Plattsmouth herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1892-1894, September 08, 1892, Page 8, Image 8

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He Gives t le Democrats
uablo E.lucntion.
The President Covers all the Ground
and Does It Effectually - Hon
est Elections and Honest
Money the Platform
After the usual thanking of the
c o.iiiniltce, a. 1 1 if rcpicsentiitive of
tin National republicans in oii
vi iitimi iissotnliloil, 1'iesiili-iit Harri
son, in the nchnow lcil".'eincnt of the
honor coiiierreil ly hi noiiiiiiatiiiti,
has matle 4ne of the strongest,
plainest uinl iiMlU-i'-ol fact stale
laeitts lo the . niiTiean pliMie
which has been penned.- Till:
Hi:u'.l i ilot'M not a.-k it renders- to
lake its word lor it. This news
pa,' :' i -i v'erin i m-l y mid eanu .-1 1 " in
f. ivor of . I cniiipnio'ii of education
Tin; 1 1 l'.iv l.l ili s in s .- in imi-,
ml till ones, anil in pur. lain ,-e nl
that policy
cation in
nimus uiad
while I i 1 1 '
and iil'iice
objea f of.
it advocat1
co'al t !
the pnldi
'I the ai'L tile-.
Her.' is
maim g'crs"
only innke
1 1 o 1 1 1 s I atiil
y hotii sii
i a il not tie in mi
patnolie America. I tee,
point.' We hi'lieve they
the)' will vote in le'cor.!
their information. Thi
victory for ini"'i':-, !iln
honest v. Mr. Harrison
iiii'i'iis a
i.iln and
tallis as
A . I'lli'll 1 til l eni'y.
Tin' l!i nil 1. 1 iia i-ifly diiraiL; 1 1 1 . r i v ; 1
wiir, ilevitii'd ,', tin' iiieiil i-in i "iicy. i nii.-'i-a,-iiiK
ol I nitcil M.'iie in. lis, i-.iiril anil ie
deeinalile liy the ; uv, i nnu nt ninl i f na hank i.vtis, li.'i-'l iri' ii tin' si'i i'iity
(if the t'liili"! Mnli x l.i .a,. A lax viix
levieil iinnn t ie i.-sie s nt' tlie slnle I'.uiks
Hlld the llitt'liileil result, all Mlii'll U
mies klmiilil he wii lulr.iwii, was ri ali.el.
Tliere are nu n mutiny u imw, who never
saw n Mate lunik tmtH. The unit s fui nislieil
(liivctly nr imlaiclly liv the I'niteil States
lmve lit eii tlu- nuly ami the Nifeiiml acet'pt
ahle IHlJier ('liri'elli.y nftlie pi-oplt'. linuk
fiiiluivN lmve hi'imuht mi fright, delay or
Ins." to t liu bill linlilttl'H. The litilt' ol lili ia
snlveut hunk is as uimhI ninl n.s curient nj
n treiiMiry tuite fur tliu rrctlit uf the
I'niteil States is iH'liiiul it. Our money i
nil national money-1 niinht almost say
liiteriuiiioiial, for tliese hilU are nut only
fqually nail iiiiliseiiiiiinatf ly atcenieil at
par in all the states, hut. in soiim foreign
toiliiti'ies. Tim llemoerutiii nirty,
if eiitriistiil with t)n control
of tlie Koveni.nent, is now pleilxeil to re
peal the tax on state hank iins with ft
view of imttiiiK into circulation nuain
uniler Kiieli diverse leuislalion ns the states
mnv adopt, Mood of local lunik iKsues.
Only tliose who in the yeni's In-fine t-Ut
war experienced the jncotivonicticcs anil
losses ntti'iidiitit upon tho usir of such
money can appreciate, what n return to
that system Involves. The denomination
of a bill win then often no indication of
Its valuo. Th; bank detector nf yesterday
was not u saf' L'uide today as to civrtit or
values. Mi'i.'liants deposited several
times tliirinii the day lest l.htt hour of bank
i-liwinx ulinuld sliovw a -depreciation of the
money taken in the nipniliiK, Thetrav
oler run Id not use In a jnurnev to the
fast the most solvent hanks of t lie west;
in i'o'isi'iueiu ii a nioiiev channer'a otllco
was the luii.ia.T neinfibof of tht'tlcktt
otlicc aril 1 in ci i nuiiier. The fanner (ml
labnrcr fniint, the lunney received for their
products or their Islmr' depreciated when
they (nine to 'nuiai their pun-liases, anil
the whole Imsaiit-s of the country was
hindcted and ln:rdi ni'd. Chnnni's tiiay be
come iH'cesfin-y but a national svstetu o(
turivney. wile and acceptable throughout
fhe whole ciumry, is the nood fruit of
letter t xpericiice, ninl I am sure our peo
ple will not coiiv.-nt to the react binary
proposal made by the Democrat ie party.
Our Merchant Murine.
Few subjects have elicited more ilis,cus
sion or excited niort euenil interest than
that of a recovery by the I'niteil States of
its appropriate shaiv of the ocean cairyinn
tl-ilde. T his subject touciied Hot only our
porkct. hut our iiHtioiial pride. I'raoti-
ciilly, nil M. frcivhts for Iransportlnn to
iuoiit-me i-noi-nn.Ms annual supplies or
iimvisions furnixlieil bv tl i W run nt pi- ii ml
for the lart! l-ctitru of ninnufactur((l prod
ucts have tor many years been paid to fnr
eitfn ship owners. Thousaus of eini-
KrHiitsaiinunily Nfktn hnmts under our
flag have been ilcliieil the siht nf it uutil
they eutered Saudy llonk; while Incn'iis
Iiik thousands of American citizens, bent
on European travel. Iiave each vear stepped
into a foreign jurisdiction at the New York
"cks. i ue nierciianitise balance nf trade,
which the truasurv books slum-
reducwl by tLe aiiiiual tribute which we
pay for fright mid passage innnevs. The
treat hhips the fastest upnn the Hen
whn h nre now in peace profiting by our
iinlii-, riT, in u seconanry sense, warships
ol tlieir respective p.vcruinents mid ill
unit-oi imii iMiiim miner existing con-
u-iicis wiiii tiiose governments sptedily
take on the uns ,,r which their
i.ei Ksare Mi'e.uiy piep'ircd, and euti'r with
terrible etticicm y iiin n the vnr!t of ite.
stM.yite: our coiinsierie. The undisputed is tiiiit the IT' steainsliio lines of
I'.itrope woe tuna Iia
til"' llif.-y, Ulstailn u i,y
:oVcriiiii.'.iit aid - i V
l.trni l.beral pay 'nidi-
of aa iii!iii,'l bnir-is
taei i ! .a rc r,ii ills t-i
S I lis lo ll'tn;,! t ,i ui ! ,
im m l ,i in. n t ie i
li. . i n ilt i.i ;., 1, up, i!
V ill l e pl.ii.i to ev i', v i
and are now pan, of
direct or indirect
latter taking the
carry im: tin- nuiiN,
e.iveii in ci'iisiih'iM
ci ii-i'-uct the sliijis
c.-ii rvmi.' iia in in, i
i over lo t in- irnwrii-
spi'c-ilied ti" ins. i
.,i'lli:;i'tlt Antei icn:i
Ian! 1. lae k'l : I M , woo I, I ..-ive s.uai
I 1
ill i
I ' '. , r.iii.-t Ik- i iit.-i'i d
!i,'-t cnnyi-t'is euaclcd
. 'il l iis lh-iieticietlt iil
1 ''' au ships nt aa a. ;
.'' '.'!. S Hlld COsJ ; i'J
i ' or cmitiMi t.'.l
' i -I'.ip ai is l.i ,i,i
pi if' a ally i lien
: :-;ve l.ndt-r the Ann il-
S i ;---S leaiiishli 1, in
1 ' i'-; ii l' .HIV ;iii,;.i ,i i
"ill l -alt ill t lie i.oii
M'Mi wii.N ol lo ir i.i-w
: l","1-' Int. each, cost.
