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THE NEWS. Establshed Nov.5.19t toot sol'da'ed Jn 1 mi
THE U Eli ALL). Established April 10, iWU. ousouaa.ea Jan. l, laa
VOL. V. NO. 32.
Gravitation and the Blood.
We ordinarily think of the attraction
of gravitation only as producing what
we call weight, and as governing the
motion of the earth and other planets in
their orbits. Bat gravitation acts in a
very important n? aimer upon the circu
lation of the blood in our veins and ar
teries. An elaborate series of experi
ments has recently been carried ont in
England to determine just what effect
gravitation exercises in this respect, and
how its disturbing influence is compen
sated in the bodily loechaniFm.
It has been found that man probably
possesses a more complete compensation
of this kind than any other animal, and
that the monkey stands in this respec
next to man.
Injuries to the spinal cord, asphyxia,
BJd poisoning by chiou-lorm or curare
paralyze, more or loss completely, tho
power of compensation, and th"ii the in
fluence of gravitation on the circulation
of the blood may become a t-erious dan
ger. In such a case death is more likely to
result, according to the conclusions of
Professor Leonard Ilill, if the body is
placed in such a position that tho ab
domen is at a lower level than the heart.
But the danger may be diminished or
removed either by elevating the abdo
men or by compressing it so as to drive
the blood up to the heart. When the
heart itself, however, has been injured,
as by chloroform, there is danger in foro
lug the blood too rapidly into it
Professor Hill finds that, general!
peaking, the best position for the body,
when the power of compensation for the
effects of gravitation has been arrested,
is with tho feet up instead of with the
foet down. Youth's Companion.
The Hamadryad.
The keeper at the zoo, descr;bing to
me the hamadryad's appearance when it
raised itself to strike, said it was
"proud" and "bold looking." Its ac
tion was as swift as thought and looked
almost like a spring from tho ground.
How high when irritated tho terrifio
thing can strike is not known, but no
other instance is authenticated of a
snake making good a blow so high a$
four feet from the groxmd, while marks
on the glass of its cuge show that the
reptile has, in its endeavors to cape
from confinement, reached up to the
height of nine feet
Supposing, then, that wo were in
clined to believe all that the natives of
India say about it that it is so fierce as
to attack man at sight, so vindictive as
to follow him with dogped resolution
, and add to it all we actually know about
the reptile, that it can climb trees like
an anaconda, swim like a hydra, get
over a 9 foot wall and squeeze through
a 6 inch hole, and that its bite is death,
it would have to be confessed that the
snake eating snake is the mopt terrible
creature in nature. Good Words.
An I Tory Slat.
Many people have never even heard
of such a thing, and it is not to b3 won
dered at, for these mats are exceedingly
rare, and it ip 6aid by those who know
that only three ot these beautiful curi
osities exist in tbe whole world.
one we now write about is the largest
one made. It measures 8 by 4 feet,
and though made in a small hill state
tn the north of India has an almost
Greek design for its border. It was
only used on state occasions, when
the rajah sat on it to sign important
documents. The original cost of the
mat is fabnloua, for G.400 pounds of
ivory. were used in its manufacture.
The finest Btrips of ivory must have
been taken off the tusks, as the mat is
as flexible as a woven stuff and beauti
fully fine Ladies' Pictorial.
Jess Well, I must go and take off
my bicycle bloomers.
Bess What for?
Jess I've got to attend a meeting of
the Society For the Introduction of
Dress Skirts Among Turkish Women.
New Orleans Times-Democrat
facie AlTah Dunnine Tbinka the Old
World "SloAbes" Around.
Uncle Alvah Dunning, the hermit of
the Adirondacks, maintains that the
earth is not round like a ball, but as
flat as a pancake, or, at best, that it re
sembles a milk pan, with enough of an
edge to it to keep the water from run
ning away.
A number of guests at Charlie Ben
nett's "Antlers," on Raquttte lake,
were discussing tho theory with Uncle
Alvah one day during the hunting sea
son. One of them undertook the alto
gether hopeless task of convincing the
old man of the error of his belief.
Among other things he called attention
to the tides.
"Uncle Alvah," he said "you've
heard of tides, haven't you? How do
you account for them if tho world isn't
The old man remained silent for
ajvhilc and then drawled forth, "Waal,
I her some idee as to 'em. "
"What is it than?" asked tho ques
tioner, while all tho Fportmm drew
near to await the answer. Uncle Alvah
was not to be hurried, and after anoth
er pause he remarked:
"Did ye ever turn over in bed? )
think's more than likely."
