Plattsmouth herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1892-1894, September 08, 1892, PROTECTION AND RECIPROCITY, Image 10

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ViSU WITH rii.iri IN IT.
Time fn-m "The Mikado."
(Sing Willow Tit Willow.)
Tits ctiainp..n 1uk umper nil down by the jato
lllif lug. 'Wo. I, i ll ! free wool, nh I free wool, un I
II t lifiii : d II rurly and chitnted It lata,
frt wuol, oh I free wool, i ll I free wool, oh!
Hp tin lull In i ho hlie liuiu It happened Just
;fbal Ohio's stanch Governor talked with our
ib! fcKlnl..y." B.ill Hen, "there's tlit Mill
Hill ngnin,
With III wool, ob ! free w oo, ih 1 free wool, ob I"
fill Tllllaiu to Oenjuuln, "Hardly 'twould
That even 11 mule! nh I a mule, ob I
Like Unit olio should over of victory dream
and ur freemen to rnli. oh ! to rule, h !
Of tlio Selh uml tlioir i' I 'in no tidings of late,
and Hi l .lunua free trador-solf it) led ni.iu of
May Lit liiimble pteeat from a little tin plate,
nitli lua previous Jliu liull.ob ! John Iiull, oh I"
The summer In pnsalng and autumn eomet on
Hnr.ii the polls will of voters bo foil, oh I
From ocean to ocean thai November moru
No ni y will ho liniird of "I r Wool," oh I
Fanner, tiia.te'oiiaii and workman all heart
arc airri'ed
Thai "I'loiouilou and Tariff" mean welfare In
deed, And to Hen In the Whlto House will Join their
(i i I Spend"
lo grout la lite 'iill. obi bla pull, oh I
At Last tho
Tnith About
them is
Itr ui dt rata Join ICi ; tli'lrit In TrAlfy
Ini Hint Vairi' !: anil l'i lc
lluva l-'uileii-Kitt a IVk l-n for lite
M liliil.v 1'rlres Llur lo Hung n I'ulo
IioikI on l-'nria from Ilia l a Minion
anil 'on-Parllsnn Srnult Itcpoi t.
Uulll within a fow wc ks, no compn h n
elvcly scientific Investigation the wage-
itiostlon for tho period covorcd by the new
Tiir.ff hud I oca complete , Although on"
whioh promised unimpeachable results line!
been Inaugurated. Hut judging by the signs of
the tlmea, aii'l the Isolated (nets which cim
uudor our botlco, wo mndo the following
statement u good while ago; "Tho simple
foci of thu np.tter is that wairos have be. n
higher, work moro pluutlful, trade brisker,
torelgu comm. rco larger, nvorago duties low-
ir. mnnu'uoturcd couimolitlcs cheaper and
Cleveland's English Allies.
0, how the Britisher lougs lo vuto (or Clove
Ium 1 1
Hut he ennnot, nnd must content hi in Kelt
wi h mnoly sending ovor funds and doing
what lie may front the othor side for the cause
tie loves o woll.
He thought nt ono time that he oould eub
ervii that cause ly onllliiK indlKnallon moot
lni:H of '.ni:llihinen lu Ennlnnd to protOHt
Kiilnst Amuriean k-Klliillou for Amorlcnns,
He ueed, aho, to donounce nod abuite the
eaudidntes of I'rotcction and laud the repro-
en'iitiveH of Freo-Trad'.1 In tho public prints.
But ho found that so doing rathur helpud than
lnj ired l'roleclioa.
So word has been snnt nerosi the Atlantic by
CloVoluiid'a lioutonatitii Unit open advocacy of
bis election by 1 Ji'lmlinien mut ooaso It they
wish to ceo him l'rosidciit aaln.
And tho lirlllMior, evor rondy to mnko tiny
norlllco for his frlnudson this side, suppresses
bin bubb.intf entliu-liiBin and now ma-. fully
ouibscneh mlijhty 'Impulse to any a word In
belialfof tho Amoilcttu cundidiito of the Cob
del i ('tub.
During a seslon of tho "Tonurross of Cham-
bsrs of Coinmorcn of tho Empire," In London
on Juno 2 Mr. U. F. Htlobol, prosMent of the
NnttiiiKliani Chumbor of Couimeroo, arono and
nid :
' I, t mo say that I think nt this moment,
whoa tlitiro is u rrnsldenlinl content In tho
Uiiiiud Staios, it would lie wlie not to name
th-i United Status so fioipiontly. Oh 1 oh!
