The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, June 30, 1892, Image 4

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October 21 Has Boon Sot Asido
as a National Holiday.
Three Cars Passed Over the
Unfortunate Man.
John W. Foster of Indiana Appointed
and Confirmed as Blaine's Suc
cessor Interesting Ne
hraska News.
Republicans of Iowa assembled
ycsieruny at iJe.s ?Ioincs in stale
convention and renominated Wil
liam McFnrland for secretary of
state. C. G. McMcCarthy was iiomi
nated for auditor, while II. II. Bee
son was nominated for state trensu
rer by acclamation, as was also
John Y. Stone of Glenwood for
The senate will to-morrow at 2
o'clock take up the bill for the free
coinage of silver and the amend
ments, when a vote will be taken.
W. I. Tomliuson, for seven years
past editor of the Kansas Demo
crat, published a card last night
severing his connection with the
paper and announcing that he
would support the republicans in
the coming campaign. Toinliiison
was one of the original Hill boom
ers, and after Cleveland's nomina
tion publicly stated that he would
bolt if a fusion electoral ticket and
the people's party state ticket was
supported by the democrats. Yes
terday a dispatch was received
from C. K. Holliday, Jr., editor of
the paper, from Chicago, stating
that Cleveland's name must be at
the head of the editorial page.
Tomliuson left the republican
party during the Glick campaign
and is given credit for having taken
50,000 republican votes out of the
party on the prohibition issue. In
the card announcing his return to
the republican fold he says that
the material welfare of the state
demands the defeat of the people's
party and that good citizenship de
mands the defeat of the "calamity
howlers." It is recognized that the
democrats will support the peo
ple's electoral ticket for the pur
pose of throwing the state out of
the republican electoral column.
Tomliuson announces that he "will
join in no bastard fusion move
ment that is utterly devoid of prin
ciple and which is simply a dis
gusting scramble for loaves and
The dispatches this morning an
nounced that President Harrison
had appointed General John W.
Foster, of Indiana, as secretary of
state, and that he was immediately
unanimously confirmed by the
senate. On account of the absurd
stories which have been published
in democratic papers of alleged dis
agreements between Mr. Blaine and
Mr. Foster in the Canadian negotia
tions the nomination of Mr. Foster
was at once followed by rumors that
the friends of Mr. Blaine in the sen
ate would oppose his confirmation.
This idle rumor, which was only
another device of the democrats to
encourage the false statements
about dissensions in the republican
ranks and among republican lead
ers, met a prompt death blow by the
immediate and unanimous confir
mation of Mr. Foster.
It is well understood that Mr. Fos
ter's tenure of the office of secretary
of state will terminate on March 4
next, when President Harrison will
again be inaugurated and when he
will announce his new cabinet.
The appointment of Mr. Foster is
therefore only a temporary one, de
signed to bridge over the interval
between the resignation of Secre
tary Blaine arid the beginning of
the second term of his adm'iiistra
tion. The appointment of Mr. Fos
ter, although temporary, is espe
cially desirable, not only on ac-
ountof the personal character and
diplomatic accomplishments of the
appointee, but also because of his
peculiarly intimate acquaintance
with the business of the state de
partment in general and espe
cially with the details of the most
nmportant question now before that
department the settlement of the
Bering sea controversy with Eng
land by arbitration.
Hon. Thos. Carter, commissioner
of the general land office, has found
Jtfiat his oflicial and private busi
ness will not permit him to serve
ha secrectary of the republican na
tional committee, and he will resign
it the first meeting of the commit
John King, editor of the Litchfield
Monitor, was placed in the insane
Gsylum at Norfolk yesterda3'. His
Yriends have hopes of his speeuy re
Rainmaker Melbourne began ope
rations at Nelson yesterday. Clouds
began to gather about 2 p. m. and a
few drops of rain fell. A heavy
north wind drove them away
but toward evening clouds began
to gather and indications point to a
heavy rain.
v -y
The delegates to the prohibition
convention at Cincinnati put 'in a
hard clay's work, ending Iat last
night after three sessions. A per
manent organization lias been ef
fected, with Eli Kilter of Indiana as
presiding officer, and Sam Small,
the Georgia evangelist, as secre
tary, and to-day the convention will
be ready to pass upon the platform
and nominate their candidates.
