The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, July 25, 1892, Image 2

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K NOTTS BROS, Publishers
Heads off
mo ur. .fierce liolden Med
Discovery. In a way, that you
understand, too, by purifying
diooq. wnen votrre weak.
11 and languid, or when blotches
a eruptions appear that's the
'j joe to take it, no matter what the
; t. : . . .1
jvu. i o cuier n iruvcilb VUUU
f 4 have to enre.
tFor all diseases caused by a tor-
5 liver or impure Diood, uyspep-
Biliousness, Scrofulous, Skin, or
aln Disease a vpn flonmimntinn
1- . -
Lung -scrofula), in its earlier
JfK88 "e "discovery" is tne only
tpedy that's guaranteed. If it
v'Wnt benefit or cure, you have
'mr money back.
yYovL pay only for the good you
Published every ThurHday. and daily
every evening except Sunday.
Ketf iHtered at the Plattsmouth. Xebrakn
pout pfflce as second class mail matter for
transmission through the U. S. mails.
One year in advance - - . - l 50
One year not in advance - . - .2 00
Six months in ad vance - 75
rw I .
iiirccmontiitin advance 40
one year in advance - - . - $6 00
One copy one month - - - . .50
Per week by carrier - 15
MONDAY, JULY 25. 1892
IS reported that Stevenson I re.-irh Hie imiiit wlir IVu-v
never uses profane language, but made by the million out of silver,
he uses other language just as oL- and copper, and tin, and represent
The independents will nominate
Van Wyck for governor and the fun
will begin, as their party paper at
Lincoln has sworn eternal war on
Van Wyck.
IT may be well to remind the dem
ocrats who have bo much to say
about the Homestead affairs, that
there were more strikes while Cleve
land was President than duringany
other four years of our history.
YES, it is true that the employe
has the same rights that the cm-
piuyer iias, 0111 mis uoi'3 not in
clude authority to assassinate a
man because he happens to be an
employer instead of an employe.
nothing' but themselves, pigs may
be expected to hesitate before they
will trade themselves off for some
thing as common as leaves in Octo
ber, and it will take a great many
more 'dollars' to get one pig than
it would take if the pig had no ques
tion of their value. But. these extra
dollars will do the man who sells
the pig no good, because the man
who sells spools of thread and cali
co will want more of them for his
goods. This happens, not because
the pig and calico are worth more
but because the 'dollars' are worth
less. I respectfully urge that a far
more popular measure will be the
passage of a law making nine eggs
a dozen."
For President
of Indiana.
For Vice-President
of Xew York.
.1 V
iii no proprietors oi ur. nacre s ua-
Remedy lose $500 if you'i
rt cured of Catarrh. They prom-
iT you. What do vou lose bv
'ring itf Is there anything to
j x, except your Catarrh t
Keglstered Physician and Pharmacist
ial attention given
ck Bluffs
to Office
The republican electors of the
state of Nebraska are requested to
send delegates from their several
counties to meet in convention at
the city of Lincoln, August 4, 1892,
at 10 o'clock a. in., for the purpose
of putting in nomination candi
dates for the following state offices:
Lieutenant governor.
Secretary of state.
Auditor of public accounts.
Superintendent of public instruc
Commissioner of public lands
and buildings.
Kight presidential electors.
And to transact such other busi
ness as may come before the con
The several counties are entitled
to representation as follows, being
based upon the vote cast for George
II. Hastings for attorney-general in
1890, giving one delegate-at-large to
each county and one for each 100
,-otes and the major fraction
1 HE statement made by some of
the democratic papers that the
Homestead strikers are ''forcibly
deprived" of their rights is all
nonsense. They voluntarily relin
quished all their rights in the case
when they left the service of their
Peffek's latest freak is the intro
duction ot a Lull in the senate pro
hibiting the coinage of gold in the
mints of the United States. This al
most equals his efforts to abolish
poverty, and entitles the whiskered
Kansan to a place in the front rank
of the party of the cranks. St.
Joseph Herald.
Fell Dead. .W
These words are very faAia'-rto
our reader, as not a day passes uiifli-
out the report of the sudden ifeath
of somet'Xrominent citizen. 4ltem.-x-
pianatioii is "ileart Disease TJu-re-
fore beware if you have anV of the
following symptoms: Short breath,
pain in side, smothering spells,
swo'len ankles, asthmatic breath
ing, weak and hungry spells, tend
erness in shoulder or arm, flutter
ing of heart or irreirular oulse.
