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    The Semi Weekly News-Herald
BY Tilt
M. u. j-ulu, EuiiuK.
Qno Year, in advance, 15 00
Six Months z U
)ne Week,
Single Copies,
One Year, in advance, . . .
Six Months,
Of any Cass County Paper.
Attorney Genkkal Smyth in his
motion for a now trial in tho B irt'ey
case makes a strong: showing' in favor
of tho theory that the jury has been
tampered with, and every taxpayer
not having a financial interest in tho
defense, will hopo to boo Judge I'owell
grant a new trial.
THE gold reserve in tho national
troasury is now over $200,000,000 and
no bonds have been Bold, either. How
do the popocratic prophets liko it V
Their silver prophesoios aro of the
same cloth as those which said Mc
Kinley would have to issue bonds to
keep gold, in tho treasury.
Theke hasn't been a revolution in
Central America for ten days, but wre
are promised a big one right away
which win involve costa inca, non-
duras, iNicaragua,fcalvadorand L-uate-
mala. The latin Americans have a
habit of boiling over and lighting like
pirates over trival matters.
Judge Newell's name is mentioned
of lato by his friends for tho mayor
alty, and with his former experience
in the ex cutivo chair he would make
a most acceptable ollicor. F. II.
Steimker, a man of storling integrity
and sound judgmont,is also mentioned
for the same position. Either of these
gentlemen could be elected.
John O. Yeiseb, who is better
known as "HelloYeiser" since he got
tangled up with tho telephone com
pany, imagines he is candidate for gov
ernor of the pop cohorts. John's high
opinion of Yeisercuufortunately is not
shared by tho general public and his
boom will never get farther along than
the kindergarten stage.
THE New York Journal has become
so unreliable a newspaper that it
seems strange anyone should care to
read the worthless sheet. The World-
Herald of Omaha, which reprints its
bogus Havanna dispatches that are
written in New York, is so utterly
unreliable that people who care to
know the real conditions of affairs,
must look to the State Journal or
Bee for information.
Your Uncle Sam has as good credit
as any nation on the globe since he re
fused to scale his debts and try to pay
in a depreciated dollar. lie has a
few hundred million now ready to
use without issuing any bonds, and
for tho first time in four years, the
monthly balance sheet at the treasury
shows an income a few millions larger
than our expenses. We are all right
when republicans are on deck with a
tariff and honest money policy to en
force. If Spain needs a little disci
pline, Uncle Sam is tho fellow to ad
minister it, and we shall only be glad
of a good excuse for taking decisive
action against the cruel Spaniards.
Tiie government continues'to talk
peace while night is turned into day
at every ordnance factory, in an effort
to put all of the twenty-four hours in.
in the manufacture of powder and mu
nitions of war. Tha investigations of
the causes of the Maine disaster move
slowly along while the Spaniards fume
about what they will and won't do.
War has not been declared except by
the Yellow Kid Journal of New York,
and it may not occur. If it does come,
however, the United States will be
found in perfect readiness to face any
emergency. The policy of the presi
dent has been safe and conservative
and deserves tho unanimous support
of the whole people.
The Nebraskan who went to Massa
chusetts and begun the manufacture
of shredded wheat for the esthetic
Bostonians, has made a fortune out of
the venture, and now in memory of
tho state which gave him a start in
the world, he is turning his attention
to a new product called shredded
corn, which is said to be very fine.
We certainly shall not envy him his
wealth if he thereby doubles the con
sumption of our chief staple as a table
food product. The heart of the grain
is extracted, and the balance is put
through a steaming process and
shredded. From the heart of "the
grain, a fine article of oil is extracted
and the residue is used for stock feed.
The Review of Reviews which, bar
ring the Cosmopolitan, was the only
standard magazine in this country
that apparently espoused the cause
of Bryan and IG to 1 in 1896, lays down
its arms and confesses that for all
practical purposes the gold standard
is as firmly fixed and as permanently
a part of the republic as the Missis
sippi river and the Rocky mountains,
and that the whole civilized world is
committed to it, and that further
kicking is useless. The sane portion
of tho people oi tno country win nave
. ... . I H 1 I
come to the samo conclusion before
the campaign of 1900. As the Review
nf Reviews outs it. "The question is
nettled " Ex. I
Tho fact of D. S. Guild, chief of tho
supply dopirtment of tho H. Sc M.,
having bconj mentioned as a candi-
dato for mnyor of this city, is deemed
of 6umciont lmp0rt for ;tho manage
I merit in Urnana to wrlto ilr. Ci. a
very cloar statement about what they
thought oi politics nnd tho candidacy
of men in their employ for political
"The Burlington has gone out of
politics" is a statement we have often
hoard, but from a perusal of the letter
referred to, wo aro forced to believe
tho management is in earnest this
time. Among othor things tho letter
says: 'lhe dividing or your tirno with
engrossing political aJrairs wo could
not afTord, however much wo might
personally onjoy ovidonco of you
ability to secure and hold public con
The strictures placed upon thoso
who aspire to political preferment in
dicatns very clearly, that a resignatio
of a man's position would bo expected
from the company whenever a noini
nation was sought for. It looks to us a
if thocompany mightbo going too fari
its rule, and was not allowing its lowe
ollicials enough liborty of action, bu
maybe experience has taught th
management the course they now seek
to.follow, is the best, and we shall note
results later on.
