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eb Tatmei
VOL. IV. JsO. 92.
THE NEW?. EsUblshed Nov. 5. IrttL 'consolidated Jan. 1. ItsOS.
THE llEHALli, Established April 10. iHJL f
Home IlrthlfhriuitcM LoJ I'P With Hail
Whisky and a Scrap Kiihuhh.
Eli Birdsull of Bethlehem, and his
partner, a man much larger than him
wtjlf, were iu town yesterday and
sought solace in the flowing Iwiwl.
They 'were quite "jugjry" when they
stif teJafor homo? last night in com
pany with Harrison McCord and some
other residents of the Iowa bottoms,
and when they reached a jKint alove
the bridge a quarrel ensued which
luded in a light between Hirdsall and
Biily, and the latter cut the former's
bead up so badly that ho came near
bleeding to dentl before he oould be
taken up town to a physician.
Dr. Cummin. bandaged up the fel
low's hoad, which looked like he had
fallen iuto a stone crusher and today
he i able to bo out on the street.
tixMy made good his escape across
the ri
Iver, consequently no arrests
have been made.
The I'opuliat National Convention QurfW
the Silver Oeniocmts
The gold bug democrats and republi
cans arc laughing over the result of
the populist convention. First ail
rules wore ignored, and before the
Bryan men could get their breath the
vice-president was nominated first,
and his name wasn't Sowall, either.
The Bryan ites were panic-stricken
and W. J. telcgraphod at once that
his name should not be used for the
presidential nomination.
This all occurred last night and to
day Mr. Bryan was nominated ay the
convention just the same. It looks
like the wily politician from Lincoln
had been razzie-dazzled or out classed
somewhere in the move, and tho next
turn of the kaleidoscope will bo
watched with special interwl.
A Team on Sixth Street Takes a Lively
Chase With Only .Slight JMuiaRe.
Alex Burtwell was loading a wood-:
" rack on the running-gears of a lumber
wagon near Sage Sc Shuinaker's livery j
barn without unhitching the team
this morning.
The horses seem toh'ave been vicious
,JLayvay, and with a sudden leap they
tore away like the wind, the light
wagon being no serious pediment to
their speed. They went north on
Sixth street at a killing pace up to
iTricke's residence, when they ran into
a shade tree, fell down and were cap
tured. The nec.kyoke and a bolt or
two in the coupling was broken, while
the horses, which looked as though
they would bo killed, did nut have a
Charley Twiss' horse and buggy
were standing at Streight & Saltier'.
The quiet animal, at peace with the
world, had its head down as if asleep
and before it could pick up its ears
the wagon of the runaway team struck
the buggy and quicker than you could
snap a finger the horse was lying in
the street with its heels in the air,
a buggy wheel torn to splinters and
the team which did the damage nearly
half a blok away. Several narrow
escapes were made before the tree was
struck which ended the race. Two
wagons wero slightly touched. An
inch more andthey would have been
wrecked also.
Thurston May Follow llryun.
The interesting information comes
from Chicago that the republican
managers are considering the ad
visability of following Bryan on the
stump in Maine and other parts of
New England if the latter carries out
his plain to go down there to speak.
It is probable that the senator will
follow Bryan in New York also. It is
said that tho republican managers
consider it a wiso plan to dotail Sena
tor Thurston to look after Bryan dur
ing the entire campaign and give him
nothing else to do.
It is generallj' conced that Thurston
made the best speech at the St. Louis
contention and Bryan the best speech
at the Chicago convention, but they
are very different in their style of
oratory. Bryan is compared to light
cavalry; Thurston to heavy artiilory.
Thur6ton is said to be the only debator
that Bryan is afraid of, for the senator
learned some of Bryan's weak points
in their joint debates and knows where
and how to strike him so it hurts.
Nebraska Cty Press.
Celebrated Their Uolden V edding.
The golden wedding anniversary of
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Folden was cele
brated in splendid form at Union July
ill. Mr. Folden was one of the lirst
ministeisto set foot in this county,
and if all the charitable docds and
helpful, christian aets performed by
him and his worthy wife were recorded
it would take an immense hook to hold
them. Mr. and Mrs. rolden -were
kinuly remembered by hosts of friends
who presented them with no end of
valuable and useful presents. A more
deserving eoun'.e could not be found
wi:.hin the realms of old Cass, and the
News, with other Plattsmouth friends,
takes pleasure in extending congratu
lations. ior Kale or Trade.
Some nice household furniture, for
cash qr for a horse and buggy. Call
at The News office for particulars.
Attempts Her Own Life.
ltebecca is the eighteen-year-old
daughter of Jim Baker of Hock Bluffs.
work for
Mrs. S. P. Ilolloway at the jail, and
trave satisfaction. She entertained
no gentleman friends and appeared to
bo fancy free, thoueh at times sne
seemed a little down hearted.
