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TIE NEWS. Establshed Nov. 5. 1891. ron,ftlw-tfl Tnri 1 lw-
THE HERALD, Established April 10, iS64. f t'OnSOHflated Jan. 1, ISOd.
VOL. V. NO. 12.
Adlreft8 of Major MfKInley at Canton
Fall of Sound Logic.
"Now what is this thing: called busi
ness confidence?' It is a belief ia the
stability of values, faith in our mar
keta aud our money, faith that the
consumption of next year will be as
great or greater than the present one;
faith that men will have work and
that the currency of the country will
be Gxed and stable, and undepreciat
ing in value. (Great applause.)
"The merchant has confidence
when? There may be some merchants
in this audience today. The mer
chant has confidence when he stocks
his shelves with more goods in expec
tation of large sales.
"The manufacturer has confidence
when he increases his machinery,hires
more men, adds a new factory, lays in
his material in advance, certain that
it will not decline before his finished
product is sold, confident that he can
pay wage9 to labor and prices for his
raw material, and not find that in the
end his goods will be driven out of the
American market by foreign goods
under a free trade policy.
(Tremendous cheering and cries of
"That's the gtulTI")
"The Jaborer feels this condfienco
when, assured of steady employment,
ho buys a lot and starts the building
of a house for himself and family. The
farmer feels this confidence when he
plants generously, confident that what
he reaps will be in demand and bring
him fair return for his toil. The rail
road company feels it when it extends
its lines and Its switches, gets new
equipment and gives employment to
workingmen. The banker feeis
it when he loans freely of
his capital and deposits aud knows
that when his loans are returned they
will be in good sound money. (Great
applause.) And the depositor feels
this confidence when he takes his
money from it hiding place where
much of it is today and puts it in a
bank, sure that be can draw it out ac
cording to bis necessity or inclination
in as good money as he pui in. (Great
"This thing called 'business confi
dence' never shut up an Amerijan
mill; never reduced wages or curtailed
employment; never refused loaus;
never stopped a mine; never got up a
run on a bank; never created idleness
among laboring men. (Applause.)
When confidence is present with us
the sheriff has less to do (great laugh
' ter and applause) aud vertices fuw
foicsd ealfc the court docket registers
fewer judgments; public charity is
" less evoked, and the 'free feoup house'
is unknown and unnecessary. (Tre
mendous cheering.) When confidence
is shaken, misfortunes come not
singly, but in battalions, and suffering
falls on every community. (Applause.)
"No part cf our population is ex
empt. It may come f: cm one thing or
it may come from another.
"Doubt in the business world is
death to business. (Applause and
cries of "That's niiht.'") Wo have it
now. Wu know the it came.
(Great cheering.) We know what
- brought it, and I think we know how
to get rid of it. (Tremendous cheei -nnd
cries of "You bot we do.") Wo
have had it in the United States to a
greater or less degreo from the mom
ent it was settled in 1S92 that our pro
tective laws wero to be changed.
"It continued until the changes
were actually made, and still longer
until the people in 180-1 elected a re
publican uational house of representa
tives and made it impossible to cut
deeper into tho industries of our
country. (Great applause. )
War Aiiioiir tlie 'ativf8
Judge Archer's court is busy today
trying the case of state vs. David Rice,
who is charged with assaulting his
next door neighbor, John Lane. John
says that he rented some land'next to
the Rice domicile and that ho had cut
some wood on his land which tho Rice
family had purloined aud used, and as
it is a long lane that has no turning,
so this Lane turned and accused the
Rices' of stealing his wood. This
raised the ire of the family, and, as
they say in the scriptures, "wilh one
accord they set upon him, "resulting in
severe bruises on the bodv of Lane
frotr. coming in conflict with ciubs and
rocks and serious loss of peace of mind.
This was John's story, but the Rice
family talk very differentlj claim to
be quiet and law abiding and intimate
that John must have clubbed himself.
The county attorney appears for the
state and A. J. Graves for defendants.
Deatb of Mrs. Lockanl.
Mrs. Martha Lockard, mother of
Mrs. J. H. Gray, died at the residence
of her daughter in this city on Sunday
morning at 4 o'clock after a very brief
illness. She was taken with a stioke of
paralysis from which she never rallied.
Her remains were taken to heivformer
home at Shelby, Neb., for burial this
The ticarmakera' KalL
The cigarmakers' ball Saturday
evening at Sokol hall was quite a
social as well as financial success. The
music was good, and a nice time is re
ported by those present. Miss Cora
Frye won the prize, an elejrant cold
ring, for being the best lady waitzer.
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Mrs. T. F. Keckler is visiting friends
in Council Bluffs this week.
Corn husking has been begun and
the crop promises a good yield.
