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Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
W omai
ther :
I). ('. McKntee went to Omahn to
day to help Mr. Conc9 out at the
Hotel DcMone during L:vle fair week.
A. L. Decker one of the stauncb re
publicans from L,Uity precinct wnsin
town today arid made TllK Nkhs a
plea-;int call.
Mrs. Chas Kail a and little d:tu,'iit.-rs
went to Lincoln on the mominpr train
and will spend the day with Hie for
mer's mother.
Fred Kthoredo of Greenwood, a
cous n of l?ei t McKlwain, wiio was in
atterxlance at the Kndeavor conven
tion, is n over Sunday t'uest nf the
Lute lloodecker of Louisville was in
the city yesterday and had Dr. Cook
perfor in a surgical operation for pile?,
which resulted in great relief for him,
he having been a severe su fferor. .
Hilly Stitzer, who was employed in
Henry Doeck's furniture store for
several years, came down from Uni
versity Place awheel yesterday. He
is running a repair shop at that place.
Kev. F. II. Freund arrived home
last evening from a delightful trip
with Mr. Queurean up through the
lilack Hills and across Yellowstone
l'ark. He left Mr. Q. at Sheridan,
Most of the Grand Army boys who
were in attendance at the reunion at
Lincoln returned home last evening
and are highly pleaded with the meet
ing. It was well attended and every
body had an enjoyable time.
Quite a number of people went to the
fair on the morning train and several
more went on the afternoon train. Tho
gentle shower of last night served to
lay tho dust and make it very pleas
ant for those who attend the fair.
The two sisters of Mrs. Brlggs, Miss
Helie and Llsie Ozbun who have vis
ited here, will be married next Wed
nesday evening at the home of their
parents in Salem, la. Mrs. Uriggs and
sister Mrs Tomlinson, expect to be in
County Treasurer A. U. Fiketibary
returned home last evening from a
brier, though pleasant, visit up at
Hot Springs, S. I). He found Mrs.
Win. and Mrs. Henry F.ikenbary there
recueratin nicely with the effect of
climate and medicinal waters.
Miss Kate Wharton, who is well
known to a ereat many of Plattsmouth
young people, having taught short
hand hero about four years ago, was
married in Lincoln Thursday to Mr.
Wallace Crnndall. They were both
employed in the district clerk's office.
The young friends of Thomas Keppel
planned and successfully cirried out a
surprise nart v on him at the home of
- r
his parents on South Fifth street last
eveniner. A large crowd was in at
tendance and tho evening was
thoroughly enjoyed by the young peo
ple. Frank Green returned yesterday
from Northern Iowa, where he has
been acting as agent for the World
Iter.ild. He :xpecl9 to go up into the
Mack Hills country the first of the
week to act in the same capacity. Of
course Mr. Green is confident (?) that
Uryan will carry the day in Iowa. McCallen, Alex Clif'on and K.
K. Forerty are among tho Ilavelock
contingent who are in the city laid up
for repairs. McCallen had the mis
fortune to get a pieee of steel in one of
his eyes and Fogerty gets up and down
the street by the aid of a cane as a re
sult of a sprained ankle, Alex Clifton
has been in the. "lack shop" for about
ten days, the hot weather having
about worn him out.
Everybody fo inclined up in the Sec
ond ward can smoke ten cent cigars
for a week, at Joo McMaken's ex-
pense, u account 01 me arrival m .t
eix pound girl and a seven pound boy
at his residence this morning. Dr.
Cook was there and can testify that
none got away. Uncle Henry Mc
Makcn only regrets that the boy can't
vote for McKinley this fall, but he
shouts lustily for him already.
Wes liarr, who makes a practice of
getting a larger load of "the oil of
everlasting happiness" on beard than
ho can handle when he comes to town,
was in the city bastile serving out a
tontence. Coon Vallery,his employer.
came to town yesterday and paid his
oxygen starvation
You can starve the body in more ways than one;
vou can tcive it food and not feed it. It needs oxyp-en.
