The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, May 18, 1892, Image 2

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TIji Btranire to me to think that I
A irrunciiNi have hecontc;
ImlitMl cdiinot well iU-nj
It Ktrikcn 1110 alrii(t tltunU.
Iiul w luit l ktraiiwr fiir than thin
Aiimt truly xliiKuliir
li, partiM-r if my hinu aul hliwi.
It liuikeit you vrriUKlimuiiirial
I Ami it l.jird to ri.l )..
K'l ii win ii t lain ImiImj i ,
Tlmt yon, ho out li f ii 1 in my eye,
A KraiKlmainiiui can In?.
Fi.r lli.niL-li w i-'w. iwt-ll lotf.tlur
Soint? -.wiity yi-r uikI more,
Tinif r-M u liclii Jy on yi.ur hrow
An luu-k i'i hi1 j.fonr,
AikI t tn-r-, thin til I to hoy.
I low Ii.- m ill lii ; l u,j
Whrti l.- iuvm. to hiM Joy,
lli-t i:r ii.iii::iiiiiiui in you!
Ami ho- Ik 'II laii'h lo look nl .,.t
Hi ( !; ol.l KraiiiMaii!
AM Ii: I !, you hi hi to ,
A X'u V.y M.rl t,( ;u.
John K. lUii.-i in IlarjH r' lUjMr.
Not Oiiiltt the Name.
Slight mistake in hjH-akin a i.rii
lnnna.. ..r jsi understanding it wh.'ij
oijh .ijo !.,;. j-jm aks it, are commonly
nothing nit.n.- iii;.n uiinisin.biit a im-m-N-rof
tliu Alpiiio club mention an in
Ktanco i.f a inure urioiis nature. Ho
was climbing ii ,,f the Al with a
Knidi wli, rsi.-N-d in talking W Eng
lish al t,t indifferent French.
"My jruide." ,.. says, "hail just crossed
a wiow bridge over a wide crovsisse, and
tuni.-d to await iut on the farther side.
I a-skeil him if it wan weak; he an
swered, 'Xo utron.
"Naturally I att.rnpt.-d to walk across
it of crawling. I had almost
reached the other hide when the bridge
K-ivo way, and after a delirious scramble
to nave myself I subsided helplessly
into the crevasse.
"However, I did not far, and when
I had crawled out, with snow down my
neck and up my arms and in all my
pocket. I discovered that my friend
hal meant 'Not strong I strongly en
joined him to reserve hi English hence
forth for use in the alleys." Exchange.
Why Many Treatments Fall.
"The fault is not of the art, bnt of the
patient," is the phrase that may be ap- I jected before an engagement is a guar
' - iu wuicu uiemosx I ancee or iuture conduct.
The Cab What It Mean to the Ameri
can tiiuine.r, Tliuucli JIU KngHh
llrother KiUrn In the Open Air The
WhUtle ami It Individuality.
The average American engineer and
his fireman would think themselves very
ill if an order were issued for the
alsilisluiH'tit of the cabs that friendly
retreat from inclement weather that is
now consider d an absolute necessity on
all engines. And yet in civilized Eng
land, on a majority of th railroads, the
eutruies in iih are built minus the cab,
thus forcing the oju rators to W4rk with
out blither in all kinds of weather. It
sounds inhuman, ami yet in refutation
tli railroad companii-s ask whether the
soldier should carry an umbrella whe:.
it rains or the sailor Is- allowed to work
Vnder an awning? Th- laini is that the
railroad employees lx-ome inured to w
yere weather and the alisenco of cover
ing k-eps t hem alert, so that the possi-
oiiii or o.inger from inattention to
4luty is redneed to a minimum. Subtle
argument. iM-rhajis. but hardly tenable.
If this practice was adopUil on some of
our western roads where the temperature
ranges from 20 to f degs. below zero,
how many engimrers would live to carry
their trains fmui one station to the next?
