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Tllli WKKKLY 11KUAL1): PI A TTSM ( H ' T 1 1 , X K I 1 1 AS K A . M A 1 1 ( ' 1 1 S!W.
A Disastrous Conflagration Visits
Nebraska City Lambeth Bros
Heavy Losers- Other Im
portant Events.
I,AKKvion. N. Y., Feb. 22. Mr.
('velaadd hiia announced his
aoinei a ioiiowp:
Walter j. Gresham of Indiana,
secretary ot state.
Jolm G. Carlisle of Kentucky,
necretary of the treasury.
Daniel S, I.amont of New York
secretary of war.
Hiary A. Herbert of Alabama
m A etary of the navy.
Hoke Smith of Georgia secretary
of the interior.
( j J. Sterling Morton of Nebraska,
1 secretary of agriculture.
Wilson S. Hissell ot New York
, postmaster-general.
i Kichard Olney of Massachusetts,
! The selection of lliary A. Herbert
or the navy has been expected for
sev eral days, bur Mr. Olney's name
had not been mentioned in connec
tion with the cabinet and his selec
tion is a surprise to everybody,
peculary to the friends f (Jeorge
i i. ..
y. j e ii its.
The large dry goods store be
longing to Mr. I.ambreth was en
tirely destroyed by fire last Thurs
day, including a two story business
block. The goods in stores on
Mlher side of the htiihlimr were
jvatly damage'd. The fire at one
ne threatened the whole town as
rough tlie vigilent efforts of the
emeu and citizens the flames
wlfc-re it started. 1 lie lire original-
. .
cii iroin tne furnace some way lo
cated in the basement. The build
ing and goods were insured.
OAS KXl'Loslo.V
Charles Peterson, an employe of
the gas company, at. Omaha was
terribly burned by an explosion of
gas in a manhole on Dodge street
between fourteenth and Fifteenth
streets, last Thursday. Peterson
had crawled into the manhole to
make some repairs and carried a
small spirit lamp' in his hand.
Suddenly an explosion occurred
and he was enveloped in a sheet of
flame. He hail to crawl several feet
backwards and before he could
erieale himself the burning gas
ad scorched his face auh head
burning the flesh to the bone.
'I'l ir .
i ne sintering man win taken to
Kulin.s drug stort and a surgeon
summoned who dressed his wounds
after which he was removed to his
residence at 1017 South Nineteenth
street. He was in terrible pain, but
hf. injuuries are not necegsarily
It it proposed to utilize electri
city tor cooKing and heatinir in
private houses. Machines for the
purposes have alriady been con
trived. It is estimated that ninety
meals for a family of ordinary nize
can be cooked in this way at a cost
of $fi.57 For the house heating four
machines each doing the work of
ordinary stove, can be maintained
for about $0.40 per month, making a
bill of $12 or $Ki per month for
the cooking and heating- This
amount seems moderate, while the
accompany advantages would be
great. This method would obviate
niucn labor in handling coal,
would lessen dust, and save time
tiow spent in kindling fires. It is a
reform in household economy that
seems unite practicable, and its
Realization would be hailed with
eat satisfaction.
Saturday last, while in thecitv.
r . Ir . -
f nc oi me very uest and success
fit farmers in the county, related
thei following experience in corn
raising: He planted :i." acres May
'.'."til on new sod land, two and three
grains to the hill, planted it north
and south with a check now plant
er. When the corn made its appear
ance he found it was not a good
stand, and remembering a similar
instance of the kind which had
happened him, and which had
proved successful, he proceeded to
plant on June 6th another planting
directly between the first and plant
ing it straight the oppsite direction
direction of the first, or east or west
He gave this corn three plowings
and in the fall paid a man for gath
ing by the bushel, it yielded him
!1 bushels and 4 pounds per
acre. Mr. Igo says, he attributes
the large yield to the fertilizing
properties of the pollen which
corny (
on it different neriods. be.
cause of the dilTerence in time of
plauflng. This experience would
indicate that an inferior stand of
corn from first planting is not a
misfortune. It would be well for
our farmers to experiment on this,
and note results. Indwtiota Herald.
