The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, July 05, 1892, Image 2

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Jo too"
That depends, madam, upon how
you feel. If you're suffering from
functional disturbances, irregulari
ties or weaknesses, you're sure to
"look it." And Dr. Tierce's Fa
vorite Prescription is the remedy.
It builds up and invigorates the
system, regulates and promotes the
proper functions, and restores health
and strength. It's a legitimate
medicine, not a beverage ; purely
vegetable, perfectly harmless, and
made especially for woman's needs.
In the cure of all "female com
plaints," it's guaranteed to give sat
isfaction, or the money is refunded.
No other medicine lor women is
sold so. Think of that, when the
dealer says something else (which
pays him better) is "just as good."
" Times have changed." So have
methods. The modern improve
ments in pills are Dr. Pierce's Pleas
ant Pellets. They help Nature, in
stead of fighting with her. Sick
and nervous headache, biliousness,
costiveness, and all derangements
of the liver, stomach and bowels
are prevented, relieved, and cured.
Kt'Kistcn-d riiylei;in aixl Pharmacist
Special attention given to Office
Rock Bluffs - Neb.
lPatroiiage of the Public Solicited.
jNorth Sixth Street, Plattsmouth
: D-E-X-T-I-S-T :-
4foinu"iv aniwthotht fnr tliA tin itilPMM t
Fine Gold Work a Specialty'.
Iockwood Block Plattsmouth. Neb
NpKimijXS l(OISli.
I'i . ,
217, 219, 221, AND 223 yVlAIN ST
'"Rates $4.50 per week and up
lumber Yard
1 1 rr . mnnir 1 it n fin i
I A. ffATUHMA u m
I Shingles, Lath, Sash,
ftoors, Blinds
I supply ererw demand of the city.
I Call and get terms. Fourth street
' in rear of opera house.
dealer in
? ghttunwnth gcrnld.
K NOTTS BROS, Publisher s
I'iiIiIikIkmI cvi-ry Tlmrsilay, tunl ilaily
very e.vcnint; except Sniulay.
K'fitcrcd at tin- I'lat turnout li, Nebraska
xt ptlicc as Ht-rotKl cI.'ism until mailer for
transmission tlirni;;li the U. S. mails.
One yt-ar ill al vance - - -. $1 DO
One year not in advance - - - - 'I
Six month in advance - 75
Three months in advance U
One year 111 ml vimoe - $i IK
Dili.' cniiy otic moiitli ----- fi()
I'er week ly farrier ----- K
TL'KSDAY, JULY 3, 18112.
For President
I J I ; N J A M l. II A hi K I SO X
of Indiana.
For Vice-I'rcsident
of .New York.
rda and Office 404 8outn Tntrd Street.
Telepbooe 13.
We liave celebrated the Fourth
and are now ready to have some
manufactories located anion us.
As was generally expected, Gen.
Weaver was nominated by the alli
ance at Omaha yesterday for presi
THE Kansas republicans have
nominated a good ticket, and they
will elect it by a majority of at least
."),()00 if the wheat crop of the state
turns out as well as is now ex
The democratic platform is al
ready having some of its planks
pulled out, and before the election
next November it will be in a much
worse condition than the roof of
their wigwam was at Chicago.
It has been nearly ten years -since
the business in Nebraska farm lands
has been as encouraging as it is
this spring. For a number of 3'eara
there was a great rush to California,
then to Colorado and Arizona, and
finally to the Pacific coast north
west, witJi more or less diversion at
internals toward the south.
Now, however, a eteady stream of
em ignition to Nebraska has set in
which is confined to no particular
portion of the state, but embraces it
all. This infusion of new "bone and
Hinew" is already making itself felt,
although spring has been open but
a short time and the Nebraska
movement nas miie more man le-
Good farms are in steady demand
at good prices and principally for
cash, and there is a perceptible in
crease in the market value of farms,
both improved and unimproved.
Many farmers in the eastern part
of the state who have sold .out at
good (ignores are going into central
and western Nebraska, where they
can buy cheaper and set tip again
with a cash surplus. And, by the
way, the movement of itself is a
good send-off for the more western
portions of the state, for most of
these farmers have lived in Nebras
ka many years, and their new in
vestments are based on actual
knowledge of the productiveness of
this section
And it may be added that there
will never be a better year for inest-
ment in
That the tendency of prices will
be steadily upward for the next five
years is the judgment of every well
posted and observant person. Good
lands in the "corn belt will never
be worth less than at present. They
are sure to be wcrth a great deal
more, and it is the Hub's judgment
that no better investnent can be
made during the present year than
in a Nebraska farm. Karney Hub
1 J -
Half Rates to New York.
