Semi-weekly news-herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1895-1909, March 13, 1897, Image 4

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Village of Eagle Visited by
Night Marauders.
Merchandise Store of.Beaehl Vennner
Borglarized and Goods to a Consider
able Amount .Taken No Clue to the
Thieves As Vet Obtained Other Mews
Motes Around Town.
Eagle, Neb., March 11. Special
to The News. The village of Eagle
feels lonesome if it does not have no
up-to-date safe-blowing or burglariz
ing act every other week. Eirly this
morning burglars affected an entrance
to the general etore of Beach & Ven
ner by removing the glass from one
of their front show-windows and made
away with about $o0 worth of pants,
men's shoes and gloves. There is but
slight clue to the perpetrators, al
though officers have been put to woi k
upon the case.
Sunday mornijg about 9 o'clock the
two 6tory building on upper Main
street occupied by Dr. McCandless i s
an office wasdiscovered in flames. The
fire department soon had two lines of
hose stretched ana steady streams of
water at work on the flames. Al
though many predicted the building
was doomed, it required but. a short
time to get the fire under control.
As this was the first opportunity for
the fire department to show its mettle,
the citizens are highly pleased by the
. The Audience Was Well I'leased.
a large and appreciative audience
was present last evening to listen to
Mrs. Keysor's lecture, "Christ Child
on Art," and enjoy the stereopticon
The exercises were opened by no
organ solo by Miss Kessler, played
with her usual delicacy and precision
of touch. Then followed a trio,
"When the Tide Comas In," beauti
fully rendered. The last number on
the musical program was an exquisite
lullaby solo, sung by Miss Street in
her usual faultless style. .
Mrs. Keysor'a "Art Talk'- was
thoroughly enjoyed and the beautiful
copies of the old and new masters
brought out by tne stereoscope, was
a revelation of hitrh art that we do
not often have the privilege of enjoy
ing. The art department of the
woman's club deserve great credit in
securing Mrs. Keysor.
Ianocent Man Does Six Months' Time In
the Penitentiary.
Wednesday afternoon Governor Hoi
comb commuted the sentence of young
Hale Perrine and he was released
from the penitentiary. This is the
young man spoken of in The News
a few days ago when Attorney H
Koster of Niobrara was in the city in
the young man's interest. Perrine
was sentenced by Judge Ramsey last
August for helping a man named Sul
livan rob a 6tore at Louisville. He
is a young man of good family and was
the victim of bad companions. Per
rine nas always protested his in
nocence and the governor was in
duced to exercise his clemency by
reason, chiefly, of 'a long affidavit
made by Sullivan in which he swears
Perrine was entirely innocent and that
he simply used him as a tool after
the robbery had been committed. The
mother of the unfortunate young man
is lying dangerously ill at her home
at Niobrara and his own health has
been seriously impaired.
An I'nfortunate Accident.
The injury which little Pauline,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. N. Grif
fith of Omaha, sustained to one of her
eyes a few weeks ago, was thought to
be recovering, much to the relief of
her parents and friends, but word was
received by relatives in Plattsmouth
today stating that it was found neoes
sary to remove tne injured eye as it
was not healing properly, and that the
operation was 6uccessf Jlly performed
Wednesday afternoon.
Fire Department Election.
. At the meeting of the fire depart
ment held last evening the following
officers were elected:
President F. A. Murphy.
Vice president John A. Murray.
Secretary Chas. Miller.
Treasurer Geo. Poisall.
Chief V.. C. Tippens.
Assistant chief RobertUayes.
City Politics.
The republican primaries are called
for tomorrow evening, but the candi
dates for aldermanic honors are not
very thick. R. B. Windham is men
tioned for the First ward,John Ronnie
in the Second, C. A. Rawls in the
Third, Walter Thomas in the Fqurth,
and so far do candidate has been men
tioned in the Fifth.
C. A. Marshall, Dentist.
Subscribe for The News.
Farm loans T. H. Pollock.
Dry wood for sale at A. H. Weck
bach's. Insure in the German American.
Fred Ebinger, Agent.
Mrs. Geo. Dovey will play "Dear
Aunt Clarrsssa"' in "Our Boys."
Wanted At once. A girl for gen
eral housework. Mrs. R. Geinger,
510 Vine street.
Nothing better than Pill&bury's in
the flour line. Try a sack. Zuck
weiler & Lutz agents.
