Plattsmouth herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1892-1894, September 29, 1892, Page 5, Image 5

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    rin: wr.KKi.Y nr.KAi.n: ri. as:c a. m.imi.m iii.i: -ja w.
to Advertiiinu Train Cone on
it Mission.
Ten Counties Exhihit the Agricul
tural anri Manufactured Prod
nets' of the State Thous
a lids View theSieiht
, :
- . v.. ...i V!i... l" I
, C o I .1 n.i ." .
ifissteil tliiiMiiili 1 ho city last
. ..... v : ... ttiif-t- I ihi
"'i'i""s. ........ .v
1 1 1 o 1 1 ( luii"' lielorc tin' tram arrived
an immense crowd had ratlu'ied
and from flic time the tram stopped
until it pulled out there was a con
tinuous st ream of humanity p. iss-
in-- in and oill. The Omaha Pee
'The cars looked more like
VsVe palace of Peres, than anv thiiu
e i i ii. 1 1; i l iii 1 1 U'. til either side ot
.ie front car there is a lai'ue
man painted mi cloth, shov,-
inr; every county ami all the
towns in the stale. lhi- is the
uift of the Puiou Pacific road and
is certainly a most appropriate
decoration. At each end of the im
Hums" map, neatly fastened to the
sides of the car, there are panels of
cereals ami grasses, hrailtiful ami
artistically arranged and ivin
the coaches a most invitini;- ami
attractive nppcarancc. In late
letters alon the top run the word.-,
"Nel.raska lMiihit. Free." This in
vitation appears conspiei.ntisly on
hoth sides of the front car.
The second coach has exterior
decorations ot a similar nature in
grasses ami grains. Put the Paimers
are dit'tereut. Ihe lenfiid that
greets the eve as one catches a
i "liilijiseof the second coach reads
thus: ".NehrasKa is the Mate. -n
i .i. . - I... 1..- . .f
'die car is covered with heautifu!
,.f V. .I.iv lti:l Ol-lldlll'tS.
Not until one enters the coaches,
at iwev er, do the hill meaning ant!
iiiiiii-rssiiiii ul Ihe exhihitiou dawn
) upon the v isitor. 1'hc products are
arranufd on Irtlu't's on either side
ofja Proi l aisle and even the root
is completely lined with the rich
grains ami luxiiiianl grasses ot
tin's yreat .'luriciiliural coiinnoii
wealth lu the trout coach the Vv
hit n'ls i.f I ..mea.-ler. 1 'av. soil, I lilt-
f. . ... i r . i ......
Ijiy li 1. t i:i.;i ilii'l i mi :i .o, i i . ii i ii i i
I" yirrau;.;ed. also !!." exhil-it ot the
I (l-'rcmoiit. lilkhorn v Mi-soiiri ai-
4l ',K'Y railroad. The-e com iletely 111!
I- t!ie car. It would ! diliicult to
state whi.'h county has the nio-t
en diialde iP.-play. They i'ic ali
exceptionally ood. ami aPhollll
t h.ey are - i ii : i I i r i n irianv n irci.-.
yet they are itoi alike. hie c ::::
may appar a li'.il" loin; cm u
anil short on li nit-, while next
couutv will present only a I '.v'ood
hauiples a! th" kin:; and h ive more
I ru it than an .r itiy 1 1 1 I '
1 J
The ,-econd coach contains tiie
exhiPitsol Lincoln. I loU'Jn.-, I'ur-
ii.i : .
m, lias, .tianis ami i 'o, i -e con a i u-.-fyf
and of Sheridan comity, Wv online,.
'f " The Wyomiu- exhiPit is p in'u a-
liarly interesting;' on account i I
havint;- several samples of coal ami
other minerals in addition ,o its
verv eiedilalile tlisnlav of small
1. n'rains anil splendid showing of
( vefi'e, aides. Mr. (icorm' (iird ami
J P. Pouhlen' ;i aloii.i; as re.iresenta-
'.' tives of Wyoming. They have an
immense elk's head wei'hiny; al
most PHI iouiiils that is fastened to
the rear end of the last coach on
the outside. The vem'taPles and
grains in the Wyoming exhihit
were all i;rowu on irri";ated land
iind are very line samples.
Poll-las county has a splendid
display probably the lar-c.-t ot al!
the counties represented on t he
;.. I., ii,.. n;.,.! ,,..f li.,,,...
ii,ii,i, 1,, . .... ,
I is .appeals to be ahead, al Hi. m-ill
m my others counties show line j
m iinples of this the chic! cereal o,' I
the state.
n... !...., .. t... ..
" 1
-k. i, 1 1 1 1 1
much Petler variety ol 1't'odm ls
ill it I
hat l.,-i voir. In;
I m 1 1 ' 11 iinn
m to nearly all kind-
frilils, -rains and uia-se- that are
com mnn I v -Town tneiv ar- ex
eel lent -amp!, s ot tobacco, a I la 1 1 l.
clover, iia'ite woods and ..nee s -
C.'l lent p! loio-l a pi 1 u v e'v. - m
I'l'i'inont, Kearney and other im
portaut tow ii-. P.n !i county w ill
be lepr. -filled oil the train ale! the
follow in.- members ,. ',,,- e-
Iirask.i I P. si ii. ss al ,-n' . n-.i i.iii,
will a I so a a a nil pair, tin' I i a i n :
P". I foil - i ii, ( bn.ili.i; S. S. I '.rrj. 1 i -l-ai-le;
I-'. II. Moore. K . arttev ; J.
