The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, May 16, 1892, Image 2

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    A Tribute to Whllmaa.
It was a pretty Bight to see the contin
ual cIuaUTof j"i1 in front of a Broarl
way window opposite Union square, for
the window contained the jortrait of
tho -fray po.-t," tlie- l.ito Walt
Whitman, ami at tho tiiin all that wiia
mortal of him w;w lxin Itorne to tho
Jittlo tomhof his own wl?rtkm. Thia
wan thn tribute of tho iciasing throng to
hw immortality. All day long tho jeo
I'lo iiiiisl jijkI lookttl nnl silently
i;wH4'(l on, nlim approvingly.
It w:iM thn W alt of fi Ftii years rro
Uwj halo, rohust, h-onino man, who
then nought I he daily companionship of
a certain Wuliiiitoii driver,
nn could Ik? ! Htanditi Im-m1o tho
latte r on t ! front platform discoursing
iiMn th philiR-ophy of ljft. Tho world
might reasonably envy that car driver,
who was not only jN-niiittMl to lovo and
havo tho companionship of tho jioet, but
was liim.H. lf liihly esteemed for what
ho was. Thy were often seen walking
in tho lleM.s and wxl.s together.
Tho world h;w greatly changi.-d toward
tho -t Kinro then, thanks to foreign
appreciation, nnd tho dear old man went
to his pimple grave known to all tho cnl
tnred nations of tho earth. Xolxjdy is
likely to contest hid will, for ho left be
hind him only tho record of an undying
lovo for all created things. New York
An .Automatic Cutout.
An new design in automatic cntonta
for electric lighting instruments has re
cently been brought out. Tho instru
ment is bo arranged that the current
iwusaing through tho nolenoid attracts a
core which is attached to an arm about
which it swings. When the current ex
ceeds a certain limit the core is drawn
into the solenoid and raises a lever,
which in turn releases the switch and
opens the circuit. If, as in the case of
stationary motors supplied from central
stations, the current is suddenly cut off
when changing from one machine to
another, the circuit is automatically
opened by the tension spring which en
gages the small lever by withdrawing
the core from the solenoid and thereby
raising the lever, which releases the
switch the same as when overloaded.
The tension spring is so arranged that
it can be made to open the circuit for
any predetermined amount of current.
One of the main features of the cutout
is that it does away with all fuses.
which is usually a large item of expense
in central stations. It can readily be ap-
. plied to railroad circuits by using mag
netic blowouts at the switch contact.
The cutout has been given practical
tests and found to work very satisfac
torily. Aew York Telegram.
The Modern Ctrl Hotter Off.
There is no doolt that Maude's great
graiidmother would 1m shocked at the
"goings on of those latter days. The
old lady would faint at tho sight of hr
descendanta ways; but, after all, isn't
tho change for tho lie'tr? Certainly
tho dress Is l;tt r tha:i tho terrible
l.icing of revolutionary days, and if
Maude does go "low neck" to a ball, she
appears on the at.reet in a stout cloth
gown. How any woman ever lived t
lo thirty in yo olden tiino is a mystery.
Why, tho way they trainied about in no
sleeves and low necks and fasted them
selves then and fed (supiMtsedly) on
lilies is enough to inako a galloping con
sumptive invalid palo with envy.
Kvelena, pale and languid, read metry
all day, except when sho floated alout
like a sylph in the rose garden. It is
bad to rashly judge, but one s private
opinion is that tho aforesaid Evelena
had her chunk of lieef in the pantry.
Why did tvelena spend aJl day m a
rose garden? Was she stipjiosed to ba
studying tho beauties of nature, or had
tho old man really sent her out to spray
tho bugs off tho bushes?
Another weakness of Evelena's was
her relapsing on all occasions into
"Hoods of emotions and "tears of sweet
sensibility." In fact, ono is tempted to
lielieve that she wandered about clothed
in "her regal leauty" and an old pale
green calico wrapier. But one fails to
find a rea.-on for her "emotions."
Doubtless they were kept "on tap,"
and didn't lose their sparkle by frequent
turnings of the spigot. But it must
havo leen real uncomfortable to sit up
at night learning how to weep and faint
just at the right time.
