Semi-weekly news-herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1895-1909, July 15, 1896, Page 3, Image 3

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Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U.S. Gov't Report
Picked Up In Church
1'. A. Ilililebratid is viriitinp; friend.s
in .Lincoln U day.
Col. Jos. Alexander Cuiinqc-f-t
alia waa in townjitkty.
GeoreJJi'H:,'., local oditor of the
Wee piny Water liipuhlu:un, is in the
city todaj- on lj-jsiin-ris.
C t "alkry and Jake Kununoll
had ' j-im-ss that called ihom to Om
aha id Council I J lull's today.
Mr.". Shna-se, after a pleasant
vi.-it with relatives departed for her
home at Kapid City, S. I)., this mom-
Miss Aldora Clark left j enterday for
Iho hoiuo of lier parent in Iowa where
she will spend the balance of her va
cation. Christian (jaiier, a well known far
mer residing' near Cedar Creek, is re
ported very low with cancer of the
stomach. i
I'hilip SchalTer, one of Eiylit Mile,
drove precinct1. substantial young1
farmers, madeTHK New a pleasant
call this morning.
Granema Dodge and her sister. Mrs.
Kate Hiney, both of Harrisburg, I 'a.,
and Mrs. George Iodge of this city,
were Omaha visitors today.
The chintz hugs are reported out in
tho county as worse than ever known
before. Whole tields of wheat have
been ruined within the last two weeks.
Miss Mary McClelland departed yos
terday for her new home at Mt. Pleas
ant, la, with only pleasant recollec
tions of her connection here with our
city schools.
Frank Vermilia and wife received a
message last night giving the news of
tho de ath of their Ijttle grand son at
Ft. Wayne, Ind. They departed for
that place this inorniny.
George Sawtell says if he was worth
?Uh,Mi he would vote for llryan, but
as he is not worth that much he will
vote for McKinley. We rise to re
mark that George's head is level.
I. Tincher and wife of Omaha, the
former a Union Pacific engineer for
the p:isl twenty ycais, came down this
morning to spend Sunday in this city
wit h their cousin, A. J. Denson and
Grandpa Henning, father of the
Ilennings toys in Eight Mile Grove
precinct and one of the solid farmers of
Cass county for a quarter of a century.
Wo regret to note, is reorted quite
ill. .Slight hopes for his recovery are
The Dead wood Central narrow gauge
engine which lias been in the shops
here for repairs for some time was
tinisheil up and sent out yesterday for
its destination. It looked like an ex
pensive toy, but when asleep grade is
to le climbed the little engine walks
up like a thing of life.
Judge Ramsey, wife and son and
.Mr. Crites departed last evening on a
tour of pleasure and recreation to the
judge's former home in Pennsylvania
and Mrs. Ramsey's former home in
"Wisconsin. Tin: News, in common
with hosts of personal friends, hopes
to seo the judge return home greatly
iuprovi d in health.
Wm. Fox well, the fortunate resi
dent of this city who fell heir to a mil
lion dollar estate in Kngland, the posses-ion
of which he has fully gained,
is now visiting with his daughters in
Wisconsin, lie is expected here soon,
when he will make a-linal visit with
friends and bid adieu to Nebraska to
take up a residence in his English
Referring to the item about the little
girl who was bitten by Mr. Katiatck's
dog, we learn that no one saw the ac
cident and it is not known whether
she was teasing the dog or not, as she
playing in that part of the yard alone.
She is getting along nicely and will
sutler no bad effects from the unfortu
nate accident, which Mr. Kahatek's
folks very much regret.
Honur Saunders startod today for
Exeter, here he will visit his grand
parents until school commences in Sep
tember. Prof. Palmer, of Montana, who used
to tejich in the high school here, was
in the city over Sunday the guest of
Mrs. Baxter Smith and children and
Scott's Emulsion makes cod-liver oil taking next
thine: to a pleasure You hanlly taste it. The stom
ach knows nothing- about it it does not trouble you
theie. You feel it first in the strength that it brings:
it shows in the rotor of the cheek, the rounding of the
mglps. tha smoothing- of the wrinkles.