The unpardonable sin iu an engineer
is to let the water get out of the boiler
of the engine in his charge. No matter
wnat excuse he may offer, if he lives to
make his report in turn, his dismissal
will be peremptory, for by this action
he has proved himself incompetent and
unworthy of future responsibilities. It
is better for an engineer that he had
never been born when he reaches this
stage of self torture. Fortunately such
cases are rare. The man on all well
conducted railroads must have shown
himself to be trusty and true before he
is given charge of an engine, and the
ngia inspection to which he is sub-
Enior Liquor Care.
To those seeking- a rescue from
liquors curse or other evil habits
brought about by morphine, tobac-
co etc. i lie minor jiiriimieai con wi
Omaha ofTerHone of the most relia
ble and best places to gu with the
absolute certainty of a permanent
cure. VVrite or visit the institute.
A 'endilile Mhii.
Would use Kemp's balsam fir the
throat and lungs, it is curing more
cases cough cills, asthma, bron
cbitts, crnup ami all throat and
lu n. if troubles, than any other reiu
ed TIm proprietor has author
i.eilany druggist to give yju a sum
pie bottltr Iree t convince you of
the merit 4)f this great reiiKv!-.
Large bottles o()c and f I.
Fifth and Klxth. Father Cainey, Fantor
Hrvlceg : Miss t S and I0:3a. m. Sunday
Hchool ct 2 jo, with benedict lot..
Chkisti ax. Corner uml KUO.tii st
Sei vIct-H moriiliiK
oaroway pa.sior.
. . r
nnti tveii!iif. f.iiiir
Sunday Ida. m.
fcl-lH' oi-AU-St. Luke's t huicli. comer Third
and in.-. i:v. H H. HurceM.. .in-ior. her-vii-i-h
: 11 a. m. ai d 7 -.Mr m. Sunday School
at 2 :M p. m.
it rum a n AIktii.idiht. turner Sixth SI and
l.ramtf. Ilcv. J I tit. I'H-toi. Sen ires : 11 A. SI.
and 7 ::tn i si. Snu.iay School lo A. si.
I'KKSiivtkhias. M rvirrs In .-u rliurcli.r..r
n. r sixth and 4,r;nm- str. l:.-v. J. T. I'.nird.
nastor. Sumla -m;i ...1 at j ::.; rreachiuir
at ila. in. ;.-,.! h i in.
ihf . K. s. 41. K of bln rtiurrli nuetn every
nauoaiu rvrnni!- at 7 :ir in the i.ascni.-nt of
me mucin. All me invited to atti i u theie
ineri iiis.
I feel if my duty to say a few
wonls in t4-garil to lily's ("ream
iialui. ami I do so entirely without
solicitation. I have used it more
or less half a year, ami have found
it to be most jiclmuable. I have
sutfereil from catarrh 4f the worst
Kiini ever hiiici- 1 was a little loy
anl I never hoped for :-, but
Clean. I.'ahti s 411 s to do 4'ven that.
Many of mr aciiuaiiitances have
used it witu exctdltuit results.
Oscar Ostimi, 45 Warren Ave., Chi
cag4 111.
Wanted: An energetic man to
manage branch onice. Only a few
dollars iieeh-l. Salary to start $75
per month anil int4,r4,st 111 business
The Western Co., Kansas City, Mo.
Fii'.st M kthoimst. Sixth St.. l.etwen Main
nd IV;irl. Kcv. I.. F. Hriit. 1. I. nastor.
Service : 11 A. m. 8 :(M v. St Sunday Scliool
9:ia si I'rayt-r nieetb k ednesday cven-Inj;.
khsiax rnHi!VTmtu.v.-( orinT Main and
mth. lav v itle, pastor. Services usiutl
hours. Sunday -chool j :3n a. m.
tweeii Fifth and Sixth
-(iranite, he-
(.oi.okkii Hai-tit. Ml. Olive, "ak. between
lenth Mid Kleventh Uev. A. HohwcII. pas
tor. Scivi- es 11 a. 111. Mid 7 :.)0 l). 111. ITayer
incctiiii.. v riincs.lay evenfni;
Some Foolish People
allow a cough to run until it gets
beyond the reach of medicine They
say "Oil, it will wear away," but iu
most cases it wears them away.
