Plattsmouth herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1892-1894, February 02, 1893, Page 4, Image 4

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    Til i: WKKKIV I1KUAM): PLATTSMOl' I'll. N ! WW ASKA. r.vl5!.rl.Y i. m.
One Year- in .
Ir n it paid In ii'lv j n .
x miiir li.
T. ree moil i--.
I elcphone Number II
Tin; i: nli-
i; I 1'- h
1 . 1 1 1.
ho I'i
il" 1
f 1 MKM.IMI nf e.-bl
Male for 111" iisi- il Austria I"
lifr in eti'i t'licv n-liirni.
Tlii:iK lire riiiiuii H nf a a iantie
rai mail tl'1 il ai I'liii.i leliii i by
which tin- IVunsvIv, iniii mail will
retire thrill',
tin- All iiiiic I
h i'imiu'VI i'Mirf fmiii
i Hi" I'.ie itie
Tiik oil ieus of I.inoitln li.iw Hiinii'
roiiiiliiliini iix there was ii lunik in
Koine chiseil ils (lows mi Hi" same
!.ty tilt" Capital National bank
ilnl at Lincoln iiinl th" I'lipo is Hup
jiii."i to have 'Ji)i),(iiil dcpositi-il in
its vault.
Tim republicans f Kansas have
friven ii the contest for a I'niteil
Mates senator, ami leave lilt! iig;ht
with Senator Perkins who was) np
jioinli'il by tlic giiYcrimr to keep
Martin out who was clecteil by tin
jiopulists. Tin-: populists of Wyoming oai-t
their vote last TlmrHdiiy for Mrs.
Mary T. H.irtU-tt for I'nitod States
ft'iiator. Tliis is tilt? first woman,
it is Hai l, w-ho ever received n vote
i:t a Mate legislature for the
United Slates Henate.
Till? hank failure in Koine is cre
ating as much Hcandal Jin the Ital
ian government as the l'anama af
fair iloeti in l'liuice, which proven
that the banking Nystem of the
I'niteil States is the bent in any
country with all its drawbacks,
Those who pretend to be in Mr
Cleveland'H confidence. Hay that
Carlisle; Itiyard autl Latnout are
Cabinet certuinticH There is room
lor live more men bo that those who
have been mentioning theinelve8
for Cabinet posts Btill have a chance
It is true, as Congressman Ray
nor aptly puts it, that the govern
iiient has the name right to protect
the country against a foe like the
cholera that it has to decline war
against an enemy in human form;
and the sooner such power is exer
cised the better the people will be
IT appears that the retiring dem
ocratic utate treasurer of Illinois
has been loaning the public funds
to banks in violation of the pledge
upon which he was elected; but
then democratic state treasurers
ore slippery lot, ns the people have
long hi uc.e learned by costly exper
ience. Itw Mild be singular to see ancient
Egypt precipitate a European war
in these closing years of the nine
teenth century. Hut there are people
in Europe who seem spoiling for a
fight with Homebody. Uncle Sam
, Hays peace, but will get ready to
;ft ed the lighters and take his pay
'Til 'ew York Trihiind publishes
9 colli ,ni1 nrt''e on a Hiuall trail
aotu:io 11 ln "(,"r f ue house at
Washing ton that wan not recorded
on the p 'es of the "Congressional
Record " I t was the matching of
half dollar b' a m""l,,'r "f the
members whi
resulted in Mr.
le in sesHion wincn
HarrowH of Michi-
i i ,.f i... i, ..ii
gan carrying oh
Martin- (VNwixo
f St. I, on is Mo.,
find in Mouth
v of a litho-
has made a valuable
lr, UK....:.. ;
. . iiiiiium in rile! wa
graphing ,,, whicjj
on the bank of the Mi,,,,,.
is directly
ippi river
irio, the
twenty-sin ,nj,.j, i,ove r
ledge is :iiK) feet do-op and .
back from the river a halt
there is said t !,. ...i.
le to
""ill; i ?u
supply the world for .'XX) years.
