Semi-weekly news-herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1895-1909, April 11, 1896, Page 3, Image 3

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Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Do Yon Was
April 7, was
very chilly
TuoVJil v.
fr an April d:iv.
lVisey Meer.-m it h srys lie will f-it
up with Mliler MeK::v for si few nights
until he fully recovers his equilibriimi.
Willie r.ainl roturneJ to Ilellevue
this rnerni nir to take up his s-tmlies,
after s!ieiniii;r the Master holidays in
this city.
Chas. Koymour camo up from Ne-itjk-('i:
y tiii.- nioriiinir to jr't a hill
of except ioas allow ed and signed up'riy
cx-Jtide t'h lpuiau.
J. V. Kyenttere.r, sr., started this
moriiinr for a t- ij) tip the Mouie river
to look at some of the rich farii'iiifr
land in the famous Moupe valley-.
Tho paper cotillion civ on by Ivy
lodpe at Waterman's hill Saturday
evening was well attended, consider
ing the amount of political interest
thni'.J on the street. The music
and danciiii: was nice, and the supper
'ir excellence.
The Wi'.low Springs distillery has
trot out of the clutches of the trut.
and it is reported will he started up
the first of the month under tlieowner
shipof 1'. M. !ler. This will furnish a
Treat market for Neiiraska corn, and
wilt lie of benefit to Omaha and the
A team belong inj to one of the Horn
Imys, while socu: injr-a load of lumber
for Nick IIoImes? barn, which was be
injr taken from a car on the 1. A: M.
track here. rot frightened and ran
awav. The front bolster of the wajron
was smashed and the harness badly
torn up. No serious injury w::s done
to the team.
ISrlni; Your Friends tf Velriki.
The Chicago, Ilurlit'gton & Ouincy
publish asixteen-pa-ro monthly il
lustrated newspaper called the"Corn
Melt-'which trivesin an inlerestiiiff way
information about western farm lands,
particularly those in Nebraskar. The
regular subscription price is twenty
live cents er year, but if you
want it KTit to any of your friends
liviii" east of the Mississippi river;
sent ten cents in stamps for
each person, giving- name and
full address and the paper
will be sent for one jear. The 1J. tc
M. U. aircnt will show you a sample
copy of the paper on request. Heip
your state and induce your friends to
fmmirrate. Address the Corn ISelt,
n Adams street, Chicago, Hi.
Notice to Creditors.
t'aSS County, t
In the matter of the estate of Claus Speck, de
feased. Not ii e is hereby given that t lie claims and de
mands ol all persons against Clans
i ca-cd, late of said County and state, will be re
(ciL'tl. caniiiu'l and adjusted by the county
loiirt at the court house in l'lattsmouth on the
:(tli ilav of September, A. O.. lslni. at Hi o'clock
in the forenoon. And that six months from and
alter the .".th day ot March. A. 1 ., Is1.;, is the
time limited for creditors ol said deceased to pre
sent their claims for examination and allowance.
tiien under mv hand this IKId day of March, A.
I.. 1 .'!. GEOKl.t M. Sri KLOCK,
County Judge.
In County Court
State of Nkbhaska, t
of David V. Miler,
A. L7 Timid in the Weeping Water
attorney is in the city today.
T. Frank Wiles is home from an ex
tended trip doivn to Missouri.
Dr. J. A. llar-emcier and M. 1). Ruby
of Louisville are in town today.
Cuss Count v
In the matter ol the
Notice is hereby Riven that the claims and de
mands ot all persons against lavid YV. Miller, de
ceased, late of said county and state, will be re
ceived, examined and adjusted by the county
court at the court house in l'lattsmouth. on the
Jt'ith day of September. A. 1). Ism;, at 2 o'clock in
the atternoon. And that six months from and
alter the ".Tith day of March. A. 1). ls'.Hi, is the
time limited tor creditors of said deceased to pre
sent their claims tor examination and allowance.
(iiveti under my hand this.:id dav of Marcli A.
I. lv ii. GEOKUK M. S1"L KLOCK.
County Judge.
Of Course. -
1 (Do you Wash QUICKLY?
nirrDo you Wash EASILY ?
f CU 1 jDoyou Wash THOROUGHLY?
(Do you Wash CHEAPLY?
You may IF you will use
The best, purest and most economical soap
Sold everywhere. Made only by
Leads the procession with the largest
and best line of
H. N. Dovey went over to Sidney,
Fremont county, Iowa, today on busi
ness for the First National hank.
