The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, May 31, 1892, Image 2

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Th Kjm of Greek Htataea.
Professor Erwt CurtiuB, tL famon
Crock scholar and archa-ologifit of the
University of Berlin, announced ii few
months ngo th;it ho h;ul discovered that
the (Jrct'k Kculptont always made the
ryes of hm-m fclfrr and rounder than
thow of woiiu ii. Thu Jillco dLs-ovi?ry
wiu considered important, as it wan Lw
lievel th;:t il would lead to a prof
cl.-u-xifiration of many of the nni.lenti
fiwl heads of (irc-k statues. Thu hoj.
however, m eni to Jiare U-en ireux;
despito thu fet tiLut Curtins. who
Ix-en called "The Modern Greek." fa
- ihered them.
Dr. (Ireef, of Berlin, in a reeent Ji
turo dtliverel before tlie Prussian .ji!-
ernyof Keieue.i:, declaro.1 that;i.;n
conclusions were wron, as he had fi uin
flat, narro'.v eyes thof women, ac
cording to Curtius in the he;;.is of
(Jreek Ktatnes of men. He had alw
me;isnred ic rejresental ions of v.u t
.en with lare, full eyes. Iji natur. . i.
added, there was no difference !! v. .
t lie eyes of men and women. lie
examined recently in Berlin the eyes i..,
a iiuuirei mem tiers 01 eaca sex i
hwl found tlmt they were thj
same lit
jiaie, mzu ana lorm. Lie thu. iiplteld
the thnes of Zinn and KomiiierIin:r
tliat the Greek sculptors who gave a
greater fullness to the eyes of mn than
to those of women did not follow the
condition of nature. New York Trib
Plenty of Came In Maiae.
There not been a j-ear for some
time when came was as plenty and
when bo litUo game lias been killed
and destroyed as during the past win
ter. One reason is that the snow in
many localities has not been deep, and
at the same time it has been bard, hold
ing up the deer and caribou and givU
them a chance to protect themselves by
flight. Another reason is that the
guides and hunters have learned that it
is for their interest to leave the game
alone, especially during the deep snows.
I have made it a point to see many of
Ihem in the early part of the winter,
and tried to make them understand that
it is for their interest for us to keep a
good stock of fish And game, as they
would get more business during the
guiding season.
The most of the game that has been
killed the past winter has been killed in
the back settlements, hunters using
dogs to catch deer. There has been a
story of ninety moose killed near our
border line, in township 5, range It. 1
believe the most of this yarn is false. 1
have been within a day's walk of the
township this winter and I did not learn
of any such business. In fact there are
not moose enough in that locality. It is
near the Canada line, and this same re
port comes from there every year. Cor.
Portland (Me.) Press.
Beekeepers and the Government.
Foreign bees without pedigrees may
be admitted to the United States free of
duty. The secretary of the treasury has
so decided. Until the last tariff bill wjis
passed bees from abroad came in gratis,
as "animals imported for breeding j ur
poses." The AIcKinley law declared
that this ruling should only apply to an
imals "regularly entered in recognized
herd Ijooks."" Accordingly, bees were
assessed 20 per cent, ad valorem, be
cause they had no jedigrees. The
protested and carried their
Some time ago the postofiice department
declared that bees were "unmailable."
on the ground that they would be likely
to sting ieople if they got loose. The
beekeexers secured the recall of this reg
ulation, by proving that the packages
employed could not be broken. Wash
ington Cor. New Orleans Times-Democrat.
UUle Fear of Indian Trouble.
A gentleman at Rosebud agency writes
that the reports of dissatisfaction among
the Indians there have been greatly ex
aggerated. Since Lis arrival thero two
weeks ago he has traveled quite exten
sively through the various Indian camps
and thinks the Indians never exhibited
a more jeacefnl frame of mind than at
present. Never did they take hold of
work more readily or more extensively
and never did they take more interest in
the care of their stock than the jist
winter, as can plainly be seen by the
condition of horses and cattle this spring.
So far as dissatisfaction with rations is
concerned, if there is any such, the white
employees hear nothing of it. Cor. Min
neapolis Journal.
Confederate Coins.
