Semi-weekly news-herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1895-1909, March 17, 1897, Image 1

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M MT H IT. h?. AT.B
THE NEVVS. Estabished Nov. 5, 1S9L l.,,., .... , ,M
VOL. V. NO. 52.
THE UEUALU, Established April 10, iS&t v -u.
The Bad Weather Prevents a Large
All I lie Wards Except the First Name a
Alan for the Council The Candidate
Irani This Ward to be Named at the
Convention Other News of Interest
About the City.
The republican primaries were held
in this city Saturday evening and del
ejjates selected to the city convention
and couucilmen nominated. Tho at
tendance, partiy owing-, no doubt, to
tho inclement weather, was very poor.
Tho First ward wa-j organized with
J. I Unruh as chairman and D. C.
Jack as secretary. Six delegates weie
chosen to the city convention and it
was agreed that the delegation 6hould
name the councilman at the city con
vention. W. Ij. Pickett was. made
central committeeman.
In the Second ward II. J. Streight
was chairman and J. II. Fairfiald sec
retary. J. J. llennie was nominated
for councilman.
In the Third ward tho primary was
a farcial affair. Ed IJatstow, tho can
didate for councilman, suddenly dis
covered that ho did not want the nom
ination, and A. N. Sullivan bloomed
out a8 a candidate. He did not say
whether the munificent salary at
tached wsis what he was after or the
fact that he wanted to bo in a position
to diaw a good fee from the water
company and be if service to the cor
poration as a councilman, was the
spirit which moved him. At any
ra'.e only thirteen voters were present
and A. N. Sullivan was nominated. If
street opinions are worth anything
he is not the choice of tho republicans
of the waid, and it will taKe hard
rustling to prevent Charley Parmele's
majority from going over the 100
In tho Fourth ward only a small at
tendance was had, but a good repre
sentative, in the person of Joe Lake,
was selected for councilman.
Val Burkel was nominated with( ut
opposition in the Fifth to represent
that ward in the city legislature to
succeed Mr. Darwick, who will prob
ably be renominated by the democrats.
IM'legHt to City Convention.
First ward J. I. Unruh, 13. C.Jack,
IJenrj' Miller; John Claus, O.-wald
(ruthmaun and Will White.
Second ward Ailed Reeson, Will
Streight, Sam Archer, Andy Fy,
Chas. Conant, Joe Fairiield, II. C. Me
Maken, Wm. Weber, Humphrey
fiales, John Hinshuw and Chas. Duke.
Third ward F. II. Sttitnker, S. A.
Davis, C. S. Forbes, Will Hyers, Gus
Johnson, L. B. Egenberger, Phil
Wurtenberger, F. A. Murphy, G. M.
IVitton, Win. Sehmidtinaiin, Robert
Hayes, Geo. I'oisallaud Walter Ede.
Fourth ward Wash Smith, G. F. S.
liurton, II. li.irthold, W. Thomas, A.
Carlson. Henry I'oeck and (Jus Brau
deen. Fifth ward M. M. Deal, Roboi t
Patton, B. I White, E. B Samp-on
;nnd B. J. Reynolds.
rl l.iloye of the It & M. Itlacksmith
Shop Injured.
Jorse-ya Warga, who is employed in
tho blacksmith department of tho Bur
lington, received a blow in the right
b. east with .a .heavy piece of ircn this
morning which e imo near proving
fatal, rendering him unconscious for
sutne time. One of the stoam ham
mers had gotU:u out of order,-and Mr.
Warga, with some other workmen,
were trying to lift the heavy hammer
with an iron bar. They succeeded in
raising it, but it very quickly dropped,
stricking tho bar in such a manner as
to throw it against Mr. Warga with
the above result. He was removed to
his home as soon as possible aud a doc
tor called, but The News was unable
to learn whether or not the un
forttinate man sustained internal in
juries. A I'lcaoant Surprise I'arty.
Ross Barstow was surprised by an
unheralded visit last evening from
several of his young frieuus, and a
jolly time was reported. Suitable
games were played, aud a nice lun
cheon was served.
Among those present were the
Misses Alice, Edna and May Petersen,
Mabel Eaton, An na Eikeobary, Bertha
Carmack, Eunice Davis, Alice Davis,
Alma Larson, Julia Kerr, Grace Bar
stow and Masters Howard Bearing,
Halsoy Duke, Earnest Wurl, Noah
Itawls, Hora Smith, Jno. Carmack,
loan Burton, Hay Chrisweiser.George
Forbes, Oakley Polk and Eddie Lar
son. Our Hoys" Will Me a Success.