The democratic press is not say
ing any thing now about the ex
travagance of the last republican
congress. The expenditures of the
present democratic congress will
reach ifUWS.i'KM.IHX), hence their deep
silence aborit extravagance.
Austria announces an electric
locomotive which is to travel l'-Tt
miles an hour. The old Kuropeati
countries are waking up, and do
fiot propose to be behind the times
in matters of rapid transit.
From bomloti Truth
What surprises me, considering
the vast number of ladies who
preach the equality of the wex in
everything, is that an effort is not
made to secure equal rights in
proposing. To marry is more im
portant to a woman than to have
a vote, why, then should proposing
be limited to one sex? Men are
naturally more bashful than women
and the result of , the present one
sided rule is that many a man
remains single because he can
not bring his courage up to the
proposing point, and, as a necessary
consequence, many a girl remains
liusbandless. An association of
girls, each pledged to propose to
any man whom she might deem a
desirable husban, would be far
more practical than an anti-crinoline
Tutls' I'ilis do not nauseate or
At the farmers dinner given by
the merchants, says the Weeping
Water Republican, Judge Sullivan
made a very pleasant afler dinner
speech in which he said that seven
of the most pleasant years of his
life were spent within seven miles
of Weeping Water, and that he al
ways enjoyed meeting the people
of this place as hecousidered them
among his wannest friends. The
judge at one time was a farmer of
Mt. Pleasant precinct. While the
judge was probably not as good a
farmer as he is an attorney, he was
a good citizen and honored as such
by the people of Weeping Water,
lion. Isaac Pollard also made a
short address complimentary to the
people of Weeping Water who had
so completely surprised their
guests with a good dinner.
I lelii yed ('nnviiinileiu e.
Ninon Schliieter is the proud
father of a big babe girl since last
Mrs. F. Wolf was called to Omaha
by telegraph on account of the
sickness of her daughter Mrs, Von
A spelling school was held at
Murdock February, 1 7 1 li which was
well attended and those profited
11. Horneniier is having every
thing painted on his farm, Geo.
Haker of Klmwood is doing the
Win. Hrakhage had (We hogs
killed by an engine last week, which
is a loss of about $100 to him.
Mr. ( leo. Cook came down from
Alvo and done some trading here.
W. Wilkins is buying largenum
bersof hogs, and hauls them to
Ashland where he sells them tit a
good margin.
If the weather holds out, II. Mere
jnrgeu will start to build his new
barn three miles south west of
here, soon.
Mr. Jno. Gustin had the misfor
tune to lose a pony last week, which
had reached the good old age
of '.i years.
Peculiar Advertising.
Advertising a patent medicine
in which the proprietor of Kemp's
Halsam does for coughs and
colds does it indeed wonderfully.
He authorizes all druggists to give
those wlo call for it a sample hot
tel FKKE,' they may try it before
purchasing. The large bottles are
.-)c aud $1. We certainly advise a
trial. It may save you from con
sumption. Arrested and Set Free
Dr.J. II. Hanaford says in the
Western Plowman: "If the first
tough is properly treated, the first
step in the direction of consump
tion is arrested, the lungs develop,
the breath net free, we need fear
consumption," Kemp's Halsam for
the throat and lungs is the proper
treatment for the first couch. No
other remedy has saved so many
from consumption. At all drug
gists. I,arge bottle .The and $1.
Five prominent men of Pes
Moines. Iowa were arrested last
week for body snatching, were con-
nected with the Drake university
Hid medicial college, and were
bound over in $",0X1 bonds.
A Few Facts Concerning tho
Power of Water.
IntPruMlrtK lnto view W ith ths S
retary of tho N.itional Real Es
tate Association Some
Interesttitf Fat t.
Mr. O. W. Crow-ford, secretary of
the national real estate association
in an interview in the World-llcrahl
said: "On the last day of the Muf.
falo meeting the convention visited
the great water power tunnel at
Niagara Falls.