To accommodate Christian En
deavorers and their friends along1
its line who desire to attend the
national convention of the Y. 1. S.
C. K. at New York, July 7-10, the
Burlington route will on July 4 run
a special strain from Omaha
through to New York, via Chicago
and Niagara Falls, leaving at 11:40
p. in., after arrival ot all trains ironi
the west. A rate of one fare for the
round trip has been authorized and
will be open to the general public.
Tickets, good to return any time
within thirty days from date of
purchase, will be on sale at dates to
be announced later. The low rates
in force, .the throuch car facilities
at the disposal of travelers by the
Burlington route, and the delignt
ftil season of the year, combine to
make this an unequalled oppor
tunit' of visiting the east. Remem
ber that you can purchase tickets
from your station agent through
to New York. Full infortnatioti
may be had upon application to the
local agent of the B. & M., or by ad
dressing J. Francis, General Pas
senger Airent. Omaha.
nct week's washing
1 '
Nebraska's fertile farming
Oretion, Washington and the Nor
west Hacilie Loast .
The constant demand of the trav
eling public to the far west for a
comfortable and at the same time
an economical mode of traveling
has led to the establisliment as
what is known as Pullman Colonist
1 hese cars are built on tne same
ireneral plan as the retrular first-
class Pullman bleeper, the only dit-
ference being that they are not up
They are furnished complete with
good comfortable hair matresses.
warm blankets.snow white linen cur
tains plenty of towels, combs, brush
es etc., whicli secure to tne occu
pant of a birth as much privacy as
is to be had in first class sleepers.
There are also separate toilet rooms
for ladies and gentlemen, anu smoK
inr is absolutely prohibited. For
full information send for Pullman
Colonist Sleeper leallet. F.' L. Lo-
max. General Passenirer and Ticket
Agent, Omaha Nebraska.
Will look whiter, will be cleaner and will
be done with less laubor if
&-used. The clothes will smell sweeter and
will last longer. 3ANTA CLAUS SOAP is
pure., it cleans but does not injure t-he.
fabric. H; does lat roughen or chap -the-hands.
iljion? u.oo it. Do Yoy. ?
The leading democratic paper of
Iowa, the Dubuque Telegraph, com
plains that the republicans of that
state were unfair in the platform
they adopted at Des Moines a few
days ago. The third plank in the
platform denounced the demo
cratic part3r for "insistinpf upon the
abolition of the national tax on the
issues of state banks." The Tele
graph protests that the Chicago
platform simply recommends its
repeal and the party does not even
approve of the recommendation.
It is entirely immaterial whether
the form of expression issued in a
platform is a recommendation or a
demand. In either case it means
simply and solely that the party
standing- on that plank is pledged
to carry out the idea therein ex-
nressed. If the next congress, or
the one immediately succeeding- to
it should be democratic it would be
bound in political honor to pass a
bill renealinir that tax and Mr.
Cleveland, if elected, would be
bound to sign it.
The only way he could escape
that obligation would be for him to
distinct!- state in his letter of ac
ceptance that he declines to stand
on that plank of the platform. Per
haps lie will, but there is hardly
one chance in a thousand of his
doing so. For ought that the pub
lic knows that recommendation
meets with his especial favor and
It is now fort years since General
Scott was nominated for president,
he being- the last candidate of 'the
whig party. It was at that time, we
believe, that Horace Greelej-, thejjt
the foremost editor of his party,
publicly'declared that hesupported
the ticket, but split upon the plat
form. That sort of support proved
to be worse than open opposition,
and presaged the ruin which soon
overtook that party, for Mr. Greeley
fairly represented a larg-e element
of it. No political organization can
expect to stand when it is a house
divided against itself in that kind
of a way. The democracy is in a
sorry fix, forced to either stand up
on the platform adopted or accept
the fate of self-repudiation."
There is and is not ground for the
Telegraph's claim that the party
does not approve the wild-cat plank.
There is a very general disposition
on the part of the democratic press
to ignore it, and from that fact one
She Committed Suicide.
Mrs F. r. Boe, at Watkins, left this
letter: "My husband Forgive me
if I cause you trouble, but I suffer
so. louuonot Know wliat tliese
long, wakeful, wretched nights are
to me, ahd I am so tired, darling
the pain will never be better. It is ,
not easy to take my own life, but 1
have been sick so long. Good-bj e,
my husband, I love you yourwite.
