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    The Semi Weekly News-Herald
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Six Months
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Ol iy Cass County Paper.
TUB demonstration given Mark
Ilanna by his neighbors when here
turned triumphant from Columbusthe
other day to his home at Cleveland,
was almost without a parallel. When
those who know a man b st endorse
him, ho is p etty neat- right.
Cuba continues to keep well to the
front, and if McKinley would show a
.Mad hand to the belligerents right
now it might do them great good in
thoir Btrutrele for liberty. Lot h pain
declare war if she likes and if we are
really in danger from such a sickly
power we can't know it too soon.
Jim Dahlman and Jim Edmisten,
the chairmen of the democratic nnd
populist state central committees are
both ilirting with the boys in the
trenches, each wearing a placard
chalued on his back announcing his
candidacy for governor. But neither
of them can cut any ice until Governor
Holcomb grants his permission. They
are both holding state jobs under exe
cutive appointment. When he looks
over the case and makes up his mind
he doesn't want a third term he will
give the Jims a wink and they will
make the fur llv. Fremont Tribune.
Decent people of Ohio who love
honor and cansisteney, have good rea
son'to rejoice when they consider their
escape' from the calamity of sending a
man like McKisson to the senate. He
went before the democratic caucuses
and informed the members that in
public and before the people he would
bo compelled to b- a rei ub ienn, hut if
they won.'.: Clio- se h m :is ' I'Cir eare.i
dat . I v eliet h.m h- w u ami on
iho t hicago p.atforru,a! U ll.en Hie cau
cusendorsed him. Ye gous,what a sub
lime spectacle of stultification on the
pari of all of them. Whai, hypocrisy
and dishonesty all around Ex.
TiifcTuE seems to be a general de
mand among republicans all over the
state that Judge M. L. Hay ward of
Nebraska City should be our stan
dard bearer this fall. No man is net
ter or more favorably known in every
county in the state than Hay ward, and
he can chase the fusio-fusees into
their holes in short order. He is a
typical Nebraskan large of body as well
as mind,and would make a chief execu
tive of the state without a superior
anywhere. A man of unquestioned
integrity, and in everyway qualified
fo- 'her' si : e r, , 1 ' S : om : v a ' ' n v ou d
!,. i, i iv. h . - re a
.... . . - it i 1 1 e 1 V
lu -ta .
The News is gratified to no?e that
the county commissioners will go to
Glenwood tomonow to inspect tie
working of the county poor farm over
there. It is said that people who are
too trifling and improvident to earn a
living are placed on the farm where
they are compelled to earn their own
living by work We hope the board
will rind sufficient encouragement to
adopt a similar plan here and do away
with a regiment of professional men
dicants. The present plan places a
premium on worthltssness and en
courages dead beats to settle here and
work the county for a living. Almost
any change would be" an improvement
on the old system that has prevailed
here for years.
THKexposition souvenir medal are to
have on one side the design of an In
dian spearing a buffalo. This buffalo
business makes us tired. Nebraska
has outgrown the Indian and buffalo
stage and the continuous use of these
figures makes the average layman
weary. Something emblematical of
the wealth and prosperity of the great
state should be shown. The people of
the effete east should be taught to
think of Nebraska as a fertile plain,
producing breadstuffs for the world
and whose rivers have been harnessed
to turn countless wheels in busy fac
tories. The idea of connecting Ne
braskans with Indians and buffaloes
is worse than wrong it is vicious
and a halt can not be called any too
One of the cleanest and brightest of
the younger republicans in Nebraska
is Charles J. Greene of Omaha. He is
a successful lawyer and an orator of
more power than many men whose
names have been heralded far and
wide. Mr. Greene ought to represent
Nebraska in the National senate. He
would make an ideal senator, and
when he got to Washington, he would
not forget the state he represented, or
the friends who had helped him. Al
though he has in a measure kept
aloof from the dirty pool of politics,
yet he has never shirked a political
responsibility or failed to make a
fight In every campaign for the suc
cess of republican principles. Mr.
Greene's standing is such that the
mention of his name for the high of
fice of senator is often heard over the
state and The News hopes to see the
republican party honor itself by his
-lection, either to tucceed Allen or
John M.Thurston.