Could they be induced to try the
successful Kewip's Halsam, which
is sold on a positive guarantee to
cure, they would see the excellent
effect after taking the first dose.
Price 50c ami $1. Trial size free. At
all druggists.
You...; Mkn's iiki-tiav Association
ltooius iii .. Ht.-rtnaii hlork. Main street, lios
liel nicci inn. for met. only, evcrv Sunday af
ternoon at 4 o'clock. K.-M1111H open week days
from 8:.'M) a. 111 . 1 );M p. in.
south 1'ahk Takeknaclk. Kev. J. M.
Wood, I axtor. Services : Sunday Hchool.
1 a. in. : I reaching, 11 a in. and 8 p. hi.;
prayer meetiii; Tuesday nij;lit ; choir prac
iicerrid.y ninh a Hare welcome.
Ride a cocraio.isE.TO
Chicago. op,cou.ise,to gt.
all Grocers, keep it.
correct mi-jtsures taken tinder favorable
circninfitances fail to accomplish their
purpose, because the patient himself
does not or cannot co-operate with them.
No treatment can relieve the smoker
from his throat catarrh, so long as he
persists in his habit.
This aspect of the case is especially
pertinent to the nervous disorders which
are one of the plowing scourges of our
age. Incajiacity and vacillation, the
force of outer influences or the pressure
of business too often intervene to inter
rupt a cure which was otherwise fairly
possible, Professor II. Nothnagel in
Popular Science Monthly.
A Typewriter's Luncheon.
A j-oung woman whose work as a
typewriter makes her daily luncheon at
a restaurant a necessity says that the
most satisfactory and sustaining meal
she gets is a plate of raw oysters, with
a bottle of ginger ale and plenty of
brown bread and butter. If she feels
Ioor she omits the ale, which is an ap
preciable item, and contents herself with
the oysters and bread. "There are so
few things to be had at the average res
taurant that are satisfactory 6he 6ays,
but j-ou may really rely on the oysters
ami Boston brown bread." New York
ImportHiir of I'laten to Collectors.
The affixing of the bookplate com
pletes, in certain manner difficult to
describe, which 111. st book lovers must
readily recall, the subtle joy of book
possession. And inasmuch as once past
ed in the lalxvl lecoines an integral part
of a cherished volume, it is in all but
rare cases meant to lie in itself a thing
of definite Kauty. Here is one of thi
many interests offenxl by a bookplate
to the collector. London Saturday Ile-
A irest Show for Him.
Jliss Candido Where I spent the sea
son there wn-re twelve girls to
yonng man.
De hmithers How I wish I had been
Jiiss candide ou ought to have
come down. A young man would have
been almost wi-rshijH-d 110 matter how
unattractive. Xew York Tribune.
Number of the Star.
At the present time the whole number
ot double stars known and recorded by
astronomers is something over 10,000,
far exceeding the total number of
visible to the naked eye in the entire
firmament (aliout G.000), and others are
being frequently discovered by the great
telescopes now in existence. New York
J 151s: Alaxkn Salmon.
Salmon, such as are found in the riv-
ers of Ahiska. are very large. Three
I salmon will ordinarily fill forty-eight
one pound cans, making one case.
i Washington Star.
1 A
Clara That's an awfully becoming
1 :i . 1 . .
1 i veu you nave uu.
3 Maude What makes yon think so?
Clara Because it's so thick. Cloak
V 'Review.
r. I 1 1 : -1. v i- 1 ... 1. . , .