W'o huvo hud tlioe tlilnK sni 1 ovor and ovor
a'Hin, nnd we have found that thu vety thintrs
that Iiiiti) beoa s ild in defence of our 1 ttor
csts have given our opponeut.s an arm against
ns. With all poa-iblo repeo' for the leanings
of KentleniHii prenent, I would eu ruest that In
wishing to do good i hoy may bo dom a great
dual of barm."
On July 21 tho Llvorpool Krho ropeftted tho
"Now that our homo elections aro over, the
(trout oonfllct which Is proceeding In the
United States of Amorlen naturally bovine lo
attraot a little moro attoutloo. The
dlsiMirslon of the question at Issue, from tho
English point of view, has only one effoot In
the States, and Hint injurious and p;iralyzln
tothos-who are fighting the battln of Fro
Trndo. Every public oxptosnlon of opinion In
thlscoun'ry hostile to the McKlnloy Tariff,
from a British point of view, Is t Inruphod
acroi-s tho At initio and eaijerly reproduce! in
tbeltepubllcan pnpers throughout the country.
Ae we said before, the apostles of Free Trade,
It they wlhh to turther the principles thoy are
to proud of, should rigidly hold Uelr toneucs
during the present Trestdontial oampalKU.
Their utterances do iucaloulnble harm to the
Democratic cause, and It Mr. Cleveland Is,
after all, defeated, It will bo largely owing to
the too loudly and Indiscreetly expressed sym
pathy proceeding from these stioies."
IIow do you like fighting under the Billlsb
tag, Democrats?
;''.,to would bavu teen a pbybieul aud r.onncia!
irspo,sii..h:y. Sotuo B.OUO blanks iveto d-dr-"o
1 nn j fa .Hod to ns miiuy sepai ato estuli
iiihnenrs throu. liout the, ol thi-iniKih"-
O.O'O, or "j ireeut., woro rcturued nnd c rn.'ctiy unsvrered,
"l iom loo table I: appears Hint there was
net iner nsio In wngun of S3T7,9.' .H9 ;u ti.e
yi)nr 1 v.'i, i.i c inpa cd with the' amount p .i l
in lh'JO, and a not iner -a-o ol prodii 'tiou of
jot,uij,wi. . In tho year lb'.tl over that o(
l-'O. A simple nn ilysls of this table further
denjonstrctes tho mtcreUing fa!t that ot timj
six'y-even industri ss covorod 77 p -r ren. ot j
them show nn lueroaso olthor of the wages or
w.v, u..iUaU.MiiuuuiU.uniV .iv "--theynroDO m toll At
iimiic.'.M lUMiuu'os o iU'iiviuuai inert;. luo oi
I'U'liiln il,. a L.. m i
"unw uio iuiiubirmn itre uui ii in iiuin-i ..i,,,- i .
J ('l '" 144' I II W ,
ilneinnntl Company, a, llqua,
Il'leve'and Tin n.ito Oomp-tny, a, Cleveland,
I llhln. i
n -jo. n , . , ITmh k Co., a 1, l'ftltlninre. Md.
uapid Strides of the American Tin-plate ''oiumnia m pmte t ompany. a. pniua, ohto.
Voniuii! Steel Company, b 1. ( LleaiJo, HI.
Industry. i'umi.erlaiid Uolllnit Mill aud liu Plate Cora.
puny, b I, l'uiiilirluii'l. Md.
' K. M..rewo. d : Co.. h 1. tlan City, Ind.
Oon.-.tle Pro I.m :o 1 ,.M,).01H l' 1 "!' "" Ir; u V"' Cmpany. b 1. XHes, Ohio.
iii illitlia nUwula P r. a, I'ltiHiurif. l'i.
Kvny .Hill Infinite.)' I.-m ;ki-il Hint Dr. fniniiney, Sierliitf Jc Co., a, Phllmlelplila. Ta.
' vr ?.rr:'r;;i?i?b,B- -
loiilnxl ii imii -.ur ItrMiin" l.iiiti. -KnPii brothers, a. No Voik, N. Y.
Tho ne t Tariff !B or-rtakioi nn I rt.,.o .sh-jK,p"B0 llu WiUo Cu,umujr ' W"1"'!!
lu ono by ouo the fnlsti!ioad set i llou; about; Mnriiialt Ilr-s., h '".. a el, rhlladelptila. Pa.,
; K .... i, ... ... o k , , - ... . i Inltlia lucrum & lo , a. jiaiiiinore, ai.i.,
MeKiuley llu Plate Com
nan ft uood start nu l woro swilt travelers, but p..
