Semi-weekly news-herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1895-1909, August 25, 1897, Image 3

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Absolutely Pure.
A cream of tartar baking powder. Highest of
all in icavuuiiis strength. latest United States
( lovcriiineiit I-ood Report.
Paul Wurl is down frimi Orcah:i to
Mrs. Wayne Twite-hell visited
friend-i in Omaha today.
(j'eorfje Cojv land ramo down from
Havclock on buninoss today.
Jacob I5reknfehlt, esq., was a busi
ness caller at tho metropolis today.
Mrs. S. C. Anthony deptrted today
fur (Hen wood to visit relatives over
K-.9 Mitchell and mother leave this
eveninir for a with friends at
All i- net).
tine Golden Cera cook stovo loft.
Warranted fire back $1S t; close.
V. W. Coatcs & Co.
Mrs. Z. ISrotvn and children leave
today for a two woous1 visit with rela
tives in Missouri.
Mrs. Shannon came in from the
this morning and will visit hor daugh
Ut, Mrs. J. K. Leesloy.
In another column will be found the
bill of fare for tomorrow's dinner at
the Kile v. it will cost you 33 cents. .
Frank Dickson and family are in
town' lolay on their, way back to)
Frank's old homo in I'euryl vania.
The secretary of tlio Imjrial Mja
tic Lepion will bo at Smith & Pnrme
le's Saturday evening from 7 to y
Misses Edna and May l'eter&en went
down to Hock JllulTs today to viit
with Mis. Archie Ilo'mes fir t-cwr.l
Miss Clara Green returned homo
this morninjr from an extended visit
at Michig.m City, Ind., and Mendota,
You can pet a lovely dinner at the
Ililoy tomorrow for '.') ceuts, which is
cheaper than a jrood dinner at home.
The Ashland nine will try the
Louisville club at tho latter, town
Monday evening at 4:i!0 sharp. It
will be a hot contest, but Tom I'ar
mele'a aggregation will win.
Mrs. lien ton of Wymore, mother of
Mrs. E. E- Hilton, accompanied by her
daughter, Blanche, returned home
this morning after a pleasant visit
of several days.
Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Anthony kindly Tiik Nks force this
morning (wiih home extra nice ice
cream, for which they have their
J. N. Wise, the export accountant
secured to cxamiun tho books at the
Noi-foik asylum, writes homo that he
has bigun woi k and is nicely located.
Hen Elson departs tomorrow for
Chicago, where ho will purchase a
big stock of clothing for the fall and
winter trade.
"Dad" Karnes was celebrating to
day the Soth anniversary of his first
day's work as a telegrapher. Seven
teen of these years he has been in the
continuous employment of the H. &. M.
E ler Clmo of llnaJilla, who wis
expected .o take chargo of the Chris
tian church here, has declined. His
own congregation raised his salary
and refused to accept his resignation.
C. E. Weseott, who "just relumed
from Chicago, says the wholesale
houses are cio.vdod with nerchants
buvinsi stock. Such livclv business
has not hcon enjoyed for years.
The I. & M. repair gang, which
has been in the city for several months
making repairs on the shop buildings.
completed their labors yesterday and this morning
' for Gibson.
Miss Ilattie McM.ikon and Miss
Lottie Gutsehe entertained tho M. W.
A. hand Thursday evening most ac
ceptably at tho McMaken residence.
Nice refreshments were served and
the bo3S say a roj-al time was had.
Tho band boys received their ele
gant new uniforms today which F. J.
Morgan ordered a few days ago, and
Ji Cod-liver oil helps and cures. Many believe they could be benefited
if they could take it. but, after trying, acknowledge they cannot do it.
I They might as well say they cannot eat bread, after having taken of
w a few pieces which were heavy and sour. Physiologists tell us
A that cod-liver oil is more easily digested than cream, butter or other
fats. The difficulty Is with the preparation which has been used.
of cod-liver oil with hypophosphites Is borne by the most delicate
invalid because it is not disagreeable in taste ; contains the purest
oil; the oil is emulsified (or digested), avoiding the rising of gas
from the stomach ; and the oil is combined with the hypophosphites
which are known for their power to strengthen digestion and give
tone and vigor to the whole system.
5ocand$i.oo SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemists, New York
they say they are beauties The bide
walk worn hold tQo crowd that will be
out to hear the next concert, Tburs
lay evening.
1L C. MoMakeo.who isoa theetaffof
be national commander G. A. R.,went
to Omaha this moaning, accompanied
y bis wife, to see Commit ndc Clark
4on arid the department commander
off for the reunion at Buffalo.