A hcii rommiitee of the appro,
pnations committee of the liaise is
prejianiing a now pension law n.
dor iiistriiotu.ris. i) j lloged of
Grovor Cleveland, that will, if
passed, reduce the pension list from
I-ITO.IKKMKII) to .f:i(l,)Oo,a!),) or io,),KI(..
It swoops out the;, v ;
"ions of the present law. outsort i i
wiuows w no were married d
sl.l, .
iersiHH ri,ii, iiinloonr.a, r,
to MIOll SDllil ls HS v ('I .
wounded or incurred ilii-oa
in the sorvice.or who
pen.- ion s
Hi v
paupers now. Jly
I the
J rent lu k of i!
the I I'll; m:w -s
m the books of th,. . -iverunH,
he democratic conned !..-, ;; ol Mr!
'levtliind hope to be able to cut
lown the tariff in cry f1(.,. an(l
"y way. n en, probable it is all
ight. The party opposed to all the
-ension nonsense won the the fight
u November.
In one respect this present con
gress has shown admirable states
manship. It so! -ell th" pmliVm which bad
perplex" I a dozen previous con
gress, -s namely, how t build up
American shipping by admitting
foreign built steamers to the privi
lege of Anii-i iean registration with
out discouraging domestic ship
building. 1 lie solution bit upon is
to alio v the registration td a for
eigu s'oiiuier on eondil inn that an
other quite as good sliiill be built
in this country. This was a com
promise based on common sense
and the only surprisi. i.s t Ihiit it did
not come sooner
The original intention was to ap
ply t!i:s policy to only one steam
ship the city of New York, one of
the lour or live lare vessels of the
Intuitu Eine, originally known as
the Liverpool and Philadelphia
S;o, unship Cotiip iny. This steamer
and the City of I 'a l is will both haul
down the liritish Hag and run up
the stars and ntrips Washington's
birthday. No better dale could
have been fixed upon for that trans
fer. Even the Fourth of July would
have boon no improvement upon
the day which ushered in the morn
ing star ol American liberty and
As those steamships take on their
new National chataetor they will
drop the "city ol" part of their ori
ginal name. The New York hits a
not bunlen of 5,7.'!!t tons, the Paris
."),5N1. They are the largest of the
line. The City of Chicago has a
burden of 3,:w:i tons. Under the
agreement of the act of congress
the new American line already lias
under contract two new twin screw
steamships, the best that the art of
shipbuilding has been able to de
vise. For every steamer of lite line
which is built on this Hide of the
Atlantic is one of the lirst clasa
Hteamera of the English merchant
marine is transferred, and in this
way each vessel purchased, and
built may he said to duplicate it
self. On the same day the name of the
company will be changed from the
Intiian Line to the International
Navagatiou Company. The trims
formation is not limited to the
change in the namesof the line and
the Hhips. The house-flag of the
line will be truly patriotic. It will
consist of a blue American eagle
on a while ground.
The people of Ilawalia have dis
posed of their (Jueen and organ i.ed
a territorial government and ask to
be annoxeil to the United Stated the
same as Texas was. The new gov
ernment hits sent a committt e to
this country to ask our government
to take possession and the question
of annexation iiiut be taken u.
soon. Annexation to the United
States would doubtless be viewed
with disfavor by Groat I ir it ion for
many reasons. It would extend the
boundaries of the United States to
ward the Australian and Asiatic
colonies of Great Britain, which
are a source of great revenue to
that nation. Uncle Sam's foothold
on the Sandwich Islands would
therefore be regarded ns a menace
to British supremacy in Chinese
waters and in the Indian ocean.
Dun A MAKIA IsAHKL, Infanta of
Spain, will take in the World's
Fair. An Eastern journal posted
on Span is royal etipuette says: As
"the representative of the Spanish
Government the President must
from necessity entertain her at the
White House when she visits Wash
ington or stand disgraced in the
eyes of Spanish royalty:" So they
are trying to arrange it. There are
but live bed- rooms in the White
House and whether they will be
enough to entertain the seiiorcta
and her suite and let Cleveland and
his fau.ily go out to sleep nt some of
the neighbor' is the problem not
yet solved. We hope it will be fixed
up. Uncle Sam wtinU no war with
Spain this your.
