Plattsmouth herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1892-1894, September 22, 1892, Image 1

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    hi ate U'.ktotkl Socie:j
l'LATTSMol TH.r ASX'orM Y. NKUKASK A. Til V USD AY S KPT KM UK 11 ... s)
!.. -A YKAU.
1 ' X i t ' - - -
o-- Q
A MKTk'i POL I pan
T. 2
P5 Cents en
,. . iiivAi'iMv, tnc i lat t s i tii 1 1 1 1 1 1
tire .Mtock of the Omaha Hardware Co., of Omaha, and at such
prices that it can am! will he re-sold in I Mat tsmottt Ii at
retail direct to the consumer ;it from
All the common ami unsaleable stock was
sold as scrap iron and llendee lioii-ht nil
yotnl stock.
tl: Will be Shipped to
I Mat we ,'ire auain .repared for the
largest !;F"ALL
nl ordially invite ou to look
over "r ,l;""'s"l"' si ii I well se-
lei te.I .,int'
I WELL !! Whip Cords, En;rIlsl1 berges. English j
j j Broadcloths. FhW aH-Wool Hen- !
ASSORTED Wool BrocadeJ Crepe. Fancy . p
Fnil.v Snitiiicr nm 4 MaCK bllKS
i j b"
. . " .
Trimming burahs. Velvets. OItTe i f
Chene, China Silks and Bural.ilies-1 1
Silk (lirdles and Dress Trimmings-
MMrt even ,
Chenille Table
' Damask
ii 11 rurn :
About 250 pairs in all sizes for Ladies', Misses"
and Children s. It will
;. Q. DOVKY cv SON.
K Y K I Y T 1 1 1 X 1 K I : I ' 1 IX
kstahlisiimkn r.
tie ZDollcr.
llaniuaiv man lias pun liascil t lie en
Plattsmouth at Once
(,f "Iv'lvSS (iOtlhS in jl I
. . n r .
Spreads, and Curtains.
Table Spreads.
We want to call your attention to a Choice
lot of Odds and Ends from our
pay you to see them.
nnmm nnmu uru ininT
iuaHlxU Hlml nitlii nUu 1
Train it?
. a"'".tT. C at r M.'.civ'i V.'.-M ch "'era
at His Mo'.ii;.- Hur-i in N , w
Jm-.-ov ll'op?ra aV d
In No '.v Y o ' K .
Kii. ii.. Sept. . A iv ir em
olli-i.i-i nt" th.- hr-t , (,,,,, ,,f ti,.
Ni-l.ra.-k.i tr- ': .mi ! tl . i.: ...." i! I..;- ; -, ', ,, (-,,,
I ' 1 1 n -; '
A ie-'-Mi ii:iii.;; ;lie ', . I j
; 1 1. . ; .V I ': i ' i t ! i - i; i . : - . ; i Al !'!
a .a v . t, i . : r I. -
; . r II :-!...; ; - - p.-.,. , -1.. r.'-t ;; ! : r
! a i.ntr-;-!.!.!- ,, :: . ,.v, ,-,. ..
j I'r.i-ii.! latn wia p, ...,.. v. . i. ; m,
I l! !i J't' inj.;.-,- 1. Tl,,- h-t : '
Ili'NK'A J- I'.Uin. Ill , ci-t ,
alintit !'.;,.!.
!' T i iv M. l.-i...:.: , ,,, ..u
MeM.'u. ii;ii;r mi ),. .,'.,. ,..,. j.t, ,
l'K . V. V. . -, A, -nil I. f,.:,, ;; :
injui a 1 in;. tii ; mu' m- i
M'i.m-vs ! en taken llie vt.-k - iU'1' '" t i' e m m. I - ,.f m mj
MK's I.vVVI I. l-'i . I. !:;,, I'iiwm e i I"'' I'1'' w l;" timid almvt re-.'i -City,
el.. , tramp!. ',1 ,,ii. I. Pei s ,,, ,,t;,ef mail in ..Met
Ml. lii.'WI-.'V, I iiK'nIn. eli..' I;'l,m ilmii ra in l,vte. places.
'Iiree lin-en u;! !i and hand,! 0 km I V, M, A. 1. A I
'"lulled. ; i .. ., , . ,,, i
I l 1 1 . . . . . ...
. J " "a'lij
iiii! ii.'iniihij
iTllised and miiitvd inteniall .
J. K. l-.'k'V, l;ilm,ire coimtv,
Nel.., head cut.
Jisi: D. Sc.: i, I. a l-,.ntaine, hid.,
nose broken and arm injured.