The oxycrcn you iret from
of the lody by tlie red
drop of blood contains millions of these. When these
are deficient in blood, we call it poor blood, and it
shows itseli in general weakness, lack ot appetite, and
loss of weight. ' What you want is something- which
will make more red corpuscles.
of cod-liver oil, with hypophosphites, is something
more than an 01L Its peculiar action uepenus on a
number of substances active principles which will
increase the red corpuscles ot the blood.
5oc. .nd $..00 1 SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemists, New York.
fine and secured his releasn, stating
that he needed him to run his thresh
ing maohiue engine. Iiarr is a good
man and is all right as long as he
stays away from town.
John O'llourke of Kansas City,
a former Plattsmouth boy, is visiting
with the family of Asher Clark in
this city.
Miss Mary lieu Cher and her two sis
ters from Dead wood are in the city
visiting Mrs. Joe Droege and other
Plattsmouth friends.
Plattsmouth people to tho number
of twentj--five or thirty drove over to
Clenwood yesterday to inspect the
$150,0(10 fire at the feeble minded ins
titute. The Hardy Herald sa'p there are
miles and miles square of good eorn
and oceans of feed everywhere about
there, and about one Russian thistle
to where there were ten million last
The first fall invoice of emigrants
came in from the east this morning,
consisting of ten covered wagons with
good horses and plenty of household
goods. Nebraska is all right, and the
eastern people seem to be find in g it out.
In districtcourt this afternoon Judge
Sullivan offered for filing a bill of ex
ceptions for tho Morrisey case. At
torney Clark objected on tho ground
that tho legal time in which tho bill
of exceptions could bo filed had al
ready elapsed. Tho objection was
J. W. Wainscott brought a sample
of his peaches in today that, for seed
lings are tho nicest wo ever saw. One
of the largest was SI inches in circum
fr.'mcc. This seems to bj a great year
for poaches, and no doubt prices will
place this choice fruit within the
reach of every body.
A license was issued Saturday .to
- - i
Graham, acred 44, and Itetta
Price , aged
3S, The happy couple
were maricd yesterday afternoon at
ono o'clock at the icsidenco of the
bride's brother. James Price, down on
tho ''Island. " Tho groom is a pros
perous farmer on tho Iowa side of the
river, where the happy' couple will
begin housekeeping.
John Denson was in Glenwood Sun
day and reiorts that John Giodin,who
committed a brutal assault upon old
man Stearns, from the effects of which
ho died, and who is now in jail with
a charge of murder hanging over him, I
is coiniT insane. Bv those who are I
best acquainted with Goodin
thought he is feigning insanity.
it is
A Kuunins Meeting.
J L Hoot, Jake Beeson. Pete Eve
lahd and Chas. Bobbitt drove down to
Union Saturday evening, where a
rousing republican rally was held.
Prominent speakers from Nebraska
City were present and entertained the
large audience present with an able
discussion of tho issues of the
campaign. J. L. Ilot made a
strong argument in favor of republi
canism and a tumid currency. John
Davies being present in tho audience
was called upon and made a brief
speech. A McKinley club with a large
membership was organized.
.liinlhcr JUn Found (iuilty
Ilajekiah Elliott, tried in district
court SatUl day On the charge of lldul-1
. t ,t ,...:!... 1 .. .i. r 1 I
wr-v Kuuy "'"j'-l I
- " -
Ulre IiamSCV Sentenced him to pay a
, j.w" -i. . r
ne of 20 with COStS Ol prose
cution, amounting to
30 days in jail. As
money or friends ho
Si 20,
has no
Will nave
to lay it out in
i iil r.nir-
j iii, reiiuir
ing about i days. He
been in j til six months, awaiting trial.
whicn will make his penally severe,
rather than light.
Kltrmiiat inm lured In a Iay.
"Mystic Cure" for Rheumatism and
'Neuralgia radically cures in ono to
three days. Its action upon the sys
tem is remarkable and mysterious. It
removes at once tho cause and tho
disease immediate! v disappears. The
first doso greatly benefits, 75 cents
S0!1 ny r . Ii. f riCKO OC uruggints,
IMattsmouth, Neb.
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castoria.