Two bandits by the name of Wil
liam Van Oritiitu and Frank Lewis
of Malvern Kansas robbed the hank
at Waverly Kansas last Friday and
killed a citizen by the name of
'ngleniiin. the robbers were cpa
od and the mono returned.
State legislature has cost the
r !flXl,iKK).UO, and it has done
if importance yet. If it
state o
, it republican I'nited
will elect
Stales sertati
1'ic people will
r and then adjourn,
give thanks.
Nehawka is on
1 IHi little tow7r ot
ill kinds are
boom. Business ,f
flourishing ;,, y.,n Cw(
"' ow wanting 1;) llt
rt i I."vis
n to go
' w"rk in the stone
U-yes, Brooks, Lamar.' , V J'
'"-nl. died, making C , ,
"umber of prominent men to J h
so short a time. "
A year nuo Professor Urooker T.
Washington, of the Tu-kegt e (Ala.)
.Normal and Industrial Institute,
called a conference of the poor
farmers in the Black Belt to dis
cuss tln-ir condition in their own
way. Professor Washington is a
colored man, has a large school for
colored people taught by colored
teachers, and he is trying to show
that the colored race is capable of
development if it only has the op
portunity. His conleretice of poor
negro farmers last year was one of
the best practical steps toward
bettering tin- condition of the ne
groes in the Blitok Belt. lie impres
sed upon them the fact that not
politics nor organisation could
help them, but work and education
-- they must save money and buy
lands. They must learn to increase
their crops and not depend upon
cotton. They must educate their
children, and treat their women as
white men treat while women.
Professor Washigton has called
another conference of the poor ne
gro farmers to meet at Tuskegee
next month and he will be able to
compare the results of hist year
with the condition then and see
what hits boon accomplished.
Gmison and MeKetina, two demo
cratic senators have just died poor,
While republican senators some
times die, there is not a case on re
cord where one dies poor. Demo
crat. The above from the democrat is
true as preaching. When republi
can senators reach the end of life
they are rich, for the reason that
they have laid up their treasure
where "moth and rust doth not cor
rupt and thieves do no break
through and steal." But when the
democratic senator who has em
braced the doctrines of his party
with their degeneration and corrup
ting tendencies, is called upon to
render an account of his steward
ship, he relized that he is poor, in
deed. Beatrice Times.
IK the populists ever expect to
elect a United States senator by the
aid of democratic votes they will
have to forsake the "middle of the
road" for the democrats were never
known to be in the middle of the
roitd, anil if they should happen to
stray there they would be sjsur
prised that they would not know
what to do.
Sijxatok CMAN'OLKK has intro
duced a resolution in the United
States senate calling upon the pres
ident to open neogations with the
provisional government of the late
kingdom of lliawaii for the admis
sion of the island as a territory of
the United States.
The doctors .who performed the
autopsy upon the body of the late
General Benjamin F. Butler state
his brain weighed fifty-six ounces,
four ounces more than that of Dan
iel Webster. Both of these gentle
men were products of New Hanip.
John A. Da vies, our representa
tive is making his work and will
prove to the citizens of Cass that
they made no mistake when they
elected him to represent them nt
WllV don't the committee from
the democratic house appointed to
investigate the Homestead strike,
make their report, it is long over
due, let us hoar the report.
The question has boon asked
"what will the new administration
do forthe civil service reform" and
the answer comes back that it will
give it the go by.
The H. & L are employing all the
men that come along and yet they
cannot get enough, any one that
can drive a nail will be employed
The Pullman company has put
up :fl 1,000 to the city of Omaha for
taxes and will now bring suit to re
cover il back on the plea of unjust
Stum Dakota will exhibit a
solid cake of gold at the world's
fair which is worth $T00,(X 0.
I-'ruiu the I!i liu.
