Semi-weekly news-herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1895-1909, January 26, 1898, Image 3

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Would-It AwHkinK I li 1 1 end of
I In" I' nintly himI I Krlglit ened Awiiy
Mi-Oomlt In Arraigned.
List i.i.'lil, noon aftur th-i ".own
clock hud lol'.otl out tlio hour of
twclvi; aiid l' ed It.bibsoti w;ih enjoy
ing tin: flc!f(i i f the j'J?t, l.e win i uilly
awaken. l hy winii! ono trj iiiy'ti; fmco
an fiilr.i ,,, io his domicile llirou;'li
a ru i r w i n il o v .
Kit I hastily atoeaiid drew on hi
trountvrt, and picking up a 1'uvolvcr
that w King no. n- by, be tripped out
to sou w bo da rod lo invado bis boinu
at such an unnj.'mly bour. Tho
wouM-bo burglar li' ard hi in opcnim?
tho door and ran like a grayhound,
but I'Yed got a good shot at him as lie
turned pant tho corner of tho house,
which fairly lifted the villain in the
air and added greatly to his speed.
An examination shows lh. an ef
fort was'gooing inadoi t(T pry up tho
window, and - had lean noise been
made, tho scoundrel would soon have
pained an entrance. There waa no
evidence of blood about tho yard so
Fred's bullet doubtless went wide of
tho mark.
I'eople cannot bo ioo careful just
now as Omaha and other towns aro
swat ming with burglars and footpads.
Mt'ComO Arrai(;iM'L
James McComb, tho "ahoutiit," who
jumped his bail a few weeks ago, was
arraigned in district court today on
tho charge of shooting a man . na,mud
ltout with intent to kill. He plead
not guilty and was remanded back to
jail to await trial at the next torm of
court in March.
W. II. Long, tho man who was on
McComb's bond, which was forfeited,
waa in court today and secured the
setting aside of tho forfeiture, as he
had succeeded in bringing his iuan into
court. Long was held, however, for
all the costs that bad been made in the
search for McComb.
Mure About the Oil Well.
Yes sir, Brother Polk, Kim wood's
got an oil well, and if you don't be
lieve it come out and see. About six
weeks ago, Lee llorton put down a
well on Kngelking's farm, and a few
days afterward oil waa discovered in
tho well. The well, which is thirty
feet deep, contains about two feet of
oil and water, which is reported to
run in as fast as taken out.
A week ago Sunday, E. M. Jacobs
and IJ. F. Krull went out to tho well
and procured a bottle of the lluid
which they brought to town. When
poured on a stick or on the ground
and a lighted match applied, it im
mediately ignited.
Saturday Theo. Shafer procured a
barrel of tho oil and brought it to
town and a largo number of our citi
zens took some and tested it. The re
sults showed that it burned in a lamp
as good aa any oil in Klmwood.
Where there's oil there's coal, and
as we havo tho oil, in all probability
wo will soon go after the coal. Just
watch our smoke! Klmwood Loader
Echo. Were Micely Entertained.
Mr. and Mrs. Alshuler entertained
a few of tneir friends in a charming
manner laat evening with social chat
and progressive high-five. Mrs. T.
Walling received lirst prize, a gold
hat pin; W. L. Pickett second, a beau
tiful China pen tray, and Dr. Cum
mins got the consolation prize a box
of candy. There were present Messrs.
and Meadames Cummins, Peprerberg,
Elson, Pickett, Walling, A. Clark,
Buttler, Coates, and Misses Leua
Fricko and Loretta Clark.
Tho occasion was the seventh anni
versary of Mr. and Mrs. Alshuler's
wedding day, and tho guests.departing
after a pleasant evening, hoped they
might enjoy many more as pleasant
Dr. Marshall, Graduate Dentist.
Dr. Marshall, fine gold work.
Dr. Marshall, gold and porcelain
Dr. Marshall, crown and bridge work
Dr. Marshall, teeth without plates.
Dr. Marshall, all kinds of fillings.
Dr. Marshall, all kinds of plates.
Dr. Marshall, perfect fitting plates.
Dr. Marshall, all work warranted.
All the latest anoliances for first
class dentp.l work.
Some people imagine because a pub
lisher is issuing a certain publication,
that there is no good reason wtiy ad
vertisements cannot bo run for a song,
remarks an exchange. They imagine
that the publisher has ail his general
expenses to meet anyhow, and that an
advertisementdoesn't amount to much
by way of expanse. As well might a
man step into a bank and say to the
cashier: "You have thousands on
deposit lying idle. Your expenses
will ba no more or no less. Why not
loan me $10,000 or 0,000 for sixty or
ninety days without interest? I can
not afford to pay interest, but I will
give you abundant security and you
will not be out anything.', Should a
man do such a thing, the cashier would
have every reason to dou t the man's
sanity. Supposing a man should step
into a 6toro and say to tho proprietor,
you must sell me your goods at less
than cost or I will deal with nd throw
my influence to your competitor across
the street This man might well be
suspected of a weakness in his upper
story, as well as having his moral
education sadly neglected.