I have been making a study of
water powers, their use and their
value. Gothenburg's is not the
only one I have examined. First I
went to Niagara Falls.
The richest men in America are
there spending millions of dollars
on one plant. They expect to de
velop only 100,(100 horse power. It
has taken several years as well as
several million of dollars. At Nia
gara Falls there are not enough of
factories, in fact, or in comteinpla
tioi; to use any considerable
part of 100,000 horse power. The
only hope of immediate or early
profit from selling power must
come from the demand of mills,
factories, street car, light and other
power-using riant in Ihilfalo.
Cheap reliable power will cer
tainly attract manufacturing plants
Hut I found these owners if the
Niagara water power were con
tracting to d -.diver power in Ihilfab.
twenty-four miles away, a half
cheaper than it could possibly fie
made by steam.
ltulfalo en joys ns cheap coal as
any large city in the union, but the
Niagara water power is so cheap
that compctiou with it is imposi
ble. There is no new principle invol
ved in the plant at Niagara
Falls. It is simply water falling on
a turbine wheel. The new thing
about it is conveying the power of
electricity from the wheel to the
mill, or car line, or factory in Hie
village, or to lhilfalo. There is no
uncertainty about it, and no possi
bility future exists.
If additional proof were needed
to prove Ihe certain future and al
lium inestimable value of water
powers, it would be found in the
fact that the same company lias
secured tne privilege on the Cana
dian side of the falls mid will put
in a larger plant there at once, f
Ifrexel, .Morgan A : Co., the Vander-
bilts, Astors, and other million clol
hi i'M i.iunn hiii invest minions in
a water power plant in ,t villagi
whore the entire amount paid rur
power by every power-using estab
lishment in the place, will not pay
one-tenth of 1 per cent, on their in
vestment, they must be convinced
that their power can outstrip steam
in cheapness. They must also be
lieve that it will attract factories
and mills, or be trausiuitable to
Hulfalo. The fact is that they be
lieve all three of these propositions
A gentleman of my acquaintance
l i , W L 1
owneu a nio-norse water tower in
Wisconsin. It cost him about $." n
year to make a UX)-horse power a
day. He sold it for $4ll,(XH) and now
tells ie he has an occupation for
life, viz: abusing himself for his
There is no chance for uncertainty
about water power. Who ever heard
of water turning around and going
uphill? It never gets tired. It is
not eren a respector of Sunday, ami
works at night just as cheaply as by
Klectricity made power by
water power places an article you
can buy like calico- by the yard, as
it were, Suppose you have a mill
that requires ixty horse power to
run it. ion can go over to the
water plant and order the superin
tendent to send you over sixty horse
power for ten days or a year. The
power plant superintendent sends
it over on a wire. .You use it and
iwi ii. i licit; is no gelling up
:. mm .......
steam; no danger of explosion; von
just turn the button and the wheels
commence to move.
i left Gothenburg yesterday. The
weather there like spring. Farmers
are sowing spring wheat. There are
$rwn worth of brick buildings now
going up in the town and prepara
tions are being made for $100,00i)
worth more to be begun at once, I
was told.
There is not an empty house in
the place and many house have sev
eral families.
Hoom'r No, sir; there is no boom
about it. You can buy a lot to build
on for as little as $7." and on almost
any terms. The company who owns
the water power, loans money to
build with. Write the commercial
club, it will give vou all infnr.
mation free.
If you have a friend in the laun
dry business tell him to go out
there at once. 1 wanted some
washing, and they said they would
have to semi it away to have it done
The company olfers lief power
for a term of years to deserving es
tablisliineuts. No, sir; there are no Omaha, peo
ple in (he enterprise. The company
which owns the canal powt r plant,
ai d which is promoting the place,
is composed of Chicago an 1 Mil
wnukce capitalists - just write to
the Commercial club. You will j;vt
correct information by return mail,
and it will surprise you.