AI. Marshal is sulToring- with a
badly bruised skin, caused by a fall
on the ice.
l,ou.-.i Fd tz lias sold a half inter
est in his shop to Ralph Stewart,
and the pegs are tlyiiig,
Mr. Worloy, who was hurt by a
vicious cow t wo weeks ao, is cf.
ing along nicely and will hooit be
on t again.
A stock company is being organ
i.ed to start a lirst-clas brick yard
in Eltnwood in the spring. Consid
rahle stock hits been subscribed,
'iss Bertha Tot-garden waselTect
" heart failure Wednesday
night and came near dying. She
lay iis one dead for two hours, and
it required the utmost skill of the
doctors to revive her. To all out
ward appearance no pulsation
could be discerned, but by strong
elforts she came out all right.
The stockholders of the fair asso-
iation met Tuesday afternoon
for business, and a proposition
made by the county association at
Plattsmouth was considered. The
proposition was that if the Elm
wood association will assume the
ind-ptediioss of .fl.Oi) I PlaUsinoutli
will relinquish all claim on the
county fair and peaceably permit it
to be removed to Elmwood. This
seems to be a very generous propo
sition, owl in fact could be no other
wise; because if Elmwoo.l secured
the county i tstitittion it would
necessarily have to assume all in
debtedness. IC.x-Comuiissioner
Dickson was appointed to further
investigate the matter and make a
Kriiiu tin- Kuiri,.,
The high school room was filled
to its utmost capacity hist Sat nr.
day night, members being there on
account of the old fashioned spell
ing school, others to see the new
style id spelling, and all to enjoy
the programme which embraced
singing, itiu-ic and declamations
by the school. A prize for each
style of spelling in the shape of a
dictionary was offered for th" best
in each class. Tims. Miirtey, S. Or
ton, A. A. Harden, I). D. An jrns, Dr.
Hall, I. N. Woodford and several
otherold boys ranged themselves
in line with the other boys and
girls and tried their level best to win
the trophy. It proved a futil tost,
for Miss Alice Perkinson had a cor
ner on it. In the word builders
contest, Miss MableSwearingen was
the successful candidate for the
other prize.
From the Ledger.
Mrs. M. U. Thomas, of Horton,
Kan., has been visiting with her
relatives near Union the past week.
Mrs. L. D. Switzer, ot Avoca, re
turned home Wednesday, after vis
iting a few days with relatives near
Mrs. II. R.Wills went to Malvern
la., last Saturday for a visit of sev
eral days with her parents and
Mrs. Charles Denton returned on
Wednesday from Hiawatha, where
she hits been visiting a few days
among her friends.
Miss Nellie Tyson, who hits been
visiting attheStine residence sev
eral weeks past, doparten on Thurs
day for Florida with Mr. and Mrs.
James Hastings.
Fred. W. Young came home last
Tuesday for a visit of several weeks
He is still rushing the wrought
iron range trade and is credited
with being the best salesman tlit
company has on the road.
George Spohn. who spent his
youthful days at Rock BlulTs, stop.
pod off here a few hours last Monday
Mr. Spohn has been located at Supe
rior several years and we are pleased
to learn that he is happy and pros
Co nROutof Business.
Our stock of dry goods ladies and
gent's furnished goods, ladies, and
Misses and children shoes, and
fine millinery.
Remember every article is new,
and the latest style ami patteans,
and we have everything, in the line
of fall, winter and summer goods
and the entire, stock of merchant
dise will be sold regardless of what
they cost us. If the goods don't
move fast enough we might have
auction sale most any time. The
reason for selling out, we are iroiii"
in the wholesale business in Den
ver, itoston store Plattsmoutli I
Neb. Yours Truly,
A. Cohen.
Deputy Sheriff John Tigh. and
Coon Yallery took Konstonky
Krosky, the young Polander, that
created such a disturbance last Sat
urday to the insane asylum at Lin
coln last Tuesday. He emigrated
from Poland only a few months ago
and so far as can he found out has
no relatives in America. lie evi
dently was shipped to this country
for us to take care of and only dem
onstrates one reason why our im
migration laws should be changed.
