Semi-weekly news-herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1895-1909, October 02, 1897, Image 2

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PUBLISHED wiunisu""
... BY THE ...
.... . lt..... llonolrll A BIS CANNING YEAH.
Th6Seml'W66KIljN6WS-n6raiU In view otbe fact ihat prominent
I fruiterers say iliat this will be one of
the biggest causing seasons oo record,
the process of tin can making takes
on an added ictereet,says the England
Grocer. The cans are mad by ma
chinery. Over i.00,000,000 a, year are
produced in this country. Out of the
7,000,000,000 boxes of tin plate, (120
sheets to the box) used yearly only
2,000,000 boxes go Tor general use.
The remaining 5,000.000 boxes of tin
(600.000,000 sheets) are made in to cans.
Common fruit ran a represent two
thirds of the entire product. Assum-
One Tear, in advance, ....
Six Months
too Week,
Single Copies,
One Year, in advance, . . .
Six Months,
. $5 00
. 2 50
. 10
tl 00
The mayorship of the new Greater
New York, the second largest city in
the world, excites great interest all
over the country. Tammany, the
most corrupt political organization
which ever existed, is trying hard to
get control. The latent turn, result
ing in the nomination of Henry
George as a Bryaniie,evidently discon
certs the Tammanvites and may re
sult in the election of a republican.
The New York Herald sum up the
George situation as follows:
Henry George, nominated lor
mavor by the free silver democrats of
over, but is too dead o
Of aay Csas County Paper
An kxchangk remarks that in all
his life W. J. Bryan never enjoyed
such prosperity as he enjoys now. He
probably is thinking of his own case
w-en he Bays our. prosperity is only
ing six inches as the average height! greater New York, intends to keep the
pointed out that if the cans were to be no indication of his intentions until
placed end to end the line would be Utter the regular democratic conyi-n
37,878 miles in length, long enough to I tion has adjourned.
T."R LARGEST GIRGULfliTIONlofacan. someideaorthe onormity of Tammany leaders on the anx
ot uv Cass Couaty Paper. I this product may be had when it is seat. He declares that he will
If the action of
reach one uoi one-half times around
the earth.
Twenty years ago a fruitcan factory
consisted of several dozen men and as
many boy helpers, who make the cans
Whtcm in the conrse of human I "j CU'"B """u u
events a man appropriates funds be- shears, passing the Bides through a
longing to another, he ought to know
it is a theft, in fact if not in law. Hil
ton escaped upon a technicality, and
is now a leader among the allied forces
of reform.
. Judge Sulliyan's legislative rec
ord contains nothing to offer a sug
gestion that he is an anti-monopolist
worth howling for. He refused to go
with those of that band to tbe support
of Van Wyck for re-election. Fre
mont Tribune.
- The Union Pacific railway is to be
sold to the highest bidder November
2, under mortgage proceedings insti
tuted by the government. The
chances are that the first lien will
take the property and Uncle Sam will
lose several million dollars.
Thomson and Neville have swal
lowed the lumps in . their respective
throats and sworn to stand for the
fusion ticket till tbe last armed foe
expires. If Scott doesn't say some
thing pretty soon people will think
. there is proud flesh in the sore places.
wrinsrer to roll them into 6hape. The
bottoms and covers were shaped by
means of dies, and the parts all put
together and soldered byband. Na
turally when buying canned goods in
those d.tys a few cents went to pay for
tbe can. With twenty men and their
helpers, the most that could be pro
produced iu those days was 16.000 a
day. The saiuo number of employes,
most of them boys, are now able by
means of automatic machinery to turn
out over 200,000 a day. There are. now
in existence in New York, Chicago
and Baltimore large plants employing
machins having a daily capacity of
40,000. The production has increased
rapidly year by year m new machines
have been invented, until it is only
necessary to insert quantities of tin
sheets into one port of the machine to
have them automatically pusses
through all the stage of manufacture
and drop out at the other in tbe shape
of completely formed cans. Ex. ,
that gathering is satibfactory to him
self and the body of voters whom he
represents he will not run for mayor.
If Tammany's action is not satisfac
tory, Mr. George will accept the Bry
anite nominating and will make a vig
orous canvass.
"Any decision just now," Mr.
George says, "would be premature
under the circumstances. I intend to
wait until I know the result of the
democratic convention before arriving
at any decision."
Several stories about Mr. George's
candidacy are current. One of them
is that Grand Master Workman
Sovereign of the Knights of Labor and
John W. Hayes, secretary of that or-
. . . r 1,
ganizatiou, sent word to wr. urothei
that Mr. George would withdraw if
either Amos J. Cummins or Charles
W. Dayton should be nominated for
mnyor by Tammany. Another is that
Mr. George will withdraw iu favor of
Justice William J. Gayuor.
may be wept
skin. Ex.
