The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, May 16, 1892, Image 3

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V( tlcWould
vkeir famous Onfaii r INanos for
B W W fit w u W
hiring them full opportunity to test it thoroughly in his own home
asd return if h; not longer want it. If he continue to want it
mm til the areate of rent pain amounts t; the price of" the ;istrn-
ent. It hecomks his rimvvMiT witaout fl ktiilk i-aymknt. illus
trated catalogue, with net prices tree.
Mason & Hamlin Orgj,n and Piano Co
r Own a Dictionary. X
Oar should be taken to
is ing una 10 bu x.
Z Tea years spent in revising, 100 edi- X
X tors employed, over $300,000 expended.
Sold by all Bookseller.
latC 1TERRIAM CO.. Publishers,
e - Bprlngfleld. Masa P. S. A.
S-Do not tray reprints of obsolete i
eejfuuons. . .
X f -8end for free pamphlet containing
Specimen pages and full particulars.
They Biaae herole efforts to free tkasMtlvss,
Das ao aaawiag aaw maniur
titty gtrm np la AMwr us sal laio so
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ths anlloaoany af Olsass
u . -j Afflictions of the
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TbUity. Waaa of ooay
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or eicuim, wmm
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It. KalarVTaad Srr.nrb.aWEAr.nEV1.0PEp
(UAH4 pA.T3oXB0BTaapllatalllrtrV.
lUa iir trrna i Trrrt ao-i rcrica oay.
faithful, Agreeable. Cleansing.
Chaxtped Bands, Wotmds, Burns, Etc
and Prevents Dandruff.
nuiTE DDSGinn soap.
Specially Adapted for Use in Hard Watet
IT AtCtBttTUUW M. lAtttr CSUII SKCirit.
Item be gists Is sees sf eesee or tee. or in ar.
Uclss el aaod, without the knowledge 01 sue per
aoa taking It; It Is abeolstety hannlese and will
effect a permanent and speedy care, whether
the patient la a moderate drinker o .
a om matte sure in srery instaaoo. so vmtgm ww
f JFP. Addreaslnend
1 L.V-C
hTtSn Lloaar HaslL Pn tTvilV Caref
If old King (glete njerry old soul,
Had lived fotfiisgreataaeofotirs.
baVecalledlorBULL DURHAM
JosnpKe 17 1715 pipe,
And been rrerrier Under iti powers.
I . I '
Thousands of Smokers
The Millionaire in his palace,
The Laborer in his cottage,
The Swell on the street,
The Sailor on his ship,
Comfort-lovers everywhere.
Prefer Bull Durham,
Blackwell's Durham Tobacco Co.,.
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CO. now uflVr ts rent any one of
three months, giving the person
Veung Pothers
We Oft Tow .Kemedy
efcie Intra Safety e
JAm efMtUrr mtul ChiUL.
Rtbm CoMnHMMt( it
T'ain, H-rr-ror aM,d IZUic.
A,"trrusl.irne bottle of .iotsr ra Friend" I
u;Ttvi bat little iun.anrt Jui not experleuce that
weaKDi u ai'U-rwrd utual In such casus. lira.
Mitt U4.-.C, Lamar, filo.. j&u. 15th. 191.
Rent by express. cbarK prepaid, on receipt of
price. $1.10 per 001 lie. Book (o Mothers mailed free,
CJhamberlain's Eye and SUa
A certain core for Chronic Sore Eyei
Tetter, Salt Bhenrp, Scald Haad. Oh
Chronic Sores, Fever Sores, Eczema,
Itch, Prairie Scratches, Sore Nipples
and Piles. It is eooling aad soothing.
Hundreds of eases havo been oared by
tt. after all other treatment bad failed.
It Is put up in S3 and SO cent boxes.
E P P S ' S
Labeled 1-2 lb Tins Only.
InMbl Talmlar Bar Cwa
"htopna hard. CwanlabU.
inn tl 04 ..r,,i irrmrltr(ail. Sold by P. HlMsx.caiT, CD CC
fi3 ilnaJway, S Uk, Wnu tut Uxa o anUa mCX
PI I rTDI ?1T3. oa-ans $1S. Want auts. catl"rue
riAHUO fTof.. Address Dan'l K lioatty, wasli
iti!tn N. J.
iJ rrviiurte luxuriant irrowth.
V - " aI V -wr-a 'Fa i 7 el In T o-set sva-j flyart
' t.--;A"59 'n to its Toutiifal Color.