Tho young ladies and gentleman
V III I 11 I n.U U I' tLJU Vi O U - rua. J-.'(1 3
are working like heroes. In the day
- V . ... . ? s n.-w t Vl r rt'iel -kf II T RrtT '
time little groups of two and three
meet to rehearse their parts, while in
the evening the whole company as
semble aud put in three solid hours
in p unmaking and conscientious prac
There is no lack of merriment at
tho rehearsals and if the expected
large audience take as kindly to the
play as the aspiring thespians, it will
bean unparallel success in dramatic
-circles of E'lattsmouth.
Storm In the Northwest Unusually Severe
For the Season.
ST. PAUL, Minn., March 12. Last
night's storm was tho greatest for sev
eral winters. The PaciGc coast trains
coming into the St. Paul depots this
morning presented an appearance sel
dora seen, even in the wildest kind of
a blizzard. The Great Northern coast
train, due here last evening, came
into the union depot at 8:20 this morn
ing. When it rounded the curve and
came in sight of the depot it looked
like a big white bank of snow. Not
the remotest resemblance to an en
gine could be seen. I ho train was
i hauled by two big enginee,each coated
from six inches to several feel deep
with frozen 6now. The engineer and
firemen were drenched with snow.
which melted inside the cob, and they
were comp!-3tly exhausted.
There is from thrte to five feet of
snow on the ground all over this sec
tion . Another cold wave has swept
down upon Minnesota and signal ser
vice reports indicato that the tem
perature will be at least 18 degrees
below zero here tomorrow morning.
IsiIPKMlXG. Mich., March 12. A
storm is raging in tho upper pen
insula. Traffic is badly blockaded on
both the South Shore and Chicago &
Northwestern lines. In some piaces
the snow is from six to ten feet deep.
Three Men Killed And Several Injured In
the Wreck This JloruL.
The M. P. train which is due here
at 4:."0 in the morning did uu reach
Plattsmouth until ufternooti today.
Tho cause of delay was a wreck which
occurred about two milts below Hia
watha. A drove of hoises were on the
track, and the engine rail one down.
which, falling under the pilot, de
railed the train and sent the entire
train except the sleeper into tho
ditch. Tho enginner, fireman and
express messenger are reported killed,
and several passengers injured. De
tails of the wreck could not be ob
tained. Suxpected ICobbers.
Sheriff Holloway received informa
tion today that some tramps were try
ing to dispose of goods over at Hast
ings, ta., and thinking they might bo
the parties who committed the roh-
bery at Eagle, immediately telephoned
the authorities apprising them of the
robbery. He also sent them a card giv
ing a description of the stolen goods
and will know in a short time whether
or not they are tho parlies wanted. It
is pretty certain they were selling
stolen goods.
"We Told You So."
Judge Ramsey adjourned the Feb
ruary term of the district court yes
terday after a session of nearly a
month. A groat many cases were dis
posed of and the docket greatly re
duced. Judge Ramsey has demons
trated his ability as h jurist and his
course on the bench has given satis
faction not only to the entire bar but
to the litigants as well, all of whom
have confidence in his integrity and
his paramount desire to do justice.
Tho next term convenes May 3, for
equity cases only. Nebrtiska City
Press. -
The Four Ambassadors.
Washington, March 12. President
McKinley's nominations of the four
ambassadors, which have r.cxiously
awaited for some days, are likely to
be sent to the senate next Tuesday,
and there is strojg probability that
the list will be as follows:
Ambassador to Great Britain Col.
John Hay of Illinois.
Ambassador to France General
Horace Porter of New York.
Ambassador to Germany Ex-Governor
W. Q Merriani of Minnosota.
Ambat-sador to Italy Hon. William
F. Draper of Massachusetts.
Comfort to California.
Every Thursday afternoon, a tourist
sleeping car for Salt Lake City, San
Francisco and Los Angeles leaves
Plattsmouth via the Burlington
It is carpeled; upholstered in rat
tan; has spring seats and backs and is
provided with curtains, bedding,
towels, soap. etc. An experienced
excursion conductor and a uniformed
Pullman porter accompany it through
to tho Pacific Coast.