Mayor Gutsche fceomn to hold the
demociatic organization in the hollow
of Ins hand and thero is ro doubt of
his renomination. For city trensurer,
II. II. Gering will undoubtedly bo
nominuted for a second term. The
office of city clerk is worth more than
it used to bo and there is more candi
dates for the position. In democratic
circles, Fr d LehnhoiT, jr., appears to
have the inside track und his nomi
riMtion is conceded by the parly lead
ers. Fred h is been water ca rir
long enough and proposes to se' if
there is any such thing as gratitude
in politics
Republicans are at sea so far as a
mayoralty candidate is concerned,
considerable talk being heard in favor
of II. N. Dovey and It. 15. Windham.
Dr. Cook is conceded the nomination
for treasurer if he wants it. The
clerkship will bo a home of contention,
15. C. Kerr, the present lerk, has a
iargH following, and tho name of T.
II. 1'ollock, Ed. Lutz and several
other young republicans are men
The strike of the cotton mill opera
tives in New England is an indication
that the trades union does not believe
the tale of the mill owners to the ef
fect that on account of the competion
of tho cheap labor of the southern cot
ton mills they are obliged either to
scnle down vnges or go out of busi
ness, says the State Journal.
The mill owners claim that the
southern mills pay about 40 per cent
less than the New England mills have
been accustomed to pay, and " hence
a e enabled to put their product on
the market at less than it costs to the
New England establishments. This
tho operatives deny and say that the
per cent of difference is much less and
that the efficiency of the New Eng
land operatives is enough greater to
counterbalance the low wages in the
The strike is therefore organized to
test the sincerity of the New England
mill owners. In short, by closing the
mills the two contending parties seek
to ascertain which lies. This is a
costly method of arriving at the truth
of statistics and it would look as
though a little common sense would
settle the dispute at a less cost to the
The N w York Journal is certain
li y n win drive from democratic
r ni.vS ah men who are capable if en
tertaining mor e than one idea at a
time. Shaw, he did that long ago,and
ihe weeding out of men who hold ideas
at all, is now in progress.
Ax Ohio man became 6o excited
over politics that he shot himself in
the mouth. This sort of wound will be
sur e to take him out of politics.
Judge Joyce last evening united in
marriage Jesse Draper and Miss
Bethel Samuel, both of Cass county.
Nebraska City News.
Tho American cracker trust which
seemed able to dictate prices and
sta-iedoul with a h gh h nd a few
ti - a is to biiv- a com petitor
. v- ... V ... i
W Um Ot 'is pi.wt r. iew ium
- ii.i caie iias been o ganiz d whu-ii
iii co.npete with the trust, and the
public may not be robbed after all.
The latest is the fish trust. A' $5,
000.000 combine having secured all
the fish houses on Lkes Winnepeg,
Superior, Michigan, Erie and On
tario. Lake fish will soon become a
luxury and still there is no tariff on
William M. Singerly, president of
the Chestnut Street National bank of
Philadelphia, which recently failed, is
sixty-four years old,but until recently
has shown no signs of advancing age.
He has been owner, editor and pub
lisher of the Philadelphia Record for
twenty years.
Nellie McConcell, a young and
pretty girl, has been sentenced to two
months in the penitentiary for steal
ing ribbons and other decorations from
tombs in the Greenwood cemetery,
Brooklyn. She told the judge it was
a shame to lot such nice finery go to
The grand master of tne Free
Masons of Peru, who, according to
Grand Master Sutherland of New
York, has committed Masonic suicide
by issuing an edict discarding tne
bible as a basis for morality for the
Masons under his jurisdiction, bears
the contradictory name of Christian
The "Merchant of Venice" at the
Bovd in Omaha tomorrow afternoon
with reduced rates on the railroads,
means that a large crowd will be in
attendance from this city. Mr. White
sides is one of the best Shakesperean
actors on the stage, and an opportun
ity to hear him is seldom afforded.
Hog cholera is raging down in Mt.
Pleasant precinct; just now. Charley
Philpot has lost 130 head, while Geo.
Ycung, George Shrader and several
other prominent farmers are losing
every day.
Dispatches from California would
indicate that unless moisture does not
soon visit sections of that state a short
age in crops will develop. Many of
the counties have bad no rain for a
montn, and the weather has been
warm and bright. The grain yield is
seriously threatened if relief does not
come soon.
