Semi-weekly news-herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1895-1909, February 08, 1896, Page 3, Image 3

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Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
1:1 V
a- 7 A
v hi s i: -i. v
i iii'M :i- is in mi th ::i'i to
.1. M. 1 ! : 'i-!s i - i i f i n
t lich iicid '
t"J iy .; !'.i-i
Mr-. I i.i-i-mi ie-i- is visit iu; hor
ii-t!i'i:r..!', Mrs. J. is. ii?;hcrt.aO::, t.J:iy.
( '. If. l'.nmulc li:is ken sVk
h.M'u' in this city .-iin-o last Tiiiir.-d :y.
K I. Win(h;!iii sur; tlio other itc-it:-
stion at
i t v this
I Yc-mont dijiart;il fo t!,:.t
iiri-i- t.l
ki i'- t:d C u-.ty At-
IV!!; :in:
.i i ( - oil v.'onii ion a, v
s,.;iin -oiue j I' t xes hoiongin
to the I fo-i ii :rd .v ire slo-'!:.
Tee 111'.- Ciui'ier av.s' awarded
I i,i ! i :i t mi;' f the eo'irl docket at 15
ccijti mt e;i-e. Troa-u:y statements
4 .n.-li ei mini notices '2 cents per
Sf, n 1 1 e.
1 11 xi h.i! lt; ' 4-oks ti .- at the hi eh
5C ,..o. Ihv I'.iv-V
wortil of books v.
r iar-t term l,:.o0
ban lied ill four
1 ! - l.iy 1- K 1 1 nr. the ::eii! of the
S le oi i.o i !' -.
Vii;i b:is In i-o!iie of Iliik's cold
wivV It breiijht ; li'ht first this
in' i-i,; nr a d that is .11. Hi-m i Mc-
M::k.-n h;.- Lol rilloi' ft if a biejich of
pr"a;!-e s:tt.
t.'ol. Thra.-her is home aain and j
lias i -e pi nod hi oliice, vhich is the
h -:u".';'i iT'ers for ihore having bills to
c li'.rct or hou.-cs to r'-r.t. if you vv::nt
a ho-.we ." 'i'lira-!ie:- -ai.d he will iix
J O I 111'.
A' u-t lord . r, l lie invincible im
plem'i:t dealer, i- i)icadinr out and
will e.rry a iir.o
cycler. I lo foi i :
of hi'h yrade bi
two this morning
from the
er faetorv are
beai.t : e .
S.uiiue! liiehardson is ;ul a
puhl.e i-i!o of his farm implements and
stoe!c f.i;- i'i''i. to take placf at his
Kieh! Mile t.'rove farm, preparatory
to the removal with his family to this
city in the spring.
Maei; vs. Matti.-on was the title of a I
suit tried b -o e Justice II a 1 1 yester
day at I."iii .viile. Mr.tihew tleritig
appeiretl for tie4. lain'.ilT a;:d J. L.
Iloel repres'iitd t he i at crests of the
defendant. The court to..k the m itti r
under a, I viscnient.
Co !11 Stevi ti'-on was dov. i from
l i reeo v i !") yeleiilav closing up sonic
matleis pi the Am. iiol:on estate i
will-. Atto. ne. D. K. Ha. r, who has J
built ui -nite a law practice from j
:iirs-ng his neighlo s in th Wfiti-rn
part of t he coun'y.
The line weaihtr of today ai.d tie
outlook f-.r the fu"uio pretty efl'cet-
uallv settles lit
n tiestion of an ice hai
1 i
v.-'.-t for i Lis winter. The ic
in '.this - city have their
less than half f ill and we m:.y xpocl
to p v oil. prices next -ummei fr the
fi ie'ul luxury:
W. A. S wea l I i "en, cue of the best
depu' v c iii.t;. el rl-- who ever tilled
that o:ii.-j in this enmity, stepped
down a"d en! 1 1
Mr-. S. has as y
out we shoe PI )
ti nd i i: - suit Lie .
he laiiit lemao
Mrs. A. B. ;"o.:
very Jib- s ; 'i ' i y
' r: u. I .-. o u 'i ' ' !i '
i, ;,,,l--:i, -ly
pink i e i 'A 1 1 i 1
All e ' - ' I, i i:P:
o i e ! . '
d-.II.e- K ! !'.
IHmw. A. ;ari.
and F. S. White.
