The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, June 16, 1892, Image 4

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Tho Executive Committee Meet
and AppointSub-Cornmlttees
Tho KnlRhts Will Observe Decora
tion Day Sunday, June I O
The Graduating: Exer
cises To-night.
The Fourth if July executive com
mittee hint nitrht sit the new council
chamber, organized hy electing
Ir. A. Shiptiiau, chairmnu nml A. J.
fi raven, Hecretnry. The executive
committee then appointed the fol
lowing hiiI i-coni in it teen:
Finance R. II. Windham. M. II.
Murphy, K. V. Hycrn and II. C. Mc-
Grounds Robt. Sherwood, George
I'oisall and II. C. McMiikfn.
Decorations Henry Gering, Val
Ilurkel and Henry Tartsch.
Program, Sports and Pastimes
K.A.Oliver, Tom Patterson and D.
C. McKntce.
Music Jan. Pettee, MrH. K. H.IIur
ris, Mrs. G. W. Xoble and A. II. Dray.
Speakers and Invitation- -S. N.
Chapman, S. P. Vanatta and J. L.
Printing M. D. Polk, O. N. Peter
sen and M. N. Griffith.
TransportationA. X. Sullivan,
Ilyron Clark, F. Latham and H. D.
The coinmittee adjourned to meet
Fridaj- evening at the same place.
The Knights of Pythias of this city
will observe their decoration day on
Sunday, June 1. The members
will assemble at their hall at 7
o'clock, Sunday morning: and will
start promptly at 8 o'clock for the
cemetery, where they will decorate
the graves of the departed brethren.
They will march back to the hall
ami from the hall they will go in a
a body to the M. K. church and at
tend services. The lodge will hold
their regular memorial services next
Wednesdaj' evening ot their castle
hall, and the public is cordially in
vited to attend.
Mr. and Mrs.IIenry Cooper were in
Omaha to-day. "
Geo. F. Houseworth went to Lin
coln this afternoon. -
Rev. J. M. Wood went up to
Omaha this morning. , ,
.Mrs. Pirie of Wy more returned
home this morning. . .
. IIoiw W. II. Shryock came in from
Louisville this morning.
Mr. and Mrs. F. S. White went to
Omaha on Xo. 3 this morning.
W. L. Thomas, S. P. Vanatta, and
V. V. Leonard weie in Omaha today.
John A. Davies goes to Kagle to
address a ratification meeting there
George F. Xiles went up to
Omaha this morning to attend the
competitive drill.
M. A. Shipman of Elsie, Nebraska,
is in the city the guest ef his father,
Dr. A. Shipman.
O. C. Dovey, Mathew Gering and
W. D. Jones were Omaha passen
gers this morning.
Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Wise and
daughter, Miss Bertha, were Omaha
passengers this morning.
Yesterday's Ball Games.
A Kearney dispatch to the Lin
coln Journal says: "A poor exhibi
ion of base ball was played
to-day by the Plattsmouth aggrega
tion. Their errors counted up to
thirteen in the end of the game
most of which were made by Pond
at second base. Perrine's wildness
together with the errors, gave the
team the eight runs, although they
secured only two safe hits. Cole
put up a superb game at short.
Patterson's playing at third for the
visitors was a feature. Hopp
pitched a shut out game, but two
costly errors in the eighth inning
gave the visitors their only run.
The score;
Weather-Crop Bulletin
For the week ending June 14:
The week has been warm and sun
shiny with only scatterd showers
and has been the most favorable
week of the season for the growth
of all vegetation and for farming
operations generally.
The temperature has been above
the normal in all parts of the state,
generally from one and a half to
three degrees above but in the
southeastern part of the state about
seven degrees.
The sunshine has also been decid
edly above the average.
The rainfall generally has been
very light and in many parts of the
state there was none or onl3' a trace.
The dr3 warm weather has hast
ened the growth of all crops and
especially corn has made rapid
progress; small grain has been
slightly injured in a few cases by
the warm, dry winds and lack of
showers; the ground has become
somewhat crusted and showers in
all parts of the state would be very
beneiicial to soften the surface of
the ground.