But Maude irreverently thinks the
goings on" of her great maternal an
cestor a trifle stupid, and there is no
doubt that she finds the "healthy" fash
ion far more enjoj-able than the "d'ing-
m-leafy-June" style of beauty. Then
Maude walks, rides, drives, goes boat
ing and pla-s tennis till the blister on
her nose murmurs of "cold cream.
Still she enjoys it, and would you change
if you could? w ashington Post.
Eaior Liquor Car.
To those seeking- a rescue from
Honors curse or other evil hub'?
bronirht about by morphine, 'oba-
co etc The Elisor Institute at Soma
Omaha offers-out of the most reKa
hie and best places to go with tin
absolute t-ertaiiity of a permanent
cure. Write or visit the institute.
A Sensi !-!? Man.
Would line Kemp's balsam for the
throat and limics. it is curing; more
cases coil" lis rums, asinm.i, iron-
chitts, cm up and all thro:i ; 'd
lung; troubles, f "mil any other
ed) The pro.; ..or has an.,
i.ed anv drii'Tirisi in give you a sam
file bottle free t convince you of
the merit of this great remedy.
Large bottles ;0e and $1.
I feel it my duty to say a few
words in regard to Ely's Cream
Halm, and I do so entirely without
solicitation. I have used it more
or less half n year, and have found
it to be most admirable. I have
suffered from catarrh of the worst
kind ever since I was a little boy
and I never hoped for :ur but
C'rentif Halm wdi s to do even that.
Many of my acquaintances have
used it witu excellnnt results.
Oscar Ostum, 4." Warren Ave., Chi
cago 111.
A Cow Killed try m Turtle.
One day last week Richard Mock, of
Miller county, after milking a fine milk
cow he owns turned her oat in the
woods, and she wended her way down
to Aycock's creek to slake her thirst
some time during the day, and while
engaged in drinking was seized by the
nose by a loggerhead turtle and her
head pulled under the water and held
there until she drowned.
Failing to return home that night.
Mr. Mock made search for her, and
found her lying with her head under the
water, her body on land, quite dead,
the turtle still having his hold. Mr.
Mock called help, and dragging the cow
out, drew the turtle out also, he refusing
to let go the cow's nose. The turtle was
killed and weighed fifty pounds, his
jhell being as large as a large bread
tray. Bainbridge (Ga.) Democrat.
Taper Covered Ilnlleta.
In consequence of the enormous in
itial velocity of the bullet in the new
Mannlicher rille and the resulting fric
tion and wear on the barrel it has be
come necessary to devise some method
of preventing both these evils. The
manager of the government laboratory
at Than, Switzerland, has consequently
devised a metiiod of inclosing the leaden
bullet in a thin metallic covering, while
over this he places a wrapper of special
ly prepared oleaginous paper, which re
duces the wear of the rifle barrel to a
minimum without interfering with the
course of tho bullet. Philadelphia Record.
Tlie Oueen Jester.
The death of William Wallett. the
queen's jester, has probably brought
that office which, of course, was self
conferred to an end. He seems to have
been quite a fountain of humor in his
own person, for he was also the first
circus joker to entitle himself a "Shake
spearean clown!" This class is graver
and more sententious than the other,
and on the whole affects paterfamilias,
when he brings his children to see the
horsemanship, with a less excessive
melancholy. London Illustrated News.
Went on ricking.
An aged woman was struck by a
Philadelphia and Reading passenger
train north of Phcenixville station on
Saturday and thrown into a ditch. She
was picking coal at the time, but strange
to say she was not injured; at least as soon
as the train had passed she commenced
picking coal again. The crew thought
. , , . i-ii i . . i i.i
sue nau ueen Kineu auu Mooiieu me
train. West Chester Local News.
United in IH-th.
Mr. and Mrs. H. V. V. Clute, of
Craneville, N. ., after living happily
together for more than half a century.
ilied within twenty-four hours of each
ther last week. They were boned in
;iie grave.
One of the most eccentric of the re
ent orders of William II, according to
Lis Paris critics, was that the soldiers ol
r . a.
The Goslar garrison no taugnc an ice
trill on skates.
A woodchopper at Redding, Cab, 6hot
utrantrer because "he was putting on
bo much style." The wounded stranger
as lately from Red Blull.
An active volcano is said to have como
to recent existence near the confluence
' the Colorado river and the Gulf o
Making Them Young.