1 ; in I ill a, 1,1 ti on."
!v:C'ii:;i, the l.tMe.-t
la.".,' '
i,:a', ,
; M i".' . 1
I .oebi.ii"
ll.tlo'.i lo t 1
i a.-it v . -i.
li .' '
is ii :
d - ,o
' i 1 t;
tan i'.at; otie'ii ; oi. i t
p .". Th". :
s. ria lion i-,
i-scn-fr si
i. tl al.oa' .- s
li.ivi'i iv-i-r-,
Upon the st a
. spi ci t :
I'slabiisliin. :' ic ami i
pci talioa.s I.
t'Uili"!! has i, sscd bv
11 , le-t i: .-, been taken ill tli
i i . a.. i - ioaii our so'iiii At
' 'i:: aiiii, t tumuli my ex-
' ' ' i v el Im ii icali.oi, at
i' . c .. 1 to the lulvaiilii'.vs
t- - I'i'.is and when their
peoplejll i n "e
est si 1 do not ic:
to secilie the a;
to pmllt by lie
ll'les. The I), n;
place ill its pi ti i
this subject and
the ueiicn.l polii
liiili nave to their ltiter
'i; t a it they will be nhle
.: tl iifi del lo eniiblcthem
r natural ndvaiil
'c.aii,' paily has found no
oini lor any reference to
has I'howii its hostility to
V by Ivi'l-tliL' to exnend
mi ion mad ... during the las'. , id
liunihtralioii loriHcap mail contrai ls with
American lines. 'I he luitnotic people, the
worklnguii-n in our rliops, the capitalists
kocUii biii HivtiiiHi, must decide
ti iietla r t In- gi
Ciui' lii -ll hiv
nl ship-mi ni-n. (iy Anterl-
oMiulit Aim-: i'-.i u registry
flndl icuni humMy uk a jil.icn
in the
ps for
i isl' 1 ri
J hjil-:l II iMiJ r.-i ! V
"hips I,..,v (U '11'
I;;' cs go lo fn-i-i :n
i I'liMr-.i't mil un-l i'ii' I'm'. 1
l.uw hi L.htw ' -..- eiml i-ml v nl ivo
vet nig
ii p'licc i . mini 1 1 . i ; t- Willi n- v cnllh. tin'
skill of its iv in.-i I'lU ini! Hint the ici'.iiai i
of its sailors, in tlit- i-urry in lj tr.uie of all I
till- w;k,
Anu' Iter rdme !
iwure n furtiisliini:
in un iva-. ! i" ni tr:i:.:e f
our -lih's iiti'l I
k. l" .-1 1 an 1 iirHiiaaH t hi in lit to
trie j
fiiriuero utnl ia.,1: ; .ii iiiu'I' will, is
Tliv lii t lir Ity I'xlii'.v
Ji'i'lilivil by section :! of tin- tariff net (if
I -ii' and now in ;uv, tied operation with
I; vt- nt t In- nut ions' nf (Yiitrnl mi'l South
Anu'i'ii'a. '.i:i I J i n i i d ,. Il.c Sniiiish unl
liriti'.li 'tt iinlii s iMiuiiU iui'1 with ti'i-r-i
i : n i j 1 1 1 1 1 A ii-.i i'i.i, nnili'i' - i'( rial li :iilear
lieiu.'ini'iit i it Ii c.ii Si. J'liH I'cvi-tuii of
tin ililly nil siiar iiinl ti.i' ri'IitilMI.'iliie (if
-.i.lli'i' ami Ira ii,i,n tin' lire it, while L'iv
iuv irreat l .i mi :i ic ipli- hy
I'lieilf riling llllii'ii't ll"l tltU'i'.lsiiiKl.V iii
I'M-ry liiii',s,'lioli, t,i ai-ii i.f Mali -in it
Ilium lllllilf.iir.'e t.l tile " ill lit I'ii l' piil't-
firi tlii'' ill-: ji-li-x us tn "il'je"! lli.'tt in ('Mi
siii''!'.i! ion t hereof iccipn
be shun n ni t heir tin-ill
ni I.IVnl s vhodlll
to HI I H ies tx-
pol li il I'i Us to t heir Inarkel s.
(.real re, III N Hoe Mr. lll iiiiH
for tlie viu-nr wii ii which he pie-M-d tl:!i
ieiv upon tin- maiiti y. W e have ,.nv lit
H II 11 to leaiie t lie bi-uetit nf t he-e tr.-li'e lir
iiuiu'' im n: s Tie- work of ( I'-at in,' iu v;
ll'-elli li's .ill,! of! ill Hilt' I'noili to new
tieirkets has n, , . --ai ilv takia tieie, In-.t
tin I'"'-1 1 1 1 -i a I ein I a". I a i licit ale xnrii, I inn
miii'. us in e.-tiii,:!-:, iii , lar tavnr the
imiii v ol' re.'1'ip'nial li'i'le, l,as,., upnn
I ),e I I'ee im e i,"t ,, ; i' , of li ell a I'! ii 1 1'- lis i in
let i'ljni'iiii -Iy i'.i.i,js-if wii ii the pr. pact ,
I our i.'ii ii s. miii f,ic,,ii';, , in e-
hitii-v lor tin- lice or favored iiiiM'liic
lioii ii! our i r, uliicis into nth' I'couni i j.-s,
'1 lie nl.vio'is i'',in v o' this .,.i:.v i'i in-
' 'e.i-n.v I !i,
Ira c
,'i ;.
11 liicl,
I I tin- t llilei
I ,'i:.i!lacl tl,
,t"iiriiiiis en
Main, at, oi,,'i
nt i en i ion i if I
ho:.i'i- of till.
I'll,' Hi il isi
to tii, a coi i i i.
I'i:1 apjioiui on
sa'a r iii,' l.i st
a op.
if t l .l 'c lias presenti'.l
i i.iciinii'i t! ii iii' for
I il ci.tiii',!-sai to con
ns nl in'iiiteraclinii
I 'oiiiaien ial ( 'nisad"
." At a ineitiiiir held
iHsociu'.c! I'liatulici's of
I ll'ilain Hi" pit siih ii!
exports frni'i (iieat
u A i.htIc in i mint ries
vih it is calleil '"I i.
ol llic I'i. :;! S,a,,
in Match last i ii,
C'ltnincice ol (ilea!
Iil'i.rici1. tiail tci
la-,1 lili to the l.a'
ililium tnc las! v
nr Innl il"i'ici!s.., s-j:i.