I'i-k, lleatrite; am! J. ('. poll ol
I iurchiiitl. II. f. I)c.e - o iii'-i-.;
iis the repre.-eiitoi i v ol iiiil.: -
coitnl v .
;i I The train Irtt at bid" la-t veiiin.;
over th I !, u l u - ton and nude
V the litsl slop lor t xliibitiou at
,f I' Il will .-top at dales-
nr--. Peoria and other points
Ion- the route an
;ss (, iron al
Ihe states of Illinois, I ml ia na, ( )h in,
I'enus) Iv aiiiia and .New York,
coinin-' back throii-li Michi-ain,
Wisconsin and Mitiuesobi. The
It is il splendid show-ill.; (if ag
ricultural and h. rt icult ui a 1 rin-
,lm.,s ;..K man m-nl t ,:
: ashamed to say he is a v " i T i . . t 1 1 el
1 Nebraska alter bikini; ..look at t'ii M ,
I rietl am' V : I I i t ' ' 1 1 .' 1 altae . !
J( ltuiilj ,;,), .,,7;ju,v.l trom ,he
1 soil ol this slat''.
Circus Day Harvest.
Sum! iv a lar-.' liiimPer.f bur-;
-.lines were icpnrletl WHICH were
committed Saturday afternoon ami ,
i ev en in - and trum all report s a ul
harvest was reaped. Notvvilhstnnd-
Imrii,,. ,...-:, ,iti,, ns tik.Mi l.v the I
inavor in appointing 'a lare nr.m- i
her of extra policemen, the Micak
thieves yot in their work.
'11........!..., f 1. .... 1. .-, ...
' , -' ' . 'i. . oi I
, , . ,. !
chief of 'lolue. was enlerei! diirmc !
thedav, and Petween !Ni Mini P
was taken which hatl I .ecu lei, in a
Pureau dia,ver.
An enl ra lice wa - al-o t Mectc.l int.
the residence ot Mrs. UinUi -le,u
ami a trunk vv., Proken open. Put (
n.ithin-oiany v .due was tak, a.
A Mr. rhomp-on who liv, - in a
louse owned P" V. P. lirovvne I
the lower I a hi-" is another man
who was tappe I Py the rol.Pei-.
M r. Thoui psim h i nisei I i - in I n.P,. na
ouavi-it. IPs mo'.her happened
to PelieV e that it was oml policy
to look around the place. The
VfiicraPle lady visited the house
in tin- evcuin-- and discoveretl that
things were torn ua generally.
What is missing cannot Pe told
until after Mr. Thompson return-.
Pecause lit' alone knows w hat was
in the house.
Mr. P. P. Pates was one more
cit i.'.en who was visited. He is a
loser of two revolvers. His house
was pn tty Padly disturPed. Hcd
were titrnctl inside ami out ami
furniture tipped over. Put i! so
happened that tilt' folks had cat I it I
with them their jewelry and money
and for this reason the loPPri-in.-ide
almost "a water haul ' (here.
I he residence of A. Kurt.', was
cutcred and Mr-. K'.ii't. ".old watch
Pr. Schildkuecht w!ii!e l ;.'.'.:. j
near I he sl'.ot s e - ter-.i a v t i i - co . t i
. i
a u u. t. Per o I carpet' tor t to!- which
had p.-eil tid-.t n from the -hop-.
Mr. Sc hildkiiocl.t !: :,1 the t,..,;-
Pl'ol :; h I into the c i ,y a U .1 1 1 : 1 i ; - 1
over I o the pol ice.
t !'l I.I.s Hi- . X.
N. th,- - i-t- n storv-h-lh-r ..-all.-,!
his ii.i, i-sit -a.i to i-ei.,i.-. he i,:.:
not hit a u t h i a! It . -1 lie
h . '. - o 1 1 o ; : : I . t o s h , , . ,- I . , , j
'V I- .! I II I'd I
I Vi. ii
P. -.-ru had uoi'- 1-' P'"l. IP- ! ..;.
hie! i 1.11:1 a ,vvent;. two c.'iPr.
ri tie and 1 here was ,i , 1, , ; v. i i ':
:i!-o t , leai. o il to the hoy. '. w , i
the il.o-. Ihe ;:i,:, n:d Mr. 11 e- a:'
1 ! -, . , i u ... M i s. Ilr.iii''.- chicken
are sale. The in . !e a I'.oi -,
a I'n,; 1 e;i n'clock and Mr-
1 ii "sou wo!o' I lie old ; i I i : I i 1 1 ' l h
!.l , t T looked out i i: Ol tin' li ::. il I
lie a ' i i 1 1 h t i 1 1 1 1 -i I u
d it to
lid the
dark hini.Ti
lawyer in (ol 1 1 n - ahou t it t h is uioi n -in-."l
had iiothiu-' lo siioot'a
ext'epl the -nil whit'ii my boy has
for shunting liinls. took l!ii
lille down ami aimetl at a tew
feet above where the supposed lan
tern wa-, ami fired. The chickens
were undi-tnibetl for the re-t of the
ni-h' bin when I went out Ihis
1 1 1 1 1 r 1 1 i i i I neither discovered a
corpse or even blood. I did not co
out to look for either until after day
li-ht this moriiiu-. but I think I
showed some bravery by shootin
with my bird trim, for, had the
chicken thief come into the house
I believe I should have been com
pelled to run, notvvithitandiii"; iny
I.unibermaii 1. P. ('uinniiiis.
whose count rv holm' is we-t o town
about two mile- was another of
I t he tin fort .inah's. I le and the la m-
I i!v w.-re at hi- so:, Charle-' becau-e
, a . . i.a. l . , I .a in,, lot..,-'- , .