This is but one of thousands that
give up, instead of using Dr. Miles'
Kestorative Nervine, and being
speedily cured of their wretched
ness. Go to F. G. Fricke and get an
elegant book and trial bottle free. 6
Nothing New Under the Sun
No! not even through cars to Den
ver, Ogden, salt .Lake City, can
Francisco and Portland. This is
simply written to remind you that
the Union Pacific is the pioneer in
running through cars to the above
mentioned points and that the pres
ent through car arrangement is un
excelled. We also make THE time.
For details address an- agent of
the company, call on your nearest
agent or write to K. L. LOMAX,
G. P. & T. A. U. P., Omaha Neb.
A carpenter by the name of M. S.
Powers, fell from the roof of a house
in liast DesMoines, Iowa and sus
tained a painful and serious sprain
of the wrist which he cured with
one bottle of Chamberlains pain
balm. He says it is worth $5 to
a bottle. It cost him 50 cents. For
sale by by F. G. Fricke & Co.
Idiouyncrasies ln't Count.
"Madam," said the street car conductoi
to a young lady in a blue calico frock,
"j'ou have a dog under your shawl, and
The following item, clipped from
the Ft. Madison (Iowa) Democrat,
contains information well werth
remembering: "Mr. John Roth of
this city, who met with an accident
a lew clays aro, spraininar and
uising his leg and arm quite
severelr, was cured by one oU-cent
bottle of Chamberlain's Pain Balm."
This remedy is without an equal
for sprains and bruises and should
have a place in every household.
For sale by F. G. Fricke & Co.
TV. Jl. 130JDCJH cj- CO
The Doctors are Guilty-
Grave mistakes are made by phy
sicians in treating heart disease.
The rate of sudden deaths is daily
increasing. Hundreds become vic
tims of the ignorance of physicians
in tlie.treatment of this disease. One
in four persons has a diseased heart.
Shortness of breath, palpitation and
fluttering, irregular pulse, choking-
Qts iqiclS,
'Dealer in
I'm going to stick right where I am.
'Then I 6hall put you off," replied the
disciplinarian m blue,
All at once a law point came into the
woman s head, "tiive me back mj
fare," she said. I got in here in good
faith, and when I paid my five cents a
contract was completed. You must
either carry it out or return my cash,
I'm not responsible because your crank
directors don t like dogs.
The street car official stopped the cai
nd hailed a policeman. The point was
stated, and the thief catcher, after pon
dering for a few moments, observed
lI ain't no judge nor I ain't no jury,
but I claim to have some sense.
"Under your system you might make
rules that passengers mustn't wear red
neckties or red noses or three dollai
trousers, and after they had paid fara.
show 'em the rules and put them off.
There is no end to the rules yon
might make to bunko folks out of theii
ride, and every time a chap looked cross
eyed you could turn to rule No. 324,
providing that he musn t look crosseyed
and then dump him in the gutter.
"The thing isn't fair. There am t no
law to it and it don't go."
Turning to the young woman he said.
"You stay where you are, mum," and to
the conductor, "If you try to put heron
without giving her back her fare TU
club your head off.
Ting went the bell and on went tht
car, dog, young woman and all. New
York Herald.
A Sllgbty A'east.
At Fischhausen, in Germany, a wed
ding feast of Homeric proportions re
cently took place. The 168 guests got
may infer that the editors of the I through one ox, three pigs, four calves,
party at the north know enough I eighteen chickens, ten geese, and ducks
juu uiusiiedYBiueur. spnsntinii.nsthinatir lrtiitliitio- rtnitt All 1;J - P Jf v j
Whatl Leave the carr vociferated or tenderness in side shoulder or M-11 KlUUS 01 ireSIl, Sail ailU
ii ui i i i i ' i
mo ffouiaa. - nave pam my rare anu arm. weak or linnrrv sriells. ;iri
symptoms of heart disease. Dr.
Miles' New Heart Cure is the only
reliable remedy. Thousands testify-
to its wonaeriiii cures. tiooKs free,
Sold by K. G. Fricke & Co
smoked meats.
The Homdl i est Man in Plattsmouth
As well as the handsomest, and oth
ers are invited to call on any drug
gist and get free a trial bottle of
Kemp s balsam for the throat and
lungs, a remedy thatjis selling en
tiiely upon its merits and is iruar-
anteeu to relieve and cure all chron
ic and acute coughs, asthma, bron
chitis and consumption. Large bot
ties ouc ana Zl.w.
liiaKe the bestolall Kinds ot sau-
sapes and keep a good supply
antly on hand.
Some Foolish People
allow a cough to run until it erets
beyond the reach of medicine. They
say. "un, it will wear away, but in
most cases it wears them away.
Could they be induced to try the
successful lvetnp s Balsam, which
is sold on a positive guarantee to
cure, they would see the excellent
effect after taking the first dose.
Price 50c and $1. Trial size free. At
all druggists.