The exciting race for coroner, be
tween Henry Boeck and John Sattler,
continues as we go to press with odds
in favor of Henry: The fight over
this office is unprecedented but we
hope no blcod will be 6hed.
The ladies of Plattsmouth will Issue
The Evening News on the date of
October 1. The issue promises to be
one of merit, and it will be of interest
to the people of the entire county.
The ladies will do all of the writing,
even to the county correspondence.
Mrs. W. A. Davis, of this place, has
been invited to write a history of
Weeping Water for the publication.
Weeping Water Republican.
Bushwhacking politics will ruin
any political party on earth and con-
vinco the masses of the people that
there is no such a thing as principle
n politics. Every campaign should
be waged along the lines of political
principles -and every candidate should
be willing to take his chances of
standing or falling with his party.
THE way to make prosperity per
manent is to build up American in
dustries so that American markets
will keep up a brisk demand for all
kinds of products for American con
sumption, says the Omaha Bee. That
is what the tariff law is intended for.
Our impervious popocratic contem
porary wants to know how it happens
that two suits to recover on official
bonds come up for trial on the same
dav. iu one of which ihe republican
city attorney asks for more time
THE SUPREME JU06ESHIP. while in the oilier mo uomucmuc at
In order to re-elect Judge Post it is J torney genera! siguifies a readiness to
nnlv necosaarv to effect a cbansre of I nrnMil. The World-Herald knows
T rf . i r -
seven thousand votes in Nebraska, how it happens as weii as anyone,
and if Dave Mercer has not failed as a The reason the city attorney has asked
mascot the job will be easy enough. for more time is tnat his principal ex
Hayes County Times. j peri witness has been induced to leave
T..Hra Pnat. i an nhl a. mn nnd has I Omaha by democratic bondemen and
so honorable a record, that it is im
possible for the enemy to manufacture
any reason why Sullivan should be
preferred to him. There is a vast dif
ference between Judge Post and Judge
Sullivan. It is the difference between
a statesman 'and a politician, lhose
the chairman of the silver republican
state committee. Bee.
Bank clearances, which are usually
looked upon as an extremley accurate
business barometer, weie greater i
the week endinsr September Jo man
How can the national democrats be
- refused a place for their ticket on the
.official ballot and the silver republi
cans be accorded representation with- J who havo the highest respect for tho j any w6ek since January, 1803, fifty
out precipitating the charge of fraud- supreme court will vote unanimously pep cent in excess of those of the cor
ulent manipulation? Send answers to for Post. Beatrice Express. . responding week of 1896, and Msventy-
the tri-headed fusion state coamittee John I. Sullivan may be elected Ave per cent frresiter;than. those of the
in care of the state bouse. Bee. mayor of Boston this year,-but John corresponding oik of istw, the nrst
James Sullivan can not be elected jus- year of the Cleveland administration.
The season is still young, but signs I tice of the supreme court of Nebraska 1 There is no Delter ev. douce of the ac-
I. G. Todd returned from a trip to
Missouri last Friday. He brought
with him a car load of sheep which
he purchased while there and will
place them on his farm north of town.
Union Ledger.
J. M. Ley da of Piattsroouth, fusion
candidate for county judge and a man
possessing more gall than the average
office seeker, was in Union Tuesdav
and made the Ledger a short call.
Union Lodger. ,
George W. Morgan, the convicted
murderer of little Ida G ask ill, is sen
tenced to meet his doom on Friday,
October 8, and be has about made up
his mind that on that dav he must
hang. Yet he gives no outward signs
of worrying over the matter. He is
seemingly unconcerned over the near
approach of the day. Tbe case was
passed beyond jurisdiction of the dis
trict court. Sheriff McDonald will go
to Lincoln this week to see the gover
nor in order to learn whether or not
ho is likely to interfere with the ex
ecution. Morgan himself has no such
hope and his counsel. Attorney Pat
rick, doos not believe that there will
be any further delay in the execution
If Sheriff McDonald is given to under
stand that tbe hanging will not be
further postponed he will at once take
steps toward tho erection of the
sea ff ol d. Bee.
gmmmimmntmmnm mmmm mm mmmmmtmmng
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ii. . l !-i r i i -u a i i i i
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of prosperity are multiplying into
multidudinous evidences of the bird
in the hand which discounts the bird
that has been fluttering in the bush.