All the injured were takvn aboard
tile train and curried thrfii-h to
ashitn:to:i. The blame for the
collision md been located.
lII M I I l I I K' KK Kli.
l-'iki; lsr..i), x. v.. Sept. is. - Not
the ,sie hte.-t opposition was otlcied
by the IIip health iiutlmrities or
bay men to the landing of the V o
inine's p;isseiie;ers today. The In-,
liefamot.i;- the military am! civil
officers in charge is that the hostile
demonstrations made was due to
the people not beine- aopiainted
witli what had transpired duriii
the early part of last week. Thej
did not know that a resolution, ,.
wl'icli copies were served yester
day, had been adopted on Tuesday
immediately alter the binding of
the Normannia'.s passene'ers'J :iud
that the Islip bo.H-d of health had
within a few hours aniioui.ced thai
no further protest would be made.
Suits to recover a penalty will be
beeim ; 1 1 1 1 1 the matter taken to the
Ir, Voi-ht and M (.vf I'. T.
Wall had the nrraneemeuts so
eomplete f,,r .piictly and pleasantly
locating (he new arrivals that with
in an lionr after landiim- everyone
had possession of it room and had
dined. Kven those who had pro
tested most against the removal
here exoress satisfacl ion.
.No siikuess anmnn the passrn
;ers is reported.
i:u ji:ivi;v has a , st..
Ni w lik't su ii k, x. , Sept.
Captain James Carr, owner . f the
eanal boat Henry Cahill. whi. h i
lyilii: at the loot of Sixteenth stiv -t.
New York, caine to his im.thei
Mouse. 1' John street this city, with
his wife am! sick child on Vriday
evening by tin- steamboat New
Hrunswick, and was stricken with
eholera this nioruiiie, ;m, 1 1 , ; ,.Vr.
nine is v erj low.
ca-e i pro-
unced Asiatic cholera b I r.
1 ltari,VV'"' i""l" clor of the board of
''J,"', i ,'
I b- hv.- "as I,,, ,, .pi.uantiucd ,
iind a p-s, h.-. e prepmed lor I !.'
,....,.,. i., ,t ,s- ......, ne win n,e
" """' ' '"'
oy is in i -.imi.i-; i ' 'i i . 1 1 1 1 , . u ,
I here is much i-vcilc iin-nt. but no
Xi:V Ynkk, Sept. lv- fh,. ,ard of
of health issued a bulletin this
nltiTiioon in which it was -tap ,
no cases il su-pe ted cholera had
appeared since (lie last bulletin ami
no deaths Imin cholera had oc
curre I since Tuesday.
It reports that there is no n asi-n
to suppose the diagnosis ol the at
lending physician in the case ,,l
1'eter Calliihiin, a suspected case, to
be correct, in that the death was
due to diari h.ea and vomiting.
The report of the liiicferiolo-ists
;is to Mary McCoriuio. a suspected
cholera ease, is to the clieet that
no symptoms of , holera h,-m. i.,.n
Mityor firant, Superintendent
President Martin l the!
hi.! Dock C.Miiiiiir.i. in r I.
S. ryeant iiand went ilnwii the bav
this al'ern mii t iM.p-i I! ai.liii.'
.. .. ... , ., .
ti:' wrri" .i I l.y Health i;i.cer
Jenkins and U;.- part) proceeded t..
lower ipiaran: ;ne .I'nl I. amp l.o.v ,ii
' ' "
-T VMim I AkMV I.-.
! i i 'i' 1 . .:.n:ii s KiMi.'n H
I', i" ''. .1-1', II H: :'l
I l.' r l.i'i . .... I e.u'.le 1 t ','h i - ho-'
t , 1 1 w 1 1 h i m f . i ; M hi i.i .....
- Hi!.' 1; !e ., - 1 1 ,. ii.
t...iK iij. ii ( .
mi. I viii
a i., 4. i
l.mce I, n.
Si wiima..
h, r,i. i .
" I :i . -an-;,,-. ;
1 1 -'''I i I u . i 1 1 , i . i .
,. ,1,,,.,;.
; . ! !! -a. - ,, t;.,.
1 him- I ihinj !.,.
-! -ii .aiim .,( a ,,t -...!j
in - j ; I I m
I 1 1 : - , .
l'l ..
i- n.! i,t
la.:- (J,
- e ' t lie l pel in- I
' p.'-li.lii.e at II, mii
. : I'll- t.i In- kmiu I
1 I- net t i ' I - Ii. , f I,-, ,f ...
I'' mr- "I' pi ia:. .1 mal'.T. an
' ' . . . - ' ! e ! - ; i . ! M 1
'' '' l!ir.iah
, I,,, ,,, ,;i , ,, , , .,, .