While neicher as expensively
finished nor as fine to look at as a
palace sleeper, it is just as good to
ride in. Second class tickets are
honored and the price of a berth,
wide enough and big enough for two,
is only $5.
For a folder giving full, particulars.
call at the nearest B. & M. R. R. R.
ticket office. Or, write to J. Francis,
Gen'l. Pass'r. Agent, Burlington
Route, Omaha, Neb.
Horses For Pasture.
Splendid pasturage fur 300 head of
horses in the Loupe val;ey can be ob
tained by seeing George Edson. This
is a good opportunity to get your
horses and colts through the summer
very cheap. The stock will bo'taken
from here and returned, and the en
tire cost for the season is only 3 per
head. Address Geo. Edson, Platts
mouth, or leave word at W. D. Jones
y livery barn.
Sterling is to have a new church
The Missouri river is getting ready
to have a high old time.
M. N. Beeman of Superior was ad
judged insane and sent to the hospital
for treatment.
It will bo a fight to the finish at Al
bion this spring, with license or no
license as the issue.
A rabid dog was killed on the streets
of St. Paul before it had a chance to
bite anyone.
Arrangements have boon made to
supply needy farmers of Hitchcock
county with feed and seed grain.
Lato planted fall wheat has been
seriously injured by changeable
weather of the past few weeks.
South Omaha citizens are deter
mined to have a new name for their
city. Way not call it "Liverwurstf
J. W. Scofield, station agent at Val
paraiso, has just recovered from t
month's siege of sciatic rheumatism
George Kroker, living near Charles
ton, lost his entire herd of cows. The
animals a'.e wild mustard peed in largo
quantities, and that's what did it.
Chris Bartels, a farmer living north
of Carroll a few miles, had an expert
enee with a vicious dog recently that
he will not forget very soon. In at
tempting to put the animal in at
tempting to put the animal in a wagon
it made a snap at Bartels and caught
the middle finger of his tight hand in
its mouth and bit it oil.
The mortgage indebtedncssof Dixon
county for the month of February is as
follows: Farm mortgages, filed 20,
amounting to $13,ti47.20; released 20.
amounting to $13,167.02. City mort
gages, filed 4, amounting to $1,1 11; re
leased 5, amc uting to SI, 410. chattel
mortgages, filed 120, amounting to
to 840.2S0 42; released o2. amounting
to 25,5(5.94. Increase in real esVate
mortgage indebtedness during the
nenth about 2,600.
John Seivers of Ames,Dodge county,
Mas invenlei a hunting decoy that
promises to bo tho proper thing. It is
m;:de of canvas, with a steel frame and
can be folded into a small space ex
cept the head and neck. The decoy
is operated by two men, one standing
in the forelegs and one in thj hind-
legs, each in a slightly stooping pos
ture. It is painted brown aud black
nnd in such shapo that whea standing
up it cannot be readily distinguished
from a cow. W hen tho "cow" gets in
shooting distance of a flock of geese
the head is dropped in such a manner
as to allow the men to shoot. It has
been tried end found to work like a
Clarenco Mayfield of Eight Mile
Grove precinct is one of tho solid far
mers in town today, who pays his
taxes promptly and who does not hesi
tate to say that Cass county should j
have a new jail. He thinks as scores I
of others, whom we have talked with,
that the criminal court which is a
heavy exoenpe might as well be
abolished, as to try the old jail any-
longer for keeping criminals is only a
farce. It has been patched until
there's no longer any use of trying to
fix it up.
About 3,000.0 )0 tons of ice is the an
nual consumption of Greater New
York. The amount used in summer
is 12,000 tons daily, of which 20 per
cent is manufactured. In tho course
of time manufactured ice may be
cheaper than any other kind, and it
can be made chemically pure. Machi
nery in ice plants improves every
year, and its cost has largely declined
within the last five years. Ex.
When Fremont doesn't have some
!-o:t of a convention on tap there is
someiriing wrong. The Danish Lutli
eran church people are holding it
meeting there this week.
Australia has contributed the botics
of another extinct bird to science. It
was a heavy marsh bird, with long
toes adapted to treading on soft
ground, and its remains are found in
great numbers in tho dry clay and
salt pans " once the site of lakes in
South Australia. It has received the
name of The whole species
seems to have perished during a time
of drouth, when the birds weakened
by thirst, were helplessly mired. It.
will le bird to obtain perfect speci
mens, as the salt in the soil has.
rendered the bones extremely brittle.
