Semi-weekly news-herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1895-1909, April 24, 1897, Image 4

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    "Qood Morning:
C. A. Marshall, Dentist.
Subscribe for TnE News.
Farm loans T. H. Pollock.
Gerinjj & Co. for wallpaper.
Cigar clippings 25 cents a pound fit
H. Spies.
Miss Maggie Oliver is lo town visit
ing relatives.
Insure in . the German American.
Fred Ebinger, Agent.
Horse and buggy for sale cheap, en
quire at News office.
Quality, not quantity, makes the ci
gar. Smoke "Exquisitos."
Paint points to prosperity. Buy
your paints of Gering & Co.
C. S. Polk was attending to legal
business in Auburn yesterday.
Mrs. D. S. Guild and her mother
visited in Omaha this afternoon.
Reserve tickets are now on sale for
"A Scrap of Paper" at Lehnhoff's.
. We will move into our new sto: e
May 1. Geiuno & Co.
Nice rag carpet for sale enquire of
Mrs. C. Barr 1st door west of High
Mrs. S. P. Hoiloway and daughter,
Ezie, are visiting relatives at Ot
tumwa this week.
Get Lanareth's ear den seeds at
Zuckweiler & Lutz's, corner of Sixth
and Pearl streets.
Will Holly purchased three lots to
day lying next to his residence of Wo
Breede of Hastings.
The Art department of the Woman's
club will meet this evening at the
home of Mrs, Wm. Herold.
If you want to see the finest lino of
wall paper ever brought to this city
call at Pettee's music store.
Good pasture for horses and cows,
with running water, at Livingston
Heights. A. C. Fry & Sons.
J. I, Unruh has graded, sodded and '
improved his Vine street residence un
til it is one of the nicest in town.
The "Exquisitos" is superior to any
other 5-cent cigar made in this west
ern country. II. Spies, manufacturer.
Why is the "Exquisitos" the best
5-cent cigar on the market ? Because
it contains the genuine Havanna filler.
Uncle Sam Barker was in town to
day scraping up an acquaintance with
old friends who had not seen him for
many moons.
The weather is somewhat threaten
ing today but it is to be hoped we m iy
not be visited by another hail storm
like the one of last night.
This Is good weather for the tree3,
but if you didn't plant a tree yester
day you had better plant "an heuser
bush" today. Last offense!
Mrs. W. L. Pickett is visiting her
parents at Evansvilie, Ind., and will
attend the Tennessee Centennial at
Nashville before returning home.
There is no tonic 60 strengthening
or so pleasant to take, as the Anheuser
Bused, Malt-Nutrine sold by Philip
Thierolf at the Casino for 25 cents per
Mrs. E. J. Pickett is in the city with
her son, W. L. Pickett, during the
absence of the latter's wife in Indiana.
She will probably remain five or fix
A picture of Posey Messersmith's
air ship has been drawn on the win
dow first door east of Brigers barber
shop. Posey says its true to life and
what Posey says goes.
Lovers of that delicious spring
beverage, Bock beer, will find it on
draught at Pnil Thierolf's. the City
hotel and at John Mumm's. Call
early as the supply will not last long.
Unconditional surrender is the
only terms those famous little pills
known as De Witt's Little Early
Risers will make with constipation,
sick headache and stomach troubles.
F. G. Fricke & Co.
Croup and whooping cough ure
childhood's terrors; but like pneu
monia, bronchitis, and other throat
and lung troubles, can bo quickly
cured by using One Minute Cough
Cure. F. G. Fricke & Co.
Not only acute lung troubles, which
may prove fatal in a few days, but old
chronic coughs and throat troubles
may receive immediate relief and be
permanently cured by One Minute
Cough Cure. F. G. Fricke & Co.
I am the only man in the world
that knows how to load a gun
can say there are no gun shells loaded
right, and can prove the assertion
Will teach any man the art for a
small sum. John Jackson.
Remember the leadine 5-cent cigars
in this market is "Wurl Bros." and
the "Cabinet." Otto Wurl, the
manufacturer, is building up a great
IF YOU HAVE without seeing our line and are not satisfied you cannot blame us. This is our thirteenth year in the Wallpaper
business and we have by far the largest stock this Spring than for any previous year. We figured that everybody would
brighten-up with new smiles, new Paper and new Paint, consequently our stock of Paper is large, the assortment choice
and prices to suit all. Our line of Paints are not excelled in Cass county, and the smiles you will carry away with you if
you purchase Wallpaper, Mixed Paints, Alabastine, Kalsomine, Brushes, etc., at our store.
reputation for these poods cut in the
state as well as at home. Try them.