There has recently been some inquiry
as to whether the Confederate govern
ment coined any gold. The question
was referred to the lion. Charles C.
Jones, Jr., of Augusta, who telegraphs
as follows: "The Confederate States, as
I now remember, coined and issued no
gold. A few experimental half dollars
in silver were struck, but they did not
pass into circulation. Charleston News
and Courier.
A Circa Tumbler lias a Fall.
A dispatch from Warsaw, Ind., says:
"Charles Nefx, a laborer in Lakeside
park, while engaged in trimming a tree
fell from its top to the ground, a dis
tance of sixty feet, and was uninjured.
Neff is an old circus tumbler, and the
agility learned in the ring saved his life,
lie fell on lus hands and rebounded in
the air ten feet, alighting on his feet
without a scratch."
A lawsuit liaa been commenced in
Marengo, Ind., baiween Edmund Waltz
and El wood Stout, over the price of two
eggs, bought at seventeen cents per
dozen. Two of the dozen were rotten,
and Waltz demanded a return of the
A young man hypnotized at an enter
tainri.ent in Paris remained senseless for
two days and was with difficulty
Lront liack to consciousness.
A Missouri judge presented to the ex
Confederate home fifty-eight cents, but
they were very old coins and are to bo
sold at auction.
lloitwiftly Kncllah Sparrow. ,
A loving student of the English spar
row as .ho bird is to be seen in Brooklyn
finds that the little creature has in Li
domestic relations many human traits.
When the sparrows are mating and
building, the male sinks into insignifi
cance Jeside the female. When a nut-ting
place L- to be selected the male looks
jauntily about and is ready to accept
anything that comes to hand, but the
hen examines each proposed site with
critical care, apparently studies tho re
lations of the place to sun. wind and
rain, and tinally decides tho question
with small consideration for the opin
ions of her spouse.
When the ne.-st is to le built tho house
wifely character of the hen again asserts
itself. She is busy all day long gather
ing sticks and straws to serve as building
material. Nothing is taken haphazard,
but every stick or straw fits to a nicety
and is admirably adapted to the end for
whic h it is selected. As to the male, he
gives moral supiort and little else.
While the hen is devoting all her ener
gies to the task in hand he sits on a
neighboring bough and encourages her
with music. Nor does she expect or
wish more at his hands.
Now and then, apparently pricked by
conscience, he leaves his perch, picks up
a clumsy stick or straw and carries it to
the scene of the building ojterations.
But his contribution is seldom received
with favor. The hen usually examines
it with the ill concealed scorn that wives
sometimes accord to domestic perform
ances of husbands, and in nine cases out
of ten she tosses away the proffered ma
terial as soon as the back of her spouse
is turned. New York Sun.
A Cowboy' Senile of Hnmor.
A globe trotting Englishman told mo
this st ory: "To show you that the cow
boys are not aa bad as they have been
painted in fact, that they are opposed
to anything like lawbreaking and vio
lence let me relate an incident. There
was a poor clerk standing up over his
books at a desk in a shop on the main
street, and there was a cowboy riding
np and down the street. Well, the cow
boy saw the clerk and his sense of hu
mor was aroused by the idea of shooting
at him, d'you know. Those cowboys
have a very remarkable sense of humor.
So the cowtboy ups with his pistol, d'you
know, and he shoots the poor clerk right
through the head, killing him instantly.
" W eli, now, that sort of thing is very
distinctly frowned upon by cowboys, as
a rule, and in this case the cowboys held
meeting and resolved that the fellow
with the lively but dangerous sense of
humor should be hanged at once. They
put a rope around his neck, and there
being no tree anywhere in sight they
hung him to the side of a Pullman as
the train came rolling in. I've seen a
number of occurrences of thr.t sort,
which makes me quite positive in stat
ing that though they are a very rum
sort of beggars they are really not a bad
lot." Julian Ralph in Harper's Weekly.
A Lazy. Though Shrewd Fellow.
Tulkinson a barrister and bachelor
combined, by the way is a very sys
tematic man. The other day he had his
house fitted with electrical appliances.
and giving instructions to his servant
Joseph, he said:
"Now I want you to understand,
Joseph, that when 1 ring once that
means for you, and when 1 ring twice
that means for Aitiggie, the housemaid."