,.'in,,Mi and tluil th:- was ii,,i dm
to ti iii-
porary ca iis.s Inn d,r, eily tot
1 n-eipivi-
cuv policy in lue i mieii Malt s. ( icrmanv
Hlld bus aiso shown their stu:",c l
M,irci:i;it inn of the bu t that a new and
viuornus coin iMant Ins appeared in the
biutles of I in- mai kels, ninl has already
Hicui'i'd iiupnrtiuit ailvantitu'cs. The most
coiivinciim evideiice nf the tremendous
stiviiu'th of our opposition is as follows:
iliiit iireat liritiiin and Spain have found
it necessary to make reciprocal trade
aurccineiits with us fur tlieir West India
colonies, and that (lerinany mid Austria
have uiven us important concessions in ex
change for the continued free importation
of tlieir beet suvur. A few details onlv as
to the increase of our trade can be niveii
here. Taking ail the countries with which
such arriinuemeiits have been made, our
trade to Jinn- :tu, I'lM had iiicreas,;tl it.ts
per cent ; with the increase was
nearly 11 per cent.; with Cuba iliirin tin
first 1eit mouths our exports increased
t ,T'je,l'.ia, or .VI si; per cent., and with I'ortu
llico ."i!io,'.l.Yi, or ;u per (cut. The liberal
pnrtit ipm ion of our farmers in the bene
fits of this pn'icy is shown bv the follow
ing report l-Mim our consul niueral at
lliivntis under date of .July ',1! lust:
DiuliiK the first half of "the year of ls'll,
llaviiia ii eeived U i.nsl butts oi tliit:r from
Spuln, innl other iiui'U of the Islanil ahotit an
ennui iiiiiiitint. or aiiiii'iiviiimtely SHI, I IS Iihi?s.
fiiitiui! Hie same ii i iiil lluyunii rt'i eived li,.
Hill lias's nf Aiiit'rii uii Hour, ami other ports
uiniinxiiiialelv mi eipiul iiinouiil.iimkiiiis abom
Kl,imti,us. lint fur tlie flrst half nl' this jear
Siiiiln hus sent less thiiii tues to Hie
vvlnile Inianil and the I'niieil States has sent
to lliiviinii alntie iW,t-7 bin;,, iiml utioiit an
eniiid luuniint to other pints of the Isl.nul,
mukiiiK apprixinmtvly fur thu hist
half nl l!-.'.
l'artly by reason nf reciprocal trade
aKiTi'iiient, but more largely by tvason of
the reinoviil of the sanitary restrictions
liiioti American pork, our export of pork
products to (ierinuny iticreased during
the ten months eiidimt June 30, last,
W.'i(HT4, or about 8'.' per cent.
'J he hritisli Trade Journal of London in
B recent issue speakinsj! of the increase of
American coal exports and of the falling
on ui i ne r.uiisii c.xporis io v. una, says:
II Is nnntber caseot American ciiiiiiii tit Ion.
Tilt l liiti'd Slates now supply C'unn wtlli
ulmiit laii.ltll tons nf cnal annually siuj (here is
every irns.-ct of tills trade Incivasiim as the
forests nf the tsliiml lii coine ettlmiisted met
the Use nf stumu iimchliier) is ilevelniied. Alu
bamiicnal I'Hpt t ially Is seeiirltiu a remit ntic'i
In the Si:inish West Indies, iind river
innl mil improvements nf the southern
states will iiiiiloiihti'dlj' create a'l important
KUlf trinlo. The new lecipi-ocltv policy by
which the L'lilled Stales are tnahleil to (ni.
pull t uliun siiuur will, of eoiu-wi, assist tin
American ctNil exporter ev en nmre elfei lively
than the new litem uf ruilwuy.
The lleiiiiirrutie 11 lit Tor m
promises a repeal of the t.'.rilT law cou
tainiiiK this provision and especially de
nounces as a sham reciprocity'' that seo
tionof the law under which these trade
arrainjements have been made. If no
other issue were involved in the campnia
this uloiiu would Kive it momentous im
purtaiicc. Are the fanners nf the Kreat
grain urowimt states willing to surrender
these new larue and incrcasiiitf markets
for their surplus? Are we to have notbiiiJ
in exchaiiKi! for the five importation ol
siii'iir and coffee, imi at the same time
destroy tlie sutfiir planters of the south
and the beet siiu'ar industry of the north
west and of the I'.teillc coast, or are we
to have the tax.d sti.'ar and coffee which
a "laiiil for revenue only" necessarily in
volvis with the a ided' loss of the' new
imiikcls which have been opened' As I
have shown, niir conmieicial rivals in
Kui'ope do not rei'ardthis reciprocity pol
icy asii s!,atti," but as a seriniia threat lo
a trade supremacy they have hum en
joyed. They would rejoice, and if ' pru
dence did not re-train, would illum
inate their d. pr, sscd iiiuiiufiicturimc
lilies over I lie lows that
the Tinted Slates had abandoned this sys
tem ol prntociioii and reciprocity. Tlicv
si e vciy cicai Iy that a ivsi i n t inn'nf Ann'l
teaii prikliit tit-its and tr::i!e innl iicntre-spoii-lii.u
uicifitse of Kuropean proiluct ion
mid trade would follow. And 1 wiil not
Pellcvc tiiai what is s.i pla,u lo them i an
l e liidileii Iroin our oho people. The ib (V
laratioli of the pltt f ,nn in favor of "Ml?
Allieric-m I'.netrine of pi-nteetiou" niccl.
lll.V lllo-t hcal-1 y appl-oMil. The ui'hV'l:-
ti"ii d: ! not adopt a sc'icdale, but a priu-
ciple, t lint is !.i ,..i! ;ol ,',i ta.'i 1 schedule!.
1 h"ie ii, ay be d.llei'ciiccs of opicion ji 1 1 n -1 ! t
ll"tt.'!i..i.i-tsas tvth laic i.p'Ui pait'i'ii ii it a I. s nc. - arj to ei'n , I au i 1a.i,i..j
tion In iv.icii iv. i , - a.' ioad at home.
Iii S.' tl'.l n ,,io!c t, ,!!., a ,1 l .till'.iaiil t:i.-l-tic
h. - Ii, i a. or ci:',. i ai ,-, , ;y, , , I,, en
l...-i"!i- to.ij n,ii- lv Is , In iw ceti a ).:.;h mid
a lav prol" l.iiil'. b !h iiarti.scx-
pPS-il,., S,.MC s,,i, I'eua.d for the
vvii, - o! oai v.'i kin-.: pep,- lor lln-
I'l'ii-pi lily nf Our llionesile lllilu-lr!es.
lint under a more (oniaoeo'is li adci'-'ii'i
the Delui ct.rt ic oarlv ha- l.nw M-acIicall',-
di'i lined lint:, il
a I. li ill law vv t b
fl l I lipnll Hii.'r
hi oui' ui cat in, I
port ol the (.an;
sivi ii p aier ii vt ill
ml .on n ua'-il 1" i!s if.
or up, a cpitiil mvisicd
ii-; i e -. Tin- ma innl y n
iiltlic i'ii ' la! fnrili t'i the
l'cinocrat ic tint a
.iial i . ni v oil t i ii at Cliica-
j-'o collt a i lie, I tins chillse;
Tint! ti lien ciisl nut liiiii-i-taiii ion m levied
UIkiii articles of a, iy kind produced in this
colllilry the i:'l'ci"lii c h'tiiceii I im rust of
labor here inn, annum, vv hen such n iliffi'ivuoe
t'XIsts II fully lie il.-lll'es mil iii.s-lhle lienellts to
litimr, hiiiI t he . -1 1 ' 1 1 i 1 1 n i - inlaii imuil impn-I- of
cvi.-tiiis-tiiriif tall with criHliiiig fiine upon
our titriiii'i's and win kiiiKiiien.
Again this majority report further di
clared: Uut lu umklnrf a ruiluctluii iu te It U nut
n r.- i! )mi - in'!".-r,
t t : i , r l,c.t, thy urnwtli.
i t-1 n." Inn mine ! lily
' 1 ' villi tlMT, S,
ll'l-' .i. It ever,' -!.'1
1 tin: l u;' I'll Unit iu-
r Ifiil of .i:r m
, We .