( .(J l,,..,,t,.y ,.
ami i: was entered and riii-l. Core
-i lerahe -ilvei ware was taken Inuu
t 'lie h, ni-,' am
! "''"lo'ls.
"" t lotliuu" end
W hat s. ems sir.iii-e ah. iii th
. ,ol,l.fv tui-ine-s i- ue,t not
on" sinele ii-i-n:i w;i- arrested
I - if a ill, ...111,. 1.., , a,
'.'-' .. . ,, . ', , , , , ,
a 1 1 a : aa o ie io nun i nun. in in
.-tina-ter xreiht.
"I ho I act i-.'s we will have io e u 1 1
ac.'-u-h n :-, touppe PMnoe-. i - to arm
l "'"' "T . 'i 1 1 !" " '!,,", '""'
hoot tO Kll
j I
; :lt
1 ho Pi imai-.f s
i i - t u I 1 i . ' a u prim, li-s ... , aitent i. ni t !ie c. ,m 1 1 1 hi . d the side
S.ittird iv a 1 1 '; m .on au I 1 1 :- vv , i !, - . m laiic-du avenue couiuieii,"
, ! inc vv a - in M what i I should 1 in.; ai the i n i ei -e. ' u i n o i- i , i a
have be.-n. Tile ' -I' S are as
I-1 r-t wail ! I . . 1 1 . v . W. A.
Ilium. Prev. Pro;i t l.'il-.. .i!in A.
I 'a a.-, Will White, I . P P'iruh, P.
P. "I - and I r:iiik ( on' -';. .
! '. oml ward I'. IP I 'et-r-eu, T.
A : . ! nr. oe Pa i i tie 1 , ! , I '. Ix . 1 ia it,
(ie,,. I Inun-M ami Wm. Webber.
I'!,ird ward S. A. I lav i-,
Iiar-'ow. I, W. ISri.Lv- I..-. Mitcb-ll
P. 1 1. Mctnplo-r, J. C. K'icliev. l.ive
I 1 - -
I ell, n't. I'.. VV . V iiiilv, . .' . t 1.1 1 - . Iv
, - . , , - it - . , , . I.
. livers, W. A. Svvrarin-eii.
Fifth ward A, J. (iravc-. Levi
Churchill. M. M. ;d ,md Y. I!.
Y CuCQIiV'1 1
Tno Covmv-. I Vra:vjl
rV.vtn ; L'.nck.
TtuCouncil Kefu.-eci to L' t-o
City Llmits ;ls u, the ror.or
Pi ace Louisville anil
Atchison L'.rick.
I he eity c omieii in. t last in- it in
.. .. , :
th all inemher.s
... ,
1 l's
ular sessi,,u wi
present except ir. M nior. Tlieniin
I . ... .
itileso: ttie las, rcuuar session ;
i 'iiiil 111,. i 1 1 l . . r , t,,.,', il
ilin 1 1 ie m u i i i o 1 1 " s i m i ,i i .
mei'l.ii.s ..ii. re i.l on! imuovrd 1
nlt v 1 'll ' ' li'l""X1"'!
t'. .en a i in i, -a! ion was read from
Anna O'l ,..,!,.. a-kiu- tl'.e couu-
rilto co n. ,. .race th- iiecc-,,, , y Ie-
;al pio"e.',lin,s j,, order to open,
alley a! l nil street and .Maiden
'""if. On motion ol Mi. Murphy
Iheclv .niU'tT was al,t!ior..e,l ,
1,1 :1 P''1' ''"' p'eniises ami
!il1' county cleik.
A pel it i. m wa - i , ad i roil l a n i
Pel" of ci I i.'. us a - 1. i : u lile Council ,o 1
mi ch.m-e the citv ;is to ex
clude ihe l'orter place lltull the ;
city. On mol a "i ot .Murphy t ho
praver ol the petitioner.- was not
o ranted.
A petition vas also read askin--the
council to order the property
owners to put down sidewalks on
the west ,-idr id p i I teen 1 1 1 street.
On motion the pi.iverof petitioners
was -ranted.
A nuiiiPer ol tin' first wardciti
;'.t lis pieseiitetl a petition to the
council asking that the culvert be
tween Sixth and Sev t nth streets in
Plock '.la Pe made p;i-saPle. The pe
tition was relerred to the committee
oil streets alleys anil Pl'id-rs with
pow r to act.
Murphy called the attention ol
the council to the Pu t that tlieside
walk mi . ranite s t rect ordered laid
h i ! not Pee n i lone a in I t lie en- i ueer
wa- oideri'd to aiake e-liinales am!
adverb-, for bid- lor I iviiu said
wa I :..
, unibtti " l eported
lie 1 1 1 1 . 1 11 ,
favor. ib!v on (!: l-diow in - i lanns:
v, M ,M. i,
till -,. . I.
I ' i ,
lain, V, j.;
1 t . i a : . , '
I la, ... ic
I l i'-.e. i
I. - s..
I .
' ' , i
i 1 .
V Ml IX.-. I
i a...,- I..,
lh a . '!