O. II. Polk, of Litico'.n, was in the
city yestenh'V on his way to Dakota
county, where he trie? an important
law suit today.
Mr. O ikley of lVincoln returne d to
his homo after a visit here with Geo.
(Juild who accompanied him back to
the WD: thinMoii Mtiitsry academy.
Snpt. ll'ithburn, of the M. 1'., and
pirtv spent two or three hoars in
Mynard yesterday with a view f put- j
tinir in an operator and increasing ti e
stork yards.
- Mrs. K '.s.ilitie t'ondo i of I'aw.-ee
Citv, piw-ident of the W. II. C. f..r N'o-bra-k:i,
is the ou.-st of M : s. H. C. Mo-Maii-v,Jqd:iy
. Mrs. I'l-iidnr. is or.e of
th" ..if i r at the campnre tonight.
TI.TT i i e-. whicli has been mi a rani
lae f"r seve?al das, fell otie fotat.d
ve n-tt-nths since yesterday morniny,
and will doubtless :et down to its sum-
tne:- st IL''- bi-fot-e tiio dune fresh
J. II. Thrasher wili be in the police
judge's o'dice Thursday cveaiiiij and
Friday s thai tho.-o asrainst whom he
hii'ds iaitns can call and settle If
nil who have been noticed lo not set
tle up, the l:iin,s will bo put in judii
mel.t ::t once.
The Kilter dance to be jriven ly the
yoii.ii.' tomeri-ow, which
will wii.d up with a banquet, prom
pt's to b; (uiie a s.-ial event. The
ba'iijiiot will bo rr'iveti at the l'erkins
house and not at the Kiley. as incor
rectly stated Monday.
Twent y-ciijht members of the
Modern Woxilman lodjre in this city
went to Cedar t'teek Tuesday nijjlit,
wheie they were royally entertained
by the iodie there. A baiiijiiet was
fiven the 1'laltsmouth -ontin;eiit,
whicii is reported to have b -en spec-l.-.i'y
nice in all its appointments. The
crowd di l not return home until nearly
o oi !o -k the next mornintr.
Legal Notice.
. t'lurk ami I. K. Itnrr. Attorneys.
district ciurt of Cass county. Neb.
;. w
In the
F.liza A. Wkk1, plaititltt.
Joint Frt-drick Appulin, Suan A
lul,n. C. Aultnian & Co.. The
I.oinhai'd Iiicstnit'iit Co.. Milton !
P.. Wliitncy. Chas. S. Fairchil.l.
Harry I'., i-iooiicy. Sanlord 15.
l oil l mi' 1 Frank 1 laucrnian. a-
divers ol The Lombard Invest- j
ment conipanv. ilclendants. J
C. Aultnian Co.. the i.oinbard Investment Co.,
M;iton II. Whitnev. Chas. . Fairchild, Harry
F. M lonev. J-anioni r.. I. adit and rrank llajrer-
inati. lj iii-ie-nli iit ileleti tants. will take notice
that on the :ist dnv ot March. Is'.Ki. Fli.a A.
'on t. the plainer! herein, tiled her petition in
the district court ol Cass county, Nebraska; the
I o luect an 1 traver ol whic h is to foreclose a cer
tain tiioitaue executed and delivered by lohn
Fredrick Appulin and Misan Appuhn to the plain- I
t .l! upon the loilov iiij; ilesci ihed real estate, to-vvit:
1 he south halt (s 1 . i ol the northwest quarter I n. w.
1 j i. section Unity ..Mi. township eleven I 111. ranee
nine tin. east ol the lilli principal meridian. Cass
county. Nebraska. aid mortiiae was given
seiure the payment ol two pinmissory notes,
dated Apu! J I. ls'.U: one for due January 1,
!-:'.(. ar.d one lor s.;o0. due January I. si, with
interest thereon at the rate ot s per cent per
am. ii in troni 1. lie; that there is now due and un-
pa id upon said nioi tcjaue and notes the sum ol
7:.'.'. lor whiih sum. with inteiest from this date,
plaintiil prays lor a decree that defendants John
Ficdrick Appuhn and Misau Appuhn lie required
to i.:h the said amount or that said nremises be
ts lie- i sold to satisfy the amount found t be due: that
(.:. Aultnian cV Co.. claim to have a mortgage lien
upon the land as heretofore described, and that
tl.ev be featured to bring ill to this court their
mortgage, it any such thev have; that an account
ing ma be had and that I lie lien of said C. Ault
nian tS: Co.. he del lared subsequent to that of
this plaintiff: that the Lombard Investment Co.
or their receivers, t.i-wit: Milton 14. Whitney.