These symptoms mean heart di
sease, l he most reliable remedy is
Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure, which
has saved thosands of lives. Book
of testimonials free at F. G. Fricke
& Co., who also sell the New Heart
i rejoice in nothing more than in
mis movement recently so promi
nently developed of placing the
starry banner above every school-
house. I have been charged with
too sentimental an appreciation of
the flag. I will not enter upon any
defense. God pity the American
citizen who does not love it, who
does not see in it the story of our
great free institutions and the hope
of the home as well as of the nation,
and I think, notwithstanding per
haps a little too much tendency to
note in our public schools, that it is
still true that our teachers, and es
pecially the women, are not without
sentiment. President Harrison at
How's This!
We offer 100 dollars reward for
any case of catarrh that can not be
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
J. J. Cheney & Co. Props. Toledo.
e the undersigned, have known
F. J. Cheney for the last 15 vears.
and belive him pefectly honorable
in an ouisness transactions and fin
ancially able to carry out an oblio--
j. - . . ... ... r
auons maue oymeirnrm.
A Monster Structure.
I spent a Ions time in wandering about
the .Manufactures building. It 1 the
biggest building ever planned, and it
will have one roof covering thirty acres.
Senator Ingalls came out and looked at
. it the other day, and a.s lie gazed, as
tounded at its immensity, he said: "It is
an exhalation! Yesterday it was not,
today it is and tomorrow it will have
passed away. I can see how you can
fence it in, but to roof it almost sui
passes human conception t" Think of
putting u massive glass and iron roof
over a thirty acre field 1 That is what
the men are doing here today, and I saw
them at work putting up the great iron
trusses which will support this roof.
You cannot conceive the hize of this
structure without seeing it. Three hun
dred thousand people could be seated on
the floor and in the gallerjg and b0,0Cu
could be seated on the floor alone. The
Coliseum at Rome, witli all its galleries,
could only seat 87,000 people, and ii was
never rofed except with canvas. ou
could put four coliseums on that floor,
and, two pyramids as big as Cheops
" would sit upon it side by side and leave
room for the Capitol at Washington. If
the great pyramid was taken to pieces
and carried here its material could be
stored in this building and you could
look down upon its masses of stone from
the galleries.
This building is about a third of a
mile long. Thirty great staircases, so
wide that two carriages could be driven
up them side by side, will lead to wide
galleries and there will be a street fifty
feet wide running through the center.
With its galleries it will have forty
acres of floor space, and it tires one even
to think of its iossible contents. Chi
cago Cor. Lancaster Examiner.
trouage of the Public Solicited.
Counties. Deleuatew.lCounties. Deleirutes.
Adams It! Johnson 11
Antelope h Kearney s
Manner.... 3:Keva i'alia 4
Blaine 2, Keith 3
Boone 8 Kimball
rth Sixth Street, Plattsmoutb
: D-E-N-T-I-S-T :-
Bovd 1
Box Butte
Brown 5
Buffalo 1
Butler lo
Burt l'J
Cass 20
C hase 4
Cheyenne 6
Cherry 7
Clay 14
Coltax o
Cuiuine In
Custer 17
Dakota t
Dawes 10
Dawson.. it
Deuel 4
Dixon 8
Dodee lti Kock
Douglas 91' Saline
Knox H
Lancaster 53
Lincoln 9
Logan 2
Loup '
Madison 9
Merrick 7
McPherson 1
Nance 5
Nemaha 12
Last Saturday alternoon an an
archists from New York City by the
name of Berkman attempted to as
sassinate 1. L. JricK, tne manager
of the Carnegie Company.
From what evidence we can gath
er it appears that he had been
at Homestead but a few days and
Pierce 4
Phelps 5
Platte 5
Polk 7
Red Willow 9
Kichardson 16
steinways anaesthetic for the painless ex
J traction of teeth.
Fine Gold Work a Specialty.
pkwood Block
Plattsmouth. Neb
pEiijsrs house.
217, 219, 221, AND 223 yVlAIN ST
umber Yard
1. tflTEBHAlt k
Shingles, Lath, Sash, '
1 r 4
)ooro, Blinds
fi supply ererw demand of the city.
Call and get terms. Fourth street
in rear of opera hoase.
aria aad Oflee 404 South Third Street.
1 1 . . 1 - Telephone 13.
... . C (. .
S. -.A
Dundy 4 Sarpy
Fillmore 13 Saunders 12
Franklin 6 Scott 3 Bluff 3
frontier fi Seward 14
Furnas 7: Sheridan 8
Gace 2' Sherman 4
Gartield 2! Sioux 3
Gosper 3; Stanton 4
Grant 2 Thayer 12
Greeley 3 Thomas 2
Hall 12
Hamilton 11
Harlan..... 5
Hayes 4
Hitchcock 5
Hooker . 1
Holt 11
Howard 6
Jefferson U
It is recommended that no prox
ies be admitted to the convention
and that the delegates present be
authorized to cast the full vote of
the delegation.
