The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, June 25, 1892, Image 3

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attractive qualities of the genuine.
We attach this tag to . , ,
every bag of BLACKWELL'S
for the protection of DURHAM TOBACCO CO.
the smoker. durham, n. c.
For AtchiiiMon, St. Joseph, Leaven
worth, Kansas City, St. Lou in,
and all pointau"rtli, east
. south or west. Tick
ets sold and bag
gage checked
to any
States or
Canada. For
Call at Depot or address
H, C. Tovxsexi,
G. P. A. St. Louis, Mo.
A. G. I. A. Omaha.
H. D. Apgak. Agt., Plattsmouth.
Telephone, 77.
The best of fresh meat always found
in this market. Also fresh
' Kffns a"d Butter.
Wild game of all kinds kept in their
Newer foils to viva nutans relinf in the worst
oaaia. sod ifct kr w li e r other fail
Trial Pmbsm t'UKK mt Dmaiata sr by UtO.
IHfw DR. R. BOH1FPMAK N, fit. Pant. Ulan.
Snroi Yrctnpt, FosJtr
Cure for Impottnct, Lota
of Manhood, 8eminal
Emissions. Spermatorrhea,
Neroousmess, Self Distrust.
Los of Mtmoru, Ac. Wilt
matte you a STRONG, Vigor
ous Man. Prlc 91.00, 0
Boxes, 8& 00.
Srclal Oirectkmt Hafted
whh each Bom. A dart is
Ballard s&ow Uslarat Co-,
2949 Luoas Ave
Chamberlain's Bye and Skin
A certain enro for Chronic Sore Eyes
Tetter, Salt Bhemn, Scald Bead, Ol
Chronic Sores, Fever Sores, Eczema,
Itch, Prairie Scratches, Sore Nipples
and Piles. It is cooling and soothing.
Hundreds of cases have been cured by
It after all other treatment had failed.
It is pat np in 25 and CO cent boxes.
III II III llll tlr lilt iariaie ar eiaiass.
Tk.T sake kerole tsoru so iree mibmi,
v bat ot knowing kw X eacceaarally
tbej (in vp ! aepir un rdi nu m-a fn
graft. itwuuv.MrtuMi
. - .L4 IimM 1
f ft iimn-w kl ' ,
th. philosophy ef Wmu-
Orci ef M. how by
numb o-. .
fey methotfa azclaslTaly as
m, th. wnt w of
loit ar F&UIbk Manhood,
Ooaeral K.rroae Da
billty, Waaketaa of Body
akMfi a. -
or Xichmi. etanMd or
nrota Ort "t&KL&B A DBTSLOI&
PI X.1 - -V
1 I I XWbK.
The Tariff
Has not raised the price on
Bull Durham
Smoking Tobacco.
There arc many other brands,
each represented by some inter
ested person to be "just as good
as the Bull Durham." They
are not; but like all counterfeits,
each lack the peculiar and
Healthful, Agreeable, Cleansing.
Chapped Hands, Wounds, Burns, Etc.
Removes and Prevents Dandruff.
Specially Adapted for Ue in Hard Water.
Labeled 1-2 lb Tins Only.
by Peck's Invisible Tubular Ear Cask
Ion. Whupera beard. Comfortable.
Btf-rfMtsfui whtrreal Irrmedu-nfail. Sold by F. Illffoz,onIy , CpCC
?53 airuftdwaj, Kfr awrlu Writ fur book ot prwuflllCC
: -11 ? "L? t aTi PJiHofta a lnxurinni
lea the hair.
nt pniwth.
f3! Hair to its
to Heatore Gray
Youthful. Color.
ifPAMra & hair fallinir.
Itnd .! Ijat iniiqfiH
'.' .irker'g (ringer Tonic, li curvi the wP!t 0uhv
iVrji .. Di tiiii'v, IndigeAion, Fain, Take in time. jOctn.
H!?iDERCORJS. The onlr mire cure for Corns.
;pi ail ptiu. lOu. at iJrutgsitta, or liliCUX tt CtX, N. Y.