" all ad i.i-inil tlia; of our
"lei "pull preti-ciive tint. i-.s
1 1- - ol cotitiiiaaace and a
it laii'f cl. alibi s slioiild by
., W"i.-i.t:ieii in s ;eL indus
; I m ir 'i
(ii - i'li.. -r inn i :
n -i;ji 1 1 If il of t
tries and of i In- In .la v invested.
'j he overwi l::!;'i ii-jit'tinn of thes-
pl'opos'' ions. Mhii li iiad bi lnre received
t'ic .: tho r..'t!i(s'iatic n.itauiiil
(' livi'l.timis. was not im re indicat ive of
the lieu- innl more e"iii .'iireous leadership
, to m im a ll, e puny has (.loniiiue.l
' itself, thai: the substitute which was
adopted. This sab-i it ute declares that
t.ioteitive clinics are unconsiiniiional;
lii-'h protect io"i. low pioti ction ail unc'iu
siituiiiiiial. A I iciuocrat ic conort-ss liold
hii: t l.i.s view cannot enact, nor a jt,'iu
ciieiit piisj,,nt npprove, any tari'V
hi liclule tic purpose or ciiVct oi' w hirh is
to iiilinit importations or u'e any icl
v.'ltitaiie to an Ainiricau wnrkinan nr lirn-
j iliiccr. A bounty, piilit.. judue, be jriveti
I to t lie iinpoiicr in ,is view oi' the cou-
st it atioti. in o. il. r to i i ii rea -a iiiiporratiiiiir!
nun -n i ue icM iiut tor revenue onlv is
till' llllilia! loll.
Ke'-MII-'.cilV, of l.illlse. falls lll'ilertblK
t (li hiilii lat im:. for it s i, o i i't and ellcct Me
j lull it ', clitic I, ill tl.e pt'.itni.tioll of riiliilln-i'-
(ilii eXi'liallL-es. Ike plollts if V, l.ii ,
wholly to our iiiiliiceis This ile.mict-
IVe ua-Alllcl lean iii
laiiL'ht by Ike histi
im a who .e i i, i i it's,
have reached i'.iis
in t by
ictriiie was not held or
u ic I li'imii la, ii' siaics
as Aiiiei'ic'iK p.-.i i'ii,:
Kciaiai ii ,ii, t'cilaimy
itclVel'snii or
This 11,11 I I'l'ilM'ln
.1 II UmiiI.
to At.
'le i s. tl.e liilti l i
ic.ili luaiii.Ci'.; lire
to s, '.life-. , vei y
till pi it mills or i
" i'.ai tra''e le.- tv i
as i hcv a i'i' i!i ,
t'a t
.er-sellt ell oi".
f tlie OJ'etlil".' ":!'
vi-i' ol mil- ..I
ii'" a- .-urpr:-im
'lli' "is In ! ;j
iii ilii- t oum ry
, etc!, ! in-lit int. i
I i.i in
I I, ' "'
T ! " ' U ! ! 1 1 1 III ,,,o.s
III It ilii. s n 't MC 'l t!
law of the de !.. 1-..1 1-
V" iii ion up,.:i t i.i- .j,;
1 iiu.Lc t he i oil ,r i y i,
sioii s'li li us i; I,,,', ,
at ;
i of i ii." ( ni, mo i
'a i ; would a- on '
.oi a bii-iiu-Js t oi'val-
c '!' -'en. Alld lllel '
is iiiit ii thc'u'.il ml w,c kiii'.'iuan wlio doc.
not know tk, it ii would at om-e c:iorm
nnsiv icdui e tlie "t'.a.i'.iit of Work to lo
iloiie in this coini'i ".' by liie iiiereiise nf im
portations that u ouM 'follow ai.d lie. es-i-late
a iciltu'tivn of hi- W'uvs to tlie Ka-ropi-an
standar I. If ;':iv oi,.' -nu ;c-l s I har
thi-radical policy w ill in t be evecuiid ii'
t he I loino' rai ic party at ; ains iic,y( r, what
.-hall be IhoiiL'ia of a ;..t iy 1 1 , .-1 1 iscnpabte
"I thus triiliiiif !; intcicstsV The
tb re" 'f such le.-'i-la! i' a vvotihl he onlv
less l,..riful hau the liit t. A i!istin.;iiishcd
Deiaocrat riulit Iy described this movement
as a t hai lcli ue to the pinleite l industries
tnalkhtnf extermination: end another
such liulltly expressed the l"C.c of the sit
uation win n he inlerpieted the Chicago
platforiii to be an invitation to all Demo
crats holdinc; even the mo-' modci'nte pro
tection views toL'o into the lit publican
party. And now a few words in recant
The Kxisiliiii Tarlfri.aiv,
We arc fortunately able to hulae of its In
fluence upon production mid prices by mar
ket reports, l he day of the prophet of
calamity lias been succeeded by that of the
trade reporter. An examination into tlie
effects of the law on prices of protected
products and of the cost of such articles S
enter into the wantsof the people of small
mentis has been made by a senate committee
composed of leading senators of bol h par
ties with the aid of the best statisticans,
Rinl the report signed by nil the members
of the committee, has been L-iven to the
public. No such wide and eaivful inquiry
nits ever Dciore nt en made. i Iicse
appear from the report
f irst The cost of articles entering In
to the use of those earninn less than
(l,u) per milium has decreased tip to
May, 8.4 per cent., while in arm
products there has been an increase
In prices, owiiiK in part to au in
creased foreimi ('.eniaml mid the opening
of new markets. In I'.nuland during the
s'ime period the cost of living increased l.y
percent. Tested by their power to pur
chase articles of necessity, the eariiiuus of
our working people have never been, aa
yreat as they are now.
Second '1 here has Iss'ii mi average ad
vance in the late nf wages of .75 of 1 per
Third Then has been nn advance In
the price of all farm products of PS.tlT per
cent., mi"l of all cereals, naiV.) per cent. The
ninth annual report of the chief of the
bureau ot labor statistics of the state of
New York, a Democrat ic officer, very re
cently issued, strongly corroborates, ns to
that state, the facts found by thesenatti
committee. His extended inquiry shows
that In the year following the passage of
the tarill act of IV.m the aggregate sum
paid in wages in that state was itl,377,!W5
in excess, and the aggregate production
ai.;il."),l;10 in excess of the preceding year.
In view of this showing of an increase of
wages, of a fthictloii in the cost of arti
cles of common necessity, and of a marked
advance in the prices of agricultural pro
ducts, it is plain that this tariff law has
not imposed burdens, but has eoiiferrvd
bene tits upon the farmer and the working
liiiin. Some Siecbil t: licet
of the act should lie noticed. It was a
courageous attempt to rid our people of a
long maintained foreign monopoly in the
production of tin plate, pearl buttons, silk
jilushj linens, lace, etc. Once or twice in
our history the proiluct ion of tin plate had
lit eu lUiempted and the prices obtained by
the Welsh makers would have enabled our
niakers to produce it at a prolit. But the
AN'elsh makers at once cut prices to a point
that drove the American beginners out of
business and. when this was" accomplished
again made lluir own prices. A corres
piindciit, nf The liiilusl rial World, the
nilii aid oruati nf Welsh tin plalu workers,
published at Swansea, in the issue of June
ltl. is;r, advises a new trial nf these meth
ods, lie says:
Ho not he ileeeived. The victory of the
Hi tllilicntis at the polN means the 'rrtciitnin
of lhe McKiiilcy Pill, ami in, mis lhe rapidly
Heel Hills' lo-s ol' sil :i cent, of'1 Allleri'
lan Inidi'. Had there been let 1 ictaoci ii a'
Vl" lull' ill l-'.l, tlie spread ol till pin.,' 1'iaiia-tiiclui-e
in the fulled stales wuil.d i,ae hi , h
liu" li i ..pi.l iitnl li'-uclii ini.