In a general way Bidwell of Cali
fornia seems to have the lead for
the presidential nomination, while
Dcmorcst of New York is hardly as
prominent as yesterday. Judge
McCuIIough of Illinois gained a
great deal of ground during the
The proceedings before the plat
form committee show that there is
a decided feeling in favor of the
prohibitionists taking strong and
advanced grounds on various pub
lic questions other than prohibi
t ion.
G. V. West of Polk county was
yesterday appointed alternate for
J. M. Weisse on the world's fair
The house committee on the elev
enth census have decided to report
favorably on the bill to appropriate
?'i"iO,fXjo to publish the eleventh cen
President Harrison has signed
the joint resolution of congress
making October 21, Mr, the 400th
anniversary of the discovery of
America, a general holiday.
25 Cents Until After Election.
The coming presidential and state
campaign will be one of the most
exciting ever known. During this
time you will want a newspaper that
is thoroughly in touch with public
sentiment, and one that prints the
news before it becomes stale. The
Semi-"eekl3" State Journal prints
the news several days earlier than
the old-fashioned weeklies, and
costs the same, $1.00 a year. A com
plcte paper twice each week Tues-
daj-s and FYidays. Giving 104 pa
pers a year, it is almost as good as
a daily. The old-time veekl3' is not
in it when it comes to printing
news. A year's subscription will
carry readers all through the cam
paign and the next session of the
legislature. A big dollar's worth.
A few of our offers: The Journal
a year and ' Stanley in Africa." $1.10;
Journal and Weekly N. Y. Tribune,
both one year, $1.25; Journal and
Oxford Bible, i?2.7.1; Journal and
Xeeley's Political Map, fl.SO.
As a trial subscript ion we will
send the Semi-Weekly until af
ter election for 23 cents. Address,
Nkukaska State Journal,
" Lincoln, Neb.
Judge A. N. Sullivan went up to
Omaha this morning.
T. C. Shepherd was an Omaha
passenger this morning.
Guy Livingston was a passenger
for Lincoln this morning.
II. F. Taylor, of Union, was in the
cit3 to-da3- on business.
Lieutenant Governor T. J. Majors
was in the cit3' over night.
Mrs. W. W. Drummond and F. E.
White left for Lincoln to-da3'.
D. W. Hawksworth went out to the
Ilavelock shops 011 No. 0 this morn-
Mrs. E. Searle was taken ver3- sick
Saturday night. It is hoped that
she will recover soon.
J. W. McClentic has just returned
from Jillette, Wyoming, where he
has been for about two mouths.
John A. Davieswill go to Omaha
to-night to attend the meeting of the
republican state central committee.
Mrs. C. D. Eads of Alliance, Neb.,
arrived 3-esterda3' to visit her
mother and friends. Mrs. Thomas
Patterson, who has been visiting at
Alliance, arrived on the same train.
Don't Tabic: Spit Your Life
Is the startling, truthful title of a
little book just received, telling all
about Notobac, the wonderful,
harmless, economical, guaranteed
cure for the tobacco habit in every
form. Tobacco users wfio wint to
quit and can't, 13' mentioning The
IlEKALn can get the book mailed
free. Address the Sterling Remedy
Co.. box 82. Indiana Mineral
Springs, Ind.
Alumni Social.
The Alumni Association will give
a lawn social at the High school
grounds on Wednesda3 J11I3' G. Ice
cream, cake and other refreshments
will be served. A heartj' invitation
3 extended to all. tf. .
J. P. Antill has fitted up the south
room over Dunn's feed store for an
ice cream parlor and will furnish
the best of ice cream and cake for
10 cents a dish, tf
An Accident Near Happy Hollow on
the B. St M. In Which One Man
Was Killed and Three
The Drew and Kennedy families
are out at the Cummins farm to
da3'. Mrs. Cummins is giving a
farewell party before moving into
the city.
Willie Ramsey is eight 3rears old
to d;iy, and to commemorate the
day he invited a large number of
his little friends to his home to
spend the afternoon.