Mr. (luild, therefore, will not allow
his namo used at all. Members of
school board and social or family f
fairs the management explicitly states
is not of their concern.
Captaix Palmek and some VVyom
in friends are in Washington trvin
to got Fort Custer rehabilitated.
naving Deen uisoanoed a year ago
According to the dispatches from
r i a . . -
wasningion tnese gentlemen are
fearful of an Indian outbreak up that
way, and want protection. To a west
erner this looks liko a good joke, as
the Indians in the reservation u
there are nenrer civilized and are fa
more law-abiding than the averaer
Wyoming cow-boys who go to make
up a large part of tho population of
that part of Wyoming. Nebraska is
in as much danger from the Indian
up near Pender who are engaged in
cultivating the soil as tho Sherida
people are from their neighbors. A
fort may be a good thing to have
around, but the danger from India
outbreaks is too absurd to talk about
seriously in the west.
The report of the secretary of the
treasury shows that between Novem
ber 1, 18J3, and February 1, 1898, 37,
735,572 standard silver dollars were
coined by the United States. This
means that after the Sherman act was
repealed, in the very time the cheap
money people have been conducting
a big campaign for the restora
tion of silver to its old place,'
wo have coined more than fou
times as many dollars as the govern
ment did in its entire history up to
1S73. The government is using more
silver all the time than it did before
the "crime," but the miners are dig
ging it out of the hills so fast that the
price connot catch its breath. The 16
to 1 people are working at the wrong
end of the proposition in all of their
efforts to restore the party. Jf they
really want 16 to 1 restored they had
better go out to tho mountains and
stop up tho mines that have been mak
ing the trouble. State Journal.
Watersweet, Mich., was almost des
troyed by fire yesterday. Its name
was no protection.
Senator Thurston and a party of
Washington law-makers have gone to
Cuba to look into the Maine disaster
for themselves.
Wiid ducks are said to be very plen
tiful and a number of hunters that
returned have today brought with
them heavily laden game bags. Ne
braska City News.
Since the great Burlington route
has about completed a fine depot in
Omnha, the Union Pacific has awak
ened to the situation and will at once
begin the erection of a fine building
on the north side side of the tracks
nearby. The other eastern lines will
probablj enter the U. P. depot, since
they cross the river on the U.
P. bridge, and will make it
practically a Union station.
Jim Dahlman's resignation from a
$2,000 do-nothing job on the state rail
way commission is again rumored
Dahlman's resignation is one of those
things that will be accepted as a re
ality when it is accepted by the state
authorities. Ex.
Edmisten, the pop candidate for
governor, is not very well thought of
at home where he is best known.
This reformer owns nearly one thous
and acres of land out on Wood river
which he has under the ditoh. He
rents the land at regular rates and
when dry weather sets in, it is said
that he extorts enormous water rents
from his tenants before he will allow
any water onto the land. This infor
mation is given us by a populist. Ed-
misten wouid be a sweet candidate in
the interest of reform.
Professor Bossey was recently
elected associate member of the
academie Internationale de geogra
phic botanique, Paris. This society
is the leading one of its kind in the
world. The election of Dr. Bessey
was unknown to him until their publi-
cation arrived
in America. State
The city conventions will have to
be held before March 18, as that i3
the last day tho names can bo ccrti
lied to tho clerk and get a placo on
tho ticket.
Tho night operator at Hamburg, la.,
was hold up Monday night by a gang
of tramps and relieved of his watch
and flslb in money.
Mrs. N. II. Larsh and David Brown
roturned last eveniner from Platts
mouth, where the former purchased
tho Ervin farm near Union, which is
said to bo one of the best farms in
Cass county. Nebraska City News.
A Plattsmouth man recently pur-
chased a piece of city property for
$150. Wednesday, when ho went to
make his last payment thereon ho
discovered there woro two mortgages
on the property one for $400 and one
for $1,300. Ho is now waiting for tho
title to clear up.