H. .1. Strcight and his crwi, who
ont iui to Sin lee lakes, returned
ht me t day and report a delightful
oulir-g. We have room for ai few fish
stories, if any member of the parly
will write up the happenings in that
Joe McCaig, the jolliost freo-silver
republican in the county who refuses
to duck when the McKinley wave
strikes him, was in town from Elm
wood today, no felt pretty comfort
able over the bulge in wheat, and, as
he had a pretty fair crop, he would
not kick if it went to -92 per bushol
Ho is not mining much silver on his
farm, but ho will trade his products
for gold coin or its eq ui valent.
Presiding Elder Van Fleet is in the
You ought to see Whalen as Sar
goant Ilinton.
D. ITawksworth was a Lincoln pas
senger this morning.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C Petersen were
Omaha visitors today.
Whalon, as Sargeant Hinton, makes
an ideal army sargeant.
Kov. F. A. Campbell was a passen
ger for Havelock this morning.
Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Fox and child
ren wero Omaha visitors today.
Don Atwood camo down from Lin
coln Saturday and spent Sunday.
Mrs. J. N. Wise and Mi-s. J. L. Hoot
visited friends in Omaha today.
Miss Alice Brothers of Malvern, la.,
is tho guest of Mrs. Dr. Dearing.
W. C. Willets and wife visited
friends in Council Bluffs yesterday.
Tho Frank property on Elm street
has been purchased by Hans Sievers.
Miss Susie Kroehler is visiting hor
brothers, George and An3y, in Have
lock, Miss Gene Marshall was an over
Sunday visitor in Omaha and South
Bert Shrj'ock of Louisville was an
over-Sunday visitor with relatives in
this city.
Sam Patterson, of the stt3 treasur
er's office, visited rolntives in the city
Mrs. Rocky and children of Fremont,
are visiting Mrs. 15. S. Ramsey for a
few days.
Hen Elson departed this morning for
Chicago, to lay in his fall and winter
stock of clothing.
F. H. Fisher returned to his work
at tho shops this morning after an ill
ness of several days.
I D. Lehnhoff, jr.. and wife do
parted this evening for a visit with
relatives at Newton, la.
G. V. Keefer came down from South
Omaha yesterday morning for a visit
with his daughter, Myrtlo.
E. A. Oliver, wife and daughter
were passengers for Omaha on this
morning's Burlington train.
T. E. Williams of Stella, who for
merly conducted the oil business in
this city, drove up Saturday on busi
ness. A fifty-foot Alabama braided clothes
line for 25 cents. They will not twist
or kink. Ask to seo one. W. W.
Coates & Co.
J. W. Johnson, as administrator of
tho estate of Joseph Flansburg, de
ceased, had the first hearing on claims
in county court today.
Andrew Pitman of Nohawka, execu
tor of tho will of Nelson McReynolds,
deceased, had tho first hearing on
claims in c.tunty court today.
J. W. Ilondeo is home for a few days
visit with his family. He is traveling
for a hardware firm, his territory in
cluding some of tho southern states'.
Tho first hearing on claims in tho
estate of Snsana Thomas, deceased,
was held in county court today.
Thomas Wiles is executor in this
Joe Drbege had tho misfortune to
get his hands quite severely burned at
tho shops yesterday. Dr. Livingston
dressed tho wounds and Mr. Droege
will take a rest for a few das.
The union meeting of the Epworth
league and Young People's Society of
Christian Endeavorors ,t tho Metho
dist church last evening was quite
largely attended, and a very interest
ing meeting was held.
Extensive preparations are being
made for the gun club shoot in this
city on Friday and Saturday next.
I As One 1t
ilTo Ano
! H Ci. T "Every Monday morning
uJttSS clothes pure and
8r?5S? have my washing
soap has never
y ' colors in my
I :!At&Z1 je free from
Tho cr.;ck shots from Omaha and sev
eral other points will bo in attend
ance. The shoot will be held at tho
fair ground.
A scrap took place in the alley near
Thira street lastevening. Tho officers
were notified, tut when they arrived
nothing co.ild bo found but a hat be
longing to ono of tho contestants.
John Murray is of the opinion that
they did tho snako act and swallowed
each other.
"A Daughter's Devotion" is the
namo of a play to bo given at White's
hall on tho evening, of September 3
and 4, for tao benefit of the G. ,A. R.
post. The play will bo given by homo
talent, assisted by a professional
troup. C. V. Thomas is the manager,
and is now in the city making ar
rangements for tho performance.
Ringiing Pros. circus attracted
quite a crowd to Omaha today. A
large number went up at noon on the
Missouri Pacific, and the following
gentlemen were noticed making a run
for tho morning Burlington train: H.