J Patterson, 3b 4 0 1 4 5 0
Green, us 4 0 1 1 2 3
S Patterson cf 4 0 2 1 t
liaker, rf 4 0 1 3 0 0 5 0 3 0 2
Fond. 2b 3 0 1 14 6
Keeven, if 3 O O 0 o
Wirsche lbAc . 3 1 0 13 0 0
Ferrine p 3 0 0 0 3 0
Total ... yt 1 4 27 15 13
A B K. BH PO A b"
Fowler, 2b 2 4 1 6 0 1
Fender, lb 4 2 0 0 3 0
Sheeltan, lb 5 0 1 10 0 0
Mestiier, cf 5 4 0 0 "0 0
Cole, s 5 1 0 1 5 1
Fear.c 410511
Ca stone, rf 4 0 0 2 0 0
Buckley If 3 0 0 2 0 1
Hopp p 4 1 0 0 6 0
Totals ciT 8 27 12 T
Plattsmouth OOflODAl 1 A 1
Kearney 2 019212006
Two base hits J Patterson, Fowler.
x urtrc uuse nil uaxer,
Double plays S Patterson to Wirsche
Fond to Maupin.
.Bases on balls Perrine 6.
Struck out 1 loop 3.
Passed balls Fear 1, Maupin 8.
Time of game 1 :40.
Umpire Fulnier.
Grand Island shut Fremont out
yesterday. The score:
Grand Island ...0 011020105
rremont 0 0000000 v 0
Runs earned Grand Island 4.
iner "ba8e ,lit9Hon',nei8ter. Kipp, Sum
Bases stolen-Grand Island 8, Fremont .
Double play-Stratton to Wilcox.
Bases on balls Summer I, Graver 3.
btruck out Summer 3, Graver 6.
Passed balls Murray 1. Palmer t.
Time of Kanie 1:3.
V m pi re Ready.
Pepperberg's Proposition.
Juliii3 Pepperberg has made the
following proposition to the cigar
makers: Plattsmouth. Neb., June 13, 1892,
To Cigarmakers Union No.
2ttK Gentlemen: I hereby submit
the following proposition for your
consideration as follows:
1 will permit Kmens Plak to join
the Cigarmakers' union, and will
give him employment as journey
man, under full pay, providing
your union will permit John Kala
sek and Otto Wiirl to remain in my
employ as apprentices. The wages
on the "Hud'' cigars, 43s inches size,
to remain the same as paid by me
since the year 1SS5. $10 per
Should your union pass upon
this proposition favorably, I will,
after the 1st of July, put to work a
force of cigarmakers of not less
than ten men.
Requesting jour early attention
to this matter, which will oblige
me, I remain.
Julius Peppekbekg.
Before Coins.
One of the most enjoyable parties
f the season was that at the resi-
encp of .'ir. nnil Mrs. i. ijt rl,n -
ast night given in honor of Mr. and
- . - m .-a . . .
ki is iirtiiiu- miliums, who are aoout
to leave Plattsmouth and remove
o Ilavelock, where Mr. Adams will
ake up the rod department of
which he is foreman, that will be
Vacated in the shops at this place
there was about seventy-five per-
ous present and all expressed
liemselves as having spent an eve-
ing long to be remembered. A
lost tasty luncheon was served
ftcr which the guests left for their
omes, wishing them success in
-Jieir new home,
Beatrice beat Hastings yesterday
in a close game. The score:
Beatrice o 000121 4
Hastings o 10100010
Kuns earned- Hastings 1, Beatrice 2,
Double play Holohan and Taylor.
Bases on balls Johnson 4.
Struck out Johnson 7. Slagie 6.
Passed balls McFarland 1, Jones 2.
uu pi ii ii oiaKie.
Time of fame -l:-0.
Umpire Haskell.
Standing of the Clubs.
Played. Won. Lost. Per Ct.
Beatrice 24 J8 6 .752
Grand Island.... 29 18 11 .621
Hastings :"9 16 13 J5X2
Fremont 2S n 17 .333
Kearney 26 10 16 .388
Plattsmouth .... 29 10 19 .345
The T. K. quartette will sing at
the opera house to-night.
Brown & Barrett has the finest
of soda water drinks in the city. tf.