Two Well Known Statesmen
talked for months, from a front porch
and a rear end of a car. Perhaps the
use of Foley's Hooey and Tar will ex
plain why they coufii no this, without
injury to their vool organs. It is
largely used by speakers and singers.
Smith & Parmele.
Mr. C. C. Parmele and Mrs. A.
Gass were Omaha visitors today.
MUsTresa i Ilempil spent the day
in Omaha.
(Jommit-sioner Haves returned homo
this morning by way of Lincoln.
Superintendent Mcllugh was in
Orn iha today nri school huninc-H.
Mrs. Henry Turt&eh aid mother
weio Omaha visitors this immii.g.
A L. Timblin, tho Weeping Water
1 attorney, with i'i town t day alU-cding
cou rt.
J S. A. Milgrim, who u-od to reside
(here, but now resides at Hooper, baa
j had his pension increased from M to
J per month.
A.C Lodcr, whose monument will
Home day graco the court house lawn,
was in tho city today from Greenwood
on legal business.
O. M. Carter of Denver, who used
to reside here and who is a brother-in-law
of tho Thomas boys, was in
town on business today.
Mrs. Scott of Lincoln is hero ( a
week's visit with her sister, Mrs--.
Logan Brown, her husband having
gone to Chictigo on a brief hu.-inc-s.s
Col C. II. Quercau, superintendent
of motive power on the Denver &
Rio Grande with headquarters in Den
ver, arrived in town this morning for
a brief 6tay of a few hours.
Tho Tuxedo Dancing club held one
of their regular semi-monthly dances
at Waterman's hall lat evening and
a good time is reported, though the
crowd was not so large as usual.
A. L. Shewey was in tho city ye-ter
day representing tho wholesale
grocery house of Bradley, DeGrolTS'
Co. of Nebraska City, ho having re
signed his position with the Omaha
packing house.
M P. Hovey, the expert accountant
from Lincoln, is engaged in checking
up tho books in tho county treasurer's
oflico. As his work extends back sev
eral years it will require about three
months to tin is h tho job. Mr. Hovey
is accompanied by his wife and for tho
present they aro stopping at the
Hotel Riley.
Several important changes about
town are contemplated. It is re
ported that Robt. Sherwood will erect
ii building on his lot next to the Elk
horn saloon early in tho spring which
he will occupy with one of tho best
shoe stores in the state. J. II. TIaldo
man will vacate his present cilices in
the Union block in March and will
take the suite of rooms in the Wctten
karap block, formerly occupied by
Judge Ramsey.
Win. Neville and Frank Dickson are
the members of the next federal jury
from this county.
James Hartshorn of Louisville and
Joe Rrodback of Cedar Creek are in
town today on business.
Colonel John A. MacMurphy of Om
aha is in the city today shaking hands
with his old-time friends.
William Ch vlfant, guardian of Wil
liam Albin, incompetent, is in town
today settling with the probate court.
Henry Geriug has t wo sty's on one
eye which gives him the appsarance
of having been out at au Irish waKe.
Deputy County Clerk Will Coolidse
returned this morning from a week's
visit at Lead City, S. 1)., with his
Notwithstanding the hard storm
east of us. tho old Burlinrtoo route
trains ftoin the east have all been on
time today.
II. R. Gering, George M. Spurlock
and others have made up a sleighing
party that will go out to Charles Val
lery's this evening.
Tho affable and urbane police judge
has been on the sick list for several
days and we aro triad to know that he
is reported convelescent.
Increased cloudiness with probable
snow, is what the weather bureau pre
diets today for Nebraska, and so far
tho bureau seems to have guessed
Old man Doty was in town today
trading as has been his custom for
forty years. He says the ice is gelling
rotten, but it will last for several
weeks yet unless a rain should set in
Rev. F. W Witte, of Beloit, Wis.,
sends us his annual contribution this
week to have The News continue its
weekly visits to his homo for another
year. His Piattsmcuth .riends will be
glad to know that he is still interested
in Plattsmouth.
Natives Fear the Ki-lipse.
Bom HAY, Jan. 123. The eclipse of
the sun caused a rapid fall of temper
ature here. An earthly odor per
vaded the air and the scene resem
bled a landscape under tho English
wintry sun. The period of totality
was two minutes, with a marvellous
co ona of pale silver blue. The con
ditions were favorable at both Pro
fessor Lockyar's camp near Viziadzoog
(on the Malabar coast) and at Profes
sor Campbell's camp near Joum. The
native astrologers predicted terrible
calamities. Tne natives swarmed to
devotional exercises and thero was
general fasting, though no great
aUrm. Tho nizam of Haderabad
liberated fifty prisoners, giving each
a gift of money and clothes.
For Sale.
The cheapest printing press in the
state, in fair condition, will print an
eight column folio, hand power.
Address News office, Plattsmouth,
You should know that Foley's Honey
and Tar is absolutely the best remedy
for all diseases of tholiroat, Chest or
Lungs. Dealers are authorized to
guarantee it to give satisfaction in all
cases. Smith & Parmele.
