Plattsmouth herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1892-1894, April 13, 1893, Page 6, Image 6

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Afllloted 3 Yenrs ly IrraIful Skin uud
lilwxl DUritar, with lutruse
I'mIo uud Lops of Hair.
All Other Remedies Fall. Relieved In
stantly and Cured In Four Y ks
by the Cutlcura Remedies.
I hv a few word to any rcirsrdlns thr CiTi.
(I'M Hkhkiiieh. They tmw currd me in (,.ur
mk' time from ar-klu and Mood IHnnmc uln. h
I lime had (or over ihrvt year. Al orrunn tint. ,
my .km would bo very tore, and alwayn ki-t
Tracking aud iK-ellng eff to while scnlrs. In r.tUi
wmther my face u on mars of unlet. Win n
In Uie colli air the tio wu IiiU-uho; It would
mmott brliin tears lo my eyca, and my M(,tl aim
Icing In a 'Our condition, with a Inns of hulr. 1
tiavv tried every kimwn riincily that wna mum.
mended to me, )ul It wan of no Une, and nve tnu
cry Utile U nc ut. Ho, lit-arliiK of your t Til i ra
KEHiitiiCK, 1 concluded Ut give thiiu a trial. The
l.rit application vavti alimxt Inaunt relief. In t
few necks' time I fouud myself cured, and I am
thankful for what they have done for me. Your
t'TiiTHA lUmmia area tili'sning to those whe
may have the opportunity to uh tliciu. I ran
retuojuieud them to any one.
2TW Union Ave., Chicago, 111.
Cuticura Remedies
Effect dally more great curea of humora and dla.
raai-aof the akin, scalp, and Mood than all other
remedica comlilned. t'HTItt'HA, the grcHt r-kin
'nre, and t't'TK i ha Poap, an eiquinlte Skin Puri
fier and lleautlflvr, eiterually, and t't'TK i ha Hk
milvsnt, the new Hlood I'urifler and grcstent of
Humor Kemedles, Internally, cure eery species of
nbliig, luirnliig, acaly, pimply, and blotch v dis
runes of the akin, acalp, and blood, from lufnnry to
tte, from plmplea to acrofula, when the beat tibysi.
riuua and all other remedica full.
flold everywhere. Price, CrnrrRA, 90e Poaf,
2Se.; Kaoi.vNT, ft. Prepared by the I'ottkh
Ohi-o and Chink al C'okhobation, Hoeton.
THend for" How to Cure Hkln Illsewti," M
pages, 60 Illustrations, UK) teslhminlals.
PIPJI'I.KS,, rough, rhiippcd and
II III oily akin cured by t'l Tu i ha Soap.
Fnllof comfort for all Palm.
' matlon,and WenkncM of the in
.the I minim AiiII-PhIii IMit-t r,
the first and only naln kllllnu m-.m ;!,.
tuug Mow, iiietantaneoua, and ln!:.!iii.e.
IVnVit Kit (i'uir-
II tl t t-i'il, I'fc t h
ut in Uh' mm n
;:i. ntM one Hit
i'l t 111' Mlllli- (lit v
Tivln I'xt'iiitiMl
i'i :vu: A'linl.
U:t 1 1 1 Kllllll.:, ."i I
ut iiml nil, nlil
( rnwn mii I liri
Worn at iuiiTh
inn-. ri-fiutiuii!-All
A iUlllllV pillll. tt l'
rfi ir in all work
'iiiiivvii :. t lie Art
t UiMiti'-trv, mid
ill ir:r wtlliin
if iv.ic:i of nil.
I i i ii .1 In- prt-i n
lii'i'.l Iiy lint ut h
'. ' tllilV :!! V .llnnit
H-. lull lull nil,)
-C II". I'Ml.llMII'
uir Wiitk. We iln
l i t what we ml
V',l,c. l',,l-ll.
1 ii t if hi I iv lettrr nr
lit nllioi- lri-t- nf 'in
Ilruwti Hint k, ,
iiilf, Sixti-i'iith mid
lii ini-i. i'.mrtli I'Mimr
i r ''. V.f. llnil.l
Dniiulim Strt'ftft.
I'lllll ll Clipitlll.