V. 'A'. Co te-.
at the 1 i- t vl I U e
over- lie- M ;
F.:efc. i a. .:
iir-t of l-'ebniary.
t:o d-jlinite jtians,
ad to hear of his
. ei- -v meat, so that
a resident "f 1 his :
iite. t ii innl at ca
-' erii v af-evr o n
i! -r heme wtis
' - i with ilo'.ver.s
. . . va ; I i :'g ei ilor.
-vas served at
...j. vveic Mo.--
(,,.,,.,. !
it. -b
:(.-..; i-
fo- La '
Mon av!
I -
ti -c
i en!
-v.- r
i- u
3 ii Si
I l.u
ii of everv o.-iian and
el" '.be ! 'i.y dcp'.-:::14 uwit the
'. cf the blood. Tito v :( world
s the stane -r - blood r-cri'iet ia
I -i
v c -i y fe si a C i,
And therefore it is the only true rtr.d
reliable medicine fer nervous people.
It the blood pure and healthy,
and thus cures nervousness, mnkes
the nerves firm aid strong, gives s-.vett
elcep, mental vigor, a good appetite,
perfect digestion. It docs nil this, and
cares Scrofula, Eczema, or Salt Kheum
end all oi her Mo-1 i-:ccsc3, because it
- -i ?s: -r 3
, -' m Vjfc.- V.-
r.e-nU prove every word we bnve
said. Tltousaiids of voluotuiy i u
r.i HiiaU fi.iy y...b!ish t lie fact
f-IOOd'S Sz:-za.
Be Sure
to Get Hood';
"I fun tPt better, fkr? -: :.-r p--d
cm better ia every woy f-irto t.-.Uirg
Hooii'a Sar- rtrariila." " C. C U.vvia,
Box 6-15, Salina. Kan.
Hood's Pi!ls e-ure all liver 111. constipa
tion, biliousness, sick beadachc. Indigestion. 25a
I1 ,'yL-V
next In; will bo m u i ied to Miss Iva
Meredith ;it the home cf the bride's
p:i'ents. The fortunate 3'ounsr lady is
vvt !l-k and yreutly admired in
liiii eity, whero she formed many
pIc ts:int nciiiain ta rices. The3' will be
:it home t their at the Hotel
Kiiev tifter March 1st.
W. S. l'ur.dy seemed tligbtly bolter
this morn i ii "f.
j Dr. J. A. Ilaaomeier wad in the city
I ffiitn Louioville today,
j .Ju..lro Archer was tryingr a replevin
isiiitiu his court today.
J jhn Ciaas i3 con lined to his house
this week with la grippe.
Lyman James of Gi cel. wcoii had
b i si a ess iu this city tod.iy.
A. O. Smith is in from Denver today
looking nf:er liis I'.attsmouth in
terests. John Hei.ry Cooiv and n uy Dur
ton of Muiray took i.ul a permit to
wed today.
Mrs. Win. Cowiten departs! this
evening for a visit with relatives at
Djs Moines, 1 1.
Mi. Tom Fry, who was dangerously
ill fof some time, is reported in a fair
way for recovery.
T. C Shepherii w as an Omaha visitor
todav. He expects to leave for New
York City next Tuesday
J. VY. Cox. one of Aveca's tolid farm
ers, cair.e in today on business with
some of ti e county ollicials.
Dr. M. M. IJutler, Phil Barnes ai a
John 11. Davis of Weeping Water are
in the city on business today.
.Mrs. W. A. Swearinyen departed to
day for Kim wood to visit with her
mother for a while and recuperate her
James Donnelly has accepte! a posi
tion on the road traveling for the Su
perior Cigar company, a wholesale
hoae of Chicago.
It is rumored that August Gorder
was discovered in a dark alley last
evening leaitiing to riue a bicycle,
with a poor show of success.
J. L. I 'oil;, pos'-il e'erk, has been
piMnioicil to a (lav run on me l. .v. M
and the east end ef his route is changt d
from Pacific Junction to m iha.
Miss 15 rt a Myers entertained aeom
jiuiycf neighbors anil f. iends at her
home last evening. II gh live and a
pleas nit social time was the result.