L. and John Kirkham, Charles Searle,
W. 15. Wise, John Kuhney, Anton
Triiety, Bert Pollock and B. A. Mc
Elwain. J. R. Beebe, a former resident of
this city, who had been at Dixon, 111.,
for the past two months, died at that
place yesterday with typhoid fever,
and the remains will arrive in this
city this evening for interment. The
funernl will 03 held tomorrow under
the auspices of tho Masonic lodge.
Deceased was a btotber-in-law of
George Perry, who resides south of
A couple of farmers from the vici
nity of Rock Bluffs led Sheriff Hollo
way a nice little chaso yesterday af
tsrnoon out to the Jean school house
south of town. They accumulated a
pretty good jag while in town and
upon departing for home gave vent
to their feelings by letting out a few
howls and singing a few selections on
Main street. The police officers
chafed them out to South E'ark, where
they met the sheriff and turned the
job over to him, but the latter 's team
was unable to overtake the Sunday
law breakers.
Ilurglars Visit Another Residence.
George Longenhagen's house was
entered oy ourgiars aoout jo o ciock .
last night, an entrance being made ;
throujih an unlocked door. It seems
thPit the door was pushed back against
a Vod occupied byMr.. and Mrs. L.
with such force as to awaken tho oc
cupants, and the burglars were fright
ened away. Two men were seen in
the darkness, but no description could
given as to what they wore.
It is quite likely they wore, the same
parties who visited John Biol el's
pla-'e e irlier in tho evening.
Dr. Marshall, Graduate Dentist.
Dr. Marshall, fine gold work.
Dr. Marshall, gold and porcelain
Dr. Marshall, crown and bridge work
Dr.. Marshall, teeth without plates.
Dr. Marshall, all kiuds of fillings.
Dr. Marshall, all kinds of plates.
Dr. Marshall, perfect fitting plates.
Dr. Marshall, all work warranted.
All the latest aonliauces for first
class dental work.
When You Take Your Vacation
Tho most necessary articles to have
with j'ou (after your pocket book) is a
bottld of Foley's Colic Cure. It is an
absolute prevention or euro of all
derangements of tho bowels caused by
a change of water. You are likely to
need it. Smith & Parmele.
"Last summer one of our grand
children was sick with a severe bowel
trouble," says Mrs. E. G. Gregory, of
Frvderickstown. Mo. "Our doctor's
remedy had fai'ed, then we tried
Chamberlain Colic, Ckokr.i and
Dia- rhoca Remedy, which gave very
speedy reli. f." ytu. sal ... .... .....
Yon Can brpriul On It
That Foley's Co io Cu.e is n. instant
reiwf for i-oiU-. summer enmpiaint,
cholo. a mm bus, di.-trrbup ,hl. o l.v flux,
chronic dianhoea, choier.i tnfuntum,
bilious crl":c, painters' colic and all
bowel complaint. Smith & Parmele.
You may hunt the word over and
you will iut lind another medicine
qu: l t Ch 'inb-rhiin's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy for bowel
complaints. It is pleasant, safe and
reliable. For s:iie by all druggists.
Mr. C J. Hasbrcuek. u druesrift ui
Mendon. Mich., s ivs a'.l of the good
testimonial-- th .t hi-.vo been published
bj- tha manufacturers of Chamber
lain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy could be duplicated in that
own. For sale by all drnggists.
ie Woman g
Another: I
for two years I've used
SOAP always makes the
white without hatd rubbing
done by nine o'clock. This
harmed the most delicate
summer dresses, so it must
all acids. I do wish you
id down to the Grocer
a cake to try on your
washing-day. You will
a perfect Laundry Soap,
everywhere. Made only by
N. K. Fairbank
Death Of An Aged Lady.
Mrs. Mary Cook, aged seventy-nine
years, died at the home of her daugh
ter, Mrs. R. 15. Carlyle, at 12 o'clock
last night, after an illness of three
months with cancer of the stomach.
Deceased was born in England in
ISIS. She had been a resident of
Piattsmouth about fifteen year and en
'joyed a large circle of friends. She
had been a Christian all her lifo and
found much comfort in the studv
of tho bible. Sho was the mother of
seven children, as follows: Mrs.
21 S. Vosburgh, Mrs. Wm. Biggs, of
Ann Arbor, Mich.; T. W. Short,
Douglas, Neb ; Miss R. D. Short, Mrs.
R. B. Carlyle, of Piattsmouth; Mrs.
Abbio Cook, Alvo, Neb., Mrs. n. A.
March, Bridgwater, Nova Scotia.