" ui iut ium ixjy nas set niui-
(Self up in the business of exercising fine
J .bred dogs for rich men whose time is
Coo much taken up with money making
:o projierly look after their canine prop
i ) In all competitive sports it is dangor
i bus for the contestants to ignore phys-
t-al differences. Si'irit and excitement
fiay help to win a temporary victory at
IX) grt- .t a cost.
). I Doubtless the coldest civilized plac-3
1 i the globe is Werchojansk, in Snieria
Ihere the tliennoiuetcT once regiatered
temperature of 1 degs. below zero.
French fanners prefer borserakes that
e made in the United States, as they
e both cheaper and more easily worked,
One weakness nearly every entrmer
1 .... - "
nas, ana that is a penchant for "doctor
ing" the steam whistle on his pet engine,
Every boy in a country town familiar
izes himself at an early age with the
omerent "toots" that by day and night
wail through the unhappy village. He
can detect No. 4's whistle when the train
is five miles distant, and in like manner
the approach of Noe. 1 and 2 are herald
ed to his keen ear. Of course all whis
tles are alike when they leave the shops,
but the engineer fills in the soundim?
wim a piece or turned wood that
tits snug and changes the tone to a short,
sharp scream or an angry, impatient
nowi, as rus rancy may dictate.
Xhe close observer may lie snugly in
bis bed and yet be able to detect the
passing of either a freight or passenger
tram, ine engine on the former an
nounces its approach by emitting a
sharp, shrill scream that is soul piercing
enough to waken the dead, while the
passenger engine, with due respect tV
the living freight it carries, sounds a
long, deep warning note that does not
bring the occupant of a berth to his feet
"all standing," ready to curse the com
pany m general terms and the engineer
in particular ones for snob, an nyf. rt
roily and inconsiderateness. On tbe
freight train a sharp, shrill scream is es
sential, for it notifies the brakemen, who
are pernaps forty cars in the rear of the
engine and separated from the occupants
or ine can Dy many ways of ear piercing
sound, just what work is required at
their hands.
This whistle is to them what the cry
or tne can Doy on the Thames steamboat
used to be to the engineer down below
before the advent of electric bells.
ase herr the captain would remark
in his ordinary tone of conversation to
the small boy that followed him like a
shadow, and "Ease herl" the youngster
would scream in his sharp, shrill stac
cato uown the companion wjy. "Stop
er: "iurn er astern!" "Go ahead!"
. .. , 1 1 1 f 11 - . -
jieruaps iouow in rapm succes
sion, and in this decidedly crude fashion
the London steamboat captains did their
steeruig by proxy only a dozen years
ago. One wonders what has become of
those call boys. Perhaps they snend
their hours in spinning yarns to the
younger cockneys of the pjist glories of
steamboating in much the same manner
that our dethroned stage drivers of the
west now resale the tenderfoot with
limpses of bygone acts of heroism and
feats of impossible horsemanship. This
is somewhat of a digression from the
topic under discussion, but iierhans the
reader will excuse its insertion. On
thought naturally suggested the other.
As a class engineers are usually trood
natured, kind hearted, though a bit
rough; deep thinkers, due to their fixed
habits of attention and long hours of
enforcetl silence, and of good morals.
