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TtieSeml-Weeklu News-flerald
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Congressional Ticket.
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For County Attorney,
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For Representatives,
County Commissioner. Second District,
Do YOU hear very many people com
plaining about their dollar purchasing
too much when they go to spend it'
We don't think.
TnE sixteen to one you hear people
talk about h abeen fi cured out to
mean that there will be sixteen men
out of work to one employed if Bryan
is elected.
One of the best documents that
could be sent outduring this campaign
is McKinley's letter of aooopUnca. It
contains facts and figures that cud not
be denied.
The newspapers over the parts of
the state where Judge Scott is mak
ing his free silver speeches give that
gentleman such warm roasts that he
will not get cooled off before spring.
The Central Nebraska Republican,
published at Grand Island by Seth P.
Mobley, is doing more good work for
the republ lean ticket than any paper
in the state. Mobley is a good writer
and is onto the situation.
I-F A gold dollar is a 200c dollar, how
does it happen that all other art
icles made of gold are cheaper than
ever before? Goldsmiths would like
to discover where the appreciation of
the yellow metal comes in. Globe-
The Illinois democrats have a good
opinion of each other. Ex-Congressman
Foreman, among other things,
charges Governor Altgeld of mist sing
the state's money during the present
term. Altgeld has a whole lot of bidb
to answer for.
"Let no act be done, no policy be
adopted, no expedient resorted to,that
will tarnish the honor of this great
'republic," is the adfice of John Sher
man. It is gratifying to know that
thus far in the history of the country
every party of repudiation has been
wiped out at the polls.
It Isn't anywouder the people of
Lincoln feel sore when they contrast
the actions of their candidate for pres
ident on the pop ticket, and the candi
date who resides at Canton. Hundreds
of people visit Canton every day, and
Mr. McKinley's residence is of some
value to that city. Bryan is putting
in his time chasing around over the
country placing himself on exhibition
making a cheap show of himself and
is of no particular benefit to the place
of his residence. Ex.
It is estimated that McKinley's ma
jority in New York will run above
three hundred thousand. More than
a hundred thousand has been added to
the estimate since Bryan read his es
say in New York City on account of
the fact that he fell so far short of ex
pectation and so much below his reci
- tation delivered at the convention at
Chicago. His quite brilliant recita
tion had caused him to be greatly
over-estimated, but his essay dispelled
the illusion and gave his true meas
ure. CHETEiJNE county, wnich was some
what affected by the popular craze at
the tima of Bryan's nomination, is fast
recovering itself, and will soon have
gained all and more than was lost.
The people are beginning to think,
and the more they think the more con
vinced they become that free silver is
not what they want so much as they
do an opportunity to earn an honest
dellar. This opportunity will of
course come with the election of Mc
Kinley and thd starting of the mills
and factories thatare.npV idle.--Sid-
ney Telegraph,
Jn December, 1892, President Harri
son sent his annual message to con
gress. In reviewing the condition of
the country he wrote as follows:
'There has never been a time in our
history when work was so abundant,
or when wages were so high, whether
measured by the currency iu wnich
they are paid or by their power to
supply the necessaries and comforts of
life. The general average of prices
has been such as to give to agricul
ture a fair participation in the gen
eral prosperity. The new industrial
plants established since October 6,
1890, up to October 22, 1892, number
345, and the extensions of existing
plants 108. The new capital invested
amounts to $40,44G,080,and the number
of additional employes 37,3S5. During
the first six months of the present
year 135 new factories were built."
This is an accurate review of our
condition then. That prosperity was
achieved under a republican adminis
tration and under the existing money
standard."' The fact that such prosper
ity resulted proves that our money
standard is not the cause of present
depression. Under the same standard
our prosperity will return again. It
is folly to try reckless financial ex
periments when the present standard
has been tested and found satisfactory.
The panic of 1893 was severe and its
effects are still felt.
Let it be remembered that the panic
of 1857, 1837 under bimetallism were
far worse. Bimetallism is not proof
against industrial disturbances, as ex
perience shows. Lincoln News.