The Supreme Lodge A. O. U. W.
began their twentieth session at
Helena, Montana, yesterday..
S. K. Hall Sc Son have contracted
to put on the roofing and spouting
for Mr. Rutherhose's fine new house.
Mamie Carmack returned this
morning to Schuyler after visiting
a couple of days with her parents.
Mike Collins of Nehawka and
Henry Miller of Plattsmouth took
out their last papers this morning.
The school exposition begins to
morrow mowiDir at Rockwood hall.
Everybody invited. Admission
J- P Antill is arranging his up
stairs for an ice cream parlor, the
room below being too small for his
Try Brown & Barrett's ice cream
soda water. It will keep you cool. tf.
County Court. V'
W. A. Boeck & Co. vs. D K. Barr,
et al. Suit on account for $11.
Trial to court. Judgment lor
plaintiff for $8JS7.- Judgment
against plaintiff for $1.80, costs ac
cruing after filing confession- of
judgment. . ":fc . -. V
-In the matter of the estate of John
G.- Roberts, deceased. Hearing on
petition for final settlement Final
accounts of K. S. GreuselT adminis
trator, allowed. Residue of estate
found to be $1,374.27. Decree of dis
tribution of one-half of said residue
to Christiana B. Roberts, widow of
deceased, and one-half of said resi
due to legatee under the will, Sadie
D. Taylor, as per stipulation be
tween said parties.
West Publishing Co. vs. Mathew
Gering. Continuance by consent
until July 13, 10 a. m.
In the matter of the last -will and
testament of Catharine J. Ruby, de
ceased. Bond of George Ruby,
executor, in the sum of $l,CO, ap
proved and letters testamentary is
sued. Mathew Gering vs. Estate of Mary
Carney, deceased. Twenty-five dol
lars allowed on claim by agree
ment of parties.
Philip Christ vs. C. E. Flower, et
al. Suit on promissory note for
$200, less endorsements. Default of
defendants entered. Judgment for
plaintiff for $217.79.
Bank of Cass County vs. J. H.
Burnett, et al. Suit on promissory
note for $263.45 and interest. De
fault of cefendants entered. Judg
ment for plaintiff for $269.87. .
A. W. Jansen vs. A. S. Cooley, et
al. Suit on promissory note for
$300 with interst. Dismissed on
motion of plaintiff, with costs paid.
C. H. McCormick & Bro. vs. W. H.
Beclr, et al. Action in reviver for
$291.05 and costs. Continued generally.
Samuel T. Anderson vs. Frank P.
Hull, et al. Suit on promissory
note for $607.04.
L. G. Todd, guardian of Thomas
Li ud tray, insane, vs. Edward Fitz
gerald et al. Suit on promissory
note for $303 less endorsements. De
fault of defendant entered. Judg
ment for plaintiff in sum of $425.16.
McCormick Harvesting Co. vs.
Richard D. Johnson. Suit on prom
issory notes for $208. Judgment by
confession for said amount.
C. H. McCormick & Bro. vs. W. H.
Beck et al. Action in revivor for the
sum of $142.58 and costs. Continued
generally. , - '.
Mary Warren vs. Estate of Mary
Carney, deceased. Claim for $168.50.
Trial to court. Argued . and submitted.
In the matter of the estate of Hen
ry H. Gakemeir, deceased. Hearing
on petition for final settlement "and
allowance of accounts of George I
Berger, executor. Accounts of exe
cutor allowed and residue of perso
nal estate found to be $32.65. Decree
of distribution and assignment un
der the will.
In the matter of the estate of G. A.
Creamer, deceased. Hearing on pe
tition of Chailes L. Creamer, admin
istrator, for final settlement and al
lowance of his accounts. Accounts
allowed and decree of assignment.
In the matter of the estate of
Wealthy Stopher, deceased. Notiee
to creditors to file claims on or be
fore Nov. 26, 1892, at 10 a. m.
S. P. Vanatta vs. J. T. A. Hoover et
al. Suit for professional services in
the sum of $150. Trial to court. Ar
gued and submitted. Court finds
for plaintiff as against defendants
Frank and Andrew Deitrich, in
the sum of $125. Judgment accord
ingly. In the matter of the estate of Har
riet Burns, deceased. Bond of A.
