Semi-weekly news-herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1895-1909, January 08, 1898, Image 4

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Among Other Business They Elect
Officers for the Year.
All OllW;em Kxrept Vice President Klected
by Acclamation Argument In the
Thompson Cane Heard Last Evening
CommiMlnncn Wrestling With a Kogd
Squabble Other New.
From Wednesday's Daily.
The Plattsmouth firemen hold a
special meeting' last evening in the
police judge's ofllce for the purpose of
e'octing now oflicers for the ensuinpr
year. After the various officers had
boon solectod. Secretary Miller road a
communication calling attention to
the next annual state meeting of fire
men at Kearney, to bo hold on Janu
ary 18. It was decided that thoae who
wished to go to Kearney as delepates
from Plaltsmoulh could do so by mak
ing application to President F. A.
Murphy, who will supply them with
credentials. Tho list of ollicers elected
were as follows:
President F. A. Murphy.
Vice-Ptesident Phil. Thierolf.
Chief John Murray.
Asst. Chief Itobt. Hayes.
Secretary-Treasurer Chas. Miller.
Argued fur a New Trial.
Attorney J. VV. Orr's argument in
favor of a new trial in the Thompson-
Missouri Pacific caso last evening be
fore Judge Ramsey showed a thor
ough knowledge of the case and
amounted to an invincible array of
facts and logical deductions there
from, Mr. Gering fairly conceded
that a new trial should be
given when he remarked to the court
in closing that if tho verdict was to be
set aside he would ask for permission
to amend his papers. Quite a crowd
of attorneys and citizens from about
town were present and listened with
much interest to the argument of the
motion. Judero Ramsey reserved his
decision in the matter until January
Squabble Over a Koad.
The commissioners are wrestling
with a Rock Bluffs road squabble to
day that is of considerable local in
terest. The road runs through Tom
Sullivans farm and was granted once,
then the action of the board was re
scinded and now there is a red-hot
kick on account of the rescision.
A silver dollar coined in 1804 was
discovered at Chauteau, Mont., last
week. It is valued at $10,000. Only
four of these dollars were coined,
which accounts for them being so
The heavy shipments of new ties.
commenced by the Burlington last
August, still continues, sa3's the State
Journal. Since that date over 2,000
cava have been checked into Lincoln
at the office of Storekeeper Waterman
The ties are cut in Arkansas and are
of the hard oak variety. Burlington
officials state that these he ivy tie
shipments do not mean that any ex
tensions will follow. They will be
forwarded to various points along the
line for use in keeping the roadbed in
the usual first class condition.
The meeting of the Nebraska state
press association has been postponed
to January 25-26, for the convenience
of the craft.
E. II. Ileitzhausen is in receipt of
the New Year's edition of the Port
land Oregonian, a daily paper,contain
ing sixty pages of the most interest
ing news matter we remember to have
seen. It devotes much space to the
Yukon and Klondikye country, and is
calculated to give a fellow a severe
attack of Klondyke fever if he reads
all that is said about that marvelous
The plague at Bombay, India, is
killing people by the hundreds and
almost a panic exists.
Iariiamentary Uamor.
The London World gives this as an
illustration of the keen humor of Jus
tice Darling: On one occasion, when
Mr. Gladstone was beginning to give
np the lead in the house of commons to
Bir William Harcourt, it was noticed
by the members that he left the house
at the dinner hour and Sir William
Harcourt led for the rest of the sitting
Mr. Darling one evening drove Sir Wil
liam to fury, on failing to elicit a defi
nite answer to an inquiry, by casually
observing in the course of his speech,
"I have noticed that lately the party
opposite, adopting an ancient precedent,
Aas set up a greater light to rule the
Jay and a lesser light to rule the night. "
' "Tennyson and fiirds
Agnes Weld, a niece of Tennyson,
speaks thus of the poet in The Contem
porary Review: "Much as Tennyson no
ticed every individual tree and plant,
bird life had a still greater attraction
for him. lie was much touched by the
fact that the caged linnet loses the red
plumage from its head and breast at
the first molt after its captivity, and
never regains them, and he thought of
devoting a whole poem to the deep
yearning for liberty of which this was
the sign and type. And one reason he
climbed almost daily, when at Fresh
water, to the summit of the Beacon
down was because he loved to watch
the wild, free flight of the sea gulls cir
cling around its lofty cliffs."