There once lived in the City of Mexico
a Frenchman known as Otavito (little
Octave), whose rogueries kept the town
in a ferment. At one time he claimed
to have discovered a specific for the re
juvenescence of women, and by means
of sensational advertising he succeeded
in gathering a clientele of forty or fifty
ancient dames, who were assembled, on
a certain day, in a long sala, tricked out
with astrological symbols, crucibles,
alembics and all the paraphernalia of
charlatanry. The conjurer presented
himself before the ladies and addressed
them in flamboyant language, ending as
follows: "And now, senoras of my soul,
it is needful that the mystic " ceremonies
before us be opened by the oldest one
among you." '
Then, addressing her whose appear
ance seemea to - indicate priority, he
asked her age. Thirty-seven years,
senor, simpered the beldame, who was
at least in the seventh decade. "And
you, senora?" "Thirty-six." And so en.
until he had got them down to a de
clared age of twenty years, with a maxi
mum of thirty-seven. "Well, ladies all,
you perceive that without further pro
ceedings the miracle is accomplished,"
said Otavito, "for the least eallant of
men could not call her anght but young
whose years are but thirty-seven and
you see for yourselves that is the age of
the oldest among your San Francisco
Physicians and Their Drugs.
The active competition for a living
that the physician in New York has to
encounter has resulted in a curious
method for stimulating trade. There
are doctors in this city, graduates in due
form and no doubt in many cases men
of ability, who remit all fees for consul
tation, relying on the profits they obtain
from the medicines they prescribe for
emolument. Certain standard prescrip
tions they have put up in quantities, aud
these they sell directly to the patient.
Where a prescription has to be com
pounded the patient is sent to a certain
drug store, at which the doctor has an
arrangement for his commissions.
. Between these two devices the prac
titioner really captures a reasonable fee,
and ho gets it, moreover, in cash, where
he otherwise might have to give credit,
with a strong show of loss, for though
patients will not dream of demanding
credit for medicines, they make very
small txnes about leaving the doctor's
bill unpaid once he has permitted them
to run it up. New York Cor. Pittsburg
Peculiar Pronunciation.
Landor always pronounced yellow as
yaller. We have heard Mr. A. R. Wal
lace, the eminent naturalist, during the
course of a lecture, rejieatedly sound it
thus, a mode of pronunciation said, in
deed, to be traditional in many good old
English families, and which includes
the substitution of laylock for lilac,
Room for Rome, goold for gold, and
woonderf ul for wonderf uL
A homely old rural dean, long since
dead, used always, like Sam Weller, to
leave out the "w in woman, and his
"Wilt thou have this ooman to be thy
wedded wife?" was apt to mar the so
lemnity of a marriage service. London
Tit-Bits. .
An Easter Scene in Athens.
For some time before Easter the city
of Athens wears a picturesque aspect.
This is due in great part to the number
of shepherds who, with their nocks,
have come down from the mountains
and are camped in every available open
space, engaged in selling their lambs.
There is no family so poor as not to
break, the long Lenten fast with an
Easter lamb, the value of which is about
a dollar, and a veritable massacre of the
innocents is going on. "Customs and
Lore of Modern Greece."
Wanted: An energetic man to
manaire branch oflice. Only a few
dollars needed. Salary to start !r."
per niotitli and interest in nusuie
llie Western to, rvansas iiy,
Catholic t. 1'nuV Cliurcb, ak. betwera
Kitth nuil Sixth. Father Cainey, Fantur
Kervtcet : Unas at 8 and 10 :30 a. U. Sunday
Hchool at 2 :30. with benediction.
Ciikihtian. Corner lnmt and Eighth hts
Services morning and evenly. Klder A
;loway pa-stor. .Sunday Hcliuol 10 A.M.
EriH-.oi'AU St. Luke's Church, corner Third
and Vine. Kev. II II. lairei-H. ator. Ser
vices : 11 a. M. and 7 -.Mr. m. feuLday School
at 2 :30 P. M.
( ilKTHoii)T. earner Sixth Ht. and
;r;utit Hev. Ill ft. Fax tor. Services : 11 A. M.
and 7 :.'i0 v. ji. iSuuday School lo :30 a.m.
Pkfkkvtkim an. services In new church. cor
ner Sixth and (Jranite mh. Kev. J . T. Hainl,
pastor. Sunday-sel ool at it ;'JH" ; Frcachinj;
at 11 a. in. s l. in.