"1 " v" O f.iVl Cuxc iip (1:mcw Ac heir tsuisuc.
r"3 o'-f.fcer i omo. it vuai the wrt 0.rte:h
V, Lvtu.r, I-.ra:-loTipkTciutime.Auts.
I- JDt faCOUNS. Th tot cm for Corna.
j alii r-ju. ro. sU ii-Ua:,.!, or KTOUX Jc XL, i. Y.
For Atchinson, St. Josepk, Learen
worth, Kansas City, SL Loais,
and all points nr-th, eastZaa
eowth or west. Tick-"... . 1 (
ets sold and bag
ejage checked
t o a n yy
States or
Canada. For
Call at Depot or address
H, C. Towxsexd,
G. P. A. St-Losns,M.
J. C. Phiixippj,
A. G. P. A. Omaha.
H. D. Apgar. AgL, Plattemomtfc.
Telephone, 77.
Soto Itlg laical Fena.
Sintor lirtiRlo's ft of 35,00ii. which
he is to rwvivo in the Protrtoii-IVal v:yv.
dfcidol in the court of hjuhiUh s.t
Frankfort, Ky.. tho other 1 recall
Borne of the laro fees that Live l i ji
Ij.ii.l U nttoni'-yB. Jndo Urown. of
MeiriMrirt, nito in a Kentucky cw. rc
ctived a fc of .f'XJ.OoO. Tho cw in
which Senator Carlisle won hia hijc f :"
nia'j tlie In irs if RoUTt WicklilTo
richt-r to the extent of iiO.UOO. (Jcn.Ta.l
DraiKT, of New Jersey, is married to
one of theso heirs, an'l it w:w as the rt j
resontative of .Mrs. Dra r that Senator
Carlish came into the case, ami his fee
comes entin ly out of her irtini of the
estate. 1 am toll that the senator ikl
not even iipike an exhaustive 8tnlj- of
the cas;, hut malo his argnuient at
Franklon. from briefs liled by tho attor
neys for oilier heirs.
To tlu this required his presence ia
Frankfort five days, and this is said to
havo been all the time he had to devote
to the case, ho that his big earnings were
as much ier day as a inemr;r of con
gress receives for a year of heavy brain
fag for his country and the old flag net
counting perquisites.
The decision of tho United States
court wiiii handed down something over
a year ago in the Fiske will case against
the Cornell university. In this case the
nniversity lost $1,7.j0,000, and tho law
firm of Hill & Bacon is said to have re
ceived $400, (HX as their honorarimn
from the successful heirs. The Mr. Hill
in this firm is none other than Senator
David Bennett Hill.
The fee which John E. Parsons, the
New York lawyer, received for organiz
ing the Sugar trust is believed to be the
largest ever paid to one New York at
torney. The amount was f 100,000, the
same enm received by Messrs. Hill &
Bacon in tho FLske case. And yet, not
withstanding this large fee, it did not
take the courts long, once they got at it,
to destroy the apparently invincible
legal structure which the able and high
priced lawyer had reared. John A.
Cockerill in New York Recorder.
A California Sculptor's Work.
Douglas Tilden, the deaf and .dumb
California sculptor, has completed in
clay at his Paris studio a group of heroic
size which he proposes to cast in bronze
and send to the World's fair. One of
this sculptor's works is now to be seen
in Golden Gate park, at San Francisco.
The subject of the last is a struggle be
tween two Indians and a she bear (griz
zly), whose cubs the Indians are trying
to make off with. A Parisian critic
says of the group: "It is broad in treat
ment and daring in execution without
exaggeration. The figure modeling of
the two Indians is of high power, strong
and harmonious at the same time. He
has succeeded in showing not the muti
lation of the two Indians by a ferocious
brute, but a fine realization of a struggle
for mastery and life which thrills with
interest." This sculptor has been work
ing in Paris four years, and was the
first American to receive "honorable
mention'" at a Paris salon. San Fran
cisco Chronicle.
An Unlucky Locomotive.
Engineer Knowblow, of the Erie, has
finally agreed to preside at the throttle
of engine No. 670 of that road. This is
the machine that passed through the
two terrible wrecks on that road at Ra
venna on July 3 and at Kent on Sept.
30. When it came out of the Meadville
shops recently none of the boys wanted
to sit at the right hand side of the cab
in the unlucky engine, and it was only
after considerable persuasion that Engi
neer Knowblow was persuaded to take
charge of the hoodooed locomotive.