Contrary Infant. -
"My wife couldn't go to the concert
last night because the baby threatened
to have croup. "
"That was too bad."
"Yes, and now she is hopping mad
because the baby didn't have croup after
all. " Chicago News.
English farmers, who know it is
xgaiust the law to use ferrets to drive
out rabbits, place in the burrow a rub
ber hose with a tin horn on the end in
serted. Then they blow the horn, and
aunny comes out in quick order.
C A. Marshall, Dentist.
Smoke "Gut f foil" cigars.
Wurl Bros. "Gut licit" cigars.
For firo icsuranco see Thrahher.
Try Wurl Bros'. "Gut Ileil" cigars
Dr. Elster, Waterman block, for
paiDloss dentistry.
A fine annortment of briar wood
and fancy pi pes very cheap at Spies'
cigar store.
II. Spies carries a nice line of smoke
ing tobacco in addition to his make of
fino cigars.
Ono Minute Cough Cure cures
quickly. That's what you want! F.
G. Fricke & Co.
Fred Stadelman is here frotn Chi
cago and wtll tend bar for his brother-in-law,
Mark White.
W. A. Urwin, James Ingram of
N uckoIs count v and Jack Urwin are
in town from Louisville today.
Merrit Kerr arrived homo this
morning from a visit to Ithica, where
he attended the wedding of his cousin.
The Tumors have arranged to teach
a class of boys at their hall on Tues
day and Thursday nights of each
Joe Roberts was in town yesterday
from South Omaha looking after a
road through his place down at Rock
Rush Fellows of Omaha, tho old
time Plattsmouth printer, is In the
city visiting his sister, Mrs. VV. L.
Tho nicest home-made bread none
better will bo delivered to any part
of the city. Leave orders with Mrs.
A large party of young people wore
enjoying a ekate on the Missouri op
posite the depot last evening. The
ice was very smooth.
All kinds of jewelry, clocks and
watches promptly repaired. All work
warranted. J. W. Crabill, first door
west of Waterman block, Plattsmouth.
Now is the time to plant your adver
tisements and lot the people know
that you did not die with tho old
year or have not gone out of business.
The T. J. Sokol society is making
great preparations for their sixth
annual mask ball to be given at their
hall Saturday evening, January 15,
1S'J8. Everybody i3 invited.
That dark brown taste and horrid
breath you have in the morning l
caused by an inactive liver. Sum
medicines relieve for a while; others
for a few days, but Herbine cures.
There's no better flour made than
Heisel's" Plansifter," manufactured
in this city. Ask your grocer for it.
and thereby get the best and sup
port a home industry at the same time,
which builds up the town.
Is your liver tired? does it fail to do
dutvV If so, don't neglect its call for
help. A few doses of Herbine may
save you a spell of sickness. Herbine
is the onl v perfect liver medicine. It
cures Chills and Fever. 75c.
Prosperitv comes quickest to the
man whose liver is in good condition
De Witt's Uittle n.ariy ltisers are
famous little pills for constipation
biliousness, inaigostion and all stom
ach and liver troubles. F. G. Fricke
& Co.
J. A. Perkins, of Antiquity, O., was
for thirty years needlessly tortured by
physicians for the cure of eczema. He
was quickly cured by using DeWiti's
Witch Hazel Salvo the famous healing
salve for piles ana skin diseases. F.
G. Fricke & Co.
Mrs. M. B. Ford, Ruddell's, 111.,
suffered for eight years from dyspepsia
and chronic constipation and was
finally cured by useing DeWitt's
Little Early Risers, the famous little
pills for all stomach and liver troubles.
F. G. Fricke & Co.
There is no remedy equal to Herbine
for the cure of constipation, sick
headache, indigestion, vertigo, loss of
memory, uncertain appitite, unrestful
sleep or skin eruptions, If you want
a perfect tonic for the liver, Herbine
will not disappoint you.