About 4 o'clock yesterday Mrs. Ilol
loway being away, Miss Baker gave
her little daughter Exie a note to be
delivered to Miss Carrie Ilolloway at
r. nViock but not before. The lit
tle girl read the note and
found what was about to happen so
she went and notified Carrie at once,
who came over to tho house. She had
been in the room but a few minutes
and only turned her back when the
girl drank a vial of digitalis, but the
sharp eyes of the little girl saw her.
and Dr. Schildknecht was called at
Miss Baker at first refused to take
an antidote, but by a skillful ruse she
was prevailed upon and was soon on
the way to recovery. Had help not
have been prompt tho poison would
soon have ended the girl's career, but
she persistently refused to give any
reason for her rash act.
itill (ireeue Wakes l the Wrong Man
and ltH a Severe Itoaatlnc.
ST. Louis, July 24. (To the editor
of the Clobe-Democrat) I notice ia
this morning's paper a virulent at
tack on ino by the Nebraska delega
tion signed by W. L. Greeno, chair
man, and Warwick Saunders, secre
tary. I do not believe it was author
ized by the decent olemont on that
delegation. W. L Greene is an otlice
holder, and hopes to be nominated for
congress and get tho democratic en
dorsement. Warwick Saunders is
one of Governor Ilolcomb's oil in
spectors. Half of the delegation are
Governor Ilolcomb's appointeos, who
hojw to perpetuate their jobs.
Governor Ho'comb has made a di
rect deal with Mr. Bryan to nominate
him at St. Louis, and thereby get
Bryan's support for governor this fall.
It is a direct and shameless sell-out of
the populist party of Nebraska. Sena
tor Allen has also entered into e. deal
to be re-elected to tho United States
senate, as a result of this trade. Over
half of these men are office-holders,
and as such under our rules are not
eligible to scats in our convention.
They aio here wearing democratic
badges, and their loaders are daily
conferring with the chairman of the
democratic national committee. They
have shamelessly sold out the populist
party in our state for gain. They came
hero on railroad passes and packed
the convention by the most shameless
and corrupt old party methods. Gov
ernor Ilolcomb's nearest relatives aie
on a trip to Alaska as guests of the
Union Pacific Kail r oad company. In
our state it is well known that Gover
nor ilolcomb is under the absolute
control of the gold bug editor of the
Omaha Bee. do appointed his son to!
i high otlice. These people, by sinister
influences that will not bear the light.
are seekincr to destroy the people's
party. They wear elegant gilt edged
badges. 'The inhibit magnificent
headquarters. They howl and jeer at
straight populist delegates. In thoir
earnest desire to stay at the pie coun
ters they slander and malign honest
I hold two positions in the people's
party, president of tho national re
form press and commander of the na
tional legion. I have given a pledge
on honor that I will stand by our
party and protect its honor against
the malignant assaults of all traitors
who may assail it. I will stand by the
pledge, no matter what happens. I
have no ill will toward Mr. Brvan.
llo is a good man in bad company. He
can not get an honest electorial vote
without the aid of the infamous and
criminal ballot-box stuffers of the
south, who should be hung to the
highest trco in their domaiu. The
idea of a man posing as a reform can
didate who has to steal all the elec
tors of the southern states. I still
stand by the noble men of the south in
their gallant struggle for liberty, no
matter what tho result will be. I
denounce the men who issued this ad
dress as men who are here to destroy
the only silver and reform party in
the nation. They are jingling demo
cratic money and moving heaven and
earth to strike down the only true sil
ver party. They are aided by all the
demons of hell, from ail tho slums of
this nation. They are the direct scouts
and agents of Wall street.
I apical from the band of traitors
wearing democratic badges to the mid
dle-of-the-road delegates, who cannot
bo bought or driven or t-lumped oil, and
with the help of God, who has ever
aided our cause, we will win the battle
Paul Van Di.n Voort,
President National Keform Pret-s and
Commander National Legion.
Oeclared Jitaaiie.
1 he insanity commission, after a
thorough examination csteiday af
ternoon of Joo Krowleck, declared
him a fit subject for the insane hos'
pital at Lincoln, and SherilT Ilolloway
wont up there today to arrange with
the superintendent for quarters. Mr,
Krowleck is not violent and his
frienas hoio to have him cured aod
returned to them again.
Results ffom
. Liver and
Cured by
lr. J. 0.
A Certain Remedy for Diseases of the Liver,
Kidneys and Urinary Organs
THE Or. J. H. McLEAN MEDICINE CO., St. Louis, Mo.