A dirt train with about fifty Italian
laborers, who had been unloading a
train load of dirt up at the foot o
the cut, was backing down to the
depot for dinner this noon, when an
accident occurred which resulted
fatally to one and seriously
wounded three others. The men
were sitting on top of the dirt on the
cars when the train started for the
depot. Antoui Adli was sitting
about three cars from the caboose,
andjall of a sudden and without any
warning, the trucks of the car upon
which he was riding, jumped the
track, throwing him between the
cars which passed over him, cutting
him all to pieces. Three others
were more fortunate; two men i.nd
a boy were also thrown from the
cars. One man had his leg badly
bruised and the other 'had his left
arm badly hurt. The b03r was
scratcneu in tne lace aim was
bruised on the legs but not serious
No one seems to know what
caused the trucks to jump the
- Aldi the man who was killed,
was crushed and mangled in a hor
rible manner. The cars passed
over him, cutting him into and
crushing him, from his stomacl
down, into a shapeless mass. His
left e3-e was gone, and on his breast
were several bad cuts. Drs. Living
ston and Cummins were soon upon
the scene and in a short time had
the wounded resting as eas3 as
possible, while Coroner Unruh took
charge of the remains of the mai
who was killed.
The accident happened down
opposite Happy Hollow. The
Italians were all from Omaha
and came down last night.
The remains of the unfortunate man
is at Unruh's undertakingestablish-
ment, where the inquest will be held
this evening.
Don't forget the social at Mrs.
Swearingen's tonight.
The new Bohemian band will
hold a picnic in Bajek's park next
Sunday afternoon.
Chas. Vandeventer has com
menced suit in the county court
against Lawrence Stull and Anton
Siler for the recover of the lumber
that caused the shooting affair last
Judge Ramsey to-da3r issued mar
riage licenses to the following
couples: John W Pritchard and
Lettie M. Crozier, aged 16, and J. P.
E. Salline and Konstina Madsen.
Both couples reside at Weeping
Mrs. Holmes, Miss Warner, Miss
Gass, Mr.-. Davis, Mrs. Mapes and
Mrs. Lovein were- delegates to the
W. C. T. U. convention held at Weep
ing Water yesterday. They drove
down with a team, returning in the
evening. They report a splendid
time and that the Weeping Water
citizens are a very clever people.
Plattsmouth's Fourth of July celj
ebration is attracting considerable
attention. The committee is mak
ing arrangements for a special to
run between here and Nebraska
City on that day and Nebraska City
agrees to fill a train with people to
come up. At Kock Bluffs the citi
zens will attend the barbeque there
in the forenoon and come up here
in the afternoon. Union and Mur
ray will send large delegations be
sides large delegations from all over
the county are coming.
A reporter of The Herald visited
the Brick and Terra Cotta Works
superintended by Walter White, and
found ever3thing working harmon
iously. (Juite a supply of brick is
now on hand this being a dull sea
son. The brick is made according
to the German patent, which saves
fuel but requires more laborjthan tl e
old process. About 20 men are em
ployed and very good wages can be
made, depending, of course, upon
the amount of work done. We had
a very pleasant talk with Joe Kelley,
the foreman, and we were convinced
in the short hour we had to stay,
that he understands his business.
For the Fourth of July the B. &
M. will sell round trip tickets, not
over 200 miles, for " one and one
third fare. Tickets on sale J11I3- 2, 3
and 4, and limit for return July 5,
the minimum to be 23 cents.
J. Fkaxcis,
General Passenger Agent.
Mrs. Charley Black, who has been
ill for about ten weeks with la
grippe, is able to sit up some.
T. II. Pollock, Agent.
The B. & M. will, sell round trip
tickets for the Council Bluffs and
Omaha Chautauqua assembl3', July
2 to 16, to Omaha for one fare for
the round trip from Plattsmouth.
Tickets on sale July 2, 3, 4, 7, 8 and
15, and limit for return to five days
trom date of sale, this limit in no
case to exceed July 17.
J. Francis,
General Passenger Agent. -
Dr. Livingston's team ran away
this morning, throwing the boy who
drives for Dr. T. P. out on the
ground, breaking his jaw.
Fok SALE or Trade A desirable
lot in Plattsmouth. Will sell for
cash or will take a good buggy
horse and horses in exchange.
For particulars call on or address
this othce. tt
In Roston.
"Who was called the father of hia
country, Miss Beacon?"
"George Washington was called the
father of his country; but this was an
erroneous idea, for it has been proven
that to Adam belongs the ignominy."
For Exhibition Purposes.
Chippie Writing up your diary, Kute?
Why, I didn't know you kept one.
Kute It's only a fictitious one in
which I make out that I lead the life of
a saint, that I leave about for my wife
to read. Exchange.
The whole of the interior of Green
land ia believed to be covered by an im
mense shield shaped cap of ice and snow
which in some places must have a thick
ness of at least five or six thousand feet.
