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$5 00
2 50
Of any Cass County Paper.
Among others Caivin S. Brice would I
like to succeed John Sherman as
United States senator from Ohio.
Electricity for use on the farm
gives promise of becoming popular.
Imagine a horny fisted farmer sailing
acro93 the field under the trolley.
" The Nebraska state legislature has
been in session five weeks. For all
that has been accomplished it might
as well not have convened until now.
THE January mortgage record for
Cass county makes a good showing
especially as regards city property,
the extent of mortgages filed being
$15, while the releases were away up.
The plan to have the West Point
cadets in attendance at the inaueura
tion and to pay their expenses out of
the national treasury was defeated.
This is a very important event, but
to pay the expenses of the cadets
would be a useless expenditure of pub
lic funds.
The government has come to an un
derstanding with the reorganization
committee of the Union Pacific, so
that the road will be sold at mortgage
sale and the government get the
money called for by its mortgage,
which is in the neighborhood of fifty
million dollars.
The city of Glasgow, Scotland, en
joys the reputation of being today the
most advanced municipality in the
world. Beginning with January, 18D7,
the city will be supported entirely by
the revenue derived from franchises,
the property ol the city. No more
will such a thing as an assessor or tax-
collector be known there.
Kefekixo to the action of the Ne
brasKa legislature in instructing him
to vote for the free coinage of silver,
Senator Thurston said: "The present
Nebraska legislature does not repre
sent the party that elected me to the
senate. When any of the legislators
show a disposition to come to my pro
position, I will consider the matter.
We are now as far apart as the poles,
and there is no apparent prospect of
Thehe is great dissatisfaction at
Washington, and in fact all over the
country, because of the refusal of those
in charge to employ the Marine band
at inauguration ball. This is known
to be the best -organization of music
ians in t he world and since they are
paid by the government should have
been employed. Instead different
bands were invited to bid for the job
and the Marine band was shuv out.
Some one is evidently trying to make
a stake out of it.
A national bank in Texas which
suspended about four weeks ago has
reopened its doors. Probably many
others of the banks recently in trouble
will do this also. The difficulty with
most of them, it is likely, was not
really serious, but in the general tor
por in trade they wont down. Now
that everybody sees the worst is over,
and that business is unmistakably im
proving, the bank suspensions will
probably soon be fewer than the re
sumptions. Globe-Democrat.
The latest political report con
cerning the successor to Senator
Sherman, already selected as a mem
ber of President McKinley's cabinet
is that Gov. Bushnell will not appoint
M. A. Hanna, who has senatorial as
pirations, and that no special session
of the legislature will be called, but
to further his own ambitions, Gov.
Bushnell will resign, Lieut. Jones will
become chief executive, and will
promptly appoint his predecessor to
the vacant seat in the senate. Ex.
The female suffragists had lots of
fun at Des Moines last week and
took in the town in a proper way, but
when they essayed to capture the
state legislature 6uch a "marble
heart was "shown as even the exper
ienced Susan B. .nthony had not be
fore encountered. What the Wyom
ing and Colorado people call progress
is not designated that way in Iowa,
and the horrid men folks will doubt
less continue to rule tne roost over
there without let or hindrance until
the millennium.
It is a noble spirit that actuates the
people of Nebraska to respond to the
cry of the hungry Cbicagoans. People
of that town, did admirably in Ne
braska's hour of need, being the first
to fend food. However, the sugges
tion that the Chicago Tribune makes,
that all corn sent to help the sufferiner
Cbicagoans should be sold and the
proceeds derived therefrom used to
purchase sound money literature and
immediately sent back and distributed
over the state, has a tendency to cool
ol the enthuslam. It was a mear
thrust. -
It still remains true that tho sym
pathies of the people of the Unite!
ub t iu t
c, - hex Hie
wilu A m uiaus g tin Iho u.ur er
oua laiuo auct w..ij ver mjil aad
material aid can lawfully be given the
insurgents should be uromplly rend
ered, a;iys the Beatrice Express. Cut
the fact remains thai the laws of na
tions give us no right whatever to in
terfere in the Cuban conflict, and that
we can only doit by assuming the risk
of war with every country that sees tit
to resent it. To this conclusion the
second sober thought has brought most
of the congressional statesmen who a
month ago started out with a great
flourish to establish Cuban independ
ence by joint resolution. The com
mon resolution which was to have
been oassed in the twinkling or an
eve. sleeps the sleep that knows no
waking in the pigeon hole of the com
mittee that was to report it. Its
author admits that it is dead. Most
of those who were so enthusiastically
for it when it appdared are more than
content to leave it wnere it is. An
expression of the deep sympathy w
all feel for the Cuban patr.ots and of
the earnest hope we cherish that
they may succeed is fit and proper
but beyond this we may not cousis
tently go. Ex.