How Lost! How Regained i
Or SELF-PRESERVATION. A new and only
nd WEAKNESSES of MAN. 800 pages, cloth,
eilt; 125 invaluable prescription. Only $1.00
by mail, double pealed. Descriptive Prospect
us with endorsements fnrri FNH
of the Press and voluntary lKr T I unw
testimonials of the cures. I I !& NUW.
Consultation in person or by mail. Expert treat
7AIN CURE. Addre-s Dr. W. H. Pnrker. or
he Pea body Medical Institute, No. 4 BulUnch St
Boston, Maw.
The Peabody Medical Institute has many Imi
tators, hut no equal. Meruld.
The Science of Life, or Self Preservation, Is a
treasure more valuable than gold. Head It now,
every WEAK and NERVOUS man, and learn lo
be STRONG . Medical Review. (Copi rithtedJ
Good, all the time. It removes
the languor of morning, sus
tains the energies of noon, lulls ,
the weariness of night.
delicious, sparkling, appetizing.
Don't be deceived if a dealer, for the salce
of larger profit, tells you Si me other kind
is "just as cood "'tis false. No imitation
is as good as the genuine Hires'.
AGENTS to sell our choice nursery
stock. Many fine specialties to offer
write quick mid secure choice of territory
1 1 1 A II D li U d . Kochester, X. Y
folng to Afrlraw
Omit interest is exhibited in the pro-fjow-d
East African extxtlition of Mr.
William Antor Chankr. Tlie Tama
river, which ho ini.sen to follow, is in
habited iilon? the lower part iirincipally
by U) Wa-l'okonio, a race which Biib
Bistrt by cultivation. The hankb- of the)
river lein low, tlio country on both
tsideH is annually inunlatelf and thu
river thus nets as a liberal fertilizer.
Air. ChauliT lias no easj' tank Iw-fore
him, as Home of the trilx-s to lie passed
in reaeliiii Mount Kenia have had
their suspicions and hostility aroused
by the harsh aiul barbarous courso of the
Gerhiaii explorer Dr. iVterp.
lie will start early in Juno in company
with Lieutenant Ilohnel.of the Austrian
navy, and Count Tolaki, with the object
of careful scientific research and ol
servation in that region. They will
travel along the Tama river, resting for
Homo weeks at the snoweapied moun
tain of Kenia, where they will make
astronomical observations. After ex
ploring the mountain to its summit if
possible they will plunge into the almost
unknown regions of East lludolph lake.
It was there that Baron Vecken was
murdered, and that Iteviol, Itcspoli and
Ferrendi failed in their efforts to accom
plish their aims.
The region abounds in warlike triles.
Mr. Chanler intends to enter the region
from the west, after leaving Lake llu
dolph, and proceed along tho Tubba
river to the sea. lie expects to lo al-
Bent aliont eighteen months. lie will
take with him his young servant, George
Galium, who accompanied him through
Mashonaland. Mr. Chanler is full of
hope and will go fully eptipied for his
H-rilous enterprise, which is expected to
have most interesting and valuable it
suits. Philadelphia Leader.
A Tame Duckling-.
The extraordinary sight of a duckling
that has just shed its shell following a
young woman about the house with all
the affection of a pet dog is a domestic
wonder in the family of Mrs. Carr. Ever
since Easter mom the neighbors have
been dropping in to witness the spec
tacle, and the fame of tho singular at
tachment has attracted attention among
people who are interested in natural
phenomena of every description.
The little duckling has been in the
family since Easter Sunday, when it
was brought as a gift to Mrs. Carr'g
baby daughter, Serena, aged four years,
who was delighted with her new pet.
The duck at once struck up a long
friendship for tho domestic, Mary Mc
Cullough, and has been tho j-oung wom
an's constant companion ever since.
Whenever Mary speaks the duck re
sponds with the piping salutation and
waddles after the young woman wher
ever she goes. The most astonishing
thing about this freak of nature is that
if any other inmate of the household
attempts to induce it to answer, the
webfooted prodigy maintains a solemn
6ilence, but Mary has only to utter a
word when the quacking "begins and is
kept up until she has ceased speaking.
Philadelphia Times.
Mary's Claim.