Cnntom In Till I'lirtlciilar Have Changed
Radically -At tho I'r ciit Time the Per
gonal Inclination of Young Women Are
Mish Anna L. liieknell ia an English
lady who has had most nnusual oppor
tunities for studying French life. For a
numbi r of years she was a governess in
the household of Napoleon III and re
sided in tho Tnileries. For Tho Century
Miss I'ickmll has written an article on
"French Wives and Mothers." Misa
Uicknell says:
Tho old mariago de convenanco, which
caused so ninth sorrow and consequent
evil in former days, when a girl was
taken out of a convent to bo shown tho
man to whom she was about to bo mar
ried, is now a thing of the past. It must
bo acknowledged, however, that mar
riages are still made up, often too has
tily and superficially, by nicely balanced
family arrangements and by the inter
vention of friends. Nevertheless, attrac
tion and revulsion are now taken into
consideration, and a girl is no longer
forced to marry a man whom she posi
tively dislikes. I could quote instances
in tho very highest (historical) aristoc
racy where, at the last moment, after
the trousseau had been sent in (marked,
according to custom, with tho united
initial letters of tho two names elabo
rately embroidered) and all the social
preparations made, the marriage was
broken off because the brido had de
clared that sho could not "get accus
tomed" to tho bridegroom nor endure
the idea of seeing his face in her home
during her natural life. In one of these
instances tho family lamentations over
the initials of the trousseau were really
amusing. Fortunately a substitute was
soon found whose name, like that of tho
rejected suitor, began with an X, and
tho complications wcro thus happily
The great object of the French girl's
life is marriage. From the time of her
birth her parents have prepared for this
event, and in many cases they havo con
siderably straitened their income and
curtailed their enjoyments to make up
her dot. Every girl in every class is ex
pected to have something. Those who
havo nothing are exceptions and consti
tute a minority of old maids. The girls
who from choice do not marry generally
become nuns, usually much against the
wishes of their parents. The old tales
of young women being forced into con
vents to improve the position of their
brothers are forgotten in these days,
when, while no child can on any pre
tense be deprived of a share in tho fa
ther's inheritance, monastic vows are
not recognized by law. Nuns and spin
sters are exceptions; marriage is the
When a girl is of ago to be introduced
into society, her friends and relatives
immediately look out for a suitable hus
band, whom it is considered highly de
sirable to obtain before she has reached
the age of 21, that she may not be pro
claimed fille majeure when the banns
are published. The principal considera
tions are equality of birth, of position,
of fortune, and in the last particular
the scale is usually expected to weigh
rather more on the side of the young
lady, especially if the young man, in
addition to sufficient present advantages,
can bring forward a number of relatives
not likely to live long. This is called
having hopes (desesxjerances beaucoup
d'esperances). If the young lady with a
substantial dot can also show a satisfac
tory background of invalid uncles and
aunts, then everything is as it should
be, and the young people are brought
together with every prospect of a favor
able conclusion. It happens, however,
too often that they do net know each
other sufficiently, and that they aro per
suaded to believe that the mutual liking
is greater than it really is. Sometime
this sort of undefined attraction ripens
into a deep and devoted love. When
this occurs, there are no more affection
ate wives or more faithful widows than
Moro frequently, especially in the
higher classes, a sort of cool friendliness
springs up, where they see but little of
each other, and freedom ia enjoyed on
both sides. The authority of the hus
band is less felt than in an English
household. There is a sort of under
standing that in her homo the wife is
queen and settles matters as she pleases.
But their best and warmest feelings
are awakened by all that concerns their
children. French parents are perhaps
the most affectionate in the world. The
interests and welfare of their children
are their first consideration, and won
derful sacrifices of their own pleasure
and enjoyment are made in favor of
their sous and daughters by the most
worldly men and women. These are
taken as a matter of course; no one
thinks of doing otherwise or of seeing
any merit in such acts.
The mothers especially are unequal
ed. Nothing will stand in the way of a
Frenchwoman where her children's in
terests are concerned. This love i3 so
engrossing that it swallows up every
other. . They are more mothers than
wives, and if called upon to choose be
tween allowing a husband to go alone
on a foreign mission or leaving their
children they would not hesitate. "Ales
tufants avant tout."
More Proof.
OTIoolahan Countin the two ruin
yesterday, there's been 13 kilt so far on
the noo buildin goin up across the
O'Callahan (impressively) Thot's
mother proof av the unluckiness av the
number lo. Brooklvu Eagle.
Oysters after they have been brought
away from the sea know by instinct
.ho exact hour when the tide ia rising
ud approaching their beds, and so of
'heir own accord open their shells to re
:eive their food from the sea, as if they
vtre still at home.
Persons who are troubled with in
digestion will be interested in the ex
perience of Wm. II. 1'enn, chief clerk
in the railway mail service at Des
Moines, Iowa, who writes: "It gives
me pleasure to testify to the merits
of Cnainberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrtui'a Remedy. For two years I
have suffered from indigestion, and
am subject to frequent severe attacks
of pain in tho" stomach and bowels.
One or two doses of this remedy never
fails to give perfect relief. Price 25
and 50 cents; sold by all druggist.
