The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, June 08, 1892, Image 4

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The Governor of Ohio is Mads
Permanent Chairman.
The Permanent Organization Ef
fected at 12:25 To-day The
Committee on Platform Will
Not be Able to Report
Before Late This
Minneapolis, Min 11., J inn 7. Per
liapM it wan fitting that the patriot
ic airs "Columbia," -My Country
Tis of Thee" and -The Star Span
gled Banner" should prelude the
national convention. Scarcely had
Ahe last echo if inspiring
anelodies died away when Chair
man Clarkson rapped the republi
can convention to order.
Win. Kii.m1i, chancellor of the uni
versity of Lincoln offered a prayer.
Hon. M. II. I)e Young, of Califor
nia, one of the secretariey of the
national committee, read the offi
cial call for the convention.
Fassett Unanimously Chosen.
Chairman Clarksou then an
nounced the selection of Hon. J. S.
Fassett of New York for temporary
chairman. There was a moment'
huh, everybody awaiting' possible
action by the Harrison element in
opposition to Fassett's selection,
but the anticipated contest did not
take place. Xo one was placed in
nomination in opposition to him,
anil lie was declared unanimously
When Clarksou presented him
the fol'owers of Blaine broke forth
in prolonged, rousing cheers.
Fassett, in his spceh accepting
the position, thanked the conven
tion for the honor conferred, and
asked the generous forbearance
ami co-operation of the convention
lie said that it was eminently fit
ting that the republican conven
tion should be held in a temple
erected for the display of the pro
ducts of the protection to American
industries, Great applause.
McKinley Permanent Chairman.
Minneapolis, Minn., June . At
11:2.1 this morning the convention
was called to order by Temporary
Chairman J. Sloat Fassett and at
12:2a the chairman of the commit
tee on peimatieiit organization an
nounced the name of Hon. William
-McKinley, governor of Ohio, as per
manetit chairman. Major McKin
ley was escorted to the chair amid
thunderous applause.
and shaded by native e
boulders. In a short time the
sound of the bark whistle was
heard in the woods and the merry
laughter of the children engaged in
playing and swinging. While the
ladies busied themselves in spread
ing a bountiful repast under a
large elm tree and the gentlemen
and some of the young ladies took
part in an exciting irame of base
ball, Captain Petersen and myself
went to the boat to repair the mast-
pole, which was done in a few
minutes. At about 5 i. in. we em
barked for home and arrived at the
place of starting at 7 o'clock
On the return, in rounding Dutch
Point, my attention was drawn to
the fact that it would be very easy
for the railroad company or the
government to change the current
of the Missouri river by cutting
ditch of about fortv rods' lenirth
across Dutch Point at the mouth of
the Tarkeo and letting the Missouri
strike the Platte at the head of the
second slough coming down the
Platte, which would soon cut its
own channel through, making the
river straight from Piattsmouth to
Dutch Point, thus getting away
with that east bend of the Missouri
and the unlimited expense of rip
rapping. Respectfully,
J. W. Thomas.
A Trip Up the River.
Summit Garden, Plattsmouth
June b, 1MJ2. Editor IlEKALD: I
thought that perhaps I could fur
: . i- t . .
iiisu a iew items oi interest to your
readers in regard to a picnic excur
sion up the river from this place
Sunday last on the sail-boat "Fred
Thomas," which is forty-one feet in
length and of about eighteen tons
capacity. The weather was pleas
ant, accompanied by a good south
wind. The company numbered
thirty-one, consisting of eighteen
children, of ages ranging from one
year to thirteen years, and thirteen
grown people, all equipped with
baskets well filled with provisions
of all kinds, and plenty of ice and
icecream freezers.. They all assem
bled on the bank at 10 a. in., and in
side of ten minutes we were sailing
up the river at the rate of ten miles
an Hour, under the command of
Capt. C. II. Petersen, who showed
good skill in navigation. We had
9-ine trouble at the mouth of the
Platte in finding the righ channel.
md it would have been better if we
had kept to the Missouri, although
we got through all right as it was
At about 11::) we reached Dutch
Point, above the mouth of the
Platte. The natives there number
ing about twenty-five assembled
n the bank to see what was
pouting, which made a miniature
picture of the landing of Columbus
t San Salvador. Salutes were ex
hanged by the waving of white
andkerchiefs. We halted, but.
taring a hostile demonstration, did
ot land. At that time the wind
ras blowing furiously and we were
loving along at tne rate of forty
liles an hour. In getting above
arkeo fiend we met with our first
,iipwreck, by the breaking of our
;ist-ple, thus letting our sail
j op down. Then we floated back
out two miles to Dutch Point,
From the Cigarmakers.