The. It. S. ('. K of this church meets every
Sabbath evenini' at 7 :1S in the basement of
the chtic n. All are invited to attend thene
Kikht Mfthoiumt. Sixth St.. betweu Main
and Fearl. Kev. 1.. V. Itritt. 1. I. pastor.
Services : 11 A. M.. 8 :(K V. M Sunday School
9 :'Jtt a. M . Frayer meetii g ednesday eveu-hiK.
(kkman Fkk-hhytkkiaN. Corner Main and
Ninth. I!ev. Witte, pastor. Services usual
hours. Sunday r-chool y :30 a. m.
Swkkiiisn ! if lATtoNAU firanlte. be
tween urn and ..!!.
Ride a cockhorse, to
chicago of couasejo gst,
SOME OF GnWfi'fl IRimM'K
y vgs
mm &m
Co '.okrd Uai'TIst. Mt. Olive, t'ak, between
lenth and Eleventh. Kev. A. Koswell, pas
tor. Services 11 a. in. and 7 :30 p. in. Frayer
meennt: vvrunesuay evening.
yvpc oNly BY
Kooms in V atermaii block. Main street. Gos
pel meeting, for men only, every Sunday af
ternoon at 4 o'clock. Kooms open week days
ironi a. in., id : ao p. in.
Some Foolish People
allow a cough to run until it pretH
beyond the reach of medicine They
Bay "Oh, it will wear away," but in
most cases it wears them away.
Could they be induced to try the
successful Kemp's lialsam, which
is sold on a positive guarantee to
cure, thev would see the excellent
effect after takiner the first dose.
Price n)c and $1. Trial size free. At
all druggists.
The wisdom of him who journey- known by the line he selects;
the judgment of the man who takes
the "Burlington Route" to the
cities of the east, the south, and the
west, is never impeached, lhe in
ference is plain. Maernificent Pull-
rran 6leepere, elegant reclining
chair cars and world-famous dining
Ci rs on all through train9. For
information address the agent of
the company at this place, or write
to T. Francis, General Passenger
and Ticket Agent, Omaha.
How Try This-
It will cost you nothing and will
eurely do you good, if yo have a
Cough, Cold or any trouble with
Throat, Chest or Lungs. Dr. King's
New Discovery for Consumption,
Coughs and Colds is guaranteed to
give relief, or money will be paid
back. Sufferers from La' Grippe
found it iust the thing and under
its use had a speedy and perfect re
covery. l ry a sample Dome ai our
expense and learn for yourself just
how crood a thing it is. Trial bottle
free at F. G. Fricke & Co. Drug
Store, Large size 50c. and $ 1.00
A. Great Suroriee
Is in store for all who use Kemp'f
Balsan for the throat and lungs the
erreat truaranteed remedy. W ould
vou believe that it is sold on its
merits and that any druggits is au
thorized by the progrietor of this
wonderful remedy to give yon a
sample bottle free? It never fails
to cure acute and chronic coughs.
All drugpists sell Kemp's Balsam.
Large Bottles 50c and $1.
Itch onhuman and horses animals
cured in 30 minutes by Woolford s
sanitarv lotion. This never fails.
Sold F. G. Fricke & Co. druggist,
Wood, Fastor. Services : Sunday Hchool,
jus. in.: t reacninL'. ii . rn. anci
prayer meeting Tuesday night; choir prac-
ucerriuay nini Ali are welcome.
The First step.
Perhaps you are run down, can't
eat, can't sleep, can't think, can't do
am'thing to your satisfaction, and
you wonder what ails you. You
should heed tne warning, you are
taking the first step into nervous
prostration. You need a nerve tonic
and in Electric Bitters you will find
the exact remedy for restoring your
nervous system to it normal, healthy
condition. Surprising results fol
low the use of this great Nerve
Tonic and Alterative, Your appe
tite returns, good digestion is re
stored, and the liver and kidneys re
sume healthy action. Try a bottle.
Price 50c, at r.' G. Fricke & ijo'b
drugstore. 6
At-lttle lrls Experiencein a LlgMt
Mr. and Mrs, Loren irescott are
keepers of the Gov. Lighthouse at
Sand Beach Mich, and are blessed
with a daughter, four years. Last
April she taken down with Measles,
followed witn areaarui Lougn ana
turned into a fever. Doctors at
home and at Detroit treated, but in
vain, she grew worse rapidly, until
she was a mere" handful of bones".