As Erick Bergman, a farmer living
eight miles north of Iravale, was re
turning to his home from town In a
joyous state of intoxication his wagon
nvnrturned and the old man foil out
and a barrel of talt rolled over him in
such a way that he could not move.
Ho remained in that condition until 5)
o'clock tho next morning when a
neighbor found him. He is alive yet,
but in a very dangerous condition.
Edgar Howard of Pa pi 11 ion has a
passion for fusion ard tho spoils that
beats the passion for pulque among
the Mexicans, lie hates a g .ld bug
worse than a snake. Yet they are his
best neighbors and friends, and iho
best of citizens. Fremont Tribune.
Colonel Bixby of the Stale Journal
is taking a. few days' oil fivm his du
ties and is visit;ng places of interest
in Colorado. After a careful examina
tion of the situation, the colonel finds
that, although the mountain scenery
inspires people to write poetry, Ne
braska is in tho lead and tho work of
Colorado poets will not average with
that of tho bards of our own state.
Ho is of the opinion that this is about
the slate of affairs in all other "in
AJorkmen who were drilling for
water near Hubbard have just struck
a wonderful gas well, with a flow suffi
cieut to I'ght and heat the town of
Hubbard. Tho escaping gas has a
curious odor and people from the en
tire county are flocking to see the
Albert C. Hurra ge, esq., an attor
ney of Boston, has just received from
the Standard Oil company a fee of
; Jno,niiij. The fee was piid. for legal
s- v'.ct. a rendered in the aie ol tne
lliookliue Gas company and other
local properties to II. M. Whitney
and his associates. Mr. Burrage is
38 years old, graduated from Harvard
in 18S3 and his been a corporation
lawyer since 1884. A little more than
a year ago he was elected to the presi
dency of the Bay State Gas company,
with a large salary.
Argentina estimates that she will
export 40,000,000 bushels of wheat this
year. Where is Mark Hanna and his
famines? He must do something quick
or we are lost.
Emperor William has established a
new medal in tne memory oi ins
urandfather. "William the Great."
This is called the Emperor William
Centennial Medal and wnl bo dis
tributed to 800,0 10 veterans. In re
cioients wiU each have a diploma
showing oak leaves, surmounted by a
crown and the portrait of Wiliiam I,
with the inscription "With God for
the King and the Fatherland."
Utah is shipping flour to Hong
Konsr. China. If the rat eaters should
i r
get able to eat wheat bread oi ce a
week, it would open up a big market
fo1- American Hour.
H. M. liushnell's name for post
niMf nt. T.inp.nin. was seut to the
senate for confirmation yesterday, and
very soon we nope 10 see me uoa.uii
, ... . U .k.-l "
licking stamps by the wholesale for
The last page of Munsey's Magazine
has been sold for a year to four adver
tisers, each of whom occupies a quar
t r of a page and p;iys $0,000, making
a t. tal of 24,OO0 for the page. One
line in the Youth's Companion one
time costs $3, whie one page in the
Todies' Home Journal one time costs
Council Bluffs is in tears because
President Burt of the Uuion Pacific
railroad has issued orders to make
freight transfers in Omaha instaad of
Council Bluffs, as heretofore. This
will cause several men to move this
side of the river.
Miners Just Returned Confirm Previous
Reports of Rich Finds.
Seattle, Jan. 18. The news brought
by the treasure laden miners who
have arrived from the Klondike on
tho steamer Corona is important
chiefly in that it is confirmatory of
the great mother lode. Welch, Coffin
and Burt are authority for the state
ment that the original strike was
made at the upper end of claim No.
30. Eldorado, while two stringers, one
at No. 27 and another yet lower down,
tlv located. Throughout
w 1 .7
the district the discovery is accepted
as assurance of the permanency of the
ct..5ft. n. rieh trold mininsT field.
