Plattsmouth herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1892-1894, September 29, 1892, Page 8, Image 8

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Till: W1-KK1A 11KUA1.1): l'LATTSMOVTIL X HIIUAMvA, SKlTi-Mlil-. 1 -.!. s)
A'ain Slaps Bryan in tho Face
and Sustains Kepublicanism.
What an Honest Democrat S.iyi
and It Is Takt-n From the Ha
oort MaJ.j in a Uemo
cratic Newspaper.
Another Honest Democrat.
There nl'i' deinoi l .i t - and
v s. There .1 1 '' l'e I i . T
mi n l a t -.
ami Tin; Hi km i) I
of tllCIII V.'llo arc in la Vol' ot an honest j
dollar to , illume the re-elect ion ot I
Henjainui Jinn i-oii a.'i.l aNu the
repll'dicm .-late tii ki I ot Nebraska.
The 11 on-. J. Sterlin- Mormn i s j
a ilemott ill ol nil"' . -1, illume. ,. I
I . . . 1 ... i ....... i - nut.. I'l f..r ....
(Ttlor of this -l.'lle. Notwithstand
ing these l.ii't- i : i - "t ! k s t e UI 1 1 1 lea u -i
si 1 1 - s 1 1 1 1: ' ! that we i,iv e w'.!. it
he say -nine j a , no i m.-h. ... '
have done -o in the pa-t ami v
.shall continue to .o -o in the
futur-. l'(i-;i, the ,',( 1 1 1 -1 : 1 1 1 -
in. ma-ers will eh. u -," tlu-.l Morion
loo has I I I i J 1 ' I 1m i a'.- I..-
1 :
'- :
tells tin- truth. lie! ,v. i
( ioveriHir .''I ii -aid at a j !.:
Ik'VIK merlin-; in ( iliaha .-s.ilii I'
ll. IV ex en ill- an ! I ' j) art ,- I i - a
I l-;( i I.' 1 1 -' in u si;.p r l i e Wo, V-
II era 1.1:
"lint I p. i ho'ii t,.l ill and la ,a
t ion to the 1 1 : i - -1 ii hi ol n loin y .
which la: ili ami all other t., ...lioii
calls lor. Ca'itle w.n the first
inoin-y or iiien-uie ot value ami
medium of (-.chiui-e of which we
have im v rernrd. Thus u
'1 j
even in me nan coinutioi',
man ie.iii,i-ii iiiai ine measioe oi
i . . i . i. . . 1 1 .
value should in itself contain I
value. It has in en lelt tor tl'.e
iilcheinist, the astiado-ci s, tiie
iiecromancers and enchanters of
the people's party, the tree coitiaui
of nilvcr in I v ucati', to i vokc value
from iiolhinne-s. Tin people's
party, led in eluask i, l) my dis-tineiii-hed
liieml and nriehhor,
( ii-iieral an Wyck, proposes now
ly a mere wave of hand to evoke
front the attenuated and invisihle
vicera.aml promise, to smite the
rock of calamity and liave prospc r
it y. cash, monej- in torrents, How
forth as did the .stream of water
from the rock which Aaron smote
in the (lcserl of olden times. He
and his deciples declare that the
U'ovornmeiit stamps eaves value to
. all coins; that cents' wotth of
filverhv a mere liat liecnnes iH)
t ents worth of silver; thai tin ounce
of Imllion sclime- today for VI cents
in the New York market can he
i onvcrtod toinorid'.v 1 y the ifat and
mint of the I'nited States into an
iMince of coin worth cents.
"The relation of supply to de.
iiiand is ,e sole ree-,lilt,ir ,,f
values. I he relation of supply to
demand rceulntes alike the value
of u'old. salt, silver and sunf.. We
have here tonight, ,-ay three citi
.ens. ITie one lielie-es ahsolutely
in the liat of the ea.vcruinent mak-iiii;-
ahsolute money out of more
p iper hy a mere stamp. Another
helieves that while there should he
some value in the measure of value,
it may lie diluted, and that, there
fore, when silver is worth only
eighty two cents an ounce, the
Hoverniuent has euoueji creative
power in itself to convert, l.y coin
ing, it to a value of l.".l cents. The
third citizen is what is vulyarlv
termed the t;ol. Imo, who heheves
that the Imllion value of any metal
i itself coined value, and that the
mint stamp merely certifies the
wei-hl lineness of the metal
m each piece coined, limine.- t,is
calamity howl which is prevalent
in the land pending Iheoralion and
ili.s.jiiisilion- as to the miserv, the
penury, the ah.-olute listrc.-s that
prevails upon these plain,-, it js ,.
pectcd that laud will decline in
Value. The liieuds ,. the alliance
partv ate hears up ni the
mail., I, hears ,, ,lr pn.-peritv ol
cities, iivns, counties and ' the
who!- commonwealth. U'ealilu
1 1 . . i . .. .