An engineer who drinks cannot hojie to
hold his position long, for no master me
chanic will tolerate confirmed tippling
in a subordinate whose duties are so re
sponsible as those of an engineer. IIo
must be abstinent, prompt at his post of
duty, and ever vigilant if he hopes to
maSitain his position. His hands may
be black and his face grimy, but that
his heart is all right was evidenced not
long ago in a railroad terminus on
the Pacific coast when the engine,
puffing and laboring from its dizzv
ride over mountain passes and alonr
tlangerous precipices, was armroachod
by a golden haired miss of six, who
patted one of the huge driving wheels
caressingly and lisping, "You dear, big
black thinar. how I love von for brinir-
, . w
mg my sweet mamma and papa home to
me from across those horrid mountains,
and you too." she exclaimed, lifting her
pretty face to the black bearded engin
eer, who had been watching her from
his cab. The tear that sprang instantly
to his eye was not an evidence of weak
ness, but of a warm, impassionate heart,
and the father of the little girl that oc
casioned th-3 touch of human nature
furtively reached for his handkerchief
jnst as the engineer drew his grimy
tleeve acrnw his sooty face. Chicago
The wisdom of him who journey
eth is known by the line lie selects;
the judgment of the man who takes
the "Hurlinpton Route" to the
cities of the east, the south, and the
west, is never impeached. The in
ference is plain. Magnificent Pull
man sleepers, elegant reclining
chair cars and world-famous dining
cars on all through trains. For
information address the agent of
the company at this place, or write
to J. Francis, General Passenger
and Ticket Agent, Omaha.
Now Try This
It will cost you nothing and will
urely do you good, if yon have a
Cough, Cold or any trouble with
Throat, Chest or Lungs. Dr. King's
New Discovery for Consumption,
Coughs and Colda is guaranteed to
give relief, or money will be paid
back. Sufferers from La Grippe
found it just the thing and under
its use had a speedy and perfect re
covery. 1 ry a sample bottle at our
expense and learn for yourself just
how good a thing it is. Trial bottle
free at F. G. Fricke & Co. Drug
Store, Large size 50c. and $1.00
The population of Plattsmoutk
Is about 10,000, add we would say
at least 'neohalf are troubled with
some effection on the throat and
lungs, as those complaints are, ac
cording to etaaistics. more numer
ous than others. We would advise
all our readers not to neglect the
opportunity to call on their drug
gist and get a bottle of Kemp's Bal
sam for the throat and luncrs. Trial
size free. LarereBottle 50c- and $1.
Sold by all druggist.
The First step.
Perhaps you are run down, can't
eat, can't sleep, can't think, can't do
anything to your satisfaction, and
you wonder what ails you. You
Biiouiu neea me warning, you are
taking the first step into nervous
prostration. You need a nerve tonic
and in Klectric Hitters you will find
the exact remedy for restoring your
nervous system to it normal, healthy
condition. Surprising results fol
low the use of this great Nerve
Tonic and Alterative, Your appe-
11 ie returns, gooa digestion is re
stored, and the liver and kidneys re
sume healthy action. Try a bottle.
Price 50c, at F. G. Fricke & Co's
drugstore. 6
ALlttlo Vlrla Eiiperiencein a LlgMt
Mr. and Mrs, Loren Trescott are
keepers of the Gov. Lighthouse at
band .Beach Mich, and are blessed
with a daughter, four years. Last
April she taken down with Measles,
followed with dreadful Couch and
turned into a fever. Doctors at
home and at Detroit treated, but in
vain, she grew worse rapidly, until
she was a mere" handful of bones".
Then she tried Dr, King's New
iJiscovery and atter the use of two
and a half bottles, was completely
cured. They say Dr. King,s New
Discovery is worth its weight in
gold, yet you may get a trial; bottle
free at F. G. Frickey Drugstore.
How's This!
We offer 100 dollars reward for
any case of catarrh that can not be
cured by Hall s Catarrh Cure.
F. J. Cheney & Co. Props, Toledo,
We the undersigned, have known
F. J. Cheney for the last 15 years,
and belive him pefectly honorable
in all buisness transactions and fin-
. . 11 1 . . ...
aucitiijy auie to carry out an oblig
ations made by their firm.
West & Truax. Wholesale Drug
gist, Toledo Ohio., Walding Kinnan
& Tarvin, Wholesale druggist Tole
do Ohio.
Hall's Catarrh Cnre is taken inter
nally, action direct' upon the blood
ano mucous surfaces of the system.
Price, 75c. per bottle. Sold by all
Druggist; Testimonials free.
House Furnishing Emporium.