Joseph, who is the laziest wretch that
ever accepted wages he did not earn,
bowed respectfully and withdrew. A
little later the bell rang. Joseph never
moved. Presently it rang again, and
according to instructions Maggie came
hurrying to her master, who was very
"Why didn't that rascal, Joseph, come
when 1 rang for him?" said the bar
rister bachelor disgustedly.
"Why, sir," answered Maggie, ."Jo
seph is busy in the office reading your
newspaper. When he heard the first
ring he said to me, 'Now, Maggie, wait
until he rings the second time, and then
it will be you he wants.' " London Tit-
Strange Cave Dwellers la Spain.
At a meeting of the Royal Geograph
ical society, of Madrid, Dr. Bide gave an
account of his exploration of a wild
district in the province of Caceres,
which he represented as still inhabited
by a strange people who speak a curious
patois and live in caves and inaccessible
retreats. They have a hairy skin and
have hitherto displayed a strong repug
nance to mixing with their Spanish and
Portugese neighbors. Roads have lately
been pushed into the district inhabited
by the "Jurdes," and they are begin
ning to learn the Castilian language
and attend the fairs and markets.
W. II. Larrabee in Popular Science
Monthly. -
The Growth of Railroad Mileage.
In 1830 there were twenty-three miles
of railway in operation in the United
States. By 1832 the mileage had in
creased to 229 miles, and in 1835 Hit
country had 1,098 miles of railroad. The
first through railroad from the ear4
westward was completed in 1842 between
Boston and Albany, connecting at the
latter place with the Erie canal. In the
same year the last link of the line from
Albany to Buffalo was opened. At the
end of 1848 the total mileage of all the
railroads in the country was 5.99G miles,
or about 500 miles more than there are
now in the state of Nebraska. Edward
Rosewater's Omaha Address.
The Flute Is Very Old.
The flute is very old in its origin, but
the flute of today is different from that
of the ancients. It has been improved
upon from time to time, and the old
Ieople would probably fail to recognize
it now. The flageolet, which is some
what similar, is credited to Juvigny
about 1581. Harper's Young People.
Tall 3Ien lo Asia and Africa. -
The tallest men of South America aro
found in the western provinces of the
Argentine Republic, of Asia in Afghan
istan and Kaypootana, of Africa in tho
highlands of Abyssinia. Yankee Blade.
Ennor Liquor Cure.
To those seeking a reHcue from
liquors curse or other evil ha oils
brought about by morphine, tobac
co etc. The Elisor Institute at South
Omaha offers one of the most relia
ble and bef t places to go with the
absolute certainty of a permanent
cure. Write or visit thu institute.
I fuel it my duty to say a few
words in regard to Kly'w Cream
lialm. uutl I do so entirely without
solicitation. I have used it more
or less half a year, and have found
it to be most i:lmii able. I have
suffered from catarrh of thu wort I
kind ever since 1 was a little boy
and I never hoped for :u-j, bu.
Cream liaJm si n-s to c! even th:
lany of m- acquaintances have
oed it witu excellnnt resultfv
0car Ostnin, !." Warren Ave., Chi
C. ';() III.
Wanted: An energetic man to
manage branch office. Only a few
dohars needed, --alary to start $7."
Ier month and intere.-t in business
The Western Co., Kansas City. Mo.
itie wistioni oi mm who journey
uth is known by the line hu selects;
tlie judgment ol the man who takes
the "Durlington Koute" to the
cities of thu east, the south, and the
wust, ia never impeached. The in
ference is plain. Magnificent Pull
man sleepets. elegant reclining
chair C irs and world-famousdining
cars on all through trains. For
information address thu agent of
the company at this place, or write
to i. J-rancis, fieuursu 1'assciiger
and Ticket Agent. Omaha.
It Should be in Every House.
J. 13. Wilson, 371 Clay St., Sharps
burg. Pa., nays lie will not be with
out Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption, Coughs and Colds
tnat it cured ins wite wlio wat
threatened - with Pneumonia aftei
an attack of La Grippe," wheii
various other remedies and several
physicians had done her no good
Kouert iJarOer, ol Cocksport, lJa
claims Dr. King's New Discover
Jias done nini more good than any
thing he ever used for I.ung
irouDie. rvotmng liKe it. Iry it
Free trial bottles at F. G. Fricke &
Co's drugstore. Large bottle, 50c
and $1.00.