'" 1,1 '' i. "l-el ...1,-. J Iih
mi - pa. i ii i ; 1 1 m a.-iu n - m 1 1 s , i s
j that ii am II in
was needed to
arouse the in. linnet ion of the ( i rand
Arm of the KYpid.lie member
now in Va-!:iri-tnii a-ainst the
"milit.'.rj record" of ( i-ner.d" Ad la i
Steenson, the democratic vice
presidential candidate with (irover
Cleveland, it was the publication
of the dispatch from Middletown,
l otin. iui lu is a renter
for the manufacture of firearms
and was dm in tin- war. Tile dis
patch says it has been dis
covered that in Ivi'J the Savaye
Arms compauj of MiddU-town
shipped to the Knight of the
('olden Circle at Columbus, ( )., 'J,-
H revolvers which were inanu
factured far the I'nitcd States and
thrown out by its a-ent as not
bein- up to the required standard;
that an examination ol the records
ol the arms company discloses tin
fact that "llcneral" Stevenson was
one of those who stood responsible
for the arms and was recoeni.ed as
an a-ent for those to whom the
revolvers were sent. The publica
tion ol this statement created con
siderable taik in (irand Arm) ol
the Ix'epublic circles and the deuio-
cratie candidate for v ice-presidency
has come in lor a t;o,id share ol
political condemiiatioii. I lis record
durine the war, the veterans s;i),
nillsl haW l.'ccii known to (irover
Cleveland, wlui hired a fcuhstitule
mid it has been said left him in the
poor house ill the close of the re
bellion to die a pauper. Conse
ipientlj the head of the democratic
ticket also yoes down at the foot of
the list in the est iimit ion of soldiers.
The Middletown dispatch does not
' in!" substantial details by which
"(ieneral" Stevenson's name was
connected with the .shipment ol
arms, but it states that (ieneral
Henry H. Cnrrin-ton, who was
(io-.ei nor Morton's riyht hand man
al In liau. ipo lis, di-coveied and con
fiscated the arm-. It js believed
here by I lousier v eter ins that this
-is ii part of the shipment ,,f ;n in
in. -de to Indiana lor tin- Kni-hts ol
the '.olden Circle. The piil.lica
hiis aroii-ed indignation upon the
part ol (In veterans toward bull, of
the democratic candidates.
i't'-'Uliiik' fioom
,-,. v , w R x m))W.
t he read m-roo, ,l fr . p,e.-e
I,,,,,,!,,,, ,., ,. ,,,, rooms m ,,.
liiiou block fro, Mil
s I r i -, -1 I
street I'ntr.iiii i
room.- i- on Main trect. 1 1, i,r
new pi. uters the jihim ladies W;ll
have con-ideriildv more room, but
the will be put In the e rpense ol
much (m iiishiiie. ,;s- reason '
tln-v a-k Hie li iends id the enter- i ili.w it-kv . a-i'd two veals; Nels Ixel
prisewh.i -.ue able, to donate what j Iv vv ich. 1 year, from Wvominy"
t'le) deem proper ol anything :
which cm be made use ol. .Sew , WU.'illlsi ni;,i,v ,-.iv.
Ciir,els and llliittiny will have to be j I'll I ll K,. La.. Sept. I'.'. Ale.Xan-furiii-hed
and chair- se, uied. ( d. r Heiynian. th- aiiarehi.-t who
That the institution js ,,i. wln, ! (tried ti . k 1 1 1 1 1 C . f i a k. w n - placed
Hoes eoon ami Is worthv ol h, In. it !
is not necessrav to aryue at the
present time. This has been proven
by the experience of the past, and
Till: llLU'.W.K hojies and believes
that the citi.ens yeiietiilly will act
liberally toward the reading room.
The M. I. pay car visited 1'bitt.s.
mouth this morniny.
! ttlU'lvUUlU 1 1U ULlVJIHrtll.
i . .
: , , .
Mr. Fnr.Vs Woii!i-ba Muiv.pi
131 ' Ho.Wy StnU'tK'e.
- -
Ol llH r ft V U '
' ' e'i C v en t.) P s.n-
... Motlm.m t-.ui I L)r f,y.
i. ' ' s r .nor,iii!n fiepoi t
Other o:,h
"l-'lv - -1 t p. I I,, .
' "" '-' i '.nli..!;. t!,..i
"'".ml ii!Ii,':.i;. ,', I
' " " " '"'. "hmiv
; ' 1 1 '''' i n I . ri I-, 1 1 K.U.i, I.,-, ,.1,
'-"-i '"I. i t-. I h. m-,- !