Charley Sliipman of Elsie, Neb.,
is visiting relatives and friends in
the city.
List ot Letters
The following letter list remain
ing in the post office for the past
week ending Feburary L lsiu.
Bankson. Oloy Bell, J, is. II.
Bonnet, Nellie I Sitters, Walter
Cans, Frank Carlson, CO.
De nnisoti, J Field, Dora
Frish. Karl Geisler, K II
Hatch, Alon.o () Holmes, J W
Mitchel. C L Worthrop, A F
Price, Addado N Rogers, S E
Sanford, N Todd. Jim
Wahlrod, A W White, Mrs. Mary.
Persons calling forthe above will
please say "advertised."
H.J. STKbtOHT. P. M.
s f s'iili il, lint Croud Saw a
v. il itrci.k il V, uy Out of Our.
I.i l!;e -.-wiiiisi Mrewn ciimv winduw of
ul;i- i.i i! iim- eiii-ii.iis littltt 1'reneby sliopi
n N im ii ii w Mm- i-s ildy a liiimlri'il tliuii-t-a'til
or itieri: eves in,,. ii: ulisi-iit ly frtilii
tin; t l- a!, i! tr.-iias leivi- si-i-a n lut of e';s
turi liilly iii iiin .'i-l on mil, u la Coliimlms
in lilt- f -.11. iw in.; il. siii:
: n.Ksir. :
Wln l lit r ii was the ih lit ,u y of humor in
this il-Iius it the fii-ieiiuuimi if swing a
couple dozen of lit sli eits in ii posit ion so
whoily iinnai unil lo fit h oul's, ami in a
place wJitTt- liolhinii eh-i' iiipi itlvd fresh to
the tiiikiil it food many people paused
in front long tiioni;i to fully master l.itj
hiu'li. It isonuof those, queer little.-ill nuiit !
shops, white mixed froceiii s, live, I
tollee and rolls, and toys, t anily and eiar- j
are kept on draft. I allude, to the via si n j
in the past tense lii eause the si-u is ti.i ic j
no longer. It had been there so Idii'. an I
was so cute, ami was admired by so m:mv
variegated people, who puss that way day
ttinl night lhal il seems a pity. Put 't.
ever thus "I've seen my fondest hopes de
cay" and that is what was the inattei
with the I'tics. The dillii tilty of replacing
this neat design everyday or sound the
warm atmosphere day ami niyht did the
At any rale, one early evening when the
passing throng of li o'rlock people was
greatest two "gents" and a messenger hoy
were getting a ten cent dinner ut one ol
the little hre tables in the rear, while the
birds were twittering in the cages and the
gas in the narrow show window threw the
iisual yellow but kindly ulare upon the
rebus below.
"Them there folks is greatly took wid
our eggs," remarked the st-jut and oleagi
nous lady who ws s pul ting up n dozen for a
lean and hungry looking customer. And
slit- snapped her tousled head toward the
Some dirty hoys were earnestly gazing
into the window in the foreground, hut
this was common there. It was the fast
increasing group of respectable looking
people that stirred the pride of the shop
woman. Just at that moment the wicked
hoys outside raised a Comanche yell, while
the well dressed men uud women snickered
and laughed outright and looked inside the
store as if it were atlre. The niessengei
boy at the table gulped dowu the dregs ol
his coffee and hurried out.
"Ilully geel" he cried as he rushed hack
again mul hissed in the ear of the proprie
tress, "it's s chicken!"
"tio 'long wid yer foolin," exclaimed the
woman. ,
"It's a live chicken a-tryin to horn his
self in de fresh nigs!" hissed the boy like a
heavy villain.
Any lingering doubt was instantly re
moved by a renewed demonstration out
side. The lean antl hungry customer who
hail just received the fresh egifs in a hag
and was counting out her change Uelilier
atcly set the hag down on a barrel, put the
change in her pocket ami went ludigiiitutly
out of the store.