The Keroiift Iowa Cavalry Wanted to Pro
tect 1 1 1 in .
A ii amusing scene occurred during
the war, to which tho editor was a
witness, remarks the Greenwood Rec
ord. In September, lMl,theio was at
Cairo, 111., a largo thea'er built of
pine boards, and had a seating capa
city of several thousand, it waa
called tho Defiance theatre. Tho
audience waa c. moost d principally of
soldiers. Wo siw in the audience
General Grant, who was then a briga
dier general. Colonels John A. Logan
It. J. Ogloshy. Duford and many others
who became distinguished during tlio
The play in tho sifternoon pjrfor
mance was "Jessie Drown or the Siege
of Luck-now." The A rubs attack the
fort and Jessie Brown, tho heroine.
rushes on the stage and exclaims.
"Who will protect mo?" A largo
number of the Second Iowa cavalry,
and many of them had been drinking,
occupied tho front seats, one of them
became excited at Jessie Itiown'a ap
peals, and jumping up, he exclaimed,
"Tho Second Iowa cavalry will pro
tect vou. bv G d." Uis remarks
brought down tho house. At tho
sit me timo he made the remark ho
made a rush far tho stage his com
rades, however, pulled him back
and it took some time before order
was restored.
Improvements In Itiiailliril ami General
Track Equipment.
Tho Burlington railroad is doing a
great amount of work on tho Wyom
ing divi-ion. The road bed from
Mor.-land to Alliance, on the west, is
heinr widened and the track for the
entire distance is being ballasted.
From Whitman -on tho east to Mot s
land on the west, trains loaded with
ore are being freely run, and new,
heavy steel rails aro being distri
buted. As soon as the weather will
permit this distance will be relaid
with this heavier steel. The gravel
trains are run from the west and
hundreds of men are employed in this
new work. When this work is com
pleted the Burlington route through
to Hillings will be in good condition
and the division prepared for heavier
engines and faster running.
The officials of the system have
recent". y been over thia part of the
lino and General Manager Holdiege
on Thursday left for another in?pec
tu ntripon tho west end. There is
considerable speculation regarding
the building of a new piece of road
from Deadwood across to Cheyenne,
connecting with the Cheyenne North
ern at tho junction near Douglass.
Tne business done on this" division
has been enormous since the early
part of last summer. WThen the stock
season closed the coal trade from New
Castle and Sheridan began, with
greater demands than at any previous
time in tho history if the road and it
seems that the demand does not di
minish. These mines are now being
worked to their full capacity and the
output is not less than 120 cars daily.
This means 120 cars of thirty-ton
Mothers whose children aro troubled
with bad colds, crgup or whooping
cough will do well to read what Dr. R.
E. Robey, of Olney, Mo., says on this
subject. lie writes: "For years we
h;ive used Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy, and always keep it in the
house. It is regarded in our family as
a specific for all kinds of colds and
coughs The 25 and 50 cent bottles
for sale by all druggist.
District Court.
After hearing motions argued pro
and con in sundry matters Saturday,
Judge Ramsey adjourned court until
Saturday afternoon January 29, when
it is expected that all work for the
term will be closed up. No opinions
were rendered on Saturday hst.
Eila Lew ton vs Rose Sbreve; defen
dant given leave to filo answer on or
before February 1, 189S.
First National bank of Fairfield, Ia.,
vs M. Traver; sale of property con
firmed and deed ordered.
Henry Eikenbary, et al. vs Citizens'
Bank of Plattsmouth. Ordered that
all persons inteaested in said mutter
show cause by January 29, at 10 a. in.,
why real estate and assets of bank
should not be sold as prayed for.
S. S. Southard vs John Behrns; mo
tion for judgment en mandate argued
and submitted.
A. N. Sullivan vs Wm. Neville; de
cree of foreclosure for 5-975 and prop
erty ordered sold.
"My daughter, when recovering
from an att-ick of fever, was a great
sufferer from pain in the back and
hi ps," writes Louden G rover, of Sarcis,
Ivy, "After using quite a number of
remedies without any benefit she tri-d
one bottle of Chamberlain's Pain
IJilm, and it has given entire relief."
Cnainberlain's Pain Balm is also a
certain cure for rheumatism. Sold by
all druggist.
Take Off the Horns.
The undersigned is now ready with
a good portable chute and tools, to re
move the weapons of horned cattle at
10 cents per head for a herd of cattle,
25 cents for a sirglo animal. It never
gets to cold to dehorn cattle. Any
timo after fly-time, until tho first
week in April is tha right time. Af
ter that it i9 too late. If those who
wish to have such work done will ad
dress me tt Rock Bluffs, Neb., they
will bo promptly answered.
S. L. Fuuloxg.
llargains In Fine Hog.
Thoroughbred Poland China male
hogs, eight months old, for sale. Call
on or address J. G. Richey, Platts
mouth, Neb.
Make M lncalcula t ion. of Time.