Tllh FAK'Ml. I'S AMI Tlil-.IN 1 K'l K.N 1 is
The man selected tnr in xt .-ci te
tary of agriculture, Mr. J. Steiling
Morton, seems to have some very
intelligent notions wich regard to
the interests of the farmers. They
are sadly in need of protection
against their alleged friends, he de
clares, coupled with more educa
tion facts and principles of politi
cal economy. In other words, he
i thinks their greatest danger lies in
their tendency to adopt the crude
and frantastic theories of reform
ers who are principally desirous to
dissatisfy them with their occupa
tion for political purposes. During
recent years they have been filling
their heads with sophistries and
delusions, to the serious deiriment
of their chances of prosperity. Thei r
motives good, generally speaking
but theit knowledge of the
questions involved in the controv
ersy that they have inaugurated is
defective and inaccurate. They
have been persuaded to believe that
the raising of corn and wheat, and
the fattening of hogs and steers,
can lie carried on only by the aid of
arbitrary and discrininating legis
lation. The books that they read
and the speakers to whom they
listen tell them that the laws are
inimical to agiculture, and that the
only way for them to thrive is to
insist 1 1 1 i 1 1 having a complete
reversal of the present system of
dealing with public matters. This
is foolish, of course, but they an
mostly sincere in their lolly, and
1 1 1 o only curejtor il is bet ter concep
tion of simple and unchangeable
It is impossible to rsliniate the
harm that has been done by the
desseniiiiation and acceptance of
these false impracticable doctrines,
'''hey contain just enough plausi
bility to (lei-eve, the average citizen
tloes not stop to -dudy them dandy
and rationally. There is not a
single one of them that will stand
the test of log'eal and unprejudiced
examination. Th" farmers adopt
them because th"y seem to pi otnis '
an artificial invalidation of an
easier way to make a living than
the ol l-lashioued one of honest in
dustry and patient economy. Thev
iglK re the fad.iliar and flindemen
tal fact that the value of their pro
ducts is adjusted by influences over
which the lawmakers have no con
trol e. The philosphy Ilia', is so at
tractive to them by reason of its
suggestions of increased profits
without the necessity of securing
them in the established ways ami
Under the prevailingcircumsrauces
can bring them only disappoint
ment and misfortune. They may
be sure that the affairs of the world
have not been managed for all
thee centuries in such a iiianner
as to make the tiller of the soil a
burden-bearer for the rest of man
kind. The laws operate upon ail
classe alike, ami all classes have
virtually the same opportunities of
grain and progress, if the farmers
are not receiving as much for their
labor as they deserve, the explana
tion is to be found in conditions
and relations that are a fixed part
of the scheme of civilization, and
not the invention of unfriendly leg
islaturs acting in the interests of
other people. It is to be hoped that
when Mr. Morton assumes the dut
ies of the office for which he has
been chosen he will labor to correct
these numerous and pernicious
view's, and to restore the agricul
tural mind to its former sanity up
on subjects of daily interest and
importance, (llobe Democrat.
Having sold my stock of jewelery
and business to M. S. Hrigg's and
C. II. Jequette, I desire to extend
to my patrons my thank's for their
past favors and assure them that
they will receive the best ol treat
ment from the new firm, and cordi
ally invite them to continue their
patronage. I am preparing to
handle the largest stock of pianos
and organs ever brought to Platts-
mouth, ami will make my head
quarters with the tirm of Hriggs iV
Jaquette where I may be found of
them that diligently seek me to
settle their accounts,
Respectfully C.F.o. Ass,
Kx-Jewelery ami Music Dealer.
Representative Davies of Cass is
proving himself one of the best
men the republican party ever sent
to the legislature. He stands up for
right and he votes his honest
convictions without dodging or
trimming.- -Lincoln fall.
I . titiM- wiili my r'",vlng
WtU'll l-OVl" I'JI'M-d lj.
"( 'unit'," hi. ! i h il, "lur-iii,,. iliy ,1 milling.