I ' - a ,, I I
1 1
i.i :
I .. .... ;
ie - . o I
i '! V,, a
I ' I V,. .'!
1 1
ii. .i
Iii vv
1 1 . i
Irn lie
1 i o t a i , a . l , 1 i ' ' i 1 oil I he e s leu - no I i 1 1
i . .... .
I ; : a :,. ; , , 11 - , ,, . X I 1 1 I ! I I . 1 1 1 V t ' I , i II
-.! art. a ,r 1 a.- u,ov . I tiiat an exh n-
si.ei . t mu- hiueU l-e old- veil. T I-.'
mot io a v a- lo.-t.
.-i.iee tliovm- ihe water troW- h
oil . i-.Pl -treel III" water 111 I I II will
ive t i P.-extended and t!ie couu-
cil ordered it il.Mii' la-t ni-hl.
Mi. bums ,, the Second wanted
t!ie order place. I with an Omaha
til oi for h..-e. cancelled, stal i n-
Unit th- order hail Peen ill lor .1
Ion- bine and it did not look much
ike th"V would even till it. Lake the matter layovel
until the next ineetin- which was)
I). M. Fones called Ihe attention
tl'.e council to th- fact Hint K'-''i
vitrilietl navincr Prick coulil Pe hail
,it Louisville and a brick that would
in. ike : a s i in it 1 1 . r i ,:t vi o 1 1 en t
the Atchison brick.
Mr. Miirtihv moved that the
b.iiin! ,1 public work-, il tliev tieem
it atlvisable. rccoiuniMid the Louis
ville brie!-, instead of the Atchison
Mr. (leaves saitl that he was in i, t pat ion i. i ti - In une iudi;
tin - but CollPt that it would iai i
coui'i! ii at ions to th,- matlee am!
! ,((. en, o il h e! already ha
I . i . ...... I i I . . .
I a ' , 1 1 ; ' . I I l .' i , , , . , , I , I ' : a i 1 1
'I'l. -lii.ii.
lid that
I M r. M 1 1 rphy a n
.'.ill ft the I.' HI i - V i i le will!,
won I I - ive a ten ear u unrniitf - on
i- blick illld tliit the Atchison
( e, en pan v had
i Ah- rcn-i,
n pa n v had 1 . 1 1 i ' 1 1 ti , .lo (lie - ami
l-rable di-Cll-sioil Hie
I iiio'i. in carried.
t M . . .. . . O 1 . t ,
- ' ' t o a e- t a . I' , i lie i o 1 1 lit i i
street and the avenue. I pe rite ,.t-
it-rue-.- wi- i u I rtiele. I lodralt a
' re-olnc'on au-l b ive it print"d. i .
: oiurin-' .ill -id.-wilk- io be r. -
1 paiie.!.
j A u ordinance .ictin-- puvn
' di-trict No. vv i- pe.'-ented io
i - u-j en . I . . I a ad 1 1 v. a - pi it r piei i
ti u 1 1 re, 1 1 P n - ail
, pa-
The in.tyor mad" t lie 'fol low i n
appointment- as rei-trars
i . ... . . ...
!, . 1 , ,. 11,,' I f',,,,:lt'lt, ..'I.,,'
. " " 1 " ' ..,,.,,,.,.
i was done.
lir-t ward bred II. li'.ack, IM
( Iv'.mrke a. hi I linn. a- Wiilliiitf
N'ohhI war. I ( has. .'Idler, I.
Uilford iiinl M. X. CriHitli.
t U.I! n
1- urt 1 1 v. .: ,1 Wahid t" u I P-ck.
t i'ar Tliom.i-i an. I I .. I es:..
Filth war.! as. Will .m -. A. I
Craves an. I 1 lent v H iln i .
On in. an mi il Miirphv tl:r mavor
and del k vv ere appm ate I a special
. .limn 1 1 fi- 1. 1 lia r bonds pt int. il.
j i mi ; in a t In- council a 1 1. . a rin'.l .
Mr. ai d M: s. J.'.uies l'.cnuett are
Pic hnppv parents of a t u elv c ac.d
one hall pound PaPv .
J. A. Moielv the w '.itcliiuakcr, has
removed Ilia place of hiis ucss o er j
1 i
toP. t liuchnells store. i
..,,,,..1 I j ..I U......1, .
" .
iit.'.v'i i'. ii iii n i 1 1 ii i 1 1 I iiu ill
... , i , , i ... ,
let est o t t lie . I vo r. I ev a tor com pa II V . 1
Mrs. . Krvvrr, livui" west
town is very low, Put is recovering ,
Py the aid ot I )r.Sl ru.i i v an t of Alvo. i
A. I'roiitv is Piiihlin
a new n si- !
d.-nce in Alvo where he ran look !
al(rr ,he allairs ol tlir 'Milling Piisi-
Sk les his P ceil on a
plea-ure trip to Nuckols count v
I and other points west, lie re pot t s j
l 1 1 1 1 ' : i s , a t 1 1 1 1 1 1-: l e I
. i -
I C M. Skv les, ol the Mate I'ui-
ver-ilv is emplovetl to teach the
liist term ol school m the new
school hoii.-e, Lvervoue looks
It rwartl to a siiice--lul school (he j
t'oinui- v ear.
Ihe republicans precinct com
mittee met in the hall Saturday
eveliin- a..d sent . N. Tolund.A.
t hristeiison ami Mr. prixson to the
county convention at Weeping
Water and placed a full ticket in
the field.