Conipuny, u, Wuiiluaburg,
all for the !!o"'(oo;el
faet born of tho iictunl operation of the Me-!
iKinl-y law. Here for iustiu.i.u is tho new tin
Merrlisnt fc Co.. an. I'lilladnlphla, Pa.,
Mnrpwund Tin Plate Mniiufactiirlutf Conipuny, b,
UII.nh.-(hport. N. J.,
N. is il. Taylor i omi any. b. Philadelphia,
N'Tl oi, a e 1, Chl,AK, 111..
New Cuallo Tiu Pliile Company, b 1, New Castle,
Pa,, - .
!' It ! nnrtofin I. Prt . A. m A 1 Anolln. Pa.
ora ors were nbusm' everyone ho ventured pin , .ure a, ciro fi'nini.-Couipnuy, a e, Apollo,
io Hssert that It was innMii'' a ttnrt in this
ti ,,,i i . .. , , Plusliurs Tin Plate Works, b. Now Kensington,
eoiintry. T hoy call-'d ui tin plate liars, an 1,
.iilln.l th., tin i.l..ia ...tlt I .. ! I toe. .rrf M 111 II f n.O n r I ti . . P.-. m t, A A t ti ill II fOlllt.
total averigo luoronseofyiin ly eaiutngs ol tine, , , . . . '' 'nl.
2K5.0-K) imployees ,h ttll. Tho "T '.T" 0r tllfl ''"""Seoii .V Co. J,s. ., a.-p,.nrif. P,u , ,
iriiiuiuiv ui vuo nuunifQ noli 1 lll'li re. 11 lip- -'i- ij"ia ittnijioit; -1 Olll pill jr, itc i, m. imm
ber, the total 'tritdoi' represented tt'nnunt to
1.121, uuii glvoempioynient to2M'),0,W wor Ing
ni-n nnd Of tho 07 Industrie' Incl tided,
"j per cent, of them show an Ineren'-e l nv0r.
n'o yoarly earning in tin-yar 1V.U, while the
Six months ago the Frp Trade pnpers nn 1
ev ry chta of citizens mora prosperous slucei1'""0866 r earlyeainin-8 of tho employees irl 1 polutoil asneahil
a.. ai ii . .. 'Ih.a Til tl(i1,.a nil,. .. ix.. n ' '
the MeKiuloy Tariff passod than they werei
boforo in many years. We do uol attribute
nil this to tho JlcKlnloy Tariff, but we know
it to be a fnct, aud every one ot or linury
intelligence and Information knows that It Is
u fact. Why at'umpt to deny it?"
Slnco thoso words were wrlttou the Senate
Investigating Committee bis reported, nnd
Verifies our Btnttmieuts in every particular. No
in-i ut iiiiip-s ilinnitiit an uereaso wus.
$tl.0G in lH'.M.ns pompiirod with 18'J).
"In nddltlon lo tho investigation of this spe
cial subject, tho bureau hus continue I its an-
uuul luve:,tiatiou ot all lanor illaturbanees 'o timu tho fac
i aL-.,.,s u.i.i r wiu juri-ncriou w ..... vu,. - rkj h , o,.,,,,,,,,.,.. N. v
lroasury Department, to Juvestiiuue 1'iilmd Mates iron nml i iu Plate Manufnetur-
llm ninnMim nt tin nt .to m-.LIn , in ,1, l".,!...! tnit ompany. a o I Deinmler. Pa.
' W;
htnteg, to keep s'rict iiccount ot every plsnt
itlaee bauUuld & Co., limited, a e 1. Iroudale,
its ctipaclty and tlit amount of Its pro-: 'v ", l'-'''s. a, Norrlatown. Pa.
. ,. , , . total nilinlier of comiuinles AilKUst 15, 1IJ... 41
dilCtion on I to roport to 0Uv:r ss from lime Number of coiiipaiui s inauufiiciiirliiii Aiik-ust
is. lM.ii tn
tisoer iiinad. The Fe.tond ro-:
occurring in I he State during the pul yoT.'ruftof this Treasury t fll'lnl is new b-finjus.
i be total number ot strikes reported fortlie
jyoar 1891 was 4.5I!, na 6,2.'i8 occurring
It simply buries the Free Trn lo tm-plite liar
tiudur nn avalauehfl of about I I 141 1 iin.i i. niudj
loubt the Free Trader would like to shift theilu th.,..ei,r j,,,,, .,,..,... .-, ot .,"', Amorhantiu tlnto. He. o .11 o the f ,-! he
argument from the solid foundation of thls;ttal number, 4,510. 2.375. or S3 per cent. nf;t.-leaUod from the sworu statements ol,., iiou-ptiriisau, ooeom my i-uuuiuniT" ,U(.nj( W,,r0 n tll bulldiUg tiud
rt.niiiL.iijitiiiiiimii'rniiiiiH niino n n 11 H ih
Xiri her of comoaules binhlliiif August 15.