There is little doubt that there will
be a steady increase in all lines of
business during the entire fall and
not this year. Fremont Tribune.
Uncle Hod Boies hasn't said a
word since his opening speech at Mar
shalltown. He's farming and is too
busy to talk 16 to 1. He is now in the
midst of threshing and every time a
load goes to market it is an argument
against Frank White for governor and
Iowa for Bryan. It also partly con
firms the Boies idea of money. Ex.
A populist attorney general ap
pears to be taking his own sweet time
in - disposing of the case against
Eugene Moore whom he intended to
have in the "pen" long before this.
: Moore has been granted another con
tinuance, and so tar as the attorney
general Is concerned does not appear
to be in imminent danger . of paying
tbe penalty for his embezzlement.
The ten thousand wealthy people,
men and women, who have been in
tbe habit of going to Paris every year
to spend from $2 )0 to $10,000 each for
foreign made garments will hereafter
pay the greater portion of their1 mon
ey to American milliners and tailors
who do just as good work and furnish
just as good . material as the foreign
ers. The new Dingley tariff law im
poses a heavy duty on all foreign
manufactured garments in excess of
$100 and the American merchants and
toilers are roaping tho bone fit. No
one bjt the foreigners are being in
jured in the transaction either. This
is only one of the clauses of the new
tariff law that put a stop to the fear
ful and useless expenditure of Ameri
can money in foreign countries with
no show whatever of ever seeing it
come back.
curacy of tho. general belief that busi
ness prosperity is actually with us
than this reunarkabio increase in the
banking business of the country. Ex.
Fuse siver and spoils is a good
enough Morgan to play for fusion in
Nebraska, where without the populists
the democrats have not the ghost of a
show for success, but free silver is
thrown overboad in New York, where
it means the repulsion of democratic
votes tnat are more attractive than
. ftopullst support. The democratic
policy of working the populists is to
be observed only where there are
enough populists to make an object.
China, which has long been one of
tbe few countries which lived up to
the Bryan standard of free silver has
of late chosen a cheaper metal and is
now stamping copper coins. Since
Bryan has shown a desire to follow
China , and Mexico rather than the
countries of civilized Europe, we need
"not be surprised if be advocates in
1900 the free ana unlimited coinage of
copper. The silver theory works as
well on copperas it does on silver, and
the old speeches would not need much
retouching to do service again.
Chas. T. CVFarkALX, the demo
cratic governor of Virginia, the
mother of presidents, in a speech de
livered September 11, said: "I am
confident that the doctrines of the
Chicago platform will '' not much
longer be masqueraded as democratic
principles. Free silver is retreating
before the returning - tide of pros
perity. It can only ' live oo 'hard
times. It is beginning to pant for
breath already, under the pressure of
the advance in wheat and the re
opening of mills, mines and factories.
The free silver slogan ot last fall, "as
silver falls wheat falls; as silver ad
vances wheat advances," is no longer
heard, and the people are fast learn
ing that it is the law of supply and de
mand, and not the price of silver,that
controls -the prices of the farmer's
products and the laboring man's
wages. Freo, unlimited and indepen
dent coinage is doomed, and no
strong political party of tho present.
or future, will ever put itself to death
by declaring for it in national convention."
TliE publication of the receipts and
attendance at the last state fair has
stirred up a hornet's nest that the
managers little suspected. It shows
that there was a less attendance of
nearly 7,000 as compared with last
year, and the tickets sold by the rail
roads show that many did not go out
to tbe grounds even after having pur
chased a ticket. Discussing this ques
tion the World-Herald says: "Again
we are told that the receipts fromcon
cossioos and .privileges fell off $600
from what they were last year, yet
there never was a fair held in Ne
braska where so many fakirs, side
shows and catch-penny devices were
licensed to do business. If tbe re
receipts from this source fell off it
must have been because of bad man
agem ent or a big freak." Ex,
IN the matter of granting the writ
of supercedeas in the Bartley case
neither Judge Post or the supreme
court, as aucb, had anything to do
with it. The application was made to
Judge Norval. who gi anted the writ,
and while the pop attorney general
was willing to accept a $125,000 bail
bond tbe judge made it $125,000. This
feature has resulted in Bartley laying
in jail pending his appeal to the su
preme court. It took a republican
county attorney to prosecuto Bartley
and a republican judge to sentence
him to twenty years in the pea. The
much praised pop attorney general
was a mere figure-heal in the case.
The insinuation that Judge Post or
the republican party of this state are
in the least desirous of shielding any
wrongdoer,' is mere campaign bosh,
of which the common people are get
ting very tired. McCook Republican.