...I-, .mo uuee type.- o! moiiev ad- 1
voc.ites each lav aside .'rl.trt ' wit h !
,!'' I'1"'1 I'i'se land adi.u i i,t :
his I,,,, ne. l-.'ach one lavs a-ode thei
t I , ."
'"'oi 3 n- oeuevc- in. Dor
li'ictid puts his p,,,,er stamped
money in his own house, lor he1
fears hank and hanker-. Oui silverjs
a.lVliCaie ol I fee -,K, .- , .,,
i -
pos.tshis l.oonsdver dollars , hisl
house. I he e-,, , , 1 1 ,,,,
f-'-l uold pieces away in h
Lach one conlent that his (
IIS fitly
l.iilll is correct. u , one ready to
ahide the cous (pteuci -s of that
faith in l.n-iness transactions.
Contentedly. each one u, his own
limues retires to rest and loslerp, !r
the middle of tin- .,ie,htacrv ,,, )'rr
lire! is heard. All three domiciles
are in tlame. All ellorts to evlin
iruUh them fail. Tliree are totally
destroyed. The Hat pap,.,- m,)ne'v
has cone with its stamps into thin
air and smoke.
The silver and u.ld have melted
. into a crude
mass i I ii L I i ri .
1 1 . 1 1 -l and a'ike
I fr..m 1:. II:,- -i,', i I
i ; nt'd ;!
,-s i nit li i s
-. into tin-
I vcr .' 1 v . H'. ilc each li -
Mt " ed Com ami 1
bullion niatket it- ttaiislurincd res-
! 1 1 1 tn . Tln-v demand from tin1
imvi-r the I u 1 1 : i 1 1 i. in -' torn, iiic
- , ... M ...,.,, u,,h
sb-ioii in o-in. I''-1-" "' per cent (or !
li. ai. llin-. i t -ay, tin- I ill- I
linn of y.iM is the coin value ()f j
-old. Any -ivcii ipi.mtiy ot e.,1,1
an ruin i- of precisely the same
value in "old as bullion. 1 lie . i v - j
vcr bullion ln-iiie- weighed i- priced j
1 1 the i-r market I r 1 -1 1 1 1 i : i at
i p w l.eii. w !i u il is Ihe best j
money the tanner 'nr Ihe mc-
!...!.' I i 1 1' it,,. 1 ,1, - VVI.i.-l. is I
the best uieasu I e of Value
m-dnim of echan-c for the
,,,,.; - . il una Iter. iMe law ot ecou
,,mic is thai wlietl you tlt two
j ,,, , ,,) exehaniM
in Ihe field.
one a superior lilom-v ami the inlter
:..r . i . . i ....... i ... . I
.in ill 11 l'i unfile). I I 1 1 I . I i I ' I i. . n in -
I a lie- I lie liel, I and the ,-upei lor i - (
i:i.ti-..'. by tin- iiiiseror l.ik'-u .nv,i) ;
by llie hm i-u-- r. Tin- adopt;. .ii of
I ! coillae,!' . the I'nile.l Slates j
would l.ri n' the tireshain law into;
opei at loll .'.I i nice, I .old would d i , j
uppcar lioiii circulation, -s i i . t
W.Mlld tl'.e field ',,!Vr ir..
.. .. ; .. r ; . i , . . i . . i ...... i . . ...
I'll) : of It- Wolliil p;! U- i!l,;l - l iii .-.K .-r. Ve, lii:yo.'4 i.t ;
I In in, would he i' la- i m". - '
p. Ih I to i.av in ;:oid." ;
people; and aftairs.
I' 1 : i 17 i 1 1 ' n 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 I eh i Id of 1 1 i.
I ie.l i . ! -! e i , i . t w i : I a -1 riou- acci-d'-nl
l.i-t Ve.l-ie.-,a -as l'hi-
l-.'lll .'.''in I I, ca .-r. Tile i hiid look
an opened can fnuu the tahK- am!