UIOVI yM " -' " D '
As to the placer diggings, they con
tinue rich. Powder creek, an affluent
of Quartz creek, has been having a
Hnnm ruins of $3. 75 and $4 being a
vwv-u I
common thing. Of course the stream
was located as soon as the first impor
tant discovery was made. All Gold
creek shows pans of $10 to $100, while
the miners on Hunker creek, bender
son. Dominion, the big salmon and
the Stewart all declare themselves
satisfied with the prospect. One of
the first men to Btrike ground on the
Eldorado and the very last man out
of the Klondike country is Andrew
Olsen, better known as "The Big
He is notable as being tne
owner of the claim on which the big
gest Klondike nugget has yet been
found. The lump of gold was valued
at $586.
In answer to a request for an esti
mate of the winter:s gold dust output
of the camp, Joe Campbell, one of the
returning miners, said: "We have
done a great deal of figuring on that
and it now appears that the output.
notwithstanding the scarcity of food
and light, will be from $12,000,000 to
For Sale.
Tbe cheapest printing press in the
state, in fair condition, will print an
eiffht column folio, hand power.
Address News office, riattsmoutn,
Savage at First Contact K-eard tb Fabrla
With Suspicion.
When savage people first come in con
tact with the whites, none of tho won
ders that they see is regarded with more
suspicion than large sheets of paper.
The native is apt to regard paper as a
sort of cloth, and the fact that it teara
easily and is worthless for most of the
purposes to which cloth is put convinces
him that it is a fraud.
t- t-IA r,f
! tho disgust with which the natives at
, first regarded paper. The Kongo tribes,
j by the way, are on the lookout for
! ot it: io oTfupflinclT bard
worK tor anyoociy io sen mem n uu,
oualitv of cutlery or cloth. Savages
, . -i x n ii v 1
55tSSSE 5"3
Then they cease to look upon it as a
fraud, but they do not think it ranks
and they have little use for it.
o 4.: frrtnn ovinmr
was traveling in tho interior of Queens-
land, Australia, wnere no met many
natives who had never seon a white man
Ono day a crowd of natives was in
the white man's camp carefully inspect-
ing the explorer and his baggage when
a newspaper happened to drop out of
his pocket.
The natives unfolded and spread it
out on the ground. They decided that it
must be an article of wearing apparel,
and one of them tried it on. He wrap-
ped it round his shoulders like a shawl
and sat down on the ground, arranging
his covering this way and that and
watching the faces of the crowd to see
what they thought of his elegant gar-
ment, covered as it was with many
thousands of curious marks.
Presentlv. however, an accident hap-
pened. While the savage was rearrang-
ing his shawl and trying to bring tne
i ..!.: v,;, v,0 r,,,.
ment began to tear at the nape of his
neck. A howl from the crowd canea at-
tention to the disaster. The blanket, or
whatever it was, was evidently made of
the poorest sort of material.
The savage took his covering off, ex-
amined the mischief he had wrought,
made the tear a little longer and men
with his f nger poked a hole through
tUn mwr
ine paper.
That settled the fact that the article
wa wnrH,lpsa. The newsnaner sudden-
ly lost all interest for the natives, who
turned their attention to less destructi-
tie objects. Pearson's Weekly.
They Contain Essential Elements For Fer-
base of breakfast foods," writes Mrs.
S T Rorer on "Breakfast Cereals and
FVnita" in her cookine lesson in The
Ladies' Home Journal. VTheywill sup-
port muscular action, preserve tne neat
of the body and strengthen tne brain in
its nervous activity. Whole or steel cut
oats and whole wheat, from whicn our
nineteenth eenturv bread should be
mails, enntain the essential elements for
the perfect nourishment of the human
body. The
j. u.-: i I
DOCiv. xne tireaii uujocuuu m cicai
... ... .i..:. j-n- -iim.nnn r,
from any fault of the foods, but, first,
from lack of time in cooking and, second,
from lack of proper mastication. jaw
starches are indigestible. The first step,
then, toward tbe digestion of starches
u ii 04-
is over i lie lire, ijuuu iitno ucn ujuau
ruptured, and for this long and careful
nn, a ctnn trt
,r . , 4 j-u
tne digestion OI eiaruues io m mo I
mouth. They are there converted from
the insoluble starch to soluble sugar,
n j ,-i,i
mastication, they miss this digestion,
..-...--u rpi,a
entering tne siouiacii ao tuaugcia.