Funeral services will jbe held at
the Methodist church Tuesday after
noon at 3 o'clock, Rev. F. A. Campbell
officiating. All of her children will
be present at tho funeral except Mrs.
March, who returned to her home in
Nova Scotia a few days ago.
At tho Bohemian Catholic church
at 10 o'clock today Rev. Father Bor
pronounced the words that made Kern
E. Fogerty and Miss Julia Janda man
and wife. A large number of invited
guests ware at the church to witness
the ceremony, after which they went
to the bride's Dome wnere an elegant
dinner was served.
Mry Poverty is an old-time Piatts
mouth boy, having been employed by
the Burlington in this city for a num
ber of years, while the bride is the
daughter of Antone Janda.
Mr. and Mrs. Fogerty will depart
for Edgemont, S. D., tomorrow, where
they will make their future home, Mr
Fogerty being employed in tho Bur
lington shops at that place.
Tilt: News, in common with their
hosts of friends, extends its hearty
A Pleasant Social (lathering.
S tturday evening a number of the
young friends of the Misses Katie and
Maggie Jess gathered at the pleasant
home of the latter for the purpose of
spending tboevoning in a social man
ner. It was a sort of a surprise party
in honor of tho Misses Jess, and all re
port being royally entertained by the
hostess'. The evening was pleasantly
gDent in variou3 games. dancing and
olher amusements.
The following were present: Misses
Lena Ohm, Jennie Augustine,
Maggie Wilkinson, Emma Lulz, Lona
Gretule, Mary Machine, Katie and
Maggie Jess and Messrs. Frank and
Paul Sitztnann, Mike Lutz, James
O'Neill, Fritz Heinrich, Will Kroelic,
George Klingcr, August Bach, jr.,
and Will Bates.
A Trip to Klondike For lfi Cents.
Remember the Hamburg Harvest
Home and Cereal Exhibit is to be held
in Phillips' Klondyko Park, Septem
ber C, 7, S and 9. Some of t he liberal
premiums offered are:
$o0 for best bushel of corn.
$30 for best bushel of wheat.
20 for best bushel of oats.
f 10 for best bushel of poaches.
$2.5 for best variety of tipples.
$-5 for best bu--hej of topples.
Two base ball games each day.
Running and trotting races each
Shetland pony trottirg raco each
Bicycle races each day.
Hurdle racos each day.
Chariot races each day.
Balloon ascentions, band concerts
and other attractions too numerous to
mention. Admission only 15 cents.
Te.uns nd milted to grounds for 10
een ts.
R til roa-l rates One and one-third
fat-n for round t:ip.
F r further inform ition, address,
M. F. PiiiLLirs, Scc'y.,
Hamburg, Iowa.
A Valuable I'rescription.
E-lilor Moriis-on of Wtvthinsrlon,
li.a , 'S-.iu," wiitfs: "Y'U Have a
v.iiu .fi o prescript!! n in Eicclric Bit
lt r-. Bud I i an i hei'i ful y rccocnmcr.d
it rnr Constipation .-.nd S;cU Headache
ami sis a gfii-.;il t-yntom tonic it has
no cqy .i." Mrs. Anno- Steh e, 2(2o
Cottage Grove Ave., Chicago. v..s ail
run down, could not eat no digest
fvMd, had i backache which r.evvr lelt
her an I felt tired i nd'wearv, iut six
bottles of Eieclt ic Bitters -restored
her health :nl renewed ikt strength.
Prices 50 con ts and $1. Git a bottle
at F. G. Fricko's di u s
There's no heiN r t!ur made than
Hftisel's "Planoiftei- manufactured
in this city. Atk yuu'r grocer for it,
and tbvMoby get the best and sup
Hrt .i homo industry at tho same time,
which builds up the town.
Charged With Ulghwuy Kobbery.
James Price, who resides down be
low the bridge on the land known ?s
"Tobacco Island," gave a watermelon
picnic yesterday to which all of hi
friends were invited. However, there
were several in attendance whem Mr.
Price did not claim as his friends
George B.iiley and J. C. Mclutire vis
lieu me island, naving gone down in
a boat. The latter had been drinking
considerable and and soon raised a
disturbance and was ejected from tho
s.-ene of the picnic. Soon after his
companion showed up and related
how bo had been robbed of a pocket
book containing a $o bill and some
valuahie papers. He gave a descrip
tion of tho man whom he charged with
perpetrating the deed. Mclntire
proved to be tho man. Tho pocket
book and papers wero found in the
boat., but ;ne $5 bill was missing.
Mclntire camo into the city with
some men last evening who related
the circumstances to Sheriff Hollo-
way, and, as a consequence, ho was
arrested and placed ia jail. Ho will
have a hearing tomorrow. It is
claimed that Mclntire served a term
in the penitentiary for assault with
intent to kill.