'1 Ml-; Xi:vs is in receipt of a p. em
f'-lJIil l!l- 1 'f i4 1'iattsinouth young
j 1 tdy en-iLled -Tho Exile
j be printed when we e in
which will
t around to
(.1 .us B.-o: enfeid has a new boy up
j at bis linus ,' thai put in an appearance
. .-i i -
a!vesLtiu: iiiCMiiiiii;. uiaus wii? imc -e
. joyed that he cou.ila t come clown town
j to i"!l the now.-pap-T b 'ys of his good
i f rlu ne.
j Jesse Livingston She; iff Hol
low -.y a description of his stolen har
ness last week and the l-.-.t ter sent it to
Kansas City. Today bo learned the
h n ness had been fou d and would lie
shipped at once. This is very fortun
ate for Mr. Li v illusion.
A t-'louheiie. pole is standing at the
fi'ir, of Wintersteen bill which is in a
very sh .ky couditioa and i.s liable with
a sierhl w.ii.l lii fall over on a team or
oa p ise s-tV and do M'l i'in- d m Ige.
I' t'-iuh I i be ! 1 X . . 1 UJ) at one .
C. H. l'..rme e i- still confined to
hi- l i nr. oiinl of serious t.-ouble
i: ' bi.- hi!) wh'eh iia- i f i n ailing
mo -e ir l.'-s I .i- a bin,- time. lie will
h.i l-e iv'iio to get. nut much u -i til
- in tiie spi-Mif.
' II. C. Noielv the g.'ni 1 a'lJ sUicl-ss.-i;u;ar tar-diord i ful i.ent.l' the llevere ubber com--.
vs t h is e vi-n ':: g ! P n V wi-h In a ic; u 1 1 tei s in Chicago
i. tbeci'v 1 si evening greeting
m in y : equ 'intam-es ia a royal
whole -o ieii man ier as nly Noack
Whil at church :',unday evening
some i'i.e en tered John lloone's cellar
and s'.ole ii lot of hi- Du'atoes. The
lo-s of the pot .too- is bad enough, but
.L In; ititim .tes that he has row sworn
j oil Loin going to church, which is
wo! so t nan the lo.-s of the ''tubers.
j V:.s'a Voung, who is a genuine artist
1 wi h the piano and orawing knife, has
opened out a lirat-c'.a-s wagon shop on
I the Senator Thomas fa-ni live miles
I north west of town, wheie ho builds
I new vehicles or repairs old ones from
i tie." bvst mates ial which monev will
The prohibitionists of Cass county.
Nebraska, are called to meet in mass
convention at Weeping Water, in the
G. A. 11. ball, Saturday, February S,
at 1 o'ciocw p. in., for the purpose of
e.eeii: g doteg..tes to attend the state
convention t 'e held at Lincoln,
Neb., ,.n P. b-uary 11.
W. O. Tl'CKKK,
Chairman Central Committee.
Utieu unit ism ( urt'd In Iay.
"Mystie Cure" for liheumatisin and
Xeutiiliria radically cures in one to
three days, its action upon the sys
tern is remarkable and mysterious. It
removes at op.eei the cause and the
disease immediately disappears. The
lirst dose greatly benelits, 75 cents
Soid bv P. G. Pricke &. Co., druggists,
Plattsmouth, Neb.
A h'gh liver with a torpid liver will
not be a lonsr liver. Correct the liver
with Do Witt's Little Early Risers
little pills that cure dyspepsia and
constipation. F. G. Fricke & Co.
McClare's Mapuzine For .January.
The lirst edition of the January Jlc
Clure's is 3(H), 000 copies an increase of
170,(100 in three months. It is easy to
undci these great strides in cir
culation when one has read, in this
number, the icmarkabte story of Lin
coln as the manager of Denton OlTutt's
s iw-mill aid country store at Xew Sa
lem, the victorious westli r against the
champion of Clary's Grove, the
student, between whiles, of Kirk nam's
Giamraar, a candidate for the legisla
ture, and a captain of raw recruits in
tho lilack Hawk war; and when one
has inspected the twenty-live pictures
which help to vivify this most engag
ing chapter of Lincoln history. We
have been advised heretofore that tho
history of Lincoln's early years was
lost. This can bo said no more; for
Miss Tarbell has recovered it for Mc
Clui e's down to its smallest de'ail.
To further justify the 300,000, there
is the beautiful article on Eugene
Field's intimacy with. the children, re
producing the best of his child poems,
with portraits from his own collection,
of real children to whom the poems re
late. Then there is the lirst of Mr.
Will IJ. Low's papers on tho gre it
paintings of the century, in preparation
for which Mr. Low made a special
trip to Europe, gathering tho best
that the galleries there would afford.