Senator Mantle, of Montana
says a new silver party will be formed
in 1900, composed chiefly of republi
cans. Such a party necessarily would
be verv small. Probably the silver
party of 1900, whatever is constituon
elements may be, will be small any
how. Many of those who voted for
free silver in the recent canvass wan
free greenbacks now, and some of the
others have come over to the gold
side since the election. If there is
contest on the money issue three
years hence, it will be between th
gold standard and greenbackism. The
fight will not be so hard as it was in
1896, for the dollar wtiich is intrinsi
cally worth only the fractional part of
a mill can never muster the strength
that the 50c dollar commanded last
year. Ex.
The loss caused by the destruction
of the Pennsylvania state capitol by
fire is heavy enough, but the state did
not carry all its offices in one building
and the proportion injured is there
fore quite small. The old capitol was
outgrown long sgo, but instead of
adding to it or erecting a new build
ing aitogetner, ine state put up sep
arate structures for its growing de
parimects. ine state library, the
treasury and virtually all of the ex
ecutive offices are housed in detached
buildings. The loss in historical as
sociations is greater than in money
.w ices irom .Mauria sav mat tiie
news of Mr. Sherman's uppointiiien
us secretary of 6tate in the cabinet of
Mr. McKinley has created a sensation
at tho court, and the unexpected
change in Senor Canovas' policy, as
shown by his readiness to grant re
forms in the island, though he af
firmed a few months ago that not the
least concession would be made unti
th revolution was crushed is only due
to the fear that one of McKinley 's first
steps would be an effort to end the
war in some way favorable to the na
Mil Bkyan claims in his book that
the cross of gold and crown of thorns
was his own phrase, though he had
used it Deiore in congress. It is
strange that Mr. Bryan ignores the
perfectly well known fact that McColl
of Massachusetts, was the first to em
ploy it in congress, and that it had
been printed many years before in the
play of Jack Ode. Globe-Democrat
Fouu weeks more of Grover. Just
think of the misery in this great but
busted country, if we should wake uo
tomorrow morning to find that it wj.s
an irridescent dream and that there
were four years more of Grover.
State Journal.
The Nebraska City News has be
come so "poppy"' since it flopped that
it now fights the Omaha exposition
appropriation, just to be in line with
tne papers from tne snort jjrass
The republican candidate for trea
urer of aoutn Dakota was elected by a
majority of two in a total vote exceed
in s 90,000
Five school children went through
the ice at east Nebraska City Tuesday
and were drowued before assistance
could be rendered. Three of them
were members of one family making a
sad eyent for mother and father when
their treasures were brought home
with blanched faces and rigid forms.
A German scientist is authority for
the statement that if women will eat
onions they will rid themselves of
nervousness and beautify their com
plexions at the same time. And as an
antidote to the pungent objection
which will be promptly brought forth,
be asserts that a sprig of parsley
dipped in vinegar and eaten after the
onions at once removes all evidence of
their consumption. Ex.
Two well known Cass county hoys
went to Tecumseh not long since to
start a club room and the Telegraph
yesterday says thoir place was raided
by the officials, the boys were thrown
in jail while half a barrel of whiskey
and eight kegs of beer and some poker
chips were confiscated by the authori
ties. It is to be hoped that the boys
may learn a good lesson without seri
ous pecuniary loss. Life on the farm
may not be so roseate as is sometimes
pictured but it is several points easier
and su'-er us a mens of livelihood
than any saloon it bilitrd table route.
Scandinavia wants to secure peace
in case of a European war by haviner
its neutrality guaranteed by the
powers, as is now the case with BtL
criuut and Switzerland. Resolutions
asking for this will bo submitted in
the Norwegian storthing, the Swedish
riksdag, and the Danish folkething.
