Semi-weekly news-herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1895-1909, May 29, 1897, Image 3

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' 6' wi7 "y
Absolutely Pure.
A i rc.iiii i.'l tartar b.ikint powder. Highest of
ai in h-avi uins '-treiifclii. Latest t'nitcd States
;. iniiievt I'ood Ki'xrt.
IJ:-. J. A li.iseineier, of Louisville,
is in town today. TI. I). Travis is reported quite
ill with pneumonia.
Ed. SenulhotT i down home from
Iliivelock on ft eick leave.
Julio-? O:iilow and Vred LehnhofT
weru in from Louisville precinci today.
Marion Spangler rejoices over the
advent of a new girl at his house this
L. J. Ma v field, editor of the Louis
ville Courier, w;is in the city on busi
ness today.
Mrs. M. S. IJi iggs got a bad fall in
an area way last evening, but was not
seriously injured.
Edwin Duff, of Nebraska City, was
in the city on business a few hours
yesterday evening.
Miss Laura Smith of Michigan City,
Ind., is in the city the guest of her
uncle, Wash Smith, and family.
Dr. Humphrey porformed a delicate
opei-ation successfully Monday by re
moving a tumor from a man's eye.
Ike Cecil bns a new boy up at his
house and 10 cent cigars are supposed
to bo on tap over the auspicious event
.). O. Ward and wife of Louisville
nrecinet. old lime neighbors of the
editor, niiide Thk Nkws a pleasant
visit today.
Miles Stnmlish and Dave Young,
"Muirny farmers that have made a suc
cors in their calling, were in town to
day and made a welcome visit at The
Nkws' sanctum.
II. C. Creamer, one of West Hock
Bluffs suhstantial young rirmers.made
Thk Nkws a pleasant call today. He
has 220 notes of corn planted which is
coining nicelv, and with McKinley
times, Henri is feeling all
John, Ferdinand and Henry Ilon-
nings, three of Eight Mile Grove's
leaning farmers, were in town on busi
ness today and made The News a
ploasint call. They report corn a
loor stand in their neighborhood,
many having to replant.
Judge King of Weeping Water,
who was elected sheriff of this
county in IHifl, visited lllfi NEWS to
day. Mr. King is hale and hearty
and carries his ago remarkably well.
He will visit his old I'lattsmoulh
friends today aud return home to
morrow. TIIUKSDAY.
Jmlgo Spurlock departed this morn
ing for a brii-f visit with his parents
out at York.
Mrs. A. E. Kcinhackle and Mrs
Wash .Smith were in the metropolis
this morning.
He'.. Stteng nnil George Reynolds
of Nchnwk't are in town on
bufii.ers today.
A nice girl of standard weight is re
ported as a recent sir rival at the home
of Elias Kihlow.
Jacob TrKseli and M. L. Fredrich, ac
companied by their wives, were-Om
aha tisilors today.
Ji e H:iw kswoi th came in from the
p:i.-,I 1 si evening and departed for
h'-ai.i liiis morning.
The giti club bus some new traps
ai.d will make a shoot this afternoon
I., iwt' how they work.
Louis Olnatt ami wife and Chris
Wohlfaith were among the Omaha
visitors thi morning.
W. J. Hesse r is reported much bet
ter and hoped to bo well enough to
st:rt home thi evening.
Grandma 1 liomas was ngaiu worse
today and the chances for her living
more than a few days are poor.
several new cases of measles are re
ported today, the disease in parts of
Ihe town having gaim u quite a foot
W. II. Birilo. traveling freigh
ri.-. rv
rr7 "s
h K I I 1 in 7
The sign of this borrowing is thinness ; the result, nerve
waste. You need fat to keep the blood in health unless you
want to live with no reserve force live from hand to mouth.
Scott's Emulsion of Cod-liver Oil is more than a medicine.
It is a food. The Hypophosphites make it a nerve food, too.
It comes as near perfection as good things ever come in this
Bt turtyeu get Scot ft Emulsion wktm f0 want it and ut a cktaf tulstitute.
Scott & Bowne, New York. All Druggists; 50c. and $1.
agent for the 1. 1. & I. railway, with
headquarters in Chicago, was in town
Col. C. H. Querean of the motive
power department of the Burlington
made a business trip to Wymore this
Mrs. Drew and sons, Clyde and Ger
ald, are down - fi om Omaha to attend
Commencement and Decoration day
John C. Faught, who has chargo of
Rieh.ys' lumber yard at Philips, Neb.,
came in this morning for a visit with
relatives at Murray.
Ltev. Edward Murphy and wife de
parted this afternoon for their home
at Niobrara, after a few days' visit
with friends in this city.
Uncle Ned Biker was visiting rela
tives in Omaha today and laying in a
stock of fiuits for his fruit stand.
which he will open soon.