F. J. Coates in Monday evening's
News says ''it is easy to talk of war;
it will cost us a million of men and
untold wealth to conquer Spain." In
reply will say we know this and are
ready to take the responsibility. War
is dreaded by all, but when Spain re
fuses to pay tho damage done to our
navy by blowing up one of our best
vessels and sending 258 souls into
eternity, what else can we do but go
to punish these treacherous devils?
Or are wo dongo like to say to Spain,
"We forgive you, but please do not
hurt us hereafter;," No, a thousind
times nol Tho American people are
not built that way. Surely, it is not
our fault to be dragged into war with
Spain. This government has been
ever lenient toward Spain in order to
keep out of war. In fact, too lenient.
Had wo acknowledged the belliger
ency of the Cubans, the latter would
have driven the Spaniards out of Cuba
s me time ago, and Cuba would bo
free. Instead of hel ping the Cubans,
we spent thousands of dollars to keep
help away from this country. And at
the same lime fully knowing that the
Americans in the revolutionary war
gladly acceoted aid from the French.
L-ifayette, with his ship-loads of sol
diers, ammunition and provisions, was
gladly and thankfully received by
Washington and the American people
and we thank Lafayette today for the
assistance he gave the country. In his
memory they will build a monument
at Washington or New York.
We agree with Mr. Coates the
French generals, such as Nye, Mc
Donald, Lannes, Murat and others
were brave men. We had just such
generals in our late war, such as Gen
e al Lee, Sherman, Sheridan, Custer,
and a great many more, who, if alive,
would lead the Americans to victory
once more and would not be afraid to
fight the Spaniards. If war must come
we will have able leaders who will
offer their services, besides, Mr.
Coates, the Spanish nation today is
not what it was in Napoleon's
time, at that time, Spain was a power
ful nation and had plenty of money
and credit, today Spain has no money
or credit. Tn fact, she is unable to
pay her Cuban soldiers their misera
ble monthly wages.
The French went into Spanish terri
tory to conauer the country. It is
different with us, we don't want to
conquer Spain, consequently if they
want to fight us they will have to cume
here. All we want is a free Cuba for
the Cubans, and that we will have,
and next we want pay for the damages
done to the Maine and pay for the
poor widows and orphans left to mourn
the untimely death of their husbands
and fathers. This is all we want Mr.
Coates, and I use the words of Gen
eral Jackson; "By the eternal we will
have it." To close I will say to Mr
Coates, Dongoo will have to to take
a back seat, or, gopher-like, dig a
hole in the ground and pull the earth
after them, if war would break out.
Conrad Sciilatek.
IJootlrgger Released.
Spuing field, Neb., Feb. 2S.
George Schular, the bootlegger who
was tried in the county court of thi
county last week and found guilty and
who finally pleaded guilty to the
charge of selling liquor without a li
cense and was fined $250 and costs by
County Judge Howard and oent to the
Douglas county jail to work out his
fine, was released Saturday afternoon
by District Judge Keyeor, who claims
that Judge Howard had no legal right
to impose more than $100 fine and
even then could not sentence him to
jail. The temperance people of the
village are much excited over the
case, as they advanced $50 to the Om
aha detective for conviction. There
s strong talk of taking the law into
their own hands and appointing a
committee to wait on such men as
Schular and give them so many hours
to vacate. Schular used to run a salo n
at Cedar Creek.
Hard and Soft Coal.
John Waterman is sole agent for
tho famous Mendota soft coal. Also
carries the best grades of hard coal.
wood, lumber, laths, shingles, lime,
cement, etc. If you are going to
build, " it will pay you to see Water
man. Office at the rear of Water
man block on Fifth street.
Crystal Springs Dairy.
Milk, as pure as gold from the
'Klondike," delivered to any part of
the city. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Your patronage solicited.
Leave orders at News, office, or at
Bennett & Tutt's grocery store.
S. H. Fisher, Prop.
Foley's Honey and Tar.'
Cough Syrup wherever introduced is
considered the most Ipleasanfand ef
fective remedy for all throat and lung
complaints. It is the only prominent
cough remedy tnatf contains no
piates and that can safely be given
to children. Smith & Parmele.
Furniture, Stoves and House Furnishings
Wn,. .A .,ai., k,
ra . .
"oods for which he paid
Think What This Means
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His Leader in Stoves
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No house in Cass county ever carried half so large a stock.
He can suit every taste. Three hundred easy chairs to select
from. Bed room suites and parlor suites from the lowest
price to those fit for a queen.
The Prices
Is where Pearlman shines, and explains his wonderful business
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It Will Surprise You
To call and see his wonderful stock, and get his prices, which
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Omaha. Remember the place.