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castoria
the air is carried to all parts
corpuscles of the blood. One
"Every Monday morning for two years I've used
SANTA CLAUS SOAP always makes the
clothes pure and white without hard rubbing
soap has
colors in
, and
Iteatty'n Organs and I'ianott.
non. Daniel F. Boatty, of Washing
ton, New Jersey, tho great Organ and
Piano manufacturer, is tuilding and
shipping more organs and pianos than
ever. In 1870 Mr. Ilealty left homo a
penniless plow boy, and by his in
domitable will he has worked his way
up so as to sell so far, nearly 100,000 of
Beatty's Organs and Pianos since 1S70.
Nothing seems to dishearten him;
obstacles laid in his way, that would
have wrecked an ordinary man forever,
he turns to an advertisement and
comos out of it brighter than ever,
nis instruments, as is well known, are
very popular and are to be found in all
parts of the world. We are informod
that during the next ten years he in
tends to sell 200,000 more of his make;
that means a business of $20,000,000, if
wo average them at $1CO.OO each- It is
already the largest business of the
kind in existence. Write or call upon
Daniel F. Beatty, Washington, New
Jersey, for catalogue.
175 in Gold Given.
International News and Book Co.,
Baltimore, Md., are makirg a most
liberal offer of $175 to any agent who
will sell ninety copies in two months.
of their new book, "Under Both
t t . i .i v. r .n;n.
rii'Ks "r B"'"
V0'1 e3 ln one monin- ""prern-
lum is in auaiuon to anumifsiun.
Graphic and thrilling ventures of the
civil war both sides. Every word
written by eye witnesses. Stories of
camp fires, comradeship, deeds of dash
and daring, anecdotes, etc. Hundreds
of war pictures. One agent reports
twenty-five copies sold in two days,
another agent forty-two in four days.
Complete $1 outfit sent for 50 cents in
stamps. Write them immediately.
Freight paid and credit-given. This
is a splendid opportunity for
and teachers during the summer va-
2l0 in ioll ilveu.
The International News and Book
Co., of Baltimore, Md., offer SHOO to
any agent who will sell in three
months 225 copies of their book "Cam-
. v r 1o 99 ..11
paign ana issues oi ;k. j iuu,
graphic and complete account of the
campaign all sides given. Beautifully
illustrated. Biogrphiesof tho leading
n.n,. . e. i
in each partv. The book of all
' . , . . '
others to sell now,
Freight paid and 1
,.. t l
credit given. Completo outtit la j
flonts. Write them immediately. A I
gold watch given in addition to com
mission for selling 70 cooies in thirty
davs. Agents wanted ulso for other
booKs and bibles.
Referees' Sale
1 .j K., .Mrtn. .f - rtf-flr nf tli. fli:trirt
court ( jass county. Nebraska, duly entered
iirwin the 2;i dav ol August, A. it.. iS".. in au
I action therein peuuing w Herein muw ig i. r.gen-
I berger and wife, Annie K. Egenlierger, were
I plaintiffs, and Anton H. Weckbach and wife. Mary
Weckbach. were defendants, which order con-
action therein pending wherein Ludwig B. Egen
I firmed the report 01 reierecs inercioioreappomicu
insairl raiivi-.and directed them to sell as upon
I execution the lands described in their said report.
I . 1 . l..rL.;n.,.l r..f umII nnnti thi:trd dav of
I o:tober A. IX, ISHti. at 1SI o'clock p. m.. in front
of the south Uoor 01 tne court nouse 111 vh
I rn,,n... Nebraska, sell at miblic vendue to the
I highest bidd r the following described real estate.
subiect to all cncuniDrances inereon, io-wii:
1 lie wesi nan 01 101 miee f. o mvn iiim,
thrce in the cily of Plattsmouth, Cass county,
Nebraska, and the un livided lialt ol the partition
walls on the east and west sides of said west halt
i.f lot three 3l block thirtv-three (33 l'lattsmouth
Cass county. Nebraska, upon the following terms
ana conditions, viz: rorcasn. jam saie iu iir
main open one hour.
Uated August Zotn, !'..
J. W. Johnson.
. V. Hvkrs
1'homas. M. Patterson.