This paper treats of tho French
painters of the beginning of the cen
tury David and his followers and is
illustrated with reproductions of six
teen celebrated paintings by David,
l'rud'hon, Gerard, and others.
Ever since 18S4 it has been a matter
of constant speculation, and, at times,
of hot dispute, exactly what relation
Mr. Blaine bore to his candidacy for
the presidency in that year. A paper
by Mr. Murat Halstead in this number
must, one should think, set the matter
forever at rest. By conversations and
letters of Blaine never before pub
lished, he gives his whole inner history,
first of the nomination, and then of
the succeeding canvass. One of the
new letters a particularly interesting
letter written by Blaine just after las i
defeat H reproduced iu facsimile;;-. nd
there are some new letters by General
Sherman and several interesting por
traits of Blaine. Elizabeth Stuart
Phelps, continuing her charming au
tobiographical chapters,describes with
the fullest sympathy, and yet with un
failing vivacity, ihe life of "the Au-
dover of New England theology; the
dover that kept herself apart from
the world and all that was therein"
an Anucver which, she truly says,
"will soon becomo an interesting
wraith." Other noteworthy features
a-e a popular at tide be the eminent
astronomer, Sir Hubert Ball, giving!
the latest information regarding "The '
Sun's Light," and excellent short j
stories by Anthony Hope and Herbert'
I). Ward. S. S. MC'Cl.l'KK, LTD. j
.".ti Lafayette Place, New York. '
At l.-viston
The Lew iston church had a gi od
n3 liig last night Tho Lord w; s
present, with power. There were'
eight souls seeking for the Lord. We ,
would be glad if some of our good peo- ,
p'e of Plattsmouth would d;op into
see us. I am stoning with a good, re
licious family, that of Elisha Car O .
May God bless you as you print this,
and also those who read it. Yours
truly, C M. Gkavks. '
You look at cod-liver oil. It is so much oil or fat.
But the chemists come along and tell us that in that
oil are united, in almost invisible form, most valuable
medicinal agents, that the fat of cod-liver oil is only
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Scott's Emulsion ?: &:thZn&?!l.
cles, digested, and ready to be taken up into the system.
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When you ask "for Scott's Emulsion and your druggist gives
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Notice to Contractors
Notice is hereby given that sealed bills will be
received at the county commissioners othce i
the city of Flattsmouth. Cass county. Neb., unt
noon on Thursdav. March 5. isidl. for the erection
and completion of all pile bridges to be built in
is' t!, recording to the following specincations. to
1. All bridges to rest on three piling at each
bent of length required by commissioners to be
driven to a solid foundation; piling to be of white
or burr oak. round, w ith not less than fourteen
111! inches butt, and ten fli'l inches top. ail
Dilincr to be smooth proportionate, free from
uMnrlltnl-p and ohiirtionabfe knots.
i. All caps to be I sj by twelve f 1-J oak. and
fastened to piling with dritt pins twenty-two
iiu-ti trinff. holt for drift pins to be bred fill
depth with augurs-sixteenth 11-10J smaller than
3. All sway braces to be three f:? bysixfti
oak. b.ted to end of cap and each intersection
wiin rminc wiin iie-eiuuiu t-m woiv. :in
ivnlu-iii at tnd
1 All inUts to be of soft nine, three f:! bv
twelve flJ, sized at each end. outside joist to be
boiled to cap at each end with he eight 5S
bolts: spans ot sixteen nJ anu eighteen i mj leei.
to have nine I iJ joists to the span each, .-pans
twenty 30 1 feet to have ten jlil joists to the
span, and twentv-t.oi L-"-l mxl twenty-lour I J4 to
tiavee.even Lll joists to uic -pan. wen lappea on
cap, all joists to be well bridged on center wi h
two "Ji by four 4 white pine, well nailed with
sixteen I lrt penny wire naif.-.
5. All Mooring to be two 21 by ten III or
twelve (12 j white or burr oak and to be spiked to
joist with forty 4 l penny steel -pikes at each
intersection of the joists.
6. ' Kailiiiir posts tour bv four I44 to be bolted
to outside joists with one-half inch bolt-,
hub rails to be two by six "-xi and rail to be
two bv four 12x41 canned with two hvsixl'jxtil
and all to be white piuoS-4-S and well painted.
