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    Sjemi weekli
rilK NR"H. KHtahlnhPd Nov. ft. H!i. J..., 1 1st,
1 IIK IIKKALO. April 10. i Wit ( Oor.HOllauted
PL ATI'S M O U T 1 1 , NKH., MARCH 23, 181)8.
VOL. VI. NO. .'50.
? U V V -11. JJ u
m ----- - - - - ;
A Splendid Line f New, Fresh Groceries
..Just Received at..
. n 8PIH flf n y
rpj j 11 ULMlllll i U1IIL I
Also a Fine Line of Dry Goods and Notions.
REMEMBER vv ro not Selling Suirar at L( ss Tlmn jvj
fj Cost in order to Mako up on something 'else, but wo sell ivery-thine-
on a CLOSK MARGIN und you will find I .AUG A INS i n
rPjj every Department.
Call And See Our Goods.
310 Main St. L. B. EGENBERGER.
Sjiccial Trice In Wall Taper For
the Spring Trade:
Nice Kitchen Pattorns, I.c per Koll
Nice Bedroom Patters 4c per Koll
Nice Dining-room Patters, 5c per Koll
Nice Parlor Patterns, Oc per Koll
All Nkw Stylks We have
a fewKemnants nt.still Lower
Prices. Also everything you
ncedin .Painls orOils at the
Lowest Prices.
IDrugKlHtii and WallI'aper l-alrH.
The Reporter Has Hard Work
to Kind News.
A I ' v Ihmih t.f .M iiu.r I in orl iiKf !( 1.
of I.iltl- II iss tiviiifffr Sny.l.r & Co.
Kt--i-iV it New S;fe.
The Mjdili'ii and decided change in
the weather last night put a quietus
on oj.-i ne.-s tcdav and made news
gat li.-ri n :r a laborious task. 1 ester-
day t li weather was warm and spring
lik but about 8 o'clock hist night
the wind suddenly veered to the
northwest and the mercury crawled
d"wt. forty decrees in that many
minutes. 'ibis morning the ther
mometer reir-tered eiyht above zero
and at this writinir it has crawled up
to twenty. Business men hugged
tin i r sto e.-;, or their wives, or both.
today to keep warm and the clerks
took things easy. The hungry repr-
tcr tramped the streets facing the
piercing v.inu in searcli oi news vvinio
the rest of humanity rested from their
labors. Bad colds are abundant to-
d:iy Ken use of the change.
Do not neglect a ConKh Foley's Honey and
or Gold, mm delays areof- Tar iaRunranteedtoeive
en dancerons. Foley's prompt relief In all cases
H O n e y and Ta r la a of Asthma. Do not class
pleasant, safe and snr this with other medicine
onr. Contains no oplute Hint has failed to give
and Is guaranteed. yon relief.
Foley'9 Honey and If you hnve had the Orii
Taf does not hold out yon probably need a re
fill se hopes in advanced liable medicine liko Fo
Ktages, but claims to give ley's Honey and Tor
relief in the very worst to henl your lanes ami
cases, and in early stages stop the racking conch
to effect a cure. incidental to this diseas.
Thousands of infants Dr. J. C. liishop, of Ag-
und children dla yearly new, Mich., says: "I hare
of Croup, every one of used Foley's Honey
these innocents could and Tar in three very
have been saved had Fo severe cases of Pnenmo-
'ey's Honey and Tar nia the past month, with
been given them in time. good results."
For Sale by SMITH & PA KM ELK.
Il IlKH'iil I CfllH't-rt.
PlattsnioMth is noted for its good
concerts, ahC the ono to lie given on
ne.t Tuesday evening will doubtlc.-fe
he no exception to the rule. The
concert is to bo given by Mr. Carl
lucker, a new sin ire r nere wno lias
become quite opular considering the
short time he has been located here.
Ho will sing the well-known Toreador
s-otig from Carmen by Bizet, and the
dramatic air and recitation from
Gounod's Queen of Sheb-i.