The population of Plattsmouth
Is about 10,000, add we wo
at least ,neo-half are troubled with
some effection on the throat and
lungs, as those complaints are, ac
cording to staaistics, more numer
ous than others. We would advise
all our readers not to neglect the
opportunity to call on their drug-
sam tor the throat and lungs. Trial
size free. LargeBottle 50c- and $1,
Sold by all druggist.
Itch and horses animals
cured in 30 minutes by Woolford's
sanitary lotion. This never fails.
Sold F. G. Fricke & Co. druggist,
A Million Friends
A friend in nood is a fried indeed,
ana not less man one million peo
ple nave lound jusl such a mend in
Dr. King's New Discovery for con
sumption, coughs, and colds. If
you never have used this eat
cough medicine, one trial will con
vince you thai il has wondertil cur
ative powers in all diseases of the
throat chest and lungs. Each bot
tle is guaranteed to do all that is
claimed or money will be refunded
Trial bottle free at F. G. Fricke &
Co's drugstore. Large bottles 50c
and $1.00.
For years the editor of the Burl
ington Junction, (Mo.) Post, has
been subject to cramp colic fits of in
digestion, which prostrated him for
several hours and unfitted him for
bnsiness for two or three days. For
the past year he has been using
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy whenever occa
sion required, and it has invariably
given him prompt relief. 25 and 20
cent bottles for sale hy F. G.
Fricke & Co., druggists.
How's This!
We offer 100 dollars reward for
any case of catarrh thatcan not be
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F.J. Cheney & Co. Props, Toledo,
Wethe undersigned, have known
h. J. Cheney for the last lo years,
and belive him pefectly honorable
in all buisness transactions and fin
ancially able to carry out an oblig
ations made by their firm.
West & Truax, Wholesale Drujr-
gist, Toledo Ohio., Walding Kinnan
& Tarviu, Wholesale druggist Tole
do Ohio.
Hall's Catarrh Cnre is taken inter
nally, action directly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system.
IJrice, oc. per bottle, bold by all
Prmgist; Testimonials free.
The Missori Pacific will sell round
trip tickets May 9 to li inclusive, to
Portland, Oregan, the Presbyterian
general aisembly being held their
May 19 to June 2. Tickets good un-!
til 5lay 19 and returning inside 90 I
days at ?00, going via one route and
returning via another. Apply at
ticket office for particulars.
Specimen Cases.
S. II. Clifford, New Castle. Wris
was troubled with neuralgia and
rheumatism, his stomach was dis
ordered, his liver was affected to ac
alarming degree, appetite fell awaj
and he was terribly reduced in flesh
and strength. Three bottles oi
Electric Bitters cured him.
Edward Shepherd, Harrisburg,
111., had a running sore on his leg
of eight years' standing. Used
three bottles of Electric Bitters and
seven bottles Bucklen's Arnica
Salve, and his leg is sound and well
John Speaker, Catawba, O., had five
large fever sores on his leg, doctors
said he wh9 incurable. One bottle
Electric Bitters and one box Buck
leu's Arnica Salve cured him entire
ly. Sold by F. G. Fricke & Co.
Shiloh3 catarrh Remedy a posi
tive cure for catarrh, dip f beria and
canker moiiih. or sale by O H
Snyder and E. G Frieke.
Catholic St. raid's Church, "akTbH.wee
KUth and hlxth. Father Carney, Pastor
Herviceg : Vass at 8 and 10 :30 a. m. Sunday
School at 2 :M, with benediction. .
CHHiiTiAjf. Corner L.wut and Elphth
Services moriiiiiK tiud tvenlnc. Kldrr
alow;ty pastor. Sunday 8ctiool 10 A. M.
Eris'jopAi St. Luke's (.hurch. corner Third
mid Vine. -ltev. Ii l;. IIiii.t.'ph. aMor. Ser
viees : 11 A. m. a d 7 3oiv x. Sunday School
Rt 2 :.' e. m.