-Then she tried Dr, King's New
Discovery and after the use of two
and a half bottles, was completely
cured. They say Dr. King,s New
Discovery is worth its weight in
gold, yet you may get a trial; bottle
tree at J. j. Fncney jjrugstore.
How's This!
We offer 100 dollars reward for
any case of catarrh that can not be
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F.J. Cheney & Co. Props, loledo,
We the undersigned, have known
j. J. Cheney for the last lo years,
and belive him pefectly honorable
in all butsness transactions and fin
ancially able to carry out an oblig
ations made by their nrm.
West & l max, Wholesale urug-
gist, Toledo Ohio., Waldmg Kinnan
& Tarvin, Wholesale druggist Tole
do Ohio.
Hall's Catarrh Cnre is taken inter
nally, action directly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system.
Price, ioc. per bottle. Sold by all
Ernggiet; Testimonials free.
J. VtmitWAWB
House Furnishing Emporium.
WHERE yon can get your house furnished froi
kitchen to p-trlor and at easy tearms. I han
die the world renown Haywood bahy carriages, also
the latest improved Reliable Process Gasoline stove
Call and be convinced. No trouble to show goods.
I. Pearleman
F Q pgiogE 3. QO
A Full and Complete line of
Drugs, Medicines, Faints, and Oils.
Prescriptions Carefully Compounded sit all Hour?.
For millinery and pattern hats or
anything in the line of ribbons,
flowers of the latest styles and de
signs, call on the Tucker Sisters in
the Sherwood block. tf.
' Gone Off Ahead.
"I see most of your hair is gone," said
Brown to Burton.
"Yes," replied Burton, "it's left for
parts nntnown." Kate Field's wasn-tngton.
For vears the editor of the Burl
ington Junction, (Mo.) Post, has
been subject to cramp colic fits of in
digestion, which prostrated him for
several hours and unfitted him for
bnsiness for two or three days. For
the past year he has been vjsin
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrluea Remedy whenever occa
sion required, and it has invariably
given him prompt relief. 2o and 20
cent bottles for sale by F. G.
Fricke & Co., druggists.
According to the census of 18W,
Chicago takes rank, by virtue of her
population of 1,098,570 people, as the
eighth largest city on tne gioDe.
Most of us de6ire, at one tune or
another, to visit a city in which so
many persons hnd homes, and,
when we do. we can find no better
line than the "Burlington Route."
Three fast and comfortable trains
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dress the agent of the company at ,
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General Passenger and Ticket
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The Missori Pacific will sell round
trio tickets May 9 to 14 inclusive, to
Portland. Oregan, the Presbyterian
general aisembly being held their
May 19 to June 2. Tickets good un
til Mav 19 and returning inside 90
days at $G0, going via one route and 1
returnincr via another. Apply at
ticket oflice for particulars.
Specimen Cases.
S.H.Clifford, New Cast'e, Wis
was troubled with neuralgia and
rheumatism, his stomach was dis
ordered, his liver was affected to a
alarming degree, appetite fell awaj
and he was terribly reduced in flesh
and strength. Three bottles oi
Electric Bitters cured him.
Edward Shepherd, Harrisburg,
111., had a running sore on . nis leg
of eight years' standing. Used
three Dottles of Electric Bitters and
seven bottles Bucklen's Arnica
Salve, and his leg is sound and well
John Speaker, Catawba, O., had fiv
large fever sores on his leg, doctors
said he whs incurable. One bottl
Electric Bitters and one box Buck
len's Arnica Salve cured him entire
ly. Sold by F. G. Fricke & Co.
The Leading
AdveriisZs? - m&d - Jffo - Work
IE2a,tesOn. --iPlplicGi t ion:.
rliil a. b.
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yon need to furnish yonr bouse.
Lumber Yard
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Doors, Blinds
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in ref of ,'eper koasc
SOI Cor Fifth and Vine St.
A Cure for the Ailments of Man and Beast
A long-tested pain relievet
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liniment. .
No other application compare with it in efficacy.
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generations. .
Ko medicine chest is complete without a bottle U Uvstamo
Occasions arise for its use almost every day
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