The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, June 08, 1892, Image 2

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lm!T the tiruncli-H liny went tftner,
Tl.r I.' wini.inf hritricliin that liroak the 6k 7.
All in the luoru of tin: yoiiiiK, Bwci't wialluT,
Vli-:i nnftly llm itrwa oij Ujp Mil doth lie:
AmI lorUi ll.oiiu'iit it as over llm mewlou.
i '"!' ly ic kvns vltino by tlie (print,
I! II l' - ir- II, ut tin wixMltuuil'sHliiulow
.Shcll r. l uiai.:ii-al lairy r:ui(.
- -jvi r iii-mlou- lln-y nwifllT 1i-A tlx-m-
!i. leu 'In Iji iri llitr Mur aim kwm i!
I Tiit-y -itvv n;t tLc tl itf l of tlio brU-r besido
l In in.
Tin- violet tmiiii!!; Iicficii.i li tin ir fc-t.
l.y tl.i- K-'i-i-jL' I dry liii-n-l iiikI li.itvnol;
iJ I --r-i .TZ I "!';, ;i -in -t in ll 1 1 1 I - y rllll,
Ts I 1 -'fr. Ami li. Iliu ln-mity that liistt.-iel u
.--1 .-i. M...I
r In fr:i;l fi-niM f.tllin-i iiIhuU its brim!
ttametl out
every name ;iml
IIen .Mfil
nature, lv Dr.
ical Discovery.
It a a i!iei!iei:io that Marts from
tin? bemnniri;' It rouses every or
j.m into healthy action, purifies am
enriches the Mood, ami through it
cleanses an renews the whole sys
tem. All I Hood, Skin, ami Seali
Diseases, froin a eot:inion hloteh
or eruption to tin? worst Scrofula,
are cured ly it. lor letter, Salt-
rheurn, Mezema, Krysipelas, Doils,
Carbuncles, Sore Eyes, (Joitre or
Thick Neck, ami EnJari-d (Hands,
1 iimors, ami Swellings, n's an unc
ijualed remely.
uon i iiwriK it's like the sarsana
rillas. They claim to he j;ood for
the blood in March, Ajril, ami Ma
" (loliion Minimal Discovery" works
equally well at all seasons. Ami it
not only claims to do good it
guarantee it. If it doesn't benefit
or cure, in every case, you have
your money back.
iou pay oniy ior uie gooa you
Ki'glftrrrd lliyrichtii and riiar niacin
Special attention gjen to Office
Kock Bluffs - Xkb.
p J. Ha.SKT
J'atronajre of th Public Solicited.
They fought In lhi vmhI for ii wonder reveal
ing. Ami -ii w iit.t the li ri'. i s in a net o'erheal.
Oli, lnit i In-?.m' tlironh thu ineUia steal
ing Ami oh, that liii-li down thi-lim wayshhed!
Then. v. hen 1 lie :-ijii !e:med lower to find them.
1 form-warn I hey wandi red a Mrrowful way.
And knew not thu hind they wero leaving bo
hiiid them.
Tho rare new land of a young June day!
Hut JWoihy thinks it i- over the meadow.
Ami ieeiy bays it i eio-e by the t-jiriiiir:
While l'olly -i Mire that tho woodlands
Kht lt r- the niiiicieiii fairy rinu!
Virginia Woodward Cloud iu St. Nicholas.
Soudaiiee Trn lu ltattl.
I wit tolj a deligiitful Btory of one re
cent action in which tho Soinhuje-i-troojw
took a prominent i;trt. Tho en
emy was under cover not far olf, hut
the firing line of blacks were;
away at him as fast us they could ox-.t
ud close their lilies. In vaiu th. ir of
Hcery tried to stoy them. Tl- vate of
ui. munition threati-iied to hecom! ..
trt Mi Iy serious, ;rid their coi,ii!:.,ii.iin ;
o!.'i-.-r, ;l S otchitian who had seen many
IL'lits with thein, loin his temper. roU;
up and down behind the line cuiini,
them witli every almsive epithet iu a
fairly adequate vocabulary of Arabic iu
veciive. hut entirely without ellet t. At
la.t oia; of them hapTierjed to turn aid
dis-overed tho beloved liey in eidently j
a very excited state of mind. lie at
once rose, ran hack to him. and pattiicr
him reassuringly on the boot ho said:
"Don't be fri-htened. bey. It's ail
riht. We're here. We'll take care of
The Scotch lx-y. however, was equal
to the occasion. Ho rode out through
tlie line, and walked his horse up and
Theatrical Su'perht K ion.
Aniomr country companies supersti
tions are more varied and extended than
anions inetrojiolitan ones, and are of
course more blindly and religiously ad
hered to. If. on entering a town where
tho next "stand" is to be made, a jjravf
yard is visible on the right side of the
railway track, the country manager's
heart swells with bright anticipations.