"Yes, I've turned over in bed."
"Do ye 6leep 'tween sheets?"
"Always," replied tho questionei
laughingly. "What's that got to do
with it?"
"It's got all to do with it, in my
opinion. When you went over, didn't
the bedclothes kind o' slip round an
slosh round an didn't get there Bama
time as you did?"
"Waal, that's my idee of the tides.
The old earth sort o 6lips round under
the water like a man under the bed
clothes, or it teeters a bit like when
yon tip a njilkpan. The water don't get
there quite as fast as the land, an that's
what makes the tides." New York
Wfcen thou turn'st away from 10.
Christ la this Bide of thy hill.
- When thon tamest toward good.
Christ is walking im thy wood.
When thy heart Bays. "Father, pardonf
Then the Lord is in thy garden.
When 6tern duty wakes to watch.
Then his hand is on the latch.
But when Hope thy wong doth roose.
Then the Lord la in the house.
When to love is aU thy wit,
Christ dotb at thy table sit.
When God's will Is thy heart's pola.
Then Is Christ thy very souL
George Macdonald In London Spectator.
Tbe Poison of the Cobra,
The bite of the terrible cobra of India
Is looked upon as meaning certain death.
It is not surprising that experiments to
determine the nature of this awful
poison should attract wide attention
when they are made in a scientific man
ner entitling their results to be accepted
with confidence. Such experiments have
recently been conducted by Mr. A, A.
Kant hack. The venom was obtained
by pressing the hads of living cobras,
by which nerve trying operation the
deadly fluid was squeezed out of the
The fluid dries teir quicklyand leaves
a yellow substance resembling gum
arabic or the dried albumen of egg, which
is easily pulverized. The activity of the
poison is destroyed by prolonged boiling,
a concentrated solution of it withstand
ing the effects of boiling for an hour or
two before entirely losing its poisonous
action. A weak solution could be ren
dered innocuous by being boiled from 20
minutes to half an hour.
But of course this can give no comfort
to any victim of a cobra bite, since the
venom, once injected into his blood,
could by no possibility be subjected to
such a process of boiling.
Ammonia and chlorine water also
proved capable of destroying the poison
if applied to it for a considerable time
in strong solutions, and carbolic acid con
siderably delayed its poisonous action.
Some hope had been raised that doses
of Etrychnia might prove a means of
wan, but the experiments showed that
there was no foundation for this hope.
So far, then, a euro for the bite of the
cobra remains to be discovered.
Youth's Companion.
The earnings of the Rock Island systera
for March show a decrease of $47,000.
Three safes were blown open at Thorn
ten, la., Tuesday night.
ArcKjishop Ireland of St. Paul ad
dresed the New York Loyal legion ou
Willie Walker, aged 10 years, was run
over and killed by a fire engine at Spring
field. Ills
Harry Manning accidentally shot Bert
MaxfieUl while burning near Lyndon, la.
United States Marshal Desmond has ap
pointed M. I Healey his deputy in the
Cedar Rapids. Ia., district.
John Halstead, 80 years old, who haJ
been missing for some time at Boscobel,
Wis., was found dead under a fallen tree
on his farm.
The final trial and inspection of the
coast defense vessel Monterey have been
Sheriff Fester of Monroe county, Ala.,
ras killed by a negro dosperado. who will
probably be lynched.
Representative Dolliver of Iowa ad
dressed a convention of Republican col
lege clubs at Syracuse.
General Nelson A. Mills has arrived at
Los Angeles with his family. The party
will travel through southern California
to San Francisco and will soon return
The Masons of Canton, III9., formally
opened their new lodge rooms which were
built to replace those burned last Sep
tember. The 40th anniversary of the founding of
Grinnell, la., was celebrated with pa
triotic exercises and a banquet by it sit
As a result of the Kansas City A. P. A.
Catholic election riot, eight men are un
der arrest, charged with murder in the
first degree.
V. R. Price and J. J. Cook, farmers re
siding near Thackerville, Tex., were ar
rested and confessed to having attempted
to wreck a Santa Fe passenger express
train three weeks ago.
A mass meeting was held at Mount Ver
non, la., for the purpose of waging a war
on the "bootleggers," who have been car
rying on an extenaivi business for sew
A Hint to Smokers.
Many tobacco smokers consider that
little light specks on the wrapper of a
cigar indicate a good article. Very few
know how those specks get there.