Itid You Ever
Try Elect ric Bitteis as si. remedv for-
your troubles? If not, get a bottle.
now and get relief. This medicine-
has been found to be peculiarly adap
ted to the relief and cure of all Female
complaints, exerting a wonderful
direct influence in -giving strength.
and tone to the orirans. If you have-
joss of appetite, constipation, head
ache, fainting spells, or are nervous,
sleepless, excitable, melancholy or
troubled with djzzy spells. Electric
Bitters is the medicine you need.
ealth and strength are guaranteed
,,. , n
s its use. Fifty cents and $1 at F. G.
by its use. Fifty
Pricka's drug store.
, a Subscribe for Tue News.
Ije Commander's Consideration For. m
Wonoiiod Oflicer of the Enemy.
The following anecdote is related by
General Horace Porter m Ins " Cam
paigning WitliGrinit," in The Century:
While ridi'iK about the ficl.1 General
Grant stopped at a Louse and t xpressed
a desire to prepare some dispatches. A
number of wounded were lying tipon
the porch and in The rooms. They had
made their way tuvie m accordance
with tho usual custom of wounded men
to seek a house. It seems to be a natural
instinct, as a house conveys the idea of
shelter and of home. I walked with the
general into a back room to see whether
there was a tny spot which he iniyht
take possession of for a time to
write messages aud lock over the maps.
As we entered there was seen sitting
in the only chair a Confederate lieuten
ant of infantry who had Le u shot in
the left cheek, the ball pushing through
his mouth and coming out near the
right ear. A mass of coagulated bkxxl
covered his face and neck, and he pre
sented a shocking appearance. He arose
tho moment we entered, pushed his
chair forward toward the general and
said, with a bow and a smile, "Here,
take my chair, sir." General Grant
looked at Lim and replied: "Ah, you
need that chair much more than L
Keep your seat. I see you are badly
hurt." The ofiictr answered good na
turedly: "If you folks let 'me go back
to our lines, I think I onIit to Le able
to get a leave to go home and see my
girl. J3ct I reckon she wouldn't know
me now." The general said, "I will see
that one of onr surgeons does all in his
power for you," and then - stepped out
of the room. He told one of the surgeons
who was dressing the wounds of our
men to do what he con Id lor the Con
federate. Wo did not hear what becain9
of him afterward. He -probr.Lly never
knew that he had been talking to the
general in chief of the Yankee armies.
The dispatches were afterward written
In another room.
tv'.e Had Two.
A young contralto at a Handel con
ceit which Hir Joseph Barnby was con
ducting at the cud of a solo put in a
high note instead of the less effective
note usually sung. This innovation
shocked the conduc tor, and he immedi
ately asked whether Miss Singer thought
?he was right in trying to improve up
on Handel. "Well, Sir Joseph," said
she, "I've pot an E, and I don't see
why I shouldn't show it off." "Miss
inner, " rejoined Barnby, "I believe
yea have two knees, but I hoie you
won't show them oil here." SauFrun
cisco Argonaut.
SiiKffestion That a Movement lie Made
For Itird Protection In Nebraska.
The Nebraska State Horticultural
society at its recent annual meeting
took the following action relative to
tho subject of birds and their p-otec-
"Moved and carr'ed that Professor
Brunei draft a resolution on Bird
Day' expressing the sense of this so
ciety and hand a copy of same to our
state superintendent of public instruc
tion, also to chairman of legislative
committee, and one to the editor of the
Northwestern Journal of Education."
According to the instruction given
above, the accompanying resolution
has been prepared and is herewith
Vju keas, It is the opinion of this
society that birds in general, and some
in particular, at e the friends of man;
Wheueas, There appears to be an
almost general ignorance regarding
Ibis fact, and the wanton destruction
of birds seems to be increasing al
over the land rather than diiuiniohing,
it is the sense of this meeting- that it
boiler and more general knowledge of
birds on the part of our citi. -ns would
teud towards protecting our feathered
friends: therefore, be it
Resolved, lhat we, tho citizens of
Nebraska, follow the example st by
several of our sister states and estab
lish a "Bird Day," on which, day it
shall be the duty of all schools within
tbe state to observe the occasion by
exercises in the form of lectures, read
ing of bird literature, tbe writing of
essavs atd singing of songs about
birds, as well as the recounting of per
sonal experiences with tnee creatures.