Lee Atwood and Guy Livingston
will appear as the short and long
lovers in "Our Boys."
A. J. Beeson and M. Willord, as-the
Roman Fathers in "Our Boys," are
guaranteed to be the real thing.
Mrs. G. A. Murphy of Beatrice, wife
of Senator Murphy, is in the -ity the
guest of Mrs. W. II. Deal ing.
Mr. Cunbie and Miss Isa Ross cf
Taber college are in the city the
guests of their cousin, Mrs. J. M.
Mr. Hutchinson, attorney at Ne
braska City was in town toJay, look
ing after some court exhibits to be
sent down there.
J. L. Miller, the noted clairvoyant
and spiritualistic medium, is in the
city today, and may conclude to re
main a week or twe.
If you want a first-class piano or
organ at your own price, call at
Pettee's Music Store. All the new
songs as they come out.
You will find a full lire cf Mrs
Crawford's pickles at Zuckweiler &
Lutz's. There are none nicer. Try
them and you will use no others.
One minute is all the time necessary
to decide from personal expeiience
that One Minute Cough Cure does
what its name implies. F. G. Fricke
& Co.
Torturing, itching, scaly skin erup
tions, burns and scalds are soothed at
once and promptly healed by De
Witt's Witch Hazel Salve, the best
known cure for piles. F. G. Fricke &
Prominent residents of Nebraska
City are confined to their beds with
ague. Our Missouri neighbor can not
out grow the early habits of its peo
pie, wno usea to snaKe six months in
the year.
Plain and fancy sewing and dress
making of all kinds promptly at
tended to, and satisfaction guaranteed.
at the dressmaking parlors of Miss
Anna Critchfield, 807 Pearl street,
The finest imported wines in the
state, and the purest liquors, together
with the premium Anheuser-Busch
beer, are always obtainable at the
"Casino" Plattsmouth 's
leading I
saloon, opposite the court house.
Remember the leadiner 5-cent cigars
in thiH market is "Wurl Bros." and
o i
the "Cabinet." Otto Wurl, the I
manufacturer, is building up a great
reputation for these goods out in the I
state as well as at home. Try them.
Don't allow the lung's to be impaired
oy tne continuous irritation or a
cough. It. is easier to prevent con
sumption than to cure it. One Min
ute Cough Cure taken early will ward
off anv fatal lung trouble. F. G.
Fricke & Co.
Uncle rsed Baker, after being sick
ior six weeKS, oioomea out today as
fresh as a June rose. Ned isn't a bov
any more, but he expects to get mar
ried next week, and is gay as a lark
uu account, oi me uappiness ne minks
is in store for him. I
If you have ever teen a child in the
agony of croup, you can appreciate
the gratitude of the mothers who
know that One Minute Cough Cure
relieves tneir little ones as quickly as
is administered. Many homes in
mis civt are never witnout it. f. G. I
They are so small that the most I
sensitive persons take them, they at e I
so effective that the most obstinate
cases of constipation, headache and
torpm tiver yieia to mem. xnat is
why DeWitt's Little Early Risers are
known as the famous little pills. F.
Hi. Fricke & Co.
At Turner hall Saturday evening,
M, , I
arcn Id, beppert Thaler 8 Tyrolean I
Quartet to onri X7D-ui. sii
uartette ana YVarblei swill appear in
their world-renowned Tyrolean songs
Lcho solos on the zither. Vienna nnrf
Bavarian f-rmr.lftt .,s ol
r.wto, c, mwoi a. Liu uinuu i
solos, Bavarian and Swiss songs and
rlonfoa ?ll i- v. b I
aiou uo uu lue program.
t,xiers meeting in. the county
superintendent's office tomorrow af-
ternoon promises to be an interesting a
one. Superintendent Hisey, of Coun
cil Bluffs Is to be present to take
charee of the meeting. He makes use
of the nhono!'rai)h in illustrating his'
methods of teaching, and will take up
t. .,.Wt.f tlm.
Time for meeting, 1:30.
All inlet estcd
in this work are cordially iuvited.