Another caso of diptheria was re
ported this morning that of John 1
Sherman, the fifteen -year-old son or
Mr. and Mrs. C W. Sherman.
Gustavo Wockbach was taken sud-:
donly ill this morning and his brother,
A. 11. Weckback, of this city? was
telegruphed for. He went up this af-
All ladies of the Fraternal Union
are requested to meet at the homo of
Mrs. Hawkins on Chicago avenue,
Friday afternoon. May '28. By order
of committee.
Mrs. A. D. Eigenbroadt left this af
ternoon for Madison, Neb., to see her
aunt, Mrs. Seeley, who is very low,
with no hopes for her recovery. Mrs.
D. Miller, has been with her for sev
eral weeks.
To avoid any misunderstanding we
will state that N. S. P. A. stands for
Nebraska State Pharmaceutical As
sociation, and Dick O'Neill is not
president. IL R. Gering of this city
is the president.
Deputy sheriff S. P. Holloway went
to Kearney yesterday to take Willie
Campbell to the reform school, where
the latter was sentenced some days
ago by Judge Spurlock. The boy's
relatives live at Weeping Water.
The latest report from Wm. Katght
says he is slowly sinking, and that
his death is but a question of a short
tima. He is past sixty-five years of
age. His assailant, Charles Haight,
is about thirty-five years of age, and
is confined in the jail here.
A. W. White, who .repesants the
old reliable Phenix Insurance com
pany of Brooklyn, paid Oswald' Guth
mann $."00, the amount of bis loss in
the ljouisville fire. The Phenix is
always prompt pay, and no lawsuits
for a man to get his money.
Odd Fellows Election.
The following officers were chosen
last evening:
Noble Grand E. P. Lutz.
Vice Grand E. Lemm.
Secretary C. E. Wi throw.
Representative II. J. Streight.
English Spavin Liniment removesal
Hard, Soft or Calloused Lumps and
Blemishes from horses. Blood Spavins,
Curbs, Splints, Sweeney, Ring-Bone,
Stifles, Sprains, all Swoolen Throats,
Coughs, etc. Save $50 by use of one
bottle. Warranted the most wonder
ful Blemish Cure ever known. Sold by
F. G. Fricke & Co., druggists, Platts-
Can Not Recover.
The sheriff today received a tele
gram from Avoca saying that William
Haight, the man assaulted by Chas
Haight, was sinking and no hopes for
his recovery are entertained. This
will place the assailant in a very un
comfortable position, ps he will have
to face the charge of a most heinous
and unprovoked murder. The Avoca
people are much wrought up over t he
affair, but they will let the law take
its course. With Judge Ramsey on the
bench the people have every confi
dence in a fair administration of ju3
tice, with no aggravating; delays.
A Queer :(?) Medicine.
There is a medicine whose proprie
tors do not claim to have discovered
some hitherto unKnown ingredient,
or that it is a cure-all. This honest
medicine only claims to . cure certain
diseases, and that its ingredients are
recognized by the most skilled physi
cians as being the best for Kidney and
Bladder Diseases. It is Foley's Kid
ney Cure. For sale at Smith & Par
Rheumatism Cured In a Day.
"Mystic Cure" for Rheumatism and
Neuralgia radically cures in one to
three days. Its action upon the sys
tern is remarkable and mysterious.
removes at once the cause and the
disease immediately disappears. Th
first dose greatly benefits, 75 cents
Sold by P. G. Frlcko & Co., druggist9
Subscribe for TnE NEWS.
from health.
If you have borrowed from
health to satisfy the demands
of business, if your blood is
not getting that constant
supply of fat from your food
it should have, you must
pay back from somewhere,
and the somewhere will be
from the fat stored up in
the body.
g This Great Soap makes home, home indeed. Keeps
g everything clean. Keeps the housewife and everybody
happy, r Try it. - Sold everywhere. Made only by
k - - -
Were Unjustly Accused.
Chickens will ever be the cause of in-
umerablo quarrels. Some people
after being repeatedly requested to
pen up their fowls) take special de-
ight in watching their chickens
scratch out the seed which has been
placed in the ground by their more
ndustrious neighbors. An instance,
which demonstrates the idea some
people have of the right of chickens to
respass and demolish other peoples
property, occurred in the soutnern
part of the city the other evening.
It seems that a certain peaceable
family, arter a whole day spent in
chasing their "accomodating neigh
bors'" chickens off their premises.
incidentally, or rather accidentally.
crippling several which came in con
tact with the missies employed to
hasten their departure) were greatly
annoyed by being unmercifully and
unjustly accused of perpetrating
petit crimes which would make even a
guilty person blush no proof, of
course, was forthcoming. Thewrathy
and "accommodating"' neighbors left
the inference that the world belonged
to them, and that if a peaceable
citizen wished to live in their neigh
borhood in comfort and away from
their scratching nuisances, they must
place a high, board fenco around
their own premises.