Byron Clark and C
Kals, Attorneys tor 1'lt.
ShenfTs Sale.
By virtue of an order of sale issued by George
F. Houseworth. clerk of tfie district court, within
- .1 4 . . r t'tusB rniintv NIKracta and 1 1 1 m 1 i
I rected, I will on the .Ui day ol September. A. l
1st;, at 11 o'clock a. m. of said dav at the south
door oi the court hause ln the citv of Plattsmouth
in said county, sell at public auction, to the
highest bidder for cash, trie following real estate,
to wit:
Fractional lot 3 in section 7, town 12. range 14.
in Cass county. Nebraska, lot 12 in block Vin and
lot 9 in block ! in the city, of Plattsmouth. Cass
county. Nebraska, together with the privileges
and appcrtenanccs thereunto belonging or in any
wisc annurtainincr. The same being levied upon
and taken as the property of Katherine Keuland,
defendant, to satisfy a judgment of safd court re
covered by Pettibone and Nixon. plaintifTs,
against said Katherine rceuianu, anas n ., ivici
Keuland. Umaha lirewing association, johu
ltlark Sarmicl tirotfelder and Lewis Tachau.
partners, as Grotfelder At Tachau. defendants.
l'lattsmouth. Neb., Aug. 21. A. J.
Harvey Hollowav.
Sheriff. Cass county, Nebraska.
Legal Notice.
Notice by publication on petition for settlement
of final administration account. In the county
court of Cass county Nebrask 1.
In the matter of the estate of J. I'rcsb.n Mef
nru, deceased, l.nza j. Atnerton. John Metlord.
hereby notified that on the 15th dav of August
ls'.ti, A. C. l.oder tiled a petition in said county
court, praying that his final administration ac
counts herein, be settled and allowed, and that he
be discharged from his trust as administrator,
and that if you fail to appear before said court on
the 12th dav of September. at M o'clock a.
m. and contest said petition, the court may grant
the prayer of said petition and make Mich other
and further orders, allowances and necrees as to
this court may seem proper, to the end that all
matters pertaining to said estate may be hnaHv
settled and determined.
itness my hand and seal of said county court
at Plattsmouth this 3th day of August. A. I).,
isw. - George M. Siklock,
(Seal) County Judge.
Legal Notce.
Notice bv publication on petition for settlement
of final administration account, ln the county
court of Cass county, Nebraska. In the matter
of the estate of lohn W Gulhon. deceased. Mary
t. Gull ion, James Uullion ana all persons mier-
mm cut .i.-cir -j,"
1 79&pS
have my washing done by nine o clock. This
never harmed the most delicate
my summer dresses, so it must
from all acids. I do wish you
send down to the Grocer
get a cake to try on your
next washing-day. You will
find a perfect Laundry Soap.
Sold everywhere. Made only by
N. K. Fairbank
cstcil in said matter arc hereby notified that on
the -1st day of August, lWHi. James C Stevenson
hied a petition in said ounty court, praying that
his final administration accounts herein be set
tled and allowed and that he be discharged from
his trust as administrator, and that it you fail to
appear before said court on the Sd day of Sep
tember, 1M, at 'I p. m.. and contest said petition,
tlie court may K ant the prayer of said petition
and 4uake such other and further orders, allow
ances and decrees as to this court may seem
projer; to the end. that all matters pcrtaininjr to
said estate may be finally settled and determined.
Witness my hand and seal of said court at
Plattsmouth, this A day of Aupust, A 1). lSlni.
, Geokue M. Spurlock,
(Seal) County Judge.
Legal Notice.
To Adaline Crippen. GurJon H. Crippen. Ben
jamin A. (libson, Slary Gibson, Edward A. lianps,
trustee, William C. Crippen. Bradford Savings
Kank & Trust Co.. George Leslie and John W.