A little girl is reported to have died
near the imaginary line in Oklahoma
which divided the recently opened res-
servations from the remainder of the
territory just as the signal was given for
the grand rush for lands. The child and
her father were alone and unknown, but
the beauty of the one and the still, deep
grief of the other moved the strong men
of the frontier to acts of admirable sym
pathy. A runner on a swift horse located a
homestead, and returning placed the
father of the dead girl in possession of
it. The bod- of the child was trans
ported to the claim and buried upon it.
Afterward it was discovered the re
maining one of the unfortunate couple
was absolutely penniless, and a purse of
money was given him with the hope that
the claim will prove a haven of rest to
him and that the homestead shall al
ways bo known as "Mary's claim."
Duluth Tribune.
Death from Ingrowing Toe Nail.
Some time ago there was published
the story of the death of a Long Island
physician from blood poisoning result
ing from an ingrowing toe nail. A well
known surgeon chiropodist said the
other day to the reporter: "The death of
that Long Island doctor is not the first 1
have heard of from the same cause.
"The cause of the disease is eoinrlon
and painful and usually directly trace
able to narrow toed shoes. It causes
pain as severe as a toothache and not
infrequently, when neglected, results in
blood poisoning. I know of an opera
tion for ingrowing toe nail in an English
.hospital where the patient suffered so
much pain that they gave him a mixture
of ether and chloroform. The operation
was successful, but when it was finished
the physicians found that their patient
had died from the chloroform." New
York Sun. "
- To Preserve an Alpine Flower.
The diet of the Tyrol last week passed
a bill imposing heavy fines upon persons
fonnd selling any sample of the beauti
ful but rare Alpine flower called edel
weiss, which has been pulled up by the
roots on the mountains. A similar act
was passed seven years ago by the diet
of Salzburg, with a view to the preserva
tion of the edelweiss plant, which is
threatened with extinction in the Aus
trian Alps. In the Salzburg district the
success of this legislation i3, unfortu
nately, not encouraging.
Great Season for Herrings.
The herring fishing season on the Sus
quehanna river is finished, and the catch
has been unprecedented. The pack will
amount to'over 00,000 barrels of salted
fish. The season open April 8 and cloaed
May 10. One fisherman caught 100 bar
rels of the fish with a dipnet in the out
let lock of the canal. It has been no un
common thing this season to take 200,
000 herring at a haul of one of the large
seines, which, when paid out, encircle?
three-quarters of a mile or inure ol
water area. Cor. Philadelphia Record.
A Lurid Comparison of the) Essential
Points mt the Religions That Have for
Their Konmlut lona the ltlble and the
liuruu Ixluii) Democracy.
M. Mismer could riot know the east
any better than he does if he had been
born there, and wo copy from his new
volume, "Souvenirs du Monde Mussul
man." a few w-jvfl views and considera
tions addressed especially to statesmen
and thinkers:
The greate r iortion of tho precepts of
the Ivorun have a meaning which es
capes us, because that meaning is at
variance with our ideas and our man
ners, and this is what gives rise to ik
litical errors of an incalculable reach.
Tho Mussuhnans do not fail to return
the attacks that are made upon them.
Conceding to us the advantage in a ma
terial ad scientific point of view, they
hold that the riches and learning of tho
few do not make tho happiness of the
many, and they claim superiority for
their moral ffnd social constitution.
Essentially democratic in its origin,
Islam has a sumptuary law which puts
a tax of 2J2 percent, upon the jewels of
women and upon all objects of luxury.
This money has served for centuries to
assist ioor tradesmen and to buy them
tools. Thanks to the prohibition of
wino and spirits, tho social problem is
solved for them. On seeing tho dangers
that hover over our civilization, the
Mussulmans compare it to the smoking
remains of a burned tent. They think
that if it should disappear in tho flames
of anarchy for want of an organic prin
ciple it would be incapable of rising
again from its ashes, while their faith
maintains order in everything, the con
dition sine qua non of progress.
"You accuse us," they say, "of being
depraved. Are 3011 less so, you who
keep up perpetual orgies in your great
cities, expose your half clad wives and
daughters at balls and feasts, and allow
them to bo whirled around in the arms
of anybody and everybody? You re
proach us for our ignorance. In order
to pass through life with honor your in
struction is not so good as ours. Thanks
to tho proverbs and the rules of wisdom
that are taught to our children, they
conduct themselves like little men.