S. D. Mercer,
Walt M. Seeley,
U. B. Balcombe,
Otoe ". '.. 14 I that he was the employe of a sewing-
Pawnee 14 I machine company of Aew ork. It
rerkins 4 . . .. . , , . r
aiso appears inai ne nau ire-
quently been in the office of Mr
Frick, where he was admitted with
out question. A fair inference
from these facts is that Berkman
had conceived a fanatical idea, en
gendered perhaps by a familiarity
witn mnilism, that lie Had a mis
sion as an avenger, and believing
that the Carnecrie company was
likely to be successful in the con
test with its men proceeded to exe
cute his self-appointed errand.
It also appears the fellow went
prepared to kill Frick and then.' if
captured to kill himself as he
chewed giant powder caps and had
to be choked before he would spit
them out;if they had exploded in his
mouth they would have killed him.
Mr. Frich was shot twice in the
necK and stabbed three times in the
body but will recover.
West & Truax, Wholesale Drug
st, Toledo Ohio., Waldinir Kiiinaii
& Tarvin, Wholesale druggist Tole
do Ohio.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter
nally, action directly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system.
I'nce, ic. per bottle, sold bv all
Druggist; Testimonials free.
Colorado'a Cool Retreats.
During the "tourist season" from
June until September the Burling
ton route has on sale round trip
ticket, at very reduced rates, to the
principal resorts of Colorado.
lo Denver, Colorado Sprinjrs.
Mauitou, Pueblo and Kstes park
(the most attractive spot in the
whole state) particularly low rates
are in force.
July and August are the best
months in which to visit Colorado's
unrivalled resorts, to all of which
the Burlington, with its connec
tions, offers unequalled service.
lne local agent will be irlad to
give you any desired information.
The following item, clipped from
the Ft. Madison (Iowa) Democrat,
contains information well worth
remembering: "Mr. John Roth of
this city, who met with an accident
a tew davs aero, snrainino and
bruising his leg and arm quite
severely, was cured by one 50-cent
bottle ot Cnamberlain s lJam JJalm.
This remedy is without an equal
for sprains and bruises and should
have a olace in every household.
For -sale by F. G. Fricke & Co.
Thurston 5
Valley 5
Washington 9
Wavne 6
Webster 10
Wheeler 2
York 18
Cholera infantum has lost its
terrors since the introduction of
Chamberlains colic, cholera and di
arrhoea remedy. When that remedy
is used and the treatment as direc
ted with each bottle is followed, a
cure is certain. Mr. A. W. Walters,
a prominent merchant at ".aiters-
burg, 111., says: It cured my baby
boy of cholera infantum after sev
eral other remedies had failed, the
child was so low that he seemed al
most beyond the aid of human
hands or reach of- any medicine."
25 and 50 cent bottles for sale by F.
G. Fricke & Co.
Klectrlc Light on HattleBeldn.
The ubiquity of electricity is becoming
almost proverbial. From the "brightest
spot on earth" to the blool stained battle
fields is rather far cry, but there is no
end to the application of electricity. A
recent telegram from Austria described
some experiments of great interest
which have recently been carried out
successfully there. The difficulty of
searching for the wounded on the night
after a great battle has been one which
has long occupied the attention of mili
tary reformers, and the army medical
service in Austria has been endeavoring
to determine how far the electric light
may be utilized for this humane end.
The value of po .verful search lights
with reflectors has been proved in naval
affairs, and at Suakiin and elsewhere
soldiers have found them very effective
on open ground. They -u-oaU ho final
ly effective under similar conditions (r
assisting in picking up the wounded.
but when the battle has raged over a
wide extent of country, or when the
fighting has occurred amid woods and
brushwood, the use of this class of light
is attended with difficulty. Electrical
A JJog'a Political Preferences.
Out at Abilene the man who runs a
transfer wagon and smashes the drum
mers' trunks owns a dog. He is just a
common, old fashioned cur. But the
dog votes, and votes right. His master
every morning upon the arrival of the
Texas and Pacific train gets his dogship
to show off before the crowd. "Do you
vote for Clark?" the canine is asked. IJe
rises up on his hind feet, his front ones
high in the air, his body perfectly erect
and nods his head. "Do you vote for
Hogg.-" the master inquires. The do
gets down fiat upon the floor and buries
his face in his front legs, the very pic
ture of negation. These daily perform
ances have come to be .y.ell advertised
in Abilene and always draw a crowd.