It is cod-liver oil digested for you, slipping as easily
into the blood 'and losing itself there as rain-drops lose
themselves in the ocean.
What a satisfactory thing this is to hide the odious
J. taste of cod-liver oil, evade the tax on the stomach
Hake health by surprise.
There is no secret of what it is made of the fish-fat
taste is lost, but nothing is lost but the taste.
Perhaps vour dm
dsn t tbe standard all others try
u nis ana i.o
Chemists -
her sister, Miss Carrie SchulolT, have
gone to Denver for a two weejjg-'. visit
with relatives.
Mr. Tisher, yrvfe and children of
Oinabo, rrfftfr a visit with Harry
JJ irthold and other relatives, returned
homo this morning.
A. L. irutferand brother are going
down to Arkansas, the land of tho big
red apple, this evening on a pleasure
and sight seeing trip.
An effort is being made to get up a
big delegation to go to Lincoln and at
tend the Uryan reception, the date of
which has not been named.
Mrs. J. T. Evans returned to her
home at South Rend this afternoon,
after a pleasant vveeks's visit with her
mother, Mrs. W. U Wells, in thiscity.
M. S. Rriggs, RobL Vass, Henry
Ilempel and a ho3t of populist dele
gates went up to Louisville to attend
tho populist county convention this
The News subscription list contin
ues to grow rapidly. It prints all the
news and Is one of the substantial in
stitutions of the city which tho public
can afford to patronize.
Hon: R. R. Windham, accompanied
by his wife, left Friday morning for
Republican City to look after his
farming interests in that county.
They expect to return Tuesday.
Wm. Spohrer, ono of Murray's suc
cessful farmers, made The News a
pleasant call today. He says his fall
wheat is the best he ever raised, and
it takes three pounds of twine to the
acre to bind it.
George Laine, Am. Smith, 1'eter
Gruber and Chas. Graves of Uuion are
interested in a lawsuit before Judge
Archer today. Byron Clark ' and C.
A Rawls appear for Gruber and Chas.
Graves for Smith.
Mrs. Hesser, who was hurt in the
runaway of their team at Murray Sat
urday, was for a time thought to be
seriously injured, but, we are glad to
note, she is much better and bids fair
to le out again soon.
Miss Woolson, of Mankato, Minn.,
who has been visiting hero tho past
six months wilJj her sinter, Mrs. A. E.
Kcinhackle, left for her homo this
evening on No. '2.. Mrs. Reinhackle
returned with her to make a short
S. Moscrey, the Italian fruit dealer,
died yesterday morning at 4 o'clock.
He had been sick several months. The
funeral took place at 10 o'cIock this
morning, lie leaves a wife and four
children. He is said to have had
$1,000 insurance on his life.
Tne Misses Clara Smith and Maud
Ol instead, of Omaha, who have been
visiliny Misses Manota and Alice
Eikenbary, expect to return to their
homes this week. They have mado
numerous and lasting friends since
their stay and all hope to see them re
turn again.
Will Sireight, who has had years of
exjerience in a stationery store, was
installed today by W. W. Coatea, in
charge of his jostoffice book and
stationery store Will is a careful re
liable business man whom Mr. Coales
is fortunate in obtaining.
The mother of George and Rosa
Little and M rs. Chas. Edgerton died
at the latter's home in this city of con
sumption at 1 o'clock this morning.
The remains will leave the house at
K o'clock tomorrow morning for Paci
fic City. la., where tho funeral will
Otto Wurl left this afternoon on a
pleasure and business trip to Denver
exacting to be absent ten days or two
weeks. Otto has been working hard
at his business, that of cigar making,
and needs recreation. His brother
Bernard will look after the business
during his absence.
Frank Morgan. Chas. Grimes and
John Leyda are home from Chicago.