The idea that they can pay their in
dobtedness easier with a 50 cent doi
lar than with an horrcst dollar is quite
a fetching theo'y with many people
who like the idea of repudiation if it
comes in a manner sanctioned by law
What silver you have in your pocket is
with one blow robbed of half its pur
chasing power as you must know,
hence there is no benefit -from that
source. But how are you to get any
of these cKpap dollars? The mine
owner who has become a millionaire is
of no benefit to us now, why should he
be of any more benefit if his fortune
were doubled. Did any silver mine
owner ever make you a present of a
dollar, do you think anyone is likely
to do so? No you must give labor or
eorn or wheat or some other product
in exchange for the dollar. The mine
owner even under the new order of
things will not require an additional
bushel of corn or pound of pork. He
may employ a few of the hundreds of
idle men which now throng the min
ing regions but the benefit from that
will bo infinitesmal. The practical
effect of it all will be that a few dema
gogues may get into ofllce on the
flimsy theory that the common people
are to get something for nothing, but
the danger comes in the immediate
removal of $010,000,000 .in gold from
circulation, contracting our currency,
unsettling values and incitiug a panic
that would send thousands of thrifty
people into bankruptcy and financial
rirtn. Every monied interest in the
country realizes this and opposes the
robber standard. Is it likely that
these men of money will invest a dol
lar or start an idle wheel when .their
interests are assailed? The very es
sence of the present silver agitation
must react against labor, as it pre
cludes the possibility of men in
vesting their money to give more enr
ployment. The gold standard means
return of confidence, it means the in
vestment of idle money. It means work
at good wages for the industrious and
general prosperity for the whole
The mortgage indebtedness of Ne
braska is about 8110,000,000. It is a
large sum of money, and it would
hurry us some if called up to liquidate
inside of thirty days. But let it be
known to the world that Nebraska has
live stock enough to pay every obliga
tion and have some left. It has houses
and lands worth $1,500,000,000 and a
crop on hand that will easily yield
50, 000,000 at present prices. A re
turn to normal business conditions
will make it possible for any indus
trious farmer to gradually pay off his
"national debt" and have a lot of
property at the "close of business" to
divide among his sons and sons-in-
law. The democratic party cannot
be trusted with legislative power
if our people hope for a return of pros
perity. It has existed during the past
forty years only as an organized pro
test against every measure calculated
to assist the struggling masses to
higher planes of living. It killed
reciprocity and closed the markets of
a dozen foreign nations to the pro
ducts of Amcriean farms and factories.
It wrapped its bony old fingers around
the throat of home industry and vir
tually said to" our people, "Buy of
England or go without." Now, the
leaders say that new issues have
arisen, and they have arisen to meet
them (as they did the tariff issue in
1892.) Farmers of Nebraska, would
you trust the gang that stole your
hogs to stand guard over your hen
roost? Would you trust the doctor
who gave you croton oil for an emetic
to prescribe for you hydrocyanic acid
as a rostorative ? No, you would send
for the oJd family physician and con
fess to him that you had been imposed
upon by a quack. You would beg him
to help by scientific medication or
make your last hours as easy as pos
sible. This country has had enough
of doubtful experiments and will re
turn the party to power, that believes
America is large enough and! strong
enough and patriotic enough to pro
tect her home industries without wait-
iog for the aid or consent of any na
tion on earth. State Journal.
The party of the best money, the
best wages and the best men can truth
fully be said of the republican party.
Lvnns Sun. Four years
prices of everything- was too high because ot pro
a. a: wp. miivif Tinvt free trade to, malce them
JNow he says everytning- is too cueap anu we
f must have tree trade tomaKemem nign. r our years
fM aj-o he laid all our ills at the door of protection, now
IM he says they are due to the gold standard. Was he jM
lying- then or is he lying-
.1: TarilT, not only to furnish ade
quate revenue for the necessary ex
penses of the government, but to pro
tect American labor from degradation
to the wage level of other lands.
2. Reciprocal agreements for open
markets and discriminating duties in
favor of the American merchant
3. Maintenance of the existing gold
standard and opposition to the free
coinage of silver except by interna
tional agreement with the leading
commercial nations of the world.
4. Pensions and preferences for
veterans of the union army,
5. A firm, vigorous and dignified
foreign policy "and ah our interests
in the western hemisphere carefully
watched and guarded."
6. The Hawaiian islands to be 'con
trolled by the United States; the
Nicaraguan canal to be built; a naval
station in the West Indies.
7. Protection of American citieens
and property in Turkey.
8. Reassertion of the Monroe doc
trine. Eventual withdrawal of Europ
ean powers from this hemisphere and
union of all (English speaking people
on this continent.
9. The United States actively to use
influence to restore peace and give in
dendence of Cuba.
10. Enlargement of the navy, de
fense of harbors and seacoasts.