1S9-2 1
N anil' r of eoiep-mle-i prottiiellou suspended
Aiimist IS. ls-.i-i 3
N'uuioer of eompanies eiiliirglng works Au-
Itu st la. ls?a 10
Niiinoerof eonipaniea inrikliitf or propntlug
.... 19
lo IlliiKu 111 e ; mate. AllL'ilst 15. lstrj
, a laut tint, fnoturers, us reported to llm hucrcttuy of the I roilin tlon. nn an. I to no p airs, lis-
suema to tollmvin initiirnl i...inmu ilmrnan liul'l ruamirv : I 'Hl eu'led Juno ;m.
But we do not propose to allow him to otwJ ln tho 8r,,tal Investigation of the !.j the tkah's P.0..rcn,s. It'I'u? "ilr.. Yu 'i;,;n iliearnu
feet of tho taiiffon luborand Wagee." Thu production of tm util terne pl.itos, by' 1H-' '"' '" ""s '"''"iif:ic-
.... I . . . tutes from Aiiieih-au sueot Inn or
ihu report closed as follows: "It has been ipiiirtcrs, 'or the fiscal year oude l Juno :l:, i steel, tinned or Urne coated ulmut
my I'Xpuriet.c-, ns, I
lo so. Here aro the facts, which wo will com'
pel him to face:
-.Wrack ion tht Smate R'i'ort on I'rka and
"In order to glvo tho statistics colleoted the
13.6IC.7U h is ben;lS.2, Is shown lutlio it slraets append I here-' , l "', , auisw.OM
that of every statistician, mors or less, that'to. marked Exhibits 1 3 and 4. Those ab- 1 1 , L .. . l ,..i .. Jr
innn at tun n . ,j liUn,.ir .. , i., i. .-. .... i t .... i . i Is it ' wuwwui mVi
weight ot undoubted authority, the comm.ttoe ' " " """"" ly' - ' ;!K ualrateuetiou;
docldednt the outset, with entire unaulaiitv,' P' rlM'8' t0 ''Urs" an '"vestlsatlon with a.ufaettirlug Urms or consumes, nnd ... not ,, 0uMl3c;ll ,.CHr Cllai., June
i...t ik. 1- ..- ..1 I. .... 1 1. ,,vl"w to e.stnbii-h it preconceive 1 theory. Howop.u to ;ur her revision, for 1 bo reason, us 1 1H'':I
...V .U,1U1IJ, IIUII.ll OO OiLOUOO.. ..1.1. ., ,;,, ,, ..... ,... , . . ,..,.... ,,.., ... .. :.. ...... ,,. . .i. "BteH IllTUStlllKII t . bUlldlllM Blld
suoh ubioata and ho carried ou throinli sueh " '""""""'"u """" , u.... .... ,,.,.
.u o t.oijf i"u.o 10 iiioau wiiu navo ougugcu in siaieun-ms ui uiaiiuiiieiureii i..r .men i.iai oji
tlio ftcin itlng stu ly of statistics. joftho yoar complete. Summary i-t.iteiu-uts
"To the true statistician, ho-.vever, uniu-'t production aro also appended, Exhibits
Questions For Free Traders.
You eny protection caused tho Homestead
Strike. What, then, caused tho Buffalo strike?
If trusts aro springing up under the new
tariff how It It that prices are falling all the
Poos It never shake your faith In Condon's
creed to contemplate how, under protection.
this country hits advanced from a condition
exclusively agricultural 10 ono ln which we
produce $,OiMi.oon,000 la manufactured
goods, while Groat Britain, with a start ot
centuries, only manufactures about $1,500,
000.000? Farmers have always boon the mainstay
ot protoatlon, not only voting for tho policy,
but actually shaping It through their repre
sentatives In Congress. It cannot justly be
called a manufacturers' policy, can It?
When stool rails sell iu Now York tor less
than the I.ondou price, as they havo dono In
tho past, where does the "tax" come in?
If you aro patriotic, why do you evor mourn
tho establishment ot the tln-plato Industry in
An. et lea?