New Vouk, Jan. 21. A perplexing
problem has presented itself to tho
Chinese residents of this city. They
have not been ablo to make up their
minds whether their Now Year's cele
bration sh'ju'd begin today or tomor
row. The Chinese minister at Wash
in ton has i.-sued a proclamation
declaring th it tomorrow shall be
celebrated instead of today, in d In it
tho Chinese residents in thia country
havo for tho j ast forty -eight years
begun celebrating a day too soon.
Why it has taken forty-eight years to
make Ihia interesting discovery la not
et forth, but thero ia no doubt that
tho children of the Celestial empire
havo been laboring under a sad de
lusion. The difference in time between this
country and China was tho causo of
tho mistake. Tho proclamation to
tho Chinese residents of the country
to change tho date of tho colcbration
has been sent to tho Chinese consuls,
who have transmitted it to tho leading
Chinamen of tho cities where they
are stationed. The proclamation has
created a good deal of excitement in
Chinatown. Somo of its residents
have decided to ignore it entirely and
begin celebrating today, and last
night they were hard at work making
their preparations. Others intend to
show their respect for their country's
representative by postponing their
festivities. Tho result will bo that
thero will bo two Chinese Now Years
this year.
Their Silver Wedding.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Timmis cele
brated their silver wedding anniver
sary Saturday evening in an elabor
ato manner. Many of the best people
in town were invited and notwith
standing the unpleasant weather, a
large crowd of neighbors and friends
were in attendanco.
The refreshments could not have
been surpassed and included a big
supply of everything eatable wbich
tne marKet am rds. i.ue supper
table looked like a banquet prepared
in the most sumptuous manner.
Choice wine and plenty of beer were
to be had by all who desired. The
host and hostess were recipients of
numerous nice pre-ents and it was
not till long after midnight that tho
last "uesis oid adieu and with best
wishes departed for home.
lie Put I p His Watch.
Frank Murphy was tho name given
by a Gienwood blacksmith who could
r.ot stand tin over-dose of Plattsmouth
whisky. Re was gathered in by the
police last evening and slept in Jailor
MeBride's hostiery. This morning
he was taken before Judge Archer on
tho charge of P. I)., which translated.
means plain drunk. Tho judge fined
him $5 and cobts and threw in one of
his lectures on the side. The fellow's
cash had melted lil0 an April snow,
and the chances of his having to re
turn to jail seemed good, but he car
ried a pretty fair watch, which he
was allowed to put up until he could
get homo and secure the money. He
took the first train for Gienwood this
New I tali Sugar F actories.
Pkovo. Utah, Jan. 23. Utah will
soon have two sugar factories in addi
tion to the one at Lehi. One will be
built at Oyden, with a capacity of 700
tons of beets per day, to be completed
in time for this season's crops, which
is now oeiner contracted for
Another will be built by the Mount
Nebo Laud and Irrigation company,
in Juan county, about thirty-five miles
north of Provo. This company owns
a fine reservoir irrigation system and
about IS, COO acres of land, and will
build a factory with a capacity of
500 tons per day. This factory is not,
however, expected to be completed
b. fore 1S99, in time to work up the
1899 crop.
Attending a Cooking .School.
Mrs. Harriet S. MacMurphy is now
in Boston, Mass., where she has been
to attend the Boston Cooking school,
and by invitation of Mr. H. D Perky
of Worcester, Mass., who is the presi
dent of the Cereal Machine company,
now making the snredded wheat
breakfast food, which is becoming
quite popular.
When Mrs. MacMurphy returns
there will probably be a school located
at Omaha, Mr. Perky is going to
make shredded corn and introduce it
at the exposition and Mrs. MacMur
phy will be agent therefor.
Death of .Mike Itrodback.
Mike Brodback, 'a well known
qua:ryman at Cedar Creek, died at
his home Sunday eight after an illness
with stomach trouble of only a few
weeks. A few years ago he was a
giant in strength and was unquestion
ably the strongest man in tne county.
He was addicted to the drink habit
ind has been on the decline for some
time. Hi9 trials of muscular strength
would scarcely be believed true if
told, as hia muscles were not only
large, but seemed like iron. He will
be buried at the Walradt cemeterv at
1 o'clock tomorrow afternoon.
AVoodmen of the World.
The fallowing is the program of the
Woodmen of the World entertain
ment to be given Thursday evening.
February 12, at Fitzgerald's hall, to
which the public is invited:
Music Misses Kessler and Kauble
Selection Male tjuarteit
Short Talks Messrs. Windham and Root
Music Messrs. Humphry and N'einian
Kecitation Miss aybright
Music Miss Webber
Kecitation Miss Mauzy
Music Petersen Sisters
kecitation Will Coolidge
Music Miss Kessler
From Charley Beach's report Schuy
ler haa evidently drifted down into
the banana belt. Although only forty
miles away, yot tne ground, he 3ays,
is bare up there and has been for sev
eral days.
A fine assortment of briar wood
and fancy pipes very cheap at Spies'
cigar store.
ovi;k tin: si atk.
i ouca is Hilling in uno wiin iim
prevailing ioea of building a creamery
otwui i,miu distress warrant lot
the colled ion of personal taxes fur the
years ISD.'J, 1891 a;.d 1MKJ have been
placed in the hands of tho sheriff of
Lircoln countv for collection.