Miss Grace Stanley is visiting her
sister, Mrs. John Clark, this week.
The rain Saturday and Sunday in
this locality has made the roads in
very muddy.
Mr. Long has purchased the C. G.
Taber property at this place, and is
repairing the buildings.
P.M. Andrus, with his mother and
sister, removed to Lincoln this week,
where he will attend the medical col
lego. A. Jenkings commenced the work of
remodelling his house recently. Mr.
Summer of Louisville and Wm. Bull
are doing the work.
The political meeting announced
for Saturday evening was postponed
until Wednesday evening on account
of the bad weather. On Wednesday
evening the people had the pleasure
of listening to Messrs. Graves, Pol
lard and Davies, who expounded re
publicanism in an able manner. Mr.
Graves opened tho meeting by a brief
review of the republican party, and
complimenting the candidate for the
coming election and closing with re
marks upon the financial question.
Mr. Pollard then took up the finan
cial question and discussed it from its
birth as a system to the present time.
Mr. Davies followed, presenting the
matter of amendments to the constitu
tion, remarks and demonstrations on
the ratio of 16 to 1 and compliments
to the bouse for good order.
Woman's Club Sleeting.
The beautiful home of Mrs. Perry
Walker, was again thrown open to the
Woman's club last evening. The de
partment of current literature held its
first meetiner, with Mrs. Dell Munger
an leader, and, it might be said here,
that the ladies could not have made
a better choice of leader. This de
partment promises to be very popular.
After the routine business and
election of new members, philanthropic
work, that the club might do, during
the year, was discussed. "
Miss Margaret Wright opened ithe
program with a biography of Eliza
beth Stuart Phelps Ward, of whom it
might be said, "To know her is to love
"A Singular Life'' was reviewed, in
a very entertaining manner, by Mrs.
Atwood. As a preface to her review
she saiC.:
'A Sinsru!ar-Lif3"' has
impressed me, perhaps, more than any
book I have ever read. It is one which
men and women will be better for
reading. Every line is worth re-reading.
Tho themo is one which might
jar inexpressibly uoless handled in a
skillful manner. Elizabeth Staurt
Phelps, the authoress of this book, is
satisfied with nothing less that the
best, in life, in love and religion. She
wakes us to a conscious effort, she re
vives hope and bucivles on the armor
of life."
Mrs. Chapm in read a very able
criticism of "A L'uly of Quality."
Mrs. ilowland read an interesting
paper on "The Modern Novel," after
which this subject was discussed by
members. The ladies then adjourned,
feeling that they had spent a very
pleasant and profitable evening.
Hoard of Trade Meeting.
The board of trade meeting held at
the county judge's office last evening
owing to the many political counter
attractions, was not largely attended.
Nearly all the members of the city
council were present in order to hear
a discussion of the proposition to lease
the electric light plant. Tho matter
was not discussed, but on a motion a
committee composed of M. D. Polk,
Wm. Neville tnd P. G. Fricke was
appointed to investigate the light
question with the standing committee
of the council and report at the next
meeting of that body. The committee
was also to lcok after securing cheap
rates over the ferry and a good road to
the landing, down the river where the
old B. & M. track used to reach the
transfer landing below the bridge.
President Windham, on motion,
was authorized to appoint delegates
to the susrar beet convention at Grand
Island with a view to awakening an
interest in beet culture and factories
here in this countv. The committee
will be announced next week.
"tJenT Kelly Speak.
"GenT' Kelly, of Coxey army lame,
was in town last niarht and spoke at
the McKinley club room.. Although
advertised only a few hours, the hall
would not bold half the crowd that
sought to hear the labor orator.
whoso speech to many, was a revela
tion on the tariff question, as he
brought down the facts cf history and
logic of events so iriisUtibly in proof
of protection that to hear him was
to be convinced. The democrats and
a brass band were trying to hold a
meeting at White's opera house, but
they in no wire detracted from the
Kelly meeting. An effort will be
made to have Mr. Kelly speak here
again next week, and it is hoped
with success.
Speed and safety are the watchwords
of the age. One Minute Cough Cure
acts speedily, safely and never fails
Atthma, bronchitis, coughs and colds
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It will assist the female organs to perform their regular
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From the Lincoln Call.
BUI Greene came as near getting to
congress as he ever will when he at
tended Buffalo Bill's congress of rough
riders at Omaha the other day.
The Methodist people of York have
just completed a handsome new edifice
of worship. There is some hope for
Sedgwick of the Times yet.
While the free silverites are stand
ing on the street corners howling that
there is" not enough money in circula
tion, the farmers are offering a dollar
a day ajd board for corn huskers. It
don't take much of a field glass to ex
pose the liars in this oaso.