How would you ralso the money to run the
Government it the tin-plate Industry v. 010
We need evory cont now raised by the Mo
Einley law for legitimate expenses, Would
jou, In the absence of a tin-plate Tariff, rolm
pose the heavy dutlot ot the Mills bill on
Is not a ttu-plnte duty pref. rablo to a sugar
duty as a meaus ct raising revenue?
Protection, you sny, creates trusts In the
fnltsd 8t ites. Pool Free Trade oroato tho
numerous English trusts?
Why did New South Wales, but lately the
lole companion of Englnnd lu Cobdenlstn,
abandon that policy alter a fair trial, aud
agencies nnd by such methods ns were ap
proved by tho unanimous volcoof tho cortimlt
ton, nnd this plan was scrupulous:y followed
la ull decisions us to the olmrnctor, general
scope nnd details ot the investigation. All
concurred In tlio viow that If tho (no's could
be secured iu such manner as to create gen
eral coulldeuco In tholr accuracy, a gto tt Btep
forwaid would be takou iu the solution of Im
portant oc .no 1. lo problems. There was no
expectation that the mombors of the oorn in it
toe would ngreo about the political or even tho
economic bearings ot tbo facts ascertained ;
but all were desirous that heioaltor there
should bo no reason 10 question tho integrity
ct the facts.
"The commutes consulted from time to time
soveral eminent statistic! ins as to the scope
ot the inquiry and the methods by which it
should be conducted. Among the gentlemen
consultod were flan. F. A. Walker, I'rof. Henry
C. Adams, l'rof. E Imund J. Jam-s, Mr. Ed
ward Atkinson aud Mr. W. M. Qrnsvenor.
The committee are under obligations to these
gentlemen, especially to General Walker, for
their kimlut)f8 In giving valuablo time and ad
vice to tho consideration ot the details of the
commlt'oo's work.
"In the Bummor of 1R01, Dr. Roland V. Talk
ner, professor ot statistics in the University of
I'unuBvlvanla, was selected as the statistician ot
the committee, nnd to him was given entire
eh urge of the work of analyzing the statistics
collected and tbenscertainment of results. Dr.
Falkner's report, which Is annexed horoto
(Appendix A), embodies the results ot the In
vestigation, and explains lu detail the reasons
for adopting tbo methods by whloh those results
are rouoliod. The committee cunnot express
too strongly th Ir appreciation ot the er a'
value of Dr. Falkuer't service In this connec
in stating tho results of tho Investigation,
comparisons are made, unless otherwis
stated, with the price or wageg for tbo months
of June, July and August, 109, the average
for these mouths being takou as a stundard
This averngo Is espresod by tbo number 100,
and the changes are shown In the tables sub
muted by percentages ot 100. The results of
the inquiry are as follows:
"The summary for September 1, 18!U, shows
a decline ln retuii prices of the 214 selected ar
tides of 0.61 ot 1 por cent, by one method
ot computation, 1 8-10 per cont by another,
"It appears from the roport ot the statistician
that in the fifteen general occupatlonBselected
by the committee, wages wore three-fourths 01
1 per Cent, higher in Soptomber, lN'.H, than ln
the three mouths selected as a basts In lHsO
and that the wnues In the special Industries
selected was 0.111 0! 1 per tout, higher than at
tlio beginning ot the period."
So much ",for the Senate Hepnrt. Then, on
August 2'-'t h, curus tho report of the Democrat
ic Cotnmis-douer of Labor of New York State
Charles F. reek, who, bjr the way, wnsnppolnt-
ed to his present office by Grover Clevolnud
when he wiis Governor ol New York.
iit. Feck his beou comluetiug nn iuvestlga
lion through his bureau Into tho 1 fTeats of th-
ntiwTii'lfl upon wages. Here ure the facts
he discovered.
ly.j'.ViU'fjf tYnm Vie Xrw Ynrk State Hurean of
j.uuur 011 naij(.
"Tho period cOTi ro 1 by Investigation Includes
the year Immediately prior to tie enactment
of what Is termed the "McKinley bill," nu l tho
year Immediately following IU becoming law,
That Is, the data upon which the report has
been made was for the year commotio ng Sop
tomber 1, ISSCt, up to and lnclud ng August 31.
lS'.fi, nnd the year commencing Sep'vmboc 1,
1S1M, up to nud Including August 81, IrOl,
6,tRX) coticrnsg reply.