I. line planK two uy twelve oy sixteen
f'Jx 12x1 til to be spiked to end of ioi-ts at each
end of bridge so as to cover end ot joists an I to
make close connection with tloor.
s. Width ol roadway to be sixteen Hi feet,
liach bid must be accompanied bv a cci titled
check for SUM. Board reserves the right to re
ject any and all bids.
January li, lsntj
Jamks Kobicrtsox. County Clerk.
Referess' Sale.
Under and by virtue of an order of the district
court ot Ca-s county, entered upon the 4th day
of January. A. O. lS'.tti, iu an action therein
pending wtieieiu "susan lirosclaud and
lirosclaud were plaintiffs and Myrtle Uarnes,
Henrietta 1 leitrick, Theodore K. Decker, Kausoin
Decker. Kudolph Decker. Sylvester V. Decker, et
al.. are deteiiaaut-, which order continued the re
port .it tin? reterees theretofore appointed in said
cause and directed them to sell as upon execution
Ihe lands described in their said report, the un
dersigned reterees w ill, upon the l day ot Feb
ruary. A. D. I-;;, at r.:l o clock p. in., in front of
the south door ot ttie court house in Cass county,
Nebraska, sell at public vendue, to the highest
bidder, the following described real estate, to
wit: 1 he northeast quart r and the northwest quarter
of section twenty-nine ('-): the northwest quarter
ot section twenty-seven (2i; lots two, lour and
live 2. 1 and it) iu section twenty-one UDallm
township twelve, range eleven, in Cass county,
Nebraska: lots two (2i block one (1 we.-t. and lots
eight and nine is and in block one ill east ot the
public square in the town id Kock lSUitts. Cass
county, .Nebraska.
L'pou the tallowing terms: One-third cash: one
third in two years. oiie-thiid in three years, de
terred payments to be secured by lirst mortgage,
bearing interest at eight percent per annum, pay
able annually: eight per cent oft for cash on de
lerred payments, "said sale will rcniaiu open tm
one hour.
January IT, Is'.n;. J. W. Julixsox.
mmiki. Wacom.
John D. I i kouson,
byron Claik and C. A. Raw Is, at onieys for
Notice of Probate of Will.
In County Court Cass Co. j 3-
In the matter of the last will and testament of
Thomas li. (iordon, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that on the tith day of
February. A. L). ls'.i, at the office of the county
judge in I'lattsiiioutli. Cass county. Nebraska, at
the liour of 2 o'clock in the afternoon, the follow
ing matter will be heard and considered:
l'he petition of r-r.mcis S. 1'nce to admit to
probate an attested copy of the last will and testa
ment of Thomas H. Gordon, deceased, late ot
(lcnuood. Milis county, Iowa, and lor letters tes
tamentary to Henrv Kvernham. Jr.
Dated this i:ith day of January A. D. ls'.iik
liy order of the court.
County Judge.
Sheriff's Sals.
I5y v rt or of a n order of sale Issued by G.
F. Ilouseworth, cierk of the district court
Witmu and for l!ass county, Nebraska. and to
me directed. I will ontlie, tli day or AlarcD.A.
I), ls'.iti. at 11 o clock a. m. of said day at ttie
oniii uoor of ttie court house in t lit city or
I'lattsuioutn. in suiu county, soil at uuniie
auction, to ttie liighest bldaer for cash, the
following ocseribed re.-il estate, to-wit:
Lots one (li uud two i2i, in blo.-k sixty ',
in the city of Weeping Witer. Cass county.
Nebraska, together witn tne privileges ana
aopu rienanecs thereto be onuin or in any
wise appcrlaiion; same Deitii levied upon
nd taken as the properly or f- red Beiiows,
lorence J. Bellows, Hnliaui 11. Wright,
liiio iron atore Co.. Sackett Ac Gales. Wil
liam Tia fie. slier ill ; Joseph r . .Mills. T lioin is
N. Howard. Fii9t National ItaiiK of Weeping
Water. Nebraska, defendants, to satisfy a
judgment of said court recovered by Hyron
Ci.-ii-k. pl.toitiii, against said oeieniiams
I'lattsmoulu, Nebraska, Jan. -'.i. A. i. i.s;it.
Hauvkv Hoi.i.owa v,
PlieritI Cass County. Nebraska.
Legal Notice.
To Susan Grosclaude. Charles F. Grosciaude.
Rudolph Decker, Mrs. Kudolph Docker, Hen-
lette 1 le.ricli. r. .N. lietncn. Kansoin liecker,
1 heodore Decker. Mis. Theodore F. Decker.