He will no assisted by Miss Eugenia
G. tner, contralto of Lincoln and Mrs.
J. I. Co k, d l am ilic soprano of Oma
ha. The accompaniments will be
played by Mr. Tucker and another ac
companist of eqmil ability. The con
cert is certainly deserving of success
hihi will unuoumeuiy secure tne sup
port it deserves.
Talk About Diamonds
Their brilliant glitter scarce
outrivals' the polish you can put
on a Murzluff shoo. Good leather,
well-tanned leather, that's the
reason. It does more than shine
it wears, it fits, it "feels good"
whether ou walk across the
street or ucrcss the continent.
It's a shiner, a stayer, a soother.
Costs monoy ? Of course not
as much as you'd think, though.
Put one on and give its tongue a
chance to ta1'-:. You'll do the
talking after you've worn a pair
and we'll sell a lot more.
Joseph JPetzer,
North Side Main Street.
Large Supply of all the
l unrral Not ..
Helen Martrarei, the little daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Kobison Geinger,
who have been residing in Omaha of
ia'e, died early this morning of
stomach trouble after a brief illness.
She was ( tie year old, a bright sweet
child dearly beloved by its parents,
whose grief is very severe and hard to
bear. Their many friends extend to
them their heartfelt sympathy in
this their first bereavement. The re
mains will be brought here tomorrow
morning and the funeial will take
place at 2 p. m. from the residence of
the Misses Mollie and Nina Tucker,
on North Sixth street.
friends of tee fatnilvine invited.
Love Is Blind
to all the faults f the loved one in
everything but untidy or soiled linen.
A dainty women draws the line on
that. Tc I' ok i m m iculatcly neat arid
presentai le, and have j our collar, cutT
or shii t irreproachable in color and
finish, bring it to Plattsmouth City
Steam Liuiidrv'.
Should Not l!e I in l.
The trial of Mike Preis for iiH)tinp
on the streets Sueday, w,:s continued
until Thursday. Prom all we can
learn and th evidence before the pr -lice
jadge whan Houk had his hearing
it is theopinieii of tiie News that no
lino should be imposed upon Pr.-is.
I'Yi m the facts we can gatliC.-, I'reis
and his wife wore star.diug on the
street talking to a fi iend when Houk
caaio up and bjgan abusing Preis,
striking him in the face after calling
him vile names. Houk is a hard citi
zen and it is the opinion of those ac
quainted with the circumstances that
he got off entirely too easy.
Montana and the 1 )a kot is ha ve con
ducted thernselve-t with strict regard
to the proprieties all winter, never
having hatched a bli.. ird of any size.
Our good opinion, however, has been
shattered by the present tp-ll of
weather which is awful for the time
of year. Billings, Mont., at G o'clock
last night reported six below zero ami
the wind from th it direction h is been
severely cold ever since. In the l)a
kotas snow has fallen and trains havo
been del lived.
A man was killed at McPaul Satur
day night by jumping from a moving
train. He alighted on his head and
chrushed his skull. He wanted to
get off, but the train did not stop to
Tho lake covering 12') acres near
Memphis, which was made by Armour
of South Omaha for t-ecuring ice, is
said to afford tho best duck shooting
to be found in this part of the state.
Men with st rings of lifteen to twenty
mallards, captured in a few hours'
shooting, are to bj seen at Ashland
every morning returning home.
A p ivato letter from Alliance re
ports our old time citizens, M r. and
Mrs. Geo. Fairfield, both quite sick
with tho grippe. Wian Tabor has
gone to work for tho company in the
round house and to see him, one wou'd
not think of his having lost a foot.
Alliance like the rest of tho Nebraska
towns is on the up grade.
Records at tho state house show that
tho legislative investigating cum
mitte has drawn all of tho $10,001) at
its disposal except $l'j:.7i), but in fact
the committee has spent nearly $400
more than the legislature authorized.
This was covered up by having several
salary claims of commiltce employes
paid from another fund, tho one set
aside by tho legislature for prosecu
tion of civil and criminal cases by the
attorney general. Lincoln News.