The capital invested in California's
vineyards is 187,000,000. Two hundred
thousand acres planted in young vines
are producing 300,000 tons of grapes and
17,000,000 gallons of wine yearly.
One of the largest camellia trees in
Europe is now in full bloom, near Dres
den. It was taken from Japan 150 years
ago, is fifty feet high and has an annual
average of 40,000 blossoms.
F AN Y ONE tells you that JOE, the One Price
a nice suit of clothes on July 4th, to the one who
words on a postal card tell him he is a LI Alt.
It' any one tells you that JOE does not handle
least money tell him he is a LI All.
if any one tells you JOE has not strictjy on price for everybody tell
him he is a LfAIl.
It any one tells you that Plattsmouth is not
Fourth of July tell him he is a LfAIl.
If any one tells you that Plattsmouth is not, tor
a you lind in America tell him JOE said thatman
The Popqleii. Oqe Price
I had a serve attack of catarrh
and became so deaf I could not
hear common conversarion, I suf
fered terribl3' from roarinfi in my
head. 1 procured a bottle of Ely's
Cream Balm, and in three weeks
could hera as well as I ever could
and now I can sa3- to al! who are
aiiucte with the worst of deseases
catarrh, take Flly.s Cream Balm and
oe cured. It 13 wortn $1,000 to anv
man, womon or child suffering
from catarrh. A. E. Newman. Gray
iing, men.
Sleen on Left Side.
Many persons are unable to sleep
on their left side. The cause has
long been a puzzle to physicians.
MetroDolitan nanprs snpiilr with
great interest of Dr. Franklin Miles,
mc eminent j.nuiana specialist in
nervous and heart ilispaspa wH Viqo
proven that this habit arises from a
J - ,1 1 . A XT.
uiscascu iiean. jie nas examined
and kept on record thousands ot
PaSPS. His M(w 1 I d-tri Pro a
derf ul remedy, is sold at F. G. Fricke
. S 'PI 1 . . j . r
tx iuuusanus testily to its value
as a Cure for heart Hiapaapa TVT-a
Chas. Benoy, Loveland, Colo., sa3's
its enects on ner - were marvelous.
Elegant book on heart disease free.
Half Rates to Saratoga.
On the occasion of the National
Educational Ass'n's annual con
vention at Saratoga, July 12-15, the
tJuriington roi.te, irom July 3 to Ju
ly y, inclusive, win sell round triD
tickets from all stations in Nebras
ka to Saratoga at one lowest first-
class fare, plus two dollars (mem
bership fee N. E. A.) Tickets are
gooa tor return pa ssaare from Tulv
15 to 21; an extension of time limit
can, however, be obtained b3' depos
iting tickets at the office of the joint
agent of terminal lines; 3(i9 Broad-
wa3-, Saratoga. The Burlington
route will run special Pullman
sleeping cars and reclining chair
cars irora Lincoln aim umaha
through to Saratoga, leaving Lin
coln at 2:40 p. m. and Omaha at 4:45 p.
m., July 9. A folder, giving all par
ticulars, may be had upon appl3 ing
to J. Francis, general passenger and
ticket agent, Omaha, to whom, or to
local agent B. & M. K. K., requests
for reservation of births should be
Fail to ao Our Duty.
Everbody has at times failed to do
their dut3' towards themselves.
Hundreds of lad3 readers suffer
from sick headache, nervousness,
sleeplessness and female troubles.
Let them follow the example of Mrs.
Herbecthter, Stevens Point, Wis.,
who for five 3-ears suffered greatl3
from nervous prostration and sleep
lessness, tried physicians and dif
ferent medicines without success.
But one bottle of Dr. Miles' Nervine
caused sound sleep every night and
she is like a new person. Mrs.
Elizabeth Wheeler, Laramie City,
Wyoming, who tried all other reme
dies, declares that after three week's
use of the Nervine for headache,
nervous prostration, etc., she was
entirely relieved. Sold b3- F. G.
Frick & Co. Trial bottle free. 1.
Clothier wont give
can write the most
the best oods for the
going to have a grand
its size, as good a town
is the biggest LfAR
The Place to Buy
I wish to specially recommend.
It ia absolutely safe.
HOODS SOLD O V TIH." Tver 1 r r
ment plan as cheap as for caah.
on easy monthly payments. Come
in and examine mv anti-ruat tin.
ware which is warranted not to rust
for one year. If at any time you
want anything new that we do not
happen to have in stock we can get
it for you on two days' notice.
421 Maln-st., Piattsmoatb