Ex-Warden C. J. Nobles died yester
day at his home in York county. He
was wealthy and leaves a valuable es
tate for the support of his family.
A peck of corn makes a pint of whis
ky, which in turn causes a peck of
trouble, and nature's law of conserva
tion of matters hold good. Bixby.
The court reporters have won their
suit in tho supremo court and their
salary of $1,500 per year will remain
the same.
The estimate of the provender re-
vuired for the supper in connection
with the inaugural ball, is 10,000 as
sorted sandwiches, 8, COO chicken cut
lets, 7,000 sweetbreads patties, o()0
gallons of consomme soup, 300 gallons
of terrapin, U00 gallons of chicken
salad, 200 gallons of crab salad, 200
gallons of lob9ter salad, 2-50 hams. 80,
oysters, liOU tongues, 180 boned lur-
kejrs, 1,S00 quat ts of ice cream, 100
gallons of Iloman punch, 2)0 pounds
of cakes, 100 pounds of game patties
and 200 gallons of coffee. This is sup
posed to be sufficient to feed 10,000
people, which is the minimum attend
ance expected. And it only costs one
dollar in addition to the ball ticket, to
enjoy a lunch like that. Ex.
A St. Louis judge fined a young man
who attempted to kiss a pretty girl.
and failed. $10 and costs. Served him
right; no pretty girl likes to be disap
pointed in such mitiers. Ex.
An Illinois uidge recently sen
tenced a man to 100 years in the
penitentiary. The fellow's good time
may cut it down to about ninety.
The determination of G vernor Pin-
gree of Michigan to vary tne tuonot-
ouy of the gubernatorial oflice by hold
ing on to his post of mayor of Detroit
for a year or two, h;:s displeased
people who think that tho ollicers are
too few to go around with one to each
man, and they have brought a Suit in
the supreme court to see if they can't
make him drop one of his bones and
be content either to bo governor or
mayor, a one. The governor's ambi
tion to hold down both executive
chairs at once is certainly uniqup,
Senator Hill is about the only mcJern
case of a eovernor ho'ding another
oflice. He was New York's governor
and senator combined for some
na"id enr ot liealrice shot ai.p
killed a dog belonging to John A.
Dobbs. Dobbs arrested him and he
was convicted j;nd sentenced to one
day in jail, which he served. The
case was appealed to the supreme court
where it was reversed. Nehr then
brought suit for $10,000 damages for
imprisonment and a jury has just re
turned a verdict for $245 in his favor,
which is the price of one day's work
in jail. This is a pointer for Richard
Roe and J. Doe. Ex.
Editor Mell Schmeid of the D.ikota
Ckv Eagle acknowledges the receipt
of a wheelborrow load of wedding
cake, when he is already so fat ho can
hardly button his shoos. But that's
the way it goes. Thosa who have
sh ill be added unto, but those who
have not, from them it shall be taken
away. J hero are some other editors
in Nebraska who are so lean they will
not cast a shr.d jw, yet they are trying
to pull through the winter on hay and
corn fodder. Ex.
Captain Palmer is the titled digni
tary who acts as secretary to Queen
Liliuokalani. It is not our friend,
Captain Palmer of Omaha, however,
as some have been led to believe.
Six sets of triplets and thirtv-ono
pairs of twins is reported from a re
cent New York baby show.
It is firmly believed that President
McKinley will recognize in his ap
pointments to prominent ofllces, some
of the sound money democrats who
advocated his election, on the rostrum
and elsewhere. It is possible, even if
not probable, that the support of that
wing of the democracy aided to a cer
tainty his election. As a reward for
his support, and recognizing his
ability, late reports indicate that Gen
eral Daniel E. Sickles is to be offered
tho position of commissioners of pen
sions in the McKinley administration.
Take off the llornn.
The undersigned is now ready with
a good portable chute and tools, to re
move the weapons of horned cattle at
ten cents per head. It never gets too
cold to dehorn cattle. Any time after
fly-tinie, until the first week in April
s the right time. After that it is too
ate. If those who wish to have such
work dono will address mo at liock
Bluffs, Neb., they will be promptly
answered. S. L. FUKLOXO.