Railroaders are like sailors they have
their superstitions, and an eugineman
no more likes to run an unlucky ma
chine than does an old tar to sail on
certain unfoi-tunate vessels. Pittsburg
From London to Cliirajjo for 8135.
Tours suitable to all pockets are being
arranged by the London Polytechnic
Young Men's Christian institute. A
yachting trip to Norway, lasting threo
weeks, and including a visit to the land
of the midnight sun, is to cost only 12
15s.; the island of Madeira can be visited
for 12, while 7 5s. will cover the ex
pense of sixteen days in the Bernese
Highlands. There is also to be a trip to
tho Chicago World's fair, costing only
twenty-live guineas from Liverpool.
London Tit-Bits.
A Maine Woodpile.
The most wonderful woodpile on rec
ord is owned by a man in Oxford county,
Me. In ihe pile of eight cords, all cut
from one piece of forest, are no fewer
than twentj different kinds of wood,
viz., white birch, yellow birch, white
maple, rock maple, white ash, brown
ash. black cherry, wild cherry, apple
tree, elder, beech, moosewood, willow,
fir, dogwood, spruce, sugar plum, elm,
poplar and hemlock.
The Joker Is at Large.
J. C. Young, of Albany, has two wood
en legs. A fool friend, who could think
of no other way to be funny, tried to
throw a knife into one of his legs. He
succeeded, but it struck above the knee
where the leg was flesh and blood. Mr.
Young is now nursing an ugly and pain
ful wound. The fool friend isn't in jail.
but he ought to be.
Portland Orego-
Maitie Soldiers Going to the Capital.
Heath post, G. A. R., of Gardiner.
Me., will go in style to the national en
campment in Washington in September.
The members have chartered the steam
boat Kennebec, a seagoing side wheele
of 1,653 tons, to take them and their
friends to the number of 400 on a ten
days trip, allowing four days at Wash
ington. aEinerel Poison Kills Cattle.
In Fayette county, Ida., a peculiar
mineral poison exudes from the ground
and contaminates the grass, upon which
a herd of cattle fed. This caused greai
losses to stockmen, who at first though
the poison had been administered by
vicious people.
M'Hora f Jttitaritarl R-a Many Won
derful Things in Kun I'ruiit'i'Mso.
King MTJora of Buturitaj-i tpeut two
by urn at the Olympic club, iuid was
liroliiJy iim4'c nmuaed and surriscd
than by anything ele he hart -eeii in
San Francisco. The meiiilx-rs who were
pr-oitt practicing in tho gymnasium
gave an iinjromjtu exhibition. v.iil !i
interested his South Sea majesty very
much, and In gave evidence of thi in
grunts and by c.-tures of Kuriri.e, auu
almost of, at Miue of the fiats:'
the athletes. The tumbling was it M:r
prise to him, and Ik could not under
stand, while Professors Troncla t au!
Chapins were fwicing, how it was that
they did not drop dead when struck by
the foil. A burktiquo Uixing cojuest
ending in a well "faked" knockout was
arranged fur the king and his party.
Profef-sor L)o Witt Van Court and Philip
B011I0 were tike boxers, and the" k'l!
an exhibition which interested his
uiajeMy more than tho genuine liht he
saw at tho California club. At the end
Boulo wu apparently knocked out, and
he was carried it of tho room limp and
motionless. Of course he immediately
returned, ami as he appeared tho king
allowed a sigh of relief to escape hiin,
and remarked through the interpreter
that he wan glad the little fellow had
not lieen killed, as he wa so plucky.
After the exhibition King M'Bora find
his lrty were shown tlu-ough tlie Olym
pic clnb building. Lu the billiard room
he had his first meeting with a piece of
ice. His dusky majesty was given a
ghiatt of ice water in resjonae to a re
quest for a drink, lie saw the piece of
ice floating in the water and could not
understand what it was. He put hi
royal right hand into the glar a!
seized the cube of ice, but immediate) y
dropped it and jumped back severely
frightened. After an explanation he
picked up the ice again and watched
it slowly melt in his hand. He seemed
to partially understand the philosophy
of the thing and gave an order for an ice
making machin, which he will take to
Butaritari with him to cool his roy.J
throat on hot summer days. f-
In the ladies' parlor the glass chandt
tier was lighted by eieetricity, and tu
king immediataly wanted to know wher
the oil tank was. He had had some ex
peri en oe with gas before. The first night
at his hotel, after having seen the ga
turned on and lighted, he nearly termi
nated his royal career by playiDg the
Farmer Wayback act. He turned on the
gas and lay down waiting' for the gas to
light itself.