11. Exclusion of illiterate and im
moral immigrants. .
12. Reapproval of the oivii service
13. A free ballot and and honest
14. Condemnation of lynching.
15. Approval of national arbitration
16. Approval of a free homestead
17. Admission of the remaining ter
ritories. representation for Alaska
abolition of carpet-bag federal officers.
18. Sympathy with legitimate ef
forts ot lessen intemperance.
19. An inconclusive but sympathetic
reference to the "rights and interests
of women."
There ought to be a joint discus
sion arranged for between Sewall and
Watson, and on behalf of the latter
gentleman we hereby challenge Mr
Sewall to a discussion of the issues in
volved in this campaign. The head
of the ticket should not be made to
furnish all the amusement for a weary
public while the tails remain idle only
as ornaments.
1 HAT news from Vermont is too
good to talk about, and next Tuesday
Maine will add her voice with in
creased force and volume for sound
money. The attempt to array the
rich against the poor,, and vice versa.
has proved a failure. Au revoir, Mr.
Bryan, your mellifluous voice is not
sufficient to draw men 'from correct
methods of doing business.
Buvan is likely to realize sooner or
later that he lingered too long in the
"enemies country." He should have
quietly remained in the country of
bis friends and allowed his friends to
call upon him. It is never good policy
to desert ones friends in the hope of
placating ones "enemies." Young as
he is Bryan should have been old
enough to haye known this.
Tub First National Bank at Beatrice
one of the heretofore strongest insti
tutions of the state closed its doors
yesterday. The Smith Brothers had
weathered the storm it was thought.
but the guarantee of payment of int
erest on western loans swamped them
Their eastern creditors were willing
to wait but the free silver scare fright
ened them and the result is that Mr,
Bryan's beautiful(?) panacea has al
ready begun to get in its worK and one
of the wealthiest banking firms in the
state is financially ruined.
The Chinese embassador, Li Hung
Chang, who is now visiting in New
York, is favorably impressed with the
United States. The people of New
xorKgave tne uninese statesman a
royal weloome. Last Sunday he visi
ted Grant's tomb to pay his respects
to the dead general, to whom Li was
Vgreatly attached. General and Mis.
Grant being hie guests when they
made their tour of the warld in 1879.
Li Hung Chang also visited Mrs.
Grant when she presented hiin with a
steel engraving of General Grant He
will p.-oeably return home by way of
It IS absolutely true as remarked by
a prominent advocate of sound money,
There is no country on the face of
this earth, 1 care not where you go,
there is no country that opens its
raiuts to the free coinage of silver but
what all other kinds of money than sil
ver,and promises to pay in silver, have
tied the land. You cannot' go into a
country of this earth where its mints
are open to the free coinage of silver
and find a gold dollar circulating
among the peeple. Not only this, but
you cannot go todayinto any country
on earth that opens its mints to the
free coinage of silver but what your
dollar, gold, silver or greenback, will
buy twice as much as the best dollar
that is in the hands of the people of
any of those countries
Republican clubs have already been
organized in twelve of the siztoej pre
cincts of Saline county. They will all
be fully organized in due time.
ap-o Mr. Bryan said th
" . . " . , V to
now .'
Who was it buck in Ohio,
When but a youth resolved to go
And battle with his country's foe ?
Who, when the clash of war was through.
And bold secession kissed the dew
Became a statesman tried and true ?
Who labored with an earnest will.
To boost the country up the hill.
And drafted the McKinley bill,
Who never altered his belief.
When free trade breakers led to grief.
But steered his party o'er the reef ?
Who often has been known to say.
As strong as any A. P. A.
"Stand up for our America ?"
Who, when convention heats are run.
Is sure to come out number one.
And distance every fav'rite son ?
Who is the man to win the day
And give protection proper sway
When Grover leaves for Buzzard's Bay ?
A. A. Rowley.
Christian Hoience.
Services held at Christian Science
I reading room and dispensary, No 1001
Main street, near High school, as fol
lows: Sunday school at 11 a. m., Sun
day evening service, 7:30; bible lesson
Friday evening at 8 o'clock. All are
cordially invited to attend, to listen
or take part as they may foel inclined
Rooms also open daily from 1C a. in. to
9 p. m. to those seeking health or
truth. "Science and Health" and
other works of Rev. M. B. Eddy, on
Didn't Even Know Him.