The Capital of Old Tipton l'reeiu-t Kn
thuHiantic For MeKinley.
Eaolk, Neb., July :. Saturday
evening, without any blowing of
horns, flaring announcements or ad
vertisement of speeohes, seventy-live
legal voters of Tipton precinct met in
the town of Eagle and organized a Me
Kinley .club with the following officers
in charge:
President S. S English.
Vice-Presidents -J. P. Burdick, A.
S. Cooley.
Secretary R. Wilkinson.
Treasurer J. Q. Adams.
Executive Committee J. J. Gard
ner, G. M. Biach, Dr. Wilmeth. N. S.
Miller, T. N. Bobbit.
This surely indicates that Tipton
is in dead earnest and will give a big
majority for the national state and
county ticket in November.
It seems almost cruel
That Watson and Sew.-ill
Should both have to sutler the ruin
Of serving together,
'Twixt now and cold weather.
Each one as the tiil to Jiryun's olii kite.
An exchange is authority for Le
statement that to enjoy sauMge all
that is necessary is faith, hope and
charity; faith in the sausag, hope
that it isn't your dog, but if it is, to
have charity enough to believe that
the man didn't know it.
A good story is told of a Beatrice
girl who was recently disappointed in
her lover. She decided to commit
suicide, so when she went to her room
tho other evening took what she
thought was poison. It proved to bo
Price's baking powder aud instead of
dying she rose tho next morning with
out calling. She decided to live and is
now looking for another young mai.
Beatrice times.
Senator Berry of Arkansas tlls his
friends of a trial for assault in his
state. In the course of which a club, a
rail, an axe-handle, a knife and a shot
gun were exhibited as tho 'instru
ments with which the deed was done."
But it was also shown that the assault
ed man defended himself with a re
volver, a scythe, a pitchfork, a chisel, I
a hand-saw and a dog. Tlot jury, Mr. j
Berry says, came to the conclusion '
that they'd have given one dollar
apiece to have seen the fight. Kan
sas City Journal.
A new use has been discovered for
hops-namely, the curing of bacon. It
is found that a sprinkling of hops in
the brine when bacon ana ban txro
put in pickle, adds greatly to tho
flavor of both, and enables them to bo
kept an indefinite period, says an Eng
lish paper.
The Cabinet, made by Otto Wurl, is
the best nickel cigar sold anywhere.
Try it.
The Semi-Weekly Nows 1.
1. Tariff, not only to furnish ade
quate revenue for the necessary ex
penses of the government, but to pro
tect American labor from degradation
to the wage level of other lands.
2. Reciprocal agreements for open
markets and discriminating duties iu
favor of the American merchant
3. Maintenance of the existing gold
standard and opposition to the free
coinage of silver except bv interna
tional agreement with the leading
commercial nations of tho world.
4. Pensions and preferences for
veterans of the union army,
5. A firm, vigorous aAd dignified
foroign policy "and all our interests
in the western hemisphere CTirefully
watched and guarded."
6. The Hawaiian islands to be con
trolled by the United States; the
Nicaraguan canal to be built; a naval
station in the West Indies.
7. Protection of American citir.ens
and property in Turkey.
8. Reassertion of the Monroe doc
trine. Eventual withdrawal of Europ
ean powers from this hemisphere and
union of all English speaking people
on this continent.
9. The United States actively to use
influence to restore peace and give in
dendence of Cuba.
10. Enlargement of the navy, de-
a Bad
can be
fens-? of harbors and seacoasti.
11. Exclusion of illiterate and Ita
moral immigrants.
l Keapproval of tie olvil service
IS. A free balbn and hoaest
cou u t.
14. Condemnation of lynAing.
15. Approval of national arbitration.
1(- Approval wf a free homestead
17. Admission of the remaining ter
ritories, . representation for Alaska
abolition of carpet-bag federal officers.
18. Sympathy with legitimate ef
forts to lessen intemperance.
19. aii inconclusive but sympathetic
reference to the righ and internals
of women."
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nccl, in Hood's Sarsaparilla. It fur
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fying, viCO11" ad enriching the
blood, and tUus builds p the nerves,
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My health ro down,nd I had the f rip.
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Mrs. M. M. Messenoeb, Freehold, Penn.
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Sheriff's Sale.
liy viitne of an order of tmc Issued by tfeitrce
F. HouKewurtii. clerk of the district court witlila
aud lor C'a county,Nbraska.and to me directed.