While no complaint has been filed
by the parties so unjustly accused.
yet the above incident shows the
dense conception some people possess
of doing right by their neighbors.
The Ilest Remedy For Rheumatism.
(From the Fairhaven. N. V., Register.)
Mr. James Rowland, of this village.
slates that for twenty-live years his
wife has been a sufferer from rheum
atism. A few nights ago she was in
such pain that she was nearly crazy
She sent Mr. Rowland for the doctor,
but he had - read of Chamberlain's
Pain Balm and instead of going for
the physician he went to the store and
secured a bottle of it. His wife did
not approve of Mr'. Rowland's purchase
at first, but nevertheless applied the
Balm thoroughly "and in an hour's
time was able to go to sleep. Che now
applies it whenever she feels an ache
or a pain and finds that it always
gives relief." He says that no medi
cine which she had used ever did her
as much good. The 25 and 50 cent
sizes for sale by all druggists.
A Jueer "Accident.
Just as a passenger was getting on
the train last evening after the train
had started, his watch fell from his
pocket and bounced pquarely on the
rail in front tof the wheel, which
passed over it, smashing the case and
works na flat as the proverbial pan
cake. It was about s' worthless a
watch niter., thu accident -as could be
imagined, nothing. of value being left
save the coin in the caso.
At White.
The- Orris Ober Opera company
gave another superior entertainment
at While's opera house last evening.
but tho patronage was not near what
the talont of the company and excell
ence of, the program deserved.
The company cancelled - its date for
tonight on account of commencement
exercises, bui will give a first-class
entertainment at the ouera house Fri
day evening.
Cheap Kates to Ianilon, Mo.
For the iishing season the 11 & M
will sell round-trip tickets to Lang-
don, Mo., at $2.80 every Saturday and
Sunday, good to return Monday, and
for party of five or more on solid
ticket limit to return, three days from
date of sale. W. L. Pickktt, Agent
. Llftt of Let t ern. -
Remaining uncalled for at tho post
office at Plattsmouth, May 6, 1S)7:
Buttons, G F Goodiu. Flora
Hunter. Grace Mason, S J
Sterrston. A H Salsburg. J W
hite, Tillie
When calling for any of the above
letters DieaiO My 'V.dverlised '
W. K. Fox, 1 M.
Chnp Batm to Nashville, Teiin.
For tho Tenne3eo Centennial, nn
inlernalional oxposiiion.ut Nashville.
Tenj., tho IS. & M. will sell "round
trip ticket for $34.40 from. Mi y 20 to
October 13; limit November 7,
1897. For further information coll at
B. & M. ticket office.
W. L. Pickett, Agent.
Dreftn makiiiK.
Parlors over Hei old's store, neat
fitting latest styles and low prices.
Cora m. Alexander.
It In the Itest On Karth."
" That is what Edwards & Parker,
merchants of Plains. Ga., says of
Chamberlain's Pain Balm, for rheu
matism, lame back, deep seated and
I muscular pains. Sold by all drug-gists
The Cat
Because there was no place like the
home where they used
Santa Claus
' 0
The following market letter is fur
uished us by McLain linos. & Co.,
Commission Merchants, ltialto Build
wig, Chicago:
There have been encouraging signs
at improvement in general business the
past week, which augur well for the
future, and although not pronounced
enough, in more than a few lines, to
warrant the prophecy ot a general re
vival of trade, they are sulliciently sig
nificant to inspire hope of a irradual re
newal of commercial and industrial
activity. Among the gratifvinsr null
cations are a greater demand for money
for purely commercial uses anil a fair
increase in the total bank clearings of
the country as compared with those at
the corresponding date one year ago.
The 'armistice between the Greek
and Turkish armies has developed a
more stable feeling abroad, w hich has
been rellected in the volume of busi
ness on foreign exchanges, and in an
improved demand for American secur
ities. The possibilities which the Cu
ban qnestion presents tends to restrict
any marked improvement, however,
and retards the revival of an active do
mestic inquiry for stocks and bonds.
Our wheat market still rules active
and irregular, and is daily attracting
the attention of a greater number of
operators because of the possibilities
that the situation presents. While the
auspicious weather exerts a bearish in
tlnence and encourages free short sell
ing whenever there are any indications
jf weakness, the rapid depletion of
stocks and the fear of the consequences
of their reduction to the point of actual
scarcity soon checks the selling on
slaughts and induces liberal buy ing for
long account.