(J Kit ma N M KTitoiiiHT. oriier Sixth St. and
timnile. Kev. Hiit. Kat-lor. services : 11 A. M.
and 7 ::0 v. i. S-iiucUy Scli ol lo :30 a. m.
I'KrSitYTFKi AN. services in Tew church, cor
ner J Sixth and Ci'Mulc m. Kcv. J. T. Itairri,
i nvtor. Mindav-.M'i.iKii af ! ;30 ; I'leacliini;
at 11 a. in. ;i;.t x m.
The . U. s. '. K oi th' church meet every
Saldtath evetiliij.' at 7 :l,r in tlie basement uf
the chtiri h. All are Invited to attend these
meet injjs.
Kikst M ktiiokist. Sixth t., ttetwen Main
and Pearl, i.'ev 1.. K. llritt. 1. L. nastor.
Service : 11 A. M.. 8 :0l . M. Sunday (jchool
:.' A M I'ray- r meetii j; ednesday even
ing. (irnMAN
I'iccshvtkkia .Corner Main and
ICev W itle, pastor. Services u.siiat
Sunday -chool 0 :ao a. m.
Swkf.dkh onckpoatiokau Graulie, be
tween Fifth and Sixth.-
Colokko I'.Al-nsT. Mt. Olive, t'lik. between
Tenth i.nd Eleventh, llev. A. ltoowell, pas
tor. Se. vices 11 a. in. fiid 7 :30 p. ill. I'rayer
ineeiuiir Wednesday evening.
Voiix, .Vfn's I'hkistian Association
itooms in v aterman block, Main street. Cos
l e! meeting. f-r men only, every Sunday af
ternoon at 4 o'clock. Koomc open week day
irom s:ao a. in .13 : 30 p. ia.
South I'auk Tabkknacle. Kev. J. M
v'jod, l astor. Services: Sunday School
. in.: 1 react. mi;. 11 a. m. and 6 v. m
prayer meeting Tuesday night ; choir prac-
iice. rruiMy nigni Ah are welcome.
Always has on band a full 6tock of
Corn, Bran, Shorts Oats and Baled
Hay for sale as low as the lowest
and delivered to any part of the
J. W. Johnson,
-ooOT EOoo-
Citizeqs - Bqqli!,
Capital Paid in
F li Guthman J W Johnson. E S Grensel.
tienry KiKenDnrv, ivi w Morgan, j
A Connor. W Wettenkamp, W
II Cushing
A general banNing business trans
acted. Interest allowed on de
posites. .
Paid ud capital ...
i the ?ry best facilities for the promp
transaction of ligitimate
iianking Business
Stocks, bonds, sold, government and local se
curities bought B-nd sold. Deposits received
nd interest allowed on the certificates
Drafts drawn, available in any part of the
United States aDd all the principal towns ol
Qlghest market price pntd for County War
rants, state ana county Dende.
John Fitzgerald D. Hawkewortb
Sam Waugh. F. E. White
Georce E. Dovev
John Fitzgerald. S. Waugh.
rreetdent UaBie-
The Leading
Constantly keeps on hand everythin
you need to furnish your house.
Shingles, Lath, Sash,
Doors, Blinds
Can supply ertrw demand of the city.
Call and get terms. Fourth Etret
in rear of opera house.
O-O - TO-
House Furnishing Emporium.
WHERE you can get your house furnished from
kitchen to parlor and at easy tearms. I hau
die tlie world renown Haywood baby carriages, also
the latest improved Reliable Process Gasoline stove
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L Pearleman
A Full and
Drugs, Medicines,
Prescriptions Carefully
w l?m - asicS - cITob Work
SOI Cor Fifth
A Cure for the Ailments of Man and Beast
A long-tested pain relierec
Its use is almost uniyersal by the Honaewife, the Farmer, the
Stock Raiser, and by eyery one requiring aa ttffectiye
No other application compares with it in efficacy.
This well-known remedy has stood the
No medicine chest is complete without a bottle oi Mustang
Occasions arise for its use almost erery day,
All druggists and dealers have it.
Compk - te line of
Paints, and Oils.
riu pounded i Hour?.
and Vine St.
- HtuUll,