"T 7C 7HERE yon can get your house furnished front
V V kitchen to pHrloriand at easy tearms. I han
die the world renown lluywood baby carriages, also
the latest improved Reliable Process Gasoline stove
Call and be convinced. ! No trouble to show ?oods.
I. Pearleman
1 1
F Q vmom Ar no
t i . .
' ' '
A Full and Complete line of
Drugs, Medicines, Paints, and Oils.
Prescriptions Carefuily Compounded at all Hours.
Itch on human and horses animals
cure4l in 30 minutes by Woolford's
sanitary lotion. Ihis never fail.
Sold F. G. Fricke & Co. dmn-ist.
For 3 ears the editor of tbe Burl
ington Junction, (Mo,) Post, has
been subject to cranio colic fits of in
digestion, which prostrated him for
several hours and unfitted him for
business for two or three davs. For
the past year he has been usiiif
Cbambi-rlaiirs Colic, Cholera and
Diarrliu-a Kemeily whenever occa
sion remiired, and it has invariably
giv4-n him prompt relief. li."5 and '20
:ent bottles for. sab; liv V O
Fricke Jc Co., tlruircifts.
The Leading
Advertising asadi - JTb - Wort
yC4-orluiir to the census of 1S!H).
Chic-tiro taki-M rank, bv virtuwof hr
population ol J,()UN,.if people, as the
eijrlitli Jar4-st city on the plobe.
Most of us lb-sire, at one time or
nother, t4 visit a city in which so
many persons find homes, and.
when we 4lo, we can find no better
line than the "Uurlinirton Koute.'
Three fast and comfortable trains
!aily. For further information ad
dress the atrent of the company at
this place, or write to J. Francis,
iictienu I'asscnjrer and
-Aent, Omaha, Nebraska.
The Missori Pacific will sell round
trip tickets Nay 0 to 11 inclusive, to
Portland, Oreran, the Presbyterian
general aisembly beinir held their
May 10 to June 2. Tickets iood un
til May 19 and returning inside 90
days at !f00, roinjr via one route and
return injr via another. Apply at
ticket office for particulars.
Specimen Cases.
S. II. Clifford, New Castle, Wis uuuuiru wim neuralgia ano
rneumatism. Ins stomach was dis
ordered, his liver was affected to ac
aiarniinor degree, appetite fell awa
and he was terribly reduced in flesh
and strength. Three bottles of
Electric Bitters cured him.
Kdward Shepherd, Hnrrisburg,
111., had a running-sore on his le
of eight years' standing. Used"
three bottles of Electric Bitters and
seven bottles Bucklen's Amies
Salve, and his leg is sound and well
John Speaker, Catawba. O., had five
large fever sores on his leg, doctors
said he whs incurable. One bottle
Fllectric Bitters and one box Buck
len's Arnica Salve cured him entire
ly. Sold hy F. G. Fricke & Co.
Constantly keeps on hand everythin
you need to famish your house.
. 1
wateeman & m
Shingles, Lath, Sash.
Doors, Blinds
Can supply eyerw demand of the city.
Call and get terma. Fourth street
in rear of opera house.
SOI Cor Fifth and Vine St.
7i o r
A Cure for the Ailments of Man and Beast . ;
A long-tested pain reliever. .'-,1 ; .
Its use is almost universal by the; Housewife, the. Farmer, the
Stock Raiser, and by ererybae requiring ' an' effective !
Iinhnent- --r.nH vf"',f..
No other application compares with it' in efficacy. '' '" """'
remedy Las stood the test of -years, almost-
bottle of, Mustano
generations. 1
No medicine chest is complete without ; a
Liniment. ' :
Occasions arise for its use almost every day.
All druggists and dealers have iL: ' . fw n
: 1 .
."I:.' 1 s .1.-.
.lTi'.ii?i ii
.iU,i -v .: .--i
.HiijiT rr-. i