Klieuuiatisin Cured in a Day.
'M otic Cure" for Rheumatism and
iNeuralgia raaically cures in one to
three days. Its action upon the sys
tem is remarkable and mysterious. It
removes at once the cause and the
isease immediately disappears. The
first dose greatly benefits, 75 cents.
Sold by F. G. Fricke & Co., druggists.
Dry wood taken on
subscription at
TnE News office.
And Why It Wae Not Accepted by the
Town Committee.
It had been decided at a publio meet
ing of the citizens they that wonld have
a combination library, reading room and
eocial club in VTampton. The commit
tee, made up of snbstantial members of
the community authorized to act upon
their own judgment, was in session at
Deacon Close's, he having a site that he
wanted to sell for the proposed building.
"I regard this movement aa deserving
of popular approval and aid," said the
minister. "It aims to secure a wider
intelligence and a better tone of morali
ty among our people. Every one should
give according to his means."
After the editor, the doctor and the
banker had talked in the same vein, the
lawyer proposed that they get down to
business. "Deacon Close," he contin
ued, "has a desirable lot for which he
asks t2,000. It strikes me as a pretty
stiff price, but I have no doubt that he
will make us a donation of f oOO and
make a deed of the site for $1,500. "
There was applause, in which the
deacon did nof participate, but rising
reluctantly he delivered himself as fol
lows: "I must say that I agree with
what has been said in praise of this en
terprise. Our town needs it and there
is no place for it more desirable than
the lot I have offered. Of course I want
to bear my full share of the expense.
"Since I offered you this lot," the
deacon went on, "there has been a great
improvement in times. Money is easier,
prices are better and realty gets an en
hanced valne because of the general
prosperity. I will let you have the lot
for $2,500 and throw off $500 as a do
nation. "
The minister muttered something he
was glad the rest did not hear. The
doctor laughed, the banker scowled and
the lawyer moved to adjourn in a voice
that told the deacon he would have to
seek some other market for the lot that
had taken such a long and sudden jump
in value. Detroit Free Press.
Some Birds That Hatch Their Eggs by
Queer Devices.
It is well known that the Australian
megapod is a bird that is accustomed to
sit on its eggs. In certain parts of Aus
tralia are found numerous mounds of
considerable size and height which the
first explorers took to be burial grounds.
These were made by the Megapodius
tumulus, which uses them for hatching
its eggs. They have sometimes consid
erable dimensions. A nest that is 14
feet high and 55 feet in circumference
may be regarded as large.
Each megapod bulds its own nest
with material which it gathers from all
sides, and these are exactly what the
gardener uses in the month of March to
make his forcing beds namely, leaves
and decomposing vegetable matter.
which, by their fermentation, give off
an appreciable amount of heat. In the
forcing beds tbi.s heat hastens the sprout
ing of the seeds. In the nest it suffices
for tho development and hatching of the
young birds, and the mother can go
where she likes and occupy herself as
she wishes without being troubled by
the duties of sitting.
In the small island of isinaiou, in
the Pacific, another bird has a some
what similar habit, in so far as it also
abandons its eggs, but in place of ob
tabling the necessary heat from fer
mentation it gets it from warm sand,
The leipoa, or native pheasant of Aus
tralia, acts like the megapod and watch
es the temperature of its mound very
closely, covering and uncovering the
eggs several times a day to cool them
or heat tbem as becomes necessary. Aft
er hatching, the young bird remains in
the mound several hours. It leaves on
the second day, but returns for the
night, and not until the third day is it
able to leave for good the paternal abode.
Iievue Scieutilique.
An Embarrassing Gift.
Lord Leightou's house is to be pre
sented to the nation, which in tnrn is
to maintain it in its present condition
as an artistic monument of its late own
er. It is ungracious to discuss snch mat
ters too closely, and every one will rec
ognize the good intentions of tbe ladies
who make the generous gift, bnt some
day it will be necessary seriously to dis
cuss this business, now so much in fash
ion, of keeping up the houses that are
associated with the memory of our great
men. Une day it is UarJyJe, another it
is Turner, and so on.