With you the men, and even the
learned, conduct themselves like
liftlo children. You charge our
functionaries with venality. Who
contributes to its establishment if it is
not tho vulgar herd of traders of every
class that Europe has scattered all over
the east? You cry down our judiciary.
We too have a right to accuse yours. You
charge us with fatalism. Fatalists we
are, just like your learned men and j'our
philosophers, who base their calculations
upon the immutability of natural laws.
Resigned in the face of plagues, cata
clysms and death, we say It was writ
ten.' For the rest we follow the words
of tho prophet.
"One day the prophet asked an Arab
visitor what he had done with his camel.
The Arab replied, 'I have left him at
thy gate.' 'Hast thou tied him?' inquired
the prophet. 'No, I have left him to the
care of God.' 'Thou hast done wrong,'
said Mohammed. 'Thou shouldst first
have tied him, and then have recom
mended him to God.'
"The Christian doctrines of predesti
nation and of grace are more depressing
than our fatalism. Your ignorance of
Islam makes you confound Mussulman
slavery with ancient slavery and that
whit h existed until recently in Russia
and in Brazil. With the Mussulmans
thera are no slaves. All are brothers,
not in the Platonic sense of the Bible,
but actually, having the same laws and
tho same positive duties according to
the terms of the Koran. Unlike Chris
tianity, Islam has never treated as sal
able things, transmissible with the land,
troops of men who professed the com
mon faith, as was done with the serfs
of the Middle Ages, the moujiks of
Russia, and the negroes of your colonies.
Prisoners of war are the only slaves that
it recognizes, but their children are born
free, and they themselves can become
so by embracing Islam.
"It is the custom from time immemo
rial in certain countries for parents to
part with their children for money, in
order to ward off poverty and open np
to themselves a career of fortune. By
virttie of Mussulman equality this ca
reer is limitless in the east. How many
slaves have become pashas, generals
and ministers? Almost all the sultans
have been the sons of slaves. The black
slaves taken from central Africa find in
Egypt and in Turkey a fate incompar
ably superior to that of the slaves of
your colonies. Slavery is for savages
the first step toward civilization. If
their recruiting and their transportation
give rise to well founded protests, the
fault is not with Islam. Neither the
Bible nor the Koran is responsible for
"The Mussulmans proclaim the supe
riority of their Allah; but they acknowl
edge Moses as a prophet and Jesus as
Rouh Allah, the soul of God. Their
veneration for Jesus extends to the
mother. The immaculate conception,
introduced into Catholicism by Pius IX,
has been for twelve centuries a Mussul
man belief.
"To the extreme simplicity of the
dogma must be added the positive enjoy
ments which the paradise of Mohammed
onnoses. to the Diatonic joys of the
tjnnsnan paraaise. in oraei' to coiiip.o-
hend the resistance of Islam to all at
tempts at conversion. 'Christianity is
a menace, Islamism a promise, said
Napoleon I, and his opinion is worthy
of meditation." Pans r igaro.
Eating Before Sleeping.
Scientific men now delare that eating
before sleeping is of great benefit, and
that a bowl of bread and milk, a mug of
beer and a few biscuits, or a saucer of
oatmeal before retiring will in a short
time result in an increase in weight.
! strength and general tone. New York
He Shot Too Well and So They Toe If
Him Out ef Temptation.
"Away up in tho Sierras, where the
mountains rear their snow whits poaka
and stand like sentinel in armor guard- y
Ing the gold that lies hidden in tho rocky I
canyons below, 1 onco saw an exhibition
of rillo shooting, which I havo never
since seen equaled," remarked a grizzled
old man whoso sands of life had nearly
run, as ho stood surrounded by a group
of interested listeners in a well known
Clark street spirting resort the other
night. "What was 1 doing up there,
you ask. Why, herding sheep, in order
to get together enough for a grub stake,
so that I might start out again on a
prospecting tour.