M. O'Donohoe, a resident of this city
for twenty-six years a practicing at
torney and a conservative republican, ;
is mentioned for the office of police
judge. Brother Archer has hereto
fore been invincible, but If the nomi
nation were given to Mr. O'Djnohoe
he certainly could bo elected. His
name will come before tho city con
vention, and we have heard that
m .iny demoeruls would suppo. t him.
llio volunteer rniy ioiks uiu h
i u5iuuS uU3i..v-n "r'
night. The room in the Waterman
block was crowded for hours, and al -
th ugh the rate charged for supper
was only 15 cents yet over A1 was re
ceived. The supper is said to have
-been quite an elaborate affair and re
flects much credit on the Volunteers
and their friends. J' he Volunteers
now have a membership heie of 105
and tne work goes on every evening.
And It Kept Willy From Calling on Misn
Maud so Much
It is stated that a few loving parents
out in east Lit. coin or other portions
of the city are going to adopt the
scheme devised by a Detroit, Mich.,
father. The Fiee Press, tells the
plan as follows:
The object of his affections lives
way out in the suburbs, but true love
laughs at distance as it does to a good
many othor impediments. He wasout
there every evening.mott of the after
noons, and not less than h.df of the
foieuoons. . Her father is very justly
classed among the stern parents, as
they ate viewed from the stand ooint
of youth, and peremptorily called a
"See, here," he began after corner
insr the youth in the library. "This
continuous performance business must
stop. A young man like you should
have something useful on hand and
b3 laying the foundation for a success
ful career, but in any event you can't
live here while you're oniy sice pi cer
and eating at home. I won't have it.
sir. My wife and daughter, may be
willing to adopt you, but I'm not. This
thing of coming oftener than the mail
wagon or the milk man or tho grocer's
y 'i rr r r tlHTnil nil f "
"But I'm sincere and in earnest
"Thunder and lightning, boy, don't
I see ycu are in earnest? That's the
trouble. You're coming or going
about all the time. I would bo doin
my plain duty to stop the whole busi
ness short off, but I've arbitrated with
the women folks, and here's the plai
I'll give you twelve of these tickets,
E ich one is good for a single ad mis
si.jn to this house. The dozen must
do for a month, no matter if you use
them all the first week. A ticket ha
to be laid on my desk every time you
call, and if there's any llimflammicg
counterfeiting of tickets or any other
attempt to beat tho court the whole
contract will be thereby canceled, and
.vou couldn't get in here with a jim
The courtship, thus regulated, goes
merrily on.
Prof. J. L. Miller, the psychic
hypnotist, medium and clairvoyant.
will deliver a lecture on spiritualism
at G. A. Ii. hall Monday evening.
March 15. Prof. Miller will give some
wonderful psychic tests at tho close of
the lecture, mental character. reading
giving a complete daiineation of
the Datural adat.tabiliti- of nP,-sn9
v. , ,u TI i..
this without touching the subject.
will also do the same of a photograph
in a sealed en velo
it in his hand; read the history of a
1 j 1 j . ,
watch, ring, etc., sent up to him
from .the audience. Prof. Miller
comes well recommended bv both
acknowledged to be one of the lead
ing clarvo.vants of the present age
Admission, 10 cents
Deafnesa Cannot lie Cured.
by local applications, as they cannot reach the
diseased portion of the ear. There is only one
way to cureDeafness. and that is by constitutio
nal remedies. Deafness is caused bv an
condition ot the mucous lining of the Eustachian
lube. W hen this tube gets mtlanied you have a
rumbling sound or imperfect hearing, and when it
is entirely closed IJeatness is the result, and un-
13 .".!VJ . .it, .vault. 4 1 J ' 1 UU-
less the inflammation can be taken out and this
tune restored to its normal condition, hearing will
be destroyed forever; nine cases out of ten are
caur-ed by catarrh, which is nothing but an in
.tiamed condition of the mucous sufaces.
e will give Une Hundred Dollars for any case
Leatness (caused by catarrh) that cannot be
cured bv Hall s Catarrh l ure. Son.t fr rirm.
Iars - lree - v . rHirYFV.r . .
. ,t F.J.CHENE & Co.. Toledo. O.
&soia oy uruggisis. uc.
Commandant Wilson of the Grand
Island soldiers home, has been sick for
Claim "The New"" t rUW isniH Were Not
Well Founded.