A Grand Opportnnity.
There are today thousands of young
people on tho farms and in tho vil
lages who are tied down by lack of
education to work they heartily dis
like. Are you one of them, my friend?
If so, the Grand Island Business and
Normal College can put you on the
road to success if you are ambitious
and willing to study. It makes no
difference how backward you are pro
vided you are plucky and mean busi
ness. We teach everything necessary
for a successful start in life. If you
are short of money wo will accept a
good note without interest for tuition
or if necessary we will furnish every
thing tuition, beard, and books and
give you time to graduate and pay
for same afterwards. Business. Nor
mal and Shorthand courses. Board
$1.50 per week. Established 12 years.
College Record sent free or cata
logue for 6 cents in stamps. This
is your chance of a lifetime. Will
you let-it slip by. Address,
A. M. Hahgis, President,
Grand Isiand, Neb.
Dr. Taliuage at Salem Chautanqna,
Dr. T. DeWittsTalmage will preach
and lecture at the Salem Chautauqua,
Sunday, August 8, and Monday. Aug
ust 9. Rev. Sam Small will be pres
ent during the entire assembly and
will deliver two sermons and several
new lectures. The Slayton Jubilee
singers, who have been received with
unbounded favor wherever they ap
peared, will givo daily concerts Aug-
9 and 15. Three evenings will be de
voted to the marvelous moving pic
tures. Senator Allen, Mrs. Helen M.
Gougar and a host of orators, lectur
ers, musicians and mirth-makers will
help make the Chautauqua a success,
Half rates via the Burlington route-
August 7 to 15. Burlington traius land
passengers withing three minutes
walk of the Chautauqua grounds,
which aro the coolest and shadiest in
the state.
Reasons Why Chamber Iain's Colic. Cholera
and Diarrhoea Kemedy
is the liesu
1. Bacause it affords almost instant
reliaf in case of pain in the stomach.
colic and cholera morbus.
2. Because it is tho only remedy
that never fails in the most severe
cases of dysentery and diarrhoea.
3. Because it is the only remedy
that will cure chronic diarrhoea.
4. Because it is the only remedy
that will prevent bilious colic
5. Because it is the only remedy
that will cure epidemical dysentery.
G. Because it 19 the only remedy
that ran always bo depended upon in
cases of cholera infantum.
7. Because it is tho most prompt
and most reliable medicine in use for
bowel complaints.
S. Bocauso it produces no bad re
ults. 4. Because it is pleasant and safe
to take.
10. Because it has saved tho lives
of more people than any other modi
cine in tho world. 1
The 25 and 50-j sizes for sale by all
The ISest Kemedy For Khenmatism.
(From the Fairhaven, N. Y., Register.)
Mr. James Rowland, of this village.
states that for twenty-five lyears his
wifo has been a sufferer from rheum
atism. A few nights ago she was in
such pain that she was nearly crazy
She sent Mr. Rowland for tho doctor,
but he had read of Chamberlain's
Pain Balm and instead of going for
the physician ho went to the store and
secured a bottle of it His wifo did
not approve of Mr . Rowland's purchase
it ti i st, but nevertheless HrplieJ the
Balm thoroughly .and in an hour's
time was able to go to sleep. Sho now
applies it whenever she feels an ache
a pain aud finds that it always
eives relief. He says that no inodi-
ina which sho had used over did her
as much good. Tho 2o and o cent
zes for sale by ail druggists.
IIIicuiutiiru Cured in a Uy.
"Mystic Cure" for Rheumatism and
Neuralgia radically cures in one to
hrce days. Its actio-i upon the sys
tem is remarkable ana mysterious. It
removes at once the cause and the
disease immediately disappears. Tho
first dose greatly benefits. 75 cents
old by l' Fricke & Co., druggists
Special Low Kates On the AI. V.
For Indianapolis, September 9 to 11,
National Encampment Sons of Vetr-
ins. Ono faro for round trip; limit
for return September 17.
Indianajioiis, August 18 to 23. 'or
Young People's Christian Unioa. Ono
fare-for round trip; good to September
12 by deposit of tickets.
Probate Notice.
In county court, Cass county. Nebraska.
In the matter of the estate ol Samuel -A.
brook, deceased.