A peculiar appearing man wearing
a prince Albert coat of the vintage of
1837, which he wore tight buttoned
and for headgear he wore a stylish silk
tilo was seen lingering around the
county judge's aCice yesterday and in
some way the word got out that he
was a long lost uncle of Mrs. Hasse
from Australia. A reporter for THE
News was detailed to interview the
gentleman and found that, instead of
his being an Australian that he was a
lawyer from a town in Missouri, and
the accommodating probate clerk de
nied even a speaking acquaintance.
Of unusual interest to every reade
of this paper is the announcemen
made elsewhere in this issue by the St
Louis Globo-Democrat, unquestionably
the greatest of American newspapers.
The mail subscription price of the
Daily and Sunday Globe-Democrat is
reduced at one blow, from twelve to
six dollars a year, placing it within
the reach of all who desire to read any
daily paper during the comming great
national campaign. The Weekly
Globe-Democrat remains at one dollar
a year, but is issued in Semi-Weekly
sections of eight pages each, making
practically a large semi-weekly paper
This issue is just the thing for the far
mar, merchant or professional man
who has not the time to read a daily
paper but wishes to Keeppromptlyjaud
thoroughly posted. It is made oup
with especial reference to the wants of
every membor of the family, not only
giving all the news, but also a great
variety of interesting and instructive
reading matter of all kinds. Write
for free sample copies toGLOBo Print
ing Co., ST. LOUIS, MO.
Whips! Whips! Whips!
August Gorder has some surprising
bargains in whips. Ho sells the com
mon whip at two for twenty-five cents;
a first-class rawhide center whip for
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and see tbem at old stand of Fred
Gorder & Son, Plattsmouth, Neb.
Cheap Rates Via the Itarllngton.
For the occasions shown below the
Burlington route will sell round trip
tickets at one fare for the round trip:
State G. A. R. reunion. Lincoln,
Neb. , Aug. 24-30. Dates of sale Aug.
24 to 29; return limit August 31.
National republican league. Mil
waukee. Wis., August 2o-27. Dates of
sale Aug. 23 to 24; final return limit
Aug. 29.
In a recent letter to the nianufac
tubers Mr. W. F. Benjamin, editor of
the Spectator, Rushford, N. Y., says:
"It may be a pleasure to you to know
the high esteem in which Chamber
Iain's medicines are 1 eld by the
people of your own state, where they
must be best known. An aunt of
mine, who resides at Dexter, Iown,
was about to visit me a few years
since, and before loavlng home wrote
me, asking if they were sold here.
stating that if they were not she
would bring a quantity with her, as
oho t id nnt 1 1 Iff t.n Tw urlthnnt tham "
U U " - - w WW W . 1, .
The medicines referred to are Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy, famous for
its cures of colds and croup; Chamber
lain's Pain Balm for rheumatism,
lame bacx, pains in the side and chest,
and Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrnoea Remedy for bowel com
plaints. These medicines have been
in constant use in Iowa for almost a
quarter of a century. The people
have leajrned that they are articles of
great worth and merit, and unequaled
by any other. For sale here - by all
Marvin Brosdbontand Winino Sar
gent of Cedar Rapids returned from a
huntins trip to the northern partof the
state. The boys Jeport an abundance
of game in that section. I
The following proposed amendments
to the Constitution of the State of Ne
braska, as hereinafter set forth In full,
are submitted to the electors of the
State of Nebraska, to be voted npon
at the general election to be held Tues
day, November 3, A. D., 1890:
A loint resolution proposing to
Amend sections two (2). four (4). and
five (5.) of article six (6) of the Consti
tution of the State of Nebraska, relating
to number of judges of the supreme
court and their term of office.
Bo It resolved and enacted by the Legists
tore of the State of Nebraska:
Section 1. That section two CO of article
ix rtii ot the Constitution or tne mhw
of Nebraska bn amended so as to read aa fol
Irt lira ?
Section a The snpreme ooart shall nntil
other wiso provl Inil bjr law, consist of five
Co) 1ui1ks. a majority ot whom Rtiall ne ne-
aary to form a quorum or to pronounce
a decision. It shall haye original jutualtion
in castas reliant; to revenue, civu cases in
which thr state shall tie a Dart v. mtinrtamin
nun warranto, habeas cnrim. and nu-h
appellate jurisdiction, aa may be provided by
Section t. That sectlim fonr (4) f article
six C" of the Constitution or tho htnte
of Nebraska, be amended suns to read as fol
Section 4. The Judges of the KUpn-me
court shall lie elect.! hv the elector.-i or the
atntA Inrirft. And thftr tTin f office ex
cept aa hereinafter provided, shall be for a
1 . . - 1 . .1 A .... rZ ...... n .
peritHA (a utiit iii uirai uo vy v - .w
letrlslatui'e may prencrllx-.