The date of such observance is to be on
tbe Friday falling nearest to the mid
dle of the month ol May ot each year.
Take olT the Horns.
The undersigned is now ready with
a .good portable chute and tools, to re
move the weapons of horned cattle at
ten cents per head. It never gets too
cold to dehorn cattle. Any time after
fly-time, until tho first week in April
is the rinht time. After that it is too
late. If thope who wish to have such
work done will address me al Rock
Bluffs, Neb., they will be promptly
answered. S. L. FL-KI.OXU.
KheumaUsm Ouickly Cured.
After having been confined to the
house for eleven days and paying out
$25, in doctor bills without benefit,
Mr. Frank Doison of Sault Ste. Mich.,
was cured by one bottle of Chamber
lain's Pain Balm costing Z-i cents anu
has not since been troubled with
that comulaint. For tale by all
!iucklcns Aruica Salve.
The hitt salvj in tbe world for cuts,
burns, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fe
ver sores, tetter, chapped hands, chil
blains, corns, and all skin eruptions,
and positively cures piles, or no pay
required. It is guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction or money refunded.
fi, ? per box or eaI y
J. cr. r c icKe.
-Alfalfa Seed.
A No. 1 alfalfa seed for sale cheap
at A. fl. Weckbaeh's grocery store.
A S.'iinon to Husband.
The avt vage man eats only two meals
a day in hts own house, and these meals
are the opicrtunitie.s for social and do
mestic talk, delightful to the wife, whe
has no such opportunity as her husband
of rubbing against other minds all day,
and important to the c hildren in widen
ing their horizon, their views of life.
At tho first meal of the.daj most wo
men like to talk to their liu.-bands about
the plans of tho day, but the woman
who has once received the distrait, self
absorbed growl which emanates from a
male disturbed in the reading of his
newspaper does not again attempt to ask
her husband this or that on a subject of
domestic interest. The back of a news
paper is not a pleasant thing to contem
plate across the breakfast table.
Think of this, husbands, when you
look round for the casters or other suit
able prop for ho back of your paper,
and for the sake of pood manners, for
the sake of y ur wife's feelings and the
example to your children, remove your
newspaper, reserving it for the train,
omnibus or tram car.
Of courso there .are occasions when
matters of absorbing interest must be
looked to at once telegrams of thrilling
import. Why not glance at the paper
five minutes before the breakfast bell
rings if it is really es-niial that snch
news should be seen at once? Special oc
casions sometimes justify special be
havior, lut of your mvvcy let the news
paper be banished from the breakfast
table on ordinary occasions. English
On American Hotel Clerks.
L. F. Austin, in London Sketch, sup
poses that "the Ameiican hotel clerk is
still the dread of the inexperienced trav
eler. When yon stand in his presence,
you become at once aware that yon are
a hardened offender aud that here is the
magistrate who will appoint a fitting
punishment for your crimes. He growls
the number of your room as if it were
the condemned cell, and you are a little
surprised that lie does not assume the
black cap aud invoke the divine clem
ency on your soul. I used to think he
suffered from overstndy of the rights of
man and regarded them as a social pyra
mid with himself as the ai rs.
"Iu the European hotel the traveler is
accustomed to be treated with considera
tion. He stays in the house for his own
pleasure and looks upon the administra
tors as designed for his service. Such a
theory is hateful to the peculiar repub
licanism of the American hotel clerk.
He is something more than a man and
your brother, for lie does not recognize
equality, much less deferential civility.
The hotel is a hoiise net of entertain
ment, but correction, and if you do not
care for the discipline you can go el e
where without exciting in the clerk the
slightest emotion of snrpri.-s' or even of
inquiry. Should America ever lie dis
posed to try tho experiment of an oli
garchy a junta of hotel clerks might
conduct the business of the country with
an impassive severity which would have
astonished the council of ten."
Combinations end Wages.
In what lines of industry are tho
wages lowest and the abuses greatest?
Is it iu those where modern methods
have been mest extensively employed,
and where machinery, with its attendant
concentration of power, has made the
most progress, or is it in those whose
method-i ure survivals from an earlier
6tage Oi industrial order?