The long wheat, being largely held
by a few wealthy operators, does not
come on the market on the breaks, on
stop orders and exhausted margins, as
it usually does when held by a large
number of scattered traders, rendering
it ditlicult for shorts to provide for more
than a small portion of their contracts
without causing a sharp advance.
Late advices from France indicate a
state of affairs that ere long may gen
erate a decidedly bullish sentiment de
spite the glowing reports of crop pros
pects received from the south and
northwest. It is claimed that the crop
in that country shows an average con
dition 12 per cent below that of a year
ago, on an acreage 8 per cent less, and
that her import requirements will be
12,000,000 l.ii for the remainder of this
crop year and 72.dK).(mh) im for the next.
These estimates have inspired the bull
contingent with fresh coinage, and
have emlxildened not a fewlo add lib
erally to their holdings.
The fact that many mills in the wir
ter wheat section have been closed be
cause of 1 he dilliculty in procuring suit
able wheat to grind indicates the pau
city of supplies in first hands and en
courages t he belief that but little of the
new crop will reach our uiaikei lor
some time after its movement f::irlv
With an increase in the foreign de
maud, which tho French ndxh-es sug
gest, there are substantial reas rs for
the belief that before the end of July
the situation may become acute. For
eign markets as well as our own have
been intluenccd by optimistic estimates
of America s probable yield ami are in
position to respond quickly to any in-
tluence that will piesetit less rcseate
views. These est imat'-s are all based
on the result of the quing wl eat sow
ings, which as yet have merely a favor
able start, and still have to encounter
the vicissitudes 'of almost 'an entire
season's growth. There has already
lieen so much damage to winter wheat
that the spring varietv must mat lire
with but Utile damage ! insure an
abundant total, aud private advices of
still further damage to the winter crop
are becoming more liuuiemus. ihe Hes
sian tly having beconu-tlis ouiajiiig!
active in many localities. I'. iili hulls
and bears realize that the weather in
the near future is the most im'xu tant
market factor, and that any change
that would cause further injury to tin
crop would be the signal for a rapid
There is but little to be said of the
coarse grains, which rule rather steady
and easy except when inlliieiu-ed bv
wheat. Iteceints are increasing, and
westprn nncriitiirs nrn iiicliiu-il U, s-H
1 ii i....... , i: i
in-iiiK iiiiiiiriHru uj i.ii;;r .inh uhoiCi deceased, late of said county and
an illd'eiise in the acrc;ie laliUil tliis )st:te. will be received, examined und ad
ye;l.f (justed by the county court at the court
flio viihl eimnlv rr rrr-iin in ll.i
..1.,ie.V,.S,r,le 8l,PP'y ol Pr.llll lit ' j'C
uniLt'u ruaifs umi tjiiiiatia.siiiiws l lie
following rliangps for the week: Wheat
decreased l,44l.(HJO hti. corn tUweHseil
2.3(J3.0UU bu and oats decreased 1 ,087.
MKi bu
Kate to Milwaukee, Wis.
For the annual meeting of the na
tion il educational association the B.
& M. will soil round trip tickets July
3, 4 nnd 5 for one faro plus $2.30, final
limit for return July 10,11, and 12
only. An extended limit may be had
, , ... " I - , . ...
by deposltinfr tldvets With joint ajrent
'i:l,r..nL-r.o until It
W. L. Pickett, Agent.
Dr. Marshall, Graduate UentUt.
Dr. Marshall, fine gold work.
Dr. Marshall, gold and porcelain
Dr. Marshall, crown and bridge work
Dr. Marshall, teeth without plates.
Dr. Marshall, all kinds of fillings.
Dr. Marshall, all kinds of plates.
Dr. Marshall, perfect fitting plates
Dr. Marshall, all work warranted.
All the latest armliances for first
class dental work.
. Alfalfa Keed.
A No. 1 alfalfa seed for sale cheap
t A. fl. Wockbach 's grocery store.
t cp at A ntrCDTTPMPMT
UC.ll.Al JiJ VHI. 1 iOCWlCM J
Sheriff '8 Sale.
By virtue of an orderof sale Issued by Geo.
F. liouaeworth. clerk of the district court,
within and for Cass eountv.Nebraska.and to
medlrected. I will on the lUth day or June. A
It ls7 nr. 11 n'clock a. m. of said day at tbe
south door of the court house in tbe city of
Flattsmoutii. in said county, sen ainuoiio
auction, to the highest bidder for cash, the
following described lands and tenements.
to-wit: . . .
Lotli in block l.M. in ine city oi nan-
moulb. Cass county, Nebraska, togeiuer
with the privileges ana nppurveiianues
thereunto belonging or In anywise apper
taining, the aime beinsr levied unon and
taken as the property of Katherine Keu-
land. alias Mrs, feter iteuiauu. et ui..uc
feudants, to satisfy a judgment of said
court recovered by l'ettllMine& N ain
tifTs. atratnst said defendants.
