiisted by the county
court at the court house in Plattsmouth. orvl the
iltth day ol September A. U.. lf'JH at tt o'clock in
tlie forenoon. And that six months from and
i.Mirlhr I'M It day i( Miirrli A. !., IWM, t h
time liiiuti-d Inr ((editor of mI-I tlni t-anivt i)
lie 1 nt : rn 1 I. Hint ha i- urn iiml Ion nnd nliow
niiii.. 1.1., . umli i my burnt nnd bcmI ll, 2lt
day ol I- cbi 11.11 . I 1 . I -in.
I -. ..I I
1 .1 1 ii a.i M it i' mi ,
1 mini y Jndrf,
Slicrilf bale.
I'.y v ii tue nl hii order of null! Uninl by (irni
1 , 1 1 .mil-w in I Ii. i In ol t hi; ili-trli t 0111 1 , within
an I l a t as (olintv, NlilmliM, Mini t'l m di
ll 1 lid. I will mi tho I'Hli day nl Mhk:1i, A.
I' , l-l's, ,,t 1 1 111 Ini k h, tu. nl mud tiny t th
m ii t Ii do, il nl t he 1 uul t tmuuc 111 I In; it y of J Jtt.
in, ,ul h. 111 m. ud ( unlit y, bell Ht public HULtluo, t
the highest Ind In bn cash, lh lulluWIIlg (ettl
eslali-, tn-wit:
1. .as 1, nit an I twu( I and "), In block lern
I 1 1 I, 111 t .11 In h 11, 1, lnnm to the city nl Werp
lni: U iili-i, ( a-.-i ( 1 ,11 nt y , Nr In ask , t, irllir r w il tl
the pi lv in ja s ami appiil teliani i- llieirlnil ) b
l""Kiii! "i ill anywise 11 ppill tailimu. 1 lis (mil
Ii mi; levied up, m and taken lis tlie pmprrly ol
A In e . pei 1 v , i t ul, (lelrmlHiil, to taliHly
Jiidejllellt nl sai l Loin t lei nvi-lcd by i'laiKllN.
lei, .i.n, planitilt, against said ilcb-BitaiitK,
l"l. ill in.. uih, .Nili., I t-b. I', A. I. IsWH.
V. I). WllBkl lK.
tin ill, C'a-s Couuty. Nclnnki.
Hy I. I. Mi lliide, Hrputy.
I .. II. oiiiry, allniiiey lor I lam m N. (iibtoD.
Ia-ki Ntitlre.
1 11 the 1 1 isli 11 1 com I ol I ass 1 mint y, N'braik,
Jnlin J , li 11 H 1 , i., by Ids yual- )
. 1 mu
I .lijali I. I'liiliips,
cilia M. Skinner ami Inii
I i.i in I , liiiiiii- J. Skiimei,
I h Inn I. in Is will lake lint u e thai upon thi 14th
day nl 1 a i rinbri, A. I ). l-'.'i", the puiutili kl4
Ins pi l.lum in Un- ilisirn t mull nl I couuty,
,Ni In.i Ka, thr m.i 1 t and player which to
ei ,1 1 Ir a drrd 1 1 1 1111 planitilt to deldl,
rltni M . ,-sk 111111-I , w Ii ii It pletcildcd to (illf t'i
un lot ui i.:, in him k sixty ilnee iii) talk
1 1 v nl W ri pin- Water, (ass county, .brmk,
and In si I asnle and annul said (red anil lh
in in, 1 Un ir. il, ,.s it appeals 111 book 111,
1.1 1 nl 1 in- 1 ired 1 ei old I c a h count y , Nehru ka.
.111. 1 I n a.i a, 1 miniing nl inns culircird by aaiti
,n I, u.l.iul and In leve: t the title ol avid lot IB
pi. mil n.
.vi, a la I a 1 1 l,ia rqnitable irlief you am ra
il a 1 ii, 1 1 ii an m 1 s.11,1 peiiimii on or baloia tha
- il. day A Man h, A. I) .s'.IH.
J11IIN JnllNSIlN, Ik
In liis 1. 11. 11, ban, i.iijh I. I'hibipe.
In In- a 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 r y s, liyiim i'i.iik and V. A. Kiwli.
1 1. it, d I el. 1 inn , I-. A. II. is'.i?.
.MH liil'l Null.
P v 11 1 in- ill ,111 older ol sale, issued by (ieo. V.
1 1 . .41 .ewm ih, link ill the disliicl luui t, v 1 IhlQ
ami lm lass imaity, Nelnaska, and to me dl
1 , 1 I I . I will mi the -lull day id Mrch, A. I).
I-. at II in i n k a. 111. nl said day at the loulh
do, a nt Hit 1 mill hniise 111 Ihecity ol I'lattsinotith
in rind 1 mint y, sell at public win linn, to the
liigbi-l l .ddei l.ii cash, 1 lie tullowing iral aetata
1 , 1 Will
I nl linn 1 1 I 111 him k one I I j in Silica' ad.llllna
t i 11.1- ( n y .-I 1 laitsiiioiith.t ass coiintyaNebiaika,
'''.a 1 1 1 r 1 niii u,r piiviirges and uppcitanaacita
uan.i.i i,i-,i,ii,',ii, nt in auyW'iHe ppei talaing;
ill .mu .n- n vied iipnii and taken at the aro
: 1.1 I nl Jnlin .swnbnda. drlelldilllt, to Kiltllly
j. id, -. nirnt ol said court recovered by CbailaaC.