Mrs. llenj. Tappew died very
suddenly Saturday, caused Pv
heart troubles, leaviii" Ihree son
ami two ,1a, miners to mourn her i
loss. They have .he heart fe 1 1 I
syuijiathy o! all the tominnuity.
Iler remains w, re intrrrrd in the
, ieruian 15a pi i -I cemetery.
The I 'i only ITouriii:;- Mills ol
Alvo aie piiltm- down a well,
i which is -Jo lecl deep now ami .lie
I .. I ,,1 I I , , I I 1 , a,,.,-,...,!--, .
i i
I 'i''11 """ will not ha" to shut
d iwii lor lack t l v. at"r. I he., r oh!
v. el 1 la i i i n - has in n Ie a lloii r l a in i i;
Mere to, a short time. Th-,e
i house ami elevator are Pill to over-
' 1 1 o w i 1 1 with hist cla-- "at an I
will In rtipii-.n- in lull cap icily in
j il f.-w t!., s.
j MUt.'DQCK,
, i 1 he Soup, I'laUr PumPrr I o.
' l.'iiii'i., ii - ard (hi- v.a . , .
T!li"! u !' 1 - N.str.
Sch lap loll .V O-tei't.i ; ::'t 1 1"' i"b ,,, ve l!:- - line.
p!a-i, i ,:i-- school b..u- . j .i.wiy lime I -nit out circular
P. lb-- has s,,., j,;. . i- , I m -, ;,,;, a (, ,, :ll ,, a lu.ii I in;ni ,bl
ll-S I.l
oini bill" :i. v. 'n
, m i . i v . ':!: in-
" "
don't k n. c, v. I, it "1 intends !
i " " ' " "
m . , , i . i .
' .11. I t ' I p ' II 111. ' . I i 1 H i I1 11 ' 11'"
: towns between Mil. lh 1 and I. lie, tin
with rot I;. v a s lire ii ,".v t!a s aa.i
lookin- alter his bll-im s- i 1 1 1 rest -.
j Jj-- K'ose Pi 'kho:l am! xp , , j
i Shnenemu II '.'ere lliall'i'tl I i-t '
Hmrsdav. Pah are web !-. nown
i,, ,!,;. county. ( 'on - ra 1 1 1 1 at i, m-
: ar-in order.
At the rate apples bi oa-!.t
i,,,,, our -tore-one won Id tint lira! i v
-.!;,p.we that we li-id a larfe crop if
p w', for the :i"!i pi ice.
I .- -,- ... , ,, , . ,
' I I-" 'I" T....I " 1I...1 I., li.'.e . on
in law, lie hein-r U'lnunisiratof ol
' the estate ol Pie deceased.
r vv. a f i. ,. ,t. n n .... 1 1 ... i ' i
i . , ,' , ,' ' '
! h'' '"X '"r ' ""'''''' ''" 1,UM'
Ill SI- nil It.
We acknowledge a Visit of the
Wabash t'orue, band, who ca me
over last Siit u nl iv eveniiij; some
v"rv fin.-m u-ie wa- heard Py the
Minneiise ciowd who !l,ei o-r'.
We -ay: Pol I c a - a in'
i 'he iml-pt-iden.- and th repu'-
ins la i i ,'.e ir primar. e- here . i:
: e. i i; . eaeli r'v pul i ball pie-
I ticket ill 'Ie iii-,".
( i o. ',','. Met .-r i- putt ii;
oil 1 ho plop It V V.'hel e 1 i
a i ai n
r , ,i
hllilihll- I- to b" lo. ai. '..
, .. H'-. ,;,...,! over t!
I i V el '
- i
Mr. . ( ..IP. i i Mouda ,
,.. . is , ntirel . out ol bii-na -- at
.,.llt. V" hope V.e V. lil so.lliui
- , i ,
fit in oiue 1 1' M a i u t rpi i -. A
, a'ioid !o 1 i
III ,11 I , le
! : -d. ! io I' : - -erv ! t
- , : ! ; i i ra 1 , . I 1 1 til
: 1 1 l ,
rami lai-i , man.
hit.-, i-at
li ,!!.- i
-.-..:! in a
1 1 1 ;
1 ;
-ni n
L a - ' , i t e-s V.'o'k.
io-e; i- - -. v ho P.. -.-
-( ol PI iii -moil, ii. c
: , i i a i : 1 1 .- i a -1 1 1 . ' . 1 IP- .
v heat and o i- I ., u tl.i't
v. is -lac Ive, I and lead) i-a 1
1 1 , resin I s. a a I a 1 a e. it I vv.-i v
i h
l, ,,
o-htnu!" -in., k one ot the -tacks
tl the w hole v. :i- burned
iroiu tin- course ami practice
... . . . . .
It . . . - . w- . a a - , . ,tt,..,r Ill till1
altent in
"ad 'intliis paper of Me-sr-. liar
ton, Khver and Parrttt, of their
, , f . , , ; , , r
. 1
I wood, Xcl.. Oct. P., IMfJ.
I LV.A .-i'JnllH. '
Nov: York- L.-.Ikm- C laicm
m-ikt M i..,s a'..
Wny He i it N .V. Allow the Toe m.t
t' ' to iiiuii.. the Cm i ' t
1'einl' iu o on Which Ho
1 asi d His Hi.p irt.
1 c
i , . ,, .
