Plattsmouth herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1892-1894, April 13, 1893, Page 8, Image 8

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Is busy unpacking the largest stock ot
Y- S "I . Clean up, an' lei
rine boring Clothing, eksss
i CD Plant flowers lilt
Furnishing Goods, Hats, Caps, etc.,
Ever received in Plattsniouth.
Look out for Joe's new Advertisement.
Spring Cleaning.
Yet, clean yer house, an' clean yer aiieil
An clean yet barn In eery part;
But brush the cobwebu from jrer head.
An' aweep the anowbank from yer heart.
Je w'en spring cleanin' comen aroun'
bring forth the duster an' the broom.
But rake yer foxy notions down
An' aweep yerduaty aoulof gloom.
Sweepol' idees out with the dust
An' dress yer soul in newer style
Scrape from yer mln ita wornout cru.-tt
An' dump it In the rubbish pile.
Sweep out the hates that burn an' smart,
Briujt In new loves serene an' pure,
Aroun' the hearthstone of the heart
Place modern styles of furniture.
C lean out your moril cubby holes,
Sweep out the dirt, scrape off the scum ;
'TI cleaning time for healthy souls;
Get upan dust! The spring hex come!
Clean out the corners of the brain,
Bear down with scrubbin' brush and
An' dump ol' fear into the ruin.
An' dust a coxy cliuir for Hope.
Clean out the bruin's deep rubbsli hole.
Soak every cranny great au'siuatl,
An' in the front room of the soul,
Hung pootler pictures on the wall,
Scrub up the winders on the mind.
let the spring bejin;
the dusty blind,
April sunshine in.
the soul's front yard,
Set out new shade an' blossom trees.
An' let the soul once froxe an' hard
Sprout crocuses of new idea
Yes, clean yer house an' clean yer slied,
An' clean yer barn in ev'ry purt;
But brush the cobwebs from your heud,
An' sweep the snowbank from yer heart.
Owneyia the name of a Scotch
terrier belonging to the postmaster
at Albany, N. Y. The dog is about
17 years of age, has made one cir
cuit of the United States and is now
on his second tour. He landed in
Omaha yesterday and some of the
boyes at the postoffice added a tag
labeled "Omaha Postoffice" to the
many that are now on his collar
had his picture taken and put him
on the train for the Black Hills.
The agents along the line are all
on the watch for the dog, and
after he has gone as far west as the
owner desires, he will start for
home. Owney is a very intelligent
dog, being able to discriminate a
mail wagon from any other. When
he gets tired of one town he
catches the mail wagon, rides to
the depot, gets into the mail car
and is in this manner making his
tour. World-Herald.
Too Oft an ths Cass.
She frowned on him and called him Nr.,
Because in fun he'd merely Kr
And, then, in apite,
The following nite.
This naughty Mr. Kr. Sr.
Commtsslonsrs Proceedings. ,
Plattsmouth, April 4th, W
Board met pursuant to adjournm
i Present Jacob Tritsch, S. W. D
ton and J. C. Hayes, ccunty co
missioners. hrank Dtck9ou, coui
Minutes of March session r
and approved, when the follow
business was transacted iu regt
On complaint of A. K. Kikenbi
i cashier of the I'tiiou bank at Un .
Neb., that the assessment agaii
said bank for the year, isyi was
roueousand mi just and the com n
sinners being
was the case, the
ordered ti change said assessmi
ou the tax list fur the year lSJ2fro
$1.1888.00 to$m'.44. which represe
slock t
Are You Going
Spring !
To Clean House?
Gentle Spring usually brings house cleaning and a general
overhauling. In the course of this interesting period ot
cleaning up you may be reminded of
IfcTe-w Carpets,
InTg-w C"u.rtaizis,,
Otlxer Tiling's.
If you are, remember
handsomer line than ever
we Hie showing a
tetore in
fussels, Ingrains, Tapestry
The excitement over the outrag.
ing of Mrs. J. M. Fost.of Salina, Kan
Wednesday night is not abating.