The officers of the Hurt county ag
ricultural i-oeioly deem it not ad vis
able to hold a fair next fall on aceouiit
of the exposition at Omaha, but they
favor making tho best possible county
exhibit at the exposition.
Special Agent Matthews of tho In
tenor department lias ordered re
moved fences constructed around gov
ernment land 1)3' the Club ranch in
Chcyeuno county, by tho Bay State
Cattlo company in Banner county and
by other smaller outfits.
Tout Ilutoson of Central City fur
nished "grub stake" for a Klondiker
a while back, and a few days ago the
latto camo back with a gold initio in
his pocket. It was worth something
like $"0,000, and Tom is going to take
a little pleasure trip on his profit
from the lnvo.sinnut, leaving next
Saturday for tho sunny skies and
soft hi eezes of old, historic Italy. Ilia
destination ia Naples.
The Woman's club he'd their regu
lar meeting last evening at their
pleasant parlors on Main street. Tho
"Travel CoureOT'departmcnt furnished
tho orotrram for tho overling, Mrs.
Rowland acting as leader io tho ab
sence of Mrs. Parmele, who was de
tained by illness.
After the routine business was dis
posed of, Mrs. Wise road an interest
ing letter from the Denver correa
pondent in last week's Lincoln Courier.
The Denver club numbers SOU mem
bers, and is doing wonderful work in
the way of educating and bringing
forward the best talent of tho child
ren of club members, giving free in
struction in music and art and also
practical education in household
economics and other branches, there
by enabling children to become pro
ficient in those things and enable
them at some timo to join tho great
army of bread winners, and at some
futuro lime assist others in the same
manner. It ia an inspiration to
smaller clubs to know what tbe.-e
largo clubs aro doing, and stimulates
them to moro active exertion.
Tho papers last evening were of
moro than usual interest. Mrs. At
wood'a on the "Old and Now South,"
and Mrs. Snyder's on the negro ques
tion being especially interesting.
Mrs. Ilerold spoke about the "Re
sources and Advantages of the South,"
her paper being carefully prepared
and most interesting. The t pic,
New Orleans' Education, Jetties, Yel
low Jack, Birmingham and the Gulf
Stream," were introduced by Miss
Porter, Meadames Cole, Newell, Sny
der, Rawles and Wescott, and the
discussion following waa participated
in by most of the club members.
The next program will be "Child
Study," Mrs. Atwood, leader. Mrs.
Heller from Omaha is expected to be
Out of a total of 2,143,000 sheep in
the Maranoa district tf Queensland,
Australia, the loss from wild dogs ia
estimated at 428,000.
Great Britain ia paid to have spent
more than $20,000,000 on imported
eggs and poultry la-si year, wnue
France, during the same period, ex
ported $70,000,000 worth.
Potatoes deteriorate in cooking
qualities when exposed to light prob-
.b!y more than any vegetable grown,
md should strictly be kept in perfect
darkness if the highest quality is to
be preserved.
Sometimes scions for grafting aro
cut in the fall. Ibey may be kept
through the winter by putting the
butt end into a potato and placing in
tho cellar. The potato will supply
the needed moisture. Be very care
ful in labeling them.
Runaway horses are unknown in
Ru3sia. No one dri-ves there without
having a thin cord with a nooso
around the neck of the animal. When
an animal starts the cord is pulled,
and the horse stops as soon as it feels
the pressure on the windpipe.
Tho roots of currants run near the
surface, and, therefore, shallow culti
vation is advisable. Now is a favora
ble time for pruniug currant bushes.
if it has not been done before. A
large part of the old wood may usually
be trimmed away t advantage. Thero
is no tetter time than in the fall to
supply manure around the currant
busnes, and there is little danger of
applping to much.
KlieoiiiatiHua Cared ia a I.) ay.
A few weeks ago the editor wae
taken with a very severe cold that
caused him to be in a most miserable
condition. It was undoubtedly a bad
case of la grippe, and recognizing it
as dangerous ho took immediate
steps to bring about a speedy cure.
From the advertisement of Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy and the many
good recommendations included
therein, we concluded to make a first
trial of the medicine. To say that it
was satisfactory in its results, is put
it very mildly, indeed. It acted like
magic and the result was a speedy and
permanent cure. We have no hesi
tancy in recommending this excellent
Cough Remedy to anyone afllicted
wiih a cough or cold in any form. The
Banner of Liberty,Liberty town, Mary
land. The 25 and 50 cent 6izes for
sale by all druggists.
Dr. Elster, Waterman block, for
paioless dentistry.
Shcriirn Sal'.