I'laltsuioutu, Neb.. May lti. A. i is7
Hakvf.y Holloway.
Sheriff, CasscouLty. Nebraska.
Legal Notice.
Tn Inrcen Greve. 1'eter G:cve. Claus Greve.
tlanst ;rHve:Heter K.ock.Veibke Margarethe Kock
and August Kock. non-resident detondants: You
and each ot you are hereby notitied that on the
aihh day of April. A. D: John H. I'ettibone
and S. K. Nixon riled a petition in the district
court ot Cass county against you, the object and
prayer oi which is to tiave esiaunsiieu a tax lien
in favor of said plaintitts and against lot in block
14 in the City ol I'lattsmouth. Cass countv, Ne
braska, for the sum o! tllM 13. for years lKs, 18W.
iwn tt-al nnrl ii.i. with 10 per cent interest tliere-
on from about May 6th, IKS--', less a payment of
in January Ji: equiiame icuci, lorenusure
ot said lien, and sale of said property to satisly
rc, is ,l..ia.i,(,l You are reauired to answer
dnio mth 10 rer cent anuuai inieresi ana
said petition on or bctore Monday, lutie 2lst,
11. JOHN 11. 1 ell iBuat - iii.iv".
May 3. '97. -
Legal Notice.
To Arthur and Ellen Spivev. non-resident de
fendants, you are hereby notified that on the 1th
day ot May, A. I). 1?87, Allen Ueesou and Jesse
L Root commenced an action in the district
court of Cass county. Nebraska, against you. for
h iMirnnse of recoveriiie $19.0U balance due
tl,..m a lauvi-rs fur nrnsMutine the suit of Spi
vey vs. Moon in county court ot Cass county, Ne
braska, in April r-9. and the further sum of
due said plaintitts as lawyers for defending
the suit of Kellogg vs. Spivey in district court oi
said county in lsWl and 18U7. It is claimed that
you impliedly agreed to pay said Allen lieeson
and Jesse L. Koot what such services were rea
sonably worth aud that said services were
worth the said sums of $1U and $1)5. and the said
sums are'due nlaintitis from the deiendans.
You are required to answer said petition on or
before Monday, the -1st day ol June, A. u. isii
Allkn Heeson anu Jesse I.. Root,
May 3. '97.
Sheriirs Sale.
By virtue of an order of sale issued by George
F. Houseworth, clerk of the district court within
and for Cass county, Nebraska, and to me di-
n-cted. I will on the l(th day of tune. A. I.
1,S'.7, at 11 o'clock a. m. ot said day at the south
door of the court house in the citv of Platts
mouth. in said county, sell at public auction, to
the highest bidder for cash, the following lauds
and tenements, to-wit:
Lots six (o), seven (7) and eight (8), in block
three 13) in Duke's addition to the citv of r'latts-
mouth, Cass county. Nebraska, together witn tne
nrivilecres and aDnurtenances thereunto belong
ing or iu anywise appertaining. The same being
levied noon and taken as the property of Llewel
lyn A. Moore, et al defendants, to satisfy a judg
ment of Charles Parmele. as receiver of the
Citizens Bank 01 Plattsmouth, Cass county, Ne
braska, plaintin, against said delendanUs.
Plattsmouth, Nebraska. May 18. A. I).. 1W7.
Harvey Holloway,
Sheriff, Cass countv. Nebraska.
Legal Notice.
In the district court of Cass county, Nebraska. I
In the matter of the guardianship of Adolph i
Koscnbaum, insane. Order to show cause why
license should not issue to sell real estate.
Thid rai nn for hariufr uoon the petl-
tinn ni I W. lnhnson. as triiardian of Adolph
Kosenbaum, insane, praying for license to sell
the east half of lot one 11), in block thirty-three
(:53): and lots one. two and three II, 2 and rfi. in
block thirty 3'.D, all in the city
irtv 3 I . a i in tne citv oi i iaiismoum.
Nebraska, for the purpose ot preserving the es-
tate of said Adolph Kosenbaum, insane, and pre-
vent its going to waste and decay and greatly de
preciating in value.
lands are sold that the estate of said Adolph
k.w.-nhaimi insane, is in srreat dancer of depre
ciating in value and going to waste, it is hereby
ordered that all persons lnterestea in sam esiaie
appear before me at the office of the clerk of the
district court of Cass county. Nebraska, at
Plattsmouth. on the i"th dav of Mav. A. O. 1897.
at 1 o'clock p. m., to show cause why a license
should not be eranted to said guardian to sell
said real estate as above described, to prevent its
depreciation and waste.