I.CeV ill lii,hL nif li v ihhI ;;n:'i;n.
V'lint h:C ii nein nl' .ill Iih -i i i t:ii;.
Ali lii . in.ciai .i nil rm.f ri inn.
Hi IV ln'lnlldl till' k?
Wlll'tl till' iTilM' (l,'l !! Iri clvo
i-ultli niul vt itieiii liiiniirs Iruvt. him-
l.u' i liil'IK s iiT ;i',e!"
Hilt I Hll-lM Ti il: "I Hill plim iUK.
W 1. 1 n w it', : i .iii.1 niul i ,-n furro w
A.l tin- tii'M i.Ninu t v 1 1 lliKiMiuli,
I v.;. v.."
l.i-o v.i--'il liy.
I ;i lei; witli my vi. inu
Y lien 1 .ii o ' ! .i il In .
"Culm-." -I. i i n .1. "i:ii. iiYr thy tuiliMn.
I'm' t '.I : ' n: lia -t lint ii.hHiiii;.
i Vllml i ir lu ll' nlmvs li-l tilf
lUt'lilll llll'A'n II V l,li HIM.' Hllll III) I I ll
I .am liii:," tn iir -I,);
I .n UK 1 1 t'H l" tin: I liiiii-anil Mi. with,
llli'il.i niul bimki tuii luilfcliiiiK litiun
All limn. Ii'il liy."
Hut I iiii-viMi'.l: "I miii wnvliiir.
W I. HI III HiTl'D ll'l lllf illllltn,
(ilii'lly to Hit l't n ! i n t'M'lmlili'il
I Hill fellmv."
Lin t ui;.it'il by.
1 m lnny with my ivhiIiib
Win li l.iiw iii!.til by.
'Viiim'," -lie i rii il, "llitni (ilnulest Kl'ii'Vlng.
ltln'iinl Nirmwxnrl tluiti Ih'vIiik.
If lli liearl lit' liiillnw, vnin i
liBi lii tvil Mure. Thy wraith of Kraln In
Less 1 1 1 ii Love's li'nM luh.
illlMo t lire -fur I he liunr fusl ibv illill
bre tlio pyre of liopo Miull kindto
In lifi'n wi'Mti ru sky."
Hut 1 iiiiim-fivtl: "I inn rcnpitiK.
Win 'il w ilh Mini; of youth unit iiuiiilt'ii
IIoiiii' tlu farm mil totilin full Itulni,
I will follow."
Lovo ponnt'il tiy,
I hail kiallii'rt'd la my liarvmt
In n Love piimm'iI by.
"Stay!" I t alli'd to tier, sw ift Bpei iliiiK.
Tuniiiiic imt- my i-ry iiiiIh'imIImk.
"Slay, oh, Love; I fulii woulil follow.
Stay tliy llinlil, oh, fleet iiiuotl dwiillmv.
I'liiiviliK twlliiilitbkvl
I am clil anil worn ami weary,
Vohl tny Hi-Ids niul lu nrt -anil ilreaty,
Willi I hi.' 1 would liy.
(ianii n cl woe iull my harvest.
S-iil clinMHof my ilcad hiiped liannt ma,
I' ii't-i v ti'iu'i'tn, like di'inoim, t it 1 1 n t iiiu
Hluy! I follow!"
Love pa-M il by.
-AnuiMiiiK Journal,
Tin. Ai;e of the l ailll.
Tho age of the earth is estimated
from the increment in temperature
'is Ave pellet rale its crust. Tho rate
:it which it cools, how ever, can only
bo approximately determined, owing
to the confessedly imperfect thit.t
which must be used, tliero being
nothing on which to base cnleiil.i
tioiis. From a careful analysis of
tho data at hand, Sir William
Thompson has found that lietwceii
1(10.(1110,(1011 and '.'(id, OOO.ono years ago
tho earth lust began to ho misted
over hy solid ii!m of rock.; that 10,
Ooo.OOO years later it was st ill so hot
that the temperature would havo in
creased a degrees Fahrenheit for
every foot vertically descended be
low the zone of constant tempera
tare. The present rate of increase
averages about I.M of a degree for
every foot.. Philadelphia Press.