They were almost in 6ight of the
orthodox heaven when. Dryan was
nominated, and they can not compre
hend tho obtuse intellect of somo
people who still refuse to bo saved by
voting for the genial William.
Misses Manota and Alice Eikenbary,
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castoria.
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castoria.
to equal the best for you to buy
An Druggists
New York
Maud Olmsted, Clara Smith and
Messrs. Lee Atwood, Charles Vallery,
Dr. Elster and County Treasurer A.
R. Kikenbary drove down into Liberty
precinct and spentSundcy with Mr.
and Mrs. William Eikenbary. They
report a very enjoyable time and were
highly pleasod with the good things
they had to cat, especially tho spring
II. N. Dovey got home yesterday
from Pattison, Now Jersey, where he
went as a member of the committee to
officially notify Garrett Hobart of his
nomination. He says Hobart's home
is ah elegant affair, his private din-
my room where the entire party
were banquetted was as large as the
dining room in the Hotel Riley.
The occasion was a notable one which
few people were fortunate enough to
engage in.
J. L. Poltt, wife and diughter were
visiting relatives in this city over Sun
Dr. Cook and wife departed last
evening lor a visit with relatives at
Salem, la.
J. H. Hosier, of the Omaha Bee,
spent Sunday with his wife out at
Hoi man Bestor's.
Jack Pearco arrived home from a
pleasant ten days' vacation spent with
friends in Chicago.
The caloric atmosphere is rather de
pressing on humanity, hut it is the
making of the corn crop.
Mts. Walter Mulf rd, of Omaha, is
in the city visiting her aunt, Mis. S.
P. Holloway, and family.
Joe Klein and wife returned home
this morning from a visit with rela
tives in and near Chicago.
Mrs. C. A- Rawls and son depaited
this morning for a visit with Mrs.
Rawls' sister at Ong, Neb.
Dr. Hungate and J. E Douglas of
Weeping Water were in town today on i
business with the county juJge.
K tieumitt Irtiii Cnrvd lu it lay.
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Plattsmouth, Neb. i
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Curbs Splints, Sweeney, Ring-Bone,
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Coughs, etc. Save $-50 by use of one
lottle. Warranted the most wonder
ful Blemish Cure ever known. Sold byT
F. G. Fricke & Co., druggists, Platts
List of Letter.
Remaining uncallled for at the jost
office at Plattsmouth, July 8, ISiKl:
Daily, C A Gillnrson. Mrs. Grace
Ogle. Mrs. James Quinn. Alfred
Welch, Chas.
When calling for any of the alove
letters please say "advertised."
W, K. Fox, P. M.
Whips! Viip: Whips!
- August Gorder has some surprising
bargains in whips. He sells the com
mon whip at two for twenty-five cents;
a first-class rawhide center whip for
twenty-five cents; ono of the best for
fifty cents, and the very be9t whip
made for seventy-five cents. Come iu
and see them at old stand of Fred
Gorder & Son, Plattsmouth, Neb.
Notice of , Chattel Mortgage Sale.
Notice is hereby riven that bv virtue of a chat
tel ntorteat'e. dated on the -Mh day ot luue. InHj.
and duly tiled in the office ot the county clerk ot
Cass county, Nebraska, on ttie 2Jtn day ol June,
1M-1.' mi. 4 1... I trill.. 1 1 ... II....
! li. Mann and V. K. White to secure the payment
oi me sum oi ao. aim upon wiucn tn ere is now
due the sunt ol f JTr and interest at the rate ol 111
pe: cent from June 2, ltliiH.
Default having been made in the payment of
said sum, and no suit or otiier proceeding at law
having been instituted to recover said debt or
any part thereof, therefore we will sell the prop
erty therein described, viz:
1 he I'laltsinoutli journal printing outfit con
sisting ot one Country Cambell press, one eight
medium job piess.all the type oteveryjdescription.
imposing stones, ink, stands, cases, cabinets and
all printing material and other property of what
soever character of the I'laltsinoutli Journal
printing office, including good will ol said news
paper, at public auction iu the Itrew building, on
Mam street betweeu t hird and Fourth streets in
the city of l'iattsmoutli. Cass county, Nebraska,
on thj :id day of August. A. !.. ltfSHl, at 1 o'clock
p. m. of said day.