Il i- n.ii loo ! a'e In !a s'inicthlir,' p, reduce
tl.e price.. I'.it the 111 dart li to II shilling- .,
In , IIV.1I VM-l.-hl lia-!. I. el fie ll i ii klct'l!
lake h ilt . fa iifi ,v itionths aiid turn ma
mure ol 1 hem. I I, cu let t liu iaii.-ter 1iiij
loom s- lur t ue - cue 1 1 mi.
A. nd ,'iL'aii' i hat paper s.ays J
It is c'c.trly ,hi- i!iicrel of b.efi eliipl
Bid WoVMniai tv pi', , line p.i.te, la
I 11 pl'ir
l.i turiil. at ii pice tl.u w ill ui ive a 1 coin
pel it i u s I toiii I i.e licl'l.
IP:!, Ui . , ol the il.,", i a rai . I !," f"
l li'.'tlol.s it I-"' llllli o! l,ie l;i.'ii ',li,atio; -r.l
toi-ei.t piD'ittcei'S lo luiMitaiu thci
inn i a , "ly ,t he t oi p'atc iiidu-l ry has been
csi.'ilili-'ii ,i in lhe I idled Mans ami lhe
lllliill'oc IvtWecl, th" Welsh p.; dun u
lhe 1 1, ai h i ie i"' pai I v for i. - ih -: ri.c' i.,: ,
Will tut M.iml. Ike o;';,i i il ie'i,n-ii
the in ;":; t .cut nl l In- t i ha.
of t,n an i tii ne piatcs iu the I ii-'ud
States ''.l'1-.l'H the ki-t l -ial vcai sh ov i,
total ploia clioli of ... li ', 1 p. Hal li
couipe.ri -oa or tl.e h'-i iH.irtt-r, si',;-;.-
pollllils, will, the l.t-I . sumyloo pounds,
shows pic rapid devclopiiicit of the in
ilus'iy. I Ivi r a iMi.ltoo pounds tlui'in' th.'
1,1-t i,:;,"a-u r vycre made lnuii Americ.ip
l.inek plates, !at ri iu'iiiider fi in I "i-.'-j;a
pliiies. Mr Aver, the I rca-iury a.a'nt iu
ehiii),!: of t -t nnales, states alter cans
ful im ,aii y tiail the product imi of the cur
rent year will be P i. i.i rn.i mo pounds
and that bv the end of the year our ;. n, will be at the late id i.'liJ,UH.,,tvo
pound- pi r annum.
Another industry that has been piac
ticaily civattd by tlie .icKiuli-y bill is the
milking of pearl buttons. lVw articles
coming to us from abroad were so dis
tinctly the p.'oduct of Htnrvation wages.
Hut witluoir; -- J-st- 'w'Hiiif tliis let Lur
1 ciiniioL l"iiow in oeian me iniiueiices ot
the Uiitl law of It has tfauspUnted
'Vfr Pnpoit.i'it i:iiiiis;rles m"l estali
! lislied them lu re ami lias revived or en
! li'rvt-l i ot li.'i-s. The n' t tives to the
" i'li'M ;i'-oti i : imi lu.iiust J.ire'.'ii silver
l"iroi.:'l id o;s. li.e trie i tit mI'IcUoQ
" a lo; li i nreateii '.1 t nc ureat minimi in
i!"sti'ics o;' tin- iiei'ky I'll, mi! aim. u:id to
il." wml m-i.wers prntection tor their
' it. ece aa'l t'i -a Wii h has snr l them
f; n a I tin her and ii-astro,ts decline. The
1 house nf representatives at its lasl session
I passed IMiU pliicinu these nivs and wool on
I the flee li-t I'ht people of the west well
know how ihs'iuittve to their property
ti.e-e iiienstiies woiil 1 be. This tarill law
lias uiveli ci.iployuielit to ltiiiliV thotlsauds
i of Ainericini men mid women and will
each year ive employment to increasing
I tlioiisanns. I; s v ;iearw..ii!, throvv tholis
; iiii'ls out ot c:u'ov inetit and aive work to
"'tl.el's only at leiiili tsl wau'es.
! Tlie A 'i, -nl- uf the I ice Trader
j ro the Win khu-inen are largely aildressi'd
to hi- pre jada i- oi to his pas-inns and not
I inliniiui'iit'.y are prnniuu.cediy cniiniiuu-
i jstic. Till' lie" 1 le liocr li ic l-ailel'sllip
j r.i-'esat the c u i 1 1 ' i ' i -r imd seeks tn cuiu-
liiliu' ate this In the cinplovc. I re
Lrret that nil employers of labor nre not
just and coiislderaieinid t hat capital smil
times i in a!".e a share el the pl'olils.
llllt I do Hot s ,. tacse evil.- will be
iiuiclioiated by a 'ari.f policy t In- li r-st
jieci's-ary elli-i t of v v 1 1 ; i ! i i- a s.-vere vva.'e
c:i! . and I im -ec a, i! a larue diminiil imi of
t In-a em'eiU e aiuoillit ol k to lie done
in t his cimiii rv . If tin- injustice of bis em
ployer tempt - the v. at k n i,i! i to si nke back,
lie should be vcrv ure tlia ilis bhev do -s
i in 't fail upon his own In , id or upmi hi:
I wife mid children. The workmen in
r uicit industries are. as a
i.oily. iimi
luav be r
' 'Cllls tO t I
Iv iiitclliactit. They
bv ini i-iiii'. or what
I to lie Sll l, or be led bv
- of 1. is l-,li. bill I iicy will
oiin is to ac
the taii'i'
I 'ic; e Nov c:ir, .
to II .. ,' l;.;.,
con' .- i iii I li.' i 1 1 ai ii -lit c;
li'e-, ii - an. I vvi; ii n leiviu e
lit; ue " i.t.i,; tv of which
tliev a.:.- i it v.- n-,T, -i o(;hc i.o m - iley
hai e I',,.;;;, ,..( r,.:. i ! , 1 1- wvv. aa 1 ch.i'.di'i :i.
No iiiielli i nt a ll oe.i.e ol a pr iie.'t ii c
tat i'i' i lai . s i h i i; is ,,.,!, ni' i,s,di io
'ii bit-en a ii.,:: -r a 1,,'c ' ,va wii lion t
ic .ed to I'iK-i iia, i. in t;:e -epply ..'.' and
"'"li'a'id lor t be proline: o; I., c. ha; it
i; c, ni : ii let , ! i y claimed thai ptoti-i i -ie
i'i! ' c- si roiu'iv lend to bol 1 up v, a ,. s and I lie i. b.ii'rier iij.iiist a 1 1 .' aciinu
tol l.e 1 ait'opc.'iil scale.
The Siuillitvii Mules
li'ive had a liberal pari Icipatioti in t he in n
iiilsof t!iot,irit liev, and. ihouuli tiicir
lcpicsciitiilivcs have uciieialiv ci po-ed the
protection po'ii'. 1 rejoice
gar. rice. coal. ores, iron,
cloth and other pr.nlui't-i
!iat tlieir sii-
I'm'ls. co-;oii I
luive lint In en
left to the fate which tile Vote nf their rep
resentatives would have bruituht upon
them. In the const met ion of the Nicar
agua canal, it. the new trade with Sooth
and Central America, in the establishment
of American sli'ainship lines, tliese states
have also special interests and all these in
terests will not always eonvrnt to be with
out representation at Wtisliiugtou.