Between Main and Pearl
Plattsmouth, - - Nebraska.
I had a severe attack of catarrh
and became so deaf I could not hear
common conversation. 1 suffered
terribly from roaring in my head,
I procured a bottle of Jily's Cream
Balm and in tnree weeks could hear
as well as I ever could, and now I
can say to all who are afflicted with
the worst of diseases, caearrh, take
Elys Cream Calm and be cured. It
is worth $1,000 to any Man, 'woman
or child 8ultering from catarrh A
E. Newman, Grayling, Mich.
Miles Nerve and Liver Pilis
Act on o newpriciple regulating
the liver, stomach and bowels
through the nerves. A new discov
ery Dr. Miles pills speedily cure
biliousness, bad taste, torpid liver,
piles, constipation U nequaled for
men, women and children, small
est, mildest, surest. 50 doses 25 cts.
Samples Jree at F. G. Encke& Co's.
about the calamitous effect of
stump-tail money in the fifties and
the first half of the sixties to appre
ciate the folly and peril of taking
off the prohibitory tax; but they
lack the courage of their convic
tions. The repeal of that tax would
do more to demoralize the finances
of the country and commercial rela
tions than any other one imagin
able stroke of congressional legis
lation. Chicago Inter Ocean.
and pigeons in proportion. Four hogs
heads of beer, forty quarts of rum and
fifty of other liquids served to wash
down the solids. The shade of Gargan-
tus should rejoice at this noble feat.
London Globe.
Half Saratoga.
On the occasion of the National
Educational Ass'n's annual con
vention at Saratoga, July 13-15, the
Burlington roi.te, from July 3 to Ju-
THB democratic papers have
ceased "all talk about the republican
billion dollar congress. They have
one of their own that is now occu
pying their attention. They have
also ceased their talk about tin
plate. The facts are, the democratic
press has not got much to talk
about these days.
For Atchinson, St. Joseph, Leaven
worth, Kansas City, St. Louis,
and all points nVnh, east
south or west. Tick
ets sold and bag.
gage checked
t o a n y
in -the
S t a tes or
Canada. For - -
Call at Deoot or' address '
H, C. Towns end,
G. P. A. St. Louis, Mo.
J. C. Phiixippi,
A. G. P. A. Omaha.
H. D. Apgar. Agt., Plattsmouth.
.telephone, 77.
Cholera infantum has lost its
terrors since the introduction of
Chamberlains colic; cholera and di- I
ly 9, inclusive, will sell round trip arrhcea remedy. When that remedy
tickets from all stations in Nebras- is used and the treatment as direc-
ka to Saratoga at one lowest first- ted with each bottle is followed, a
class fare, plus two dollars (mem- cure is certain. Mr. A. W. Walters,
oersnip xec i.. -o. .t nusasiire .v.."... t . ni o-
Fok SALE ok Tkade A desirable
lot in Plattsmouth. Will sell for
An improved traction engine has late
ly appeared in Missouri. It is run with
a relatively small amount of fuel, car
ries a heavy load and is provided with
means for changing its speed without
altering the stroke of the engine.
Immense damage has been done in the
County of Essex, England, by the pea
weeviL In many cases whole fields of
good for return passage from July
15 to 21; an extension of time limit
can, however, be obtained by depos
iting tickets at the office of the joint
agent of terminal lines; 369 Broad
wa3r, Saratoga. The Burlington
route will run special Pullman
sleeping cars and reclining chair
cars from Lincoln and Omaha
through to Saratoga, leaving Lin
coln at2:40p. m. and Omaha at 4:45 p.
m., July 9. A folder, giving all par
burg, 111., says: It cured my baby
boy of cholera infantum after sev
eral other remedies had failed, the
child was so low that he seemed al
most be3ond the aid of human
hands or reach of any medicine."
25 and 50 cent bottles for sale by F.
G. Fricke & Co.
A GOOD corn crop means a big re
publican majority this fall, and the
ticulars, may be had upon applying corn is looking as well as it did this
to T. Francis, general passenger and time last year, consequently the
sh or will take a good buggy J peas have been destroyed and have had ticket agent, Omaha, to whom, or to democrats are down in the mouth,
,rse and horses in exchange. ( to be plowed in and oatj sown in their local agent B. & M. R. R., requests j mi iu u ;Q
for reservation of births should be
big crop failure.
i'cr Farmers, Miners and Mechanics.
Cures Chafing, Chapped Hands. Wounds, Buna.
Etc A Delightful Shampoo.
Specially Adapted for Use in Hard Wter
For parcicui.ns can uu ui uumiraa i piCC-.
this office. ' tf I
Nebraska th