Monday two negroe9 were arrested
at Brookville, each answered in
some particular to the description
given by Mrs. Fost of her assaulter.
They were brought to the city and
lodged in jail. All night a mob
surrounded the jail guardiugto see
that no attempt should be made by
the officers to remove the prisoners
to a place of safety. Many represen
tative citizens were in the crowd
and the purpose of the mob was
plainly to uscertain us quickly as
possible whether or not either of
the prisoners was guilty of the
outrage. The officersatteinpted by
a bogus telegram purporting to
come from Solomon City and coti-
tainuing the alleged information
that the real criminal had been
surrounded at Solomon City, and
asking that as many men as could
be secured at Salina should be sent
down to assist in capturing the
criminal, to create a diversion, but
the crowd, fearing that the telegram
might be true and yet suspected it
to be u scheme, appointed a strong
guard to surround the jail, and the
remainder were taken to Soloman
City on a special train. On arriving
they discovered the telegram
to be a ruse and returned at once
to Salina, where they guarded the
jail until moruing. Tuesday morn
ing Mrs. Fost arrived at the jail
and stated positively upon seeing
the negroes that neither were guilty
and they were released. At a
later hour in the afternoon a man
was arrested at Caldwell, 200 miles
south answering the description
of Mrs. Frost's assailant. The
sheritl has gone for tke prisoner,
and it is felt confident that he is
the criminal. He will be hanged
immediately if identified by Mrs,
James W. Hamilton, colored ex
preacher and convicted of wife
murder, was electrocuted in the
prison at Sing Sing Monday at
11 o'clock. The crime for which he
suffered the penalty was the
premeditated murder at Wiufield,
Long Island, in May, 1892, of Annie
Brooks, a pretty colored girl whom
he betrayed and was forced to
marry three years before. They did
not live together, and Hamilton
tried in vain to secure a divorce
from her. He expressed a deter
mination to get rid of her, decoyed
her from Flushing, L. I., where she
was employed, to Wiufield, where
he cut her throat. Death was in
stantaneous and unlike all former
excutions there was only one con
tact oi ine eiectroaes. mere was no
scorching or scalding of the skin
or steaming at the electrodes, and
produced the moat successful
results yet carried out.
mis novel prooiem is now
circulating among the newspapers
seeking a solution: A freight train
one mile in length stopped with a
caboose just opposite the depot.
The conductor got orders to move
his train to the next station, which
was just five miles distant He gave
the engineer orders to move, which
the latter did, while the conductor
walked over ahead on top of the
cars and got there just as the en
gine arrived at the next station
where he got off. The question is
how far did he walk, or as he was
walking the entire five miles, did he
ride at all?
At the Mercy of a Maniac !
One day the Duke of Welling
ton cat writing at his library table
quite alone, his door was suddenly
opened without a knock or an
nouncement ot any sort, and in
stalked a gaunt man, who stood
before - the commander-in-chief
with his hat on and a savage ex
pressions of countenance. The Duke
was of course, a little annoyed at
such an unceremonious interrup
tion, and, looking up, he asked:
Who are you?" "I am Dionysius."
was the singular answer ."Well what
do you want?" "Your life." "My life." 0,.e third l)f lhe cal,hil
"Yes; I am sent to kill you." "Very furiture of said bank.
odd, said the duke, sittinz back
and calmly gazing at the intruder.
"Not at all, for I am DionrBius."
said the stranger; and I must put
you to death." "Are you obliged to
perform this duty to-day?" asked
the commauder-in-chif; "lam very
busy just now ,and have a large
number of letters to write. It would
be ver inconvenient to day." The
visitor looked hard durintr a
moment's pause. "Call again."
contiuued the duke, "or write, aud
make an appointment." "You'll be
ready?" "Without fail," was the
reply. The maniac awed, doubtless,
by the stern old soldier, backed out
of the room without further words,
and half an hour later was safe in
Bedlam Argonaut.
satisfied that sr
C'Uuy clerk t
Antony Loyd aud Jennie Butler
will try to enjoy matrimonial bliss,
having been placed in thatjposition
by Judge Archer.