Samuel K. Johnson as surviving member of the
Iirm ot Joimson v s.pratnu. iiliaiu I.. 1 noinp-
son, r.nos Aorman. iNancy Gorman, e olin
Wise. Serena Wise. Henrv A. Wise. I-lora 15.
Wise, Jane Daltoii and Isaac Coe; ;you and each
ot ou are hereby notified that on the 10th day of
January. lMiti. W illiam Voting hied his petition
against otl miplcaUed Willi syive.-ler 1 . liecKer,
ei al.. in the district court oi cass county, Ne
braska, the object and prayer of which petition, is
to tpiiet in said William Voung the title to eight
teres ol land m tlie northeast corner ot the south
west quarter of section rj, in town 11, range l.f,
Cass county, Nebraska, a'.so the title to the
southeast quarter ot tlie northwest oiiHi ter ol said
section: also the we-t half of the northeast quar
ter ot said section: also tlie title; to 1 acres ol
land vimi west id a hedgerow on the east lia.t ot
ttie northeast quarter of section VI aloresaid: also
the titie to 14.40 acres on land iu the northwest
corner ot the southeast quarter ot section 12 afore
said; and to bar each and every ot said defendants
and all .persons claiming through them Ironi hav
ing or asserting any interest in sani land, an J lor
equitable re iet.
V ou are required to answer said petition on t
belore Monday, ihe iind day of March. Is.i,j,
W II I.I.VM 1 Ol Mi.
Uy his attorneys. Keeson .S: Koot.
Nd:ics to Crtditors.
To all creditor- of Hiram (.. Spencer.
j on .ire hereby uotilie 1 to appear al mv otuce
in I'lattsiiioutli. Ca? coun'y. -Nebraska, on the
all day of 1-ebruary, ls'.Mi, at 'I o'clock p. in.. Ihen
and there to choo-e an a igaee ot the property,
assets and ttect- ot Hiram i. Spencer.
Witness my hand and seal lhis-4t!i day ot Jan
uary, 1S!HJ. d-.OKl.h M. M'L Kl.UCK.
eouniy juoge.
Notice ot Sale.
In the district court of Cass county, Nebraska
In the matter of the estate of Anna M. O'Koui ke.
deceased, on application ol INellie M. 1) Kourke
as guardian, for license to sell real estate.
Notice is hereby civen that in pursuance of an
order ot Samuel M. cnapman. junge oi me uis
trict court ol Cass county. Nebraska, made on the
1th day of January. A. 1. IstW. tor the sale of
the real estate nereiiiaiLcr uescnocu. iieic win
besoldattti south door of the court house at
I'lattsmouth. Nebraska, on the SUh day of Feb
ruary. A. D. 1MH. at 1 o'clock p. public ven
due to the highest bidder for cash the following
described real estate, to-wit:
Lots five and six i" and til, in block three (3),
lots one. two. three and four l l. A and 4i, in
block four i4: lot three (:i; in block six (ti): lot ten
(101. in block tiiteen all in the city of Platts
mouth. Cass county, Nebraska. And lots nine
and ten (! and lib, in block twenty-six CM) in
Duke's addition to I'lattsiuotith. And lots ten. and 12). in block (lin
Stadelnian's addition to i'lattsmouth: also lot one
hundred and three ill in the northeast quarter
of the southwest quarter, and lot one hundred and
four (lllli in the northwest quarter of the south
east quarter, and the southeast quarter of the
southwest quarter, all iu section nineteen l!i.
township twelve (l-. north of range fourteen
lilt, in Ca.-s county, Nebraska, subject to all
He ns.
Said sale w ill remain open one hour.
Dated January SI, l!i.
Nellie M. O Kockke, Guardian.
Hvron Clark and C. A. Kawls, Attorneys for
Notice to Creditors.
Cass Count v. 3
In the matter of the estate of John Rlack. de
Notice is hereby given that the claims and de
mands of all persons against John l'.lack, de
ceased, late of said county and state, will be re
ceived, examined and adiusted by the county
court at the court house in I'lattsmouth. on the
!it;th .lav of Aueust A. D.. Is1.), at o'clock in the
forenoon. And that seven months from and after
the i"th dnv of January A. D.. ls'.n;, is the time
limited for creditors of 'said deceased to present
their clam for examination an'J allowance.
Given urfermv hand this tilth dav of January
A. 1., lsinif GEORGE M. SHL Kl-OCK.
bounty juagc.
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