The senior class of the High school
will repeat "A Scrap of Paper" on
Tuesday evening, April 7, at White's
cpera houe, fur the benefit of the
public library. This is a meritorious
entertainment and ought to .be well
It should bo made a matterof public
knowledge that De Witt's Witch
Hazel Salve will cpeedily euro piles of
the longest standing. It is the house
hold favorite, for burns, scalds, cute.
bruises and sores of all kinds. F. G.
Fricke & Co.
When a cold is contracted, cure it
at once at once. One Minute Cou?h
Cure will set you on the road to re
covery in a niiouto. It will cure pneu
monia, bronchitis, croup nnd all fornix
of lung and throat troubles. F. G.
Fricke & Co.
Personal The gentleman who an
noyed the congregation last Sunday
by continually coughing will find in
stant relief by use One M nuto Cough
Cure, a speedy ucd harmless remedy
for throat snd lung troubles. F. G.
Fricke & Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Vallery
were the recipients of a largo number
of expensive and useful presents. Wed
nesday evening from relatives and
friends, whoso wishes for their futuro
happiness were shown in a very sub
stantial manner.
When the spring time comes, "gen
tle Annie," like all other sensib'o
persons, will cleanse the liver and re
novate the system with DeWitt's
Little Early Risers, famous little pills
for the stomach ail the year round.
F. G. Fricke & Co.
Fine young pansy plants of Drec-rs
Royal Exhibition Varieties, twenty
five cent per dozen. If planted out
now, will be in fu!l bloom bj May 1st.
Call at the greenhouse or order of
your grocery man of whom you buy
lettuee. L. A. Moore.
Mr. Elwin Birlowe of Boston, a
comedian of wide experience is in
town, and while hero may direct our
talented amateurs in one or mere
standard plays. Hois now negotiating
with the leading room association to
play under tneir r.uspices on or about
May 10.
We have opened a shop at til 0 Main
street where wo will repar all kinas
of gasoline stoves. Remember you
save gasoane ana avoid danger by
having your stove .cleaned. Satisfac
tion guaranteed. Wo also clean burn
ers on gas or oil stoves. Divis x
Thirty years is a long time to fight
so painful a troublo as piles, hut Jacob
Mitchell, of Unionville, la.,struggled
that long before he tried DoWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve, which quickly
and permanently cured him. It is
equally effective in eczema and all
skin affections. F. G. Fricke & Co.
II. J. Strcigbl. of the firm of
Strelght & Sattler, has earned quit-; a
reputation as an ercbalmer. The
body of Mrs. Crawford shipped to
Towa, was found in as perfect a condi
tion several days aftor her death as it
was the day the spirit left its tene
ment of clay. Mr. Streight has spent
much time studying the latest met
hods of embalming,and fully cares the
success achieved.
A Stormy Night.
Last night was the stormiest of the
year in this vicinitj' the wind and
hail fairly vicing with each other to
see which could do the greater dam
age. At Union the wind did consider
able Carnage. It turned over out
buildings and blew down Wm. Eikcu
bary's windmill tower.
nere in Plattsmouth the hail was
worse than the wind. Several window
lights were broken, and L. A. Moore
is reported to have sutfered a severe
loss at his green-bouse JOG glass
having been broken. The rain fell in
torrents for a while ajd in places
washed the roads badly. Apricot and
early fruit trees were almost stripped
of their buds.
An Electrical Freak.
While the storm was raging last
night a large crowtl was assembled in
at Billy Neville's when a ball of tire,
appearing about tho size of a man's
fist, came into tho room over the elec
tric light wire, and just before it
reached the arc light it suddenly ex
ploded with a loud report that fright
ened every man in tho room out of
his wits. No damage was done and
the lamp was not put out. It was cer
tainly a strange freak of the light
ning, and those that saw it say they
don't care to see any more electrical
phenomina of that 6ort at such short
range. -
If you want to sell your property list
it with T. EL Pollock.
Have You Bought
; . : i ' " ' " '
A Fine Musical Entertainment.
The musical entertainment for, the
beneCt of St. John's church was a
success in every particular with the
exception of the weather, though in
spite of the forbiding element,
a largo and fashionable audienco
listened to tho program with great
The opening number, "King's
Hussars," a piano duett, performed by
Miss Carney and Miss Clark, was
well-rendered. Miss Mauzy's recita
tion called forth a, vigorous encore,
which was responded to most grace
fully. Little Nellie McVey is a sweet
little girl, and her song was very
sweetly sung.
The singing by the male quartette
from Omaha was a prominent feature
cf the evening's entertainment and
was much enjoyed.
One of the very best solus was Miss
Clark's "Night Time." It was beau
tifully sung, and called forth a well
merited encore. Miss Kay's recita
tion was somewhat marred by the
patter of the haii on the roof, but was
undoubtedly good, as was tho tenor
solo, "Mine Always," by V. Brennan
of Omaha.
An informal dance - followed the
program and contributed largely to
the pleasure of tho evening.