To the Editor of The News:
! SOUTH BEND, Neb., March 12
, i'"! -
an article commenting on my actions
in seining some pomfs at Li Platte,
j wherein you make sonic btaiemenls
i which are an injustice to me and have
no foundation in fait, 'i lie report I
ma itd you detailed the operations of
this bi-nnch of the public service for
the year IS'JG only. 1 made one trip
to La Platte during June, IMhi, to
seine the overflow ponds in the vicin
ity of L t Iatie at the rt quet of a
citizen of locality and I desire to
I s.iv that w:;o ever s tiu I iut tt siunu in
tUe slouch - where the 1
peuDle are in the practice of li sni ng
tolls a ma,icioU3 ,artenood. I do n.,t
iasli ycm lo l;lto my W).d
in thia ra:lUer but. will iefer to
Levi Kimball, William Ilogebocm
or Mr. Hood, the 13. 5c M. agent at
Li Plalle. The two former jjentle
men accompanied mo while I wis
seining, and kiiow that I not only did
not seine in tho slough you have re
ference to but that I did no ireining
within a mile of it. I also reported
that I had secured 2,000 ti.-h and you
make the number, either p irposelj- or
erroneously. S, 000 lis h. (The latter was
a typographical error. KJ.)
In your statements you would alto
have the public bcleves there, is no
shallow ponds in tho vicinity of La
Platte, when, as a matter of fact, it is
well known to every citizen of that
town or even school boy that thousands
of fish perish every summer in the
shallow ponds about one mile below
the main slouch. The only reason
this condition of things did not hap
pen the past summer was because tho
water was up but a short lime. I
Know it has been claimed that the
crew in charge of the car some
years ago seined the main slough,
but I was not in charge of
tho work at the time and
should not bo culled to account
for the iictions of other persons dur
ing the year ISOti. I have not made a
practice of despoiling the fishing re
sorts of one part of the state for the
benefit of another, and if you will in
vestigate the matter you will find
that your charge, as far as I am con
cerned, is groundless and an injustice
to me. Yours truly,
W. J. OTJkiex.
KHtabliMheri ItusinesH fur Sale.
As I desire to quit the blacksmith
iug business I ofTer for sale at a bar
gain my tools and material on Wash
ington avenue. I have a gool trade,
but want to engage in otner business.
I also have for sale new running gears
to a farm wagon. Parlies knowing
themselves indebted to me will please
call and settle at once us I expect to
leave the city soon. T. B. linowx.
Many cases of "grippe" have i:itelv
been cured by Que Minute Cough
Cure. This preparation seems espe
cial- adapted to the cure of this dis
ease. It acts quickly thus preventing
serious complications and bad effects
in which this disease often leaves the
oatient. F. G. Fricke & Co.
l'roflamatiou of City IClt-ction.
I, John A. (iutsche, by the authority vested in
me as mayor of the city of Plattsmouth, Nebras
ka, do hereby call an election to be held in said
city of 1'lattsmouth on. 1 ucsdav. April r. A. U
1W. for the purpose of electing the following
city officers for the term of two years, towit:
One councilman from the First ward.
One councilman trom the Second ward.
One councilman from the Third ward.
One councilman from the Fourth ward.
ne councilman from the Filth ward.
There shall also be elected for the term of three
Two members of the school board for school
district No. 1.
The polls at said election shall be opened at
nine O) o'clock in the forenoon and remain open
until seven 7i o'clock in the evening and shall be
located as follows:
First ward Corner room in Perkin.i lioue.
Second ward Turner hall.
Third ward -W. 1). Jones' livery bam.
Fourth ward-Christian Wohliarth's store
Fifth ard A. fiach's store.
Done this 1st day of March. A. D. ls7
, . John A. Gi tsciie. Mayor.
' Attest' 13. C.Kerr. City Clerk. 5
in I t Si
Chester's Compound Extract of Celery
to good as any other prv.piratioD of
ready to refund your moaey if it does not
Celery Compound you ever used. Indicated in generel debility, lo99ofoappe
tite, nervousness, sleeplessness,.etc.
A Great Nerve Tonic and SysKrm Renovator.
It Makes Weak People Strong.
The M. W. W. Club
Tho M. W. W. club were delight
fully entertained by Mrs. Dearing and
Mrs. Miller yesterday afternoon at
Mrs. Dealing's pleasant home.