C H ;. K.M A K KKS L'.MoX Sit. 276, V
I'I.ATTS.MorTII, .KB.,Jl'XK. )
The usual May day demonstra
tions in France passed off without a
ripple to disturb the peace and
serenity of the country. For
months past the press on both
sides of tne Atlantic have teemed
with highly sensational (imagin
ary) accounts of the terrible things
that would happen on that eventful
day. However, the day has come
ami gone, and, notwithstanding the
predictions and dire forebodings of
the fake press, has now passed into
history, with nothing to mark its
advent except the ringing speech of
Julius Pepperberg on Main street
of Plattsmouth on the night of the
7th of June, denouncing union men
in general; and under the same
union he has prospered ever since
lie returned from Omaha the last
time. Now he wants to trample on
the very men that made for him
that which his foreman, C. J. Main,
is so willing to sacrifice for the
Plattsmouth Cigar manufactory
We hope that J. Pepperberg may
take a tumble to himself and for
ever wipe the snake out of exist
ence. He never did anj-thiiig for
himself, and much less will he do
for Mr. Pepperberg, for he is a liar,
and Union 2(37 stands ready to
prove it any time he maj' see fit to
call on them.
Unio'i 27ii wants nothing but that
which rightl3' belongs to them
and Mr. PeppeVberg is well aware of
that fact and that they must have,
otherwise he cannot expect the
union label. There is not money
enough to purchase that little
strip of blue paper, which is be
coming the pet of all labor unions
in the country.
Lookout for the blue label!
J. M. Raudexbush,
Corresponding Secretary.
Yesterday's Ball Games.
at heatkice.
Beatrice scored her ninth consec
utive victory yesterday by winning
from Grand Island in a hot game.
For three innings Summers for the
visitors, was batted terrifically, three
base hits and a home run being
made oit of him in the third and
fourth innings, netting the locals
five earned runs. Derrick was weak,
but was well supported, retiring in
the seventh in favor of Holmes. A
big crowd was in attendance and
the game was fully as satisfactory
as the one the day before. Kennedy
made several phenomenal stons
and Holmes made his first fielding
error of the season by muffing a fly
after a hard run from outer left field.
HeiitriVi- OlooinAA t
wr.lIMl 1I.III1 u v o v u 1 o o :i
Kutis eariietl - Heat rice 5, Grand Island lw
J -am I wise hit SluKle.
Tlirt't liitu l.'im.l .ii ii. i .i
- - - - - .,ii4ii,
Home runs Holtnes.
Siiri tii Ii i t tw. 1 r 1..4 i
." . , . u, , ,,-
sun, Kuiirke. Hipp.
liases stolen- Heatrfee 2. (ratil Island 2.
j , iiwiiucn j t
bummers 1.
Hit by pitcher
In Cass Ccno.23.-t37-
Who can write the most words on
new U. S. Postal Card
. 1 ii .I iiit,4-
Struck out Hv Summers?.?
Passed lialls M urra v 1, Junes 1.
Wild pitches-Derrick 1, Holmes
Time of iiuie 1:13.
I'mpire Hart,
Hastings participated in an ex
citing up-hill game yesterday after
noon. Kearney played a game full
of ginger from start to finish. The
visitors had the game won in the
seventh, but the locals put on their
batting clothes in the ninth and
hammered out the game. Castone
went into the box in the ninth,
during the cannonading by Hast
ings, but could not save the game"
The decisions of the umpire were
ingnuui. ne seemed to be com
pletely beside himself. He re
ceived a great ovation from the
grand stand. The features of the
game were the hitting of Chiles,
McFarland and Fear. Kohrer
played a brilliant game, accepting
nine difficult chances without an
error. The pitching of Lippert was
excellent. The score:
iiastitius 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 2 09
Kearney 1 000004117
Earned runs Hastings 8, Kearney 1.
Twit-base hits McKibben, Mesmer, Pen
der. Three-base hit- Packard.
Hases stolen Hastings 4, Kearney 2.
Double play Mesmer to Fowler to Shee-
Struck out Johnson 2, IIopp4, Castone 1.