. . , ? . ..
organ not being preparea to receive
them, they are cast out into tne small
, . I-
intestines iu ue uuureiy lusmau ui tiu-
ly digested. This organ, now compelled
j "loouv. s
to do, in addition to its own duties, tne
, a.,. i
WOm OI tne muuiu, buujj uctuiucn uvoi- " , x ... , ,
taxed, and we have, as a result, the against the assaults of tumbling boxes
disease most common iu this country- and bundles. And then the weary slow
intestinal indigestion ' nessof the way! Formerly the journey
intestinal uiui,tauuu. 0i.4. rriarx TOOa ,naAp,
"Of the breakfast cereals steel cut
n.. ii..
oats neau iuh uu aujf ui t-uo nnw.
germ preparations are good. After these
8 . u ki
come tne roiieu wuraii ouu uancjr Buu
rir-e mrenarations. All these foods, how-
ever, must be thoroughly cooked and
eaten without sugar."
Why He Left the Stare.
Tbpre ia in Philadelphia a man who
ahandoned the theatrical proiession De-
cause he cou a not nit .canny waven-
. . . -m il .
port. Hewasa memDeroi oneoi tne
local stock companies about ;o years v road.EliSe J. Allen in Har
o nrVion Tisa Davflnnnrt came to I
otiiii, With one nf the men of
ner company
manager oi tne ineaier m -"
young man referred to was employed
for some one to take the sick man's
place, and as the young actor was not
f .. ' . I . ;
m tne cast oi tne piay iueu iimuiug
r .1
corrioe topto lnanfifl to M1S9 UaYenDOTC.
He was cast for the part of Cains Lucius
. . . ,, a.
in "tjymDeiine, auu mo uunmcno m
VJ ' . ....
iu -r.n-r.imA f Vicii- hn shnn rl ra rh
Mfss DeZ his armd carry
. T mu ij
her nrr rrm stace. im iauv wcikuou
u v, nrt
coufciueiuuiy L""" r. . '
wnen ne attempteu i
iomiatnac nisstreiJB va
to th task. His struceies caused me
- -- - - t,aA
audience to laugu, , f . -
cood scene, xie was so uummaicu ma
ne leit tne proiefcwuu
ment. Philadelphia Inquirer.
II is Board of Trade Style.
mr exritedlvi Well, papa, did
tlift nnnnt ask von for me today?
M MillYnns Ask me for yon? Naw
lie told me if I wanted to pnt np mar
ins enough he'd talk business. ni
fago News.
Beeinnln to Take Notice.
John So you really think you have
mnie chance of winning her, do your
TWirv Oh. vesl I feel ouite encour-
i"ed. !She has begun to find fault with
,y looks. Cincinnati Enquirer.
Try tJraiu-O! Try Urain-O!
Asl; yuor grocer today to show you
a nac'A.'cc of Ora'.n-O, the new feod
drink thai, lakes ihc place of coffee.
The child en tuay drink it without in
jury as well as tho avilt. All who
trv it. like it. Urain-U has that rich
brown seal of Mooha and Java, but it
is mado from pure grains, and the
most delicate stomach receives it with
out d islre . 0:.e-h::'.f ike price of
co Tec; ll and .--3c. per prickajjo --S6ld
Ijv all grocers.
Wurl Bros. "Gut Ileil" cigars.
When It I I', the Satisfaction I In
MCatlng It All Yourlf.M j
James rrosser, a famous colored ca-
f till Htr .dead Ion a ncn. fur-
nished tho following formula for pre
paring and serving terrapin, whic h was
published in a gastronoini journal at tho j
timo when bo was on earth :
You can't enjoy terrapin unless tho
dav is ninuin
Temperature and terra-
pin go hand in hand. Isow, as to your
fpirnriin I '.less VOU. thelO is all the
difference in tho world in them. Tho
more northerly is the terrapin found tho
Letter. You eat a Florida terrapin you
needn't despise it, for terrapin is terra-
nin fiwnrrwhf.rn hn r. vnil ii'E a LillPSIl-
"J " - .,---. ,
peake one or a Delaware bay one, or, i
ErSSrifc," SSir tZZTwl
dozen and $36. Warm water kinder
wasnes ma uuucuw uavui uui ul... ,
Don't vou lot Mr. Dergh know it, but ,
Four terrapin m ust be boiled alivft.