If on a hot day, when the sun has
been beating down on the tobacco plants,
a sudden thunder shower Ehould come
up and sprinkle the leaves with the im
mense drops of rain so common in Cuba,
and it shoulJ then suddenly clear up,
the sun coming out brightly again, the
drops of water on the leaves will act as
lenses and concentrate the sun's rays,
which burn the little specks upon the
The tobacco must be ripe in order that
the sun may give this effect On account
of the great selling capacity of this sort
of wrapper, these epots are made on the
cheaper brands by chemical means.
London Standard.
Nothing is such an obstacle to pro
duction of excellence as the power of
producing what is good with ease and
rapidity. Aikin.
When reading, a man usually geta
through 400 words a minute.
Missouri ranks first in mules, having
in the last census year 251,714; th
next being Texas, with 227,432, and th
third Tennessee, with 203. G39.
Better. '
"1 should have yon know, sir, that I
am a Londoner, as I was born in Lon
don." "'Jut L sir, wis borT. in Cork, and I
am a Corker 1" Boston Globe.
The first stereotyping
1813 in New York.
was done im
tfot Even the Labor Day Act Creates Oa
Say tbe Lawyers.
There would seem to be no such thing
in this country as a national holiday.
Lawyers assert that even Labor day,
Which was set apart by act of congress
In 1894 in such manner as to lead the
confiding layman to suppose it at least
to be a national holiday, ia not such
outside of the District of Columbia un
less by state enactment. The creation
and regulation of holidays have been
left entirely to the legislatures of the
individual states.
The act of congress concerning Labor
day was approved June 28, 1894. It pro
vides "that the first Monday of Septem.
ber in each year, being the day cele
brated and known as Labor day, is
hereby made a legal holiday, to all in
tents and purposes, in the same manner
as Christmas, Jan. 1, Feb. 22, May 80
and July 4 aro now made by law public
Clearly tJj proper construction cf
this statute can be arrived at only by
reference to the provisions bearing upon
the other holidays named. The act mak
ing holidays cf Jan. 1, July 4, Christ
mas and "any day appointed or recom
mended by the president of the United
States as a day of public fast or thanks
giving" was passed in Juno, 1870, and
was restricted in its effect to the Dis
trict of Columbia. These days are holi
days in the various states only as they
are made so by the various state legis
latures. The act of Jan. 31. 1879, makes Feb.
22 a legal holiday, and the act of Aug.
SI, 1888, dothe same for May 80.
and both ai restricted in their applies
tion to the District of Columbia. Tbe
act referring to Labor day says nothing
about the District of Columbia, but it
does 6ay that the first Monday of Sep
tember shall be a legal holiday, "to all
intents and purposes, in the same man
ner as Christmas, Jan. 1, Feb. 22, Maj
80 and July 4 are now made by la-w
public holidays."
The intents and purposes for which
and the manner in which those days are
made holidays are expressly limited to
the District of Columbia, and so, by
necessary inference, is the act referring
to Labor day.
The mislaadfEg language of the Labor
day act has led to a prevalent statement
that the first Monday of September is a
holiday throughonc the United State
by congressional enactment. New York
A Firm Belief In the "Fair Folk" SWi
There still lingers a widespread belief
In the north of Scotland that the "fail
folk, " or "gweed neebors, " as the fairie
are called, still live in the hills, and
during the first days of convalescence a
mother must be zealously guarded lest
ne of the "wee people" come and rob
the child of its nourishment. Some
times they succeed in carrying off the
mother. Here is one of the superstitious
A north country fisher had a fine
child. One evening a beggar woman
entered the hut and went np to tbe
cradle to gaze into tho eyes of the babe.
From that time good health left it, and
a strange look came into its face, and
the mother was troubled. An old man
begging for food passed that way. When
he caught sight of the child, he cried :
"That's nae a bairn. It's an image,
and the gweed folk has stoun his
Thereupon he set to work to recall
ihe fisher's bairn. A peat fire was heaped
high on the hearth aid a black hen held
over it at such a distance that it wai
singed and not killed. After somo strug
gling the hen escaped up the lum. A
few moments elapsed, and then the par
ents were gladdened by the sight of a
happy expression once more on th
child's face. It throve from that day
forward. Scottish Review.
A Dos Parse Snatcher.
Pointer degs can always be trained to
steal. Many of them are natural thieves
without training, and any of the Epecies
can be taught There is a dog of this
kind in northwest Washington. He will
pick np anything he can find around
yard or outside of a store, but his ep'
cialty is ladies' pocketbooks and hand
bags. When he sees one of these, he
grabs it and runs, always succeeding is
getting out of sight before he can be
captured or followed. No owner has
ver been seen, hence no complaints
have been made at police headquarters,
but there is but little doubt, if it were
possible to follow the animal, that it
would be found that he has been care
fully trained as a purse snatcher and
that he takes his booty home to hi.
master. lie seems to be aware that he i?
doing wrong, jumping fences and dodg
tug around houses when running awy
Washington Star
Caring a Snake llite.