Tom Urwin of Louisville is in the
city today on business connected with
the settlement of his father's estate.
Mr. Urwin and wife are the parents of
twenty children, no twins, the most
of whom are living, while Mr. and
Mrs. Urwin both look young.
John Sattler was dresed up like he
was going to a wedding yesterday,and
as he walked gaily down toward the
court house some one enquired what
was the matter. "I am going to be
installed," replied the coronor-elect, j
as he hurried on to be sworn in.
Mrs. Stark, Pleasant Ridge, O.,
says, "Alter two doctors gave up my
boy to die, I saved him frnm croup by
using One Minute Cough Cure." It is
the quickest and moft certain remedy
for coughs, colus and all throat and
lung troubles. F. G. Fricke & Co.
Ms. Mary Bird, Harrisburg. Ta.
says, "My child is worth millions to
me; yet I would have lost her by croup
had I not invested twenty five cents in
a bottle of One Minute Cough Cure."
It cures coughs, colds and ail throat
and lune troubles. F. G. Fricke & Co.
It is easy to catch a cold and just as
easy to get rid of it if you commence
early to use One Minute Cough Cure.
It cures coughs, colds, bronchitis,
pneumonia and all throat and lung
troubles. It is pleasant to take, safe
to use and sure to cure. F. G. Fricke
& Co.
A marriage license was issued today
n county court to Henry H. Ossenkop,
aired twontv-two. and Miss Lilla Lu-
ella Ackles, aged eighteen, both of
Louisville. Walter A. Hardcock,
aged twenty-two, and Miss Kate Bird,
aged twenty-one, of Avoca, were also
granted a permit to wed.
We Guarantee to Gure THat
...Gold WItli...
Wild GHerry Compound
Only 25 and 50c.
liurlington Koute California Kxurionn
Cheap, quick, comfortable. Leave
Plattsmouth 3:43 p. m., every Thurs
day in clean, modern, not crowded
tourist sleepers. No transfers; cars
run right through to San Francisco
and Los Angeles over the Scenic
Route through Denver and Salt Lake
City. Cars are carpeted; upholstered
in rattan; have spring seats and backs
and are provided with curtains, bed
ding, towels, toap, etc. Uniformed
porters and experienced excursion
conductors accompany each excursion,
relieving passengers o; all bother
about baggage, pointing out objects
of interest and in many other ways
helping to make the overland trip a
delightful ex perience. Second class
tickets are honored. Ilerths $5.
For foider giving full information,
call at nearest Burlington Route
ticket .office, or write to J. Francis.
Gen. Passenger Agent, Omaha, Neb
What does it cost to get there 'i
When and how should one go ? What
stiould one take? Where are the
mines ? How much have they pro
duced ? Is work plentiful ? What
wages are paid V Is living expensive?
What are one's chances of "making a
sriKe?" Complete and satisfactory
replies to the above questions will be
found in the liurli ngton route's"Klon-
dyke Folder," now ready for distribu
tion. Sixteen pages of pratical infor
mation and an up-to-date map of
Alaska and the Klondyke. Free at
Burlington route ticket offices or sent
on receipt of four cents in stamps by
J. Francis, Gen. Pas. Agt. Burlington
route, Omaha, Neb.
I'earl Steam Laundry.
B. F. Goodnan has his new laundry
fully equipped with latest devices,
now in running order, and asks aj
share of your patronage. His work i
his best advertisement, nod if you try
the new laundry there wnl be no
longer any excuse for sendingogoods
away. Nothing too good for oui
patrons 13 our motto. Work called
for and delivered.
We Have Just Received
..A Full Line of..
nv ALE5 k Hjm
MBmMm 21 22 23 24 251
3 4 5 6 7 8
10 II 12 13 V 5
17 10 19 20 21 22
24 25 26 27 28 29
3i T "11
x ltnrc Olisnica
One of those chances to Imy Modish Ladies'
and Misses' outenrarnients at a 1 unit one-half
liniiril their former price, with about three months
il 1 fl II III 0 winter weather yet before us. From 33;,
! if If H K I to 50 per cent discount on all Ladies' ami
ill 1 1 111 IL Misscs' Jackets, Collarettes, Feather lioas,
II till- ec js our p(,ijcv 11(t to carry over from
Shoes we have taken from stock and placed
in lots to he closed out at one-third, and in
some instances one-hall their
former selling
Dinner Sets
Chamber Sets
A 1 f - 1 . 1 x- .