"The methodaemployed to secure thenoo.'S.
snry data wore almost entirely those ot tin-
blank system. It was not the original pur
pose, nor Is it now pretonded, that the data
June no, lHiu..
of lineal year eifcllng
lliienoed by social or political consideration, :5 nnd C.
tho profosslon is nn onvi iblo one, and oarrios 1 From Exhibit C it is seen tl.ut tlio total pro-
with it duties ami responsibilities of the hign-lduoiiou of tin and terua plates proper for the
est order. To him theories ore ns nothing ; year, by quarters, was as folio ,vs :
without facts to Bunnort them thev be-'Quarter eiidlns
come misleading, and, therefore, worthless.
Facts and truth an what ho seeks, nnd hav-
lug possessed himself of them ho p'ucoa them,
hard nnd cold ns they oftentimes are, b -fore
the pu' He, satisfied that ho hus done but Ids
luty, aud thereby attained his highest
These are facts roportod-not by a sensa
tional newspaper or prejudiced Congress
men but by tho oconom'sts and statisticians
of world-wide fame whoso tiura-s are men
tioned, by a coininltt e of United S'utos
September tm, lS'il..
Peoemher ttl, lstll..
llnn-li .11. ts.'ti
Juno li ,
1 p.'.'. s
The wages liar, tho prices liar, and the tin
plate liar, have ull been disposed ol by absolute
ly unquestionable olllci il luves ig itious auj
reports. Bring iiloug tlio of vour liars,
l'roo Tiudurs. They will bo taken care of, too.
The !pl,0n0 Still Waits.
Xo Democratic e-!it"r has thus far appeared
e,:oe.7"il to claim tlio flow) waitlug for liim the mo
Besides tho foregoing it should In stated, ; 1,0 rooor'18 1'-'' Kiiiley prl floods
lurtiier. that the nroduntion of Amor!.. ,n het ' " " " -
lion or stroi, iuh-Io Into articles nbd wares, I
tinned or to'ue-ooa'.od
luring ibo year, usi
shown by tho sworn statements of mauu
factutera received to date, was 4,82-,22
As those manufactures constl'.uto tin aud
Monamrs, including two prominent leaders of terno plat s within the meaning ot the law,
the Free Trade "reform" crusade Senator it now Beams probable that when full returns
O.11 lisle of Kentucky aud Seua'or Harris of
Tenncssoe nnd by a Democrat io Labor Bureau
of a St ito adminlHtorad and controlled b
ueuiocrats exclusively.
80 Free Trade "reformers" might just as
well recognize first as last that any demagogic
compilation of alleged facts which they ean
mnke, no matter how conspicuously head
lined or audaciously blnzonod forth, wlil not
affect In tho loaat the integrity or vaiuo of tlio
unlmpesohublo olllcial reports hero cited.
Reciprocity Scores for America Against
the World.
The Hriti?h ZhiuV Journal, of July 1, uttors a
most piulntive and distressing wall over the
ev.I effects of our reciprocity policy on British
commerce. It says:
British merchants and manufacturers are
asking themselves whether something could
not havo been done to prevent the conclusion
of the Spanish West Indian treaty between
Spam aud the United States in Its present dif
ferential form. It is ono result of the Jalluie
of British negotiations at Madrid for a renewal
of the treaty with Spain, which expired yester
day. To-day, thoref ore, July 1, the now nnd
enormously Increased duties come Into force
in tbo peninsula, and the United Statos stc
into the Cubnn and 1'orto Rico market, while
British goods are shut out."
This Is the sumo reciprocity policy, lot It
not be forgotten, ot which the Free Trade
party, always In the van when It comes to
sneerlug at American progress or belittling
Aui'Ttcau policies, dismisses all consideration
in Its platform, aftor contemptuously refer
ring to it as a "humbug." It is it No the same
reciprocity of which tho World, leading Free
Trade organ, says that it is a scheme to "un
tax foreigners only." Untax foreigners ouly?
One would Indeed scarcely think so from the
above editorial. But it Is true we had forgot
ten thnt the un-Ainertcan II'orM, whoso pro
prietor directs Its policy from his splendid
home in London, probably refers to Am- rlcaiis
as foreigners, and his d flnltlon of reciprocity
aa a scheme to "untax foreigners only''
should, th. refore, be aoceito l is a 00m j lt
ment rnthor than a ropr"n h. Thorn cunnot
be any doul t, however, that John Bull tuluk-
recipro-ity a "humbug." As usual, he Is
heatt aud soul at oncowltu tho Democratic
1 nrty.
of the sumo are received tho tottvl production
tor ti e year, Inclusive of such manufactures,
will not fall much short ol 2 1,0 '0,000 pounds.