Subscribe for The News.
The Elniwood Fair association has
decided to give up the fuir. The f ir
this wasafailuro and the asso
ciation added to the old debt, making
a total indebtedness of $500. This, the
management think will be increased
each year so long as tho fairs at e held.
and they think this a good timo to
disband. No premiums will le paid
this year. Weeping Water Republi
Down In Otoe county, where the
county officials are and have always
been composed largely of democrats.
it costs to run the county 20 per cent
more tnan it does iu this county.
where republicans are neary always
in control. Taxes in Otoe county are
a great deal higher than they are in
Oats county. The taxpayers have to
foot the bills and they may well con
sider before voting to place Caps
touotv in extravagant hands. Weep
ing Water Republican.
Sheriff Holloway of Cass county and
Sheriff Woolsey of Johnson county
were in the city yesterday and both
wanted to take the Stanley brothers
to their counties for trial if Sheriff
Huberle thought he could not convict
them here. Both identified a quan
tity of tbe stolen property which was
recovered at their home near Eagle
when tbe last one was arrested. Ne
braska City Press.
ueneral Is. V. Tracy was nomi
nated for mayor of New York by re
publicans of that city Wednesday
The citizen's ticket, with Seth Low
for mayor, was turned down and Boss
Platte retained his position ' in tho
Mike Seize r brought to the News
office today a sample of his cotton
crop, which he has raised this year,
It is of superior quality and he raised
quite a large . quantity of the same
The seed came from the south and was
found by him on the floor of a box car
in tbe M. P. yards in this city. Next
year he proposes to try rnising it on a
larger scale. Nebraska City News.
i Dig irrigation congress is in ses
sion just now in Lincoln, and as
usal our W. J. Bryan had to make a
speech. If Billy" ever irrigated ho
might be worth listening to. but like
silver and other things, be loves to
talk about, its all theory and his ac
tual knowledge of the subject would
not be of much import.
Silver may be tnlked about this
fall, but it doesn't rise to the distinc
tion of an issue in the pending cam
paign. Like the Irishman's dog it
(leoeroni Buffalo UUl.
Buffalo Bill, Nebraska's citizen of
wild west fame, in answer to an invi-
taticn from Governor Holcomb to ac
company the governor us a member of
his staff to Nashville. Tenn., aud par
ticipate in the exercises thereon Ne
braska day, October 8, has written
that he is pleased that he will be in
Nashville with Nebraska's wild west
exhibition on October 7 aud 8, and
that if tbe governor wishes anything
for himself or staff, such as a band,
regular army soldiers as escorts, or if
be wishes the entire wild west show
to turn out on Nebraska day, the pro
prietor and his entire company are at
his command. Colonel Cody extends
an invitation also to the governor and
his oflicers and ladies to visit the wild
west show during their stay in Nash
They Tried to Hob the Fakir.
The fakir , who was on the street
yesterday afternoon and last night.
gathered in a rich harvest. He pro-,
ceeded to put a $5 bill in a package
and sell tbe package for $2.50. Of
course the poor men who surrounded
the carriage eagerly grasped the op
portunity of getting $5 at an outlay of
$2.50. But, alas, wheu they had gone
to some secluded spot to 'open the
package and extract the $5 William,
tbey were amazed to find that the
"fiver" had changed to a "wunner"
and they were out just a dollar and a
half. The fakir had switched bills on
them while they were looking at him.
Otoe County Will Prosecute.
Sheriff Holloway returned from Ne
braska City today, whither he went in
connection with the arrest of the
Stanley brothers near that city. They
have com mitted numerous burglaries,
among otlTers, one at Eagle, and the
Otoe county authorities are eager to
turn them over to Cass county for
trial. Cass county, however, will let
Otoe prosecute them, and take a
whack at them afterwards. They
havo confessed to their various thefts,
and are assured of a penitentiary sen-:
tence of some length. They will be
sentenced at the present term of the
Otoe county district court.
A few weeks ago the editor was
taken with a very severe cold that
caused him to be in a most miserable
condition. It was undoubtedly a bad
case of la giippe, and recognizing it
as dangerous he . took immediate
steps to bring about a speedy cure.
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tancy in leeommendh g this excellent
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B.iiine. of Liberty,Libertylown,Mary
land. Tho 25 and 50 cent sizes for
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Croup Quickly Cared.
Mountain Glkn, Ark. Our chi'd
ren were suffering with croup when
we received a bottle of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy It afforded almost
instant relief. F. A. THORNTON.
This celebrated rem.-dy is.fT sale by
all druggists.
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