1 will on the'Juth dat ot Aiicust. A. 1. IKS. at 11
o'clock a. ni. ot taid day at the south door ot the
court house in the city ot I'lattsmuuth, in laid
countv. sell at imhuc auction, to the iiiKhest bid
der lor cash, the following real efctate to-wit:
Lot 6!t in smith s addition to the city ol 1'latts
uiotith, Cass county. .Nebraska, toKethsr with all
and the MiiKular the hereditament and appur
tenances tUeieunto belonging or tn any wine ap
pertaining. Th same being levied upo anJ s the
property of Hannah 1. scot and Valtr W.
Scott, defendants, to flatialy a judgment ot said
comt recovered by J, H. 1'ettibone and S. K.
N ion. doing business as 1'ettibone ft Nixon,
plaintills, against said defendants.
1'l.ittMiiouth, Nebraska, July A. I). ISi. .
Harvey Hoixoway,
sheriff Cass county, Nebraska.
Notice of Chattel Mortgage Sale.
Notice i hofeby giyen that by virture of a
chattel mortgage, dated on ttjt 3ti day ot July,
1M;. and duly hied iu the oWce of the county
clerk of Cass county, Nebraska, on the 25th day
ot July. 1M, and executed by Herbert Cooper to
N. It. Meeker to secure the payment ot $710, aud
upon winch there is now due the sum of J71U and
interest from theSird day of July, IMhS, t ten per
cent per annum.
Default having ) l ajiadc in the payment c4
said sum and no suit or other proceeding at law
haing been instituted to secure said debt or any
part thereof, i will, therefore, sell ftie property
descubod in said niortKage, to-wit:
1 lie entire drug stock, merchandise of every
kind connected with said stock, together with all
the tixtuies used in and about the business, be
longing to and carried on by said mortgagor,
Herbert Cooper, said stock consisting of drugs,
notions, wines, liquors, show caaats. safe and fix
tures as the same is set out in invoice attached to
said mortgage, at public auction in the bwanback
building, where said stock is located, on lot in
the town of Greenwood, Cass county, Nebraska,
on the aith day of August, A. D. 1MS, at 2 o'clock
p in. ot said day.
Date 1 at Greenwood this 25th day of July. lS'Jti.
N.H. MtKKtK, Vlortaagce.
iiy Geo W. Clark, Attorney.
Legal Notice.
In the county court of Cast coiaaty, Nc-aaBtka.
Iu the matter of the estate aud guardianship of
Thomas l.indsey, insane.
Notice is hereby given to William Lindaey and
all other persons Interested in said matter that
L. G. Todd, guardian ot said estate, on the ird
day ot July. A. 1). 1K5. hied in the county court
ot Cass county his net it ion asking leave to re
sign said office, and therein suggested the name
ot Harry G. Todd as his successor. Attached to
said petition is the final account of said guardian.
i rial saiu matters are set down tor nnai heartru?
on the 1M day of August. A. I). at 1 o'clock
p. m .. upon the said account now on hie and upon
said petition, for a final order fixing the amount
ol said account and releasing the said guardian
from his said trust. You are hereby notified that if
you fail to appear on the said day and con
test sjtM petition or to make objection to said
final account, the court may allow and grant the
same and appoint said Harry G. Todd, or some
owicr sunaoie person, guardian ol the saia estate
mm iiiac any auu an orders in the premises it
may ueeni jus anu proper.
Notice thereof is ordered to be given 0y publi
cation in the Semi-Weekly News, in tha weekly
publication of said newspaper, published in aaid
ass county, ior tnree tJ consecutive week.
Dated this Jd day of July, lsiwi.
GeoRgk M. Spurlock.
Couutar Judg
The Peering Roller Bearin:
Deeritig Pony
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Practice in all cannrv and state eonrta.
attention given to cqmbcuobb.
M. Y. TIM IS OA10.
X 1 4.50 a.m
No. 9 11.24 a. in
Mo. 121, local freight 3.45 p.m
No. 2 , 10.4U p.m.
No. l-'4. local freigbt ?.:i5a.m.
No. 10 4.2T p. in.
It. St M. T1MK CAItD-
No ?. 2.22 p.m.
No. 11 5.20 D.m.
No. 10 Sunday only 5.20 p.m. A
No. 3 3.43 p.m. I
o. 5 7.32 aru.
No. 20, freight c 8.00 a.m.
No.U, Schuyler 4.00 p. m.
Ho. 73, freight 9.05 p. m.
Ko. 77, " 10.55 p.m.
No. 70. " 3.55 a. m.
No. a, " 8.60 a. m.
No. t 5.31 p.aa
No. 4.. 10,24 a. m
No. 12 a.25 p. m
Wo. 10
No. U2 12.23 p.m
No 1H (Sunday only 8:25 o. m
No. 20. 9:40 a. m
No. 3u, freight 2:50 p. m
No. 74, e:5o p. xn
No. 7H, 10:ap.m
No. 0. i.i . -
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V- 9