Ity vittiii- of .in evrtitloii Ii.hii "I by (irmgr ',
I Ion sc w.ii I h, ! .In k nl the ilmtni t i mil I, w itlilu
.'in I l'r .1 county, Nrliiiiikn, Mud to tuc ili
ii i lei. I will cm the loth day ol I'riu unry, A. I,
l.'. il 1 1 ' loi Ii a in ol d.y ut the outh door
of the out t huiise in thu t ity ol l'lttninoiith. In
xaid ( oiinlv, hi-1 1 lit pulilic Hill tion, to the IiIkIi
cvl In.! In ii .r i .ih, the lollowliiK IhikIn and tenc-
IIH'OlS, t'l-Wit'"
The west half of the liorthciixt quarter of
section l, toun II, inline 111, the oulhet
I um i In ol ei t urn I. 'I, town II, runife t;thoct
h.ilt 1. 1 the MiutliMcHt jiihi Icr ol nri lion lit, town
II, i.i nui- ii. the east half of tho nortfiw. at
quarter nl tioii 1H, t in 11, taiic 10; and tho
ninth hall ol the southwest (Jilaltrr of ( turn 1H,
town II, tanee HI, nil in Cans county, Nehranka,
together witii the in i v ih neii and apput Irnaix c
thi'ieiinto lu-loniUK or in any w Ise Miertaiiiin(.
I he Mime Ix-ine levied upon and taken a tlm
propei t y ol P. !, an. I II. K. Waldron, defend
ants, to satisly a pnlKi'inent of Haul court 10
(nveied hy Hank ol l'-ale, plalnlllt, aainx! laid
de-hud. mis .
Pliiitfiinoiitli, Not) , Jan. A. I). IMUH.
Sin rllT. Chhh county, NobranUa.
MitTlfPH Sale.
ISy viitue of an ee( utiou, issued by (ieorijc V.
I linisewoi 1 h. ileikol the district court, within
and lot Lass county. Nehraska, and to me dl-
ie( ted, I will on the loth day ol l eliniary, A. I ).
Ivis, at II o'clork a. in. ol said day at the noutli
dour of the (null house in the city ol Plattsmoiitli
in said county, sell at public auction, to tho
highest huldei lor cash, the lollowiuu real estate
I. ut thtee in the noithwest ciiiarter of
the southeast minrlcr ol section 2. town
in. raniie II, In (.'ass County. Nebraska, to
gether with the in iv il. l;.-s and appurtenances
ilit'K iiuto lirliuiiii r hi anywise appei taiui ng.
I lie aiiie lieine leyied noon mid taken as the
pi pei t y ol II. A . I iile.on, defendant, lo satial y a
H 1 1 1 j 1 1 1 1 i j t of said couit reCoyeied by John N.
Co 1 1 i . i l 1 1 n! i II aeaiust said defendant.
1 lallsiiiouth, Nehia-ika. Januaiy.MhA. l. IHVH,
Sheritf, Cass (Joiiuty, Nebraska,
Probate Notice.
In county court, t'ass countv. Nebraska. In
the matter of the estate of i'.milia Wurl, do-
ceased. Ilertha l.anne, Henoch Mlttclstadt,
t ail Mittelsta lt, llhelm Mittelstadt, llcrn-
hardl Win!, Kiihaid Wurl Auuuste Martens
md all other peisous inteiested in Maid matter,
lie heieby notified that on the Hid day ol Jan
uary, A. 1). I.v.ih, a ju t 1 1 ion was Hied In said
(unit alliein, anions other thuiKS, that I inilia
Willi died on the Mh day ol Uecember. A. 1).
ls'.i?, leaving a last will mid testament and t)i-
sessed ol leal and personal estate and that tha
above named constitute all the persona interested
in Hie estate ol saiit ueceaseu. ami iiravniiF lor
the pi. .Ii. ue of said will and for administration of
nd estate. ou an: hereby notified that if volt
l.iil to appear at said cuuit on the -.all dav of
January A. 1 ). IsliM, at il o'clock a m , to contest
the probate of said will, the cum t may allow and
probate said will and K'anl administration ol
said estate to Henry Maitcns and lohn liuttery.
or some other suitable pel sou, and proceed to a
settlement thereof.
Witness my hand and the Feal of said countv
coin t at Plattsmouth. Nehraska, this the 'Aid day
ol January Ih'.iH.
LealJ ( M. SriiKl.ocK,
County lude.
Probate Notice.
In the countv court of ( ass countv. Nebraska.
In the matter of the estate of Mary K ieckiuann.
deceased. Ilemy Kieckmann, I'.inma Kieckmann
and ail other persons interested in said matter
are heieby notified that on the Urd dav ol De
cember, lhl7, a petition was liled in said court.
illciiiK. anions other thinus, that Marv Kieck-
in. inn died on the .1 ilh day of May, 1W, leaviaif
no last will and testament and Dossessed of
rights in action ol unknown and uncertain value.
md mat llie above named constitute all the ter-
sons inteiested ill the estate cd said deceased,
and praymif lor adniiiubiratioii thereof. Vou
aie hereby notified that if you (ail to appear at
said court on the Jiid day of Januaiy, A. 1). IWift,
it J o clock p. in. aii'l, contest said tietition. the
court will appoint Millon 1 1, i'olk or some other
suitable person admiiiistiator, and proceed to
settlement ol sanl estate.
W itness in v hand and the seal of said court, at
Plaltsmoiith, Nebiaska, this, the 7th dav of Le-
Ceinbei , A. I ). IMIT.