John C. Watson of Nebraska City
has instituted suit for $U',000 against
Wm. Hawke, son of the late Robert
Hawke, J. II. Cation, Logan Engart,
Geo. W. Hawke, E. K. Bradley and
M. E. Catron, all of that city. The
plaintiff sets out in "his petition that
he has a contract with Wm. Hawke
whereby ho is to have one half Of all
monies received from the estate of
tho late R-ibert Ihiwko by setting
aside li s will, lie avers further that
Hawke has refused to pay him nny
money for his services and that tho
other defendants are aiding Hawke to
secrete the monies received and de
fraud the plaintiff. It will be a hard
fought case.
I'litttmiioutli Turn Yrri-ln.
The following are thohouis of in
struction of the Plattsmouth Turn
Vcrei u c! a-ses:
hoys ri.Assi:s.
I! ys Class 12 to II years, Tuesday
L;;o to ( p. m and l'Yiday 4 -Mil to 0 p. m.
Boys Class 8 to 12 years, Monday
4:."0 to ( p. m. and Thursday 4 :."() tot.
p. m.
Girls Class 12 to . yea' s, l(t.."0 to
12 a. m., Saturday.
Girls Class 8 to 12 years, Wednes
day 4:;() to U p. m. Saturday 9 to 1 U::i '
a. m.
Lidies Class Wednesday 8 to i:'M
p. in. and Friday 8 to 9:30 p. m.
men's CLASSKS.
Active class (18 to .'!() years old) Tues
day 8 to 10 p. m. and Thursday 8 to 10
p. m.
Senior class (DO years and over) Mon
day 8:.'!0 to 10 p. in.
Fencing, boxing and wrestling class,
Sunday 10 to 12 a. m.
Applications for admittance will bo
received at the gymnasium during
class hours by Instructor O. F. Ernst.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund tho money if it
fails to cure. 2oc. Tho genuine has
L. B. Q. on each tablet.
You should know that Foley's Honey
and Tar is absolutely the best remedy
for all diseases of tho Throat, Chest or
Lungs. Dealers are authorized to
guarantee it to give satisfaction in all
c:ises. Smith & Par mole.
We have just received the nobbiest line of
Spring Neckwear
Hats and Caps
Ever shown in Plattsmouth.
At s-lii--itHKi;'.
A complete lino of choice tropical
fruits, candies and cigars. Ovsters
served in every style at his old stand
opposite Bank of Cass county.
Seed l'otn t of H.
For sale fine e irly rose, early Ohio
and other choice seed potatoes at
A. II. Wkckkacii & Co's.
The lcojlc9i Clothier.
ronble tlio- Pleasure of a Ii-i-.
A lino carriage doubles tho ihHHiiriMf driv-
mtx. lnteiidintr buyers of curriuj5f?s or bur-
ness can save dollars liv Honilmir fur the
lartre. free catalog-uo of the Elkhart Curriuce
una Harness Aiitr. io., .caKnurt, luu.
south Sixth St.
Including the Famous
Missouri, Illinois,
Jackson Hill and
Canon City Lump,
Always on hand Also a quantity of
cheaper Grades of NUT COAL. We also
keep on hand all kinds of Wood. All or
ders promptly delivered. Leave orders
at grocery store of A. H. Weckbach & Co.
$ $ $ ft $- s
I Patterson.. 1
I & 1
1 .. Kunsman
.... SELI
I The Best Meats I
At Lowest Prices.
Note the following:
H Large hams, p r lb He
Bacon, per lb it
Choice breakfast bacon 12' c
fr ' 4f
Q Choice home-made bologna (not jj
ft made from horse-meat) SJc
Reading Rooms and Dispensary,
Drew IJuildiDg, Flattsmoutli, eb.
Open from 10 a. m. to 5 p. m. and 7 to 9 p.
m. Service each Sunday, 11 a. m.
Iouse Furnishings,
Ou r sto.-k !s cojiulete in all lines 1 ve
Invite our fricuds to look it over. W, Til
rniio-ivir to ylense you. Call and seo us.
A New !S if.