There is a little "boom," a few of
the faithful pour in on the opening day
and examine the hat stand, and tbe
walking stick, and the dining room ta
ble, and then they go away and straight
way forget all about it. For a year or bo
stray Americans and provincials keep up
a show of interest, and then the thing
becomes a mere white elephant, of in
terest or of use to nobody. Lord Leigh-
ton's house is out beyond Holland Park,
and, as it is not to be either a school, a
museum or a home, who is likely after
the first few weeks to take the trouble
to go three or four miles to visit it?
St. James Gazette.
Breaking Things.
Robert We had quite an experience
at btoder's last evening.
Richard Yes?
Robert Yes. We were sitting there
like so many mumchances, when Sto-
der s daughter suddenly broke into song.
lticharu bo? And what did the rest
of you do?
Robert Oh, the rest of us broke away
as soon as possible. Boston Transcript.
The present kine of Servia. Alexander
it was elevated to the throne in tbe
place of his disreputable father in 1889.
lie was born in 187G and is now a stur
dy youth, who, it is said, gives promise
tiug aiuan ever was.
It is stnted by Brewer that Podo Hor-
u"'wi t -j . an ma utbz to wear a
cup or tiara of state.
County Physicians
ine loiiowing is a list of the
county physicians for the eix dis
tricts appointed by the county com
missioners today: Dr. Cummins, Geo.
GHmore, Ur. M.M. Cutler. Dr. TJol-
lister, Dr. lamblin and Dr. Neeley.
Allen C. Story a lawyer of Chicago,
came near being lynched right in the
heart of the city yesterday by an in-
furiated mob who insisted through
Allen's manip jlations of Building and
Loan investments thev had been rob
bed. A catholic priest interfered and
Story sneakec out of sight.
"When love, our great immortal, .
Put on mortality
And down from Eden '9 portal
Brought this sweet world to be.
At the sublime archangel
He laughed with veiled eyea.
For be bore within his bosom
The seed of paradise.
Ee hid it in hU bosom,
And there such warmth it found
It brake in bud and blossom.
And the rose fell on the ground.
As the green light on the prairie.
As the red light on the sea.
Through fragrant belts of summer
Came this sweet world to be.
And the grave archangel, seeing,
Spread his mighty vans for night,
But a glow hung round him fleeing
Like the rose of an arctic night.
And sadly moving heavenward
By Venus and by Mars,
He heard the joyful planets
Hail earth, the rose of stars.
G. E. Woodbury in Century.
Chicago Man Who Carries It to Greater
Extremes Than Most People.
There is a man on the North Side
who has the umbrella fad. It would
hardly bo fair to tell his name, as it
was learned in confidence, and the fad
might not be regarded as a mere eccen
tricity by some people who have suffer
ed from it and they might be tempted
to complain to the police. Again, every
body who has lost an umbrella and
that means a majority of the people of
Chicago would look up his address in
the directory and sweep down upon him
with the hope that his lost property
might be in his collection.
There are other men who have a
weakness fcr taking umbrellas, but no
man is known to have carried it to so
great an extreme as this one. He has a
collection numbering 400 umbiellas of
all kinds. A good many of them were
bought. Some of them were borrowed
from friends, with and without their
permission, and others were acquired in
other ways which it would be hardly
polite to mention. The man is a good
citizen in other respects, but he is a vic
tim of the umbrella habit, and when he
sees an umbrella he is compelled to
struggle very hard to resist the tempta
tion to make himself its owner. Usual
ly he yields to the temptation, and the
coveted prize is transferred to his col
lection. The umbrella collector does not make
any great display of his collection. The
umbrellas are piled up in a big closet in
his bedroom, and he very seldom visits
it. Now and then he looks over them
and counts them with satisfaction. The
last time he counted them there were
398 in the closet. He has added a few
to his collection since that time.
In every other way except this pas
sion for umbrellas, which amounts to a
mania, the man is perfectly sane. His
friends regard him as a very clevei
man, and he holds a responsible posi
tion in a big wholesale house down
town. But umbrellas are his weakness.
He is a victim of the umbrella habit
just as another man might be a victim
of the opium habit or morphine habit,
and his relatives are in constant fear
that the habit may some day get him
into trouble. Chicago Times-Herald.
A Pointed Question.