)f Interest to Pialtfimoiith.
Judge M. L Hay ward this after
noon rtcoived a telegram fiora I. A.
Campbell, clerk of the supremo court,
that the case of Morton vs. Carliu had
been reversed. This is the case
against the county commissioners of
this county to prevent them from
making a levy to pay the Missouri
Pacific bonds voted some yeirsago,
when the road was built through this
city. Judge Chapman decided that
the bonds were good and should be
paid, and this decision revarses his de
cision and is a verdict for iho tax
payers of this precinct. Nebraska
City News.
Kougli on Nebraska City
A pon of J. Sterling Morton has
presented Nebraska City with a li
brary, and now the editor of the Press
will lind his nose out of joint. Hereto
fore when able citizens got into a dis
cussion over any matter of history,
political economy, science or tho what.
they would always turn to Pete Brown,
and whatever his decision was they
knew was wrong, and the "right
was, therefore, easily ascertainable.
It must have cost Mr. Morton a con
siderable sum of cash to have all the
English classics translated and print
ed in the Missouri language, but he is
one of those young men who spare no
expense when they know that they can
bring joy to tho bosom of fellow-citizens.
To the l'nblic.
All persons, renters and owners of
property, are hereby requested to re
move all filth and refuse matter from
their lots, also alley and street adja
cent thereto, before May 1, 1807, after
which date a rigid inspection of all
property will bo enforced and all par
ties who have not complied with this
order will be prosecuted for violation
of the city health ordinance. All re
fuse matter must be hauled to the
river dump grounds. On and afier
May 1 tho slaughtering of any ani
mals within the corporate limits of the
city will not bo permitted ordinances
No. 27 and 54 provide,upon con victior,
a penalty of $-3 to $100. for each viola
tion of the ordinances.
Iho board of health respectfully
asks the co-operation of all citizens in
keeping their premises clean, thus
preventing the origin and spread of
Jno. A. Gutsciik, Chairman,
K. D. Cummins, M. D., Sec'y.,
Board of Health.
A l'rtinful Arcidrnt.
Wednesday afternoon while ut
working on bridge repairs near town,
Mr.Sheely allowed a heavy oak timber,
through which a sharp pointed spike
was protruding, u fall on his right foot.
The ugly spike struck a little back of
the great toe and was forced through
the foot, producing a most painful
wound, and one that is often con
sidered dangerous. lie came to town
and had Dr. Humphrey dress Ibe
wounJ, and is getting along nicely.
Kllrtrlc liitters.
Electric Bitters is a medicine suited
Tor any sen60n, but perhaps more gen
erally needed when the languid, ex
hausted feeling prevails, when tho
liver is torpid and sluggish and the
need of a tonic and alterative is felt.
A prompt use of this medicine has
often abated long and perhaps fatal
bilious fevers. No medicine will act
more surely in counteracting and free
ing the pystem from the malarial
poison. Headache. Indigestion, Con
stipation, Dizziness, yield to Electric
Hitters. 60c and $1 per bottle at fc G.
b'rieke's drug store. 1
New Orleans Fighting the FlooiU Against
a Strong Handicap.
New Orleans, April '22. At mid
night the city gaugo showed 19.3 feet
above low water, and at the present
rate of rise the early prediction of
twenty feet will probably be realized.
Ihe crest of the flood wave is now
supposed to ho below Vicksburg, and
with a clear track unencumbered by
crevasses, will reach hero in throe or
four days. Even with good weather
the strain will bo terrific, and a study
of the weather chart shows that rain
is almost certain to come. Escape
with a solid front below tho present
Louisiana brer.ks will be a miracle.
even aided by the magnificent work f
iho levee defenders,' who are still
lighting hs fieiccly as if the battle
had not been on night and day for a
Yestei day's light was much fiercer
than ever before. In St. Bernard,
just below the city, two ievees wero on
the verge of tumbling in. The whole
section was aroused aud every man
responded. They ere still working
and a crevasse has been avoided by
building practically new levees.
At Pike's Peak levee in St. James,
across the river, the parish was not
only aioused, but tho Texas & Pacific
carried a lot of men aud material, and
twenty-four hours' work avoided a
catastrophe, fo- forty feet of tho levee
had bloughcd off. A crevasse there
would have done twice as much dam
ago as the Mississippi breaks. Oa
Bonne Torre, on this side of the river,
an army has been tit work a week. A
crevasse there would remove all fea
sible danger to New Orleans. The
citizens have largely augmented tho
levee board's force in New Orleans
and I.UOO men are at work. Today
there was a conference let ween the
citizens aDd officers and it is proposed
to guarantee enough money to rui?e
the long cordon of banks around tho
city. Mayor Flower has ordered not
to sparo houses or streets in sccurirg I
earth or room wherever extra work!
is needed to injure safety. So far only
one house bus been torn down, but tho
work has only begun.