Section a That aet-tloa five (?) of nrtlo e
lz (0) at the (Jonstltuuon ox tne ntate w e-
braHka, lie amen 10a to reaa an i niow :
Section 6. At the flrsS general election to
be held in tho rear there tthatl be eU otinl
two CO Juiltfeu of the fcupreme court one
ot whom wnttu De eieciea ir a term 01
two C-i jeans, one for the term of four (4)
Tears, and Kt each Citieral election th?ro-
after, ttera whall be elected one jndtre of
the supreme oottrt for tho term of five
pj yenr, umen (n-iwrwio p.oviii'i ''
law: Provided, that the judged of lh-. su
premo court vrh'wo terms have not expired
at tne tl:ne of noiaing tne general elec
tion of 1801. whali continue to hold their
office for the remain ter of the term for
which they were respectively comiuu
Approved March A. D. 1895.
A joint resolnnon proposing an
amendment to section thirteen (13) of
article six of the Constitution of the
Bttvte of Nebraska, relating to com
pensation of supreme and district court
Bo It reifWved by the Ijokdature of the Sttt
os aMoura jmt:
S.'Otion 1 That secMon thirteen O-O of
article arc (n) of th Ovitditution of th.? htate
of Nobra-k be amended so an to road an t l-
10 wa:
Sife. K! The Jtvlgod of tho aunronve and
district courts shall roceice fof their services
ach com pens itio:i aa rn'iy bo provided by law,
payable quarterly.
The legislature HhiUl at ltd first so-ision
affcr the adoption ot tins amendment,
threo-fiftllrt of the member elected to
ca-h houie otwicurrim;. establish th'-ir
wbmpensutiwn. The compensation so es
tablished shall not be chunked oftener
than onea In four years, and in no event unless
two-think of thn members elected to
eaeh houaa Ot the legislature concur
Approved SfBrch 30, A D 1805.
A joint resolution proposing to
amend section twenty-four (24) of
article five (5) of the Constitution of
the State of Nebraska, reluting to com
pensation of the officers of tho executive
Be It resolved aud enacted by the Legislature
of the State of Nebraska:
faction 1. Th-t section twentr-four C-'4)
of article five (T of tho Constitution ot tho
State of Neoraska be amoudod to read as fol
lows :
Cwttoa M. Tho ofli!ors of the executive
department? at the 41 ate" (forernincnt shall
taoelTe fat their ser vices a 00m pen nation
to be etubllHhd by low. whl-h shall be
neither laoreatod nor diniinishixl during the
term 10 which ther shall hive been com
tnliHione'd and they eh Ui not re reive to their
ovm tne any fees, costs, interests, upon public
moneys Id their hands or under their control,
perquisites ot ofll re or other compen
sation and all fees that may here
after be payable hv la-v f;r services
fierformed bv art officer provided for in
his rirti 'a whnll i naid fn advance into tho
state treasury. The legislature whall at it
first session alter the adaption of this amend
ment, three fifths 6T fho members elected to
ea-h house of trio legislature con
curring. twtabhVh h"e salaries of the
officers named in th",s artiele. The coin
jvii.Atlon so osl a!fished shall not bo chnngod
oftener thnn diice iti four rears and in no
event ontes two-th rJs of the members
elected to each holism of the legislature concur
Approved March to A. D. 1395.
A joint resolution proposing to amend
section one (1) of article six (G) of
the Constitution of the State of Nebras
ka, relating to judio'al power.
Bo it resolved and enacted by the Legisla
ture of th Btue of Netraika:
Section . That section on" (I) of article six
fB) of the Constitution of the Sta e of Nebraska
be amended 60 1 ead as follows :
HcfeuMi 1. The imti -iil mwAr of this Ht,:ite
sha)l e vestea lb a supreme court, district
courts, county courts justices of the
pboo. po'li-e magistrates, and in surh other
courts Inferior to thj supreme couit as may
De ereatea Dy law m wnicn two-tmras or
the ineiabe.B elected to each house
Approved March 20, A. V. 1806
A joint resolution proposing to
amend section eleven (11) of article six
&) of the Constitution of the State of
Nebraska, relating to increase in num
ber of supreme and district 'Court
Be it resolve 1 nnd enacted by th Legislature
Section r That section .uveri or
krtiole six (TO .f thi Constitution i f the fctate
It Nobrasfca to amended Po real a 1
Section H. The teste ature. -whenever two-
third.1) of Iflrt m..3uers elHctett to each house
ahan Cdpcur therein, may. tp or after the year
ima tfioUHBud elht hundred and ninetv -seven
sua noi oivnor tnan voce m every lour years
increase the number of jtbWes of su
preme and district oourfs. and the judical
te rorinea ol compact territory, al
bounded by rbu.'ity linns; and sm-fa in
crease, or aar chnnize In The boundaries
ot a district. Khali not vacate the office of any
Approved flwircn sj, A. i. tao.