Should Judge Clark be successful that
dog will be installed in state at Austin
next January, and for two jears at least
will be the best fed animal in Texas.
Dallas News.
Pure White Lead
is the Best Paint.
Care is necessary though, to
obtain strictly pure, as the
market is flooded with so
called Pure White Leads that
in reality contain but very little
white lead.
The following analyses of
two of these misleading brands
show the exact proportion of
genuine white lead they con
tain. The analyses describe,
the labels and brands on the
oackaes and erive the con
tents as follows :
Misleading Brands
"C. F. Lawson & Co. Strictly Pure White
Lead." Red label, with brush, on which is
printed, "Guaranteed to be strictly pure.
Forfeited if adulterated."
Materials Proportions Analyzed by
Barytes 58.10 per cent. J. Fiebing,
Oxide of Zinc 24.90 per cent. Milwaukee.
White Lead 13.60 per cent.
Calcium Car
bonate 3. so per cent.
"Masury's Railroad White Lead." White
label, marked "Railroad White Lead, 35;
pure; John W. Masury & Son, New York
and Chicago, warranted superior."
Materials .'-" Proportions Analyzed by
Oxide of Zink 5570 per cent. Ledoux & Co.,
Barytes 44-3 per cent. New York.
We have a book which gives
the analyses of a large number
of misleading brandsf If you are
going to paint it will pay you
to send for it.
In Painting
use strictly pure White Lead
(see that you get either
"southern," "Collier," or
" Red Seal "), tint it with the
National Lead Co.'s
Pure White Lead
Tinting Colors,
and you will have the best
paint that it is possible to put
on a building.
For sale by the best dealers in paints every
St. Louis Branch,
Ciark Avenue and Tenth Street,
St. Louis, Mo.
QiS ti;qi'icls,
Dealer in
All kinds of fresh, salt and
s moked meats.
I nnke the best of all kinds of sail
saivesand keep a jrood supply
constantly on band.
A. IJoiliii; Hole
In Noble comity, W. Va., there is a
fathomless sea, composed of salt water
and oil, from which gas 'Escapes with h
tremendous roar. Twenty years ago a
well was drilled there to the depth of
1,900 feet, borne years later water and
gas escaped from the hole with great
Between Main and Pearl
Plattsinoulli, . . . Nebraska.
Carries an Elegant Stock
Watches and
The republican electors of the
First congressional district of the
state of Nebraska are requested to
send delegates from the several
counties comprising said district
to meet in convention in the city of
Nebraska City, Thursday, July 28,
1892, at 9 o'clock p. m., for the pur
pose ot placing in nomination a
candidate for member of congress
for said district and for the trans
action of such other business as
may come before the convention.
The several counties are entitled
to representation as follows, being
based upon the vote cast for Hon.
W. J. Connell for congress in 1890:
One delegate for each 100 votes and
major fraction thereof and ene
delegate-at-large from each county.
Counties. Delegates. Counties. Delegates.
Cass 19iOtoe 13
Nemaha ..
Total 128
It is recommended that no prox
ies be admitted to the convention,
and that the delegates present from
each county cast the full vote of
the delegation.
W. H. Woodward,
Frank M'Cartney, Chairniar.
'I am a farmer and do not know
much about politics, but I do see
some serious flaws in the free silver
bill. The aim of 'the friends of sil
ver' is to raise the price of that
metal by putting government
credit behind it. Now, my county
does not produce an ounce of silver
nor an ounce of anything valuable
in the mineral line. If the price of
silver is advanced artificially, will
it not take more of our timber, more
pigs, more corn, more calves to get
itf Are dollars to be made more
plentiful? How? I know of just
one way to get dollars, and that is
to find some man who has dollars
and who wants something he does
not have, more than he does his
dollars, and who will give me his
dollars for something which I prize
less than I do his dollars. In other
words, I trade my labor, my pigs,
my cotton, my cows for the dollars
of some man who needs labor,
pigs, cotton, or cows more than he
neds dollars.
"Now, if two employers are after
one laborer, as in Montana, wages
are high; if two laborers are after
one 'boss,' as in some large cities of
the east, wages are low; if two pigs
are after one dollar, pigs are low;
if two dollars are after one pig, pigs
are high. If dollars, of whatever
kind, get so abundant that three or
four of them get after one pig, pigs
will go very high; and if dollars
Oregon, Washington and the
west;fciiie uoast.
The constant demand of the trav
eling public to the' far west for a
comfortable and at the same time
an economical mode of traveling
has led to the establishment as
what is known as Pullman Colonist
These cars are built on the same
general plan as the regular first
class Pullman Sleeper, the only dif-
lerence Deincr that they are not up
They are furnished complete with
good comfortable hair matresses.
warm blankets.suow white linen cur
tains plenty of towels, combs, brush
es etc., which secure to the occu
pant of a birth as much privacy as
is to be had in first class sleepers.