OlTi-r- Hi.- verv lit-t '.ii ili-ic f..r
tlic prompt triui- ictioii f
SI'OCKS. ,.U. . . ,.i . riiiiii-iii an
Incnl M-fiii ii i, .,, ,,,,,1 ..,,1,1.
pill-it n-ClfV ! .1 I ,- n'.'.'.W,' 1 nil
tin- rrrtili -a'c. 1 .-: a ! m !, mv.ii;;!'.''
in liny part ni tlm i'. .m i i,,,. , , ,.
pal town, i, 1. h i .. C timiA Miir!
iiml prniiipt .v ,,. , ,) ,(,;;:, .. t ,,i.irs. -prii'i-
paol t f i ' i i i 1 - w ., 'i ,i,-". - i .n,. miii
I'liiinty Ii m l-.
Joint Kit.i;iT.i:,t.
S. W.nun. I . !
lolltl Kit T, ii
I . i I i ."-.von ti
'' t.'. '.. k. 1 1 .M-,
. -. VV ,i;..',i. ..
. . v.k is
Jresh, Salt and Smoked
Mi'ilta (if all ki title.
I ,
T MAKK the Inst tif all KuhIh i
HatisynvK and keep a jjood Hiiptdj
-()tistaiiiy uii liaml. Call and nee.
Hftwivn Main uud I'earl
J'hittHitpiiit li, . . V'tiranka
North Sixth-St.
Meat Market.
prl;, Salt aijd Smoked
a I
Headquarters : for : Poultry.
North Sixth-st.. Opp. Postoffice
CorreHponrlenoi Solicited.
OfiUv in I ' ii ion; Hiook
The kii'm r Ki t - to t tl.r i ar.
The mrl' tiirae i ut to t :
V. ri t'iiue foi. i r In, in niBr.
An tlu n i l.i- L.i.:-r r.un tiir ir
I'.iiiln ki t- in Milrtuii ilc-.
An tlu ti .ui'uMit un hiiir an ki-s.
An both are lllltd Hiid ou!ied in til in.
WYn 1 kii down to lllmiu'i ila
The worl' ilim't wem to rare;
I lu ll Lit ki-m Ina humN nor five.
"I wotild make Ytn luff at Hiram's plat
'Twiiiild make Ym 'ar an tear.
bl llinini Kiys rutin he pokes.
"1'iu glail tu see ye; how'a yur folka:"
I take a look at Hiram's hotti
An ln ar how much they Krow;
This Hntai how Iliriim'9 mi in'ry Jogs,
An he lets oitt on them Mr' hoK
You iiiiKhtiT hear him Muw;
If you could only hear him owe
You'd hear some Kinooiiie e'erkunoe.
Ol' Hiram he la slow enough,
lint nimo tiK) hlow for me.
for I'm a putty Hum; ol' tin ST.
Ati fairly rnr nl rit enough.
A n JcM (. f low vi. he.
rn we httih i-oim the whole dnjr long
I'titil we hear the miiiht goLg.
The kni-ei gtM-a to we the t-zur.
All ir. ile Mops to teu,
I'm iij-i, l!!'e iv-:r an kaisers urn,
( in ,,. ii in t he aia-f of thoi .ar.
I a!:, 'I no ! Ii tirrn n ez we,
Ti ami kniarr !:nir.v norharrn
lake ioalia roiin ol' Hiram's farm.
- S. W. l oft in Yunlii-e lilaile.
I. oat Sweets.
Ah two yoniip; wiujicn were eross
iiif,' Vitsiiit;f;tri r-trci't. near tlie Ad
atiiH HmiM', tho other day one tripjaad
iuiiI fdl on her knees. She held in
ber hands several small lmudleB, and
in the fall they were all preserved
--avo one. That (u ha) contained
t liociilittes and cr.raniels, and the bag
Ixrotninp; undone i!s sweet contents
mixed tht-i.iselves with the slush and
mud of tin street.
'Hie youno; woman didn't mind her
mire liespreail skirt, but cast unpe
nial, wistful glances at the lost
sweets. She was undecided. Would
-he pick up her fallen treasures, res
cue them from the embrace of the
unclean, mushy snow? Delay was
fatal, for the bell of an oncoming
electric warned her from the track.
Her face was a study as she moved
away. Her companion's mien was
sympatheticneither childlike nor
bland. - Boston (Hobe.
Ills Position on the Stage.
A lot of show people, were sitting
around a hotel office talking shop and,
as is the rule, each one was inclined
to the belief that he was about the
U'st in the business.