A joint resolution proposing to amend
section six (6) of article one (1) of the
Constitution of the State of Nebraska,
relating to trial by jury.
Jt ltwesol ved aud enacted bv the LeztsUtur
fectlon 1. Ina3 section six (fl). srtlcle on.
It) of thb Constitution of the State of Ne
brASabe Amended .o reifd as follow:
section 0. "The rlcM of trial b jury smui
remain Inviolate., bus tho tecis.afure may pro
Tide that in civil actions flve-sUths of the jm y
Ef eQder a Verdict, and the leisiaturo may
auihpriae trial bv a Jury of a less immWr
i twelve men, in courts Inferior to the dis
trict court.
Approved Uarch SO, A D. 1803.
A joint resolution proposing to
amend section one (1) of article five (5)
of the Constitution of Nebraska, relat
ing to officers of the executive depart-xnent.
for Infants and Children.
CggHlrtTY yearV observation of Castor! n. -with the ratr'n,tc f
J millions of parsons, permit n to speak of It without cnwl n f. .
It la nnqweatlonaMy the best remedy for Infanta and Children
the world ha ever known. It la harmleaa. Children like It. It
gives them health. It will wave their Uvea. In It Mothers havo
something which U nhwolntely aafe and pntotically perfect h- n.
child medicine.
Castorla destroy Worm a.
Castorla allay a Feverishnesa,
Canto ria prevents vomiting Sonr CnrL
Castoria enrea Diarrhoea and Wind Colle.
Castor! a relieve Teething Tronhlea.
Castoria enrea Constipation and Flatnlency.
C astoria nentrallwa the effects of carbonic acid gaa rp oi son on . 1 r.
Castoria d oea not contain morphine, epinm, or other narcotic proport y.
Castoria asiimilatea the food, regnlates the stomach and bowels,
giving healthy and natural sleep.
Castoria is pnt np in one-size hottlea only. It ia not sold in hull.
Don't allow any one to sell yon anything else on the plea or iromie
that it is " Jnat aa good " and " will answer every pnrj'O""-'!
See that yon get C-A-S-T-O-U-I-A.
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, -w
dUrnatnre of
Children Cry for
Be it rewired nnd enacted by the Legisla
ture of the Sta oof Nebraska:
Heetlon 1 That section one (1) of ar
ticle Ave f?) of th- ton.stiiution of iho Mate
of Nebraska l-o amended to read as fol
lows: Section 1 Th" cxecniivo depnrtment shall
consist of a Roveinor, lieutenant-governor,
secretary of stfe. au iurrof pnb'ic accounts,
treasurer, su o.lnton ieut of pubd; in
struction, attorney (? uerat. commissioner
of publio binds nnd buildings, and three
railroad roinmisiton ;s. ou h ot whom,
exci pt tha sail rilnal commimiouein.
shall hold lits offieo for a term of
two years f-oni tho flrst Thursday after
the first Tuesla in January. after
his election, sn l until his successor s
elerto t and q ,n.ifl.-xl. Ka -h ri.ilroad com
missioner snail hold his olUco for a term of
three years bemnnin on the first Thursday
after the first Tues.l iy in jii luiiry a' ter
his election. und nntil his sueona
sor is ele to.-, nnd quiiflod: Piovldeil.
however. 'i"har fit tho first general ol o
tion held after tho adovtio i of this amend
ment there hs.l be oiectea three ruliioad
oommlsslo ior. one for the period of one
year, one for th; period of two years, and
one for the p -rlod of three years. Th Rv
eruor, secretary of state, auriltoi of pub
lio accounts, and treasurer t-hall nwide at
the capital during their term of ofll'-:
they shall kee, the public reuords, ixxiks
and papers there au l b)iiii perform such du
ties as may be required by 1 1 w.