There are also separate toilet rooms
for ladies and gentlemen, and smok
lnir is absolutely prohibited, ror
full information send for Pullman
Colonist Sleeper leaflet. E. L. Lo
max, General Passenger and Ticket
Agent, Omaha Nebraska.
A Great Surpriee
Is in store for all who use Kemp'f
tsalsan tor the throat ana luusrs the
great guaranteed remedy. Would
you believe that it is sold on its
merits and that any druggits is au
thorized by the proprietor of this
wonderful remedy to erive 3-011 a
sample bottle free? It never fails
to cure acute and chronic coughs.
All drugpists sell Kemp's Balsam.
Large Bottles 50c and f 1.
Every thine kent that
x . ?
10 consinuie a nrst-class
a tne note witn great :flnr1in 1 ,.
pressure, tearing oat the tubimr and cut- Jc w CV QlKJl C IB KtJUt in UlS
ting a cavern apparently hundreds of StOCK. ReDairinff dfiHft hv
feet deep and forty feet in diameter. . UUUtf-UJ..
After it ceased to flow a farmer filled it UralCiaSS WOrKmen and Sat-
?rrrrSfiT,.rJ : .? faction guaranteed or mon-
" J " " - - - - - I .4 .
another explosion of the well, oil anil ey relUnded.
water pouring ottt m abundance, in a
single day the hole became fathomless
and about forty feet wide. Chicago
An Animal Tramp.
Mark Twain made the coyote famous
notorious, if you please. In "Rough
ing It" the poor animal, is described at
the sneak thief of the plains, a tramj
of the desert. Whether he is as bad ai
he is painted or not, the California leg
islature has put a price on his head. A
a result within the six months just
passed 20,299 of these lank animals have
been killed In the Golden State at a cost
to the government of $101,995. Kansas
City Times.
.First door south of
Post Oflice.
Plattsmouth, - . . . . N
Will Be Heard All Over l'aris.
A monster bell, one of the largest oJ
its kind, specially cast for the new
Church of the Sacred Heart on th
heights of Montmartre, has bt-en -oiu
pleted at Aunecy, in Savoy. This im
mense instrument, which, when htii;..
in its lofty position, will lj audible id
over Paris, weighs, with its clap; :
don Telegraph.
Fail to do Our Duty.
Everbody has attiine fwilri
their duty towards tin,.,ui..a
lundreds of lady readers suffer
from sick headache, nervousneMs
sleeplessness and fem.ilo t-ni.
Let them follow the example of Mrs
Herbecthter, Stevens Poiut. Wis'
who for five years suffered creatlv
rom nervous prostration and sleep
lessness, tried physicians aud dif-
tJ ulclnes without
But one bottle of Dr. Miles'
caused sound sleep every night and
ne is like a n.-u. tm
Elizabeth Wheeler, Laramie City
yominer. who tnVfl nil ,i,0. ,..'
"in iart'H I tint a tttr i
- . V . ween fcj
use of the Nervine tor headache
nervous prostration, etc., she was
w""tiy relieved.
Frick & Co.
sold I' K n
Trial bottle free. 1.
iDon'i Tobacco Spit Your Life
Is the startling:, truthful title of a
little book iustreceived, telling all
about Notobac, the wonderful,
harmless, economical, guaranteed
cure for the tobacco habit in every
form. Tobacco users who want to
quit and can't, by mentioning The
Herald can get the book mailed
free. Address the Sterling Remedy
Co., box 802, Indiana Mineral
Springs, Ind.
An Kuriiest Student.
City Instructor If yon have su. l
delightful home in the suburbs, why ...
you wish extra studies w hich will k.
you in the schoolroom after honrsr
Suburban Boy This is garden weed-
Good News.
ing time,
Nothing New Under the Sun
No! not even through cars to Den
ver, Ogden, Salt Lake City, . San
Francisco and Portland.- This in
simply written to rcrtiitwi i...7
the Union Pacific is the pioneer in
running through cars to the ahov
The Best Man Was Late.
The best man was late at 0110 of Li.. ;
week's weddings, aud his appear
after the ceremony had begun created a
sensation. Boston Saturday Gazette
...vm.uinu poiinsaiiu that the pres
ent through car arrangement is u,',
excelled. We also make Tin; time
For details address any agent of
the company, call on your nearest
agent or write to K. I.. I)Mav
G. P.& T. A. U. P.,Oiiiafia Neb'