I",'',''' H" iml ali.iiM. I;, it,-.. , T
i'i . 1 1 1 1 iij M .
I j;.. I. M ,r- ( '.em. 1 1 . v. ii!
ii -.!! . )..,,,,, 1 1 ,
i i ptii.n
l.i.-pital in a leu il.n ... j .
' "
''''' r"iie...e. m in.., ,;..,..
' . - l . . l i.TV w.n ii. il a i
iet 1 1 a
.'::;r' "!''!-'! th.el
di. II-
ia! I !.:'. I ! - M r f,lii!!. Iv, .
' . 1 v 1 1 1 at
'' I Hi- I,.,. i ..I w-.-t riiiriv a;,-.,
i , ; , ;. ,.: ,.'
I" hi ""."I in will,
! , , . v , ,
i i ' 1 i a i .ew i H ii n - u ii K. . . J ., ; i -l
I ili-M id siipp,,-.ed i li.ilera.
I An inspect. .f nl the huar,! nf
health left for Ni-.v Ht ii'mwi. I, (hi.
im.rmii- to procure the intestinal
fluid from the body of Captain Carr.
The lluid N wanted f,.r bacteriolo-i-
.'.' 1 e,imnialion.
The health board this forenoon
ordered the . steamship Nevada, ly
iilL; at the loot of West Twi ntv
foiirlli street, to be ipuiranl ine.l at
her dock. John Knox, a fireman,
du d on board the ship last ni-ht
from supposed cholera.
Jl A iv a M I m;. Sept. is. The day
has been vcrv ipiiet and unmarked
by anythiuir except the tiiinsler of
Wyoming's passengers on board
the Cephus to l-'ire Island. It was
stated that some of the passengers
nave vent to their opinion id their
treatment in very loud tones.
The .-tentner I. a Bretauue, which
arrived from Havre at ::."t this imir
ii i tt U, carried -J7 cabin passengers.
She is likely to be detained forthree
or four da) s.
file steamer Norye, from Copen
hagen, came into the bay with fifty
nine cabin and 70,"i stccrun'e passen
yers, All reported well on both
Ir Hv ton's report to inidni-ht of
the 17th wiis received Iroiu Swin
burne Island iit II this morn in-. 1
"One admitted, one died in hos
pital, three transferred to convales
cent wiird, ten sick patients and
thirty-one suspects and convales
cents." Orders have been yiven to disin
fect Hoffman island, now that the
V) ominy's passeiltfers have been
taken oil, so as to be in readiness
for new arrivals.
The steamers K'uy iii and Sin-via
are now anchored oil Stapleton, lr.
Jenkins hnviny allowed them to
come up. The Kuy ia will discharge
her ciireo into lighters tomorrow-,
and will then yo biick to llanibury.
I'heSiievia probal.l) in a d.iv or
two will be allowed to came up,
having no sickness on board.
Ir. Itv ion in his midnight -ensus
report Irom Swinburne inland to
)r. Jenkins, sav s; "Ir. Abbott has
just let ii rued I ron i the ships.l le says
all vessels O. Ix. lb- brought from
the steiiim r Kohcmia the body of a
child which had died idler a lew
hours, illness. No diagnosis. Will
hold an iiut ips) mil report to von
iis soon as possible. Our patient
are improving' rapid!). One m w
case o measles in mil ho-i.ital.
dmitti d 1 1, en, thr. e-
Sixth I transferred to I loll man. liv e. .. on
t.. th. j vale-cent ward, nu , transferred to
sick wan!, two. total sick. , lex. u,
suspect - I coil V aies, VII Is. , , v .
live. I he names ,. the dead are:
I'.mil Lii - kovv'sK i . aLTed two veais.
bom ste
imer Hoheinia, fopv K'a-
'" :" 1:11 111 Hie I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 court this
mortiuiy. Heri;maH conducted his
xvu case and pleaded not yuiltv.
Prick took the stand and testified to
ti'e fact of the attempted assassina
tion tis already told in these dis
patches. This evidence was cor
roberated by Vice Chairman Leish
mau. the only witness of the nn
Hiittlt, and Dr. .itclilield describe
man was . . t..,..iv ,-,.ol dininc the
l'r" ,i tlu- trial, which was
1 ,-.i hiiel, a" ! "' i'r -piukly
i.nin.l him yudr, . II'' wa-'
I .. nt."ii-e.! (. twi-:it -one rar- in
j th - p. -n it. Miliary iui.1 niii' ear in thr
k V- -) a i ii
! i.-. ,
U I' I'.w I:,s wile ,.