Of the production ot tin nnd tcrno plates
lut ing tho past fiscal year, a little nior . thau
'JO er cent, was ot tho lihter c'uss of plates
named iu tho law, which ulono aro subject to
comparison with tho same class ot plates im
ported. If practically tho same ratio of weight
b 'tween thu lighter and the heavier class ol
plates should be maintiiino l during the present
fl-cal year, as prosumubly It will be, there
would result upon the foregoing estimate
production of 90,000.0 K) pounds, weighing
lighter than C3 pouuds p r 1 JO square loot, or
an excess ot 6,001,000 pouuds ovor tho required
amount. Those figures havo loforcnco to tin
forolha Mcrviuley T.irilT passed, Wj stated
that wo know 0. ouo Free Trade paper a no
torious McKinley prlcos falsillur lu tho past
which Is saving $.10, 000 a year on Its paper
under the now luw. But now a correspond
ent goes as one better nud writes:
"Your estimate too low. Tbo New York
lloWiiusos forty tons daily, and buys It $i a
tou less this yoar than last, saving $320 u day,
or $100,800 por year, sinco passage McKinley
Como nlong, Democratic editors, and olnim
the reward. Ainfiran Economist.
Pretertion nnd Reciprocity lllutrat. il.
Recommended by the American Protective TarlS
League.. --.
Fmhraclng a Centurji of American Polities, In-dti-try
and Finance. By Fletcher W. ilewes,
author of Sent. tier's Statistical Atlas of the
United Htales, with Explanatory Notes, and an
Introduction by--11', 11, William McKinley, Jr. nl.lll.A (.1 l'..i lIi,w. 1 11 l-i.M l.Ptl. Vi. I'rl.'A
and tome plates ouly. I may hero etato thnt'p,.,- ,.,,y, clot,, aj.ou; pupor. $1.60. Published
the rapid growth of the Industry Bince the
date of my former report lully jifstlllcs the
prediction therein contained, that by tho
close of the present fiscal year tho production
will be at the annual ruto of 200,000,000
pounds. ,
' ruoDucnox op amehi.'am hi.aok
A careful estimate shows thnt the. quantity
of black plates . rod need in -tho United Stales,
nnd which entered into the manufacture of tiu
and terne plates during the year was, by quart
ers, as follows:
Quarter ending
Hepteuiher ; 1801 ,
lie. emh. r 31, is'.ll .
March til, ts.ij ,
Juno3J, 18'Ji
by Henry F. Clark.
Kpe. lmeu copy mailed on receipt of price.
1.15 West Ktlil St., New York.
2. I I J O J
Total 9,,;.V.V).I
To wbh'li add black plates s-.hl to
stamping companies, made Into ar
ticles and wares, and tinned or
torno-coaied as per returns W date, t.f.'P.'Jjs
f Protection?
Did yon ever hear of an Iron and stesel and stntlstlcs presented pres. nt any but purely
worker who made $10,000 a year Lefore thel wholesale manufacturing establishments. To
Homestead stiike revealed him la the employ have undertaken to cover the retail and cus-
1 Ui Carnegie Steel Cemffthj? 'torn manufuctuilng stublibumouU ot the
What The Revenuo Tariff Did Vot Do
Tho value of our exports of bread-stuffs nnd
provisions, whloh It was supposed the Incen
tive ol ft low TnrlH and largo Importation'-
from abroad would have grcn'ly augmented
hs fallen from $08,000,000 ln 1817 to $21,000,
000 lu 1831, with almost a cortninty of a still
further reduction In 1S51 The policy whloh
d otatod a low rate of dut'o ou foreign mer
chandise, It was thought by those who estab
lished It, would tend to benefit the farming
populntlonof this country by Increasing the
demand nnd raising the price ot ourngrlaultu
ral products in foreign markets, Tho forego
Ing fac e, however, loom to show, lncontostf
tl v. that no such result bus followed the
adoption ot this polloy. iVentJtitf IVlmon;
Aggregate 14,l'Jl,7sl
In other words, of tho production of tiu nud
terne plates propor for the year over 01 por
cent., and of the total production over 70 per
cent., wore mado from American black platen.
Further Inspection 'shows that the quarterly
tneroase in tho production ot black platos has
beeu In about the mme ratio as that ot tin and
erne plutes. The preparations that aro going
forward for the production of black plates, by
tiiarlenri manufacturers, jus ifl s tho b'lief
that this ratoof Increase Will bo inuintnlued.