Mitchell, non-resident defendants: You and each
of you are hereby notified that on the 14th day of
August, lsini. John H. Pettibone and S. K. Nixon,
partners doing business under the firm name and
style of iJettibone Ac Nixon, commenced an ac
tion and filed a petition in the oltice of the clerk
of the district court in and for Cass county, Ne
braska, the object and prayer of which arc to
foreclose a certain tax lieu against lots 0 and 21
in the northwest quarter of the northwest quarter
of section 3, in town 1, range 11. Cass county,
Nebraska. and also against theSsouthwest quar
ter of the northwest quarter of said section and
the west half ol the southwest quarter thereof:
said lien being for tax certificate issued Nov. 6,
193. for lsifii tax on said land,i"iO. 4, and for sub
sequent taxes paid May 4th. 114. for l.s93 tax
$43.15. for paid ay 10. lir, for the ls4
tax against said land, and for $41.57 paid May 1st
1XHS for the ltr tax against said land with 20 per
cent per annum interest on each payment till
Nov. 0, ltr. and 10 per cent annua) interest there
after, and 10 per cent attorneys' fees on the
judgment and for costs of suit. It is asked that
jour equity of redemption in said premises be
foreclosed and anv claim or lien you may have
against said laud be adjudged inferior to plain
tilts' claim thereon, and it is asked that said
premises be sold to sat'sfy said claims with inter
est, attorney's fees, and costs of suit.
Vim are required to answer said petition on or
before Monday, thexth day of September. lsUti,
or the allegations in said petition will be taken as
confessed and true, and Judgment entered ac
cordingly. You will take due notice and govern
yourscues accordingly.
John H. I'ettibonf. ano S. E. Nixon.
By their Attorneys, Beeson & Root.
I'lattsniouth. Neb., Aug. is, lMKi.
Legal Notice.
Notice by publication on petition for adminis
tration of estate, ln the county court of Casb
county, Nebraska. In the niattt-r of the estate
of Chtistiau Ciauer, deceased. Christian Alex
ander (jailer. John Matthew Gauer and Anna Bar
bara Gauer and all other persons interested in
said matter are hereby notified that on the 3rd
dy of August. lyt, C A. Gauer, John M. Gauer
and Anna Bai bara Gauer tiled a petition in said
county court, alleging among other things that
Christian Gauer died on the 17th day of July,
ls.. leaving no last will and testament, and pos
sessed of real and personal estate valued at eight
thousand nine hundred dollars ($S,WW), and that
the above named constitute the persous inter
ested in the estate of said deceased, and praying
for administration thereof. You are hereby no
tified that if you fail to appear in said court on
the 1st day of September, lssm, at 2 o clock p. ni..
and contest said petition, the court will appoint
Christian A. Gauer, or some other suitable per
son, administrator, and proceed to a settlement
of said estate. George M. Sri'RLoCK.
County Judge.
Sheriffs Sale.
By virtue of an order of sale lssund by Geo.
b. llousewnrth, cleric or the district court.
) within and for ('ass county. Nebraska.and to
' ...aih jwl I nfllAntl.u'ltiil.iU of .t . A
. jsm;. at 11 O'clock a
south door of the cou
I'lattsuioutu. In said
i a. in. of said day at the
rt house in the city or
auction, to the highest bidder for cash, the
following described real estate, to-wit:
Thowiuih half (sh of lotsts hdii 3 la
block thirteen (13) tn the city of I'latts-
mouth, Cass county. Nebraska together with
all and singular the liercuitamenis aim ap-
purtciianuos thert-unto belonging or in any
wise appertaining. The same Oulng leviea
upon and taken as the property of S. 1.
Vaniittauud b. J. Vauatta. ueiunaants: to
satisfy a judgment of said court recovered
by l-u tries c:. I'arnuuo us receiver or the
Citizens' Bank of flat t sniouth. Nebraska,
plaintilT; against sail defendants.
riattniiioulu, Nebraska. July 31, A. It,
Slit ri IT, Cass count y, Nebraska.
Sheriff's Sale.