''"VM.n-e.-., eliil.l.en (arte, tlu-l'-r
Va.hiu,,,, J) Vi
' Hie;.
lelllliiin. I'h. v
u.l! I,,.
S""1' .""ine time, anil will
tii M "vvv s ' -.'me i their (.Id
i - in i in i i ami Vi
'nn.- l an ia.
!iier nl tin-
I..;, I Mcnlm-k. mnei hi-
l.nnlv l,,r, ,,,,, ,;.,.,... ,,.
, :tlli.
i;iekh,,,c ,m, . ,,, i.,uu.Wi
'at il.'un t,, (Hd.diuma l..nd.i),
"' i l"'-r t" Mas i. nt i ;, t
' 1 n acre., ,. wh,- it.
! n"'' "i.iy I. .mi s,n,. id.. , ,.f .1,,.
'" '-"'""I'' "I tin' u.l, mm l I, i, si.
i ". done at t,i, .(..(j,,., ,y (he l,,.
iKwmu: The cha.c !, r.ct-lit
,ii w. ,r, ,., I.,.- . .
:,.!... ,. "
. i . i i e l e i e i I , . .'.ID.n.i.
""' ''"ntract lor painting our
school house was l, t p, , ,,,. y;m
L'wrv ol Uaba-h, which iusun-n
yood hones) work.
II. Moyer is putiiii-.- ,,p ;1 j.,,,,,).
si.ed barn here in town.
There is some talk of a billiard
hall and a saloon bei ne-started here
before winter. Hoes Mnrdock need
Iheitir Why not liave a butclier
shop in pl.u-- of them V
Wolf A; Too! received four car
loads of lumber inside ol live day .s
and are looking- lor more.
Work is pushed on Mr. Tool's
house iiieht a.-dday to have it done
so the family .may yet a decent
home once more.
The carpenters commenced work
oil Mr. Wolf's residence, also on the
new- school house Tuesday.
William Schliclcrt treated liim
sell to ;i very nice pha-ton, which
he purchased of the llcuney Huy
Uie company, Freeport, 111., nt ti e
state fair. -s-
A case was tiled yesterday
in di-liict court entitled Diimmil
Cob-revived in the name of Lewis
M. Cole vs. Jus. M. Cole.
Nelson Jean vs. A., plain
till has leaves to tile answer in
st. uiles to amend petition. Case
not to be called before the 'Jii.
Ifennetl W. I'ierce vs. Frank Ii.
(iiillmiati. Plaintiff has leave to
reply inst, inter,
Au'.lrvvy l,ock, Vs J( Vi p, ,.t8-
For heariiii; mi motion continued
with leave to plnintilf to verify
petition or tile new petition within
twenty days,
K'asuilis Petersen vs. Consoli
dated Tank Line Co. In hand of
the court.
Win. It. Allis vs. Cass county, Ne
braska. Settled and dismissed.
S. M. Crosby vs. J. T. K'ichey to be
called before Friday of tin's week.
Win. A. K'ose vs. Floyd ILim i
niiiii. Defendant has leave to an
swer by Saturday of this week.
Hank of Cass County vs. O. JL
II. dl. hi .v Win. L. Hrowiie. Defend
da n Is I lav e liv e da) s to answer.
II. It. Marshall, et. al., vs. Henry
llebner. Defendants have leave to
lile answer within liv e days.
K. L. L. Drown vs. M. Kennedy.
Settled its per stipulation on tile.
K. C. Dovey .V Son v-. Fr;ink
Dav is. liaintiil ha., h ave is lile
petition by .M lay next.
la district court this morning the
iii-e of Solomon A. Xathiiu vs.
l-'eder, Xail-bauni A C. was called
iind Upon tin'- plaintilf failing to ill
pear the case was dismissed.
The case ,,f Stull vs. the Omaha
Southern Ix'.K'. is on trial this alter
Jud-e k,,ii,sev tin- loreiioou
united iii marriage Win. Suckovv
and Mis.- Selma S, hlieider. both of
WeepiiiM- Water.
Jas. Jiutlei i . 1 1 1 ii i , i n ,-d proceed
inys in district court today ayainst
Sadie Itntlei- his w ife, askiny for ii
divorce mi the yroiuid ol iidulterv
am! habitual drunkenness.
Dave West bad bis preliminary
hiirinM j ,-terdav afternoon on the
chare, i.t stealing 17 front Klias
Say,.. Alter heariny ;i II the t.'sti
mony Ju lye Archer bound him
over until the next term of the dis
trict court. He was unable to fur.
nish hail ami now Linynishes in
durance vile.
The commissioners have the
Cedar Creek saloon license under
consideration today,