Approve! h 30. A. D. 189X
A joint resolution proptisinar to
amend section twenty-six (2P) of ar
ticle five (5) of the Constitution of the
State of Nebr;tsk:i, limiting the num
ber of executive state oflicers.
Be it resolve 1 and imettxl bv tho Lei;.
lslature of the htnto of Nebraska:
(section 1. That section twentv-six rjlTi of
article five (:-,) of the Constitution of the
State of Nebraska be amended to read as
Section 3". ro othor executive stnte offi
cers except those named In so tlon ons il)
ot this article t-lmll b.; ereetoii, i-x-i-iit
by an act of th-i legislature whi.-h Is
concurred in by not lesn thuu three f .urths
of the members elected to each houso
thereof I
1 rovided. Tliit anv )fncd created bv aa
act of the legislature m.iy be nlMiiished iy
the lesislaturu, two-thirXs of tho imm-
hers elected to emh house thereof concur
Appioved March 30. A. D . 18i
A joint resolution proposing to
amend section nine (0) of article eight
(8) of the Constitution of the State of
Nebraska, providing for the investment
of tho permanent educational funds of
the state.
Be it resolved and enacted bv the Legisla
ture of the State of Nebraska:
Section 1. That section nine (0) of article
eight 00 of tho 1'oiKiiiuMui of tho State
of Nebraska te amended to read as fol
Section 9. All fnn is belonuiriir to the state
for educational purposes, tho interest and
income whereof .nly are to be use 1, nhull
be deemed trust funds held by the st ite,
and the state slvtU supply all lossi-s there
of that may in any manner accrue, so that
the same shall remain forever inviolate
and undl.-ninish -d and shall not tie in
vested or loaned except on Unlt-sl States
or state so.'urities. or registered county
bonds or registered srho .1 district liondtof
this state, and su h funds with th i inter
est and income thereof are hereby solemn
ly pledged for the purpose i for whl hthey
are granted mid set aiuirt. nnl shall not
be transferred to any oihor fund for other
frovldod. The hoard created bv section
1 of this article is einjiowered to sell from
time to time any of th'? securities Wlun'liM
to the permanent s hool fund nnd invest
the proceeds ail tins therefrom in any of the
securities ennmerared in this setttion ls;ar
lnz a hicher rate of interest whenever
an opportunity for bolter investment is pre
sented; And provided further. That when any
warrant upon the state treasurer reg
ularly issued in pursuance of an appropri
ation by the legislature and secured by the
levy of a tax for Its payment. Khali
be presenti-d to the state treasurer for
payments and there shall not be any
money fn the proper fund to pay such
warrant, the. board created by section 1
of this artic.e rosy dire -t the state treas
urer to pay tha amount due on su h war
rant from moneys in hi- h-.nds lloiiKlne
to i he per.naneut school fund i.f lh hihIm,
and he fhad hold said warrant ns au in
vs:ment o.' a 1 ih nu met s h kiI fund.
A;.proVe.l ftian-h 2J, A. i laitj.
A j.i:it resnlntioti propesiiifj afi
anvMidnn-iif to the C'i)!-t l u!i"ti f f lie
Stii'e of Nel)i;u-ka by .iil-iitiej a new
secrion t ariicio tn)v(- 12) of said
constitution to be iiuiuIk-ii i sis-tion
Wo (3) relative to the lin-Jing of tlie
goveriimenr f ritu-n .r ilie meiio
pol.tan cl.t-.a iiiiii tl' govoi !i i I'tit oi
the counties whtnin puch cities are
Be it resolve I and enacted by the legis
lature of tho n.ninui Neiji-ask i:
Sec; i m 1. Thlt ail-:e (1.) of ihe
Oolisll Uilon if th-: .Jt::e 'if Na. f sia Is
amende'.! y a di m t-sintl arti b? n n w -ei-tion
t. e fiu'ii'M'i ed s.s!iion nv (2) . r ad
as follow s :
Recti in 2. Th government of any c.iti of
the itictropo nan css and the p..v-
eminent of the eoiuity in It rh
it is lo -ate t mil' l;e uvii;l vli .i.
or iu pai t h -n a u to do h-ts
tei-a .sui.iuli.e.i n nnmon or law to tne
voters of such cit mil louuty aid re
ceive l h-i ass 'lit of a m J u-tly of the
voles cast In s.u h tit. aid nl-o a neiioritt
of 'he volei ra.t in tho eoivit ex nislve
of ihoie cast in su h metioii-i.iia.i city at -uch
ele ii i.'i.