Dated this l-'tn day ot April, n.. u. irvi.
Imlire of the District Court.
Byron Clark and C. A. Rawls, attorney for estate.
Legal Notice.
In the district court of Cass county. Nebraska.
James Barr Ames. Plaintitt, i
vs. f
PranrH Flln Miliar, et al..
In France F.llcn Miller. Albert A. Miller,
Anna 11 KpM.W ham tu. Keed. t-stclia Keea,
Clinton Reed. Lucille Keed, Benjamin A. Gib
son, Alexander is. 1'orter and Benjamin A. uio
uin trustee nf the Weeoim? Water bank:
Von and each of vou are hercbv notified that on
the 17th day of April, A. U. 18y., the plaintiff
filed his petition in the district court of Cass
countv, Nebraska, to foreclose a mortgage ex
ecuted and delivered upon the luth day ot Sep
tember, A. U, I8.7, conveying to Benjamin
iiibson lots one and two, in block tilty-one, in
the city of Weeping Water, in Cass county. Ne
braska, tiled tor recora upon ine om aay oi Sep
tember. A. IJ. 18r7. at 8:10 o'clock a. m. and re
corded iu book "V" of mortgages, at page 5ti";
given to secure a note of even date for Sl.ftuo pay-
, , . ... .... I . . A 1 ,
a Die to n. a. uiusou, Deconiing uue ejiciuut;i i,
isit-'. which note and mortgage were sold and as
signed to one Samuel T. Ames before maturity
for value, and by said Samuel T. Ames sold and
assigned to plaintitt, and to have said mortgage
and note decreed to be a first lien upon said
lands, and the interest and liens of whatsoever na
tnr and ilisrrintion of vou said several defend
ants he decreed inferior to plaintiff's lien on said
lots, and for an accounting of the amount due
planum and decree ot sale, and equitable reliet.
Vou are required to answer said petition on or
before the 7th dav of June. A. 1). 1897. and set
forth your interest, ciaim and title in and to said
lots or vour default will be entered therein.
Iambs Bakk Ames.
By his attorneys. Byron Clark aud Montgomery
K 1 tall.
Sheriff's Sale.
By virtue of a fee bill issued by George
r. Houseworth, clerk ol district court within and
tor Cass county. Nebraska, and to me directed, 1
will ou the lNth dav of I line. A. I). 1W7. at 11
o'clock A. in. of said day, at the south door of the
court house iu the city of 1'iattsmouth, in said
countv. sell at oublic auction, to the highest bid
der for casii. the following lands aud tenements.
All of lots 24 and 32 iu section 20, township
ranee 14 in Cass countv. Nebraska, together with
the privileges and appurtenances thereunto be
being levied upon and taken as the property o
longing or in anywise auuei laiuuiv- ' ' ";
illiam -M. uinry to sausiy saui lee ujii.
I'iattsmouth.Nebraska. May is. A. IJ. 1897.
Hakvf.y Holloway,
Sheriff. Cass countv, Nebraska.
Notice to Creditors.
State of Nebraska, )
Cass County. 5 '
r ss
In tbe matter of tbe
estate of Andrew
Rhode, deceased.
) Notice is nereuy friven inat tne claims nd
demands ol all persons uc.imst. Andrew
I "ouse at tiansinou in, on IDO o:iy or
J November. A. 1). lst7, at o'cloolr in the
j af ternc
tfternoon. And that six luouths from aud
after tbe '-Dtli day of Mav, A. l. Iisit7. is the
time limited ror creditors oi said deco-ised
to present their claims for examination and
Given under my hand and seal thin 25th
day of May. A. I). 1"7.
,,. ,. George M. Spuri-ock,
(bca,) County JudBe.
Notice to t'retlitors.
State of Nkhraska, ) ss
County of Cass. J
In the matter of the estate of John F. C. Hen-
niiiRS, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the claims and de
mands of all persons against lohn F. C.Hennincs.
' UeCCilSMTU, litlt. OI 9(1111 luuniv duu Mitic. will uc
received, examined aud adjusted by the county
I court Sit the court house in 1'lattsmouth, on the
i i I i . , t : J .J . . . . .. : ' 1 I
ffiHh day of November. A. I). 1K,7. at 10 o'clock in
the lorenoon. Ana inai six nionins irom ana
after the Ul'th day of May. A. D. 1M7. is the time
limited for creditors of said deceased to present
their claims for examination and allowance.
Coven under my nana ana seal iius(in uay ui
May. A. I). ItVT.
Seal I George M. SpfRLOctt.
County Judge.
Probate Notice.
In county court, Cass county. Nebraska. In
the matierof the estate of Ann Lewis, deceased.