(Scai Oi:oic;ii M . Si-uki-OCK,
County Judge.
Notice is hereby Kiven that tho Annual Meet
ing of the Mockholdeis ol the iiurlintflon &
Missouri liver railioad company in Nebraska
Will be helil in the olhce of the rointianv in
Plattsiiiouth, Neb., on Thursday. February '1.
ls'.is, at IS o'clock, in.
1 he meetint; will be held for the election of
nine (lb directors, to Herve during the ensuing
year, ami lor tiie tiansaciion ol such other uubi-
ness as may legally come belore it.
t Unalia, January I, IM'H.
W.J. I .aimj. Secretary.
bheriffs Sale.
Ily virtue ol an order of sale issued bv Georir3
I lousewoi th, clerk ol the district court, within
and lor Cass county, Nebraska, and to me di
rected, I will on the mli day of February. A.
I).. IKis, at II o'clock a. m. of said dav at the
south door of the court house in the city of Platts
iiiouth. in sanl county, sell at public auction, to
the highest bidder lor cash, the following real
estate, to-wit:
Lot one (I) In the northeast quarter of the
.southwest quarter of section thirteen (Vi) in
town-hip eleven (II) range thirteen U) in Cass
county. .Nebraska, and containing twenty-seven
ii i and .)l-loo acres: also lot two :Ji in the south
east quarter of the southwest quarter ol the said
section thirteen 1 1 Hi, and containing seven (7)
md l-lim acres, a total in botu ol said lots ol
thirty-live 0i-"! and and H acres, all in Cass
county, .Nebraska, together with the privileges
no. appui leuauces inereunio oeionging or in
my w ise appei tr.inin . J he same being levied
upon and taken as the property of Richmond
bowl and Kmily J. (mud, defendants: to satisfy
a judgment of said Court recovered by Samuel
UauJli as executor ot the last will and testa
ment of John liiack, deceased, plamtill; against
nd defendants.
Piattsmoutii, Nebraska, Jan. 4. A.I). 1HS18.
IIakvev Hoi.lowav,
Sheritf, Cass County, Nebraska.
SherilT's Sale.
IJy virtue of an execution issued bv George
F. Houseworth, cleik of the district court within
and for Cass county. Nebraska, and to me di
eted. I will on the Kith day of February. A. l.
1'.'. at 11 o'clock a. m. ol said day at the south
door ol the court house in the city of Piatts-
mouth, in sai'l county sell at public auction, to
he highest bidder lor cash, the lollowing real
estate, to-wit:
J he southwest quarter of section 1 1, town 1 1,
range 1-5, except o ana u-l'.u acres, being Omaha
boi'.tiiern Kaiiroad right-of-way: the southeast
quarter ol the northwest quarter of section Y,
jvn 1 1, range l.i. except one acre ol cemeterv:
beg inning at the north side of section 11, town 11,
ange l.i, at a point on trie west side ol the Um-
ha Southern Kaiiroad right-of-wa v. where said
right-of-way crosses the north line of said see-
on. thence running west :,Jf leet to the north-
vest corner of the northwest quarter of section
11, thence south along the section line to the
outhwest corner of the northwest quarter.
thence east MO feet to the Omaha Southern
Kaiiroad right-of-way, thence north a little to the
west aioi.g said railroad right-of-way to the
place of starting, containing 41 and 13-33 acres
more or less, it being that part of the northwest
quarter of section 11, town 11. range 13, lying
west of the Omaha rai road right-ol-way, all in
Cass county, Nebraska, together with the
privileges and appurtenances thereunto belong-
ng or in any w ise aDDurtai ninsr. 1 he same beincr
levied upon and taken as the property of F". M .
Young and 1). A. Voung, et al., defendants: o
satisfy a judgment of said court recovered bv C
J. Martin, plaint ;tf, against said defendants.
FiaUsmonth, Nebraska.January 4th, A. L. 1838.
Hakvey Hollowav,
Sheritf, Cass County, Nebraska.
Jiurling-ton Koate California Kxcarsiona
Cheap, quick, comfortable. Leave
Plattsmouth 3:43 p. m., every Thurs
day in clean, modern, not crowded
tourist sleepers. No transfers; cars
run right through J.o San Francisco
and Los Angelea over the Scenic
Route through Denver and Salt Lake
City. Cars- are carpeted; upholstered
in rattan; have spring seats and backs
ana are provided with curtains, bed
ding, towels, soap, etc Uniformed
porters and experienced excursion
conductors accompany each excursion,
relieving passengers of all bother
about baggage, pointing out objects
of intereot and in many other ways
helping to make the overland trip a
delightful ex perience. Second class
tickets are honored. Berths to.
For folder giving fnll information,
call at nearest Burlington Route
ticket office, or write to J. FrancisJ
Gen. 1'ao.scnger Agent, Omaha, Neb,
"Mystic Cure" for Rheumatism and
Neuralgia radically cures in one to
three days. It action upon the sys
tem i3 remarkable and mysterious. It
removes at once the cause and the
disease immediately disappears. The
first dose greatly benefits, 75 cents
sold by F. G. Fricko & Co., druggists.