Snyder & Co. the jewelers received
a handsome uew sife m:d-3 by the
M osier Safe Co. nX Hamilton Ohio. It
is of the latest and most improved pat
tern and is the lai-gest jewelry safe
ever brought to the city. Snyder &
Co. cany an immense stock of line
j wo! iy and the new safe has long been
i. ceded for the safety of their fine
ge-. us. This enterprising firm is pro.-i-eirg
and spreading out, we are
pleased to note.
Kilpint; ami Ie Ivoven Unite.
Reginald de Koven and Sir Arthur
Sullivan have both been commissioned
by ths Lad is1 Homo Journal to ive
a musical setting to Hudyard Kilping'a
great, "llccessicnal" poem written for
the Queen s Jubilee. De Koven has
finished his setting of the poem as a
hymn with chorus and so'o. and the
composition will be published in its
entirety in a forthci ruing issue of the' Home Journal.
Iteport. is Ieliverel.
Key West, Fla., March 21. Judge
Adovcate Marix of the court of inquiry
came asnore tins aiternoon, accom
panies by an armed orderly, from the
Iowa, who carried a bulky package of
official documents which he handed to
Admiral icard. It is believed the
documents are the full findings of the
ccurt of inquiry. Lieutenant-Com
mander Marix refused either to deny
or eonlirm, but an officer from the
Iowa said the documents were the
long-expected report on the Maine
disaster. The papers were imrue
diately examined by the admiral. It
is presumed if thtse documents are
the report they will be taken to Wash
ington tomorrow bv Lieu ten ant-Com
mander Marix.
(Special notices under this head will be
ch;irireu for at the rate of H cent per word
each Insertion.)
SKWINLi All kinds of plain and fancy sewing,
dressmaking, repairing of gents' and boys' J
ciomes aone at uie rooms oi .Mrs. uriua Sher
man, over (Joates' hardware store, 418 Main
A XT til) To
for an organ.
trade. A good gold watch
diquire at the News oflice.
P. S. We are just receiving a grand line
of Spring: Suits and Pants, at popular prices.
That's why you should step in a minute.
WANTED Active, sober and trustworthy man
to travel through this section. Salary $5(1 a
month, payable weekly, and expenses; splendid
opportunity. Address bllLr!1 company, Kx!0
Chestnut street, rimadelphia. Pa.
A NT K I). Boarders,
and ( iranite.
at the corner of Sixth
The Q. Z. society met last evening
and ar'angedto pay the S100 which
th"y have secured for the church.
The yountr ladies have done remark
ably well in raising so large an
amount, and have concluded to con
tin ue the organiz ition and help the
church still further.
(Successors to Lctry Boeck. )
Probate Notice.
In county court. Cass county, Nebraska.
In the matter of the estate ot Nels C Aagard.
deceased. Ji.hainie I ). 1 lean, formerly Aagard.
Ne's Cl.ti rJ Aagard. minor, and all other per
sons interested in said matter are hereby notified
that on the SMI. day of March, Isi'S. J C. Petersen
tiled a petition in said county court, praying that
his tinal administration accounts tiled herein be
settled and allowed, and that he he discharged
from his trust as administrator, and that if you
fail to pppear before said court on the day of
April. A. l- ls'.'s, at 'J o'clock a. m.. and contest
said petition, the court may grant the prayer of
sai 1 petiti n, and make such other and further
orders, allowances and decrees, as to this court
may seem proper, to the end, that all matters
pertaining to said estate maybe finally settled
and determined. Witness my hand and the
seal ot said court at Plattsmouth. Nebraska,
this the -'1st day ol March A. i.. 1-HS.
, ,- . (jLOKfiE M. Sri H LOCK.
l:onU County Judge.
Have you tried it ?
Hros.' "Gut Ileil T
What? Wurl
Ilurlinartou Koute California Excursions
Cheap, quick, comfortable. Leave
Plattsmouth 3:13 p. m., every Tliurs
d; in clean, modern, not crowded
tourist sleepers. No transfers; cars
run right through to San Francisco
and Los Angeles over the Scenic
Koute through Denver and Salt Lake
City. Cars are carpeted; upholstered
in rattan; have spring seats and backs
and are provided with curtains, bed
ding, towels, soap, etc. Uniformed
porters and experienced excursion
conductors accompany each excursion,
relieving passengers of all bother
about baggage, pointing out objects
of interest and in many other ways
helping to make the overland trip a
delightful ex perience. Second class
tickets are honored. Berths $o.