About twenty-five ladies were Dre
sent, Mrs. Senator Murphy from
Beatrice being the guest of honor.
A dainty 5 o'c oek luncheon was
served. A number cf ladies present
made up a party and attended Mrs.
Ke set 's "Art Talk" in the evening.
There will be a meeting of the M.
M. and S. M. C. Saturday evening,
March 13, at the u-ual hour and pine.
"Seiah? I have spoken." By order
of tiie president
The Firnt Itattle."
Peter llaniahan cf this city has
the exclusive agency in Cass county
for W. J. Bryan's book. "Tho First
Untie." Parties desiring a copy
should see him.
A splendid line just received; slso the
most complete and elegant line of Plain
and Decorated Chinaware ever brought
to the city may be foun 1 at the store of
First Door East of Court House.
The Best in Groceries.
Pure DruQS,
Wall Paper and
DruoQists' Sundries 4
TOR the Holiday trade they have hund.
reds of articles useful and ornamental
that will make elegant presents. They
have recently added a Confectionery De
partment and carry a complete line of
Lowney's goods, which are considered
t he finest in the world. It will pay you to
trade at
(Special notices under this bead will be
charger! for at tbe rate of H cent per word
each Insertion.)
ImJAXTED An 80-acre farm. Can pay 1. 31:0
I casn and nalance in one or two years, tn
elm SAl.t A goon single top buggy very
cheap. F
I cheap, r.nquire ol Oeorge Johnson, or at the
hank of Cass county.
L social Tuesday evening. The tinder will con
fer a favor bv leaving same at The News office.
I tM A kid glove, on Washington avenue.
Li binder will please leave it at News olfice.
HOKSF.S and cattle taken for choice blue-grass
and clover pasturing. 1'lenty of running water.
Apply to H. V. Heaver on the premises near
cuiioui or aaaress Cedar Creek.
FOR KENT A good six room house,
of James Iferoid.
DFKSONAE To the ladies of Flattsmouth
I Madames Marti and Sullivan, the popular and
reliable Omaha modistes, make a specialty of
worit ior mu oi iowu cusionu-rs. tyie, nt and
reasonable prices guaranteed. I romptness and
satislactory work a specialty. Dressmaking par
lors rooms Mr-510-.Ml Brown block. Sixteenth and I
Douglas streets, Omaha, Nebra ka. our pat
ronage solicited.
the kind on the market, and stand
benefit vou as much as any other
wSSJ : j j'ji;11;'
BlackwelPs Genuine
You will And one coupon Inslile each 2 ounce bug and 'wo coupon inside each 4 ounce bag. fcf
Buy a bag, read the coupou aud see how to get your share of liOO.uoO In presents. J
i mi
On Winter Goods to save the trouble
of moving.
HANS H. GOOS, Proprietor.
Best $i Per Day House in the State
Thoroughly cleaned and refurnished. A nice table :ind pleasant
rooms. Uar in hotel stocked with pure Liquors and
Ciyars. Corner Third find Main-bts.
Paid up Capftai
Offers the very best facilities f or th e
prompt transaction of
STOCKS, bonds, gold, govereinent and lo u
securities Dousrht and sold. Deposits re
celled and Interest allowed on the -erth- j
cates. Drafts drawn, available In nnj
part of the U. t. and all the principle j
towns of Europe. 'Jol lections ruaue and I
promptly remitted. IllheKt market j
price paid for county warrants, state)
and county bonds. j
H.N liovfy. I. IIhKi wor! !i
S. Wnuffb, F. F.. Whltf. 1.. iiv v
lieo. E, Dovey, Frea, S. Vxi.i;li, h!iht
II. . UoveT Aunt. CiMir.
Leading Liveryman.
The best of rips furnished at all hours and his
prices are always reasonable. 1 tie most
convenient boarding stable for far
mers in the city.
pearl st
15 TO
House Furnishings,
Our stock Is complete In all lines and t
Invite our friends to look It over. We wll
ii.iodvi.r to plfiaso you. t'.-ill and seo us.
ssnrs to H-nry Itoeck.)
it. a t'ismi i-rn.
Tectn Extracted Without Pain
All Dental operations performed in the
be-t pos:b e manner by the latest scien
tific method. A guarantee w ith all work,
House and Sign Fainter
is the
very best