By virtue of an orderof sale issued by George
r . Houseworth, clerk ot the district court within
and foi Cass county, Nebraska, and to me di
rected, I will on the Sth day of September, A. 11.
iy.Nl. at 11 o ciock a. m. ot said day at the south
door of the court hou.-e in the city of Platts
mouth, in said county sell at public auction, to
the highest buloer lor cash, the following real
estate, to-wit: The north half of lots eleven and
twelve (11 and 12). in block thirty-six 3', in the
city of Plattsmouth, Cass county, Nebraska, to
gether with all and singular the hereditaments
and appurtenances thereunto belonging or in
anywise :nieitainmg; the same being levied
upon and taken as the prepe ty of Hlizabcth A.
Woodson and lames M. woouson. iielcnaanis
to satisfy a tudgment of said court recovered by
Charles C. Parmele. as receiver of the Citizens
bank of Plattsmouth, Nebraska, plaintiff against
saul defendants.
Plattsmouth, Nebraska, July 31, A. IV IS'.'.
Harvey Hollowav,
Sheriff, Cass county. Nebraska
Sheriffs Sale.
Uy virtue of an order of sale Issued by
Goorite K. Houseworth, clerk of the district
court, within and for diss county, Nebraska
and to me directed. I will on the 5tu day of
Sept., A. I).. 1S!H. at 11 o'clock a. m. of said
day at tho south door ot the court house tn
the city of PI ittsniouth. In s:iid county, sell
at pubi ic auction. u tne highest bidder for
casb, the following real estate, towit:
Tim toulheMSt quarter SE li) of the
soutb west ounrter tV K ) of section thirty
four liiti. townshln thirteen (IX ranne twelve
!-. containing furty acres more or less to-
uethiT wlih nil and stnzular tne nereult;i
nirriis and aDDu rtonanees thereunto be
lonirlnir or iu anywise appertaining. The
same beinir levied upon and taken as tne
nrobcrtv of Wiiliain A. 1J. Hick ot al. de
fenu.iiit : to satisfy a judgment of said court
recovered bv A. K, Wullle. pl tlntllT, against
said tlefendant .
PiiUtsiuoutli. Nebraska. July 31, A. 1). le'.KJ.
Sheriff Cass County. Nebraska.
Legal Notice.
Notice bv Dubl.c tion on petition for settle
nient of final guardianship accounts. In county
court. Cass county. Nebraska, ln the matter of
the triiar.liansh p of Kobert A. Mitchell, insane
Julia M. Mitchell, executrix of the l;ist will and
testament ot Kobert A. Mitchell, deceased, and
all other persons interested in said matter, are
hereby notified that on the ath day of July. 1'.X.
I Javid Miller filed a petition iu said county court
praviua that his final guardianship accounts be
settled and allowed, and that he be discharged
from his trust as guardian, and that if you fail to
appear before said court on the "J2nd day of August o'clock p.m. .and contest said pet:tion. the
Cou, t may P rant the prayer of said petition and
make such other and lurther orders, allowances
and decrees as to the couit may seem proper, to
the end. tha" all matters pertaining to said
guardianship may be finally settled and deter
iniueq. utoKOk ji . sri kliv.
County Judge
Legal Notice.
Alice I MtKevnolds. deiendant. will take
notice that on the dav of Anr 1. l9i. James h
McKcvnolcis, plaintirf herein, hied his petition in
the district court ot Cass county against the de
fendant, the object and praver ot which U to ob
tain a divorce from the defendant upon the
cround ot han,l.,.iir.-nt ami rrueUv. and that
the honds ol matrimony between plaintilt and de
fendant may be dissolved.
Vou are required to answer said petition on or
before Monday, the 14th day ol September, lrtni.
Dated July 'ia. lsac.
James F. McReynolds, Plaintiff.
Matthew Gering, Attorney.
At the Remarkably Low Price of
:--t. l : 'MRBS(W -?!"r-f W.VUyW.'V! rirU-
,1 ! x w -
,p :
-r. - u k
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i . L . :
MXawKiniir'?nuiM juii n ?ttmp
k - ...u "
ZJlr I".
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Ve have never Failed to Effect a perma
nent core where we have had a reasonable op
portunity for treatment. Boole giving de
scription of our Sanitarium and Treatment,
with terms and references free. Address
SbfnAnrlnah, lowm.
The News for 10c.
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Complaxicn Preserved
Remove? Freckles. Pimple.