As is well known, the copperhead Is
one of the most poisonous snakes, yet
J. C. Trout, who was bitten by one
three miles from Trimble, Tenn. , expe
rienced no serious effects, owing to the
remedy he used, which Is an uncommon
one. He was out hunting, and when a
couple of miles from home was bitten
on the ankle. lie at once started for
home, and on the way chewed and
swallowed what tobacco he had. When
he reached his house, 6ome fresh red
popcorn root was procured, and with
the milky juice which exudes fom it a
stripe was made around his leg just be
low the knee. The leg swelled up to
the mark and no farther, but it finally
became so tightly Bwollen and painful
that the juice was washed off and an
other mark made with it around his
thigh. The swelling gradually climbed
np to the new mark, giving him relief,
and he recovered without using any
cither remedy. Chicago Tribune.
Glowworms are much moie brilliant
when a storm is coming on than at
ether seasons. Like many other inys
teries of nature, this curious circum
stance has never been explained.
The Omaha Trade Exhibit makes
the following exceedingly timely com
ment on the sugar bounty muddle;
I "The supreme court of Nebraska
I handed down it9 decision in the case
brought by the Oxnards niandai;.:
in Auditor Moore to issue warrants
f(r 11 siirrnr hountv of five-eights of aJ
cent a pound, passed by the last leis
litture, but for which no appropria
tion was made. This made a test case
of thy constitutionality of the law
which has resulted adversely to it.
This is to be regretted. The act pro
viding for the bounly required the
sugar companies to pay $5 per ton 'ior
beets. This they have done, suppos
ing the extra dollar per ton woulube
restored to them in the t-hape of a
bounty. This is bad faith on the part
of tbe stale, something wo cannot af
ford, and a wrong that should bo b-t
right by the next legislatuie. The
poiut under -which tho
beld to be illegally diawn is that Jjo
appropriation was made for their :j?y
tnent. This decision reveals a u!tli
culty in the way of making appro
priations for bounties. Appropria
tions inu-st be specific. A certain sum
of money musi bo set asido f jr a pir put pose. It connot be U ld in
jidvaiico of a &eaaou how much the
stattf would b-j called upon to p;ty in
the c;is.j cf bounty on crops. The only
apparent way out of the dillicully is
for tho legislatures, following the
eeiisoQs wuen tlio beets are grown, lo
mase the appropriate n. This would
probab'.' not be very satisfactory to
the cuuip inies, ;:s they wcu'd have to
layout of the use of ttie money -for
so ne time. In any wo have got
into a tangle in the mutter and it
should be straightened out in a man
ner just to the companies and honor
able iu the state.1'
Jl'IMJK MtllLGII of Omaha Las
al out concluded that he doesn't va;;t
11 fedeial iition, anyv.ay. there be
ing other ways of gaining a livelihood.
From appeal an ccs the judge's con
clusion is timely.
NKBKASKA is going to keep her
Christmas stocking hanging in
of capturing a few sugar factories.
Any other lind of factories will be
gladly received, but suga" factories
are what she is clamoring for at pe?
ent. A NKWlArKi:that has b. en digging
in the records iinds that every ttate
th;.t voted for Lincoln in 1W10 was
carried for McKinley in 1SU6, atsd
that every state that voted to go out
of tho union in 1SC1, followed the lead
of Jeff Davis, east its vole for V, J.
liry an.
JF WE were to say, in our opinijn,
what periodical was most effective
uui ir:g the ia&t four years in edu
cating the people to a rightful view ol
the tariff question, with aa almost
technical knowledge of tariff matters,
we should decide that the one paj er
above all others in the ability of its
management and editoral department
and for meritorious work, is the
American Economist. It is always
bright, argumentative :;nd convincing
and deserves ail the good things that
cn bo said A i.
TllEKE is much interest beirg taken
in the election of a United States sen
s', tor for North Carolina in January
next. Tbe democratic party of that
state is committed to the doctrine of
free trade, and, as a consequence, is
doirg everything in its power to pre
vent tho re-election of Senator Pritch
aru. While it is true that Mr. Pritch
ard is a friend to silver and will in the
f utum,us in the p vocatc bimetal
lism,at the me time be is the acknow
ledged loador of the protection forces in
south and has done more than any tho
othor man from that section to develop
a sentiment in favor of protection for
its undeveloped resources, and, as a
consequence, the republican party in
the nation is exceedingly anxious for
his re election. Economist.