W. White, administrator, approved
and letters issued.
In the matter of the guardianship
of Ida, Lena and Herbert Stoll. mi
nor heirs of Hans Stoll, deceased.
Report of Andrew Sturm, cuardian
filed and approved, showing balance
in his hands due miners $546.19.
In the matter of the estate of Law
rence Doolan, deceased. Bond of
Julia Doolan, administratrix, ap
proved and letters of administra
tion issued.
Martha A. Mitchell vs. David Mil
ler, guardian. Plaintiff makinc de
fault in appearance at time of hear
ing, this cause is dismissed.
In the matter of . the estate of
George .Goos, deceased. Hearing
on claims. Same allowed and de
cree for payment. s
In the matter of George Goos, de
ceased. Hearing on petition for
hnal settlement, July 6.
Who can write the most words on a
: T T C TP , 1 1
fejJ llJJ Jlo
Will Give trie Following Prizes on July 4th:
' r t- . . - ' t r.
1. A Nice Spring Suit.
2. A Ni6e Leather Satchel
3. Two Nice Shirts.
Every word must be written with pen and ink.
Every word must be readable with the naked eye,
And must be written in sensible sentences
Send all Postal Cards to
JOE, The One Price Clothier, Plattsmouth, Neb
No more Postal Cards accepted after July 3, 1892.
Only one Postal Card received from one and the same person.
j uic i upuicti Liner,
OpeiaHoLse Corner, IFlsitt raoio. tlx.
Just as sure as hot weather comes
there i will be more, or less bowel
complaint in this vicinity. Every
person, and , especially families,
ought tc have some reliable medi
cine at hand for instant use in case
it is needed. A is or 50-cent bottle
of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
uiarrncea Kemedy is just what you
Oticrht to have and all that -von
would need, even for the most
severe -ana dangerous cases, it is
the-beat, the most reliable and
most successful treatment known
and is pleasant to take. For sale
T. H. Pollock, Agent.
Air Pnmbn mt tixm Cannoa'a Mouth.
Experiments were made during the
last trial trip of the armed cruiser Beo
wulf to determine the air pressure at
the month of a gun at the moment of
s r . ....
oiscnarge. va bolts were placed near
the muzzles of the guns and shots fired.
In every case the animals fell dead at
once. In order to test the probable ef
fects of the enormous displacement of
air upon human beings figures made of
straw were used. These were torn to
pieces in every instance. The trials
were made wtth long bored 24-centimeter
ring guns. Berlin Cor. London
Aa Elephant Kmtm m Dote.
During the progress of a circus and
menagerie on Monday, and while a num
ber of people were watching the
eiepnants, a keeper placed a bucket of
water in front of them. Just then a
small black and tan dog skipped up to
tne water oucxet to take a drink. The
elephant wound his trunk around the
unfortunate dog,"' shoved him in his
capacious mouth and swallowed hira
alive. The ladr who owned the W
saw her pet disappear and burst out
crying.. .rougnkeepeie Eagle.
I had a severe attack of catarrh
and became so deaf I could not hear
common conversation. I suffered
terribly from roaring in my head,
I procured a bottle of Ely's Cream
Halm and in tnree weeks could hear
as wen as l ever could, and now I
can say to all who are afflicted with
lUv A a. r jm
iiic worst or diseases, caearrh, take
Elys Cream Calm and be cured. It
IS WOrtM S1.UUU to anv Mr.
ji ,jiixu Buuering irom catarrh A
--- "cwuiau, vjictyung, iuicn.
Hon. W. V. T.llfna or.Qtaan.i:in.
- 1 1 utiuuui
oi iowa, says: "i nave used Cham
u"iam a uougn Kemedy in mv
f1M.I1. 3 1 ' - . -
Aauiixjr aim nave no Hesitation in
savin ir it is an yrpnnt
believe all that ia i;,ei :
M.Jl I I.
Persons afflicted by a coutrh or
wm unu ii a inena " There is
no danger from whnnnimr i.
when this retnedv i frpi
ou-cent ; bottles for sale liv K n
m - . J
rriCKe uo, druggists.
A Mute Recovers Speech.