Tho Free Trad r Is not loft in doubt as to
he whereabouts of the Amo icm tin plat"
mills. The report inoludes the following list
ot thorn 1
w.viK-r.D i-tsT of rittMS on companies en.
TUltEH, ADOl'SX 15, 18.2.
a, Producing. B. Building, e. Enlarging.
Sale .fiffiils.
t H'HKt Fourlivmth St.. Now Yorlc.
8. Proaucllon 8USionueu. 1. diaikiiiK or prepar
ing to make black plates.
Note. From the following list are emitted tlio
names ot all Arms or companies who had not
begun actual building oporatlons, August 15,
. A. Thomson Co.. B.tfew York cttf.
Allqnlppa Tin Plato OompHny, b, Allqulpps, Pi.
American Stamping Company, b, lirooklyu, N.Y.
American Tin I'lalo uompniiT, a e i.r.iwcou, inn.
American Tin Plate Machine and Manufactur
ing Company, a, Philadelphia. Pa.
American Tin and Teruo Plate Company, a, Phil
adelphia, Pa.
merlean Tin Pint Company, . Anderson, Tnd
Anollo Iron and Bteel Company, a 1, Apoil,., Pa.
Urittoa liolllng Mill Company, b 1, Clovulaud.
biaiisTiils rtotiinc Mill &ad Tin Plat Company,
b L Ulatraviile, i's.
; to
Anaricai litats?
Are ,vou wllllne to work for the cause of Pro
tocilou In iilnclug rellaiile Intoruialloii lu the
bauds of your aciimlntiinefls?
It you are, you should be l.ieiiiuiej witn tne
135 W. 23d St., New York.
Vwrt mriM wtio In orn"'d tn Fr Trnile RtTir
n.l favors Ainericin pi-l ii-lriftl I ..Ifr'en.h.ive ne.:uri
ihniiiii t he p.uiy ni rroiei-iui.i, snoi, in .. 1 tup .....mi.
iiieote nihlishd hv the Aiiiitickh I'mto.-nvo TarnT
l.pinoie. in your tut- ro pi irs
LhcnedoeMiiients In tlie hiintln ..I your irhui.ln. Tlmv rs and in. tm. -live, anil iniCTice .) of
all tlieTiiritt ii.einm. The I-nirue poi.t irhe
nr'T Wlilllter.-nt doeuine..t e..nipnini n..rly imi .iii.-
of .lai',ly pi lined, rar. ftilly eiliifd end rslinlne it. form v
mm. Thia comriete Vet nf itecionentM will hi. Kent te
anv addrens, peat paid. Tor Fifly (HI cnntn. A.l liow Wd
hur F. Waketnan, .leii.-r:d BeulvUtry, ix 136 Wet Twao.
YOW IX riU'.S'WTho n Wool InT
i. s il.nitrv.e hr Hen. Wm. I,wrinre, rrnid.-nt of Mis
Ohio W ool Or., wo a' ABe.M-i;.tl-a ih'. moit cmt . te wmi rainnhPi ater i utilmt.f.1. ahowtne tin. i- pitta
of a Protective Tarilt to Wool ilr.-winff ami W.o' Mnnu-
tnettinnir. Ti.ia f.atuj.iiiet win ea vent many a,h -a i..r
ix nt) centa. Ad.lra-a Wilh.;r f. WttRmuitn, Ueiooal
s. toii.i Auirrlran l'rntei-T Tariff Leiimia. las loi
Twenty-thiril ttreat, Ntw Tork.
TVEnBODT'snOULD n.WF. the famou
IJ tiatnphlat antit'ed "Amerlfan Taritta from l'l.
moijlli Kuril to M.'Kinley,"lilch wilt he a, nt to nnj .,
di-eaal'nr u-n (Iff) coiita. AdJrow ViTLBl'u K. wo,.
MAN, (len'l Sec'y. Amerleaa 1'IgtseUtS Taritf Leatiia.
'lM Vat5d ifc.iiaw l'tirt,
i a
' . .11
t: Ol
.'.ll'l V
iti, nn
d "Pike's lV.ik or
in the particular
lu. toll. .'Ilhl. oil -e.ill, !,t.iy .ilS;, h i,,!,,., than SuUivnn, but he will uij,,
about twuiity puumls Irss than (ho rhuin
UftiiJren Cry for Pitcher's Cai
J.'incv :iii(l (!r,-iu-n work hun civ, hh .. i , V