Mrs. Fannie Appleton Loucl!. Mrs lu'.U II
Adiliton and all other persons interested in said
matter are hereby notified that on the Mth d :iy of
juiy, i'.u, K. . Windham tiled in saul court a
duly authenticated copy of the last ill usthc
said Samuel A. ilolbrook. together with the pro
bate thereof, by the probate court of Cunibei land
county. Maine, together with his petition, alleg
ing among other things that Samuel A. tlnl
brook died on the 21th dav of August. A. I. !!,((,
leaving a last uill ami testament and rnsscscd
of real estate situated in the county of Cass ar.d
state of Nebraska, valued at j.,iJ0, aud that the
above named constitute all the persons interested
in theestate of said deceased, aud p in;r tht
i-aid wjl may be probated, allowed, hle.l and re
corded and Hint administration be granted there
under in this state. Vou are hereby notili.-d that
if you fail to appear at said court on the lfl.'h dav
of August, A. 1. IKti, at 2 o'clock p. m. to con
test the probate of said will, the court may a low
and probate said will and grant administrate n
to V iliiam L. Iowell. or some other suitable i
person, and proceed to a settlement thereof.
tiiuess niv nana and Hie seal ol s:m iimrl
at Piattsmouth. Nebraska, this, the 'lh day
ol July, A. II. lW.
CitoROE M. Sfiiklim K.
lSeal County Judge.
Notice to Creditors.
State of Nf.hraska, , ,,... .
County of Cass. J "" -"""'J . i.
In -the matter of theestate of Susanna Thomas,
deceased .
Notice is hrhv frivellthnt t)u rr...tit.Trj ,-tfuo;,4
deceased will meet the admini.-.trator with will
annexed of said estate, before me. County Judge
ol Cass county. Nebraska, at the county court
room in I'lattsmouth in said county, on the td
day of August. A. IJ. IW. on the L"J i day of Oc
tober,l.S!)7.and on the'-Ctd dav nf hVh,,,a,,- i-os ,
"o'clock a.m. each day for the purpose of p'reseut-
uilii vinous iui c.xrtiiiiuai iou,aujusinient and
allowance. Six months are allowed for the credi
tors of said deceased to present their cl aims atui
one year for the administrator with will annexed
to settle said estate, from the 'Slid day of Aug-
'J ",' notice shall be published in the Semi-
prior to the 2td day of August. 1H97.
ltness my hand and seal o said comity Court
at 1 lattsmouth. Nebraska, this 7th Hav nf
July, 1M7,
(Seal) George M.Spurlock,
County Judge.
bnerin S bale.
By virtue of an ex-cution Issued by
county, sell at nublic auction, to the hichest bid
der for cash, the following real estate to-wit:
1 lie west halt ot the north-east quarter of sec
ion 18, town II. ranee 10. The south-east ouar-
ter of section 13, town 11, range 9, also the east
half of the south-west quarter of section I I. town
11, range 9, all in Cass county, Nebraska, to
gether with the privileges and appurtonauces
thereunto belonging or in anywise appertaining.
The same being levied upon and takdh as the
property of Harvey R. Waldron, defendant, to
satisfy a judgment of said court recovered by the
ia:m 01 cagie. piaintin, against f. t. and 11. K.
aldron, defendants.
I'lattsmouth, Nebraska. July 27th A. I).. lS'.n.
Harvey Holi.owav,
Sheriff, Oass county. Nebraska.
C. S. Polk, Attorney for Plaintiff.
Probate Notice.
In countv court. Cass ennntv N'-hrat-a In
the matter of the estate of William V. Conn, de
ceased. Sarah Jane Clapp, Elizabeth A. Abbott.
William M. Conn. Sena James, and all other
persons interested in said matter, are hereby
notified that on the loth dav of lulv A I) I ur
John F. Polk hied a petition in said county court
praying inai nis nnai administration account
tiled herein be settled and allowed and that he be
discharged from his trust as administrator,
aud that if you fail to appear before said court
on the lttth day of August, IW, at 9 o'clock, a. m.
and contest said petition, the court may grant
the prayer of said petition and make such other
and further orders, allowances and decrees as to
this court may seem proper, to the end that all
matters pertaining to said estate may be tinally
settled and determined.
Witness mv hand aud the seal of said
court at Piattsmouth, Nebraska, this, the 7th day
of July, A. 1). 1XW7.
seal) George M. Spcrlock.
County Judge.
Sheriff's Sale.
Hv virtue of an execution issued bv fiennrn K.
Houseworth.clerk of the district court. within and
lor Cass county. Nebraska, and to me directed. 1
will on toe 11 day of Sept. A. IJ., ltl,at 11 o'clock
a. in. of said day at the south door of the court
house in the city of Piattsmouth. in said county.
sell at public auction, to the highest bidder lor
casii, tlie following real estate to-wit: 1 tie south
one-fourth of tlie northwest one-fourth of the
southeast quarter of section 11. town Vi, range i:i.
also the southwest quarter of the northeast quar
ter oi me-soumeast quarter ot section II. town
12. r.inge l:i. in Cass county. Nebraska, tocether
with the privileges and appurtenances thereunto
belonging or in anywise appertaining. The same
being levied upon and taken as the property ol
John P. Jerpe, defendant, to satisfy a judgment
of said court recovered by Sloan Commission
Company, plaintiff against said defendant.
