The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, June 28, 1892, Image 4

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An Ordinance Creating Paving?
District No. 2 Created. .
The City Council Cannot Agree on a
Route For the Purpose of
v Opening South Ninth
Street A Lengthy
The city council met in regular
session last niirht. The roll call
showed the following present: Mur
iihy, Lake, Minor, Graves, D. M
Jones, Spies, Steimker and Luncn
hagen; Petersen and V. I). Jones
coming in later.
The minutes of the last meeting
were read and approved.
A petition was read from Mrs.
Charlotte Finney, asking the conn
cil to take Home action to protect her
property on Lincoln avenue which is
as follows: Lot 9, section 18, town 12,
range 14, consisting of -g acre, that
when it rained the water overflowed
the ground. Referred to the streets,
alleys and bridge committee, with
power to act.
The claims committee, after hav
ing investigated the claims of K. G
Dovev-fc Son, A. W. White and C. II.
Parmele, reported them hack to the
council to settle as bent they could.
On motion, the streets, alleys and
bridges committee was instructed
to build a bridge on Washington
avenue, near Iltisel's mill.
The city attorney was called upon
to report on the progress of opening
South Ninth street. He reported
that George Glee agreed to take
$400 for his property, George liil
lings $500 and Harriet L. Hunter
$203; that he had written to Mrs.
Koss for figures, but had failed to
receive an answer; that the prob
able cost of opening Ninth street
straight through would be $1,(100.
Upon motion, the report was laid on
the table.
Some of the counciimen seemed
to think that the street could be
opened for $S0O. The road can be
opened by taking a round-a-bout
way, it is claimed, for $800. Murphy
moved that if the Hillings, Koss
and Glee properties could be pur
chased for that amount, the city at
torney should prepare deeds for
the same. The motion was lost.
It was then moved and seconded
that the mayor appoint a commit
tee of three to appraise the property
along the route, lhe vote stood a
tie, but the mayor voted aye. This
raised quite a discussion as to
whether the mayor was allowed to
vote, but it was finally decided in
his favor.
The city attorney- reported an
ordinance creating paving district
No. 2. and. upon motion, it was
placed upon its second and final
An ordinance was then read or
dering that Sixth street be paved.
and the property owners have un
til August 1 to select the material.
and if not done by that time the
council was to select it. The ordi
nance was placed on its second and I
1? .1 -....,.., 1 I
final reading and passed.
Mr. S. A. Davis, on behalf of the
school board, asked that the grade
on Kighth street south to Gold be
; established, so that the board could
go on and grade for the new school
Thuildinir. The citv encrineer was
tinstructed to establish said grade.
inecumiimirciiinui -
the matter of securing a new room
I for the police judge, reported mai
L a good room in the Anheuser-Busch
I building could be secured for $100 I
er year. The report was accepted
i and the committee instructed to
y.Iraw up a lease to that effect.
; On motion of Minor the city mar
dial was instructed to see that all ob
Ltmctions be removed from the
jiublic streets.
The street commissioner was or
I Eered to repair the sidewalk at the
fornerof Sixth and Vine streets.
Iind the cost be charged up to the
The street commissioner was also
i nstructed to grade Granite street
o that a sidewalk could be laid.
f The citv attorney was instructed
i look up the franchise of the street
ailway and report ai me ncxi
rmi. .1 4l,- :.wlu1ro1 in
.-I ne coiuuiiiiicii " ,
iii oratorical contest, with honors
?t,out evenly divided, after which
ie finance committee's report of
estimate for the coming year j
las adopted. The amount set aside
y nounts to something over $27,000.
The finance committee allowed
e following bills:
Sui.lMKla. IiuikI work (l
Kay. fame 13 j0
i'ltn Mr! ..-nitrhliti. Maine ! "
LAVoIferiUcrKT. name IS 00
nry lx:keniiatipt, fame -
Ijert lohntton, name "
ore Bates, aame ,n M
nk Latter, name a"
uijenna, name.......
11 -r
lliani Wairncr, same.
William fJinuery. siitne IS (mi
George I'olsul, teutu work 36 00
CliurleH llempel, sume 24 Cj
Kolxrrt Kit rues, same 3 jo
WilHtiiii IliHholt. HMitie '. mi
Andy Sin it It. en me 3tf no
Jake SI nil, same .Hi co
i.eorjje 1'oisal, salary 21 M
II ik, two 4 K chain S JO
Kolert Karnes, police OU
KiMow liroM, washing streets. .. . 3 73
Kre! Herrmann, My.ln mattliiK. 31 90
motion, the council adjourned.
Next Monday is the Fourth of
The Fourth of July committees
will meet to-night at the council
The Fourth of July celebration
here will draw the largest crowd
together that ever assembled in
Cass county.