To this question there can be but one
answer. The lowest wages, tho most un
sanitary conditions, the grossest abuses
and oppressions arc not to be found in
factories, but in tenement house indus
tries. It is among the cigar makers, or
among the workers in certain branches
of tho ready made clothing trade that
these matters are at their worst. Yet it
is just here that the conditions of em
ployment are most like those which pre
vailed in earlier industrial periods.
The sufferers under the sweating sys
tem are net, as is so often charged, tbe
victims cf the present industrial order.
They are the victims of a survival of
past labor conditions into an age which
has become familiar with better ones.
Professor Arthur T. lladleviu Atlautic.
Why is it that a common poet, when
he wishes to compose a beautiful pocm
on any subject, as Yenice or youth, al
ways instinctively begins, "O Venice,"
or "O youth," when it is well known
that no line begiuning in that way is
worth a cent?
It is strange, too, that when a begin
ner at story writing wishes to make a
sad scene, he always brings in "bitter
tears" and "breaking hearts," when it
has long been known to the trade that
the reading public can read about bitter
tears and breaking hearts all day and
never miss a meal. Detroit Free Prc-rs.
ISIlliard Balls.
Billiard balls are first rougUy turned
by a lathe from the tusk, then left from
six months to a year in a room about
the temperature of an ordinary billiard
hall. This length of time is necessary
because the ivory shrinks more in one
direction than another, aud the season
ing must be complete before the balls
are finished and polished.
A Good Deal In Him After All.
"Well," said Papa Rushweed, as he
settled down to his just before retiring
cigar, "now that Bella has brought
around her young man I can't say that I
think there is much in him."
"Guess you didn't notice the dinner
he ate, Jacob," said the practical mom
ma. Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Nearly all the royal personages of
Europe are cousins, and not very far re
moved, as it has been laid down by a
fJoi-i-inn r'ere:tlririst bus everv crowned
bead of Europe, excepting Turkey, is
descended from one or otuer oi ivo sis
ters who lied about 150 years ago.
Excellent results have recently been
obtained by the use of electricity iD
bleaching paper.
Is the remedy you need, of equal service in mild or chronic
cases. It relieves promptly and works a permanent cure.
THE Da. J. H. McLEAN MEDICINE CO , St. Louis, Mo.
The well known specialist
and will be for the coming week
where he will be glad to see anyone suffering
of the I.iver, Kiilr.evs, Skin. Rheumatism and
Neuralgia. Hart, Nerve and Stomach troubles.
Malaria, Chilis and Fever. Catarrh, iSrunchitis.
Athma and Lung atteciion. Diseases of Women
and Children. Nervous prostration, etc.
All cordially invited and welcome whether they
take treatment or not. Treatment moderate in
cost and tuily jrnuranteed to be satisfactory. Dr.
i-ol!ett lias had wenty-eight years of experience
as a speciaii.- t in ail chronic diseases, meeting
with tiiiivt rsnl success. Many cases are incurable
The doctor takes no case to treat except he feels
coni:ieut he can cure or materially benefit the
Calls made at your residence in town without
charge wiiere treatment is given. Notice ol c.;lls
through the postulate or at hotel. Parlor en
trance eat side n Third street.
Ofhce hours I to W p. m. All medicine purely
vegetable. Outside calls made ciuiing ft rc-noun.
giggl TIME TA3LI
St. Joseph
Kansas City
St. Louis and all
San Francisco
points East and
All points west.
No 20. Local express daily, St Joe.
Ivunsas. M nouls, ml points
south l:4!Jam
4. Local e u. daily, Bu rliitslon
Chicago, all uoints e;;st
10:24 am
No ID. Local exp. daily exeunt Sun-
11:55 am
No Si2. Local exp. daily except Sun-
tiity, lac! tie J unction
12:24 ptu
No 2.
Froi bt, oaily except Sunday
t'ac-itic Junction
Vestibular exp. dully. Bnr
liu.siou, Chica.o mid all
points east
2:50 pm
5:111 pm
S:25 pm
!t:ir pm
No . Local exp, UaTiy. St Joe. Kan
sas City. M Louis.. Ciilcauo
Hi l points east and south . .
Freight, caily, from Omaha
lo I'iie J unction. IvOmaja
Local exp, iaiiy,Oiiiaba.Lln
i'iu, l't uver and interme
diate si at ions
Local f rciixnt, daily. Om:t fia.
No 7S.