I '--patt he
k Talks Hark.
lioni Alhanv. . . I
contirm the opinion expressed liv '
Pill: 1 1 1 K' I I t hat I In luniii ilruin-
. . ' .
i i
i i a . ic i.ioor i oimn is.
is ahlr lo takr earr o
illllliMinir- w,l-i ,iiii ,
I him-rll. Mr.
Peck vv i in coin t v estetd. i to show i
.,1,. xvh hul , , a,(,w .,
,xa in i uat mu ol the ta.iil circulars
, eeived Horn ma n n lac I in ei -, am P
whiili the c, un m i--,, an-, I
u -rporl ot the eln el'o
o I.,!,,,,- ,nll v.ajrs.
t ,1,,. , M j,j
ITi,. aliiil.iv It t.i.-l. il.
,,in , , ,K,.,, u,.,.,. ..,,,,,.
at the institution ol this proceed i n-
-u IXHI--IOII some i nil- a-o, ami al-
le-e a demand Pv the relator to see
Ihe circulars; that Ihev aie puPpr
papei s and that this demand was
Mr. Mec-.m read an al'lidavit o
Mr. Pet k in iin-wt r. in which he
"I he law really specified no de
tails tor the peep, nuance , , t my
duties, or the method to he pursued
in oh, aiiiiii-; the information, il-ms
ilesi-ned to lie.seciired for the leg
islature of (he stale. In order to
obtain the i 1 1 f ion repined to
make annua! reports, ilujs neces
sary thai I should obtain the con
,",' lu v nl '"ph.yer and . tn-
1 ''"''' 1 "' ' 1 !."' 1 ' 1 1 '"'
l.inoi in- nit n, ol the stale. At the
M-ry outset ! was obli-e, to make
a rule, publicly announced Pyiue,
that all in I, ion was to be re
t'e i v el in I he st i iciest con lit Ie nee as
to ail e and intoi ma
t. mi. and no names ol pel -i m em
ployes or employers, except Pvex
press iii!--ion, should appea;- in
any dt pal Inieni report, or Pe othei
i v.a - u . v "... c I her ., , ...dividual-or
I tl,,. i,,,l I I , o
' 1 ''"I" ' '
t a 1 ii i u - or 1 1 ia 1 1 u -' to i u a a u la ! ion
It" cive. 1 of II-1- I , in,' ill the ii-
j t'h. it - " ol ill y ollit'e. v a-- to be ma' Ie a
I m itlef "I record .or he con- i. lore, i
i ii hef ill. Ill Pie pi iv ah' plopel t ol
the i omn i ; -- inner tor t h pioi e. t i, ,n
I i 1 -, i e I . a - 1 1 1 communication-, and
I ! i a v ' lie v er o u, - it h -c I i I in v 1 1 lit v
-.l e pie,
i Ml h
I '
a -eereey to in v col
a i : I have done si
a ., l,
i . . r i ........ , i i .... .
! ' " ' ! j '. O -' I' I ON II ie Ol
I I -an an 1 I -a;, ,v,: . m . 1 1. p., i I u i e bom
the uniloi in coin -e ol pii'.r ye us.
i "I louiid in bie law CO ..lii'4 n y
' ! 1 1 .'e pi , i V I - lo u - a : 1 ' 1 1 oP o 1 1 u,"t.,
vv 1 1 e e
o bllt oil lh
' ('( ""' i! " "' "' 11 1 1 "" v'll!l1'-- shall.
; 11-'1 ' "M v'll!- '"' 'onip.d led to
j answer any . , n . .-! u m- respect in-
' h private alt. lie-.'
! " l'h is r.-t net ia u remlered il pr
"'"' i'Uposs.ble to -ive etbet lo
,l"' (,f "'" h'-i i-lal lire, unless
t he con I ide.lce o I t h" pi , .pie ol the
slai" could be secured and retained
ami their allairs voluntarily dis
(. Pi-cd. Iv'eir,'ited relil-als Came to
me I : i ii 1 1 business men. ami work-
j ,u-.uen. and Pesides the circulars
I stnt out each year, I have written
-ai.l I 'a .1 I, . i.iUi . ,1 I..M..I-U a t"
. . , ....... , , . -
in- personal a -s nra lire to t he writer
hat no u.-e w of. hi I .e niade of t liei r
i ,nfnlence ami evetv ctuiiiuiuiiea-
I,,,,,, would b"h,-'d to be -acr.-tl and
1 ilemed lo anv one in 1ml in l'- rival
I hi the -nine or. inch ol i m 1 1 1 -1 rv .
"!',.. -:ich lej'it i;u..te mean- am
in -in :i n".i"i ,.n uje-
h i-' I 1 '''" .!;. a, ,1 i-.p e-. the
l e-pi li - i hi- nut e- oi my otlice am!
to render to 1 1 1. ie - - iai u re t he data
' ant: na 1 1 v l ran -m i ! led to it in my
! annual report-.
"In t w cut;, si v . i -taie- ol t h"
i ' ii ion thai have I.:', or bu I ,-aus. it
has l,,-i ii loim I ia-
al' to e;ive
ol seCUilt'.
id per-t Ul- III" p ,e
- ''
, I c 1 1 : 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 . - , , -n , -. i u , , ! 1 1 r 1 1 :
- r , I v ea i - ol in v oil ie ia I I i !e
I i'.e - .' pi I'll J,"- I' Calif t.
c. i einpi.-.ei- a:,.i t - ii.i.iov"
ii , , , .