Iu the meantime a tendt little fledgling,
having hurst the bonds that separated it
from the busy world and a possible broiler,
had paused upon the brink of the adven
ture and was looking with mixed curiosity
and alarm ut the strange spectators. It
wasn't quite certain but that there was a
mistake somewhere, though the poor inno
cent didn't seem to know where it was.
The old woman did, however, for she
turned off the gas, slummed the door, look
ing daggers at the crowd that hastened
laughingly away. When the light was
turned on again the rebus of "fresh eggs"
had disappeared. New York Herald.
Eiiirruvlng on SlnuijiH.
In looking over a collection of stamps one
Is struck with the variety titid peculiarities
of the designs. Let us glance over the
pages of a w ell Illled album. What collec
tion of engravings could he more interest
ing than these we have heref We see the
finely executed stamps, designed by artists
in Europe and in this country. All shades
and colors ever mixed are represented.
The coals of arms of many countries are
upon their stamps, and we ace soon able to
recognize the heraldic emblems wherever
we see them. We also have a portrait gal
lery of the rulers of the world. Notice one
of the stamps of the Hawaiian Islands. We
have a lieautiful view of the harbor of
Honolulu. The stamps of Panama illus
trate the isthmus separating the Atlantic
and Pacific oceans. Notice also the land
scape views on the stamps of Liberia,
Nicaragua, Salvador and t'osta Kica.
On the stamps of Egypt we see the pyra
mid and the sphinx. The triangular
stamps of L'upe of (iood Hope are very odd.
These stamps all bear the figure of "Hope"
in a reclining posture. The stamps of Gua
temala are adorned by the typical parrot,
and those of Peru by tiie llama. West Aus
tralia proudly displays her swan. New
foundland represents her fishing industries
by a seal on some of her issues, and a fish
I ing smack with full spread sails upon an
other, and lately has placed her beloved
pet, the Newfoundland tlog, upon her
stamps. Ohio Stale Journal.
The Muti Who (lot a 1'oluter.
Every friend and acquaintance of Jay
Gould knew the story of "the man who
got a pointer." The story was as follows:
Ciotil J was very seldom uncertain or un
civil with his employees, and while he
made no promises he was rather desirous
to see those who served him thrive mul
feel on good terms with the world. Mr.
liotild on oue occasion told a faithful man
in his employment about some things he
w lis going to do. His object was to have
the man apply the information in his own
way and g'-t the bein lii of it.. Some time
afterward he asked this mini if he had
bettered himself, as he had been shown
the opportunity. The man said mi; that
he was afraid that, if he would act on
the information it would seem like using
Mr. lioiild's confidence to his own advan
tage. Mr. Unit bl for the lirst time sus
pected his faithful suhordyiiite tube want
ing in quality. New York World.
Ilngllnli Hal-en 1'reiiiieiitly Take a Sulnl.
I have many times sun hares, several
(if them at a I line, cross a si ream to feed on
kiimiiier etchings and coolly return iu the
.,une way buik to the weoiis. The ni l has
been quite voluntary, I ut one thing J have
liol iced, they invariably sat up to see if
they had time lo t russ betore any surprise
came lor instance, the movements of a
person welliing nlong a h.otj.iih in the
disl am e w mi M be w alehi il w il n some a n.
ii t y In lor,' t ,.e pliiii'je was made. I have
also seen 1 1 , 1 , - sunn in ro-s stie-uns in
the same w-iy, apparently lo bask on t lie
Mititiy side. I or. Loudon News.
Mail) Speeii'4 nf luseett.
Enloinoio, ,is in gi neial concede that
shout lii.i.U'l'l species nf insects liiivehi cn
recognize:! ami tiauiiil, hut these figures,
it is hclievnl, do not. represent a tenth of
the number actually inhabiting the globe.
- Charleston News and Ccurlcr.
Le.,i.l Noiie.
In the ilisiuit c ourt ot i.'ass county, ."e-
I'aiilinu Itarrett and I
Susan A. Ilr.mkins ! kVforee's S:il,. in Vr
sine in -1'iirlilion.