Alphonce Hemphling, of Summit
township, Butler Co., Penn- made
m.'.vac fc ma t. ma iwcire year old
son, who had St. Vitus dance for
twelve years, lost his speech, was
cumuieieiy curea alter using three
bottles of Dr. Miles Restorative Ner
vine, and also recovered his speech.
a iiuuHuiiuH ieiiry to wonderful
cures from using it for nervous di
seases, dyspepsia, nervous debility,
dullness, confusion of min J, head-
acne, etc rour a see ot this Ner
vine cured Mrs. V. K. Ruma n..t.
mm p
Bend, Ind who had been suffering
wim tuanani neaaacne tor three
montns. Trial bottle and elegant
book free at F. G, Fricke & Co.
A Mixed Scmob.
A truthful farmer, living near Salem,
Or., is authoritv for the statement th-t
in. bis garden one day last week they
were planting, digging ana nosing pota
toes. They were digging last year's
crop, after being in the ground through
what the calendar calls winter, and thev
were hoeing potatoes that were planted
ome time ago.
Fishinsr for scud is alwavs precarious
business. The time is short to catch
them in, and not infrequently a cold
norm, a zew oays arter the run begins,
drives them off the coast, and the season
is a failure. In one heavy blow recent
ly 4.7W Darreis or scup got out or the
seines off Newport, K. L
President Roberts, of the Pennsylva
nia, stated that last year that railroad
carried 5,500,000 tons of coal monthly.
In ten years there has been an increase
500 per cent, in the carriage of coal
Wonderful Cains-
Dr. Miles' Nervine not nnlv nraa
vy aajC3
all nervous diseases, headache,
uiucn. DervouA nrnatra nn nu..
' m fcavu, OJCCU-
- , -fe iiiua Udoce.
fi8 and hysteria, but also builds up
the body. "I am pleased to say that
after veara of intnao anfror;...r ,:n.
nervoui disease, headache and pros
tration; I tried Dr. Miles
tive Nervine, and in two weeks
trained eisrht oounda in wpurht t
could not lie ti
sleep perfectly easy, and' am im
proving wonderfully. Cannot say
CUK lor me nervine. rars. L.. a.
MlLLAKD. Dunkirk. N. Y." Om ..
tomer used Nervine and gained fif
teen pounas in nesh. hrown
MAYBURY, Cortland, N. Y. Trial
bottles and elegant book free at F.
The Place to Buy
Half Rates to Saratoga.
On the occasion of the National
Educational Aaa'n'a annual in
vention at Saratoga, July 12-15, the
ouriingioii route, zrom I uiy a to j u-
l O nlni:ni 1 1 1
tickets from, all stations in Nebras-
kh io aaraioa at one nnrpat tirat.
class fare, plus two dollars (mem
bership ff- N. K A Tiflcta ara.
good for return passage from July
15 to 21; an extension of time limit
can, however, be obtained by depos
iting tickets at the office of the joint
. A Z A. " I tlVI -k
mjcui. ui icriuiuai lines: ow J3roaa-
way, Saratoga. The Burlington
route will run Rrfr-inl Pullman
sleeping cars and reclining chair
X T f " . r
tdi ca iruiu x.iucuiu . anu wmana
thrnnirh to Sara to era lavinar Lin
coln at 2:40 p. m. and Omaha at 4:45 p.
m July 9. A folder, giving all pa r
ticularR. mar had tinnn annlvitiir
to J. Francis, general' passenger and
ticket agent, Omaha, to whom, of to
local agent B. & M. R. R., requests
for reservation of births should be
For Sale.
Mv hnnap onH Ihrpp lot cnrnr
Sixth and Dev. nrice Si .200.
MRS. I. A. U. tSUELI.,
Central City, Neb, apcK.R. B.
I wish to apccially recommend.
It is absolutely safe.
ment plan as cheap as for cash.
on easy monthly p.-13'nients. Come
in ana examine my anti-rust tin
ware which is warranted not to rust
for one year. If at any" time von
want anything new that we do not
happen to have in stock we can get
it for you on two days' notice.
V. 15 1 1 K K X I K 1 i ,
4-21 Maln-St., Plattamouth