I'lattsmouth, Nebraska, August 3rd A !., IM'i.
Harvey Hoi.lowav.
Sheriff. Cass comity. Nebraska.
Legal Notice.
In the Countv Court of Cass County. Nebraska.
In the mallei t the Kstate of Benjamin Urictrs.
deceased, on Petition
to distribute assets of
the estate to the heirs
MmyG. Arnold.
mother am! guardian
of Kruest Dayton. Inez
Gertrude, Harriett
Briggs and 1'auluic
Braytjn Kiitou,
Anna Francis Cranston
Joseph H. Butler,
Henry ('. Cranston,
Charles Cranston.
ane K. ISriggs,
Ann Kliza S uae.
Joseph G. Briggs.
Nicholas A. Briggs,
William . unggs.
ulia J. Briggs,
Annie P. White.
ucv Johnson Booth
William Thomas Kilton W illiam H. Cranston.
Harriet Fliza Saunders Byron F Perkins.
George Arnold Kilton, George H. Perkins.
iSarah I. Baker. Albert H. Perkins.
James Adam Kilton, Stephen P. Tler.
inhcid cott Iviiton. l-.tlward 1 vler.
AmbroseKverett Kilton Bvron F. Tvler.
Charles Arthur Kilton, Alice Tyler,
Wiliian Henry Kiitou. Laid Tler.
Lyman Hayward Kilton George Tyler.
Amos Aldrich Kilton. Lillian A. Kogers,
Prnest Dayton Kilton, John H. Cole, and all
Inez Gertrude Kilton, other unknown heirs of
Harriett Briggs Kilton, Benjamin G. Briggs,
aulme Bravton Kilton deceased.
Katie Jordan Kilton,
1 he above nameu persons will take notice that
on the Hist day of August A. D.. 1!T, between
the hours of 10 a. in. aud 4 p. m. of said dav. the
depositions of William F". Kilton, Jane K. briggs,
liyron r. I'erkins. Ann rraucis Cranston and
John H. Cole will be taken before competent
uthoritv at the ortice of Henry t. Dubois, num
ber ID College street in rooms ;!l and HI in the
tvot Providence, tn Providence County, in the
tate ol Rhode Island for the Durroe of nrov ine
tie tieirs of Beniamin Ci. Bricks, and for the dis
tribution to them of the assets of said estate on
the petition of N. H. Briggs and Winheld S.
Briggs. et. a!., filed une l&'Jo. and the petition
ol John H. Becker as administrator, hied )une -HJ.
A. D., 18'jr, and the taking of said deposition w ill
be adjourned from day to day until completed.
Ins notice is published pursuant to an order
made by this County Court July ;!;, l9r.
As Administrator of the estate of Benjamin G.
Briggs. deceased .
By his attorneys, Byron Clark and C. A. Kaw Is.
Legal Notice.
In the district court of Cass countv. Nebraska.
I tne matter ot the guardianship ot Adolph
Koscnbaum, insane. Notice to show cause why
sale or real estate should not be continued.
To Adolph Koscnbaum and all persons inter
ested in the estate of Adolph Koscnbaum. insane:
Vou and each of you are hereby notified tiiat
upon the 2tlth day of August, A. 1). I!T. I willai
ply to Basil S. Kamscy, judge of the district
for Cass county'. Nebraska, and to me directed. cove ed by WFte SKr w
will on theSSthday of August A. I). 1817. at II Lerc andC Anderson d?f, aV. K
o'clock a. m. of the south door of the j Ittsmouh 181)7 "
court house in the city of I'lattsmouth. in said 1 ""mourn. iNcOraska. August 17. 1M).
riouseworin. cierK 01 uistricr court wirinti an.i '
couit ot Lass county. ISeor.ska, at the office ot
the clerk ot the district court of Cass county. Ne
braska, for an order continuing the sale "I lots
one. two and three, in block thirty, in l'laits
niouth, Nebraska, to August Gordo, and the
east half of lot one. in block thirty-ti;rcc. in
Piattsmouth. Nebraska, to John V. Kgenl-erger
and Robert Troop.