Anua iuu siock oi vv nite anu ueco-
rated Graniteware. If you need :
Hanging : Lamp,
Or a lamp of any kind, you will find a
large assortment at our store. Hav
ing purchased all of our ware before
the late advance we can make very
reasonable prices.
season to season any yoods in this depart
ment, and to accomplish this end will place
on sale our entire stock regardless ol their
Ladies' Jackets, former .ji-ice $!." 00 now $7 50
Ladies' Russian, Blouses, former price. h 00 now 7 50
Ladies' Jiickeis, former price VI 00 now (i 00
Ladies' Jacket?, former price 10 00 now 5 00
Ladies' Capes, former price 7 00 now 'A 50
Ladies' Capes, former price 5 00 now '1 50
Ladies Jackets, former price 5 Ot) now Z ;0
Misses' Jackets, former price 7 50 now I 75
M isses' Jackets, former price 5 00 now - 50
Misses' Jackets, former price 4 00 now 1 00
Ladies' Collarettes, was 10 0 ) now 5 :0
Ladies' Collarettes, was 7 50 now 75
Children's Fur Sets, was 5 00 now 2 50
Children's Fnr Sols, w;is 00 now 2 (')
Children's Fur Sets, was 2 00 now 1 00
S h o c l)c pnrtiiMjn t
All Kelt Shoes and Slippers we will now
place on sale at one-third oil regular price.
Special lots of Ladies' and Children's Kid
Circuit Jij UJITY c?
Of Underwear, Blankets, Knit (loods and
:it one -third of their former selling price.
The inducement is a saving of dollars and
cents, which will send a current of enthusiasm
through the mind of every shopper, and
should fill our aisles as they were during the
busy holiday season. Keyardless of the cost,
the prices are iixed to move them rapidly.
This is the season of the year when the
careful housewife thinks of replenishing her
stock of Linens, Towels and Muslin for
spring sewing. Our stock in this depart
ment is complete and our prices will be found
low as the' can be sold anywhere.
Special Towel bargains: Four sample
lines of Linen towels which we place on sale
at exactly wholesale cost.
All our remaining stock of Flannelette
wrappers we will now close at cost and less.
Come in an make selection before our limited
stock is broken.
A New "Gibson Girl."
A new "Gibson Girl," drawn by the
famous society artist, C. D. Gibson
will make her debut in print as the
cover design for the February Ladies
tlome journal, me new girl" is
the artist's own little daughter, who
at one year of age, will be shown as
drawn by her clever father. The le
gend under the picture is "My Valen
Huoklen'8 Arnica Salve.
The best salve in the world for cuts
burns, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fe
ver sores, tetter, chappep.hands, chil
blains, corns, and all skin eruptions,
and positively cures piles, or no pay
required. It is guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction or money refunded
Pyice 25 cents per box. For 6ale by
F. G. Fricke.
Cass County .Dairy.
K. F. Dem has again taken charge
of the Cass County Dairy and will be
pleased to serve his old customers and
also others desiring- pure mil. He
will also furnish cream and butter
milk when desired. Your patronage
s solicited.
Try Grain-O! Try Grain-U!
Ask your grocer today to show you
package of Grain-O, the new feod
drink that takes the place of coffee.
The children may drink it without in-
ury as well as the adult. All who
cry it, like it. Grain-O has that rich
brown seal of Mocha and Java, but it
is made from pure grains, and the
most delicate.stomach receives it with
out distress. One-half the price of
coffee; 15 and 25c. per package. Sold
by all grocers.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund the money if it
fails to cure. 25c.
505-507 MAIN STREET.
1 The Casino Saloon
l'ure Imported Wines and Whiskies
and that queen of all medi-
-Ma! t-Xutrine.