"Wo had 10,000 sheep, divided into
four bands, with three herders and as
many dogs to each one of them, and wo
camped wherever night overtook us. 1
tell you 1 slept sounder in those days,
rolled up in a pair of blankets and with
a log of wood for my pillow, than I dj
now in the best bed that I can find in
"We followed tho old stage road that
led uj from Stockton through Sonora
and Cherokee camp, anil then struck
out over it trail that led through thu
'Big Basin' and up to tho headwaters of
tho Tolumno river. It was in Juno and
tho air was full of tho fragrance of
flowers, while the sunlight as it flick
ered through tho trees mado a chess
board on th velvet green carpet that
lay stretched out beneath tho epreadiug
"Wo had long before left civilization
behind us, when lato one evening wo
came out of tho woods into a littlu
mountain meadow that was known as
Crane's flats, and was tho headquarter
for a baud of cattle herders. Most of
them were Italians, but they gave us a
warm welcome. One of them in particu
lar attracted my attention. He was tall,
lithe and muscular, and walked with the
easy swing of a professional pedestrian.
His eyes were of bluish gray, and ho
seemed to bo a leader among his com
panions, all of whom wero swarthy and
dark eyed.
" 'If you can get that fellow to show
you some shooting you will seo some
thing wonderful in that line,' whispered
0110 of my companions.
" 'Who is he?' I asked.
" 'Italian Joe,' was the reply.
"I had heard of Italian Joe before. At
Sonora, at Cherokee, at the Confidence
mines and in a hundred other places his
fame as a rifle shot had been dinned into
my ears.
"Tho next morning I asked him to
give us an exhibition of his skill. Shoot
ing was his weak point, and he consent
ed. Unlike tho coy maiden, who can
sing, but wishes to be coaxed beforo she
does, he had his notes with him. Tak
ing a Colt's revolving rifle in his hands
he paced oil a hundred yards and pinned
a common cap box to tho trunk of a
huge oak. Coming back, he wheeled as
quick as lightning, and without sight
ing, apparently, he emptied tho cham
bers. Six of the shots were in a circle
around the edge, while tho Seventh was
a plumb center.
"Loading again, he glanced about
him. High up in the heavens a hawk
circled warily through the blue, looking
for something to prey upon. There wa3
a moment of hesitation, a quick report
and down came the hawk with a bullet
in his head. Pennies, dimes and quar
ters that were tossed in the air came
down with a bullet hole through them, j
He missed nothing that ho drew a bead
on. He could beat all the Carvers and
the Buffalo Bills that you ever saw."
"What became of him?" asked an
eager listener.
"He shot at a man and he didn't miss
him, either. Ho was captured by a band
of vigilantes, and when I came out of
the mountains in the fall his skeleton,
white and ghastly, was hanging to a
tree at the entran of the big basin.
The vultures had picked all the flesh
from the bones, and the sun, wind and
rain had bleached them to a snowy
whiteness. Pinned to a tree was this
inscription, written with charcoal upon
a pine shingle:
: de coui.n snooT too well, :
: AND WE Ul'.NQ HIM. '
. .
"Rather a ghastly comment on our so
called civilization, was it not?' Chicago
Effect of Gravitation.
If a man weighing twelve stone were
to be transferred to the moon, the weight
of his body, measured, at least, by the
attraction which the moon would exer
cise upon it, would be reduced to about
two stone. If his muscles and his frame
remained the same, it would seem as it
he would be able to jump over a wall
twelve feet high on the small globe
without any greater exertion than would
be required to clear a wall two feet high
on the earth. Good Words.
Mountain Lions Are Great Cowards.
Mountain lions are the greatest cow
ards in the mountains, although people
who are not familiar with them believe
that they stretch out on limbs of trees
and pounce upon unsuspecting travel
ers. I will guarantee to take an ordi
nary hickory club and chase any lion
in the mountains, although I have one
hide at home measuring nine feet from
tip to tip. Topeka Capital.
Amnsement of Texas Engineers.
Engineers of railroad trains in Texas
and most of the western states carry re
volvers and often rifles in the cab for
contingencies that might arise. They
amuse themselves by shooting at the
telegraph poles or any other mark while
running at full speed, and attain won
derful skill in marksmanship. St. Louis
The Oldest Banknote.
The oldest banknote now in existence
is in the British museum, and was is
sued from the imperial mint of China at
the beginning of the reign of the first
Ming emperor. The first bank in Ea
rope was at Barcelona, established in
1401. The Chinese banknote i3 suppjged
to date back to 1100. New York Sua.