I. lias. S,. l airclnld. i lurry r.. Mooney. santord Is.
1 od I and I-rank llagernian. claim to have a
mortgage lieu upon the land as above described.
and that thev be required to tiring ill to tins court
their mortgage, that an accounting may lie had,
and that the lien of said Lombard Investment
Co.. be declared to be subsequent to that ol this
on and e.K h of you are required to answer said
petition on the lstli day ol May, lv.
Fi.iza Wood,
liylieo. W.Clark and 1. K. I4arr. her attorneys.
He buys his buggies and carriages in car load lot?, for ciifh, and
has no competition in prices or values in this county. He is also the
onlj man who sells the genuine old-fashioned "Oak. Tanned leather
harness, hand-made and warranted bv a man who is here to stay.
(iorder srells the "Sechler" Uicycle. You should remember that
he carries the largest assortment of the best coods.
(Successor to FRED CORDKIl ev HON",
T h i rty
HTBgjgap .fOjkkMflli Mill1!
' fSl E-?25fe?ss.-23ii5
3 '
Notice of Sale.
W. Cross.
In the district court of Cass county,
in the matter ol the estate ol 1-ied
Notice is hereby ciyen that in pursuance of an
order ot ti. . Kanisey, finite of me uistrici court i (,,,.,
ol Cass county, Nebraska, made on the 'Jlth dayij.jj,,
A ;mmI Tiling.
CtinntH 11 of Glen wood has
on disc,
is very
:i, titfor shiirpening tin
.t:ators and narrow
yet quite lnetnous
Every farmer miirhtto h.ive one. Ap
ply to ajroiits or at .1. W. Ilendces
hardware store in l'lattsmouth. Mr.
l'ollaui down near Nehawki used
ne f tli''se thariH?iied disc culliva-
1 ist sp.-in; ttf "onie raw tirairie
hich was thoroui'lily pulverized
without use of plow and was put in
corn, ra-i-insr a splenilid cro. jet :i and it will quicKly pay for
- .torn
"-r v.-hii
1JM1 This." I
On account of hard times, and in '
order to ctic urao-o orc liard planting, ;
I will furnisli to t esponsi lle parties on
three years time, good tirst-cUiss ajiplc
trees, l'iatunow; do not wait; two1
years after ttves are paid for they will
very prohahly pay for t he nisei yes. F.n--
quiro of, or
add ress,
1 JlCifAUtfSOV.
Mynard. Neb.
Sheriff's Sale.
Hy virtue of an order of sal; Issued by (1.
r. Honseworth. cUrk tf ttn district court
within and for Cass con tity, Neiiraska. ami to
me direeOMl. I will on t he, lt.tli day of May
A. l. iMii, at II o't'iiK'k a- in. of said day
at the south door of the court house iu the
citv of l'lattsmouth. . n said eouuty. sell
at do I. lie auction, to t lie hertiest bidder for
ea-ti. the following real estate to-wlt:
l-ortv-two feet olt ol the north end of lots No. 1
and 1. ill block No. l;t. in the city ol l'lattsmouth
Cass county. Neiiraska: together with all and
singular the hereditaments and appurtenances
thereuntil heloiiinni; or in anywise appurtaniitii;:
the same being levied upon and taken as the
nioiicity ol Samuel 1'. Vauatta. E. I. annua. E
I. anatt.i. as guardian 0 . p. Lathrop.
and W. 1'. 1-athrop. K. T. Hartley. John
aterman. as surx ivinc partner ol H. A. ater-
niau on, John Illack, and lllack. detend-
leti. hints, to satisfy a judgment ot said court re
covered lv the Kir-t National bank of t'latts-
nioutli. Nebraska, plaintiil against said defend
I'iatt: niouth. Nebraska. April fi. A. I).
llAKKV HlilI.llWAV.
Sheiitf. ta-s county, Nebraska.
Master's Sale.
In the circuit court of the United States, for the
district ol Nebraska.
I raticisC. Faulkner, as assignee of The Con
necticut Kiver Sayings bank, complainant, vs.