Was walkine ai't'os- Ihe Ipior wh.eli
il .-tuiid-li d and lell. Its lace
-truck the .-'.I. it p i d
of tin- can
w , , p
cul its lace in a horrilde
niiiiiiii-r I he i:i
ot the h it eve
was i n j ured l.ut not serioitslv . Mr
sav s the child is doipe
nvisii i it:.
Tuesday eveniiie; tin- I'hinese
laiiudrynian disappeared and since
that time the l-oys are jokine- Chief
(irace and Ol'ticer I'ilpatrick, he
cause they are running the lau nd i) .
Judee I'hapinau and John Pavii s
addressed a lar-e ineetine at W eep-in--
Water Saturday nirht.
Monday uiornin-; Hishop War
ren aniiouiiceil the followine- list ot
appoiutinenls for Lincoln district:
Asa Sleeth, presidiny; elder; Alvo
J. W.W'arfield; Aslaml, L. C. Lemon;
Mennett, A. I'. Calkins; Cedar Hlulfs,
P. Y. Mlaek; Ceresco, W. II. Terrill;
P.ney, U.:'. Neal; Douglas, J. ,
Miller; La-le, I-. A. StulT; Klmwood,
Y. II. I'rescoti; l-jnerald, II. C,. Wil
cox; t ireeiiwood, 1,. (i. Parker;
Ithaca, C. II. (olmore; Lincoln -Ashury,
I'l-atik Mills; Methel, V. II.
Stanley; Kmanuel, (. Y. Fifer; Kp
worth, J. k Cettvs; (irace, C. M.
Shepherd; St Paul, C. C l.ahsy;
Trinity, I). W.C. 1 1 nut ine ton; I'mon
IMace, .M. 'Wimherlv; I'liiversity
Place, li. V. Ahhoit; I'niversily
Place, (i. W. Ahholl; Louisville and
Mauley. C. K. (iiwits; Mead, C. S
K.uhan; Palmyra; C. 11. Dalryinple;
Plattsinoiilh, S. P. K'ol.erts; Prairie
Home. A. J. Smith; K'ajmond, J.
M. K'ichiiioml; K'oca. (I. II. Wehn;
Sharon. J. A. Nichols; South lleud,
S. Lewis; Yalpraiso. (i I. U riyht;
W'ahoo, J. W. Seal. rook; W'averly,
K. Il.dland; Weepine Water, T. A.
Hull; Weston, I ). C. Phillips.
The repuhlicans of Murray at
their primaries Saturday evening
elected the followine; delegates to
the county convention: A. K'oot
ieo. I-Msoil. ( leo. l.lojd, H. Siehold
I . M. Youne, sr., and John Kvans.
I he dele- ation lioin I 'lattsinoiith
precinct to the county convention
is as follows: Will K'ichardson,
Ym. Murrav. S. .. ITiomas. J. C.
Kikeuhary, 1 hos. Wile,-. A. H. Tay
lor and Henry Kiki nl ,ar .
l'c. L. I''. Ill ill. lor the pa-t Near,
pa-tor o I the M. I-'.. church ol 'this
citv . ha- hei-n appo'iit-'d presidine
elder ot Ihe ehra-ka City district.
Pr. P.ritt has heeu a re-idi nl of this
city only ; year, and it is with re
-let that Tin 111 kvi.i, chronicles
this. ,,,t !,,., ,,,. reveieued
Tv I I 1 I l 1
i mo 111 in Will deride to remain
11 1 1 1 -1 e -1 1 1 1 1 a I . 1 , 1 . 1 1 1 1 i I
our midst.
1 la' univer-itv lepulilu,,,, ,-lul
Vr,"yl'Vc stron--. is talking i
...l!r- 1, 'loc-i, ,,.1, i.. 1 ,i.
Pryan-I-,, Id del,,,t,- , re. and wi!
no lr,e occasion
the "Imi Id home .
dill' thelllselve
nards."- I.incoli
i.. ,
Jol.u Pittman id Nehavvka is ma
workin- for Jlenrv llrk id tin
city .
A. im viv li -l,...i-
I'he pcoi.Ie's party held their
county convention at Weeping
Water yesterday afternoon, hut a
full ticket was not nominated. No one
wms nominated for county attorney.
W. P. Hill was nominated for the
state senate; Rev. N. M. Allen of
Pnion and (. Peterson of
f..r tl'.e house an-1 James K'ou.-e of ;
tire- u v. i . -' 1 1 i refill, t tor commN-
r. .1 i on.- m.: jui-- fy tin'
i!i i:i in i - ii.-.l n ii in I -r . - I v. a its a t 1 1 t
convent a u and tic- dec t e.i -e i . I en - I
thu.-ia-m the people's port y does i
not include more half or at
inot two-thirds of the old alliance ;
adh. rents.