Dated July f. 1."..
bio. li. Mann anu F. F-. Whitk.
By J. R. Denton, Agent.
Sheriff's Sale.
Uy virtue of an execution issued by George
F. llouseworth. clerk of the district court within
and for Cass county. Nebraska, and to me di
rected. 1 will on the Mill day of August A. D. 1'W
a 11 o'clock A M.of said day at the south door of
the court house in the city of 1'lattsniouth, in
said county, sell at public auction, to the highest
bidder for cash, the following real estate, to-w it:
The fiouth west quarter of the southwest quarter
of section seventeen (17). town ten (lo), range
fourteen (14); also, the mill lot. containing two
acres, more or less, situated in the northeast cor
ner of the southeast quarter of the southeast
quarter of section eighteen (Is), town ten (fin.
range fourteen (U). also, the interest of Milton
Ervin in the east half of the southeast quarter of
section eighteen (lt, town ten ilu, range four
teen 14. (except the mill Ion subject to the life
estate of his mother, Kosina Ervin, all of above
described real estate being situated in Cass
COMPANY, Chicago.
county. Nebraska, together with tho privilege,
:nif am n i t.iinres thereunto beloll?lllir or il
anywise appurtaining. The same being levied
upon ana Liken as me proieriy oi .uiuu r.nm
defendant, to satisfy a judgment of said court re
covered by M. Kuniely Company, plaintiff, against
said defendant.
1'lattsniouth. Neb , July 7. A. I).. 1.
Sheriff, Cass County. Nebraska.
Legal Notice.
To Llovd S. Wilson, non-resident defendant
You are hereby notified that on the 7th day of
lulv. I;, lulia A. Wilson commenced her action
in the district court of Cans county, Nebraska,
against you, the object and prayer ot which are
to secure a divorce lrom you on the Rr una oi ac
sertioii lor more than two years belore this date
and wanton and cruel refusal to support said Julia
A. Wilson; it is also asked in said suit that the
maiden name oi said Julia A. Wilson be restored
to her, and lor rctiuitablc relief. You are required
to answer said petition on or before Monday, the
ITth day of August. 1S!. or your default will be
entered and the allegations of said petition taken
as confessed and true. Ji'LiA A. Wilson,
l$y her attorneys, lieeson & Koot,
Notice of Indebtedness.
The J Sin Bar Mining Company, a corporation
organized under the laws of the state of Ne-
The Hig liar Mining Company hereby gives
notice that the following is a list of ail the debts
of said corpor Hon on the 1st day of January, A.
I. lSiHi:
Kills naval ili-
Note and inteiest
Acounts payable
...J. ail.SI
. . i.r. m.M
This notice is given in Compliance with the
pi ovisions ot chapter Hi ol the Complied statutes
ot Nebraska.
S. WAl'till, President.
J. Ci. KlClll.Y, Secretary,
J.Francis JIreLt..,,
Sheriffs Sale.
liy viitue of an order of sale issued bv (jeoiLe
F. llousevvorlh, clerk of the district court within
and for Cass county, Nebraska, and tj me di
rected. 1 will, .m the 1st day of August. A.i.
lMi. at 11 o'clock a. m. of said day at the south
door ol the court In. use m the city ot 1 latt -month,
in said county, sell at nubile auction to the high
est bidder lr cash, the lollowing real estate town:
1 lie east bait ol the northeast quaiter o! section
twelve 1.1-J. township twelve i.orth of rriiige
thirteen III-, east ol Hie tit.i I . M m t. ass count).