Opposite the Court House. Plattsmouth, Nebraska.
Take Off the Horns.
The undersigned is now ready with
a good portable chute and tools, to re
move the weapons of horned cattle at
10 cents par head for a herd of cattle,
25 cents for a sirgle animal. It never
gets to cold to dehorn cattle. Any
time after fly-time, until the first
week in April is tho right time. Af
ter that it is too late. If those who
wish to have such-wok done will ad
dress me at Rock Bluffs, Neb., they
villbe promptly answered.
S. L. Furlong.
Farmers all know that new varie
ties of seeds for planting are often re
quired to replace those that have run
low in quality. Especially is this true
of potatoes, which yield well for a few
years and then fail. Messrs. Gunson,
Brown & Co., the great seed propaga
tors, of Rochester. N. Y., are prepared
to furnish on order the very best vari
ties of new seeds of all kinds for tho
farm. Apply forsamples and descrip
tion to ' C. W. Sherman, Ag
February Excursions.
Opportunities for visiting the south
during this month, via tho Louisville
& Nashville railroad, aro as follows:
Home-seeker's excursions on first
and third Tuesday at about one fare
for the round trip.
Florida Chautauqua at DeFuniak
Springs begins on the 14th inst. Splen
did programme, beautiful place, low
Mardi Gras at Mobile and New Or
leans on 22d. Tickets at half rates.
For full particulars, write to C. P.
Atmore, General Passenger Agent,
Louisville, Ky., Geo. B. Horner, D.
P. A., St. Louis, Mo.
Dr. Marshall, Graduate Dentist.
Dr. Marshall, fine gold work.
Dr. Marshall, gold and porcelain
Dr. Marshall, crown and bridge work
Dr. Marshall, teeth without plates.
Dr. Marshall, all kinds of fillings.
Dr. Marshall, all kinds of plates.
Dr. Marshall, perfect fitting plates.
Dr. Marshall, all work warranted.
All the latest amjliances for fir6t
class dental work.
From the Clerk of the Circuit Court.
Fernandina, Fla., Feb. 28, 1896.
Mu. George Suhrek, Druggist,City.
Dear George: Please send a bottle
of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. I
would not feel easy if I knew there
whs none of this valuable Remedy in
the house. I have given it a fair test
and consider it one of the very best
remedies for croup that I have ever
found. One dose has always been
sufficient, although I use it freely.
Any cold my children contract yields
very readily to this medicine. I can
conscientiously recommend it for
croup and colds in children.
Yours respectfully, Geo. E. Wolff.
Sold by all druggist.
It l'ays to Get theIJest.
W. E. and C. E. Crabill are deliver
ing the best of milk to their customers
in all parts of the city. Try our sys
tem of bottle delivery.
f 1,,1.. f
spot cash at the factory.
Charter No. 471, at Murdock. in the State ot Ne
braska, at the close ol business rcb. i, lr,'.s.
Loans and discounts $ 14,022 41
Banking-house, furniture and fix
tures 1.500 00
Current expenses and taxes paid 512 30
Due from national, state and private
banks and bankers 1,472 62
Cash 2,221 2H
Total $19,728 61
Capitol stock paid in $ 5.000 00
Undivided protits 1,495 0:
Individual deposits subject to check... 6,345 89
Time certificates of deposit 6,USj 67
Bills payable f00 00
Total $19,728 61
State of Nebraska, )
Cass County. f
I, H. R. Neitzel, cashier of the above named
bank, do solemnly swear that the above state
meat is true to the best of my knowledge and be
lief. H. K. Neitzel, Cashier.
Arthur Rikli, Director.
Louis Neitzel. Director.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 1st
day ot March. 1898. O. P. Stewart,
Justice of the Peace.
vM44 50 YEARS
-O' Designs
Copyrights &c.
Anvone sending a sketch and description may
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Invention Is probably patentable. Communica
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Scientific American.
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VIOLA 8KIN 80AP I Blmpl; Ineomparabl u a
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nn I i 1 1 ri uv. titthi hi' iiv . tt
Beware the
S Sa , t s .r---- .
March Winds!
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Louisville & Naohville Rail
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Silk Manufacturers,
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Chlcayo, Ills.
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n v
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m-- a.
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cates. Drafts drawn, availaole in any
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towns of Europe. Collection made and
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price paid for county warrants, state
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II. N. Dovcy, I). Hawkswc rth. S. Vauh
V. E. White, G. K. Dovey.
eo.E. Dovcy. Pres., S. Waugh, Cashier,
II. N. Dovey. Ast. Cashier.
Plattsmouth Coal Yard
Hay, Corn, Oats and all Kinds of F-? d
Constantly on Hand.