No 5.
7:12 am
8:a0 am
No K. ireiilit. tiaiiy. ex Sun
day, t'edar Cree,. J.ouis
viuo, Sout b Hend
Fast mail, tiaii v. Omaha and
Lincoln 2:22 pm
Vestibu led exp, daily, Den
ver and all poiDts la Colo
rado, Utah and California,
Orand Island. Black Iliils.
Montana and l'acifjc N. W.
Local exp, daily except Su -uay.
Louisviile. Ashland,
Waboo. Schuyler
3:13 pm
4:00 pm
5-27 pm
5:-7 pm
9:1)5 pm
No 9.
No 11. Local exp, daily except lun-
U.iy.uiiialiiiaiiil i,lneoin..
No 17. Local express, tundav only.
tiiua Iu
No 73. Freight, daily, Louisville...
Sleeping, dinini and recLnin? chair ears
iseistH free) on through trains. TicKeiasold
ami hayijia-e cuecUel to any L-oait In the
Lnitcu States or Camilla.
For lnforti.ation, time tables, maps and
tickets call or write to
V. L. riCWKTT, Azont.
I'laltsmoutb. Neb.
J. PIIANCES. Oen. Pass. Aat.,
Omaha. Neb.
-!. l ll.tiK AliL.
No. 1 4.50a.m
No. i) It 51 rum
No. 121, Ioju.1 freight i"vi p.m
Sc. 2 10.411 p.m
No. l-"- local frcU'tu 7.:S5a.m
v it. iii 3.58 p. in
Carrinh, buggies, sieighs ntid har
ness at A. Gorder's L irpe&t line in
Cass counte to select from.
rSEST ria fnr Wnrlrl Intra Funerals
- r,- ..
ot New Vork is now at
attended to promptly. Term? reasonable.
rated. Telephone 76.
N. B W. D. Jones auctioneer
disposed ot
Diseases are manifested $
i r--f f rf
j-atiiatne, xviieumausm,
Loss of Appetite, Foul
Tongue and Weakness
Or. J. . EMEAN'S
o wmm BALL!
Carrion the Largent and mimt Complete
Stock Iu the County.
I'inest line of Canned Goods. Dried Fruits and
Vegetables that can be purchased
in the market.
Weckbaeh's prieio is to keep
the largest ami best line,
ami he succeetla admirably.
Call and see our goods.
VaeTiian Block, Plattsmouth.
The Largest and Finest in City of Plattsmouth.
that tell about
At on-hlf regular prices. My i
jm i'ataigrue, now ready for mi (
distribution, the moat unique and
anisuc pubiitriea. bm vua Con.
Miss C. H. Upplncott.
819 Sixth St. 8., NiKUFous, Mm.
abate Lung Troubles, Debility, distrewlng omch and
female lilt, and is noted for mating rures when all otbar
treatment fails. Fverv mn1hrand invalid ahnuld have it.
Cleanse and bcaatiTie the bfllfc
Hover Fails to Heatore Orsy
I Tomoiei e. loiuntnt rrowtn.
xiair to its loaiuui coior.
Cure ecalp diMasre Ac hair falling.
HISMDERCORNS The only rore Core for
Coras, stops ail p-un. JkUkea waikuig eatj. lac. ftlisruggisia
C'M-h'f - t ri:'i !.. Uruiti.
(Viatlml an-l Vcuulne. A
ti .tAiM fr particular. U'tiDjootaltf ar.4
"Keilt-f for l.-l '," intttUr. hr rrtarn
MmII. H4 Ttimtil. Nam i'aoer
IrurlM- luaoa t a.
Physician and Surgeon
Call9 promptly attended, either
It is surprising what a "wee bit of a
thing" can accomplish. Sick head
ache, constipation, dyspepsia, 60ur
stomach, dizziness, are quickly ban
ished by DeWitt's Little Early Risers.
Small Pill. Best Pill. F. G. Fricke
. JONES...
" xrt. a'" r ll .ie. t amis 'T iu
!rt,.r,-l-t fT :( Ar.-rrr ffr.o'" " !Sy
Irc.i )!, -aii i.b biu rii.tK..-,. Take y
?Jil br ad Loeai
Cass County'vS
Iciest : Liveryman,
op Pleasure Parties, etc. Uaclc order,
Cash preferred. Call and gel
at! kinds ot goods and farm stocH