Will Organise a liicyrle Club.
Au effort is being put forth to or
ganize an up-to-dato bicycle club in
this city for ihe purpose of putting the
one-third mile track at the fair
grounds in shape, and making regular
evening and Sunday runs. This will,
no doubt, prove i f benefit to all con
cerned. A meeting will bo held one
evening next week with the object of
completing the organization.
A few choice Gregg raspberry plants
for 3alo. H. C. McMaken.
(Special notices under this head will be
chirped for at tire rate of 4 cent per word
each insertion.)
A CENTS WANTKP-Sevcral free outtitis work
ing well together from high rated factories, of
fered one salesman in each district. Cash com
mission. Income for pushers. Syndicate P. O.
1371, New York.
JOR KENT Eight-room apartment
HctoUJ's store. Inquire at the store.
LOST Pair of goM-rimmcd spectacles, prob
ably oq Sixth street. Finder will be rewarded
by leaving same at News oriice.
1'AtSTl' KICK.
HORSES and cattle taker for choice h!uc-gra?s
aud clover pasturing. Plenty of running water.
Kates reduced to ,1 per season of five months.
Apply to II. V. l'.eaver on the premises near
Cuflom or address Cedar Creek.
M . iL -
Stop to Consider
Whether it is not better to purchase
your Groceries from A. H. Weckbach
at the low prices we name than to pny
more for inferior good3 elsewhere.
We keep everything in our slock of a
standard quality and every one agrees
thnt we fill the bill to their entire
satisfaction for excellence, low prices
and prompt service at all times.
Your Spring Wallpaper?'
Main Street,
Our Colored Oxfords, $ to $2.25
Are as Fine as Silk.
We have them in Tan, Wine, Chocolate, Ox Blood
and Black. The man who can't be suited in our
spring line of Ox Bloods and Chocolates for $2.85
and $3.00 ough to have a spring tonic, for he is not
feeling well.
It ever occur to von. gentle reader, that
when those harbingers oi spring the
twittering robin and the cackling hen
arc heard in the land it is to remind
of the approach of spring that delight
ful season of the year when yonr wife lies
her head up in a ,uwel. tumbles the fur
niture out in the yard, tears up the car
pets and tells you to
a paper hanger, forthwith, and send hiru
down to Snyder's Drug store tor samples
frnm that elegant stock of Wall Paper?
This year she will insist that
is President and prosperity is about to
dawn, the premises must be slicked up in
honor of the dawn. Preliminary to the
improvements to be
she will again remind you of the exten
sive and varied stock of modern-design
Wall Papers she has seen at
and you will go there and buy and be
happy ever afterwards.
A splendid line just received; slso the J
most complete and elegant line of Plain
and Decorated Chinaware ever brought
to the city maybe found at the store of J
fSH&R o
First Door East of Court House.
Til r. Dact in rSfnoriOC
1 llv UbStlil Vliuvviivai Q
Don't Monkey
With Drugs!
When your physician gives you a
preset iption to have filled, you can't
be too careful whore you have it done.
Patronize only druggists who have an
established, reputation for"ctrefulness
ni.d for handling only tbe purest and
best. The pharmacy conducted by
b (I. Pricke & Co., has this reputa
tion, so why should you go elsewhere.
15c per Week
Delivered to any Part of City
Piatt smouth, Nebraska
Why not blossom forth in a pair of our tailor
made shoes. We have them in all styles and
Ladies' Ox Blood, high cut, lace, at $2.50.
Ladies' Mahogany, high cut, lace, at $3.00.
Ladies' New Chocolate, patent leather
trimmed, a daisy, at $3.50.
4 IS
..Don't take our word for it. And, aside from any question
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millinery as ours guarantees you is alone worth a great deal.
It does away with all g-uess work in choosing the most fashion
able and st3Tlish hats, toques, and specialties in the latest Pa
risian millinery. Whatever is appropriate in milline', hats,
etc., to the season, and to any station in life, is always to be
found here.
Is also to be found in our store.
North Side Main Street.
y 'l CO bays a Fine Violin
. J , aaJ Conijilcte Outfit.
Fully tioamntowl
Vs f 00 buys a Mandoline,
Birdseye Maple, Mahogany or Rose-
. wood Finish. Fully guaranteed.
vfl 00 bays An American Guitar,
ljfJm guaranteed to stand. Steel
1 strings, In Mahogany or Rose
j wood finish.
S50 buys a $100 Organ.
Kimball Pianos m Organs
Tianos, little used, for $50,
Write for CaUlofQM and oar term. PACTOBI PRICES.
A- HOSPE, JR., 1513 Douglas Street, OMAHA, HEB.
$60, $S0 to $100.