One of the members of the Olympic
dub who was going through the rooms
with the party wanted the king to talk
through the telephone. His majctty
had already had an experience and waw
so shocked that he did not care foi
another. It was at Sutro Heights on
his Visit Saturday. W. Laaterbach:
who spent some time on the Gilbert
islands, went to the stables on the place
while the king was in Mr. Sutro's house.
When the telephone connection was
made King M'Bora was asked to put the
receiver to his ear. As he did so Le
heard words in his native language, and
he dropped the instrument as if struck
by lightning. A long explanation could
not fully satisfy his mystified majesty.
The king and his party remained at the
rooms of the club until nearly midnight.
San Francisco Chronicle.
The Secret of Happiness.
Not long ago Professor Black ie had oc
casion to be in the Fair City Perth. He
was waiting for a certain train, and was
marching up and down the platform
whistling gayly, and for all the world
like a schoolboy en route home for his
holidays. A gentleman near by, at onca
recognizing the picturesque figure and
wishing to enter into conversation with
him, went up to him and asked him:
"Professor, may I ask the secret of
your happiness?"
The genial professor smiled and an
swered: "Well, here is the secret of my happi
ness: 1 have no vain regrets for thepas-t,
I look forward with hope to the future
and 1 always strive to do my duty.
There," he ended emphatically, "you
have it." And he straightway set to
and walked up and down again, whistlicg
as before. London Tit-Bits.
An Antediluvian Joke.
A hardware drummer is responsible
for the story that a clerk in one of oui
hardware houses was informed that the
last tailor's goose was sold and to order
a dozen more. After puzzling over the
matter for some time he wrote on a
piece of paper as follows:
12 tailor geese.
12 tailor's geese.
12 tailor gooses.
12 tailor goose.
12 tail
Then he got rattled, scratched hia
head, looked in the dictionary and final
ly formulated the following:
"Gents please send at once one tailor's
goose and eleven others." Burlington
Monkeys Slight Be Hade Useful.
Monkeys could be used in certain case
of fire, where expert climbing might be
required; they could be used as messen
gers to some extent, and to do many light
chores for man. They could be taught
to destroy many vicious insects, such as
tobacco worms, cutworms, cabbage
worms and many others. They could
be taught to do many things on a farm,
and I think long domestication would
develop many fields of usefulness for
them. New York Independent.
A Stroke of Economy.
The height of economy was that re
cently practiced by a woman who will
move to the suburbs, and who effected
the sale of her address die which she has
used for her stationary to the incoming
tenant of the house she will leave. New
York Times.
Bather Literal.
"That's an angel of a house'" said shel
"Not quite," he rephed. ' "It only has
one wing." Harper's Bazar.
Tm M rehired
Mtco PolVs "Travels" giers a cmi
on aoconnt of Vivo inland, "dialant
from Ketmecoran about C00 milM to
ward the swuth, and about thirty miles
from each other, the one lieing inhab
ited by a company of nten without a hin
gle woman among them, the other by
women without the company of men.
They are called, respectively, tho Island
t.f Males and rlio Island of Females."
Geographers and other interested in the
Hirioities of history and navigation
have made many attempts to ascertain
the exact location of those fantastically
named little Fiocks in tho great ocea::;
but even after so much research ami
etudy the Euroix-an as well as tho Amer
ican geographical societies have been
forced to admit that their wherealxiut
is doubtful in the extreme.
Some believe them to to identical
with the Footnote islands, near Soeot a.
but these last named are now too small
for human habitation, besides In-ing too
near the shure,s of the Red sea to cor
respond with those mentioned by Marco
Polo. The most proUable conclusion
that h:w yet been arrived at is that So
rodah, a small island on the west c oast
of India, is the celebrated "Island of IV
malea!, it being tho resort of dancing
girls and women who retire to tlie place
for a summer's outing after a hard wio
ter's work on tho continent.
As far as Marco Polo's "Island of
Males" is concerned it is irretrievably
lost, tho combined efforts of the geog
raphers, the historians and tlie travelers
not being equal to the task of bringing
it from the mysterious mists which have
hidden it for centuries. St. Louis Re
public. Hoards ef Trade in Western Cities.