The Red Cloud Chief of last week
came out in red, but had no good
reasons to offer for it. Now. Mr.
Hosmer, will you please explain
the cause for all this hilarity.
John McDaniels and Oma Miller
ware married by the police judge
this week.
lower prices than ever.
A very common and universal
expression all over this country is a
reference to "the late war, mean
ing, of course, the war for the sup
pression of the rebillion in the
Southern States IStil-lStli. Should
the United States become involved
in war with a foreign power ol the
first-class, England, for instance
every state and territory iu the
You will make no mistake in looking over our nation would participate in the
common cause aim snare me giory
and honor of a final victory that
would surely be won. Then, and
not till then, will the last vistage of
sectional feeling be obliterated
from the millitary spirit of this na
tion and make us a prfect reunited
people. We believe that events will
transpire during the next three or
four years, perhaps much sooner,
which will "shelve" the now com
moil expression, ana substitute in
its place a reference to a war in
which the people of the United
States, as a whole, will have a com-
mon pride unci Interest in discus
sing at cair.p-fires, re-union aud
public gatherings. We sceitt the
battle, not from affair, nor with fear
and trembling for our country; but
with a firm faith that it will lie a
a contest for asserting aud main
tatiuiijj our national rights, re
sulting in victory over foreign
aggression, and re-uniting the
Aniericuu people in one grand and
common bond of sympathy, pride
nnd' nationi'1 interests. Southern
California Informau'.
Lace Curtains, Portiers,
and silk ALME,
For Curtain Purposes, if in need of anything
of this kind.
Proprietor of
Dealer Iu
Jlgi-nt for Anheuser-Busch, Beer.
Pock Beer Always on Tap.
Cor Main & 4th.
Director General Davis said last
Sunday that the week had been very
satistactory as tar as the receipts
of exhibits were concerned. "We
received more than during any pre
vious week," he said, " and were in
formed that large shipments
would arrive early this week. The
exhibits have been put in place
promptly, and I can say that our
part of the work is not lagging.
We look for a number of big ship
ments this week, and my depart
ment cruets are ready to receive
them. There is nothing to indicate
now that all the exhibits will not
be in place on May 1."
Ladies who will do writing for
me at their homes will make good
wages. Keply with self-addressed
stamped envevelope. Miss Mil-
dked MiLLKK, South Bend, Ind.
All kinds of garden seed, both iu
bulk and in packages at,
Bennett & Terr's.
Miss Abbie Oliver, a beautiful
young lady, ot aturgis, Lmon
county Ky., was led estray eight
mouths ago. Last Monday the
mother of the girl entered the place
of business of Henry Delaney. a
drug clerk, accused of beipg re
sponsible for the girl's condition
at the point of a pistol compelled
him to enter a carriage with her
husband and daughter. They drove
fifteen miles to Morganfield. pro
cured license and compelled him to
marry the girl. Ou the way back
the carriage was attacked by armed
men on horseback. They were De
laney 8 friends, who fired into the
carriage and followed it as it liew
up the road. Delaney, having
jutnped out joined them. The girl
was'-shot through the head and
died this morning. She would soon
have become a mother. Her fath
er was also mortally wounded. Mrs,
Oliver recognized her pursuers nnd
warrents lor their arrest were is
sued. All belong to prominent
families aud more bloodshed in ex
pected. beed Potatoes
Bennett ti Tutt have a large sup
ply of mammoth pearl seed pota
. Auia
rs ti
. yo
it wil
Is Selling
Loaves of Bread for ifl 00.
2 Loaves for Five Cts.
Pies and all kinds of Fancy Cakes
Always on hand.
Good Square Meal 25
Ice Cream in Season.
John Tease, until recently a stud-
cut in Blooiuiugton Ind., college was
instantly killed by the bursting
of a circular sawiu Kellogg's mill,
a piece of which stuck and almost
beheaded him. He had only en
gaged this morning to work a few
days for the regular employe, nnd
made a remark in Bell's drug store
last night that he had a present
ment that he wonid be hurt in the
$25,000 In Premiums.