James K. Clove, et al. defendants in chancery,
Public notice is hereby given that in pursuance
nridbv virtue ol a decree enteied in ttie above
t :i II .e I 111 the 1:4th dav ol lune. 1X. 1. K. S.lJimdv
lr . master ill chaiicerv ol the circuit court ol the
t tmed States lor the district ol Neiiraska. will. on
ii,.- 'it h dav ot M.iv. lviti. at the hour ol 1 o clock
in the aC.ernooii ot said day at the south door ol
the ( ass county con t house building in the citv
ot l'lattsmouth! Cass county, state and district ol
Neiiraska. sell at auction ior cash the follow ing
lies, ribed uroiiertv. to-wit:
Thecat half ut the southeast quarter (e'j se'i)
ot sect ion number two CJl.and the west half of
t lie nor lit we.-1 quarter I w 1 1 nw 1 1 ) ol sect ion num
ber Twelve i Li. in town ten din north ot range
iiaieitn east ot the i.tii principal meridian in Cass
County, Nebraska.
I'.. S. Ol NH. Ik.. Master in Chancerv.
S. I., til-is l ii aki l. Solicitor for Complainant.
of March A. I . IH h;. h.r the sale ol the leal estate
hereinatter described, there will be sold at tl
south front door ot thee. uirt house in Cass county.
Nebraska, on the "ith day ot April. A. O. Is;;, at
:l p. ni.. at public vendue to the highest bidder
lor cash, the following described rral c.-tale.
to-wit: The undivided three-tenths i:Hii ol the
tith two-thirds oS ol the west hall Cl ol
section twenty-nine IISH, township ten I lo. noi th
ol range eleven (11 1, in Cass county, Nebraska:
said sale will remain open one hour.
Oated this 1st day ot April. .- . 1 1. cv.
A k i n t K I-.. I Knss.
Executor of the e- fate ol Fred .Cross, deceased.
Byron Clark and C. A. Kawls, Attorneys tor es
Legal Notice.
In the district court of Cass county. Nebraska, in
the matter ol the estate ol William J. Agnew.
This cause coining on lor hearing upon the pe
tition of Stephen A. 1 lavis, administrator ol the
estate ot Win. J. Agnew. deceased, praying lor
license to sell the northwest quarter ot the south
west quarter of section one, township thirteen,
north range eight, and the southwest quarter ol
section eleven, township eighteen, range eight,
east ol the th principal meridi n, or a sufficient
amount ot the same to bring the sum of iirtl lor
the payment ol debts allowed against said estate
amf me costs oi aoininisirai ion, meie noi oeiu;
sufficient personal property to pay the debts and
expenses; it is therefore ordered that all persons
interested in saia estate appear ueiore me ai me
office ot the e'erk ol the district court at l'latts
mouth. Cass county, Nebraska, on the 2d day ol
May. 1"H, at 1 ::ttl o clock p. in., to show cause
why a license should not be granted to said ad
ministrator to sell so much ol the above des
cribed real estate of said deceased as shall be
necessary to pay said debts and expenses.
Dated this litti day ot .Marcli, fs'.Ki.
14. S. Kamsfy.
Judge of the District Court.
in said estate may appear before meat chambe:s
. at my ottu e in the court h.iiise. in l'lattsmouth. in
' the county ol Cass and state ol Nebraska, on the
'Ulli day ol May. Is'.k;. at : o'clock p. tn.. to show
cause why a license should not be granted as
( prayed, to sell lots :"Ji:rj7 :'.!-. in the vllage ol
uwood. in t ass county. Nelnaska. and lot
in 1st addition to the vil ace ol ( iiecn-
i woo.l. (. ass Count-,. Nebraska, to pay del.ts
against the estate o illiani V . nun, deceased,
and i he expenses of ad mi nist rat ioi:.
And it is further unified that a copy ol this no
tice he publishfd lor lour successive weeks, prior
to the t line lixe I lor said hearing, in Till. M Ml-Wn-ki
N I u s-1 1 i.KAi.n. a legal newspaper pub
lished m said Cass rountx. Nebraska.
1 tilted this :iid day ot Man h, !;.
i;.sil s. Kamsi v.
Judge District Court. SVcond Judicial Distiict.
Ltial Notice.
In count v court of Cass county. Nebraska,
To John l.auer. l.auer. and lo tiie un
known heirs ol Conrad l.auer. deceased, and toall
other persons interested, notice is heiebv given
that on the 11th day ol Marcli. ls'.Ki, William
Tonat. as guardian oi the person and estate ol
Conrad I auer. ( insane. Oiled in said court a final
report of his ai ts and doings a such guardian and
a petit ion praying that s;ud litial rcpoit may be
settled and allowed and that he may be dis
charged Irmn his trust as such guardian and that
he may be allowed extra compensation lor ex
traordinary seryices rendered in said matters.