I'. 11 nine as irieiver ol the Citizen bank ol
1 'i.i 1 1 - in . 11 1 Ii . 1 'ass county, Nehiahka, plaintlU,
agani-a said di lend. ml and Jnlin Keller.
Il.nt.iiioiith, Nebraska, Irbruarv I W A , I ). , I Ht.
W m. I). WiiPtraaa.
Shei ill, ( 'ais county, Nebiaaka.
Uy . I). AKIlride, liepuly.
Ujioii claiK, Attiiiiiey lor Plaintiff.
Nvtii-f of liiili-lilfilnena.
'the I ' I ; 1 1 1 -1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Water ( 'niiipan y, a corpora
tion oigaiiied under the laws ol the Ktata ol Bra
in a-ka .
1 he I'lattsinniitli Water Company hereby
give nolice that the Inllnwing in the lift and
amount ol ail the existing debts ol said corpora
tion 011 the hist day ol I'ebruary, A. I), litis,
nainel y:
I-11st mortgage IS per cent bonds of the
Water Co , inteiest paviible semi
annually, ( Ii I. 1st and April 1st m,0nO.0O
Accrued inteiesl on the same JI,IM.2
ta.vcs 1.7X1.10
Total . $1).0I.U6
ibis 11, tue is given in (oinpliance with tk-e
provisions ol chapter HI ol the compiled atatuto
ol the stale ol Nebraska.
( has. L. I'.Iidv, President,
Hi-.nkv M. I'i.l'M I'M, Treasurer,
I. II. Poi. lock. Secretary,
lalwaid 15. Martin.
J'.dwaid 1'. Allen,
Majority ol lioard of Directors.
I'l-oliale Nolice.
In county court, i 'ass county, Nebraska.
Iiitheina ter ol the estate ol John Frederick
Stull, deceased. Agatha htull, John Jacob Stull,
John l iedencK . Stub, Christian Lawience htull.
Anna Amelia Monroe, nee Stull, Henry Stull,
Maria Agatha Stull and all other persons inter
e ted in said matter, are hereby notilied that on
ihe Mist d.y nl l'ebruaiy A. I)., IWis, Agatha
Stull, Henry Stull and C. Lawrence Stull hied a
petition in said county court, alleging among;
other things that John Frederick Stull died on
the 1st day ol January ls'.iH, leaving no last will
and testiinent, and possessed of real and
personal estate, and that the above named con
stitute all the persons interested in the estate of
said deceased, and praying lor administration
theieol. Vou are hereby notified that ll you fail
to appear at said court on the iilst day of March is:s, at o'clock p. rn , and contest said
petition, the court wall appoint C. Lawrence Stull
or some other suitable person administrator, and
proceed to a settlement of said estate. Witness
my hand and the seal ol said court at 1'latts
inoiith, Nebraska, this the -Hth day of February
A. I ., lsiis.
(uan Gi.okoe M. Si'um.ocK,
County Judge.
I 011 nil Utility.
From Saturday Lvcnirig's J Jail y.
TI10 jury in the McCoinb case, after
iminjf out nil night brought in a
verdict thin morning of guilty of
hooting with intent to do bodily in
jury, hentc-iidi) will not bo paisoa
until about next Wednesday or Thurs
day. Tho 8-atuien provido a penalty
of not Ic-h t han ono or more than ten
y in tho penitentiary.
Judo-ii It im-ey, after receiving the
ve rd.ct adjourned court until Monday
lftenioon and let tho jury go borne.
On convening court Monday the
ease of .Sporor, administrator, Heoning"
est ite vs. It ck Island railroid corn
piny will Lui brought uo for trial.
I)r Marhliull, (imil uate Itentlst.
Dr. Marshall, fine gold work.
Dr. Marshall, gold and porcelain
Dr. Marshall, crown and bridge work
Dr. M .rshall, teeth without plates.
Dr. Marshall, all kinds of fiilinga.
Dr. Marsha. 1, all kinds of plates.
Dr. Marshall, perfeot fitting plates.
Dr. Marshall, Jill work warranted.
All the latest appliances for firbt-cl'is-
dent I work .
Wall J'nin-r for Kv-rj hotly.
11. I'. De.icn is agent for the largest
-1 . . . . -
paper house in the world, that Of
Alfred Peats of New York. lie has
an immense line of samples and will
sell paper very cheap and of excellent
quality. He will call on you with a
beautiful line of samples.
From the Clerk of the Circuit Court.
I xdina, Fla., Feb. 28,
Mu. CiLokgk Schuli:, Druggist,City .
Dear George: Please send a bottle
of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. I
would not foel easy if I knew thera
was none of this valuable Remedy in
the house. I have given it a fair test
and consider it or.e of the very best
remedies for croup that I have ever
found. Oce dose has always been
sullicient, although I use it freely.
Any cold my children contract yields
very readily to this medicine. I can
conscientiously recommend it for
croup and colds in children.
Yours respectfully, Geo. E. WOLFK.
Sold by all druggist.
James Sago is preparing to build an
other 6tory to his dwelling. When
completed he will have a handsome
For fire insurance see Thrasher.