Liver -Moles, Blackheads,
fun?urn anl Tan, Rud re
stores the skin to its origi
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S reparations and perfectly harmless. At all
ruggists, or mailed for 5 Octs. Send for circular.
VIOLA 8KIN SOAP l rimpir looomprbi. u m
kta purtrln Soap, anrqualM for the loilrt. anil without a
for th nawrj. Ahwlut-lr pure and A-liemwlr moii-o'-d-
Attroiii. Prtc 25 Cents.
The Q. C. BITTNEK CO., Toledo, O.
Instant Killer of Pain.
Internal and External.
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8nllings, Stia Joliite, COLIC and
TUC UHRC RniMn Especially prepared for
k iiuiivi. wnniiui (jtock, ixulle Htrmiptli,
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or lMsast in existence. Large tl size gikx, at.w. aizo ;ic.
Mediated and Toilet. The Great Skin Cur and
Face Beautlflefj Ladies iU find It the most
delicate and nlKhly perfumed Toilet Soap on
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flexion i ft luxury for the Bath for Infants,
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For Catalouge,;adaress
Daniel F. Beatty, Washington, N.
PI & UnC Organs, 3a.OO opwr rds; want
riTiniU3 Agents. Catalogue free. Ad
aress laniel V. Ueaty. Washmgtoa, N. J.
ADPAUC l'iano. ??s upwards: want
UlUTt HO Agents. Catalogue free. Ad
dress Daniel F. Beatty. Washington. N. J
DCATTV'Q Pianos 325.00 upwards.
DLAI I I O ror catalozue address ;
call, Uaoiel E. Beatty, Washington. N. J
BEATTY'S organs 93S.OO
iBijUUiUUU up. For particulars, cata
r particulars, cata
Daniel F. Beatty,
loicue. address or call,
Washington, IN. J.
DCATTV'Q 0rns 35.00 upwards
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ite for cata loirueiadd nun
or call. Daniel F.
Beatty. Wasbinicton. N.-J.
Physician and Surgeon
Calls promptly attended, either
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will do if use't as a wash according" to dl'
rections; prevent transmission of blood
diseases, skin diseases, acute and chronic
ulcers, stricture. Assure or tne bands and
feet. Eczema, Tetter, tea It Rheumatism. I n-
naniatlon ol tne liladd er. Diseases or tne
bones. Joints and muscles, Syphlletlc In
sanity, Scurvy, Scrofula la many forms.
l De auove ana a nunareu omer iorrns oi
disease are traceable directly or indirectly
to Syphilitic Blood Folson for wblcu the
Dr. Jackson's English Saetv Tablets is u
sure pre ventive. and is a safe Germ Killer.
rendering contagion naraiv possioie, uencu
its value. If neglected such troubles resul
fatally. Mailed anywhere, sealed II; n x
boxes for W. Medical ad vice free. JACK
SON MEDICAL CO., Chicago. 111., or our
agent, I. L. Snyeer.
in thirty days by a new perfeoted sc'entlfio
method that can not fall unless the case l
bevond human aid. You feel improved the
first day; feel a benefit every-day: eoon
know yourself a king among men ln body,
mind and heart. Drains and losses ejded.
every obstacle to happy married Hie re
moved. Nerve force, will, energy brain
power, when falling are restored. If nn
glected such troubles result fatally.
Medical advice free. Mailed everwhere.
sealed for 91. ?lx boies for 15. JACKSON
MEDICAL. CO.. Chicago. III., or our a.ent.
I. It. nyder.
For Information and fraa Handbook write to
MCS ft CO- 301 Bboadwav. Kbw Yobk.
Oldest bureau for seeming patent In Atnerira.
Every paten t4ken out by u to brought before
the publlo by notice given tree of cb&rge In tbe
lareert cfrenlatfrm of anv scientific paper In
world. Mplendidly Illustrated. Ko lutflUiren
man nhould be without It. WeeLly. g.3 OOi
yearj $USU six months. . A1i1tm la UN !r ft CXJ
Vvuusamaa, 361 Broadway. Kw lur
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1512 DAY
Solentlflo American
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