Nebraska, together with all the singultr an l
hereditaments and appurtenances theieiinio !e
longiug or in anywise appertaining; the same
Ix-ing levied upon and t:iken as the piopcrty ol
Wiliiam fi. .-iiafer. defendant, tn satisfy a i-idg-
meut of said court recovered by Ad m lioeik.
plaintiff again -t said, and to satisfy
judgments in favor ot the deleiidant Hank ot Cass
Co mty. and the defendant Charles C. I'arineie.
as receiver of the Citizens bank.
l'iattsmoutli. Neb.. Juni-i'i, A. I , 1 !'..
llAKVEV llol.l OVVAV,
Sht rilf . Cass county, Nebraska.
Legal Notice.
In the district court of Cass county. Ncbiaska
Kate Spencer. 1'laintitt f
vs. h Notice.
Frank Spencer. 1 )
1-r.iuk spencer, defendant, will take notice that
on the :tttn day ot March A. 1. IV. Hi. Kate .-spencer,
plamtitt herein, tiled her x titiun in the dis
trict couit il Cass county. Nebraska, against
said defendant, the object and pra)er ot which
are for a divorce lrom said 1-rauk Spencer and
tor the caie and custody of their children; said
divorce being asked on the grouuds ot delendatit
grossly, wantonly and cruelly neglecting and rc
t u fine, to support plaintitl and her children.
You are r quired to answer said petition on or
before the -7tti day of July, A. U. ls:Hi.
Dated June 17, l-lHi.
Katk Sr-F.Ni'FK. 1'laintitt
By her attorneys, Byron Clatk and C. A. Kuwls.
Legal Notice.
In the district court of Cass county, Nebraska,
in the matter ol the estate ol John U. Holmes,
'1 his cause came on upon hearing upon the pe
tition of Frank M. Voung, as administrator ot
the estate of Johu B. Holmes, deceased, praying
tor license to sell the southeast quarter ot section
13. m town '1, range '12, in rurnas county. Neb.;
the south half ol the southwest quarter of section
i:t, in town 2, range '12, said county, and the north
west quarter of section 11. in town 1,
range '-1, of said county, or a sufficient
amount to bring the sum of 2.11v"ifi fur the pay
ment ot debts allowed against said estate and t he
costs of administration, there not being sufficient
personal property to pay said debts and costs of
adiniuistrat urn.
It is. therefore, ordered that all persons inter
ested in said estate appear before me at the oihce
ot the clerk of ttie district court at l'iattsmoutli,
Nebraska, on the ;rd day of August. lv.Hi, at lu
o'clock a. in., to show cause why a licence should
not be granted to said administrator to sell so
much of the above described real estate ot said
deceased as shall be necessary to pay said debts
and exjK-nses.
It is further ordered that notice of the said ap
plication and ot the making ot this order be
f:iveii all parties interested in said estate by pub
ishing a copy of this orde tor four successive
weeks bet ire the day ot said hearing iu the Semi
Weekly News-Herald.
1 lated this l'.ith day of June. 1V.H'..
Basil s. Kamsev. Judge.
Notice to Creditors.
The State of Xi iikamka, ss
County of Cass. )s
In the matter of the estnte of John Holschuh. de
ceased. Notice is hereby given that the claims and de
mands of all persons against John Holschuh. de
ceased, late of said county and state, will be
received, examined ami adjusted by the county
court at the court house in I'laltsinoutli, on the
IMth day ot December. A. D., lH'.ni, at 111 o'clock
in the forenoon; and that six months from and
after the 24th day ot June. A. D.. lMti, is the
time limited for creditors of said deceased to
present their claims for examination and allow
ance. Given under my hand this '.TJnd day of June, A.
D. iv. C tii:oki;F. M. k.
County Judge
Legal Notice.