H.ivA & pond bit? TX)t. with a hot fire tin
4er it, so that he shan't languish, and
wucu m ua kui
pop him in. What I am goin to give is
recipe iur a Biiigio ou o. n juu n-
fully rich and go in for a gross of terra-
pin, just use your multiplication table,
Jnst as soon as he caves in watch him
and try his flippers. When they part
when you pry them with your finger
nan, ue lsgouu. uu uim
ft knife. Bilin of him dislocates tho
mnffbox. There ain't overmuch of it,
more's the pity. The most is in tne
Jints or tne legs ana siue locKers, ous n
yon want to commit murder just you
Bmash his gall, and then your terrapin
a BUL, 1U1BVC1- -&0
and handle them gingerly. Now, hav-
in got mm or ner an into snape, put
me meat asice. xane mree
you must nave tnem iresn. uua wu
hard and mash 'em smooth. Add to
mac a lauieumu!
thren tablesnoonfuls of cream, salt and
pepper (red pepper to a terrapin is just
ueiaiy; " " Ii
ry wine. Wine as costs $2.50 a bottle
ain't a bit too good. There never was a
" .
think itself honored to have itself mixed
np with a terrapin. Now you want quite
quarter or f"v"
fresh butter and put that in a porcelain
COVerea pan ana meil, ll mot ruuniu v
... rj ni .-. i,Q -,n
oeuruwueu. n, ;J,
pnt in your terrapin, yolks of egg, wine
and all. Let it simmer gently. Bilin
P iwu or iutw nmca wUCH
vvnai; you are aner is iu urafio m "uu
There ain't nothin that must be too point
ed in terrapin stew. It wants to oe a
quiet thing, a suave thing, just pervad
ed with a most beautiiul ana natural
terramn aroma. You must serve it to
the neonle that eats it on a hot plate,
but the real thing is to have it on a
chafin dish, and though a man ought
not to be selfish there is a kind of divine
satisfaction in eatin it all yourself.
Postal and Traveling Accommodations of
tbe Old Ueriuaa City.
The post relations of ancien t Stuttgart
wptp nnnretentious. The two maid-
. i
servants of the costmaster distributed
through the city the daily letters, which
they carried in the same basket with the
"""'"""a. "v "
a number of couriers, ana as a surety
against mistakes there hung in the post
o .
office, beside the curious mail bags, a
huee whin, witn wnicn, wneu tne uuin-
mission had been civen to the courier, a
, , . -
powertui Diow lor tne streuiiemus
nis memuiy
Coaches and nost wagons were inno
cent of any suggestion of comfort-a
hieh. clumsv wooden box was secured
i --- , .
k V;1 lonfViorn ctrnr nnrl in the
nackasres and Tjassengers. Up and down
i r- - - ,
hill, over ruts and rocks, the cumbrous
i .ffiOIi nr o wtiir the harness
JJ. , 1
travelers beincr ever on the defensive
iuiu oiung "u"6,-u " ,
in 2 honiB. xne same nourney is uuw
- . - -
made in four hours. The Postilions
almhted to take refreshments when it
- , , i,.,.
Phased them, and one traveler has left
a dismal record oi a journey mm,
made, dnrins which the driver
took the horses from the carriage and
attached them to a hay wagon tnat naa
heen left mired in the mud. ine man
drove the wagon into the next village,
and when there he joined tne grateiui
- ; - , , ti i
I neitrhhnra in a carousal, while the tirra
laUmifiWon the dufitv
P61'8 Magazine
The aiodern Aenostic
, , , . fV,.,
We look at our churches with their
ngaUo growing in numbers and
awmuuug u aMi, r
man in The Atlantic, and we ask our-
: - . , ,. .
cninno. Tn oil thoca hnilnmiJB. enean or
owicn. v. o-. j.-
costly, what real prayers rise, and oi
those that rise do any get above the
i -- - - , .
I o TUTUnf d.nA hours thptn nnrl na9
i uui . it"" "vi'J
there ever been an answered prayer? We
look at the face of the dead and repeat
i . .
I el burial service. If after tne manner oi
t uh ith hpaKts at Enhe
rwhat advantaCeth it me if the dead
' '9 A , " Kav the words we
y ---,.
asic onrselve.. "Do the dead riser ivna
- anv onfl . V, who believes theae
i , . . . .
thines he knows that there is another
- . hp,iPVM them not a
nil T " v vx.
vhit or an atom, and these two can hit
in no universe that shall satisly uotn,
tor can one be poet to the other.