1 A K c
Beauty itt a Laundry
Is something you wouldn't expec
to find every day, but you will find it
here on every shirt.' collar and cuff
that passes through our hands. We
engage none but the mostexpert help.
and when your shirt front, collar or
cuff is turned out and sent Dome, it is
a work of art in color,' poish, stiffness
and condition. Satisfaction is guar
anteed to entrusting us with their
laundry work.
South Sixth St.
Look before you Buy
And you won't get stuck either
on a painted seat or. inferior liquo-s,
which are often offered as bargains bv
unprincip ed concerns. Phil Thierolf
don't want you to patronize them
once, they want oui- purchases 10 ie
a samde of the quality you will
always tind in their store. If you
want to be just to yourself, examine
our wines and liquors before1 goi nc
elsewhere. You will thank us for
this tip.
2 Bi
made in the state. Also everything to be
foundin a first-class Hardware Store at
prices which are riht.
21 Inch Steel Air Tight Stove
A Fine Russia Air Tight Stove
24 Inch Steel Air Tight Stove
24 Inch Russia Air Tight Stove
28 Inch Steel Air Tight Stove
28 Inch Russia Air TightStove-
Rates Si and $1.50 per Day
Centrall3' Located and Com
fortably Furnished.
Do not neglect Coneh Foley's Honey and
or Cold, as delays are of- Ta r is guaranteed to give
en dangerous. Foley's prompt relief In all cases
Honey and Tarisa of Asthma. Do not claw
pleasant, aafe and rare this with other medicine
care. Contains no opiates that hns failed to give
and is guaranteed. you relief.
Foley's Honey and If yon have had the Grip
Tar does not hold ont yon probably need a re-
fnlse hopes in advanced ' liable medicine like Fo-
stagea,bnt claims to give ley's Honey and Tar
relief in the very worst to heal yonr lungs and
cases, and in early stages stop the racking cough
to effeot a core. incidental to this diseasr
Thousands of infants Dr. J. C Bishop, of As-
and children die yearly new, Mich., says: "I have
of Croup, every one of nsed Foley's Honey
these innocents could and Tar in three very
have been saved had Fo- severe cases of Fnenmo-
ley'3 Honey and Tar nla the past month, with
bean given them in time. good results."
For Sale bv SMITH & PARMELE.
PHIL THIEROLF, Proprietor.
Reading Rooms and Disp isary,
Drue Iluilding-, IMattsmoi Hi, Nob.
Open from 10 a. m. to 5 p. m. and 7 to 9 p.
m. Service each Sunday, 11 a. m.
S. B. HALL & SON,.
South Sixth Street, - - Plattsmouth, Neb.
W. D. JONES...
C:i s .s Co u ii ty 'vS
Idest : Liveryman
EST rijr for AVedd in jrs, Funerals or Pleasure Parties, etc
Telephone 7t
: -A fTlfori.- a wt rsrautitica the hair.
E Promote a luxuriant frrowtn.
ver Fails to Kestore Gray
Flair to its Youthful Color.
Cures eraip l ' & hair laiucg.
5"c. end '"at JV-'r,-?:?s
attended to promptly.
N. f$. W. D. Jones auctioneer all
disposed of
Hack orders
CallancL trei
Terms reasonable. Casn preferred.
kinds of good and form tttnek
A new and useful device which every family
will bu v. is sold onlv through local aeents. Simnie
and strong; can be put up anywhere: securely
holds rone or wire: instant adjustment and re
moval of line; no props needed. Sells on sight.
Popular price. Agents wanted everywhere. Ex
clusive territory. Attractive terms. Premiums
and proht-sharine. Anyone mav become aireiit.
Sample pair, by mail, 25c.
Locust St.. Philadelphia.
Zuckweiler S Lutz
Continueto doa leadingbusiness in Fancy
and Staple Groceries. Because they carry
an immense stock, buy for cash and sell at
low prices. Everything good to eat of Best
Quality. Call and try us.
Corner of Sixth and Pearl Streets, - - - Plattsmouth, Neb.