Shrewdly but not quite fairly our ad
versaries speak on lluaiiceti. duties put on
buttons and other article by the -Mclxiu-ley
bill, and omit altogether any reference
to the great and bciiclicial nlai''niiient of
tlie five list. During tlia last liseal year
t las.uni).77'l worth of merchandise, or UV35
per cent, of our total imports, came in free
(the largest percent. tue in our history)
while in 1W the perceiit iL'e of importa
tion was 34.4'..' per cent. The placing; of
sugar upon the free list has saved to the
consumer in duties ill lifteen mouths, after
paying the bounties provided for, Js7,oixi,-
This relief has been substantially felt in
very household upon every Saturday pur
chase of the workingman. One of the fa
vorite arguments against a protective tar-
i-s that it shuts us out from a tuirticipa-
t!iiiiit wnat is called, witn swelling em
phasis, "The Murkets of tlie World."
If this view in not a false one. how does
It happen that our commercial competi
tors are not able tobear with more. serenity
our supposed surrender to them of "the
liaiKet, ot the world, and how dues it
happen that the partial loss of our market
closes foreign tin plale mills and silk
plush factories that still have all other
markets? Our advantages, our protective
tariff and the reciprocity policy make it
lossible for us to have u large participation
in the markets ot the world' without
opening our own competition that would
destroy the comfort and independence of
our people.
The resolution of the convention In fa
vor of bi-iiiet!illistn declares, I think, the
true and necessary conditions of a move
ment that has upon these lines lav cordial
adherence and support. I am thoroughly
convinced that the free coinage of silver at
such a ratio to pud as will maintain the
equality of the commercial uses of the two
coined 11011:118 would conduce to the pros
perity of all tae great producing and com
mercial natio is of the world. The one es
sential condition is that these dollors shall
have and retain nn equal acceptability anil
valuo in all cnmntiirclHl transactions.
They an? not only a medium of exchange
but a measure of values, and when two
unequal measures are called iu law by the
same name commerce is unset thsl and con
fused and the unwary and ignorant are
cheated. Dollars of unequal commercial
value will net circulate together. The Ix-t-ter
dollar is withdrawn and becomes mer
chandise. 1 he true interest of all our peo
ple anil especially of the fanners
and working (H'ople who cannot closely
observe the money market, is that
every dollar, paper or coin, issued or au
thorized by the government shall at all
times and in all Us uses be the exact
equivalent., not only iu debt paying, but in
purchasing power, of any ntherdullar. I am
quite sure that if we should now act upnn
this subject, independently nf other na
tions, we would greatly promote their in
terests and injure our own. Monetary
conditions in Kurope ivithin the last two
years have, I think, tended very much to
develop a sentiment iu favor of a larger
use of silver ami 1 whs much pleased and
encouraged by the cordiality, promptness
ami unanimity with which the invitations
of this gove nuiciit for an internal
conference upon (his subject wereaccepted
bv all 'he p, is. We may not only hope
lor, b'.i! c t highly hele'liokil results
from this co ifei'eiicc, which will now soon
a eiii'di. Vv lien l he result nt' the confer
ence i- ki"iV?i we tl ' ti -had L, able intelli
gcidly to :.'!",: ! oar lin iiieiai ha-i- io any
new i ole Iii .. .is.
I rcc llullot, fair I oum.
Ill 111 V hi: ! Hit .s'O.e to Klllul'es.t
"1 must H i eliic, tUill lue id"il t h
I -aid:
il it is
l oll '1.1
nre the
jiossiiiic io si" ac a iinlii. pa: lie: ic
i ration of -i,, 1, t . ,ns! il u.' ioiial or si
I l.i ai c
I he pt
elect io
tn IV
!iceesarv to -c
Ts oi t :
e.'i 1 atll' lit to
-::r nop. t, ei un i,i s and tree
Iu V t ll w mild be possible to
.iiiiul i"li. li ni pari i-a:i in
,, ;i i.i I composed i f patriotic,
o l un u. i i., I" w nolo a coii
:a i c-i i .'is ,.! 1 1 c ci is ci iii
,, el. .no -v -iciii and mei ii
, i.ini!ii!!c,i m :; h a l.ood pros
nig ini iiuiiiitiv in s,,nie plan
or lull un; limse eill-'
,1 w , nil. I pel'liiil t la sell 1 1 I' ui
ai to be vested ill the sa
, o
,is niello ,i a - i,
m ise mm ii, p
-id, 'rat ion ol ,
;,'t 'led w !i a o
ikI- mi. iit be ,
,.ct of sc'-ur
tor lemnvii:g
l he l"g.s;.i! iv
ot ii coiiimis-i
iireine toiiit
il that method would give
iliebest giiiiiiiiitce of iiiipartiiililv. Tl
giiiuaiitce ol iiupart.alily.
ilemmnl thai lhe liiuitat lott of siiffraj.e
shall be fo'., nl in the law, and there only,
is a just deai'iinl and no just tunli should
reseiit nriesi-t i;. It .-ecined to me tl.iil
an appeal to our people to toli-ider I be
qucslinu of reaifiiis! ing our legislation on
nbsoliitely fair, iii.ii partisan lines, might
find sonic' effect ive iispnise Many times
1 have hud nccasioii to say thai laws and
and elect ion nut boils designated to give
unfair advuiitiiges to the patty making
them, would some time he used to perpet
uate In power a faction of a parly against
the will of the majority of the people. Of
this we seem o have an illustration in the
recent state election iu Alabama. There
was no Kspublicau ticket In the field. The
cntiiest wan (-etweeti win e i.miocrnt.
TL Kolli party -ay they were lefu-ed the
repres.-ii.atio.i giiuiuntccl by law upon
ti- elci : ion boards and that when the
tour's by mandamus ai:eiupt"'l to right
this wrong mi appeal that could not Iw
' he. r l .'liter th" election made the
i writs iiielTci : u.-il. llalioi box.-s were
llij'owu out for alleged, irregularities or
ai umi it is ii-si-rled ou behalf of
: nr icast nan lue wuur i.c - i..iau,
1 that theotiiceis to whom certificates have
' been given were not lumcstly elected.
' There is no s. eurity for the personal or po
' li'ioal rights ot any coaiiutinily where a
mall is t'teprived of his pels.uiai or political
i rights.
1 The power nf the states over questions of
i luiililication nf electors is ample to pro
' tect them (tgaiiist the dangers of an Iguor-
ant or depraved suffrage and the demand
i that every man found to be qualilied under
' the law shall he made secure ill the right
to cast a free ballot ami to have that ballot
lionesi ly counted cannot be denied. Our
old Republican battle cry. "a, five ballot
I and ii lair count." comes "back to us. not
' onlv from Alabama, but from ot her states,
j anil those who differ front us widely in
opinion have c.uiie io siv that parties and
political itci'iiie are nut a in
but a niockerv. if.
when the dcutc
honest inajoiilii
is ended the judgment of
es is lo tie reversed by kil
ted tallv sheet inaiiipula-
lot box I raud-
t ions in tlie interest ot the partv or partv
j taction iu power. These new political
lilovenit lit- in the slates and the
I leci-nt decisions of some nf the
I siaie cntii is against unfair .".leinrtiiiiinieiil
l'ov s cnciuiin -a- the hope thai the arbitra
ry ami piirti-.i'i ehciion laws and prac-
- w Inch hine prevailed may lie cor
ed by i he siales and laws niade equal
linn-pan is.iii and the elections fret
hones;. I'lie llepublican parly would
ic- nt . vfh a s,,lu: As a 'healthy
a ad pa! rioi ,e lo,.(i sen; am nt is the lies!