The novelty in western life is tho in
evitable combination of leading citizens
pledged to promote the best interests of
their town. Such a body is variously
called a board of trade, a chamber of
commerce or a commercial club. It is
the burning glass which focuses the
public spirit of the community. Its
most competent officer is usually the
highly salaried secretary. He does for
his town what a railroad passenger
agent or a commercial traveler does for
his employers, that is to say, he secures
business. He invites manufacturers to
set up workshops in his city, offering a
gift of land or of land and money or of
exemption from taxation for a term of
years. The merchants, and perhaps the
city officials also, support his promiaes.
In a South Dakota city I have known a
fine brick warehouse to be built and
given, with the land under it, to a
wholesale grocery firm for doing busi
ness there. In, a far northwestern city
there was talk of sending a man east on
salary to stay away until he could bring
back capital to found a smeltery.
These boards of trade often organize
local companies to give a city what it
needs. They urge the people to sub
scribe for stock in associations that are
to build electric railways, opera houses,
hotels, convention halls, water supply
and illuminating companies, often divid
ing an acknowledged financial loss for
the sake of a public gain. Thus thes
boards provide the machinery by which
the most ambitious, forward and enter
prising communities in the world ex
pend and utilize their energy. Julian
Ralph in Harper's.
Salamander from Artesian Wells.
Mr. H. G. Zimmerman, of Albion,
Ind., recQtly discovered in a trench
leading from an artesian well a good
sized and very lively mud puppy or wa
ter dog. This well is eight miles noi th
of Huron, S. D., and is 1,250 feet deep.
Everybody was confident that the rep
tile came from the well, as there is no
other water for miles and miles, ii
head was shaped like that of our com
mon catfish, its color was similar to thai
of the catfish, and it had bushy external
gills, besides four legs.
Many conjectures as to what the anl
mal could be were made; some persons
thought it principally fish, others lizard,
and the most general conclusion was
that the thing was a mongrel between the
two. A genius (Proteus) belonging to
the same family as the above (which we
take to be Necturus), and found in caves
in southwestern Austria, is blind and
colorless. Mr. Zimmerman states specifi
cally that the puppy found by him had u
good pair of eyes and was dark in color.
Lake Byron, twelve miles north of where
this batrachian was found, is said to fur
nish good fishing. Forest and Stream.
Where Artists lit under.
"I never saw an artist yet who could
correctly paint a horseshoe," remarked
a friend of mine, pausing before a Broad
way picture store. "They invariably
paint it with an equal number of nails
on each side sometimes three, some
times four, and even five nails. As a
matter of fact, there are four on one
6ide and three on the other, the extra
nail being on the inside of the foot,
where the greatest strain comes."
Which reminds me of the lines of a
distinguished American poet in which
he sweetly depicts the drowsy cattle op
a summer's day lazily lapping the cool
ing waters of the crystal stream. Tlie
same peculiarity is also poetically at
tributed to the horse and other animals,
the model of the poet having probably
been the house cat. New York Herald.
Livery of Parlor Maids.
English parlor maids wear a distinct
livery, not often, though occasionally,
seen in New York houses. This consists
usually of a plain, long, black or dark
woolen skirt, a loose, open jacket of the
same material, and either a white vest
with gilt or ornamented buttons or a
vest made of livery stripes. With this
are worn cap and apron. New Yori
A Puzzled Yankee.
A story is told of Lord Grosvenor,
who, while traveling in this country,
was asked by a Yankee how he got his
living. My lord replied that he did not
work, as his father supported him.
"What a dear old gentleman," said the
Yankee; "how will you ever manage to
live when he dies?"- Jtkm FraJicisco Argonaut.
The Nitrate Fiatfls of Chill.
The caliche, or raw nitrate of soda, 1s
Dot equally distributed over tho pampai
of Chili. The uiot abundant deposits
wo KitiUfcUsl on the hIojm'h of tho hills,
which probably formed the shores of t he
jld lagoons. An exix-rt can tell from
the external api aranc) of tho ground
wlwro tho richest deposits are likely to
ho found. The caliche itself is not found
on the surface of the plain, but is cov
ered up by two layers. The nppcnr.o. f.
known technically as chiica, is of a f : i 1
blo . . ire, and consists of sand and ' !'"
Hum, ". iilo the lower tho costra is a
rocky conglomerate of clay, gravel and
fragments of feldspar. Thecalicho varies
in thickness from a few inches to ten or
twelve fet, and rests on a soft htratum
of earth called cova.