But if, on the contrary, the tombstones
loom np on the left of the road, he be
comes depressed, sis he takes the fact as a
warning that his "business" will be small
during liis engagement in that place.
Such a manager will be apt to give some
man or loy a free pass to the theater on
a first night, as he would fear a run of
ill luck in case a woman should chance
to enter the house before a member of
the oposite sex had found his way with
in. Chicago Post.
down in front of the rides. "Now." hi
said, "if you must lire, fire at me!'
If.. - .1.: . : . . . .. .
-iMier mis u ls not, surprising to read 1:1
dispatches that this ofiicer has twice re
cently had his horse shot under him.
Contemporary Review.
How Mine Are Salted.
The gullibility of Tersons who buy
mines has passed into a proverb. It is
said that such properties have actually
leen salted with half melted silver dol
lars and sold to investors, who did not
realize that the precious metal was not
found in nature with the stamp of the
mint upon it. Undoubtedly the most
scientific method of accomplishing this
sort of swindle is to apply the 6ilver in
the shape of a nitrate solution. When
it is ready for use some salt is put into
it and it is squirted over the rock, the
salt causing an immediate precipitation
of the metal in a manner that is equally
conspicuous and deceptive to the eye.
Kansas City limes.
Nortk Sixth Stret, Plattsnouth
The Indian Hunter's Stone.
The Indian hunter will cut the shape
of an animal out of stone, have it
blessed by the medicine man and be
lieve it gives him good fortune in the
ch;ise of the beast represented. When
he kills one he dips the fetich in the
blood. Perhaps he wraps about it beads,
signifying money, and attaches to it
little arrowheads, which represent the
executive function of slaughter. So as
to secure as much help from the un
known as possible, he hangs charms all
over his person- Washington Star.
Steiawaya aaatbttic lor the aiale( ex
tractioc of teatb.
Kiue Gold Work a Specialty.
KockwtKid Klock FlattsMouth. Neb
-A- 217, 219, 221, ANI 223 JAA.IN ST
Meentcliauiii Artists.
Tlie artist who carves meerschaum is
required to pass through as severe a
school of apprenticeship lasting from
three to ten years as though his work
were in marble. Meerschaum carved
and in the rough resembles the ordinary
plaster cast. The outlines being com
plete, it is scraped with a knife, filed,
soaked in a preparation, and then pol
ished with a linen cloth. New York
Cannot Ite Both.
A good body is necessary to a satisfac-
tory expression of the mentality. But
I no man can be a Daniel Webster men
. tally ami a John L. Sullivan physically,
j The riossibilities of either the mind or
; IkxIv can be fully developed only at the
j expense of the other. The college boy
; who ljecomes a great athlete will not be
j a great cholar. Genius is almost always
I associated with soft spots. Troy Press.
Jay Gould'n I Cook.
v.ccasjonauy some jx-rson knocks at
tlie door of Jay Gould's office in the
Western Union building with a copy of
"Ihe History of Delaware County, New
York, by Jay Gould," to sell. An im
pression exists in tlie minds of many
Ieople that JSIr. Gould is desirous of
suppressing this publication as com
pletely as possible, .and that he will pav
almost any price to get possession of the
few stray copies that are left. Resi
dents of Delaware count' are authority
for the statement that several years ago
an agent of Mr. Gould's scoured that
county for these books and bought near
ly all of them at fancy prices. When
ever a copy of this particular history of
Delaware county is displayed in that
county at the xresent day the older resi
dents will advise the owner, "Jist you
take thet down ter New York, an Jay
Gouldll give yer thirty or forty dollars
fer it." It is certain that nobody in Mr.
Gould's office ever heard of his pajing
any such price for one of those books.
And nobody is able to explain why Mr.
Gould should want to suppress the pub
lication, unless it is that he thinks there
is too much sentiment in it for a man of
his present reputation. New York
The Unreasoning Crowd.
Speaking of the queer things to be seen
on the streets, it is really astonishn
how instinctively one person imitates an
other. A man with a passion for psy
chical research has been proving this by
some experiments which are, to say the
least of it, original. Going along about
dusk the other night in advance of a
small party of folk, he suddenly turned
out into the muddy street, as if avoiding
something in front. L nquestioningly
every person behind did the same thing
m spite of tne mire.
It isn't likely that they felt the full
humorous force of the incident m quite
the way he rid, however, when they saw
him face aboat and walk calmly back in
the beaten path. The sheep went to all
the trouble of jumping over a bar of
dust, to be sure, but it would really
seem worth while if human beings could
think a little more independently and
for themselves. The truth of it is, it is
just this blind unreasoning herding to
gether that leads to half the accidents
and panics which are cropping up on all
sides. Boston Transcript.