For folder giving frill information,
call at nearest Burlington Koute
ticket office, or write to J. Francis
Gen. Passenger Agent, Omaha. Neb.
A thrill of terror is experienced
when a brassy cough of croup sounds
through the house at night. But the
terror soon changes to relief after
One Minute Cough Cure" has been
administered. Sife and harmless for
children. F. G. Fricke & Co.
After years of untold suffering from
piles, O. W. Pursell of Knitnersville,
Pa., was cured by using a single box
of UeWitt's Witch Huzel Salve. Skin
diseases such as eczema, rash, pimples
and obstinate sores at e readily cured
by this famous remedy. F. G. Fricke
& Cc
LOST On either I.inroln or Chicago avenue,
an Astrakau cape. Return to Or. .Marshall's
oltice and receive reward. 17-4
Better Than Ever
CENTS WA XTED For War in Cuha, by
Senior lluesada. Cuban representative at
W ashington. Endorsed bv Cuban patriots. In
tremendous demand. A bonanza for agents.
Only jl.oO. liig book, big commissions. Every
body wants the only endorsed, reliable book.
Outfits free. Credit given. Freight paid . Drop
ail trash, and make i'.i .0 a month with War in
Cuha. Address today. 1 he National Book Con
cern, :i"ii!-:l.V) Dearborn St., Chicago.
T? A AT f A
Beware the
March Winds!
Escape the rigors of the winds this
month by going south over the
Louisville & Nashville Kail
road. This line has a perfect
through-car service from cities
of the north to all winter re
sorts in Georgia, Florida, and
along the Gulf Coast in Texas,
Mexico and California. The
Florida Chautauqua now in
session at DeFuniak Springs;
six weeks with the best lec
tures and entertainers, in a
climate which is simply per
fect. Very low rates for round
trip tickets, on sale daily.
Homeseekers' Excursions on
tho first and third Tuesday.
Tickets at about half rates.
For full particulars write to
C. P. Atmore, G. P. A., Louisville,
Ky., Geo. B. Horner, U. P. A., St
Louis, Mo.
Plattsmouth Coal Yard
All the Newest Shapes and Styles that the eastern
markets afforded in
.Fine ats and TrimmuigS
Are to be seen at their Parlors. Imported Pattern
Hat and Flowers from Parisian artists. Kyerything"
. . .On account of the prosperous outlook, the largest line
of MILLIN luR l ever brought to the city has been
purchased ....
Every Taste Can Be Suited..
And every want supplied from the cheapest to the
most elaborate and richty-trimmed Head wear ever
seen in the west.
.. ..The Swell Flowers Orchids and Nasturtiums, with
plent- of Violets, Roses, Lilly of the Valley, Hya
cinths, and other varieties to select from.
An Artistic Trimmer of St. Joe will keep this depart
ment up to a hiyh standard of excellence.
Remember to Call and Inspect Our Goods and Prices. . . .
Plattsmouth, Nebraska.
Hay, Corn, Oats and all Kinds of Feed
Constantly on Hand.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund the money if it
fails to cure. 2oc. The genuine has
L. B. O. n eaeh tablet.
New Improvement.
The Pearl Steam laundry has just
received one of the latest pittern
bosom, collar and cuff ironers from
Chicago, and is better prepared than
ever to do nice work. Remember
Pearl Steam laundrv, ain street.
Leading Liveryman.
The best of rigs furnished at all hour and his
prices are always reasonable. Theniost
convenient boarding stable for far
mers in the citv.
THEY carry the largest and most complete line in Cass Jcounty. QEvery
thing fresh and new. They pay cash for our goods and give their custo
mors the advantage of special discounts. A complete line of canned poods
always in stock. The only place in the city where you Jean get all kinds of
fresh Cheese. Call and see us.
A. H. WECKBACH & E., Waterman Blk.