"Well, you Ix't I stand high in my
line." said a man curled up in the
corner, who had hitherto had noth
ing to say.
"What's your line " asked u mod
ern herculcs.
"Aw, you make me tired," twit
tered a Circassian beauty. "You
surely don't look it."
"Don't I," he responded untangling
himself and getting up.
He stood 7 feet 11 inches. Detroit
Free Press.
Afraiil of His I iiniile.
Old Captain P of the regulars
was inspecting the prisoner- at a
San FrauctM'o pu.-t one morning and
I' ihiid one of Lis old veterans who
had a ver.!ni.'s for liquor in the
line. "Weii. Mi'Uuire," said the cap
;ain. "back tigaiu; are you? Now,
why don't you drink like a gentle
miiU and keep out of trouble. Drink
like 1 do." "Ah. slnire, sir,1' replied
Mctiuire. "if 1 drank like the cap
tion. 1 would have been (lead these 1U
years. MSat Francisco Argonaut.
' Worse uml Worst.
Minks - My wile no sooner reaches
Florida h...iv the dm tor there or
i. rs her i.o. ;h, and as (juick as she
p-ts home i . ni' doctor here orders her
back to Florida.
Jinks- Hum! I see how it is. The
railroad combine has consolidated
wnh the doctors' tru.-t. New York
A Minute Muring M.u liliie.
The siiiulliM holes pierced by mod
tru machinery are a thousanuih part
if an inch in diameter. They are bored
through sapphires, rubies and dia
monds by a machine invented by one
I li.u Weniisirom, which makes
i id revolutions a minute. New York
Evening Sun.
"One of the London medical jour
nals wants all doctors to wear a dis
tinguishing style of hat." said Dr.
"I suppose that is for the safety of
.he public," -suggested Wagg. liar
per'B Bazar.
The philosopher Damocles threw
himself into a caldron of boiling oil
and miserably jK-rished. His fate
was not known until the oil was
poured out and his bones, boiled
clean, were found.
"Did yon ever notice," says a crisp
writer, "that it is the 'ladies' of the
church who are generally requested
to attend a meeting of tho Woman's
Christian TcmiK-rance union J"
A submarine electric light for en tell
ing fish has Urn tried in France with
much success. Fish swarm around
the illuminated glole and are theu
easily caught
The oldest tree on earth is said to
Ihj the Bin) tree in the sacred city of
Aniarapoora. Burmah. It was plant
ed, the record savs. in the year I'ss
B. C.
Cardinal Vaughan, the nrchhishoi
of Westminster, keeps himself iu
good physical condition by taking a
5 mile walk every day.
A Memorial of a Noble Deed.
On tho Victoria pier, Jersey, there
is a simple granite olx-lisk uliout I'D
ft set high iticlost-d by an ornamental
garden. It was placed there by the
foresters of Jersey to commemorate
an act of noble heroism. On March
17. Ib70, the steamship Normandy
was preceding up the channel m the
midst of a dense fog, when she col
lided with another vessel off the is
land of Jersey. Captam Harvey in
stantly ordered lioats to be lower. -d
in which to place all the passengers
on the ill fated vessel.
Tho crew loyally obeyed the cap
tain's directions, and all tho passen
gers were safely lowered into the
boats, together with a number of the
men belonging to the ship. Therj
was no room for the captain and 41
memU-rs of his crew, and they
elected to perish rather than endan
ger by their extra weight the safety
of the passengers. The boats sped
away iu the direction of the island,
leaving the gallant captain and his
men on the doomed vessel. In a few
minutes the waves engulfed her.
carrying down the brave men to a
watery grave. The names of these
heroes are cut in the granite oU-lisk,
thus handing down to posterity the
record of one of the noblest acts of
heroism of which the British navy
can boast. Million.
Letter Writing Inverse to Ilistiince.
I have always favored a uniform
IKistago to and from all parts of the
British empire, but I have never pre
cisely seen why the postage should
be Id. To make this reduction on
outgoing letters, while our colonies
still charge 2 jd. on incoming letters,
would be to force their hand, for the
penny one way would oblige tho col
onies to charge only the jienny the
other way. To this the colonies oli
ject just as they do to imierial fed
erationand the scheme ought to
remain in nubilnis until they haveal
tered their opinion as to its expedi
I do not mybelf believe that the re
duction would lead to so many addi
tional letters being sent that the pres
cut receipts would not be affected.