Time of bailie-2:10.
Umpire Kulmer.
Will GiveUie Following Prizes on Jul v 4th:
1 A Nice Spring Suit.
2. A Nice Leather Satchel.
3. Two Nice Shirts.
Every word must be written with pen and ink.
Every word must be readable with the naked eye,
And must be written in sensible sentences.
Send all Postal Cards to
JOE, The One Price Clothier, Plattsmouth, Neb
Standing of the Clubs.
Played. Won. Lost. Per Ct.
Heatrice VJ 15
Grand Island 23 U
Fremont 20 lo
Hastings j jo
Plattsmouth 4 9
Kearney 21 7
No more Postal Cards accepted after July 3, 1892.
Only one Postal Card received from one and the same person.
JOE, the Popular Clothier,
Opera Hovise Corner, lattaa.o-u.tla..
Attention Knights.
All members ot Gauntlet Lodire.
No. 47 Knights of Pj-thias are re
quested to be present at the castle
Hall this evening at 8 o'clock for the
purpose of making arrangements
for observing memorial daj', All
members are expected to be pres
ent. M. X. Oktifftti. r. r.
Otit Dovey, K. of R. ic S.
1 up tlie ve.ssel and selected our
1 cnic ground, which was a beauti-
, .... .. ijmicAi. nuniission ioc tor mer
Ugleu, carpeted by blue-grass bers and 50c for non members. 3t
I will be in the ritv fnr tim .w.-i-
- - J ...w I
ten davs. and. as T hi-o rm
Singer sewing machines which I
IllUSt diSDOSe of. anv on trishincr -
machine at a baro-ain. for-
on the installment plan, should call
at once at Henry Uoeck's store.
Lx ?Ianager Singer ManTg Co. at
x i.nisijiouui. fi
The pay car will arrive in thecitv
Geo. Kdson of lurrav is in the
city to-day.
Secure your seats for the opera
to-morrow night.
A brin new boy arrived at the
home of I. II. Dunn last evening
John Robbins left this moruinn-
for Richardson county, where he
will follow the trade of caroenter-
Invitations are out announcino-
the marriage of Mr. J. F. Welling
ton and Miss Hattie Latham.
Wednesday, June 15, at high noon,
at St. Luke's church.
The democratic muntv i
. , l V 1 Ll Cl 1
committee met yesterday at Louis
ville and decided to hold the ori-
maries Saturday evening, and the
convention on the 14 at Union.
coudty Treasurer L. C. Kickhoff
paid out $),U0il and the inter
est on the Ji. A M. bonds this after
noon. The money was turned over
to J. M. Patterson who will forward
it to New York.
Treubund Ball
At Liederkrans hall Saturday
June 11. Admission 25c for mem-
World's Fair Notes.
Jamaica has increased its world's
fair appropriation to $25,000.
Chauncey M. Depew has been
elected president of New York's
world's fair board.
It is reported that one hundred
tons of exhibits for the exposition
have already been collected at Lima
and Callao.
Owing to the recent increase of
Great Britain's world'9 fair appro
priation to $300,000, British exhib
itors will n)t be charged for space,
as at first determined.
The steamship lines coverinir the
west coast of South America have
agreed to carry government exhib
its free and private exhibits at half
price, as far as Panama. Passenger
rates have also been greatly re
duced. Bavaria will send to the world's
fair two professors from its insti
tute of technology to report on the
progress of the United States in
technical matters.
Leigh S. Lynch, world's fair com
missioner to the South Sea islands,
has cabled that he has completed
arrangements for an exhibit from
the PhiKipiue islands and is now
devoting his attention to Java.
J. A. Bowan, special agent of the
U. S. tieasury and honorary com
missioner of the exposition, will
represent the interests of the fair in
The woolen manufacturers have
resolved to make a united exhibit
at the fair.
Karl Hagenbeck, famous for his
ability in taming wild animals, is
devoting his time in Hamburg to a
group of lions, tigers, jaguars, and
hyenas that he expects to bring to
the fair. This group consists of fifty
animals, all to be kept in one large
cage. Hagenbeck has already spent
a fortune on the group.
Baron de Jeune's valuable collec
tion of prehistoric relics, it is be
lieved, will be secured for exhibi
tion at the fair. It comprises many
rare specimens from caves in
France. DeMaret, who made the
collection, spent twenty-five years
in the work.