.'i--iiiiilu e of a :'i "c and holiest election, 1
snail again i'tge iip,,u congress 1 1 1 -1 c pio
vis. on be in i,h (or the up point incut of a
i. mi partisan i o:utiii--ioii io consider the
s;;l,i. c! i ; 11 ; ipoi , i ol: Ii e!l 1 s a 'id I li 1 1 iolis i:l
their K knioii i i the choice of federal 0.
iiiel s.
The (ilii Service Stsliiu
ha- been i Mended and t he law enforce 1
w ith vigor ami imp.-n tiality. There has
been tut part -an ju-.ling a ll h the 1 iw i:i
any nl i he iii par: mciils or bu leans, as had
bcioic happened, but appointments to the
cln-iiicd service have been made im
partially fro:,! tnc eligible lists. Thesvs
tem now in lmve iw all the depart menu
has for the lirst tiiuc placed promotions
strictly upon the basis id' merit, a-cer-
lumen " ii ii.i.iv ivcoiil. ami tlie eiiiclclicy
lue t'U'ce tl crcliy gi'iatly lncrciised.
I he approval so 1, cattily given by the
convent a in to all t hese iiiteiicies which ctiii
t ribiite to the td'.lcat ion of the children of
tlie laud was worthily be.stoweil and
tin ets my hearty apjiroval, a docs also the
declaration a to the liberty nf thought.
The safety of the republic lies in intelli
gent citizenship and the increased interest
manifested iu the states in education, the
cheerfulness with which tlie necessary
taxes are paid by all classes, and the re
newed interest manifested by the children
in the national flag are hopeful indica
tions that the coming generation will di
rect public affairs with increased prudence
and patriotism. Our interest in free pub
lic schools open to all children of suitable
age is supreme and our care for them will
be jealous and constant.
'1 he public school system however, wits
not intended to restrain the right of
parent to choose other educational
agencies for his children. 1 favored aid
by the general government to the public
schools with a special view to the neces
sities of some of the southern states. Hut
it is gratifying to notice that many of
these states are with commendable liberal
ity developing tlieir school systems and
increasing tneir school revenues, to the
great advantage ot the children of both
The Attention of the I'ai niers
of the whole country is invited to the
work done thrcugh the state and agricul
ture departments in the interests of agri
culture. Our pork products had for ten
years Irt-en nearly excluded by the great
continental naiimis of Kuropc, and tlieir
7alue discredited by the reasons given for
this exclusion. All previous efforts to se
cure tin. removal of these restrictions had
failed. Hut the wise legislation of the
Fifty-first congress providing for the in
spection and official certification of our
meat, and (,'fving to the president power to
forbid the introduction into this country
of selected products of such countries as
stiouiti continue to retuse our inspected
meats, enabled us to open all the markets
of Kurnpe to our pork products. Tlie re
sult has been not only to sustain prices by
providing new markets for our surplus
but to add .Mi cents per loo pounds to the
market value of inspected meats.
Under reciprocity agreements, special
avors have been secured for agricultural
products and our exports nf such products
have been greatly increased with a
, pros-
pect of further and rapid increase.
The agricultural department has main
tained iu Kurope an agent w hose special
duty it is to introduce there the various
nreparations ol corn as articlesol.tood, and
ids work has been very successful. The
department has also sent skilled veterinar
ians to Liverpool to examine, iu connec
tion with the Hrilish surgeons the live
cattle from the United States lauded at
that port and the results in connection
with sanitary methods adopted at home
have been that we hear of no more cattle
being affected with tileuro-pneuinonhi. A
judicious system of quarantine lines has
prevented the infection of northern cattle
with the Texas fever.
Tlie tariff bill of ls'.ni ,-U-es better prn
tection to farm products subject t" for
eign competition than they had before,
and the home markets for such products
have been enlarged by the establishment
of new industries ami development.
We niav ci
iniilidei.tlv submit to th'e Intel -
lieenf and candid judgment of theAmeri-i.-ui
farmer whether iu any corresponding
period so much bus been done to promote
his interests, ami w hether in a continu
ance and extension of t U'-e met hods there
is not a better prospect offered to him
than in the invitation of the Democratic
party to give our home market lo foreign
manufacturers and to abandon t he reci
procity policy, and belter also than the
radical ninl uniiicd methods of relief im
posed by nt her part h s w are soliciting
ins support .
The president strongly nruvs tl,e tie-!
ce-sily to the Ulliti',1 States of the Nie.i-
j ragiiii snip canal aim pays a nigu tnir.ito ;
to liie Dciiioi viitli' nii'iiilit't's ol tlie for-i
; eign lU't'.iirs eiiinmiftee of the last, house, i
eol.ii'-sipg I:;-- nb!l;r:itl"ll for iioedeil cu
i eptTiitioll. IT" I ntitilltfus:
1 Tlie ( till, in Incident.
1 1 ,1., ,,,.1 !.! ... ,. t . ,,1 .!,.,, I.. 1
sult'lu: i 'it ''ii jc I V anv nation at t ue h iiels , '"' -i
nf aii i! her 1 1 mm rv forms the has'- of l.'.y Uacl
i ing fl ieinl-hip. 'I'lie necessary (h-llielit of
i iv.-pecl w ill be iv ant ing. 'lhe t'liiiciu il:-
! ciileiit, imw so happily and honorably ad
j .inste'1, will, I do not tioiib:. place our rela-
I I ions w ii ti t hat brave i pie upon -a tuor"
', frii ndlv basis than ever belort.
1 The w.'a-k of .Mr. Kami has bun hiuhly
; advantageous in the United States. The
! t oidideii' e which I refused to withdraw
j Iroin him has been abundantly jusiitic.l.
i In our relat ions with the gw.t F.illnpeati
powers, the lights nl the I inted States
n ud til' our t-it i.ciis has been insisted itpott
1 with lirmui'ss 'I he strength nf, nur cans.
: and unt the strength i f our adversary, hat
given oic to nlir ci il' I'i pm nlelice.
The Saiiiiian questiiin ami the I'eliring
' sea qiiestiou which came ever fruin the
preceding adiniiiisi ration have been the
one settled and the oilier submitted In
1 arbitration upon a fair basis. Never, I
think, in a like (m i'iikI has so maiiv nn
portant treaties and commercial agree -
nients Ism coin Hide"!, and never liefore,
I am sure, have the honor mid influence,
national and commercial, of the United
States liven held In higher estimation in
both hcniisplirres.
The I iilmi Soidlert nml Sallnrs
r uow veterans, of time as well as nf
iicl nt age have ap
t! '"ir life ai.d the etnJ
for each
a leave rinl lumnrabl
sii iig.'ie is i,
ity aiid ytar
I.. Ipcira-ii.g infirm
iv v ti.e lai'.ior tones of Sad-
tiess and ;
services ai
dim- tn ti.,: iiil.:'iy appeal of
1 .- i:ici lug. l he tar that docs
not listen win: sv.i
i i. uv and liie hear l
that dues pot n -p. ntt wiih geh-irosity, are
the ear and heaii nt an alien and nut of au
N"w soon again the surviving veterans
nre to par.-i"'.. op.ui the great avenues of
the liiitiouai i i in 1 every tribute of
honor iitnl 1 ,ve sieiiild attend the march.