The exchange of letters is based on
question and answer, and the longer
the interval lietween the two, the
fewer are the letters. Two friends
the one at home and the other in
Australia probably write to each
other rarely, compared with what
they would do if they lived within a
day's journey of each other. In some
csimjh the reduction in rate might lead
to more letters being written, but
this would, 1 think, Ihj the exception
and not the rule. Loudon Truth. He Said.
The young man had been to call on
the girl the night before, and she was
expecting to hear something of espe
cial interest to her, but somehow,
though he talked a great deal, ho did
not say those things she wanted to
bear most. The next morning her
mother, who also was somewhat in
tercsted, broached the subject.
"Mr. Henderson staid quite- late
last night, didn't he?" she uked.
"Yes, mamma, until II o'clock."
"Ho kept up a very active conver
sation, I should say, from what 1
"Yes, mamma."
"Did he sty anythingf" the mother
asked nei vously.
"Yes. mamma."
"Well, ho said something about
nothing I cared to hear and nothing
about something I cured to hear."
and she broke down and wept fro, .i
sheer exhaustion. Detroit Five
Why l'eiilo Yitwu uml Stretch.
We feel inclined to stretch because
the muscles of the body are in a la
tinned state, and by stretching we
seem to av-aken them to the proper
tone for renewed action. Moreover,
the muscles of respiration share in
this fatigue and perform their work
imperfectly; heme we often yawn as
well as stretch, the mouth gajn-s, and
the jaws are separated widely so as
to admit its much air as possible. Ac
cording to Hicheiand, "the crowing
of the cock and the flapping of his
wings are intended to serve the same
purpose" as stretching and yawning
with us. Mot animals stretch them
selves upon waking from sleep.
Brooklyn F.agle.
Tim Origin of tli "st. inklik t'ravHt."
At the battle of Stemkirk, the
French oflicei-s, surprised iu their
sleep, rushed out of their tents with
cravats arranged in the most tart-less
manner. Iu ( oiinut-inoiatioii of the
victory they achieved it bi-came the
fashion to wear the neckcloth in a
negligent manner, originating the
"Steinkirk cravat." -London Tit
Bits. The Voice of Authority.
"Well Aunt Kachel," said the
young lady in the traveling suit. "1
shall have to bid you a long fare
well." "If you're going in this train,
ma'am," said the conductor, signal
ing to the engineer to go ahead, "you'll
have to make it pretty short." Chi
cago Tribune.
(living Vent to a I'nsslmi.
"Are you fond of music. Miss D,
"Passionately, Mr. Padruski. Why,
do you know 1 hired a hansom one
Saturday and followed a piano organ
all over Chicago just to hear it play."
-Harper's Bazar.
I ii Old rimer (lot l'owii IntoOeorglaOnrnj
ami Ansitcreit Some Onestluns. j
A citizen of this place tells the fob ;
lowing story; A man with a drove
of mules the man claiming to lie ;
from Ln'.Lina. stopped for the night
with the citizen's lather. The fami
ly had an idea that Indiana was
n-:tr the north jKile and asked a
frreat many questions alout the
country. In answer to questions the
Indiana man said:
"Yes, there the nights are shorter,
but they have more of them and
they are darker." He had seen it so
dark there that you couldn't see the
headlight of a locomotive 30 feet.
He also said it was a good fish coun
try; that you could not ride a horse
across a creek without knocking out
a 2-horse wagon load of fish, but that
he had only gone fishing once, and
then only caught but one fish, and
when he pulhrd the fish out of the
Mississippi river the river fell six
inches. He also said it was a fine timber
country. A few days before he left
home he cut down a tree that meas
ured exactly iuo yards long. Ho
drove a wedge in the big end, and it
burst entirely ojk'U and split a thick
et of ;S(u feet tiiat was so thick that
you couldn't inn a fishing pole into
it endways. The place opened by
splitting the log was then tieing used
for a wagon road. He also said it
was a very healthy country; that
only one man had died in 20 years,
and they had to pull his breath out
with a corkscrew.
A young clock peddler was also
Kpending the night with his father,
and ho asked if it would lie a good
country to sell clocks. The Indiana
man said no; that they had no use
for clocks; that they kept time by
the growth of pumpkin vines, which
grew live feet every hour. He said
it was the best vegetable country in
the world.