Judge Archer's court was oc
cupied tin's afternoon with the case
of Gibson vs. Cheek. Gibson sued
Cheek for a board bill
J. P. Antill has fitted up the south
room over Dunn's feed store for an
ice cream parlor and will furnish
the best of ice cream and cake for
IO cents a dish. tf
Charles Grimes, T. S. Clifford,
C. W. Holmes, John Kuhney,
Charles Sherman and Harry Kuh
ney went over to Glenwood to-day
to see the ball game.
Chas. Vandeventer had his pre
limmary hearing before Judge
Archer to-day, which resulted in
Vandeventer being bound over to
the district court in the sum of $500.
fhe ladies of the Presbyterian
church will give a social at the res
" 1 r m w -w . . .....
mence oi 11. i. streierht tins eve
ning for the benefit of the organ
fund. Kvery one is cordially invit
ed to attend.
I. J. O'Rjurke stopped in the city
last evening to visit with his father,
M. O'Kourke, Sr. Mr. O'Rourke has
been out to Oklahoma and was re
turning to his home in Warsaw,
The citizens of Union have been
troubled for some time past with a
gang of chicken thieves. The of
ficers to-day arrested three men and
they were taken to Nebraska City
for trial.
There will be a meeting of the
Plattsmouth High School Alumni
at the office of D. O. Dwycr, to-mor
row evening at 8 o'clock. Important
business to attend to. liy order of
the president.
Arrangements have been made
for ball games Sunday and Monday',
July 3 and 4. The Council Bluffs
team, which is considered to be a
strong one, will be here on the
dates above mentioned.
J. J. Swoboda, who has been in
business for the past four years on
the corner of Main and Fourteenth
streets, says that he never had a
better trade than he has now. He
carries a good stock and ought to
be patronized freely.
Fok Sale ok Trade A desirable
lot in Plattsmouth. Will sell for
cash or will take a erood buerfrv
horse and
horses in exchange.
For particulars
this office.
call on or address
l lie ohm club Jett tins morning
for Glenwood, where they play two
games, hollowing is the com
plexion of the team: Maupin, c;
Reeves, p; Yapp, lb; John Patter
t T V a -w -
son, 2b; Harry Green, 3b; Miller, ss;
Ves Green, If; Schulhoff, cf; Bal
lance, rf.
The villiage of Louisville held an
exciting election yesterday. The
cause was the election of a school
board. Heretofore the board has
been composed of three members.
The old board had no use for Prof.
Killen and the issue was his re-elec-
tioiK Tne old board was was com
pletely knocked out and the follow
jnff elected: W. Cutforth, J. Jack
man, 11. fe. fankonin, t. vanscoye,
J. Robertson and R. Palmer.
John Rager and his wife created
a little amusement at the depot
this morning. Mrs. Rager had con
cluded to go back to Glenwood,
and had her trunk taken to the
depot. Rager appeared on the
scene and had the trunk taken up
town, but the bystanders informed
her where it was, and willinghands
conveyed the trunk back to the
depot. As the train pulled out
Mrs. Rager stuck her head out of
the window, and with a "goodbye,
John" she left him, while John went
up town cussing.
Beatrice Chatauqua Assembly
meets June 30 to July,16, to which the
B. & M. will sell tickets from all
points in Nebraska, June 29-30, and
limit to return July 17, for one fare
for the round trip. Tickets will be
sold to Crete July 5-6 at d
limit re
turn July 17 for one fare f
round trip. , J. Frax
for the
P. Agt.
Take Notice.
To all whom it may concern: All
persons wanting booth privileges.
or the privilege of running a dance
platform on the grounds on the 4th
day of July, will make application
to the undersigned as soon as pos-
gible. J1.A.UUVBK.
T. L. Murphy departed this morn
ing for Wyoming.
Mrs. Donelly has been quite sick,
Ul gradually recovering.
J. V. Egenberger, Jr., was an
Omaha passenger this morning.
Fred Starbuck of Glenwood, Iowa,
in ine city to-day on business.
- J. M. Roberts left last evening on
a business trip through the western
part of the state.
Fred Murphy left this morning
ior Alliance and a trip through the
western part of the state.
Mrs. Guy Moore, who has been
visiting with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Thomas Dabb, will return
soon to her home in Kansas City.
Pugilistic Ball Players.
A dispatcli from Grand Island
this morning says: Manager Wil
liam Rourke of the Grand Island
4 II'- I vr.
itruui, ti imam wnson and two or
three more, celebrated their victory
over the Cotton Pickers by filling
up on Kentucky bourbon Sunday
night. After shamefully beating!
the waiter in Mercum & Roush
Hros. chop house, the police arrest
ed the entire gang for being drunk
and disorderly andjfighting.
The trial came off in police court
yesterday afternoon. Manager
Rourke was fined $5 and costs, and
before the fine was paid the judge
added another $5 for contempt.