Do vou remember that girl wno
lame here and said that what she most
lerired was a good home?" asked tbe
"What is the matter now?" respona-
;d her husband. "Have you missea
omething else?"
Yes. I euess she has a gooa nome
retty nearly paid for by this time."
"ashington btar.
llouueseekers tnurons.
Homeeekcr uxcarsioii tickets wul
be sold on Jana-i-y 4 nd S, February
1 and 13, March 1 :md 13. via Missouri
PaciCc railway to all points in ArU-vn-
&as, lex-.-, Uu:-m:;::. n...
tory, Ok'.ah' mi, A-''ii.i a:nl Nyv
Mexico, at rate u' .i:c I''-
For particulars call at M. I". oi'l'-c.
C. F. STol'ThM;oi;it i.u. A-t.
All kinds of jewelry, clocks and
watches promptly repaired. All work
warranted. J. W. Crabill, Srst door
west of Waterman block, Piattsmouth.
rr:T TiJfiC TPHQ Ct
Silk Manufacturers,
Jan. S. Kirk A Co.,
Wo have Riven your "WhlteClond" softo a thorough
test in washing pieces of linen embroidered with our
"New I'rocoss" Wash Embroidery Silks and find it
entirely satisfactory. We take pleasure In recom
mending it as a superior article for laundcrlmr tine
Youra truly,
(S'gncd) Hemuno ISiios. A. Co.
Peferinf to the abOYC. WG
that this letter was entirely unsolicited by us. White Cloud
g nQW has fa hiffllCSt authority as its endorser as being
oimfrinr tnr hne laundrv WOrk.
L -
also ranks first as a pure white
fi wh;tc
Established 1839.
Largest soap manufacturers
M h-'vs a Fin-3 Violin
f v.. i (' iri' 'if Outfit.
IUUJ Hii'Mtd.
'. CO buys a Alandoline,
, l.nuaiye Maple, Mahogany or Rose
wood Finish. Fully guaranteed.
0 bays An American Guitar,
i . a-m ran teed to stand. Steel
y g r
tIi'g3, in Mahogany or Rose
wood finish.
GO buys a $IO Organ.
li iiibcill Pianos e Oigans
; little used, for $50, $00, $S0 to $100.
Write for Catalogaaa wad oar Urmi. PACTOIU PUICE8.
a , MOSPE, JR., 1513 Douglas Street, OHAHA, HEB.
St. Joseph
Kansas City
St. Louis and a!
points East and
San Francisco
All noints west.
No 20. Local express, daily, nt 'oe.
Jiansas. fct L.OU1S, an poinis.
south ,J:I" '"
No 4. Locai exu.dally, HurlitiKton,
Chica-o, all poims o.isi, am
NoIO. Local exp. a ally except i-uii-
tl .. v 1 am
Noi'i Local exp. daily except un-
day, I'acMic J unciiuii '
No3J. Frei -lit, daily except Midday
I'ai-ilic Junction M'"
No 1 Vestibutea exp. daily, isur-
linirtou, Cluca o ana an
,,,int phvi 5::j(l pm
No. 1 stub from Junction to l'lal ts-
i.ioutli i.:Jpm
No 12. Local t.xp. daily, at Joe. Kan
sas City. t L hi is. unica'-'o
all points cast and soulli.. 8:-- pm
Local exp, daily, Omaha, Lin
coln, lictiver and interme
diate rii alions :::- am
Local freight, daily. Omaha. :nd am
Local frei-'lit. daily, ex Min
riav. tviliir Urceu. louis-
No S.").
No S.).
viuo, youth iienii
No 7. Fast mail, naily. Omaha and
Lincoln H"'
No :J. Vestihuled exp, daily, uen-
vi r and .11 polnls in Colo
rado, L'tah and California,
Ui aid isiind, Black Hi:l.