Thi s evenin e .4t s o'clock occurs'
the m.irria-c at Wei-pine Wat-rot
Mr. I-aac I ee-ardeu and Mi-s Lucy j
Wdlcoit. Loth ot whom are wed I
known in this city. Mr. and Mis. j
T. IL Pollock and' Mr. and Mrs. T.
M. Patterson l.-ft this afternoon to
In- present at the marriage Cv-rruio-y
SI.H AS IS CA'.'l ! !.ti.
Sln-i nt -r. ink 1 o! W a-h
inlon county was in Lincoln Mon
day forenoon. lie vi.-it.-d ihe .
state la hi -e and ol t ,i : lied I roin 1
i i i i in if I loy d a f.-ijui.-i! i. m oti t lie
-overuillenl ol Tea.- for the etle-t
ot At thur I ). Sloan, who-,- murder
ol Lis .-tcpfathi-r and stepl. rutin r
near l-i oi t a ne; , . Wa-iiiu-ion . oiin
t , is a mat;, r ol hi -tor' .-ill Iresh
ia llie minds ,, th p -op:.' of Ne. j
I ia-ka. .--10,111. it will I.,- r i -1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - j
l-ri rd, was captured in Leva sin.. i lly
alter tin- c o u 1 1 1 1 1 - -1 1 a i ol the crime,
la-.-t alter ly in- in three weeks j
la m.iii:.e.-d to make Lis escape.
I I v va s recent y d i seov i red III I
'j . u! 1 t. La Sa lie c, m uty , 1 .- I y
t he siuriil i if 1 1: ,,t coirilv, wl-o !
r en-iii'. -d him Ly a p'a m , :
(iirni -h.-d hy The ! ; -, C, it h,,, he, a
.-"lit ("it --iii ra! ; ov.-r the country j
Ly Ihe null'. Illtle- id W.lshll,-tnll 1
county. SIo.l'l W.I- Captured lo tile
si'., till ol La Sa!'-- coittily wl.i'e eu--;a;;ed
in a -,an;r i 1 pokef a! a vi 11
known uamhrne resort. it Cotidla.
The sheriJ had sloan'.- pilot-faph
taken, ami sendin- it to -,eriif
llarrnuan had his man lul'.y j
identilie 1. Sloan i- now f.-i-i la id ;
to await tin- arri'-al ot the Nehra.-Ua
otTiccrs. Sherill ILirriman was
sienly a Pee representative just
after he had secured the reijiiisdion j
papers, hut as he was then hur-
ry i iiij to catch his train the ahovej
facts were all that couUI he e) ici -cd. '
He is now on his vvav to Texas.
Superintonclert Nohie's Report. j
County Superintendent Nohle ,
has divided Cass county into nine j
"readine-circle" districts ;iud has j
asked the teachers to meet ,itur-'
day, October 1. at - o'clock, in the :
school houses in their respective'
circles to organize. Monthly meet i
ins will be held and the work out- 1
lined by Ihe state committee in !
The Northwestern Journal of Kd li
gation will be done. The required
readin- for this year is Pace's "The
ory and Practice," Hale's "Lights
r f 1'wo Countries," and The North
western Journal. This is the third
year that the work b.i.s been con
ducted in this way. It has proved
a reat success and has been a
irreat help to the army of Nebraska
teachers. Cass, with its lar-e list
of excellent teachers, ou-ht to have
as many circles as any county in
the .-late. The circles are as fol
lows: Circle No. 1, coiuprisine- dis.
tricts No. I, 'J7, '-!", '',, Itn, 117, 41,
12, la and 17, will meet at I'latts
uiouth. Circle No. 'J, coiuprisine districts
No. Id.ll'J, Hit, 7'.', Mi, '., s, 17 and HI,
will meet at Louisville.
Circle No. It, comprising; districts
No. 'J., Tit. !Ni. TM, '21, HH. Its, 7.'. M, 71, tilt.
."Ml. '-'H, '."I. t'l. '.Hand IM, will meet at
W'eepine- Water.
Circle No. 4, coinprisin- districts
No. IT, 77, IH, IS, II. 1.', lit, 1 1, la; III, 1(1
and H'.i, will meet at I'liiou.
Circle No. a, cotiiprisiu-- districts
No. ali, ii, 7, s, , a, Ha, " and mi, will
meet at Muriay.