Every kind grew well except beets,
and they grew so long they stuck
through into China, and the China
men pulled them through. In an
swer to a question whether it was a
cold country or not he said it was
awful cold. He had seen a blaze of
tire freeze to the back of the chim
ney, and they had to knock it loose
with a pole ax.-Mazeppa Cor. At
lanta Constitution.
Kloctro I'luting Human Ilemnlna.
AFreuch doctor wants to introduce
his patent process of preserving the
remains of the dead. It is not em
balming them, nor yet mummifying
them, though the bodies must lie em
balmed before tho doctor's new pro
cess takes hold of them. The new
idea is to electroplate tho whole
body, and thus preserve to jiosterity
the noble lineaments of those whose
estates cut up sufficiently well to al
low the expense. First the body is
embalmed, after which it is dipped
into a bath of nitrate of silver. It
conies from this bath the color of
polished silver.
After that the face is subjected to
a regular electroplating dip and
comes out burnished copper, ready
to lie preserved to the latest genera
tions. In order to insure perfect suc
cess the face is varnished, and this is
the last operation. The burnished
copper face is then warranted to re
main the same for centuries if treat
ed with reasonably good caro. Lou
don Tit-Bits.
Vulue ol N'ewsniicr Advertising.
A curious instance of the value of
advertising is reported from New
York. There is a physician there
who advertises largely, publishing
his portrait in the newspapers wilii
tho advertisement. A few days ago
he received a letter from the west on
tho envelope of which there was not
a word of address, nothing but the
portrait of the man. which had been
cliplM-d from a paper and pasted on
tin- envelope. Every clerk and post
man who handled the letter knew
the face and it was forwarded with
out a moment's delay. People read
advertisements, evidently, and re
member what they see there. There
is no such road to notoriety as th
columns of a newspaper. New Oi
lcans Picayune.
rlnglisli unit American Hulls.
The English railroads use a much
heavier rail than is commonly used
in this country, and for a simple rea
son namely, the cheapness of steel
and the costliness of timber. Cross
ties are scarce in Englaud, and for
that reason low of them are used,
only about l.tluo to the mile, while in
America the average is from Sf.l'iUO to
3.(100. The further apart the tics the
heavier the rail must be, so while
the rail ust-d on most of the roads in
this country weighs from til! to 70
iMiunds to the yard, that on the Eng
lish roads is from till to Kin pounds.
New York Tribune.
( old W ater as an Aini-sthetle.
Cold water is now used as an an-a-sthetic.
It is injected hypodermic
ally, and its action is said to Ikj due
to high pressure and low tetnK-ra-ture,
which combined drive the
Mood and lymph from the region op
eratedt on and cause temporary pa
ralysis of the nerves. -Hartford Cou
raut. When the War Itegun,
The Wife (b.iierly)-Our married
life has Wen a long series of battles.
Ix-ginning with our wedding day.
Th; Husband Indeed there was
an engagement before that. Vogue.
Something to Think Abont.
"If a' person but turn his eyes to
his 'm'ards,' as I have heard one's vi
tals called," said Patton Rawwn,
"that person is apt to draw much
consolation from thence in times of
trouble. Now, I was just reflecting
that a man is never happy unless, in
the current phraseology, he "has a
Vick coming.' There is no use get
ting around it, one must recognize
that dissatisfaction is the lever that
moves the world. That man who
has nothing to worry over has most.
He has to grieve that his life is in
ane, useless, valueless. With satis
faction comes 'innocuous desuetude."
and the Lord knows to have that
phrase flung at one is enough to
make the dead roll over. 1
"I know a millionaire down in our
section who kicked to himself over
his business relations until he re
nounced them and retired. Theu he
grieved that he was retired. A very
little thing seemed mountain high to
him, 1 know for most of the big
things he could overcome with one
bound and it left him nothing but
the little matters to quarrel with. I
find that a man is most happy when
he is preoccupied, and he is most pre
occupied in work when endeavoring
to surmount some olwstacle that is a
constant menace to his happiness."
St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
Library etiquette.
It is bad form for a guest to take
books from a Ixiokcase without per
mission. In many instances they re
main in the guest chamber, to be re
placed by some member of the family
who requires them for immediate
use. Magazines, periodicals, papers,
are for the library, table and should
be left there. Order and considers
tioti for the desires of all are among
the canons of good society. The best
seat by the cheerful blaze should be
for the invalid or elderly person
Age and sickness demand a courtesy
that should be on all occasions ex
tended to them. It is their preroga
tive. "Don't fail in proper attention
to elderly people. Don't stand before
the tire to the exclusion of the warmth
from others. Don't fail in good man
ners in anything."