A comrade iu thct uiuiiin of the victors'
parade iu Ivi, 1 am not less a comrade
Law and Order.
I have used evi ry suitable occasion to
(it'ge upon tl.e n ople nf all sect inns the
I'oiisidci.itioii that no good cause can be
'romo:i;'.l upon the lines of lawlessness,
.dobs do imt discriminate and the punish
lueids inflicttd by tin-!!! have no replCKellt-
i Htive or salutary influence. On the con
trary, they beget revenges and perpetuate
tends. Ir is e-l.cllv ihedutv of the ed"-
eiil.'il fltit! Ill n .n'l 1 ..II io see nini, mc muK
'imi ignorant, vv kcU accused ni ciiifie, are
laii iy tried. 'I he niornl sentiment of tho
Clilllltry should be illn'.lseil ,'llul bl'Ollgllt tO
bent-I'm-1 he suppression of these olleli!t:S
against tie law ami social t.i'der.
1 nun ie cm inn.
Necessity o feme! ill disi i',in inat ion nnioni
the eini'siau! s set iti!i,s our slim es becoilieu
every day nnue applicant. We do nut
waul and sic ail I inn receive those who by
reason of bad ehaiii' ii r or habr.s lire noi,
wauled at home. 1 lie iialiist lions ami
si ll-:esiici", in.:, t,.c lie. el's oi law and lib
erty, sliollid be l'.isi'1'iinilliited from tiio
p.iiipii . l in- tiiiiiiiiai mid the anarchist,
im couie onty to b.iii.'-n or disturb our
ciii.tiiiiii les. l.vei v t b ori has been niado
;.n ciiio. i c l l.e law s ami .some convictions
have becii m .aied the contract labor
1 (,i iit'ial ( oiiilitnn
'if our count! y
is one ol gri ilt prosperity.
I l,o hit -.-,iis; o tied has ii sod upon our
Iii Ids and iinni. i nr people. i'lie annual
Millie of our l'o:ci"ii i nintni'iv lias incicasd
mole ti.a'a ? , i.,,i,,u,i-.i,: over the average for
t he pn tediiig ii ii yens, and more than'K',! ,,vtr l'siit,, ihe last year unaf
fected by tho ucvv tariff'. (Hir exports iu
lsifj exceeded those of is',ni by more than
fl ;:.'." i'tii ami lhe annual average for ten
via! - ov,iit i.i urn. Oiirexpol'lsof hread
s! mis increased over liio-e i.f ls'.iO more
than Jrl-ll.mHi.imo, ol prnv i-iuns over l,Wio,
Ifi'atid nt liianulactures over ssm.uoo,
Tl.e lacrcha.iiiise balance of tnnle ill our
favor in KIJ was j J'.'.-l-letiJ.
No other iia'iiui can inatch the com
mercial progress which these figures dis
close. Our compassion may well go out
lo lliose w hose party necessities and habits
still compel them to tlccl.uv that our peo
ple are oppressed and our trade restricted
by protective tariff.
Ill i lltlClllslllll.
It is not possible for me to refer evcu iu
the bricfesi way to many of tlie topics pre
sented iu'tlie resolution-, adopted by the
convention. L'pon all that have not been
discussed, I have before publicly expressed
my views. A change in the personnel of a
national administ ration is ot cuinparativu
ly little moment. II those exercising pub
lic functions are able, honest, diligent ami
fathlul, others possessing all those, quali
ties may fie lound to take their places.
Hut changes in the laws and in adminis
trative policies are of great moment.
When public affairs have been given a di
rection and business lias ad
justed itself to those lilies, any sud
den change involves a stoppage and new
business adjustments. If the change of
direction is so radical as to. bring the com
mercial turntable into use, the business
changes involved nre U"t readjustments,
but rccoiisuuctioiis. The Deniocratio
party ollcis a programme of demolition.
The protective policy, to which all busi
ness, even that of tlie importer, is uow
adjusted, the reciprocity policy, the new
merchant marine, are all to be demolished,
not gradually, not taken down, but blown
up. To this program of destruction it has
lidded one constructive feature, the re
establishment of stale banks of issue.
Tlie policy of the Republican party Is,
on the other hand, distinctively a policy
of safe progression mid development- of
new factories, new marines and new ship
It will subject business to no perilous
changes, but oilers attractive opportunities
lor expansion upon familiar Hues.
Very respectfully,
Till. i.l.l.l.lMAMIt.ll.
Suits liegiin to Oiciiliiow the Aortluu
un ut l.i. .v in liKlbnia.
iNDl.x.NAi'ol.i.s, 1ml. , Sept. 7. Suit was
filed in Henry county for the puriioso of
i overthrowing the gerrymanders of ISSJl
and INK) am! reviving the law of 1S7D,
which gives Kepiiblicatis more of a
fighting chance to win the legislature.
The complaint asks for an injunction to
restrain the sherill and auditor of the
county from issuing election notices
under the present law and a mandamus
compelling them to proceed in accord
ance with tho act of 15711. It sets out in
detail the inequalities of tho laws of
1891 and ISSa. The present law gives
the Democrats a sure thing of majority
on joint ballot. As nearly as can be es
timated they would still have ten ma
jority if the old law is revived. All tlie
defendants and the judge are Republic
ans und no lmis'diineiit will bo thrown
ll')' them in the way of gettin-' tho suit
to the supremo court as quickly ns pos
sible. Tho suit is brought in tho inline
of S. T. Powell. C. V. Fairbanks, a
millionaire aspirant fur thu senate, is
backing it. Some of the most promi
nent attorneys have been retained.
An Old Suit Itevlveil.
NkVaPA, Mo.. Sept. 7. I'llpers Were
filed with the circuit clerk hero in the
suit bi-ou;;ht by William T. McUinnifl
ngaiust Venmu county for the sum of
ij'.da.nnO. The suit is for jtidgiuent
against the old Lacledi! and Fort Stntt
riiilvvav siihse.pit nt iy tt.own as this St.
Louis mul Western railway, in favor of
the c i.ti ;u tors, i.iid based upon the
lillegation that i-imn county subscribed
allll Slli'I-i-
de and Ft.
ol the Mi
Scott road.
k in tin
I IvillcifliJ H I'.llll.
! Omaha, St pt. 7. li, tlm Ki.
I incut farmer ivsiihiig . .ur 1!,.;
whs torn to pares by a faroe 1,
.1 i'lolu-
ln! (
' '! I'ii
I remises, ins fanner was lite:
to 1'ieert. The had been .
it ii-1
torn so torn nly by lhe ,vt ni' tie
clous minimal that it eon
tilled by the fragments o,
tel'ed mound lhe m ene.
d onlv he ill
il 'te l. ;
I ill-
IIksiiiiiI I-uelllc In ( nl l; .
KANSAS t 'UV. Alo., Sept. 7.
pouri l'neilie, iu hiir.dling
lmsiness. will hereafter sell
i'lie Mis-t-l-oldcl
tickets t")
points licyond St. Louis or (.'hi.
St. Louis, nt the lowc rate that' din bo
j Used by U-ing existing cut l
busing tm either Chicago or St. L" t
Ii.lilej llelliiiullllltcil.
Dallas, Tex.. S.-pt, 7.-The l'iii
trict Democrats have rem .minute 1
gressuum J. V. 1 lailey.
i du
war. The pa
preached to i e.
te h
wi' r .
bi f
,y :
eV V