Hanger in t'ror-.linc tlie Toe.
It is well known that the connection
between the nerves iu tlie feet, and esi
cially those in tho great toe, and tho
brain and general nervous organization
is strong. Dr. Browu-Sequard mentions
a patient who, whenever ho Ixjre the
weight of his body on the toet of his
right foot, In-came violently insane, lie
also sjieaks of another case where pres
sure on the toe caused severe ncrvon-j
These c:ises simply show tlie impor
tance of a projier care of the feet, a por
tion of the lxwly that many iKfplo neg
lect. They think that they can crowd
their feet into tight shoes and abuse
them without serious results. They
can't do it, however. This crowding of
five toes into a space not large enough
for three, results in pressing the joints
out of shape and sometimes making
them inactive and powerless. No man
with his toes half paralyzed can walk
properly. The control of tho toes is
necessary for a springy step. Broad
soles and low heels give room for all the
toes and allow perfect freedom of action
to every muscle. People -who have
false standards of beauty for the feet,
however, insist on wearing a shoe that
is not natural in shape, and the result is
great discomfort, and in some cases
As a consequence of these abuses we
are forgetting how to w;dk projerly.
Perhaps you don't believe it, but just
watch the parade ou Broadway some
fine afternoon and see how few men and
women walk on the street as if thev
were not conscious of tight shoes and
deformed feet. Interview in New York
SAP 1 ' ,
arjd does jut
wrjat )e claims for il?
Ack your Grocer for it,
arid insist op haw-?? rL
N.K.FA1RBANK&C0. Chicago.
Kates 4AI'ek week and up
Lumber Yard
Shingles. Lath, Sash,
Dcors, Blinds
Oho supply everw demand of the city.
Call and get terms. Fourth street
in rear of opera hoasc
j A faying Ilusiness.
! iloney Lender You want to borrow
I a hundred pounds? Well, here's the
j money. I charge 5 per cent, a month.
I and ais you want it for a year, that leaves
ijust forty pounds coming to you.
Innocent Borrower Then if I wanted
r it for two years, there'd be something
j coming to you, I suppose, eh? London
At llotta Ends.
ByJove," said the youngster. "I'd
like to have $100,000 to go into business
with in the proper shape."
"Ugh," growled the veteran, 'Td like
to have $100.0t)0 to go out of business
with in the proper shape," Detroit Free
i Press.
The oldest pensioners on the rolls of
the New York pension office and two of
the oldest in the United States, although
pensioners are proverbially long lived,
are General Tupper and General Dalley.
They are veterans of 1S12.
Antidotes for Snake Poison.
The effect of snake bite depends partly
on the condition of the snake and partly
on that of the person bitten and the part
attacked. No effectual antidote has yet
been discovered. Ammonia and ier
manganateof otassium will not suffice,
although a solution of the latter will
take away the poisonous property of the
snake's venom if it be mixed therewith.
Immediate amputation of a bitten toe
or finger is the best course, as the delay
of a few seconds may suffice to convey
the poison into the patient's circulation.
If from the nature of the part bitten
amputation cannot be performed, a very
tight ligature applied after cauterization
and sucking the part is the best course,
and the administration of stimulants is
generally recommended. Quarterly Review.
Itiee and Wheat at Wedding;.
Throwing rice and wheat at a wed
ding is a relic of an old Roman custom.
and has probably been common in Eng
land since Roman times. Brand gives
several authorities for it. Friend refers
to the case of the bride of Henry VII at
Bristol in I486, when wheat was thrown
upon her with the greeting, "Welcome
and good lnckf'
Rice is used similarly at weddings in
India, and the substitution of this grain
for wheat in our own country of late
years may be partly due to that fact;
but where wheat cannot readily be come
at rice would naturally suggest itself as
a substitute. Notes and Queries.
The Ace of Coal Burning.
I have heard that when King Hudson,
in the zenith of his fame, was asked as
to what his railway's were to do when
all the coal was burned out, he replied,
that by that time we should have learned
how to burn water. Those who are asked
the same question now will often reply
that they will use electricity, and doubt
less think that they have thus disposed
of the question. The fallacy of such
answers is obvious.
A so called "water gas" may no doubt
be used for developing heat, but it is
not the water which supplies the energy.
Trains may be run by electricity, but
all that the electricity does is to convey
the energy from the point where it is
generated to the train which is in mo
tion. Electricity is itself no -more a
source of power than is the rope with
which a horse drags a boat along the
The fact is that a very large part of
the boasted advance of civilization is
merely the acquisition of an increased
capability of squandering. For what
are we doing every day but devising
fresh appliances to exhaust with ever
greater rapidity the hoard of coal.
Robert Ball in Fortnightly Review.
When Finished.
Busy persons, forced to defend them
selves from interminable talkers, who
have little to say, can appreciate a hint
to which Henry IV of France once re
sorted. A parliamentary deputy called
upon him and made a long speech.