It Iiik Trulim In Ireland.
A well known railway man who
has returned from a tour of inspee
Hon in Europe states that in Ireland
the trains would run fast enough h
tweeii stations, but would wait lor 5
or 1(1 minutes at each stop. At one
long slop wIcto tho driver took
water and told him a 5 act story, and
the sloker oiled around, ho heard an
old fellow in the ear next tho engine
say, "Tiia dhriver lias shtopped to
hilo tha wather ng'in. I wonder phy
they don't hilo it nmnin, like they tin
in Knlaiid."-F.cliaiigo."
A Tail Answer.
A Monroo (Mich.) young man
iHiught a pair of overalls the other
day, and m the pocket of thorn found
a uoto from the young woman who
made them, asking him to write to
her. He did so, and was much sur
prised to receive a reply baying "that
t-ho was sorry ho had no liner blood
than to wear (such a poor quality of
trousers." Philadelphia Ijdger.
The Column of Tin.lun.
Tho famous column of Trajan in
i','7 feet high, cotniKised of JVt blocks
of marble mid sculptured from top
to bottom. There are 2,fi00 human
figures in tho sculptures besides al
most as many horses and several
military engines. Its summit is
reached by a spiral tairaiso (,f !4
Kteps. St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
A Cut f amily.
A teacher asked her class to name
five different niemlxM's of tho "cat"
family. Nobody answered till at
last one little girl raised her hand.
"Well," said tho teacher encourag
ingly. "Father Cat, Mother Cat and
three lit tle kittens I" Exchange.
In India, up till the last few years,
the wife, cither according to her
wishes or, was cremated
on tho same funeral pyro that con
verted her dead husband's remains
into ashes.
A confectioner being curious as to
tho weight of aOO pennies placed
them in a juiik-i- hag on a confection
er's scales and found that they
weighed 3 pounds 5 J ounces.
The central chamber of the great
pyramid is a room hewn out of the
solid stone. 4ii feet long, 10 w'doaml
Z high. It contains a sircoj hagus,
probably of the builder.
Of all the possible means of counter
acting the effects of confinement in
tho office, or of other sedentary em
ployments, walking is one of tho
surest and easiest.
A httio.iVyearold. lifter shopping
with her motlier at lending drapery
establishments, stiid, "Sc-ems to me
that there are a good many bo
named 'Cash.'"
' w . . , .
Tho l. ii in u ( r.
Two men i-iiii'i-nl a ixtit avenue train
t tiio l-Viut.-Hitli Mtvct station. )uc
was h man of fifty years er limre,
stulwart of from. , Imt with ray hair,
iiul iliiv- d in n in. miicr becoiiiiii a
man of means. I ,. w:is n man of lat-nns
-ii man whose nanm throughout. th
?! world is niu that curries with
if thonnlils of millions of dollars. Yet
Mice tiKUi a time, hi th,. davs when tl.s
ST'ilil Mini the silver lilllu s of Alliei ics
It.'llltlllleil to lie ilisi'overeil llll'l ilt'Vl
il"-'l. man uni k.'il wilh a pick it'ol
shovel as n day lal' .i-. i. In the ili-.i-i.v-t-ry
niul development of t In im mines le
ciiiiiiil his fortune ami his fame.
The man whn rnfered tho tr.iiu
Willi this Kohl iind silver kin wits h
film appearing young fellow of about
twenty-one years a, chirk ierhii.
Tliero was a sent for neither of them.
One was vacated by its occupant nt
SaKlith street. In a manner that imli
ruled his tfood ln-eeilimr, the young mint
touched the gold mid silver king on th
n mi ami pointed out to him tho vacant,
sent in such a way us tu indiaittj that it
was his dosire that tlm elder should
take il.
His well meant prntTer did not meet
with the "thank you" that it merited.