Montana and I'acifJ'J N. W :i:4.i pm
NoT. Locai exp, cany except Su
day. Louisville. Asliiand,
V ahoo, .-chuylcr 4:!-Hl pm
v. ii i , ws. i ! v n d ai 1 v exce nt n-
day, Ornalia and Lincoln.. 4'-MJ IJ"1 j
No 17. Local express. Sunday only, j
Sleeping, dinin i and fehnliiL' chair cars j
iseats free) on through trains. TicKetssoid
and ba'Kii-e checked to any point in tin- j
United Sta tes or Canada.
For ion, tiaie tables, maps ..
tickets call or write to
V. L. PICKETT. A'ent
Piattsmouth. Neb.
I. FUANCKS. Gen. Pass A-t..
Omaha. Neb.
$5 tat Toiici-y
Having Just Received a Jare
Amount of New Stock we are
Prepared lo do all kinds of
Printing on .Short Notice.
Society Printinrj
We are prepared to
lntest and most
do in th
style and at reasonable rates
Commercial Printing
Such as Note Heads, Letter
Heads, Envelopes, Statements,
Bill Heads, etc. We are also
prepared to do all kinds of
Poster work in good style and
on short notice.
NO. 305 ....
na it
ism b
Soap Manufacturers.
deem it important to State
i t(1;i,.f- it
I4Ot" tne naui .i"u iwii-i.
floating1 soap.
in the world.
oF I'l.vrrsMoTTII,
Otlcis the mt) U:
- Ii lati lit ics (or tliu
:-ai tiuu 'l
Legitimate Banking Biibiness.
TOCKS, bonds, --old. t'overtifnent and loi al
securities uouirht atid sold. Deposits rt
ceiveii and interest allowed ou the cert II
cates. Prafts drawn, available In any
part of the U. .S an l all the principle
towns of Furope. 'Jollectlons made and
promptly reniitted MiurheHt market
price paid for county warrants, state
and county bonds.
Pom), P. liauk'voitli, WiiiikIi
F. White. i. K. PoM-y.
.. Pom). Pres., S. Wanli. (.'ashi.-r,
II. N. P.jvcy, Asst. Cashier.
II. N,
Trade Marks
'rfrfcff Copyrights &C.
Anyone Rpn11n? a ktoh nwl rtoncrlptlon mnr
quickly asrurtiiin our opinion frue win;t hf!r an
Invention In pronnhly iiutcrilatile. f'onimunlra
tiorixHtrictlycorindHiitiiil. Handbook on l'at-nta
B-nt frt. H'1!f(t ninrii-y for BccurniK iiaU-riln.
l-aK-nts taken t lirouih Munn & Co. recolva
Iperuil nutice, without fcliwrge, in the
Scientific HmericaiT.
A hanrlsoniely lllutratnl wer-kly. I.nrmtt rlr
rulation of any nfientlfln journal. Ternm, f l a
yenr: four rnoiitlis, L Sold by all newndealerfi.
MUNN & Co.361B'oadway- New YorSf
Branca Olllce, 625 K HU Washington, I. C.
Ccii!p!3xicn Pressrysd
viola mm
?:, P'mpJes,
A.ol'-'S, blackheads.
n an l Tan, iiu-1 rc-
o.v-4 the kkin V) i t orii- 1
ul f-;linc-s. prnducirg , ,? -
.-:ir nnl lifaltliy com Z.., Vi J-'-lexi'.n.
Kuperiortoall fa'-ev " -- '
T,r. t,i.
iitioni fin'l i.r-rfi-tlv hurinlfss At all
.is, or mail
lea lor :
r SOcts. KcinJ for circular.
VIOLA SKiM SOAP U tirny lncnmprM. u
kin pt.nfvinif Ho:ip, f;.r Iho tniiet. witbfat a
riTfJ fcrih'.. oiirvrr. t, ji.ifn n4 dclicrly medi
hihI. At dru"i,-it. Priei 2 5 Centi.
The J. C. BITTNEK CO., Toledo, O.
Leading Liveryman.
The best of ris furnished at all hour and liis
prices are always reasonable. 1 litir.ost
convenient boarding stable for far
mers in the citv.
i:b. fitxghkaiji
lias row stock, new rigs and
is prepared better than ever
to take care of
fl General Liveru Business.
Quick trips made to ill parts of tho
county. Low priw and court
eous treatment assured.
riattsmorS Nebraska.
Insure in the German
Fred Ebinger, Agent.
w mmmmmm r
J I I 4.