Amanda E. Mowrer. Willa M. Weldon. Alice
Schooley. William S. Lewis, Jranny K. Jsheliedy,
Howard Lewis, Anna M. Maston. Sadie Iwis,
Samuel Iwis and all other persons interested in
said matter are hereby notined that on the 11th
day of May A. I). 1W7, V. R. Baldwin hied a pe
tition iu said county court, praying- that his : final
administration account hied herein be settled and
a lowed, and that he be discharged from his trust
as Administrator, and that if you fail to appear
before said court on the 1st. day of July A. D.
lrr, at 10 o'clocic a. m.. and contest saia petition,
ances and decrees as to this court may seem the end that all matters pertaining to
said estate may be finally settled and de-
f r in 1 rl
YVitni5 mv hand and the seal ot sa:a
' court at Flattsmouth, Nebraska, this, the Sioth day
of May. A. D. 1W7.- ,
(seal) UEORGE M. rrnuii n.
v,uuniy juatje.
FOR Nice Lunc!i6S,
Stiort Order Meals.
Anything Iesired in the Bak
ing Line Furnished ou Short
Ldics' Oyster Parlor
Up Stairs Over the Restauiant.
The best of Everything.
I'lattamootb, Neb. .
House Furnishings,
Our clock Is complete in all lim'R and we
invite our friends to took it over. Wo wil
nn.leuvor to please you. Call and see us.
(Sueeepsors to Henry t'.oeck. )
St. Joseph
Kansas City
St. Louis and all
points East and
San Francisco
All points west.
No 2tt Local express, daily, St Joe,
Kansas, bt l.ouis, ail puiuis
li:4i a
No 4. Local exD. dally. Burlington.
Chicago, all points east.... 10:4 am
No 10. Local exp, Ually except Sun-
No 92. Loeal'exp. daily except Sun-
No30. Freight, daily except Sunday
day, I'aeinc Juncnon
1'iLciric Junction
2:30 pm
5:;jl pm
No 2. Vostibuled exp, dally. Uur-
liugton, Chicago ana an
nnints east
No 12. Local exp. aaily. St Joe.Kati-
sas City. St L.OU1S. uuicaao
all points east and south..
HM't pm
No7S. Freight, daily, from Omaha
to fao Junction, iv uiuaua
H:1j pm
No 5. Looal exp. daily, Oiuahiul. iii-
col u, Denver aua lnieruie
diate stations
7:32 am
No 85. Local freignt, daily. Omaha.
No2'.t. Local freight, daily, ex Sun
8:50 am
day, Cedar creeK. JjOuis
vliie. South lienQ
7:37 am
2:22 pm
No 7. Fast mail, dally, omana ana
No 3. Vet-tibuled exp. daily, Den
ver ana all points in Colo
rado, I'tah and California,
Grand Island. Black Hills.
Montana and PacitiC N. W.
3:43 pu
No 9. Local exp, daily except u -
day. L.ouisvuie. asui&nu,
Waboo. Schuyler
4110 pm
No 11. Local exp, daily except Sun-
I dav. Omaha and Lincoln ..
5 27 pu
I No 17. Local express, Sunday only.
5:27 p
No 73. Freight, daily, Louisville...
y:(lo pm
SleeDlnz. dining and reclining chair cars
(seats tree) on inrougu trains, x ituw uiu
and bazgagu checked to any point in inn
United States or Canada.
For information, time laDies. maps anu
tinlatj i.ull nf write t O
. W. Li. r IthCi L X, ftgeni.
I'laltsmou th, JNeii.
J. Fit A NOES. Gen. f ass. Aitt..
Omaha. Neu.
No.121 Fast freight .5.10. in
no. a-m
No. 121, looal freight t B-m
No. 13! Fast freignt 10.:i p. m
No. 3.S. local freignt 7.35a.m.
No. Ji -"
By direct, simple and scientific ac
tion operates on the BLOOD, muscles
and joints taking the poison out of the
BLOOD and out of the system ; thereby
eases, per Bottle. All Druggists.
Anyone sendlnjr sketch and description may
auicklv ascertain, free, whether an invention la
vrobalilv patentable. Coiuruuiiicationa gtrtetly
' confidential. Oldest affency foreecurlnK nateuu
in America. We have a Wahlnton ofllce.
Patents taken throuith Muun & Co. recetva
Special notice lu the
tieautlfallv lllufttrated. Innrest clrrnlatlon ot
nv seientlfle lournal, weekly, trni 3.i a year
H. SO six months. Specimen copies and klAUD
liooK ON Patents sent free. Addree
361 Broadway. New York.
IVIcLain Bnos.&Co.
MlllltllS CMICC0 HO. BO Cf TM j
Grairi and Prov-sions bjng't and :elJ fa"
cai or for fntiro 'elivery on nnrtrins.