Every Month
many worries suffer from Esceeelve er
Scant Menstruation; they don't know
who to confide la to get proper advice.
Don't confide in anybody but try
Fcmalo Regulator
Specific for PAINFUL, PROFUSE.
Book to "WOMAN" mailed free.
"old r all DresgUta.
attorney Will give prompt attentloa
',0 ail liuMneoH Rtruitd to him. Office In
Union block, Kant Bide. 1'laltamoutti, Neb.
The Leading
Constrintly keeps on hand every thin
you need to furnish your house.
fald up capital
rtiiery bent facilities for tlie promp
transaction of ligitluiate
Hanking Business
Htockp, bonds, k'old. government and local se
juritieH liouKbt and sold. DepoHlUJ received
nd interest allowed ou the certificates
Drafts drawn, available in any part of tlie
Ui lted State and all thu principal tewus of
HlKliest ni,irket price paid for County War- p
raniH, mate ana t;ouniy doiiUb.
John Fitzgerald I). Hawkswortb
Sam Waugh. Y. K. While
ieorge K. Dovey
fobn Fltzfrerald. h. WauKh.
Prei-ident Carbaet;,
W. II. Clsiikng,
l'rcttitlcut ,
Vice-1'rtmUlcnt. ,
-00OT H EO00-
Capital Paid in
F K Gntliinan. J W Johnson. E H Greus
uenry KiKenuary. m w Morgan, J
A Connor. W Wettenkamp, W
11 Cushing
A general banxincr busineBH tran
acted. Interest allowed 011 d
Always lias on hand a full stock
Corn, Iiran, Shorts Oats and Hale
Hay for sale as low as the lowetj
and delivered to any part of tl
Cathoi.k:. St. Paul's Church, ak. betwe
Fifth and Sixth. Father Cainey, Pat
services: jwhsh at 0 ana 10 :30 a. m. Huna
School at 2 :30, witb benediction.
Chkistian. Corner Locust and Kiirhth tj
Services morning and evening. Elder
Galloway pastor. Sunday School 10a.m.
Episcopal. St. Luke's Church, corner Tli
and Vine. liev. li li. Hrnee. pastor. H
vices : 11 A. m. and 7 J3U P. M. Sunday Sch
at 2 :30 p. m. Methodist. corner Sixth Rt. at
Granite. Kev. Hlrt. Pantor. Services : 11 A
and 7 :30 P.M. Sunday School 10 :30 A. M
Pbksbyteei an. Services in new church.
ner Sixth and Granite Hie. lie v. J. T. Bai
pastor. Sunday-school at 9 ;3f ; Preachl
at 11 a. m.aua s p. rn.
The V . K. S. C. E of this Church meets ev
Sabbath evening at 7 :15 in the basement
thechucrh. All are invited 10 attena in
First Mfthodist. Sixth St.. betwen M
ahd Pearl. Kev. L. K. Brltt. I). V. oasl
Services : 11 A. m.. 8 :00 P. m. Sunday 8cli
9:30 a. m. Prayer meeting W eduesday ev4
Cmviv PRrauvTvuiav f'nrnr Main
Ninth. Kev. Witte, pastor. Services us
Hours, nunuay renooi y :m a. m. Co-okf.oatio'ai Granite,
. 1 ' i f . 1 1 . ' : . t
inccu r ulii auu nixtu.
Colohud Baptist. Mt. Olive. Oak. betw
Tenth and Eleventh. Kev. A. riowe!l. p
tor. Services 11a. m. and 7 uM) p.m. Prs
meetiuir Wednesday eveuine;.
Vottxo Mps's Chkistiax Associatio
Kooms in V atennan block. Main street. GJ
pel meeting. lor men only, every sunaay
ternoon at 4 o'clock. Kooms open week C
irom 8:30 a. m.. to : 30 p.m.
Rnrrn Park Tarf.rxaclb;. Kev. J.
Wood, Pastor. Services : Sunday Sch
iOa. m rTeacntDir. 11a. m. ana S P.
prayer meeting Tuesday night ; choir pi
tlCHrnaay nignt. au are weicoiu.