The king listened patiently for a time,
w;u 11U UCV1UCU LLUlb 1X9 VlMLOi J
do well to condense his remarks. J5b
took him by the hand and led him 1
wnere tney could see the gallery of the
i "What do you think of that building?
W Then it is finished it will be a good
tiung, will it not?"
x es, replied tne man or many
words, not guessing what was coming
"Well, monsieur, that is just the way
with your discourse," was the king's
mild observation. Youth's Companion.
"The Begats."
The late Mr. Conington, professor
of Latin in the University of Oxford,
was noted for his prodigious memory.
At a very early age it began to show it
self. Wheu he was a child of four or
thereabouts he was sleeping one night in
the same room with a relative, when, at
the dead of night, his voice was to be
heard crying out in the darkness from
his little cot in the corner:
"Uncle! Uncle! I know the Begats.
Uncle The what? Go to sleep, niv
boy, you are dreaming.
Child I know the Begats. Listen!
And he began: "Abraham begat Isaac
and L?aac begat Jacob and Jacob legat
Judah," and so on to the end, some
forty-two generations, without a mis
take. London Tit-Bits.
The city of Paris has 87,655 trees in
its streets, and each tree represents a
cost to the city of 175 francs. This
makes in round numbers 3,000.0K
worth of trees in the streets.
An investigator has discovered that
the greater number of congressmen are
undersized, and a traveler in the west
reports that St. Louis people are shorter
of stature than easterners.
A Physician's Fees.
South Africa responds to modern in
novations. A recent traveler in Kaffir
land tells this incident:
As we were upsaddling, there passed
us a man driving a small flock of goats
and several head of cattle. This was
the husband of a lady physician who is
ruining the practice of the local witch
doctors, and he was taking home his
wife's fee for attending a patient.
Youth's Companion.
Too Previous.
"And you won't marry me, Kit?"
"I won't."
"No use talking about it any more?""'
"Not a bit. It won't do any good,
The Oklahoma youth, hurt and angry,
reached under his chair for his hat.
"It's my own fault, I s'pose," he
grumbled. "I ort to have waited till
we'd got a little better acquainted."
"Yes, that's alont the size of it.
Hank,7 assented tlie young woman cold
ly. "When it comes to courtin you're
too much of a sooner to suit me. Good
evenin." Chicago Tribune.
rd and Office 44 Hooch Thrd Street.
Telephone 13.
No part of the body should be clothed
so warmly that perspiration is easily
induced, since a rapid loss of heat u
caused by its evaporation.
Among the Egyptians the bed often
was made in the form of an elongated
animal, with coverings of fine linen and
tapestry of silk or wooL
iot the Man in Question.
A laborer in a rough felt hat and long
smok walked the other day into the
Shakespeare library, and after looking
attentively for some time at one of the
custodians, went up to him and said, "I
say, zur, be you Mr. Shakespeare as I've
heer'n speak ov?" The custodian ex
plained to Hodge that he was not the
gentleman referred to. London Telegraph.
In a breach of promise case, the other
day, the lady on the stand said that
when a friend suggested that she wonld
make him a good wife, he answered:
"Hem!" "Did he really say 'Hem?5 " in
quires the counsel for the defense. "He
did," she averred, "or something of that
kind." This reminds one of the accu
rate witness who s.wore that some one
had called over the banisters, "Tom.
Tom," or words to that effect. San
Francisco Argonaut.
The Thumb an Index to Character.
The way in which the thumb is held
is a true sign of character. Tlie man
who turns it in under his fingers is al
ways weak. That is the position in
which it is always held by a child. The
thumbs of great inen are large and
point out conspicuously from their fel-
I low members. Interview in St. Louis
J Globe-Democrat.
House Furnishing Emporium.
"T K TliiiliE you can get your house furnithevl from
V V kitchen to pnrlor and at easy toarms. I lian
die the world renown Haywood baby carriages, also
tlie latest improved "cliable Process Gasoline etove
Call and he convinced. No trouble to show goods.
I. Pearleman
A Full and Complete line of
Drugs, Medicines, " Paints, and Oils.
Prescriptions (aniiilly rmi)oiiiM4ft t Hours,
aiutS - Job - Worfe
-11 3C3Lbrm.a-tio33L --:nc3
501 Cor
' 31 A . AG IA.
Fifth and Vine St
A Cure for the Ailments of Man and Beast
A long-tested pain reliever.
Its use is almost universal by the Housewife, the Farmer, the
Stock Raiser, and by every one requiring an effective
No other application compares with it in efficacy.
This well-known remedy has stood the test of years, almost
No medicine chest is complete without a bottle of Mustang
Occasions arise for its use almost every day.
All druggists and dealers have it.