Wilson was fined $5 and costs.
Temporary Injunction.
The school board bought the lots
wnere tney will build their new
school house of A. C. Spencer, Spen
cer agreeing to move the buildings
off of the lot. Yesterday he moved
oneoff of the lot and set it across the
road that has been used by the citi
zens for some thirty years and
then nailed boards across the road
so as to make it impossible
for teams to pass. Last night the
council ordered the city marshal 1o
remove all obstructions on the pub
lic highways. This morning the
city marshal and the street commis
sioner with a force of men went up I
to remove the building from the
road after working half of the fore
noon. Spencer went before Judge
Ramsey in the absence of Judge
Chapman and secured a temporary
injunction restraining the mayor,
council, street commisfeioner and
chief of police from molesting the
property. The city claim they own
the lot on which the house is locat
ed and Spencer says he has been
paying taxes on the land for a num
ber of years.
The B. & M. will sell round trip
tickets for the Council Bluffs and
Omaha Chautauqua assembly, July i
2 to 16, to Omaha for one fare for
the round trip from Plattsmouth.
Tickets on sale July 2, 3, 4, 7, 8 and
15, and limit for return to five days
trom date of sale, this limit in no
case to exceed July 17.
J. Francis,
General Passenger Agent.
T. H. Pollock. Agent.
A Fly That Kli'm Horses.
All white men who visit regions in
Africa infested by the tsetse fly have
much to say about it. There is now
evidence that the tsetse is moving grad
ually to more northern regions, and the
cause is - supposed to be that South
Africa is depleted of its large game,
much of which is moving northward to
get away from hunters, and the tsetse
fly is going with it.
The insect is only a little larger than
the ordinary house fly, and it resembles
the honey bee. Its sting is hardly as
annoying as that of the mosquito, but
near the base of the proboscis is a little
bag which contains its poison. It lives
on the blood of animals, and only a few
species are fatally affected by its bite.
Cattle, horses and dogs, however, can
not live when bitten by the tsetse fly.
Natives who herd cattle and travelers
who depend on horses and oxen must
avoid the fly regions or lose their stock.
For human beings its bite has no serious
consequences. inttsDurg inspatcn.
A Perfectly Healthy People.
The Parsees are sun worshipers, and
it is an interesting sight to see throngs
of them on the shore of the bay as the
sun rises, apparently from the sea, per
forming the simple rites of their religion,
the fluttering robes showing their fine
figures to the best advantage as the day
begins. Their religious practices are
simple in the extreme, consisting main
ly in strict dietary rules and personal
The rigid observance of sanitary laws
produces the natural result of perect
health among the adults, large families
of active, healthy children and immense
numbers of old men, gray bearded,
white haired, but erect and princely in
their gait and attitude, despite the
naturally enervating characte of the
tropical climate. Cor. Washington
The Ctfmmon Snake.
The common 6nake is found through
out Europe (save in Ireland, the Ork
neys, Hebrides, bneuana islands and
Iceland), extending northward in Scan
dinavia to 65 degs. It abounds in Sic
ily, Sardinia and Corsica, and occurs,
though rarely, in Algiers, bnt not thence
eastward in Africa. It is found in Per
6ia and western Siberia, and Asia as fa.,
Lake Baikal, and in the Alps at an alt t
tude of 6,000 feet. Quarterly Review.
A. Snake That Is Pound In Many Places.
The common snake, which bears the
scientific name of Tropidonotus natrix,
is one species of a genus (Tropidonotus)
which extends over Europe and North
America, and from northern Asia to
north Australia, there being seventeen
or eighteen Indian species alone. Our
common snake may serve as an example
or the largest family into which serpents
are divided the family Colubridas of
which there are upward of 165 species in
India alone. This family contains most
of the harmless snakes, and it is also il
lustrated by a small snake, Coronella
austriaca, which some years ago was
discovered to be an inhabitant of Dorset
shire and Hampshire. The Coronella
feeds exclusively on lizards, slow worms
and small snakes. Though harmless, it
will bite. Quarterly Review.
The First False Hair.
In very early days, as now, the hair
was sometimes thin and it had to be
eked out in various ways to make be
lieve that nature had been spendthrift
to all alike. About the first description
extant of woman's hair speaks of "plaited
locks." known as "Gretchen braids' to
us. To make these braids seem longer,
ilk the color of the hair was braided in.
Then they they took to putting the
braids in cases of silk, elongating them
with all sorts of stuff till they looked
like umbrellas in covers. The Chinese
pigtail is a modification of this style.
Washington Star.
- Punished by the Csar.
The czar of Russia knows how to
brace np his military officers to their
duty. A merchant of Charkoff was
murdered by soldiers, and it was shown
that had the officers of the regiment
stationed in the town maintained proper
discipline the murder might have been
prevented. As a punishment for this they
have been ordered to pay a yearly pen
sion of 5,000 rubles to the widow of the
murdered man. Toledo Blade.