ICtiK-l 1. liewiii -. '
I ' inter mul liv virtue ol' ,;i....
Oi i-cl.-il to us from !),, .H-tricl conn of
t. ii-sV'iiiii'r, .i loa-Kii. in ., ea i-e therein
pending .n-ir;:i u,,- iii-iis ., Sarah L.
Slue1.-! an,. tU-.r ii--i is so -k .irtiiioii
o. H-att- oeloogmg t,, .icr e-U,,e inllie
no. ive i" i it id1 i e.
1 hi ii idi-isi ju'.i H lei.-es will, upon the
lMh day .it eeh.a.iry . .. I. is;;.;, nt the
-"Ola inr oi fur ii. ii t house of I'll-,
e.iiisey, i.i ha. a I .le oVloos p. in. of
said u.i-. , d I.. ! !s;l.esl ladder for (..llowin ilcNori!-)! real estate,
1 ii' tl or.-li liii'l" ..i' ihi uiillii'.ist nuailrr
ol si.-.-l il II tw.Ml X I ,w 1 J J I ill toulls. ten
'I"1 noiiii of ini.,,1- eleven ill) in t'ass
ei.iiijiy, .'i lrn-ka.
Sai ! son w ia re iia in , -1 , u for one lion r.
I M. Woi.i or r,
i,;.o.ii Uonib,
HVKd I'l.AKK, ; i, ,,,w.h'I, '
AI toriu-y 1..1 Art ion K'eterees, V
Dao. d I.. i.. '.Ill, (:;,. i i January A. 1). S'.ilt.
l-li; 1 1 Niol on
I'ndiT and by virtue of on exet-m inn i.
ih'iI liy W. II. lKniing, ricrk of he , Us.
triel court ol I'ass count , .M luaska, in
favor of the hirst .National Hank of l'lutls
iiioul h and against (eurge S. Hillings and
Adeline Hillings and agiiinst William
I ighe as surety, w hich judgment on the
1Mb day of September, I'si-J, was duly trans.
cripted to said ili-trict court, I have levied
upon tin- Pillowing described renl eslni
as the propel tv of tin- said tieorge S. tlil-'
iiiiys nun .incline Mil. lugs, ton it: coin
nieiieing at a point O ami 7 10 feet west of
the se corner ol the sw quarter of thesw
ipuu ler of section Ik, township V, range II
east uud ill south une of the sw quarter
thence west -.'I and H 10 fei-t, thence north
teet th. nee east -.'1 and 3 1(1 feet
thence south feet to place
ot beginning; also oonuucnciiiif
nt a I t I'.rt feet north of the s
corner of t lie sw quarter of the sw uunrter
sect ion is township l'.'.rnnge 1 thence west
i.l.i leet to place of beginning, thence west
w leet thence north Ins feet, thence eat til)
leet, thence south I'.ixfeet to the piuceof be
ginning know n ns a part of lot 47. section
1 town 12, range 14 containing t wo house
Also ci lenciug at a point 'M feet west
of the northeast corner of lot la, section H
township 1-.', range 1 1 east. t hence running
south 5? feet to the place of beginning,
thence south 121 feet, thence west to west
liueofsuiil lot 12. thence north 124 feet,
thence east to place of beginning, known
asupartof lot 12, section IS, township 1'.,
range 14, containing t wo houses; also com
ineiieiiig at the Miiithwcpt corner of sec
tion is, township 12, range 14 east, thence
running east III roils, thence north 24 roiU
tophicuof beginning, thence east hi feet,
thence north 1117 feet to place iof begin
ning, thence north 7!l feet, thence west ii
feet, thence south 7!l feet, thence
east S( feet Ito place of begin,
rung, containing otic house, and I will on
the l ltli (lay of I'ebrunry, lh!W, ut 10 o'clok
n. in, of said day at the fiotit door of the
court house in said countv, in IMatts
inniith, sell said real estate at public auc
tion to the highest bidder for cash to sat
isfy said execution, the amount Jilne
thereon being the sum of JTiOu.OS, with ten
percent interest from September 7th, ls!,
Sti.311 costs, uud accruing costs.