There was a split in the Red Cloud
band the other day because the ma
jority of its members refused to play
the "Conquering Hero Comes" on the
night that Mr.Holcomb made a speech
there. Seven or eight of the members
of the organization resigned and their
places were immediately filled by re
publican musicians. Red Cloud now
has one of the best bands in the 'state
since the change.
The Plattsmoutii News thinks
that the republicans of Lincoln, while
a fairly shrewd crowd, should not have
neglected to have the spirits of Thom
as Jefferson and Andrew Jackson in
terrogated on the silver question at
the recent session of spiritualists in
this city. The News is modestly in
formed that such an opportunity was
not neglected, aud that when the
pirits of those noted democrats ap
peared in answer to the question and
saw McKinley's portrait on tho wall
they smiled and winked the other eye.
Republican appointments:
Hon. C. L. Richards, Greenwood, Oct
E. M. Pollard
Hutchins School House, Oct. 1!.
Nehawka. Oct. 27.
Victoria School House. Oct. 2 ,
Elmwood, Oct. 21.
Alvo. Oct. 23.
Frank W. Collins
Weeping Water, Oct. 20.
Elmwood, Nov. 2.
Jesse Root and C. S. Folk, Heil School House,
Oct. 21.
G. M. Spurlock. L'nion, Oct. 21.
Davies, Pollard, Young and Grave-; at Ne
hawka Oct. 27.
A. C. Fish, Chicago
Union, Oct. 27.
Murray, Oct. 28.
Cedar Creek. Oct. lit.
Manley, Oct. a .
Eagle. Oct.
Hon. J. B. Strode
Greenwood. Oct. 29. .
Weeping Water, Oct. 3.t.
Piatt, mouth, Nov. 2.
Cedar Creek, Oct. 20 Ueeson and Davies.
Greenwood, Oct. 22 Pollard, Graves, Davies
and Chapman.
Sciota school house.Oci 20 Pollard and Ilavies.
Plattsmouth, Oct 27 Hon C J Greene.
Union. Oct 20 Joint debate between C A Kawls
and 1) W Foster.
Wan Severely Injured.
August, the little
son of Chris Petersen, while out play
ing with his dog yesterday alto: noon
got too near the heels of a horse,
which, although quite frentle, in an at
tempt to ktck the dog landed its
heels in the little fellow's face.
The cheek bone was broken and a
flesh wound which laid bare the bone
was the unfortunato result. D . Cook
was called and sewed up tho gash in
the face and dressed tho painful in
jury. The boy was unconscious from
the time of the injury up t. noon to
day, when he recovered his senses
and now seems in a fair wr.y for re
covery. What Is a Unarantee?
It is this. If you have a Cough or
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Horehound Syrup as directed, giving
it a fair trial, and no benefit is experi
enced we authorize our advertised
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chitis. Price 25 and 50 r:nts. Sold
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Berkshire Hogs.
I have for sale thirty-flve head
thoroughbred berkshire begs of either
sex some brood sows that will farrow
in October. Prices to suit the times.
At the head of this herd is a grand son
of "Stumpy Duke" who is said to have
taken more premiums than any hog in
tho world. Call on or address,
John F. Polk.
Greenwood, Neb."
DeWitt's Colic & Cholera Cure.
Pleasant, quick r suits, safe to mm.
Many of the disorders peculiar to
women are caused by diseased con
ditions of the Liver, Kidneys and
Bowels. Restore these organs to a
healthy state by using
Dr. J. 11. McLEAH'S
Views of Tilden on Unnountl Finance.
Uncertainty ia the prolific parent of
mischief in all business. Men do noth
ing, because they are unable to make
any calculations on which they may
safely rely. They undertake nothing
because they fear a loss in everything
they would attempt.
They hope and wait. The merchant
dares not buy for the future consump
tion of his customer. The manufact
urer dares not make fabrics which
may not refund his outlay. He shuts
his factory and discharges his work
men. Capitalists cannot lend on se
curity they consider unsafe, and their
funds lie almost without interest.
Men of enterprise who have credit or
securities to pledge will not borrow.
The people need to know that the gov
ernment is moving in the direction of
ultimate safety and prosperity, and
that it'is doing so through prudent,
safe and conservative methods which
will be sure to inflict no new sacrifice
on the business of the country. Then
the inspiration of new life and well
founded confidence will hasten the re
storing processes of nature and pros
perity will begin to return. From
Tilden's Letter of Acceptance, 1876.
From all accounts Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy is a Godsend to the af
flicted. There : Is no advertisement
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The Democrat, Corrollton, Ky. For
sale by all druggists.
Anxiously watch declining health of
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the early stages, when not beyond
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"It is but just to write about my
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Cora Peck, Amsterdam, N. Y.
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Flesh made with Thinacura Tablets by a scien
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Are the Leaders- Gorder purchases them in
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