A monster panorama, 445 feet
long and 51 feet high, representing
the Bernese Alps, with the Juug
frau in the background, has been
painted for exhibition at the fair.
A private exhibition of the work
was recently given to the press in
C. C. Parmele went down to Ne-
hawka this morning.
J. Fiuley Johnson went up to
Omaha this morning.
Jas. Morley and B. F. Leffer, of Mt
Pleasant precinct are in the city to
M. J. Laughlin and Mr. McFall are
in the city to-day from Tipton pre
J. P. Mallon, warden of the peni
teutiary at Lincoln, is in the city to
Mrs. Dr. Burgess is in the city vis
itiug her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.
W. White.
E. N. Munson and Frank Wolcott
came up from Weeping Water this
Rev. J. T. Beard went up to Belle-
vue this morning to attend the
commencement exercises.
Ex-Couiity Commissioner Louis
oltz and son William, are in the
city to-day from Weeping Water.
Call on
Plattsmouth - Wl.rasVa
The Place to Buy
Bridge work and fine gold work a
DB. STEINACS LOCAL as well as other an
wiucucsKivnn mr tne painless extraction of
0. A MARSHALL, - Fitzgerald P W
Wanted A boy to carry papers
at THE Hekald office.
Wanted A girl for general
housework in small family. Apply
at this othce.
The M. E. Aid Society will meet
to-mcrrow afternoon, at 2 o'clock,
with Mrs. Val Burkel on South First
The opera house should be well
filled to-morrow night as Mr. Water
man has secured a first-class com
pany for the benefit to J. P. Young.
The ladies of St. Johns Altar Soci
ety will give an ice cream and
strawberry social and dance at
KocKwood hall, Friday evening,
June 10. Everybody welcome. 5t
This morning an extra going west
derailed in the northern part of the
yards. Engine 263 struck a switch
and started on the wrong track and
the first four cars went in all direc
tions. The accident resulted in the
engine and four cars leaving the
track, but no further damage was
done except tearing up the track.
.Mr. ired lvroehler, Jr., and -Miss
.Lizzie weiaman will be united in
the holy bonds of matrimony at 8
o'clock this evening, at the residence
of Geo. Weidman. Judtre Ramsey
will perform the ceremony. Mr.
Kroehler has furnished a neat little
cottage in the first ward where they
will hereafter reside.
F.Tii.. .
24-ineh. iioji .ii-i.'
2'i!eh,ioJ;irl, 4-
IlLlnak Tk. , . '
"uuv. rammoc, mca lire..
Scinch, f Bill x 75 r,i... 4 j u,
f.l 4(1
.11 lilt
CO., OF N, Y.
T. H. Pollock, Agent,
,r . For Sale.
My house and three lots corner
Sixth and Dey, price $1,200.
Mws. T A n-t-flTfTT
Central City, Neb., R. B.
I had a severe attack of catarrh
and became so deaf I could not hear
common conversation. I suffered
terribly from roaring in my head,
I procured a bottle of Ely's Cream
Balm and in tnree weeks could hear
as well as I ever could, and now I
can say to all who are afflicted with
4 Via . . . . . r J ' " . .
i"t nuioiui uiseases. raparrn tatp
Elys Cream Calm and be cured. It
is worth $1,000 to any Man, ;woman
Or Child Suffering from ratarrh A
E. Newman, Grayling, Mich.
Hon. W. V. Lucas, ex-state anrlitnr
Of Iowa. Savs: "I havp usrt Pham.
uenain s though Kemedy in my
lauiiiy ana nave no Hesitation in
sayincr it is an excellent rpmeHv. T
believe all that is claimed for it.
Persons afflicted bv a mno-h rr
cold will find it a friend " There is
no danger from whooping cough
when this remedy is freely given.
50-cent bottles for sale by F. G.
-rricKe v Co., druggists.
Shiloh's catarrh remedy a posi
tive cure Catarrh, Diphtheria and.
Canker mouth. For sale by F. G.
Fricke& Co
I wish to specially recommend.
It is absolutely safe.
U ment plan as cheap as for cash,
on easy monthly payments. Come'
in and examine my anti-rust tin
ware which is warranted not to rust
for one year. If at any time you
want anything new that we do not
happen to have in stock we can get
jt for you on two days' notice.
421 Main-St., Plattsmouth