C oroner Cass Comity, .Nebraska.
Dated January llth, 1V.J.
Lfcyul Notice,
State of .Nebraska I
County of Cass
liy virtue of an order of sale Issued to
nie. K'euben W. livers, bv W. II, iK-nring
clerk of the District court of Cuss county
.elna--ka upon a judgement of foreclos
ure entered in said district court, audi)
decree thereof marshalling theussets of
Thomas I. ThoiuuM and All, hi A. Thomas;
and said judgement being in favor of
Susann Thomas in the Mini of $.'
And Nicholas Holmes, mul Ami H.Todd
lor SI7!'2..?, And Calvin II. Tunncle in Hie
siiiu of t2l;:,.ii(i. And K. 1. Oovev in the
sum of sillilis.lT. and general judgement
creditor- according to their pri
ority of record, directing me
to sell in the order named,
the following tracts, part and parcels of
hind to satisfy said decree of date le
cemberillst A 1). ls:0, ii,j
That part nf government lot No. live (")
in the southwest quarter of .the northeest
quarter, also known iim subdivided lot
four (Ii and eight (M said last two iiiim
hers referring to the saiiie tract of laud in
government lot .No. live ('a. containing
about eight li acres according to gov
ernment survex.
All of government tots three (31 and
four Mi except ten iloiaeresof the north
side sold to the M. K. H. Co., iu Ne
braska. and ten il'ii acres known as sub
division lot li'ilinthe southwest corner of
government lot three Cil contninuigubout
Mi.iii acres acordding to government sur
vev. Also tlie west half of the southeast
quarter, and the southeast quarter of the
soulliwest quaiter, al! nf the above and
foregoing lan. Is be ng situated injsectioti
thirty.two iKi, township thirteen till)
north of range thirteen ll.'i) cast of the
nth p. in.
Also the east haif of the northwest
quarter ol section nine hC. and the north
enst q-iartei- of non heast quarter and the
east huh' of tin-southeast quarter and the
west half of t he soot lieast quarter of the.
northeast quarter o section eight ,nll
in township twelve I2 north, of range
thirteen l !i in Cnsv count y Nebraska.
And I w ill, on t in-S! Ii day of l-'eliurarv
A. 11. Is!ili, at one o'clm k p in. of said lav,
at the sunt !i door of the court house of
t ass count , in the city of I'lattsmouth,
sell real e- tnle at public unction to the
highest bidder fur cash tu satisfy siad de
cree. The aggregate amount of said
judgement being $in.2.w.tiii exclusive of
costs iiiiioiititiug to S'';.iik and ncciiring
I 'iited t bis 1 lib dnv of January A. I).
M'H. kill' HI N V. II VKH.-s,
h'ecri ver.
Notice 1st hereby given that bids will be
received up till noon of hebruary 111, IVCI.
forthe printing of Court Docket, Com
missioners I'loicedings, k'oad -Notices,
and Treasurers Stutcmcnti for the year
IVi'I. Commissioners reserve the right to
reject any and all hid-. Said bid" to he
filed in m v otlice. Please state on envel
ope "Hid for County Printing."
I'lattsinoutli, Neb., Jan mi ry li, lHH.
I'mank Dickson,
County Clerk.
Every Man whose watch
has been rung out of the bow
(ring), by a pickpocket,
Every Man whose watch
Ibis been damaged by drop
ping out of the bow, and
Every Man of sense who
merely compares the old pull
out bow and the new
W. i Vii.i,iL-.i.U.lL-ii.iilar:Mttoi
will exclaim: "Ought to have
been made long ago! "
It can't betwistccioffthccase.
Can only be had with Jas. I'xiss
1' illedand other cases stamped
with this trade mark-
Ask your jeweler for pnmphlct.
K.tyi-.onf Watrh Case Co.,