Not Surprised.
Neighbor (breathlessly) Oh, Mrs.
Harddluck, your little son Johnny found
a dynamite bomb, and took it into a
table down town and broke it with an
x, and blew up the stable and all the
buildings around it.
Mrs. Harddluck Land sakesl I won
der what that boy will be np to next.
Good News.
Deposits of Loadstone.
A Kansas City paper 6ays that there
is a bowlder in the Ozarks which will
attract a jackknife dropped nine feet
away, and that along tne line oi tne
fifth principal meridian, in the counties
of Carter, Reynolds, Iron and Washing
ton, the lines of east and west surveys
are deflected from the true course sev
eral degrees, the needle being affected
by the deposits of loadstone.
Tlie rage for bowknots shows no signs
of abating. Easter gifts were devised
of them in every form.
F ANY ONE tells you that JOE, the One Price Clothier wont give
a nice suit of clothes on July 4th, to the one who can write the most
words on a postal card tell him he is a LI All.
If any one tells you that JOE does not handle
least money tell him he is a LIAR.
"If anyone tells yon JOE has not stnctjy one price lor everybody
him he is a LIAR.
If any one tells you that Plattsmouth is not
Fourth of July tell him he is a LIAR.
If any one tells you that Plattsmouth is not, for
as you find in America tell him JOE said thatman
OF ALL. - ...
U 0 E .t
I had a serve attack of catarrh
ana became so deaf I could not
hear common conversarion, I suf
fered terribly from roarinfi in my
neaa. i procured a bottle of lily's
weam Balm, ana in- three weeks
could hera as well as I ever could,
ana now X can say to al! who are
affiicte with the worst of deseases
catarrh, take Ely.s Cream Balm and
be cured. It is wortn $1,000 to anv
man, womon or child suffering
irom caiarrn. a. u,. ivewman. uray-
nng, iiicn.
Sleep on Left Side.
Many persons are unable to sleep
on their left side. The cause has
long been a puzzle to physicians.
Metropolitan papers speak with
great interest of Dr. Franklin Miles,
the eminent Indiana specialist in
nervous and heart diseases, who has
proven tnat tnis habit at lses-from a
diseased heart. He has examined
and kept on record thousands oi
cases. His New Heart Care, a won-
aertul remedy, is sold at F. G. Fricke
& Co. Thousands testify to its value
as a cure ior neart diseases. Mrs.
unas. ueuoy, .uoveiana, t;olo., says
its effects on her were marvelous.
Elegant uook on heart disease free.
Half Rates to Saratoga.
On the occasion of the National
Educational Ass'n's annual con
vention at Saratoga, July 12-15, the
ifurlington route, trom July 3 to J u
ly 9, inclusive, will sell round'trio
ticxets trom an stations in XVebras
ka to Saratoga at one lowest first-
class fare, plus two dollars (mem
bership fee N. E. A.) Tickets are
good for return passage from July
15 to 21; an extension of time limit
can, however, be obtained by depos
iting tickets at the office of the joint
agent oi terminal lines: 309 Broad
way, Saratoga. The Burlington
route will run special Pullman
sleeping cars and reclining cha
cars trom .Lincoln ana CJ m a
through to Saratoga, leaving Lin
coln at :4U p. m. and Omaha at 4:4a p
m., July y. A folder, giving all par
ticulars, may be had upon applying
to J. J raucis, general passenger and
ticket agent, Omaha, to whom, or to
local agent B. & M. R. R., requests
for reservation of births should be
Fall to do Our Duty.
Everbody has at times failed to do
their duty towards themselves.
Hundreds of lady readers suffer
from sick headache, nervousness,
sleeplessness and female troubles.
Let them follow the example of Mrs.
Herbecthter, Stevens Point, Wis..
who for five years suffered greatly
from nervous prostration ana sleep-
. . i r.
lessness, xrieu pnysicians anu dif
ferent medicines without success.
But one bottle of Dr. Miles' Nervine
caused sound sleep every night and
she is like a new person. Mrs.
Elizabeth Wheeler, Laramie City,
Wyoming, who tnea all other reme
dies, declares that after three week's
use of the Nervine for headache,
nervous prostration, etc., she was
entirely relieved. Sold by F. G.
Frick & Co. Trial bottle free. 1.
the best,
oods for
going to have a grand
its size, as good a town
is the biggest LIAR
The Place to Buy
I wish to specially recommend.
It is absolutely safe.
ment plan as cheap as for cash,
on easy monthly payments. Come
in and examine my anti-rust tin
ware which is warranted not to rust
for one year. If at any time you
want anything new that we do not
happen to have in stock we can get
it lor you on two day notice.
421 Maln-St., Plattsmouth -