Said sales were made by a virtue ol a license
duly issued to me by the judge of the ciistritt
court of Cass county, Nebraska, on theith d iy
of May, A. 1. !7, and by virtue of notice of
said sale du!y published and poste.l as
by proofs on file iu said cause in the district
court of Cass county, Nebraska.
A:id you. and each of you are hereby no. i::cd
to t-how cause, if any there be. bv t-ic s;-id ;M,h
day of August, why said salts should not be Con
tinued. Dated this 4th d iy of August. A I) K7
J V. Johnson. Guardia-i.
Bron Clark and C. A. Kaw'?. Attorney-.
Probate IIot:cc.
In county court of Cass county, XoJ.T.-t-k.j.
Ifi tlie-matter of tin: estate ol Joint Bki.s. de
ceased. Henry M. Boris, Kebie I'ouei an-.l :.!1
olher persons interested in s;i: 1 iiQllm are here
by nonHed that on the :lst dav of juiy. I -..
Henry M. Bons filed a pe'i ion in said countv
court alleging, among other things. ih::t J'Wm
Bot-s died on the mh dav of luiv. .-'v. 1). lil7.
leaving no last wi.l and tebtuineiit. and possessed
of real and personal estate in said count . of ihe
estimate value of JI.uhmh, and that the above
named constitute all the persons interested in
the estate of said deceased, and praying for ad
ministration thereof. Vou are hereby notiiied
that if you fail to appctr at said -onrt on the 7h
day of September. I''j7. at II o'clock a. m., and
contest said, petition, th-j court vil appoint
Henry M. lions, or some other suitable person,
administrator, and proceed to a settlement of
said estate.
Witness mv hand and the seal ot said court,
at i'lattsmouth, Nebraska, this, the loth day of
August, A. L). Isi7.
lealj George M. Spur-lock.
County Judge.
Notice to J, -. i-.u rs.
State of Nebraska.
Cass Countv. I s
In the matter of the e:a'
'- ol S in eon I. Long.
Notice is hereby given that the creditors of
said deceased will meet the administrator of said
estate, before me, county judge of Cass com.ty,
Nebraska, at the county court room in l'lutts
mouth in said county, ou the 4th day of Septem
ber. A. I). 17. on the 4th day of November.
lnt-7. and on the 4ih day of March. lsyt. at V
o'clock a in., each day for the purpose of pre
senting their c.aiins ior examination, adjustment
and allowance Six mon'lis .ne allowrd fntthi
creditors of said deceased to present their claims
and one year for the administrator to settle said
estate, from the 4th day of September, 117.
lli:s notice snail be published in the cmi.
Weekly News Herald for four weeks successively
prior to tlie Jth nay ot September, 1S7.
Witness my band and seal of said county
court at rlatismouth. Nebraska. thi3 10th dav
I Augutist,
(Seal) Ikohce M. Sri; h lock.
C'ouuty Judge.
Sheriffs Sale.
15 v virtue of an execution issued bv Ceonrc
F. llouseworth. clerk of the district court within
and for Cass county, Nebraska, and to me di
rected. I will on the isth day of ;-eptember, A. I.
IS'.ir. at II o'clock a. m. ot said day at the south
door of the court house in Piattsmouth. in said
county, sell at public auction, to the highest bid
der for cash, the following real estate to-wif
The west hall of the southwest quarter of section
K, township II. range V. in Cass county, Nebraska,
(except lot 2, being one acie off the northwest
quarter of the southwest quarter of said section
Ni together with the privileges and appnrtcnances
thereunto belonging or in anywise a) pe taining.
1 lie same being levied upon and ti ke i as the
property of T. !'., defendant, to satisfy a
judgment of said court recovered by Charles I .
Havwonh, plaiutitt, against J. V. fames aud II.
K. aldron. delendunts,
i'lattsmouth, Nebraska. Aug. 17. A. I). ISO;.
Hakvf.v Hoi.lowav,
Sheriff, Cass County, Nebraska.
C. S. Polk, attorney for plaiutitt.
Sheriffs Sale.
- Itv virtiu nf 9n Aviwntinn i..naJ I... C 1
! Cochran, county judge within and for Lancaster
county. iWhravta an.) n... H,r -!..,! .;n ....
; the ;ith day of August. A. I). 1!7. at 'll o'clock
a. in.of said day at the farm of C. the
- northwest nnurt..r nl K..t 10 ... .... 1. n
j range S. in Cass country, sell at Dublic auction!
j to the highest bidder for cash, the following per
sonal property, to-wit:
1 All growing corn situated on the northwest
quarter ot section !'., township II. range . in
1 Cass county, Nebraska; the same being levied
. upon and taken as the nronertv nf C. Anderson
Sheriff, Cass county. Nebraska.'
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