Offered by Liggett A: Myers To
bacco Co., of St. Souis, Mo. The
one guessing nearest the number
of people who will attend the
World's Fair gets $,,000.00, the sec-
$1,000.00. etc. Ten Star tobacco tags
entitle you to a guess. Ask your
dealer for particulars or send for
The Hon. Kdwiu Hubble, a for
mer resident of Plattsmouth and
buzzm' friend of Sheriff Tighe was
down from South Omaha and spent
Sunday with the latter gentleman
K. K. Ringer of Omaha was down
looking over his fruit farm just
west of the city last week.
We are indebted to the correspon
dent of the Times in Paris whose
happy function it is to furnish ar
tistic news about artistic toilettes to
readers (of the correspondent's
sex?), for authoritive information
that the reign of crinoline is not
yet. This cheerful intelligence
comes from two ery high sources,
one the supreme French dress
maker of his time, and the other an
Kuglishman of equally undoubted
supremacy. As is characterastic ol
the respective races, perhaps, that
the Englishman says that crinoline
will not be used, and cites the de
cisive fact that "twelve" note the
proud exactuess of this numeral,
not a dozen, nor any vagut expres
sion ot number, but precisely
twelve "royal personages" whom
he has had the honor to wait upon
for instructions as to their ward
robes have not mentioned crino
line. Ou the other hand, the
Frenchman says with equal pride
and authority, but ot different kind,
that crinoline shall not be used. He
will not permit it. Has he not giv
en his precious time and his inval
liable talents giadually and firmly
to lead the daughters of Kve to a
style ot wearing apparel which if
not so simple as that of their great
ancestress, shall at least not con
fuse and pervert the noble lines of
inherited from her? And shall he
now, in the hour of his triumph,
when feiminine charmsjto thejremo
test ends of the earth enjoy the aid
and enchantment of his art, submit
to see them subjected to this hid
eous and monstrous defilement
called crinoline.' Thousands of
thunders and n uuesof all mention
able things! Jamais? jamais! Both
of which assurances we accept with
profound relief. If royalty, inherit
edor earned, forbids crinoline, the
common sense of our republican
women may be left free to reject it
ror ine moment we breath more
easily. Harpers Magazine.
The will of Mr. Jas. Walstou who
died last January, is being content
ed iu the equity court by his rela
fives. Mr. Walston lived in -Kock
Bluffs and when stricken will
paralasis he was cared for by
man and woman named Carroll
When lie cueu lie wined his prop
erty amounting to about $I.-)00.00 to
Mrs. Corroll. The relatives claim
that fraud was practiced upon the
man in his feeble condition and
are trying, therefore to break the
Petition of B. H. Dimmith t"Ve
making an under crossing urn w-ty
bridge on section line between
and 29-11-10 was granted ou con
tion that the connection w
bridge be made with boards a
not with wire. The right being
served by the county to discontii
said crossiug at any time.
Contract was made with
Western agents of the Kenton I
talin Furniture Co., for extra fui
ture for the County Treasurer a
Kegi9ter of Deeds offices.
Official bond of Jacob Pear n
iuau uYcricrr in wistnci r0. i n -York
and approved. In regard to
claim of the Nebraska Real
taie Trust, Co., for road daraagei
Sec. 2-13-13. N'o action was taken
the claim presented was a duplici
of a former claim acted unnn :
the county commissioners Sept.
1892 aud refused.
Indemnity bond f ToddJA Du
das for the construction of coun
bridges for HiW filed aud approv ;
Report of G. W. Xoble of the J
etitute fund fur the first quartet VT
mru nuuaoproveo, saia rep
shows a balance on hand of $."3.0.T
Claim of Dr. L. G. Freiday
physicians salary for the last thre;
quarters of 1893 was refused as said
Freiday has not been a resident of
Cas9 county for said period.
Official bond of J. H. Davis road '
overseer in and for District No.';4.1
filed and approved. Board ad".,
journed to meet tomorrow.