You are further notihed that if you tail to ap
pear before said court on the lltli day ol April.
l'.i'i. at '. o'clock a. in., and contest said petition
and final report, the court may settle and allow
said final report and grant the nrayer' of said
petition and make such other and iurther orders,
allowances and decrees as to. said Court may seem
proper, to t he end that all matters pertaining, to
said guardianship mav be ttually settled and de
Dated -.his 11th day of Marcli. A. D. IV.;.
titoKl.E M. Sl-l RLOCK,
County Judge.
Notice of Public Sale.
Hy virtue of a distress warrant issued on the
lxth day of March, lslni, and directed to me, and
against John Fitzgerald, 1. on the ith day ol
March. !'.. levied said distress warrant upon tne
goods and chattels of John Fitzgerald as follows:
All ol the ear corn in tne west tn ieet oi crui lo
cated on the corner ol tfrd and Oak streets in the
village ol Oreenwood. in Cass county, Nebraska.
Now, therelore, 1 will, on the (ith day of April,
:'.. between the hours ot 111 and 11 a. in., ol said
day, otter said goods for sale at public vendue to
satisfy a claim lor personal taxes to the amount
ol t'd-'.l-lOJ. for the years lM'l. ls'.rj, ls;a, isu
and lst.".
Said sale to take place at the cornered said
crd). located as hereinbefore descnueii. in cass
county, Nebraska, and to be adjourned from day
to day until said goods and chattels are sold.
Witness my hand this 2,'ith day of March. lK'.ia.
Sheriff Cass County, Nebraska.
t rr-.-.-.-r l k
i ' ... "! i. up.-j m.jwmi.llj.l fi" llllllffMliJ
Ten dozen more of those 95 cent chairs just in.
J. I. UNRUI1, Furniture Dealer and Undertaker,
5ff SrSf g 3ffiBSSEB
the doctors I
For whom ? f
nnnrnvp of Scott's Emulsion.
f- - For men and women who are weak, when they
) should be strong ; for babies and children who are thin,' f
f when they should be fat ; for all who do not get from
1 tlieic lood the nounslimeni ine snoum. x our uiuuu ia y
" t starve- blood. You eat and are nourished. Uonsump- "1
if tion and scrofula never come when the blood gets its j
1 proper food. And nothing is better for starved blood
Notice to Creditors.
To all creditors of Hiram G. Snenrer: You
are tiereov uotitiea that the ulieritl. as ox-
ottielo assignee, herein lias sold all of the
assiened property, and has made a return
iiiJ uriHiltliat u lias ieyen an orders ot
distribution, and paid the money us directed
hy a final order or uist rloution entered
herein, and that If y.m fail to appear and
of) ie-t thereto at V o'clock a. in.. April 'SUA
an order will o entered uiscliaririiist
the said assltiuee. and the sureties upon his
official bond from all liability on account or
said trust.
Dated this 6th day of April. ls!i:i.
(icimiie M. rniLOCK. County .Tudje.
Sheriff's Sale.
Hy virtue of an order of snip isnoit tiv r :
F. Ilouseworth. cierk of the district court"
within and fort'ass county, Nebraska.and to
niedireeteil, 1 will on-the Ud dav of Aiav. A
I). is'.H at 11 o'clock a. m. of said dnv m the
south door of the court house 1n the city ot
1'latts uiotiin. iu said county, sell at puhlte
auellou. to the highest bidder for rash, tk r
followinc destribert real estate, to-wit:
lots nine i!H. ten dm. eleven 1 1 1 : nil ! w cl y
,Ul. blk. t went v-t wo, iu tne citv of 1'
nioiilh. Lass eouuty, Neiintskn. tojeiher
with the privileges and auniiMen:iees
thereto be onuiu or iu unywise .ippt-rtain-
iiii; same beiu levied upon and l iken as
the properly of ltiehard Hiisleln. Juli.i
Itilste.n. J antes M, t'rul. h:is. t: 1'aruieie.
t'od.ihy rackinsr couipany. John Murreil .t
Co.. defendants, to satisry a judgment of
said court recovered by Ira l'utuaui, pluio
tlltaira nst sa'd defeu tarits.
I'i.ilt-iiioiit h, Nebrask . Murcb -ti. A. It.