" I i ; ' - : 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 . 1 1 ;
le. l..e I., I- '.., ,!
t tie pi ot'et i i i a -
II vv a - i - - u 1
.: a i ' I -1 vv bo i .
a r i - e 1 1 , vv a - is.
'' -u- 1 a i n I pi ii d. -'. ie. I by n n
at tht
tune i , -o 1 1 Im In
il I
e,,, s
a1 oil! il
other -lit" oli.e, !-, and
- time I have ,.,,),.
P-he-i my i- port i-v,-n oth, r v-a''.
, i ' , ie 1 e v erv ol h , r v -a r in which I
,., , il iVt I'll i" Up a I. -poll to tp" leai--
,. 1 ittite I in v aria! !y pubb -le'd In
i. im. n.iii
i. "i' aho'it .u.:us(
' "-"' " -""'"... " 1""
. i ,
li-hetl lit I so.!. 1 have not tlcv iateil
I . . . . . , . . .
l 111 III v (lllllt. I 1 1 I I I I . I V I 1 11 I ' Oa
- I parted lioin an v ciisloni ol mv ol-
lice, with respect to in v repot t. The
i.ttempt made to estahlisl, (he the-
ory that my rt-pt'l t was - ivcn to m-
n t'.,,.' .:,-election is lalsc
as ti.,- c .:!i"..l..t;..:i- were all made
' ''loi e .; i . li i n o. i a I i .' noiu inat inn
was mad" and !!. d..ta was oh.
t nurd ! L i .ni.aieroiild tell who
"ii- Honour. ..i .hi;, party would I e.
" 1 he ,;ous ;md letter
l: .oil ulucli m pi.-eedin-- annual
i poll s urir I,.,.,. were never tiled,
nor mad" a i. r.u.liii in otlice mid
"i m rr th" property of Ihe
-late, hut w i" p. Inters, and
u hatrv ri',iri :pn i exists in them is
divided letvveru tlii- deponent as
the l eceiv er and the several HCll tiers
ot the Irth rs, and I am advised y
, inv contisel that, under the decis-
'"'i ot Wolscy vs. Jndd, Duer, :t7!,
,,,'"'r kindred cases, an action
HMI'I lit' iUiiiit-1 mi' if I iilli'inpti'il
; .. ... . . ...... i i .i ;.. it i
"M.1 i" im.iio pui-iu me iii.u-
i1'1' ' H'liaranteed slioiild tic
private matter a 1 1 1 1 held as secret
"As tl.e head of tin: depart men t
' " 'I ""' ' ""' ' nuiot the opinion,
and P. the hoiiorahle
t iiin l. that th" puPI a'at ion otthe
name-- oi l . e I, h ,-, t .f 1 he persons
ami corporations who have (urn
i - h ed ill" data I. ; mil which my i e
poi t i- Pa-ed would Pe j.',ieall v in-iurioii-
to the pul l.r interests."
This al'lidav it Itilky 'outlines the
defense of Mr. Perk.' .'
I lee, 'ham's pill- cure I'illious ami
ue rv on- ills.
Lett With Another Man
Sunday noon tl,e wile of Xcls
Pieison, a l.oi ler twiKer at the II.
M. shops at llavt liick packeil up
it r trunk ami ilecampetl. At the
same time a work man named Pon
tics pit lown. The woman went
to Lint't In via P ii iversity Place, tel-lin--
the ilrayinaii who culled for
Ihe trunk that she was -iiinrjf to
visit liei mother in llenver. Pou
nces took the local freight to Lin
coln ami parties -(ale that lliey met
lhe'Mn I hi I I in-loll tlvel ami proceed-I
to t tin aha. Others say they
took the Mi --otiri Pacific out from
l.incoln and vv lit to Kansas Pity.
Piee-oiivvas an i m! list eious, savin-
man ami luiiied over all his
line' i . 1 1 " ' k up to la-t month to bis
wile, who settled all bill--. She
toe'- sl n ibat she had on hand ami
In . h a - ! 'a in I's -old W itch. A tie-po-T
cert il'cale mi th- h'irsl
N ban', ol this i j , was n p
par. til! ,' ov ei looked, a- she left it
I " 1 1 i lei. I Vni nor-- i- k no w n In ha V e
hide or no ilium", . A pecu I ia r
th in.; a 1 , , 1 1 h" ii !ta i r was il s pub-
P i ! . V e ! .1 I III' I, k'l''W a I M III t it,
pi'-v I...I-' . .o 1 !'ii i -ou was noti
ti1 at 'U -ho, hi hour or I wo al
ter (!: .i e ... i i n : v. lie i pi i t work
i i n im . h i ' P , c i-he. ! ni his t hue
eheck am I P e ; all ti I e - ra ph i II (o
I I i i I e 1 1 lit point-, lb- ' ei.l east in
,-. al. !, Ol (lie, II ,t ,l. ',.1 l,i-t Ill-lit.
I 'i. i a a 1 his v i la are well
!.!,, ah a tin- ei!..
Siiiri i'p , Srnitrlifil, nntl ni.'tP I or
1 in H No IP-'lli f. iiril by Two
iM'ts Culli'iira l.'iiitcdlcH.
1 n th lo pipT, ii niv Hi h'.h f" r ttie lion. fit I
I,,-- iltTio.l (rem ii-iiiu t ru . n I(ri:iK".