There are three articles that should
be chained to the library table- the
paper cutter, scissors and pencils for
family use. It is the displacing of
these little instruments of usefulness
that disturbs the disposition, irritates
tho temper and is among the causes
of the hasty word and the unkind
thought. -Good Housekeeping.
lU partee In the Courtroom.
An amusing incident occurred re
ceutly at the trial of a breach of
promise case, in which a police con
stable was the defendant. During the
impanelling of thij jury, defendant's
counsel examined each of the jury
men on his voir dire, to ascertain it
ho had any prejudice against police
men as such. He pressed his exam
ination a little more closely than is
usual iu the examination of jurymen,
and brought forth a protest and ob
jection from the plaintiff's counsel.
"Many people look upon policemen
as Islnnaelites," explained the do
fondant's counsel.
"Have you not made a mistake in
the tribe.'" quickly interposed the
plaintiff's counsel. "You probably
mean Hittites."
This took place in New York city,
and although Gothaniites habitually
call their police force "the finest"
tho retort lost none of its pungency
on that account. Green Bag.
Deterioration of l miners.
The "L" roads are responsible for
much deterioration iu the manners
of the traveling public the mascu
line part of it at least. When they
first came in, as a rule, men relin
quished their seats to women when
the latter would otherwise have to
stand. For a man to stick to his
seat while a woman went without
one was sojnetliingexceptioiial. Now
it is exceptional to see him do any
thing else. As a rule, men stick to
their seats while women stand.
But manners are still going from
bad to wot-no on the "L" roads. Not
long ago it was a very rare thing to
see a man seize on a seat just va
cated while some woman hapjH'ned
to be standing up near it, but now
it is done frequently, and the man
sometimes doesn't even take the trou
ble to pretend that he hasn't seen
the woman. -Now York Herald.
Various Knrins of Itheiiiiiittlsni.
Rheumatism, according to the liest
authorities, is the most common
cause of the nervous disease called
St. Vitus' dance. An inflammation
of the chest walls, called pleurisy,
not uncommonly develops during an
attack of rheumatism from the pres
ence of the rheumatic virus in the
The most dangerous disorder to
which the rheumatic temperament
gives rise is the well known one of
heart disease.-Youth's Companion.
A Novel llcilsteitil.
A model Paris workingman's bed
stead is made so that it cuii bo taken
down and put up again in half a
minute. By a curious combination
of springs the U-d can lie instan
taneously surrounded with curtains,
a washstand wheeled inside, and the
occupant can go through his or her
toilet without beingseen. By another
spring the lied is turned into a canopy
suited for invalids, who have no need
to stir to iierform the transforma
tion. Exchange
0 ' sale
anora matters a larger pr
Strictly Pure White Lead.
The wise man is never perl
buy paint that is said to be
good "or "better "than .
Strictly Pu)
White LezC
The market is flooded with ,
white leads. The following a
made by eminent chemists, oi
these misleading brands shu
exact proportion of genuine whi
G i vt-
mey contain :
Misleading Brand
"Standard Lead Co. Strictly Purj
Mu. Ol. lOUIB.
Material Proportions Ana
Hrytcs !.: per cent. Regis 0
Oxule of Zinc 4 i-t per cent. A 1
lute Lead e.i per cent. St
Less than 7 per cent, white!
Misleading Brand
" Pacific Warranted Pure A Whiti
Mattriuls Proportions Anal
Sulphate of Lead 4. IS per cent. Lnluit
Oxide of Zinc 4514 per cent. Me'
Bwrytes OO.tin per cent,
No white lead in it.
kou can avoia Dogus ieaa Dt.,
chasing any of the following bf -They
are manufactured by thef
Dutch" process, and are the stani
"Southern" "Collie?
. a.
.1" 1
iable dej
it will ;)
" Red Seal
For sale by the most reliable
paints everywhere.