The great question whether the use
of forks is understood in Chicago hav
ing been happily settled in Paris, it
mow ha aol'tul in cnvinnanaaa ichothai
forks are not too much used in Chicago
and everywhere else. Not that anybody
wants to use the knife for conveying
food to the mouth, but might .not the
teaspoon as a part of the dinner equip
ment be a little more prominent?
People of breeding train their chil
dren to eat peas, for instance, with a
fork, tabooing the spoon for no apparent
reason other than that its use would
simplify and facilitate the operation.
On tbe same principle they ought to eat
their peas with chopsticks, as a China
man could easily do. Ho with certain
kinds of pie and pastry. The relish is
marred by the loss of juices too thin for
the fork to carry. Yet the man who
values his social reputation must not
The proper use of the silver fork
might be better understood if it were
regarded as a modified shovel wjth lim-
itations imposed by its slits. For solids
it is an excellent shovel. For liquids it
is naturally a failure. The countryman
who on his first visit to a city hotel
asked tne water for a spoon with no
slits in it was no legitimate subject of
ridicule. He was an impartial critic,
being without the prejudice of habit or
tradition. Hotel Mail.
The Supreme Court.
"The judges of the United States
courts have, with rare exceptions, been
men of excellent legal ability and of
high character,' writes ex-President
Tr . rm T - , tt t 1
narrison in ine ijauies xiome journal.
The bar has sometimes complained
that judges were arbitrary and not al-1
ways aa suave and respectful in their
treatment of the members of the bar as I
theyought to be. Perhaps there has
hppn in TflrHn1iirpnaAa crrrvn n r fnr ennh I
complaints, but the cases have been
few. Manifestations of rudeness and
passion are inexcusable in a judge. He
must be deferential if he expects defer
ence. He should be patient and even
tempered, for the case is Bure to go his
way in his own court. And, on the oth
er hand, the bar should always give its
powerful aid to support the influence of
the courts, for the judicial department
is the keystone of our government and
assaults uron it threaten the whole
structure of the stately arch. "
He'd Starve.
"I don't see how Jolly lives with that
rich wife of his. She's a Tartar. "
"It would be a good deal harder to
explain how he could live without her."
Detroit Free Press.
What is called elm dust is really the
seeds of the tree, which ripen before the
leaves are perfectly foi rued.
Portland, lie., is 1,297 miles north
east of St. Louis.
Old fashioned oak tanned leather
(that lasts twice as loner as the chemi
cal quick tanned leather) is what
August Gorder uses, and the result is
if a man buys his harness once he will
have no other.
Children Cry for
Pita-Tier's Castoric
Children Cry fori
Pitcher's Castoria.
for Infants and Children.
KIT3HiaTY year' observation of Caatoria with tho T?!
J millions of person, permit nn to speak of it wifhont gnessiag.
It Is nnqnestionahly thejbeoroeyjforjnttjant and Children
the world ha ever known. It is harmless. Children like It. It
gives them health. It will save their lives. In it Mothers have
something which is absolutely safg and practically perfectasa
child's medicine.
Castoria destroys "Worms.
Castoria allays Feverishnes.
Castoria prevents vomiting Son r Cnrd.
Castoria cures Diarrhoea and Wind Colic
Castoria relieves Teething Troubles.
Castoria enres Constipation and Flatulency.
Castoria neutralises the effect of carbonic acid gas of poisonons air.
Castoria does not contain morphinq, opinm, or other narcotic property.
Castoria assiroilt 'the food, regulate the stomach and bowels,
giving healthy end natural fclcep.
Castoria is pnt tip in one-friza "bottle only. It is not sold in bulk.
Don't allow any on to sell yon anything else on the plea or promise
that it is "just as good" and "will answer every pnrpose.
See that yon g-et C - A. - S - T - Q
The fac-similo
signature of
Children Cry for
Has a larger stock than ever which must be
sold and he has made prices that will sell the
Nothing is nicer than
gant j-'icture; or a. convenient writing uesK.
Pearlmanhas them to give away or next
thing tO it.
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Plattsmouth, Neb.
Card of Thank.
I To the A. O. U. V., also shoo em-
ployes and friends of my father whose
sympatny anu acts of kindness have
been so generously extended, I desire
to return my sincere thanks.
DeWitt's Colic & Cholera Cure.
Pleasant, quick result, safe to use.