In pomp and pride
L'pou the plains abi ut;
No pass 1 r me.
Says Stt bbins. See ?
Wi.iie this. oM shack holds eu .
The people throve
When I once drove
'The bull team up the 1'iatie
That carted freight
Across the state
Where are those bull-teams at ?
A murder was committee, in Emporia
taa.o'.hcr aav. I ho murderer con
fessed, and hi attorney admitted he
did tho shooting. Tho coroner's ju-y
thou;ht such evidenco was incom
petent, irrelevant and immaterial and
failed to aereo. If a fellow should
turn in ttnd murder a whole family the
people down there with tho love of
justice in their hearts, would probably
reciprocate by electing- him mayor o
tho lowu.
Teachers ol Osage City, Kan., are
rejoicing-, iv snort timo since the
"board passed a resolution to tho ef
fect that the teachers should refrain
from dancinjr while, in the employ of
the city, as a ood example for tbe
pupils. The Knights of Pythias cham
pioned the cause of the teachers, and
the business men heid an indignation
; meeting, at which the following reso
lutions were passed: "Resolved,
That the board cf education bo in
structed to refrain from the uso of to
bacco in any form during their term
of ollioe. We do not believe good re
sults can be accomplished along the
line to the pupils while the members
of the board indulge in such low prac
tices." Hubert Lardner, the newly elected
clerk of the court of Bourbon county,
Kas., is in hard luck. The other night
he was thought to be an all-round
crook by one of the Ft. Scoot police
men and about two years ago ho was
arrested by a United States marshal
as a suspected train robber.
It would be
a good idea for the
officers to celebrate the new year by
having all tho alleys in the city nicely
cleaned. The sanitary condition of
the city cannot be too carefully looked
A petition has been prepared ask
ing the submission to the voters of
St. Joseph a proposition to pension
deserving firemen and those vho
have become crippled in the service,
as well as widows and orphans of de-
cci'secl members of the department.
John Williams, a local character,
was ai rested at Trenton, Mo., on sus
picion. He was attempting to get a
$5 bill changed, and tne authorities
thought that was too much money for
ou3 man to have in these times of
financial stringency. lie will prob
ably be prosecuted for impel sonatina
1'uMic iSalf.
I will sell at public vendue on Jan
unry 2S, at the premises five miles
southeast of Munay, tha following
personal property, to-wit: One span of
mules. '2 hordes, 4 cows, i0 head of
hogs, 15 tons of hay, ." farm wagons, 1
spring wagon, 1 hinder, cultivators,
plows and other at tides too numerous
to mention.
Terms of sale: On all sums over
1 year's time will be given on j vr
chaser giving note with approved
security. Under 5, cash in hand.
Nic holas K lai ukns,
Administrator of 1'stato of IVier
Klaurens, deceased.
December 2v, 1SW.
Tim Cass County Hairy.
Everything clean fresh and pure.
Milk, cream or buttermilk delivered
at your door every day.
11. F. DEAN', Prop.
Less Than Three Weeks '
Had You Thought of It?
Thought of the gilts that you will Rive, in or
er to brighten somebody else's .Christmas?
Why not underscore on your purchasing list that
we have the largest stock of beautiful, useful and
practical holiday gifts in the city?
It will pay you to examine our nuc lines in
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Eyes tested free by a graduate optician.
Snyder, The Jeweler,
Physician and Surgeon
Calls promptly attended, either
thatr Lung Troubles Debility, distrewSng Ptomarlj nfl
female iiit, and is noted ior making mrea vhen ail OLUcT
tratTTMnt fails. T.verv mother arid invalid should havpit.
P5" 01erje aai beautified tha
J lroniotcf a luxuriant Crowth.
Cures ncalp dipeae A hftir tailing.
HINDERCORNS The ml v snre Cur for
Stimulating and
After Exercise
Extract of Beef
Tlio senuine lias siirn.iture of
Karons Lie'-is in blue ou every jar.
.a l,rhrt. r' f-irlb I'll
ond Rrnni
how. 'lioJ ub bine rll.tmli. 1 uke Vr
noninnd im.faa-n. Al Ilruitri-r. or tni 4
in tor particul.r.. ttimimiiii u
"Heller Tor I.mdle." m m-ikt-. iri.r.
'.1 YrM
mm mm
u tat U J
' His proven, in thousands of cases and for many years,
I to be the Peerless Remedy for this dreaded disease
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c -
f - -
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