April lath lSW.-Board met, full ,
board present, when the following '
was done towit: '
On complaint of Geo.L. Richards'
that the assessment on the south
east quarter of the south west
quarter of Sec. 20-12-10 for the ye
18921138 erroneous. The county
clerk was ordered to correct same
by changing the assesoment from
$030.00 to S'-'HO.OO, said last amount
being iu a basis of one third value
Cot Bill, State vs. Geo. McPher-
buii was laid over as a misdemena-
p -
J3. . J
ior until such a tune as the
provides for its payment.
Jury fees were allowed for
February term of court to
amount of $ltil.40.
Jacob Tritcli,tiul nnd exp $ 30 7
S W Diitton, mime 3H to
J C Huyes.Hiune in m
Frank Dickson, xntne s :i".i
Hen HciiiihM, mime H7 50
V J White, I'oul to Co . 40 00
Hyroti Clark, utty, services to Co 71 w
(i V Nolite, nul and exu 108 Jn
1'hittn, (in ft Klec, LiKht Co. Kim.... 31 .",
Auk Bach, nidse to poor 14 (
J C Kikenlmry, Ixlif paupers, etc 'M
K Goom, bilif jury. XI 2:
Stutter Bros, mclse to poor W lie
t Wecktmi li.Kitnie 19
A C Mayes, work 011 plat books 32 bi
E Fuliuer. mtlst to poor IX !
It D Travis, sal 1st iuurter 2j0 0-)
J Graham, litlK paupers 15 ("
J C Smith, IiiIk poor 10 ("
M Hululit.sume 13 c
A Clark, mtlse to poor in &,
H J Stream, stamped envelopes... . HH W
l)r Win Kirk, rent to poor ti in.
Dory Flsclimunn, care of blind
J Swobodn, mdse to poor 4 (v
K Gutlmian, btlji jury 4ft 7,;
H I) Tmvls, expenses 5 ft,'
K J Morgan, puviiiK tax tw
G V Spurlock, def J (i Kyan 20 f
DO Dwyer, def J W Roper 23 n
II D Travis, wit fees advanced H t
1. K Karyes, repairs of jail g (1.
K A Klaucharil, stationery 1 n.
1 nast-inrir, pnv sal llli ot 1MI2....
V Tiithe, bdg ldu pri. etc.
s i- iioiioway, Damn Harch term..
J H Thrasher, same.
1 Tiithe, same
Kit KiUKt-rald, same
Mrs. h Shinn, care of poor
H J St reiKht. envelopes
Motel Kfiley, IhIk jurv
C Hrekentleld mdse to Co
Dimohiieft Haiinebfm mtlse to Co
Cost Hill, State vs. Kooer
in ft
'.'45 !
f (
M U,
T.i tin
7 ! '
10 Nil
ii '-Mriiiu, isstiinu costs etc.. .ti ?
I. -....- , " I
r , V lllll l 1 1 i,i st lo I It MIT -MIA,.
!M Hi
.i IB
(.." 4:,
i-l s.
12 0"
21 1.
Cost Hill, State v. Andrews
lost Hill, State vs. Kvan
Cost Hill. State vs. Roper . ... '
lhnhoff Hrtis,, stationery
State Journal Co., same .'
Fowler A Shaw, coal to C
I Tritsch. mtlse to t o
K Sturxem-KKf r. mdse to poor".,
Neb, 1 el Co.. rent
( hniilm I'ty Co.' st ut inner v.'...
A C Mayes, viewing Koml'
I Aauartl repairs of trrmlers
j j. lenient- vit-winir mud
vt rsteru vt
I. ,a . . ........
tivri re v. o tlrav 1) s. X.
Bring your job work to this office
for first class work.
A.C.Wright chief clerk in the
governers office was in the city
Monday shaking hands with the
boys and talkitig republicanism.
Photograph studio for sale. Ad
dress, Herald, Plattsmouth, Neb.
M ...
Board adjourned to
day April 8th. ISiKt.
Plattsmouth April
Board met, full board t
the following was dr
jvuisiaciory arran
Ill;ti1, w-itb 1b.
of Greenwood in
(ill i i (Titi -
county on depom
Mrtnr1 n 1 m .
1 - rn