.x.,11,,1. Im.) tlit'iu ii nil mniiiif irtu i .-il . .'.if
(I.l, ,- V HIM I'llO' I Mlft . 'I
' mih i, nri' hi'ii'l. I n.i'n I
"'VX lai-.-ik nut nil hot my I,, .. i
v ill) , in. p1 ft it lll.'tl W.Jti,,.
t form n u-iti-ry initlU'r, a 'i
j I ttit'ili, li.-iv,. ti b rHi h
V, unlit 1 -iiulill.lifil. Aft-r
, ,4-torili it II tuiiU'i.'t.iirt
i.r tliri- yt'um, ni'.ro nr
linn, I dually muili. up in
iiiln.l to try t'UTH riu
Kkmeiukh lth rrmut
I'Titiri'iy iitlfiiriurj to tui'.
x AfltT lining two ai-la of
(Itlfl'lll IOmiuikk, I
am rritiri ly ftirnl. I luvu
rri'inumi'Diliiri ynur feme
liiin 1o fvrral ,,Miin, and tht y all Ull trm they
mu N... 1. O ir tlriiKKiiln dulng a nlrt bualnpm
i:i ecru i'R4, iliire my cure. 1 hav
tr.v. ii hnn the i rivilti-f o( uiitirf my name M jirunf
,a i;,i-,r i-fl'.rii-iwy. I rnrluw my nirtrall.
A. K. OllAMSI,rii.iti.Kia.Lr1Ml.llorrb,vli.
'.v nlfp hia t"'n Irniitlrd with trie (alt rhiMim
f r I. 'if tc iiH. ImiiIik tliis liint' il,.il,ir of Win
i ..i i..t,, ,',iii..ia, ami llm tn' t eminent d''tor ol
( 'i. i .io., i ul. il la civil M'hrf. 1 liiii(bt the Ci Ti
i' uv Iii MKiiim, ami flu1 ti'f't i.iilv ni'" b'U of
i i'.i itA. I 'itii i ill r-.iM', i.nil h f a lioll!,' of
I1 . i in I'll;sT, and tb'o love cuirj
n. v, .Ii- t iaiir,li i,-iv.
C. il. i-it'-Mi, lit .u:o Ft., Chicafc", I.l.
Cuticura Resolvent
TI Ne r.',... mi'l . kin l', li t. Hml!v, ami
i i .nil. a, 111.. I'n-Jt s-.ui I'tir... ai, 1 i n t'l'o
s o', l1: ! i -i i - - to kl'.a lleau.ili.'t, evii'iii .i!i , i-
r: .'i; y n-ii -o; .-.ret upo -lily i n ory.l1--.!-- .: I
1. '., ,r . f tl . r-l.iu, n ;ii i, u n.l I k ,1, v-..n ...
ii.... , In -in uijw-y tu ii-'i , (nail pun, '' to acuwu.a.
S 1 ,-r, rvn Vr". I'tl' -e, (.'l , It l HA. S'f. : S, , . r
; una, l'r, i.iirol I y tl... I'a.i'i
I'... lilM,. II. Ull .IL ClU'. ii.ll. N, li.Ml,.
r,- " !! tu Cure Si.L'i 1 a-" fa 1, t ,, I
i,.,,B-;al,,ii,t., y;.l I, Hiini ,:,i.i ii ... 'a
M l'.-:s. '.ai. kli., ri I. r.,.ii'ti, Ti it p,,l,.u, 1
I'l , rkiii turvii I, VV I ! lei U Pl.Al'.
i - until im pari enrol
- 1 J-9 nurt ni ham ftvnco:
( l- X Ita. k A. -be, Kil.i.'V Vmui, ami W
h. ,t,.i... I ,tii,!.... H:r ,i:o. ie -l
( 4ti l .im' ri'llevetl in one by
VfrT Cutliura Aull-l'a'n Fl.i.ler.
, I ui-l;:i.
i ,.
i ',
j i , . ,.
I '"' ' ; '
... 'a I 1 1 i -
!.'! -I
i '
i- - - ,
' ' . : '!
r : i i'1
in- In, -I
.1 I :,- -
I mm, i-
. i
i i
I,, ; lio-: I
n n. I i,.e '-I n ei . I lee
,, I , a. .i ..... i ,, .. ... i , .-
of1,, v .... I,,,,,;. ,,. iv',,-,' .at I lii,..-li
.!! - .1 s a nt r aal n.,111.. ul
- ' ,. .,. lallavM,, ,', -, ,,! ! r
1 ' ' ' 1,: I li.'ii.nlli ,. Hie nmtli
. '. i . ... i ' i '. i -., i ,,t I lie i; 1 1 iiea -I ntiaiter
. . . t turn tueulv -i :. lavvii-lii;.
nt'-ia' ,ii, riiiio-inc a,- ii.'i I :i oniiitt.
, 1 ,,. ami .. i 1 1 ,t 1 a ,e ..i ,aiiiit ill , ni
- ' . . .
iniltillie alinve ili-sci iL. ! a, 'inisc-i ,i,v
l":i-ait i f lilt' nii'ti a, Iv, r-e ni'lllllssieii
-I plaint i t li'nl Iii-i.ialll.,s: Yuaaie re
, I 1 1 let I I , , an-vver an nr I i -1 . ire 1 In' I J I li il.t v
ul I 'ele' ."l- l-'.e, HttJ
I v Iii- A i n iK.xi; v JtiT A. tv ifc.. J