In the district coutt of Cass couuty, Nebraska,
l'iattsmoutli Loan & lluilding
Association, riaintitt. ;
vs. ;
Edward S. IJ.ustow. Mary K. f
liarstow and Samuel Schu- j
stei. Defendants. J
Samuel S busier, defendant, w ill take notice
that on the fit ft day t June, ls'.xi, the l'iattsmoutli
Loan .t liuilding Association, pUiutitt herein,
tiled its petition in the district Court ot Cass
county, Nebraska, against the above named de
fendants, the object and prayer ot which are to
loreclose a certain mortgage executed by Edward
S. Harstow and Mary E. Itarstow to plaintitl
upon the following descrilied premises, to-wit:
Commeucii g at a point ,l feet north of the south
east cornel of the southwest quaiter of the south
west quai ter of section Is. township 11, range 14.
E. r. M .and in the east line of said tract;
thence north in said east line Vfl leet, thence
west parallel with the south line of said tract il
feet, thence south parallel with the said east line
1-C feet, thence east il feet to the place of be
ginning, containing S,M square feet, to secure
the payment of a certain pronnsory note dated
the Ifith day of Decern tier, l-MHi. for the sum ot
and due on or belore December the lMh.
l!Hm. or on default ot the payment of interest,
tines aif taxes when the same became due. Ttie
defendants above named having defaulted in the
pavmeiit ol interest, hnea and taxes, the plain
tiffs elect to declare said note and mortgage due
and payable, and that there la now due plaintiff
upon .-.aid note and mortgage the sum ot J-Urn
with 10 per cent interest thereon from the 15th
day of May. Is'.IH. and plaint ft prays that said
premises may be decreed to be sold to satisfy the
amount due the jdaintiff thereon. The plaintiff
further prays that whatever equity or interests
that the said Samuel Schuster may have in said
premises, that it be adjudged interior to that of
ttie plaintiff and that the same be duly tore
closed. You are required to answer such petition on or
before the loth day of August. l!ni.
Dated June 27. 1.
Plattsmouth Loan & BurtniNc Association,
By K. B. Windham, Attorney.
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the growtli ol li jlr Vrlce '20c For mHo by
Vor C't:ilou?e,;:idctress
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Physiciari and Surgeon
Calls promptly attended, cither
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reetior.s: tireveut transmission of blood
diseases, skin diseases, acute and chronic
ulcers, stricture, fissure of the nanas ana
feet, Kczeniiu Tetter. Ja It Rheumatism. 1 n -
fl:i matlori of the Ktadd er. lllseases or the
liones. Hilnts and m uncles. Svphlletic. In
sanity, Scurvy. Scrofula In ninny forms.
1 ne aliove ana a liunoreo oiner lonun n
disease are traceable directly or Indirectly
to Syphilitic Blooa I'olson for which the
ir. Jackson's KnclUh Saety Tablets Is n
suro pre veotive. and Is asafe Germ Killer,
rendering r-outauion liardlv possible, hence
its value. If neglected such troubles result
fatally. .Malleil anywhere, sealed ft: six
boxes for to. Medical advice free. JACK
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method that can npt fall unless the ease Is
bevona human aid. You feel improved the
first, day; feel a benefit every dav: amin
know yourself a kin arnonsc men fn body,
rrind kind heart. Drains and losses ided.
every obstacle to haDP7 married iile re
moved. Nerve forco, will, energy. Iiraln
power, when failing are restored. If nn
itlected such troubles result fitallv.
Medical advice free. Mailed everwhere.
sealed for . Six boxes for to. JACKSON
MF.IUCAL CO.. Chicago. III., or oura.ent.
I. L. ttiyder.
For Information and free Handbook write to
MU.N.V CO.. 61 IIboaowat, Hmw York.
Oldest bureau for aeeurfiut patent In America.
Kverr pau-nt taken out v uii Is liroucht befora
tbe public by a notice given free of charge la Uta
lrret ctn-nlntlmi of any wentlflr paper In th
world. Splendidly liluKtrated. No luteilifren
roan ehonld l without It. Weekly, M.OOL
S-ear; 81JSO six months. AddrMS, MONM CO
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i Scientific American