'.;. llARVKY HOI.I.ilW a v.
Mieriff. t'ass eouuty. .Nebraska.
Legal Notice.
In the countT court of Cnss county. Nebraska.
Nellie M. t'Kiurke. lohn Cm. O'Kourke. losetdi
T. Koui kc. Anna . I'Kottrke. sole heirs at
l:iy of Aiuw M. O'Kourke. de:easc-d, ;ind Nellie
M. (I'Kotnke. as irtiardian. of the minor
heirs of Anna M. O'Kourke. deceased, and all
other persons interested are hciehv tiotilied that
on the 11th day ol l-ebmarv. ll;, Nellie M
tl'Kiuirke. as administratrix of the estate of Anr.a
M. tl Koiirke. deceased, hied in said court ahcai
report of her acts and doimis as such admin is
tratrix. and a petition piayniK that said finul re
port be examined, settlird and allowed, and tjut
she may be discharged from her trust as :jtxh
on are further notilied that if ymi fail t-ap-pear
behire said court on the second day ! .pril.
A. L. 1V'.H. at 'J o'clock a. in., and contest said
petition and final report the Cuurt may sett V and
allow said tuiai report and j;rant the. pr.'-Ae.r ol
said pet t ion. and make such other arid Anther
orders, all, iwanccs and decrees as to sai'i' court
may seem proper, to the end that nil mutter
pertainimr to said estate may be tit) all, -settled
and determined.
Dated this iitli ol Marcli. . I), l. .
(iliOKOK M. Sri Kl CH.K;.
County Jtidpc
i Vald up Ca-;tai
VI, 01 Mi
I EUurs. yULHiS , -y'
l.iver - AVj) ;s, t;!ackheads,
3un?.urT V.ti Tan, aud n
sf ! iji Llcin to its orisji-
OITerstho very best fiiclli tit? for the
prompt transaction of
:r.r "in'.i .:ic;i.inv coto ,r Wft.1
T-tey cr n . siiTii ti or ion ii iwt
i.r.'i-Mr.tiions uiiii
liu:'ssvni, or rr. aiiei
perU'."! IV tinri.ll.'s
d f..r50' ts
At all
STOCKS, bonds, told, eovere ment and lot
securities nought atid sold, deposits re
celved and interest allowed on the certti
cutes. I)Tfts clr.-iyvn. tivailaDlo In any
part, of t,be U. . and adl the principle
- towns of Kurope. 'Joi iecxlor.s made and
promptly remitted. Hii;liest market
pric paid for county (warrants, state
and county bonds.
VJOLA K!W SOAP i thny'r lw pnrit.1
skin v- -i-- "" "'; ?; ,T; mSu
cnt.-d. At Uru;-Ki'iH- Price 25 CM.
TheCt. C. BITTNER CO., Toledo, O.
fl!. ' J'ovry,
o .fc I..
It. Vxwlnwnrlfi
V. F.. iVf.ilc "i. inovey
lovi y. Pre. -. yr. r. vJasmvr
. S. iiuvi v yV-l. tfs-?r.
Scott's Emulsion
is cod-liver oil with the taste taken out. It is for all
who feci weak, have lost appetite or are losing flesh.
Ao one else breaks up cod-Uzr oil as it is broken up in Scoff s Emulsion.
Jf you need it, get it. A'o substitute will do.
TWO 51ZES, 50c. and $1.00. ' SCOTT & BOWNE, ChemUt. New York.
Legal Notice.
In the district court of Cass county. Nebraska.
In the matter ot the application of John r. 1'olk.
administrator ol the estate ol William w.Lonn,
deceased, lor license to sell real estate to pay
Upon reading the petition filed herein and it
appearing by the petition tlial there is not sutli
( lent personal proiierty of said estate in the
hands ot the administrator to pay the debts ot
said estate ot William W. Conn, deceased, and it
appearing from the petition that it is uccc-ssan
to sell the real estate described in the petition
tiled herein tor the payment of said debts against
said estate and the expenses of administration.
therefore it is ordered that all persons interested.
I'ollln t Si Mwr Hktt U. K. liarr. Attorneys
in the tii trier court ot the second indicia! distrsc t
of Nebraska, m and f.r Cass county.