Orders f--Tiir .1 tritciitcd iu leu of l,CCl
Ln and
Correspoadeoc invited. Consignments of
Cr?, Sftsdi aad solicitnd.
- Wuoii viuns CLicaga cell and see n
fl. Davis, Representative,
Plattsmouth. Nebraska.
15c per Week
to any Part of City
RpetUl RArratn. flood
FKEK. Vim Cvclm Camamnwr
332-344 WMbasb Ave., CbicMo
Corn!. Mop all pmin. Make walking y. lac, at Drurffiau.
ClMtTMr asd TMantitle th bate
Promote s luxuriant rrowtn.
If evar Tuilm to Betop Ormj
Com acmlp dimiM hair failing.
l Pninful ill or lability of anT kind urn
OINOEH TONIC Mum who wer hop.
hweauil UiduouraKWl tuwo regained beiltu. by lu uk
ij opened, that.
The popping of a
cork from a bottle of
Hires is a signal of
srood health and olea-
sure. A sound the
old folks like to hear
the children can't ft -C"
resist it.
Is eompoisfl of the
very Ingredients tho
system requires. Aiding
tbe digestion, soothing
the nerves, purifying
the blood. A temper
ance drink for temper
ance people.
Made oolT by
Tba Charlea B. Hl'aa O.. Phua.
A paeka makn S mllooa,
Bold avarywbara. a
will do it usf' as a wash according to dl
rections: prevent transmission of blood
diseases, skin diseases, acute and chronic
ulcers, stricture, fissure or tne lianas ana
feet, Kezetna. Tetter, halt Rheumatism. In-
namatlon of tne Itlaud er. IHseases or the
bones, joints aud muscles. Syphlletle In
anity, scurvy, M-roiuia in many tonus.
ne above una a ounareu otner iorms oi
iscase are traceable directly or indirectly
o syphilitic lilooa l'oison ror wnieu tue
r. Jaekson's Kuglish Saety Tablets Is a
ure pre venti ve. and Is asafn Oerm Killer,
rendering contagion hardly possible, hence
ts viiiuo. it ncgiecteu sucn trouoies resui
fatally. Maile"! iinywhere, sealed fl: six
boxes for .'. Medical advice freo. JACK
SON MKOIOAL CO., Chicago, III., or our
agent. 1. L. Snyeer.
' 5 day ncrxtir ircTAlCf Oi
. " .
-.nT nrty NJlk.f li UIIMUWIIIkUllbVI
v wr-,
in thirty days by a new perfeoted scientiflo
met hod t hat can not fail unless the case is
bevond human aid. You feel Improved tbe
first day; feel a benefit every day; soon
know yourself a king among men in body,
rrind and heart. Drains and losses ended,
every obstacle to haopv married life re
moved. Nerve force, will, energy, brain
power, when failing are restored. If nn
glected such troubles result fatally.
Medical advice free. Mailed everwbere.
sealed for 1. Fix boxes tor 5, JACKSON
MEiJIOAti CO., Chioaso. 111., or our agent
L. Suy ler.
U(-LO fOP'O CtNTS 1 1
LUPfO IW J tcr Jif.
uNB. Don1 take any substitute 2
S with the same name but different 3
spelling on which your druggist o
makes Twice as much
RemorpsFr.-ckles, Pimples,
Liver - M, HlacUI'.cads,
unhurn pud Tan, r.nd ro-
storo-i tl:e to lfs ortKi- frrsiir.fv.Ji. rroiucics s
-i(.:.r Mini henltiiv fum
ri.-t-oTi sn.-vriortonll lmr
At all
drufrfeisi-., or w.hcd for 50cts. Koud lorciretdar.
VIOLA CKIN SOAP .Imply lcompirahl. u
Vin lurilvi i- j-na,., unufcle-t f'.r ll toil. t. s4 wltfc
val fur lh' liurwrr. . '"Iu!cl pnf and dell:U'l meatr
At d.-urii. Pricw 25 CnU.
The Q. C B1TTNER CO., Toledo, O.
are the most powerful, safe prompt and
IhblB of this kind In theliiiarkeu The
orlirnal and only penulne woman s salva
tion. Ask your dru-'lst. if he d in t keeo
them. Write direct to us and we will send
It direct upon receipt of price. JU sealed. rJ
ma'l prepaid. Med Seal advice free. JACK
soN Ml'..')l(.'Ah CO., 111., or our
nent.I. U Snyder.
v AI1 over the world."
s Either Lock-SUtch
or Chaln-SUtch.
i i Each the best of Its kind.
'' ' See the Latest Model.
..7-5r rT t
i it i it
L 1ft VI
Complsxioa Preserved
DFl. HICRA'3 f-SS:"
mm a wzm
r -r'