Instead the gold and silver king first
Htared in a most insolent ami scornful
niaiinerat tho young imhu vlio laid dared
to attract his attention, Slid then seeing
tlm Viicuiit sent lie jumped for mid into
it as tbongli his salvation depended on
getting it.
"You cannot mako u nilk purnu out of
a sow's car." New York Times,
A t'iniiiiiu .ntrritian,
Tho London (iloho wiyt "We NVentlj
published mi iiecoutit of the presentation
hi Ilomliav of a medal to Lieutenant Ilud
illestun, of tho Indian marine, fur 'tlm
bravest deed of a year,' and luivet ulnre re
ceived p.'ii-tii tilars of mi equally gallant nf,.
tempt to nv life mado liy tliu Aiiielirmi
cliniiiploii long distance nwimiucr. In tlm
winter the steamship Tangier, of l'lilladi l
phia, liud mi event fill voyage fi um Sant hma
ileC'iilia.iind a sad nceideiit occurred whild
tin; Vessel lay nt I'm t do Franee, Marl i u
lipie. Tho second etminecr, J. MrFar
iand, well known In Philadelphia, went
Into llio water to hat he, niul being sei.i-d
with era tup gave a shriek mid disappeared
"As t lie re w ere several -harks in t ho vicin
ity, evt Tvhotly hesitated before going to b is
re-rue, hut J. Ii. Johnston, the chamiiioii
long ilistunos swimmer, of 1'liilmlclpliin,
one of (hu new i f tlio Tangier, jumped
overboard fully ilitssul, iind for mi hunt
continiiiil t'i t'.ivu lor the l.-ody, lie finally
rescued it nller a defcpuiiito cunlliut with
two of the man i , iters, in u hii h ho had til
use hissheatli knife to ward oil their fert
(ions iiltai-ks. i'.oth Johnston umi tint
drowiieil man weiehitteu in several plates.
Mi.l'arland was greatly respected by hit
shipmates, mid was hurled with full nava
honors, the I-'reni Ii nut limit its of Mai-lip-l(ui!
sending forty olliceis itud six sallora,
In full liuiloi in, to at I etui the funeral. 'J' In!
collin was covered wilh wreaths from
Amtrkau ami British residents."
A farmer ut Jlillershurg, Ind., experi
enced Neul Do'.v'h peculiarly contrary
luck last week. Ho was boring for wa
ter and struck a 4-foot vein of good coal
nt a depth of only seventy-five feet.'
ft is hoped that the Massachusetts ex
periinont Jit hatching bicephalous trout
will produce a fish t hut will bo just twice
oh apt to hito as tlio ordinary trout.
In ..jiJurlal illvtrlr ta (heir viHaen.r
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Sold Everywlioro.
Ofllee, 140to H4 ffashhi-toii St., N. I.
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tWumto t WclO' nrv9 in iiiOtiinT Tims, will
Eo:l!lve i inthlHilfMlrifUlt. Ilh an
antl Ji 1(lj rt'ln)i')i!i)t.Bii'U)iii'ii.T
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lMVi: NoIl Ni .lit I IX (IKK thew truiiMfS.
kll'i IttlHiy-wltifh iK ncive fore m tB fkmi ntilmt
win iir ,r:n fnm li'C Bylm,anii to euro IT Ml'NT
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ditu nuHiu ni baiu-rr, nno M luted by UiQ trvmrmt
l)i'fnut ihroiitthn'it te world, ptvlnir thtt grimme
Miliiri(j Mtiifiitn wliich nt once whitnitA tho (tnHr
fMly. and infti'ove v-enkn'N the current In "lit dlrM'i
(oii'e KtrM fli ti, ihoUntly vnuiitia: atii'AHhy, plow
li'tr wa rn t h r rul r'1 itr"iintin(f rv-ry oi tfnn, no Ihnt nwnl
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fitn'1 tl We wnrr:it;t our N ltntn tfirnth true cunvntu
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end lor our frin UOO'hk I'ltmpkleU
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