Ira A. 'J iriiuji;. piaintitt, v. Jasper N. Tir k
hani, Mrs. t lakham. his wife, whose tW-t na ,ne
to the pluirfili is unjciiowii, Ueiijaniin I 'i." mk
hani and lrs. T:ikhani. his wile, whose nrst
name to the plaintiil is unknown. Caroline .' jmie
and bone, her husband, whose first tu n)U js
unkiiivr. t the plaintitt. Sarati A. T;a' ham.
widow tit oeiijamin linxiiani, dejease-.t, .. N.
lxiwcrs. ndiiimistrattir of trie estate oi i
Tinvis? m. deceaseii. detendants. anil all ol the above named JU efendant:
wiU fcike notice that on the 2Vth dr.y ot ." f'ebruary
A. U. l-!1., Ira A. linkham. plamtitl It erein. tiled
lit petition in the district court ot tjr ass eouuty
Nebraska, against said deiendants. tfu e object and
f cvo ei ui whiih is in nae me r. t section is,
'.n Uiw'p .No. 1 1, north ol rani,' V
Uieiith pimcipal meridian in Car,
l.raska, dei iared to be the propurto. m
tirt. Ira A. 1 inkham. and thai a ci:rn
ecuted on the 1 Un day of March... 'A,
one r.eiiininiii Tinkhani. deceadi.
cancelled and held tor naught: ri:s
auts and each oi them be declar ii u
terest w!iateer in and to said i :4ta uaie.i ,.iav .HI. lv.ll. r:i.n
i iiiKiiaiu ior me . 4 ni sail
one .. none, ior the r ot
lieiijaiuin I.. Tinkham. and for.fni
f I: .. sec. is. tovai II. rauir.- v
to -,ii',sp.el; N- 'linkham. W,. t
cancelled, h.rever set aside -4111!
title. -Jj
and decreed that at tl
i iniciiain executed said deed slItr
whatever in said premise- Hiit oj
or ytherwise: that it be d wreed tl
has c.ntinuoiisly. openly nutorf
rivei iiiiuer ciaini ol title
controlled said premises
nc jjiescm oaie. ana mat suc'i
pancy and control is aud yvas
that ol each and every one
this case, and that the piamn
said premise by adver? e p.n
original purchase, aud that
ants be forever liarr. d trojia
claiming any ri;;ht inanv, iuu
ol said pieiuises. and that .S
said deletKlants his costs t Jul
on are te.iuired to aus, -,vj s,d p, tdmu
bel re t Uth day-.of At j V. I). lM:Ki.
1. i. east of
county. Ne
f the pl.un
lin deed ex-
l. 1,. to.
be declared
the delend
have no 111
ises: that the
bv Sarah A
. to Caro
said S fc. 4 to
N V U of the
east tith I. M
lectured void
leld for naught
e said Sarah A
had no interes
uid be conveyed
at the planum
.uslv and excln
jied. farmed aud
the year liti to
possession, occu
holiy adverse t
1 the defendants in
iff is the owner ol
ssion as w ;ll as by
ch of said tielend
now or iiri-eatter
ruier to any i.rtion
: plaintiil rkutrt ot
I'cin expended.
ire the most, pnwc-tfiil, sate pronot. 'i ri 1 ro
liable of this kind in tin niiU-Ki't. 1
ormnal and only genuine wonuin's salva
tion. Ask your druL'Xist if no ion 1 koeo
ibeni. rite cltrevt to us ana wewiusenu
i ,11 -..,. .Minn! of niiee. 1. soaifd. by
.,,,,11 ,-.,!. 1.1 rile fin in v tee 1 n-r.
SUN MLIMt AL CO.. Cliic:i;o, 111., or
merit. 1. 1, f-nydcr.
uu r ofiimit;
i--'V' ' 5C?1:lI2KAJ)ACHK, as if by magic.
, STSC Glut
Instant Kdlerc! Pain.
f Internal and EstsmaJ.
Cures RHUrMAII!'!. N"l'P.AL
rlA. IjiijQO Biiek, biirjvliis. liruit-'-1
t - S-7-ellllliTS, tstlff .loilit ;, COLK 'BIl.