If you are going to paint,
to send to us for a book containing inli
tion that may save you many a dollar, it
only cost you a postal card to do so. ,
1 Broadway, Smj
St. Louts Branch,
Clark Avenue and Tenth Street
liver ahd m;
It U a fcafe ami unfailinir remedy for till
Kidney Troubles, Liver DisorJeifV.
ii... nova -
and Female Irregularities, ij
Price One nnllnr Per Itnttle -'reil
The Dr. J. II. McLean Medicine
Liranwi and neMutifir Uie
The ConsumntiveanfiFeetoie mm
uller It iim f Miuuf in .; ! '-iijm idhditi'l nie Purktr It
'i'o'iio. I; curl :iie i.ti 'ii'itii. XVfttk l.uii;. T I' .1
U:)t ftiuti. trill.- H't'ttkiie,. K,n uitiiunin ami l'&it.
hPNOERCOR'7!, TVmtly tm-p-ir-f.-.
SU hi! I'ikiu. bium-w '. - ,;7 miy. i.Vt, at 1 i
IM u ' ' 1
i i.!. (tit LviVil'sltl.H,,, Illliiil.r l.r I
ft Kllmbi kliti ions. WhmlH-r li'-aM. (
t- f '...Wln-M fcj .MUiiIimI ol III.....
33 lfnJari Set Wi. Write lot Uwa ut i-rluM
VITALLY WEAK). JM . , tO.1 CI"H l ,
r" ' -irr miTtiM atnio or jruti; f
it rNNlIn mill. lie life, or tr, m Udil.r. nt-.-t. ! it
VkTfllr M4' vii rriM-i moi -mhii'iI
lU M4KV IKrHwlih Mltl.f liMAV In YM vam I
in At. mm mm of tlm.atR. r. an.) trrimih ifli . v i
Imf-nlrril atj.t wouken-i irmaiiirHv In ar;"-in-t i--
WHEN WE SAY CURE .m'hiVinmVi:'
J1 J"'"' Q"ii.,'i,, eMvurpsUiUiiJeuri'il iu.i !'
liV(n (pvl,lniorf iwr f.lth la prrf "
k TRIAL t-'IT ekht Jay.tnal AllMi: 1 II : 1
" urn, flume or oi l. iM-n i
.inii iiui.i, hi,i,l ,n, ,,,, , ,,rf., .., ,.
tnl,.u(Hrt,,i tlllt vrnny koow tli. It i.
H mrlifn.c .1, .r.,iit. m.-ll'lui I. eli -I ,3
l.ofnli.1 u Vm t urti-r li vcarilfl."
til t rtlfic l, t P,,rr, ,7 thl i I'..'; I
t HE HAPKI3 rr.MEOt CO., XI! i. 0 i
TTHlt7-Ti;iTiTTTTfa' -T'-
Myntic- Lil'e Heiiewpr.
Thi.-i wonderful ' Heiilth Hui''
and Constitution Kei-tores i - ioi!-'
a veritable rencwer of life; lirfiiti
it itoHSi-Mrit-s such tiiarveloit.- P"tt'
to cure all foruiHof Isiilinu' H',i::
Itidiyestion, Dyspepsia, Nt'rv''
Diseases, Heart Atfections, I'i"1
Weakness, HrokenJConst i tuti"" ' I
all wasting diseases, l-lven I"1'
win anted to five sal isfai'lii'i"
too u-y reftinde l. Free liotlli '1'1
G. l-'rieke (',)., dni- -i,-t.. I''1'1'
A Great Surprlsu
Is in store for all who use K
Jlalsani fortli. Throat and I.n '
the teat utiiiraiiter d n-inedy.
sold on its merits and any dru
is aitthori.ed by the proprietor
this wonderful remedy to yive
a sample bottle free. It ttever '
to core aettie or chronic cie'i
All druyists sell Kemp's Ha -'
Lart bottles ."i(V. and 1.
Subscribe for Till-: llt'K.M.l'.
per year.
All r-'ii-.-.ClHi-'. rirniUJi"'-'-
i Kroni present date will kt ' '
sale the important ICast India
remedies. Dr. II. J antes.' pn .'
tion of this herb on its owt
(calctittai. will positively con
sutitption, broiu hitts, asthm
nasal Catarrh, nod break up i '
cold iu :'4 hours. .'..'Vl per
or:ibotiles for$(I.."!i. Try it.
Ckuwmh k & Co., Jproprietc
1UX.' Race street, I'hilade ;
JN'wrr Fails to Heitore 0
T Hair to Ua Youthful Co
j JCWl' traip liivflM'i ji- imir fi-,
I ? AS', in f! 'fit PH'JI? ;-T
m.jMT ri wp . - i at 1 1 it
Maura s VST
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