Circle No. II coinprisin- districts
No. :i.", ltd, M. v, p.i, 711, 7a. '.ii and id,
will meet at (ireenvvood.
Circle No. 7. coinprisiuy districts
No. sa, ,"7, , HI, III, Iii, ."C, 1,1, and
s'.t, will meet at M unlock.
Circle No. N, compi isin- districts
No. iv.i. f.T. ."I, sT. i'-'. ii."., i, i;i
and luu, will meet at Ka- le.
Circle No. '.i, coinprisin-di-trii Is
No.'.'.". '21. l' ,"i'i, ,"i, .").(, '.is. s im,i
1 1, vv ill meet at Klmwood.
Lvery teacher should attend this
Iii - I nieelin-, even it tin y cannot
I .re. mie a ineiiil H-r.
An liuunction.
S e-h ri'.ay an order w is is-m d
Irian the district court le-t la i n in-'
tin city ollicials Inm, -avin-- the
city pi inline 1,, ,e New.-. This
was mi a petition troiu Mr. Sherman
ol The Journal and a-ked lor mi
Ihe -inuud th il The Journal'.- bid
was the lower than that ol Ihe
News, ,s a matter ol tart IT II-:
I IKK U.n's bid was Iowa r than that
of The News. Die hitler's bid was
the rV-hest of the three. Ihe case
will be at -lied before Jud-e Chap
man at In o'clock on tin nioi inu-nl
Monday , ( let. It.
The News people are somewhat
t'M'ited over the matter and were
this mornin- around and
charj;ine- that the action stopped
the pavine- matter. It will do no
such thine. The law say s ordi
nances shall be published. There
is nothine; staudiiitf in the way of
the ordinance beino- published in
. . .
12 4k it Boy. niia or Mini,
to hi1 h i-Hylv nml nt tin
. . lie
e. tlu-r Tim Hi-kai.h or The Journal.
The latter newspaper informs us
that they will publish the ordinance
as soon as the city clerk oilers it to
them. We hereby offer to print it
in Till; llllk' AI.I) if the city clerk
shall otter it to this newspaper.
There is nolhine- standiue- in the
way of the priutin-; of the ordi
nance and it wi II be published all
The News is simply barred. Thai
is all.
That Advertising' Bock,
'llie News has issued throne li
that other scab printing office, the
I'estner I'riiitintr Co. of Omaha, the
illustrated advertisini; book ol
1'lattsnioulh, and a line tonkin
job it is. too! When the work was
to be -iven out Till-; Ili:k'.I.I said
that the work could not be satis
factorily done this town. The News
said it could and would be and that
the job would be done IS IIIAI
'U K l- if the contract was awarded
it. We knew The News folks were
blulfin- and said so, but the con
tract was awarded them, rime has
proven what Till; II Kk'Al.D said was
correct. The News did not dare at
tempt to print it in its own office.
They took the job to ( linalia and had
the work done there in a scab office,
and it is not up to standard and no
first-class printer will under oath
say so. The city oti-ht not to pay
lor it and we do not believe they
wil ! do si i.
Tin; buecial to Weeinn Water.
I'hc M. P. railroad company will
run a special train to Wiepin
Water next Saturday to accommo
date republicans wlii i desire to at
nttend Ihe county convention. The
laiv lor the round trip vill be Sl.1'2.
Idle train will leave I Mat I sinout h at
s:h" a. in. and lei il r n i n - , w i d leave
Weepinj- Water at I IN p. in.
I I MI hs A l si: i( IlloA.S.
Sr. J.i-i ri t . Mich . Sept. '2T. I here
is much exciti -incut here over the
case ol a man named Wcd.liv in
live miles out in the country, said
to be sulli Tin- w ith every sy tuptoiu
of cholera. The public school are
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
When Haby was i,-k, we pave licr Castnna.
Wl-n she tu Child, jlm cru-.l for (.'.i.' trri
VTlicn shi- liw.Ttiic !is. shi rliitr,-1- ist,i, .r.,
"VhiMishcli-iilCliil.lri-n shf -;.vv-1 'i.-iii CihIoii
Musi Buy oil'
fciOB awn p.iii.,
Just Opened
'Cold Tea Whisky," "0. F. C. Taylor Whishy,"
"Old Crow' "Guckenheimer Whisky."
ii rurn i i
ill! 01
. . .
li lw
am thm
Joes .
r 1 - T a
1 his Week.