-V CltAMl'S ir.t.-int'.v. tfioleru Mor
-o.Ti t'rotin .inutn'TiTi. .vie imi
will do If used as a wash aeeordins todi
rectlons; prevent transmission of tjlo'1
diseases, skin diseases, acuie anu nnunu
uleers. strict uro. tissure m vne nanus n.
feet. Kczerna. Tetter. Mrlt Iiheumatlsm, ln
ila'.iation of the llladder. Diseases of the
bones, joints and muwies. Svphiietie In
sinitv Scurvy, Serofula 1Q many forms
Tne above and a hundred other forms of
disease are traeeable directly or imi Ireetly
to syphilitic Blood l'o son for w neh the
I r. Jackson's Knzllsh Safety Tablets Is a
sure preventive, and is a safe Germ Kill",
renderin-' contagion hardly possible. ';c
its value. If neglected such 'roubles result
f.itally. Mailed anywhere, sealed JI: six
boxes for .V Medic tl advice free. .IACK
f(l.N MKPIOAI, CO., Chicafxo. III., or our
tigent. I. Snyeer.
or jea8tio-istouc. argoitl b-j wJC- JC tiie'.'Jc,
JTodi''rted and Toiiet. The Grwil Skin Cura and
Face Beautifier, L-Jiis ni ' "'Tlr
de e-e and nighty per'.-med Wrt hm ra
j-" market. It is absolutely pure. Matet. r
kin- soft end velvoty find rrl??t ltnte
Clexicn; is n luxury for t)i 3ath for lt-?"t,s-It
' alH.'B 'itcluwr.flennses thecal,, ,..! pruUt
tli groM-Ui oi t air "T-.CO 2&o. ii or eaio Ly
N,B. Don't take anv subsjiiute
with the same name but .erent
I spelling on which your druggist o
ft) mokes Iwice os much
. A Ls
latel March 4. lxlN
. . r. . Ji'a . Ti:;kiiam. Hai-tia.
u'ma Stom; n,i L. K.. Uarr, his at- i
ii vwt
? n institution lor ti'e Radical cure of
i n r and Tnmorn Without the use ol t
I Evii ire. Satisfaction iua.ran.teed.
We have never Failed to tnect a per
nent cure where we have had a reasonab.e op
portunity for treatment. Book cpvinc- de
scription of our Sanitarium and 1 rcatmcnt,
with terms and referenres free. Address
IIKS. lit)ltlS0 V Miil iir.n
The News for 10c.
l:or Catalouge, adnr
n-irol -F. Eeattv. Washington, N. J.
I 111 I v rTi
dross Uauiei
Criran-t. .$.'. Ot upw:; want
AjT4its- CHt.iloirue iree.
f. lieaty, Washington, .N.J.
drss l.iu;d I
i'iinos, :-' upwards; want
ArenH 4.'ataJtio free, d
V lisatty. Wasliiticton. J
nrATTVJC i'lanos S2S5.uo upwards.
DLAI II 0 l-or :itai-'u ; adoress
1'aniel 1' . Jieatcy, uiu,iuii.
n UEATTV'S organs 35. oo ty
:. I Tor particulars, cttv
lojue, ii.ui ress pr can.
I 1'.
Vash!ri?ton. N. J.
DCATTV'C Organs fS.5.UO upwards
D I I O AVrite for e xt. ilosto: iddres,
oreail, lJanLl r lt:atty, Washington. N. J.
Physician and Surgeon
Calls ly attended, cither
liJVV or NKiWT.
'tx,MAN OUT CF ME.v )
ir.f, nn vo v.i i u i sj i-iw .! -
j w
in thirty diys by anew perfected scient ifio
.net hod that can not fail unless the ease is
bevond human aid. S ou feel inipr.ived I the
tirst day; feel a benefit every day; soon
know vourself a kiiii? anions men in
,,-lnd and heart. Krains and losses ended,
every obstacle to hP?.,rrilifn
moved. Nerve force, will, eucrs; ?. h u
power, when fallinu are restored. If r.n-.-lectod
such troubles result fatally.
Medical advice free. Mailed ever he re.
I.,,! t..w t siv loves for .. J.ti.ftM'''
MKDICALi CO., Chieajo. 111., or ouraent.
1. . tnyder.
Scientif.o American
Aflency tor
.. i
For InfnT-matlon ant fne Handbook : rit V
MUX.N t CO., 3il liEOADWit. M ?I
Oldest bureau for BeenrtnK Pnt? 'S,V,
Every PaU nt taSen out l.y us 1 "ht iVTl
the public by a notice given free ol cuaree la U
'ticntif if jKicston
'. TjirrertolrmrlBttrmof any "rfrll'l'Irent
?. -world. !-r.U-ndidlT 1"":.J''',J ui' h
--.ruan Fhoui.l l 'hout ft. Weeklv g3.00
- 5-ar;l.S0 six months. A.I JJ, CU
'na,utaii, 361 Kruadway, ew i or It Wty. .