Approvetl Mir. h 2j A. D. !.-.".
A joint resolution proposing an
is on every
L&V -rVX
Pitcher's Castoria.
aniendment to section six (0) of ailii le
seven (7) of the Constitution of the
State of Nebraska, prescribing tho
manner in which votes phall lie east.
Be it reolvisl and enficf.-d by the legislat
ure of the Htutrt of :
Section 1 Thit seetlon six (fi) of urtlols
even (7) of the Constitution ol the hints
of Nebraska be ainemlod to real as fal
lows: SeetlonO. AH votes sh ill bn by ballot, or
snch other method as may lie prrncribmt
by law. provided the secrecy of voting be
Approved 81 irch 1. A D 1K95.
A joint resolution proposing to
amei.d section two (2) of article four
teen (14) of the Constitution of the
State of Nebraska, relative to donations
to works of internal improvement and
Bo It resolved and enaered by th.i Ijoz
Lslature of tho State of Nebraska :
Suction 1 That Mc;iou two (J) if article
fourteen (11) of th ) CViiistitminn of th- L
State of, be ameudeal to read iclr
follows :
Sec. 2. No city, county, town, precinct,
municipality, or other subdivision of th
state, shall ever make donations to any
works of internal improvement, or
manufai-t' ry, unless a proposiMoa so to
do shall have boon firnW tod to ths oie tors and rTiitloii l.y a two
thirds vote at an election by authority f
law; Provideil '1'hat stnh donution of m
county with the donations of such nuuli
visions in the aKtrrrgntn hhuil not ri !
ten nr ci-nt of the assessed valuation f
i such ooimty; Provided, furiber, Tht mhv
. city or eounty may, by a tliroe-fouriin
vote. Increase HUh ln.lebtis1n.M9 flv per
cent, in addition to such ten tier sent mi i
no bond or evidences of indelitedues s i
Issued shall l valid unless th' same h I
hnve endorse 1 th-reon a strtina e . lt . - 1
by the secretary and or ef M;t.
siiowliiK that the same la issue! pursu uu t.j
Approval Murch 29, A. D., I'jOj.
I, J. A. Piper, secretary of state of
the state of Nebraska, do hereby certify
that the foregoing proposed amendments
to the Constitution of the State of Ne
braska are true and correct copies of
the original enrolled and engrossed
bills, as passed by the Twnty-fourth
session of the legislature of tho fc'fato
of Nebraska, as appears from said
original hillsY.n file in this office, nnd
that all and each of said
- a - -
amendments are snbmitted to the
qualified voters of the Stato of Ne
braska for their adoption or rejection
at the general election to bo held on
Tuesday, the bVl day of Novemler, A.
D., lS'W.
Iu testimony wheroof, I have here
unto set my hand and affixed the great
seal of the State of Nebraska.
Done at Lincoln this 17th day of
July, in the year of oor Lord, One Thou
sand, Eight Hundred and Ninety-Six
of tho Independence of the United
States the One Huadred and Twenty
First, and of this state tho Thirtieth.
(Seal.) J. A. PIPER,
Secretary of State.
Ir. Marshall, Oraduate Ilentist.
Dr. Marshall, fino gfold work.
Dr. Marshall, gold anJ porcelain
Dr. Marshall, crown and bridge work
Dr. Marshall, tooth without plate-.
Dr. Marshall, all kinds of fiilint's
Dr. Marshall, all kinds of plates.
Dr. Marshall, perfect titting plates.
Dr. Marshall, all work warranted.
All the latest aonliancea or firht
Jass dental work.
We have f 100,000 to loan at a low
rato of Interest on well-improved
Tiik National. Exchanok Co.,
Plattsmouth, Neb.
lMgiish Spavin Liniment removes al
Hard, Soft or Calloused Lumps and
Illomifhes from horses, IJlood Spavins,
Curbs, Splints, Sweeney, King-Done,
Stifles, Sprains, all Swoolcn Thronts,
Coughs, etc. Save $.V) by use of one
bottle. Warranted the most wonder
ful Illeraish Cure ever known. Sold by
b G. Fricke & Co., druggists, Platts
When Baby was sick, wt are her Castoria.
When she Vaa a Child, she cried for Castoria.
When she became Miss, Khe clun; to Castoria.
VVhea she had QJldren, she gave them Castoria.