The mode in which tho caliche is ex
cavated is as follows: A hole is bored
through the rhuca, costra and caliche
layers till tho cova or soft earth is
reached lielow. It is then enlarged un
til it is wide enough to admit of a small
boy being let down, who scrapea away
tlw worth 1m -low the caliche so as to ;
form a little hollovrcup. Into this a j
charge of gnnpowder is introduced and
nultsoquenUy expltxled. The caliche is 1
t hcii sejKirated by means of picks from1
the overlying co;tra and carried to the!
refinerj'. Both in appearance and com-
position it varies very much. In color
it may lo snow whito, sulphur, lemon,
orange, violet, bine and sometimes
brvwn, like raw sugar. Blackwood's
I Magazine.
I The Age of Fresh KkC-
As to just how okl the eggs may bo
j when they get into tlie lutnds of tho con
! sumsr in this town is a matter for con
I jecture, and a task that would cause
: pleasant thrills in one inclined to mat he- '
matics. Any one who uaa ever spent
any time in the country and mado a
proper use of his eyes knows it is the
habit of farmers to keep their eggs un
til they have a certain quantity before
disposing of them.
The farmers may collect the eggs for
an entire week and then dispose of them,
or thoy may keep them for two weeks
before tlie huckster gets them. That de
ponds entirely upon the number of eggs
which that particular farmer's hens will
lay in a given period.
The hucksters go about the country
one or twice a week the dealers say.
They gather the eggs here and there,
and when they have gathered a certain
quantity turn them over to the shippers.
The shippers, in turn, hold the eggs
until they, too, obtain a certain quantity
and then consign them to the dealers in
this city. When the eggs get here final
ly the dealers say they have received a
shipment of fresh eggs, and mean it too.
The dealers maintain that an egg two
weeks old in ordinary weather is just as
good as an egg that is not more than
twenty-four hours old. In fact, they
make bold to say they would eat an egg
two weeks old just as soon as one two
hours old, and relish it just as much.
New York Evening Sun.
The Tear 1881.
The year 1881 was a chronological
oddity of the oddest kind, besides being a
mathematical curiosity seldom equaled.
From right to left and left to right it
reads the same. Eighteen divided by 2
gives 9 as a quotient; 81 divided by 9
gives 9; if divided by 9 the quotient con
tains a 9; if multiplied by 9 the product
contains two 9s; 1 and 8 are 9; 8 and 1 ai e
9. If the 18 bo placed under the 81 and
added the sum is 99; if the figures Ixj
added thus 1 , 8, 8, 1 it wil 1 gi ve 1 8 as the
result. Reading from tho middle from
right to left or from left to right it is 1H.
and 18 is two-ninths of 81. By adding,
dividing and multiplying, 10 9s are pro
duced, being one 9 for each year to th
beginning of the last decade of the Nine
teenth century.
No wonder the fortune tellers, the as
trologers and the mathematicians weave
so many strange fancies around that
curious combination of figures. It may
have been what induced Mother Shipton
to end her prophetic jingle with, "And
at last the world to an end shall come
in eighteen hundred and eighty-one."
St. Louis Republic.
A Very Old English Cloth.
Fustian is a species of cotton clotL"
j much used by the Normans, particularly
by the clergy, and appropriated to ..ou.t
orders for their cashubles. The Ci
cians were forbidden to wear them made
I of any material but linen or fustian. A
stronger description was first manufac
tured in England, at Norwicli, temp.
Edward VI.
It was much used for doublets and
) jackets in the Fifteenth century, at
which time it appears to have been im
ported from Italy. "Fustians of Naples"
are named in a petition to parliament
from the manufacturers of Norwich, 1
Philip and Mary, 1554. The name wa
corrupted in England into "f ustianapes"
and "fustian and apes," i. e., "fustian
a Naples." Notes and Queries.
Seared Burglars by Ills Voice.
The ventriloquist, Fred Maccabe, has
Dut his snecial eift to cood use. Retir-
ing late one night he tossed about for
' some time unable to fall asleep, and
j then, hearing footsteps down stairs, he
j felt convinced that thieves had got into
j the house. Crawling down stealthily
close to where they were at work he.
by means of ventriloquism, began a con
versation and hullaballoo in many voices:
"Here they are! Bring the lights! There
they go! Shoot, shoot them quick!" Th.
whole gang of burglars thereupon bolted
in panic, leaving all their intended plun
der behind. London Tit-Bits.
A Sufficient Recommendation.
Little Dick Aren't you goin to call
on that new neighbor across the street?
Mamma (hesitatingly) I don't know
anything about her yet.
Little Dick Oh, she's all right. She's
the mother of that new boy I play with.
Good News.
Books Versos Light aad Air.
Better live in a house without win
dows than in a house without books.
Ram's Horn.